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Observation Post BY STAN PAKULA SporU Editor Junior Varsity Role A great many of the area hi gh school athletic teams have junior varsity squads which arc stocked with a (trout (lea o ! :aknt. However in many cases this talent is hidden m the ob, £ it> of n ' aving a secondarv role to fill out a squad that for all intents aliii ' , n ^ses are p layin g a minor lea,ue schedule. This »>m«r *a , rue ball is thought of , by interested sport observers , as a developin g giound for the var sity .p layers ol the luture. Iiut the thin line drawn between varsity and junior varsity p in vers is often bli.n .il by the unwillingness ol the coaches to recognize ability and reward it accordingly. From a quick scan of the various junior varsit y squads , wc see that many <>f the p layers are delegated to the jayvees because of class anil not abili ty. When we p layed in hig h school (or at. least attempted to play varsity ), we were often lost in the mass of sneakers try ing to make the grade. Our alma matei--Thomas Jefferson Hig h of Brooklyn- -was , and from last reports still is , a proving ground for some of the best basketball talent in the east and possibl y in the country. In fact, the starting team during my senior year went on to become the top scorers of their college teams. One excelled at North Carolina and is now p laying with Mitchel Air base ( Dave Gotkin). The otheis on that team and the colleges they starred at were: Boris Nachamkin (NYU ), .Jim Grant (Adel phi), Jerry Domershick (CCNY), Jerry Wax Brookl yn college) and Paul Shaw (Harvard). These p layers were weaned by Moach Mac Hodosblat and wentent on to bigger and betterer g lories When they all came downown for the fu st practiceractice , Stan Pakula Hodosblat and w on to bigger and bett g lories at college. When they all came d for the fu st p , potential ability and not whether a p layer was a sophomore or senior determined if the hoopster remained with the varsity or was farmed out to the jayvec for more seasoning. In fact , many seniors who never had enough ability, were cut and p layed their final year in school on the junior varsity. However, in some Suffolk schools , p layers are usually left on the junior varsity until they are juniors and then brought up to the parent team. Then it usuall y takes them about a year to adapt to u tougher type of ball since they have been taking it easy and scoring at will while on the jun ior varsity. Hence the full potential of the p layer is never realized—primaril y because he has been kept down on the faim too long. Bobby Hoffmann is a sinning example of how a p layer with po- tential can develop if he sees enough varsity action. Hoffmann is in his fourth year of varsity basketball at Bellport High and , in addition to being their leading scorer , is one of the top players in the county. True , some rules prohibit a freshman from p laying on the varsity, but we don ' t know of any such edict curtailing the pro- motion of a promising sophomore. Instead of taking the p layer ' s school year into consideration during opening practices , the coaches should take his name and only after the final cuts are made , get the vital data. And if a senior can 't make the grade , let him earn his minor letter with the junior varsity. This way lie won ' t hurt the varsity. Naturally, many critics of our plan will say a sophomore is inexperienced and that as bad as the senior is , he has experience. Poppycock. Experience without ability is worthless. Meanwhile , the green sophomore will be learning while gaining a valuable varsity education and , when his junior year rolls around , will be really worth his sweatsuit. So instead of spending his junior year feeling his way around, he would be able really to earn his letter. And the worthless senior , can finish