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f/^L MAIN ST. \(\f m ^ ) BAKERY I w-§>f c$ HAS THE GAKE p£fc) \POP\ WANTS! R v /# » / \IT'S BETTER . .. | [ ITS BAK ED WITH BUTTER\ j i 24 W. MAIN STREET PATCHOGUE J I GRover 5-0451 1 Cover-to-Cove r Reading Of Bible Slated in Selden 90-Hour Session Starts Wed. : SELDEN — Two Brookhaven town Presbyterian churches will cooperate in the reading of a pul p it Bible from one cover to another in one continuous reading next week. The churches , the Centereuch Community church and the Selden Community church; both served b y the Kev . Norman W. Minard , will begin the reading in the Selden church on South Evergreen drive , Selden , at 6 a. m., Wednes- day, with the immortal words , \In the beg inning God created the heavens and the earth. \ (Genesis 1:11.) The final verse of the Bible , \Th e grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the saints. Amen , \ is expected to be read at some time during: the evening of June 27. About 100 different readers will take part in this effort to read and hear all of God' s Hol y Word , each one reading in 15-minute ap- pointments. Members of both par- ishes and nil communities are in- vited to come at any time during those 00 hou rs to hear some of the Holy Scripture. In preparation for the reading, the readers , congregations , and the public saw a film prepared by the American Bible society, \Making of the English Bible , \ shown at the Selden church at 8 p. m. yes- terday. It presented the story of the translation of the Bible from the Latin Vulgate and its original languages into modern English. Another film , \Formation of the Bible , \ will be shown at the Sel- den church at 8 p. m. Tuesday. It will present the story of the actual writing and collecting of the GO books that make up the Holy Bible. Concerned because Bible-reading and study have been neglected by so many peop le , the sessions (gov- erning bodies of Presbyterian con- gregational) of these two churches began to plan for this event six months ago , the Rev. Mr. Minard said. It is expected that this continu- ous Bible reading will encourage Bible reading at home , and will stimulate the formation of Bible study groups in many congrega- tions. Requirement Upped For Parking Spaces The Brookhaven Town board yesterday amended the town ' s building ordinance , increasing the number of parking spaces that have to be provided in business and industrial districts. The ordinance now calls for one parking space for each 200 square feet of building area over 1 , 000 square feet , i. e., a building 1 ,200 square feet will have at least one parking- space , a building l , 40t. square feet , two spaces , etc. In the past , the ordinance called for one parking space for each 200 square feet of building area over 2, 500 square feet. The amendment applies to J Business 1 district , neighbourhood business; .1 2 , general business; L 1, light industry; and L 2 , heavy industry. AT CONVENTION , ATLANTIC CITY , N. J. —Ber- nard Baake of Oxford place , Lake Ronkonkoma, is a delegate of the Workmen ' s Benefit fund at the fraternal society ' s convention being held at the Kit z Carlton Hotel here. The convention started Sun- day, and will run through Satur- day. Mr. Baake is a member of the society ' s Patchogue Branch 2!i0 . Motions Made For Dismissal Of Kirkup Case RIVERHIiAD — The coining \Scandals \ trial of former Welfan Comnnss ,Mier .1. Milford Kirkup, Jr., nuw superintendent of the Suffol k County home , and two druggists, all indicted on charges they \ conspired to use the name and credit. \ of the Suffolk Home in Yaphank to obtain drugs at reduced institutional prices , will probabl y not begin until mid-Sep- tember. Justice Arthur Markewich last Wednesday reserved decision on motions for dismissal of the in- dictments made by defense at- torneys for Kirkup, and the drug- gists , Irving Carfinkle of Hunting- ton Station and William Egelman of Islip. A third druggist , Albert Freistadt of Bay Shore , has plead- ed guilty to the charges . Justice .Markewich said he 'd announce his decisions on the mo- tions , and if denied , would set the trial down for September Mi. At the same time, Freistadt , Inc ., owner of n huge dru g store in Bay Shore , was indi cted on 10 felony counts of taking county property and one of conspiracy. The corporation ' s officials are Cer- shone Rubin of Bay Shore , presi- dent; Carfinkle , secretary; and Egelman. treasurer. The corporation is accused of making $2N , 0W) worth of illegal purchases of drugs earmarked foi the county home between Decem- ber DIM , a n d February 1 050. Kirkup and the three druggists were charged with operating the alleged