his high school basketball days on the junior varsity or if his pride is hurt , as a spectator. The junior varsity should be a team of p layers who were not good enough to make the varsity—regardless of age and class. Con- versely, the varsity p layers should number the best 10-12 hoopsters in the school. Using this system , although defeats may p ile up during the. \ rebuilding '' stage , Will insure future success and prevent the excess naggiifte of no-talent seniors from hampering the success of any team. POSTMAN COMETH (Editor ' s Note: This lett er was received by the sports depart- ment, but the writer was too modest to divul ge his -name.) \The Patchogue High basketball team thai has an excellen t nucleus of five seniors , needs some tips , outside hel p or inside help, or assistant coaching-—or whatever! The boys are eager , healthy, full of team spirit. The school spirit has skyrocketed this year , everything- is in (heir favor—but some hidden weaknesses -repealed over and over—cause them to lose games . \If the coach needs help—wh y doesn ' t he request it? Regorra , (hey have longer practices than other schools—1 p.m. to (i:H0 p.m. each day! \Gee whiz! You don ' t have to be an athletic major to recognize some weaknesses . \After Patchogue shoots for a basket—«nd then players all i tin back -up court, nobody follows it through and therefore if it ' s a miss—nobody from Patciingue is there to get the rebound. \There is a hick of set-p lays , the offensive is weak , three men are players ' feet and, time and again , lost to out-of-bounds, p layers * feet and time and again , lost to out-of-bounds. \We have the team , the sp irit and the program set-up. Why can ' t we win?\ An avid basketball fan. Eagles Cop 2nd Straight Hoop Game By PHIL SCHUNK Coach Bob Cooney ' s Seton Hall Eag les , combin- ed speed with free throw accuracy to solidl y wallop St. Dominic ' s , 67-51 , Fri- day ni g ht . The victory was ihe Eagles ' sec- ond straight of this young season and appears to be a samp le of things to come for future Seton opponents. The Setonites bolted to a 18-12 lead mainly on the hot shooting of Charlie Hunt , Steve Young and Hemic Higgins. The lead swelled to 18 points at intermission as the Eagles continued their hitting while the Saints cooled. The second half continued with the same mode of operation as the Eagles maintained the edge they held right up until the final buz- zer. Scion ' s superiority was height- ened by deadly foul shooting which enabled the Setonites to mesh 215 of :J7 free tosses. St. Dominic ' s had a better foul shooting percentage— 13 of 22—but made 15 less trips to the foul stripe. The victory was the first for the Eagles in the Nassau-Suffolk Catholic Hi g h league and gives promise that the Setonites will be able to give St. Agnes (recent 96-44 winners over LaSalle) a tig ht for the championship. The Eag les will meet St. Mary ' s tomorrow night at the Gaels ' home court in another league game. Seton Hall (S7) 'St. Domlnic - 8- (51) O F P| C. F P Yutinit 5 li If, P. O-N.-ill 1 2 4 Hunt 4 8 1C|K. O Neill 2 2 (I Zel.rownki 1 I SI Vissnliilli 0 1 1 Neuxs 1 r, 7|Dislei<u 3 4 10 KitlTerl y 2 (I 4lSt<-wnrt 10 2 Renter 3 0 fijAblj ette !l 1 ill HiKifiriH 6 5 lOjKo r.li 2 3 7 McCauley 1 0 :l Totals 21 20 f,7| Total* lit 13 51 S.'ton Hull IS 41 r,2 07 St. Domink' - ri 12 2.1 35 01 Clippers Clipped Again ; Bellport 5 Still Winless By Augie Bono EAST ISLIP—The Bell port Clippers lost two games the past week. On December 8 , Patchogue overpowered the Clippers ,; 73-46 and' East Islip made it two losses in a row for Bell port by a 51-42 score Friday. Play ing on Patchogue ' s court , the Clippers found the going rough from the very opening as the host team ' s offense appeared unstoppable. Patchogue showed amazing accu- ' racy from the floor , hitting from almost any spot of the court. This shooting gave the Raiders a comfortable 17-7 lead at the end of the first quarter. The Patchogue lead continued to increase during the remaining periods as Bell port didn^ -pose any threat after the firs t few moments of nlav. In the first half , most of the Clipper offense was provided by Hob Hoffmann and Kred Cherry Hoffmann tallied 1M points in tlic half while Cherry chipped in with 10. During the same half , though , the performances of Patchogue ' s Dean Chamberlain and Kay Weeks overshadowed those of the Heli- port duo. Chamberlain accounted for 1(1 points in the half while Weeks added 15. The game scoring honors went to Weeks who finished with a 22 point total followed by Chamberlain with 2(1 . Cherry and Hoffmann led the Clippers wifh 10 and 17 points respectivel y. Heli port lost its first league game of the season when it, travel- ed to East Islip Friday. Last, year ' s B-l champ ions had just enmur h offensive power to keep the Cli ppers out of range through- out the game. Both teams displayed little of- fense in the first period. East Islip managed only nine points but it gave the home team a work- ing margin as Bellport netted only three free throws during the same period . The Clippers bounced back in the second period cutting the lead to three points. Cherry was the p laymaker of this drive , setting up the offensive maneuvers from his baekeourt position. Art Wilm also aided the cause with his de- fensive rebounding. Trailing only lil-1 (\ . at half-time , the Clippers seemed on the up- swing. The hope was shortlived as Bell port met a revived East Islip five in the third period. Ed Rogoff and Ron Bardonek led this second half attack for the home team. Heli port' s scoring burden fell on the shoulders of Hoffmann who was unable to maintain the scor- ing pace established by the East Islip pair during the third quarter. Going into the ' final period , the home team enjoyed an 11 point lead. Cherry and Rick Hague sup- plied some Clipper offense in the period , but it came to late. East Islip slowed the game down as the team could afford to wait for the good shot. Several times Bell- port cut the lead to within five points only to have it enlarged again as the victors put together a good series of plays when their lead seemed in jeopardy. Bell port' s main problem in the game was a lack of offensive re- hounds . Wilm controlled the de- fensive backboard throughout most of the game , but on offense the Clippers were unable to get good position under the boards. Hoffmann and Bardonek shared the scoring honors with 18 points apiece . Rogoff proved to be the turning point of the game , scoring most of his 17 points in the second half. Heliport (4.1) PMchOKue (73) C. F P (J F P ll,,trir-ann ii 5 l'Thnmlicrliiin K 4 20 liinniilkM.in 0 2 2!Orns7. fl 0 0 Wilm II n s ' Weeks X f, 22 lli.ini , ' 1 1 3 Smith 4 0 8 Kin-\-lin 0 ll (l H.-naeasa 1 0 2 I..,v.- il 1 lU' etly 1 0 2 Cheiiv ' . i . I' .l Srhwinire 2 2 li DiRibia 1 0 2 M.-her 0 2 2 Urn-Ill 1 0 2 SmnlliriK 2 3 7 Tnfj lla If, 1:1 4fi i Tntnln 28 17 7.1 U,.|l,,„rt - 7 25 36 45 Piili'liotfin- 17 :17 67 73 Ilill|> ,>rl 142) iF.n»t lulip (51) r; F P n F p llnfTmnnr, 5 K t K So.vriirort 0 1 1 llinnlnirlon 1 1 3 l.,-».-liik n II fl W' .lin 2 II 4 Itunlonek !' 0 18 ll. -iiciie 3 1 7 Viilij.-li 2 1 5 Khmi 'llu (l il II John 1 n 2 l.nvr II 0 n'K'iL'i.ir « .1 17 Clieiiv 4 2 lO'l-V.-li'Kti' -ii » II >< ' Ci-ns. -m 0 2 2 Total* IS 12 42' Total* 31 (I 81 Heliport .1 1(1 2fi 42 Kant Inllp 'J 19 37 51 C o lb y College Sextet Will Play in Commack COMMACK , — Colb y college , one of the top New England collegiate hockey teams , will play St, Nick' s in an exhibition game in the Long Island Arena at 8 p. ni. today. (ieneral manager Tom Lockhart has hopes of reviving inter-collo- giate and amateur hockey in the Mel-Long Island area with the introduction of this game to Long Island fans. St. Nick' s coached bv Pete Host wick , dr ., of Locust Valley, is tin second oldest organized hockey team in the nation. The amateur club was orginnted in IStltJ , and has plaved since then , except for lapses of World War I , World War II and the Korean conflict. They reorganized in l!