illegal drug buving scheme through the countv home from 1052 till l'. t .Mi . S pecial Prosecutor Edwyn Silherling. who said he wants to try the corporation and Ki ' kup and the druggists at. the same time \in the interest nf eco- nomy '' , pointed nut that although the officials of ( h , > corporation could not be jail ed, the corporation itself could he fined five times the amount of any property illegal- ly taken in. Referring to (he September date for the trial , Silheriing said his budget runs out Jul y 15. He told reporters he 'd already asked At- torney General Louis Lefkowitz for funds o carry on the corrup- tion probe. \I' m operating on the assump- tion that the legislature will pro- vide the necessary funds to com- p lete our inve stigation , ' ' Silheri- ing declared. The ori ginal budget for the fiscal year ending March ol . _ 10CO , was $25(1, 000 , but the legislature slashed it d o w n to $100 , 000 . Silherling said he would like the full $150 , 0(10 restored, and had previously applied to Lef- kowitz. \I have full confidence in the attorney general , \ he said. Careless Adults Tempt T een C ar B orrowers The apprehension and subsequent reprimand of ^ two teen-age buys who were attempting to \boriow \ a parked car Tor a joy ride this week has brought a stern warning from Patchogue Village Po- lice Chief Dominick Chiuchiolo. But the warnine - has been directed to adults in the habit ! >t leaving their i gnition keys in their cars , providing temptation f o r boys inclined to ride aroimd in purloined autos. For one tiling, Chief Chiuchiolo said, there ' s a state law against leaving the ignition keys in a car parked in a public p lace. And Cor another , it' s just , a p lain in- vitation to car theft. The boys were spotted in the Oak street parking lot by Ser- geants Joseph llawk- ' ns and Wil- liam Wiedmor . and Conrad Teller of the district attorney ' s office. They said one nf {he boys g'ot into a > . ar and att ' -m pt -d to start >t and drive it away. The oi ' ie. -rs nabbed both of the teeners and. after a reprimand turned them over to their patents . Chief Chiuchiolo said this par- ticular car had been lock'-d , but the small vent rating windows had been left open, \it ' s easy for a youngster to reach into a '-a l- and open its door under tbe-e circumstance? . \ I he cnW ?r.:<1. \The key wa-n ' t in the ignition but this ignition was the type with on , off and loc i; posi t i ons . The car owner had not . -et it into lo. -k pns ; ! !on . so the ear was capa 1 le of being .1,tried up and driven aw. -i' . \We all know that k ; ds will sometimes yiebl to temptation - maybe to show off , or maybe be- cause they ' re just looking for something to do , \ Chief Chiuchiolo said. \Teen-agers don ' t, always realize that the unaulhor \/.ed use of a person ' s car can sometimes become car theft — a serious ciiinc. We hope they 'll all lead this now , and catch on to the fact that the penally for the actual theft of a car is not a si mple reprimand. \ - IIDIIItlllllll^ llllllir i Invisible Fluid-less 1 \ - Contact Lenses Are - ; Available to you ! ; You are invited to discuss - 2 w ith me any questions re- 2 - garding these lenses and - • about an appointment with ? 2 your eye specialist (ophth- \ - almolog isl). Trial fitting at - 2 no obligation. 2 1 CHARLES V. MARTOC.LIO Z - Optician : PATCHOGUE : ;: OPTICAL co. ' - • Medical Arts Building 2 ; 107 NORTH OCEAN AVE. % 2 Patchogue , X. Y. 2 . \ i i i i i i i i i t i i i i i i i i i i i • «- ; iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiititiiiiiiiiii*- • LET'S MEET FOR A : i if^ fcJU-,, GALA N ITE j I . • - ii (UT AT Z i The Bayview-Plaza Hote l j! !: If DANCING is your PLEASURE : ! Z then listen to this exciting news from ; I famous BAYVIEW-PLAZA HOTEL 2 Z Hansom Avenue , on the BAY at SAYVILLE. \ I This SATURDAY NIGHT and EVERY : - Saturday Night the famous 2 ' - MARINE ROOM will feature the Z - DANCE MUSIC of SAM GOLD and his Z 1 orchestra. Yes from NINE P. M. to EARLY Z • MORNING von can dance to the scintillating Z \ - rhythms of SAM GOLD and his Orchestra : : in the stunning MARINE ROOM - : at the fabulous BAYVIEW-PLAZA HOTEL , - \ Hansom Avenue , on the BAY at SAYVILLE. - 2 Call SAYVILLE 4-5400 for Reservations j 2 and information. I \ t 1 I i I I I -I I I ¦ -¦<') t III l> I llll 1 I- I.| > I- l> I. I. » I 1: I; I I' II k- jBr > *> -**s ,,i,|i«i)iii,. W~'*f - / r ^ * Mtgr t f *™ ™ ^ '\ 1 - \\ ^ ^Si ,,, *^m ,.*v s*s sg 0f ^^\ i sMf ^P ™ 1 ^W ^^\ & BETTER \ \ yjjl \ LIVING f 1 WE WILL BE PLEASED | 1 TO ASSIST YOU IN YOUR PLAN S - \\ I WHY NOT INVESTIGA TE... \j J THE PATCHOGUE BANK j fj \Service Is Our Business \ Jl ^ ^ 47 West Main Street , Patchogue GRover 5-3020 /J >^v MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. /£& Suffolk Dist. Masons On State Committees; Utica Pil grimage Sat. 11. Lloyd Jones , Rronxville State Crand Master of M. 