>f>0 . and hove been playing a mult-rate sc hedule since. The New York sextet is studded with former Ivy league hockey stars, many of whom are now successful businessmen in New York city. They get little, chance to practice because arena facili- ties are lacking. They pbiy most of their games on the. road. Bayport High Cagers Suffer 1st Loop Loss By Gary Sheffield BAYPORT —Th e Bay- port Hig h basketball team managed to extend its win skein to three strai ght when the Phantoms beat Smith- town , 60-40 , this pa 'tet Week. However , this vic- tory skein was short-lived as the , Porters finall y met their masters when the Isli p quintet downed them , 38-30 . The Islip game was Bayport ' s first league encounter of the year. With three consecutive victories , the high-fly ing Porters expected to extend their win streak at Islip ' s expense. However , Islip proved a little more difficult to bea t than expected. Although the Porters led at the end of the first quarter , 9-8 , they knew they were in for . a tough struggle. Deliberate ball handling and slow p lay dominated most of the game. The Porters ' biggest difficulty was in getting the ball in to their big men in a position for a good shot . Both Hob Heitel and Cl y de Gul p were well guarded by tall Isli p defensemen and each player only tallied nine points , far below their average output. George El- liot , the Porter ' s other big man , was also stymied b y the Islip de- fense as he only garnered five points , his lowest score this sea- son. With all their big men well guarded the Porters had to resort to outside shooting. Both Field Adams and Cary Sheffield , the two baekeourt men , couldn 't hit con- sistently with their jump shots , so Bayport suffered its first defeat of the season. Richie Von Roch paced the Islip team to victory as he garnered 13 points. Johnny Burt and Bill Morris chipped in nine and ei ght points respectivel y to aid the Islip cause. Previous to their encounter with Isli p, the Porters met last year ' s A- . 'l champion , Smithtown. Having beate n Smithtown only once in the last six years , the Porters were really out for revenge . Both Gul p and Beitel found the Smithtown defense easy to penetrate as they scored 22 and 20 points respec- tivel y. This alone was enough to win as Smithtown onl y scored 40 points . However , Elliot , Adams and Sheffield all added six more points each to give the Porters a total of 00 points and their third consecutive victory of the season. Havpnrt (60) I Smithtown (40) G F PI G F P Ail»mn 2 2 fv A.lfimu 4 1 9 H,.itel 5 II) 2« Kllrker 3 2 f» Cull) ' ¦ 4 22; Mc-Cloy 0 0 0 Rlli.it- 1 4 I ' , l.aliin.n 0 0 0 KheffieM 2 2 ClRi-ti u hert I) 0 0 Johnson (I 0 (I lSiiaii.n 10 2 Smith ll 0 (l! Mi.-hels 0 0 0 ISIn.-k (I t) 0! liri.- k- 1 0 2 W.e ' rrml '» 0 0' (J.-mfrnto 0 0 0 Meyer 0 0 ll Orifhiik 0 0 0 l)<-C,ri'Kiirio 2 » * l Onrim-i l> 2 12 Murium 1 I 3 Diane* 0 0 0 Total* 19 22 fifl' TotnIn Vi fl 40 Smithtown fi 1R 32 40 Hiiyimrl - • 11 -H 47 00 Islip CIS) iBaypnrt (SO) err G • F p Mulh 2 0 4'Elliot 2 1 o Musi -.,In 1 0 2! ll.-iL-l 2 f, (I W.-rl.inxki 1 0 2a- nli> 4 19 Morris 3 2 H A.turns 0 0 0 Hurt 3 - '! »; Sheffield 3 1 7 V.m Koc h C, 1 13' Meyer 0 0 0 Totnll. 16 0 SH! Tnta ' . ii 11 R 30 lulip —- K 20 2H 'IK lluypi/rt 9 14 26 30 Sayville Whacks PHS In A-2 Game, 62-41 Petty Paces Raiders By James Barbanell Patchogue ' s Red Raiders are still looking for their first league victory of the season after Friday night' s game with Sayville at the PHS hardwood. An overflow crowd was on hand as the locals were trampled bv the Golden Flashes , 62-41. The defeat was number three in four starts for the Raiders , who are 0-2 in Section A-2 league play. On the other hand , Sayville evened its season led ger at 2-2 and are tied for first p lace in league play with Amityville. Each has a 2-0 record. Patchogue looked anything but great. Hampered b y an effective sagging zone defense , at times man to man , the Raiders had trouble keeping the ball on the jj ourt albeit in the hoop. Pete Petty led the Raiders with 12 points. Dean Chamberlain and Gary Smith added 11 and nine points respectivel y. After taking- on Brentwood Tuesday, the locals of coach Cliff Ross will be back in action tomor- row ni ght against Bay Shore. The visiting Maroon are also 0-2 in leagu e play, bowing to Baby lon and Amityville. Game time is 7 p. m. for the preliminary game between the jayvees. Following this con test , the Red and Black face Isli p on the lat- ter ' s court on Tuesday. The junior varsities of both schools will open festivities at 7 p. m. Sayville settled the issue in the first quarte r as the Golden Flashes of coach Bob Hazen jumped to a 20-9 lead in this period and were never headed. Chamberlain came up with the game ' s first field goal. But Say- ville countered on a foul by George Robinson and a basket by Tom Brennan to take a 3-2 lead. Pett y ' s jump shot returned the lead to the locals. But a driving layup by Robmson gave the visi- tors the lead once again. Seconds later , two free throws by Ray Weeks gave the Raiders its final edge of the night as con- secutive baskets by Brennan and Robinson opened a 9-6 Sayville lead at the five minute mark. The final three minutes saw Sayville control p lay as the Golden Flashes outscored their rivals , 11-3. Bob Frederick joined Robinson and Brennan in the scor- ing column as this trio combined for 19 of Sayville ' s 20 points in the first quarter. Run-run-run was still the Say- ville theme as the visitors ran up the bul ge to 29-14 with two minutes to play in the first half. Patchogue continued very cold from the floor. Jerry Parks and Dale Corbett started to p itch in points , with each eager scoring four points along with the hot Brennan as the Golden Flashes walked off with a :«-18 halftime lead. Petty was the only Raider to hit with any con- sistency as the senior center scor- ed six of his team ' s nine points. Sayville switched to a man to man defense to start the second half. This the Raiders found easier to cope with . But their inabilit y to hold onto the hall prevented the Red and Black from cutting into the big Sayville lead. Still , the locals had a produc- tive third quarter , their best o r the game. Of the 13 shots at- tempted , seven went in p lus two free throws to give the Raiders 16 points. Chamberlain with five and Weeks , four led the Patchogue scorers. Although he scored only two points , Dan Derby played a good floor game. The Golden Flashes ' running tac- tics started to pay off in this , the final quarter , as the visitors in- creased their lead. At one junc- P ETE P ETTY ... garners 12 points ture , the Golden Flashes held a 23-point lead. The only thing in the mind of Patchogue rooters was whether or not the Raiders would break 40. They did by way of a jump shot by Smith with less than 15 seconds remaining in the one-sided con- test. Brennan wound up as high sco rer of the gam e with 19 points. He was closely followed by Rob- inson with 16 while Parks caged 11 for the victorious Golden Flashes. Overall shooting saw the visi- tors make 25 of 65 from the -floor added to 12 of 24 from the foul line. The Raiders connected for only 17 of 52 field goal attempts and sank onl y seven for 16 .in fouls. Sayyille (62) ; Patchogue (41) G F Pi G -F ;P Brennan 8 3 191 Weeks 2 2 • 6 Van E'folilt 0 0 0 ! Smith 4 1 9 Hobinson 6 4 16! Petty 6 0 . 12 DcKonde 0 11 Chamberlain 4 3 , 11 Frederick 3 1 7[SchwinBe 0 0 , 0 Parks 5' 1 tliOroai 0 11 Corbett 3 0 0 , 1 Derby 1 0 - 2 llevelander 0 0 0| Kinkaide 0 2 2| TotaJs 26 12 C2| Totals 17 7 41 Free throws missed: Sayville (12) Bren- nan S, Uoliinson 6 , Frederick 2 , Parks , DeRonde. Patchogue |9I Smith , Petty 4 , Derby 2 , C hamberlain , Orosz. Officials—Fidceon and TtfUKh. Advance Presented Certificate of Merit The Patchogue Advanc? was one of a select group that re- ceived a Brookhaven Town Recreation committee Certi- ficate of Merit for work done in the efforts to promote good sportsmanship. Presented by Pete Ponlos , recreation director , on b.malf of Brookhaven Supervisor Percy B. Raynor and Police Chief Edward N. Bridge , chairman of the recreation committee , the certificate was given \for outstanding service to the Brookhaven Town Rec- reation committee in i t s efforts to promote good sportsmanship, wholesome rec- reation and social opportuni- ties for the young and young adults of the town. \ A modern printing p lant as near to you M your telephone , produc- ing perfect printer] forms on short notice. Phone The Advance, GRover 5-1000. Prices to meet L.I. Rovers Have Heavy Schedul e Set This Week COMMACK—It'll be \Southern Hospitality week\ in the Long Is- land Arena this week as the New York Rovers face the Charlotte Clippers of North Carolina in two home games. The two rivals first met last night, and the return brawl is set for Sunday a fternoon at 3 p. m. Sandwiched in between this North- South rivalry is a game against the New Haven Blades of Con- necticut at 8 p. m. Saturday. The Rovers , p laying a revitaliz- ed brand of hockey, are rated one of the toughest teams in the East- ern Hockey league. Their home record is an impressive 7-1. Coach Andy Branigan , a former stellar defenseman in the Ameri- can Hockey league , has been drill- ing his squad daily in preparation for the three-game home series. \I figure we can take all three games , \ said Andy. \With a new defenseman coming in to take ail- ing Norm Ryder ' s spot and Un- improved play of George Ranicri and Minnie Menard on the line , we ' re a much better club than earlier in the season. \ In two. previous games against, the Clippers the Hovers lost, while against New Haven they won two and lost one. Raider Jayvees Record 2d Win ; Trample Sayville Eighteen players saw action—11 of them scored—a s the Patchogue junior varsity rolled to an easy 54-33 win over Sayville ,TV here Friday night at the PHS gym. It was the second victory in a row for the Red Raiders of Coach Don Campbell who defeated -\mity- ville , 44-37 , in their first outing. Jon McPhail led the Raiders in the scoring column with 11 points. Jeff MacDonald and Elwyn Schaefer with eight mid Bud Rooney with seven also contributed heavil y to the Patchogue cause , Steve Zegal was high for the Golden Flashes with nine points. Al James added eight and John Woodard seven more to the Say- ville cause. With Gene Hauman clearing the boards , the locals scored the game ' s first basket and were never headed. The Raiders led 15-0 at the quarte r , increased it to 25-11 at halftime and 42-23 at the three- quarter mark. Foul line averages saw the Haiders hit 10 and 20 while Say- ville clicked on only nine lor 20. B»yvllU JV <SS) IPatehvirae JV (04) a F P , r. p p Kubclle 0 0 OIHelmnntc 0 0 0 Zegal 4 1 91 ll.nella 1 3 5 Wickham 0 2 2IHeike 0 0 0 Wondnrtl I R T'llutrhena 1 (I i Jam. -s 4 0 HlPuxli.' * .- 0 0 II Stimpeon 2 0 4|Morrls 10 2 Seal 1 II 2;!t„„ni-y .1 I 7 Kwaak 0 (I 0 I.i-. -litn-. -l<,.r 2 0 4 Ht-ebi- II II ll M, -Phiiii f, 1 11 Maai»e; h 0 1 1 Duvi* o 0 0 Vii 'nnl.i 0 0 li Schaefer 4 (I S Ml-tlKMII (I II tl l' - ahermik 0 0 0 llliuiiinili 2 1 ;, M IIC D. MIU M 2 4 K Aleiams 1 II 2 C.ialclln 0 0 0 Totals 12 9 :V . I Totals 22 10 54 •Score by perlixla : .Sayville ,1V — t, ll 2:1 33 Patchouli,. JV — lf, 21, 42 54 Ofll. 'iiilit : H HIIK I I iin.l Mi- eiiium. r«X PORK CHOPS . ^8 f WHICH WAV , POP- 1[ THERE' S ONB PLACE 1 PLEASE , AUD MAKE / I TO THE RIGHT YOU CAN 6ET EXAC TLY K THEM LEAN. P' lOR TO THE LEFT? WH AT YOU WANT-IT* ' <&^r-^ m^ns ~- — FOUR SEASONS _xP Wlm 0> ^M> SP0RT CENTER ^Ife S -^^ ^^^ Egfe ^^JlUl^fe^if 1 OPEN EVENINGS TILL CHRISTMAS ADVANCE ALMANAC TABLE OF SUN AND HIGH TIDES FOR THE WEEK (Supplied by the United State. Caut and (ieodud. 8mw) Hour* Given are for Eaitein Standard Tlate, Sun Sun Patchozu RlM Hot (Great So. Itajr) Part Jaffenaa Maatte Beach Bellport Ifarlehaf. lalat ant (Morlehei Bar) ( Bellport Bay) (Ocean ) Sataakat A.M. P.M. A.M. P.M. AJM. P.M. A.M. P.M. A.M. PJL T. Dee . 17 .. 7:16 4:3(1 . , 12:17 12:00 12:42 1:15 7:42 S:15 12:34 12:47 !• \ . Dec. IK . 7:10 4:31 12:63 1 :30 1 :1 rl 1 :5. r > H:1K 8:65 1:13 1 :25 S. Dec . Ill .. 7:17 4:37 1 :32 2 H 1 :f,7 2:38 8:67 11:38 1 :06 2:07 S. I).-,- . 20 .. 7:18 4:37 2:14 3 :uu 2:3 ' . l 3 :25 11:311 10:20 2:37 2:61 M. Dec . 2,1 . 7 : IK 4:38 3: II 2 :i :27 10:27 ¦ 3:22 8:41 T. D.-c. 22 .. 7:18 4:38 :' , :51 3:55 4:lli 4 :20 11.Hi 11:20 4:12 4 :34 W. Dec. 23 .. 7:tU 4:3R 4:46 4:54 6:10 6:111 12:10 12:1(1 6:08 B;33 For high tide at Democratic Point (Pira leland Inlet ) add la tain, to Mwlchoa laloL Par high tide at Stony Brook aubtract » minute* from Port Jeffonan at SetaeJwt. Per high tide at Shlnnocoea Inlet nbtract 1* atnataa tram Marlakaa Ulai. WBATHSB and TKMPKRATUU COMPAKISON Mailaisai MUtiaia ltd USt Ue» 1»5I lift till T. Dee. 8 Clea r Clear 44 32 - .... SS 10 W. Dec . 9 Clea r Clear 47 38 25 IB T. Dec. 10 Clear Clear 43 24 82 10 1- ' . D.-c. 11 Clea r Clear 40 28 . 25 10 K. Dee. 12 Main Kniii r,(i 23 40 18 K. Dec . 13 Itnin Clear 64 SI . .34 12 M. Dee . 14 Clear Clea r 44 32 2tl 8 Vince Poraara of Selden , who lias completed a fine freshman season with . the cross country Lakers of State Universif y Col- lege of Education at Oswego. Pomara competed in the fresh- man runs at the Canisius Invi- tational meet and in the New York State Invitational meet at Alfred universit y. Vince is the son of Mr. and Mrs^ Louis Pomara , 14 Mooney Pond rqad , Selden , and is a graduate of Sachem Junior-Senior H i g h school. Lake Ronkonkoma. He is enrolled in Oswego ' s Indus- Fine Runner PFRFFT'T 'P' Patchogue . Junior High * ijA.1 CiV^ I I ~~ school cheerleaders practice at junior high school gymnasium in preparation for basketball season. Starting at bottom of picture, (and tracing letter \P\) g irls are Camela Fa gone , Geri Merkin , Joanne Nenna , Georgia- Wojciekowski , Caro l Siebert, Joanne Kathner , Karen Hildreth , Sue Meyer , Grace Dahlman , Cynthia Bowden , Dellie Raffc and Vicky Natalie. , —Russell Wygand Photo V ISIS L MORE THAN A VISE... A WORKSHOP TOOL! Turns a f ull circle Standing or laid f lail ... and looks in desired position when jaws are tightened! Full, sire , 17 lb. vise... built to last. Smooth jaws for wood , plastic... removable eerrstod jaws included. Only 13\ la* M al horimar*. otfto nipfly, mi lumbar Xorea, or writ* VEUA.V1S6 OrrrflU, Obit, I S^K^ ERRY CHRI5TMAa I i WJB /L - * ^f^' ^k' - ' it ?, ~ ^ at very \ pec!al ? I V '/_ } * ' \ N XI ^H^\' '\ N >5* \ _ 7 ' J^ J J B 1 t' me . ° \ y ear '• n «re 1 S S g^^^W- fW Jfe^r^rf^ef ^^dNaQal - '° 0Ur \' en \ s an \ I S V F ^f mm ** * '^~ ~ \ - ff mp * s \>&lton»— we want to say: m, X M \J / ~ *^ ^ S vWc V /i&J n,a> ' Santa shower you wit.li % S -k \J f m * iZ _ < *'r\ . everything your hearts Jctir-5, 5 i ^^ MARGARET & WALTER I jj MARGARET'S RESTAURANT ! I LAKE RONKONKOMA \ \Us wine, place your advertising in The Patchogue Advance, where it will get results 'nd do the most good foj- yon and the community in which you do business. —Adv.

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