'isons , has announced Orand Lod^e State committee appoint merits for 19. r )»- ( > () . They will serve for one year I'hose named fro m the Suffolk district are: .Tud^e Townsend Scudder, Port Washington , a mem- ber of (Hen Cove Lodvre oSO , chair- man of . the committee on corres- pondence and relations; Lawrence C. Scudder , Riverhend , chairman of Riverhend Lodge 0-15 to UK- committee on Custodians of the Work ; Percy V. Ketcham , River- head , member of lliverhead lodge to the Masonic Education and Lodge Service committee , (Capt.) Robert I). Newins , 21 N' owim street , Patchogue, member of South Side Lodge •)!):! , assistant director of the Service and Re- habilitation committee , and Frede- rick Smith , Old Town Lodge 908, Southampton , appointed gram ' steward. They will take part in the p ilgrimage led by Francis 11. Smith , Amagansett , member of Star uf the East Lodge S-lll , newly appointed district deputy gra m ' muster of Suffolk dist rict , on St. •John ' s day Saturday. It is expected that other Masons of the district will also atend. Wit IV Kit F1NK1) *2r> A Patchogue Public Works de- partment employ e was fined last Thursday for driving while li b- license was suspended. Peter l.ollias , U' . f , of ( ' ,;) North Oceai avenue , Patchogue , was handed a summons by Patrolman John Drew lifter faikng to produce a permit when stopped . Lollias appoarcc before Po 'ice Justice Charles N. Puller , Jr., pleaded guilty tc driving with a suspended license , and paid a $2. r i fine. ( Aim or THANK S \V.> ilmiri. In n| irrH< In i.ur Klml m-iirM.nr- . mi. t Itintitt Slful fri.Ml.ls mir hp iirtf.'lt llii.nl. !, fur Ihi-ir in im v .-XIT ,-, *- rtinn ^ nf hMiljinttiy. 'rtic U-iiutifiil It./nil nlT.TiiM-^ U.M- . . ,.Mi.,.,-ii.l!y iippr.. . - iii(.',l. Mrn . Kli/nli.-lh Pi Din im,l fumilv. J' utchncuv , New York. —Adv. CONSTRUCTION fflt\ ^ ^oIK County Republican clubhouse on Atlantic avenue . Blue Point. Pictured a bove in artist ' s rendering of project which is expected to be completed in August of this year.. Designed by Louis K. .lallade, Architects of Cenferoach , building, measuring f>7 by 50 feel , will have no obstruc- tions within 18 by 50-foot main room , which will seal 250 for dinner or 100 for meetings. East and west walls will be entirely of tinted g lass , and outside terraces will run full length of building. Suffolk Republican Chairman It. Ford Hughes said that intensive membership drive is now under way to hel p pay for new facilities . Bayport 59ers Set to Graduate Osi Tuesday Ni g ht BAVPOKT— The Bayport. High Sc.ool Class of P.ljy .t is fast ap- proaching graduation time. The class is composed of (JO students I ¦ \' '\ n-' \iin have already been accepted in representative col- .. . ...iioughout the nation. Robert N. Ilibburd is M-nioi cbi»s president , assisted by Stuart I) . Hawkins , vice president , and Mary-Louise Meyer , .secretary- treasurer. Class advisors are Mrs Ruth Collins , Earl Tyler , and Paul Harenberg. Seniors will be notified of the results of their examinations at noon tomorrow . Baccalaureate and Commencement rehearsals will take p lace at. 1:. '!() p. m. tomorrow. The newly-instituted senior din- ner-dance is scheduled for 7: 'A) . ' )) . in. tomorrow at Mimi' s Awixa Pond Restaurant. The Paccalaureate service will be held at 8:. 'i0 p. m. Sunday in the high school auditorium , and v/.ll be conducted by the Rev. I. A. Falk , pastor of the Pine Poin ' Paptist church. A string trio and chorus , under the direction of Mr. Brynan , will furnish the music for the evening. The public is in- vited to attend. At K:f!() p m Monday the seniors with Bonnie Obri g as program cha ; nnan. \ill coi'l iicl tb n i'- d-ius night activities This Is the first sucli program and win j nciuue a recitation of the class history, class will and class prophecy b y three ranking graduates. There will he an address b y the senior class president. Commencement exercises wiV be held in the high school gym- nasium under the ausp ices of the board of education nt 8:. '' ,() p. m. Tuesday. Hue to a lack of seating capacity, admission will he by tickets which will be «lis ir ih\t«-d through members of the Senior class to their parents, re ai.ns and friends . The valedictory ad- dress will be offered by Micha ' el Goldhaber , and the salutatory ad- dress by Gerard Iiourguignon. The Bayport High school band , under the direction of George Kaynor, will furnish the music. The Rev. Thaddeus Rooney and the Kev. Lnndon K. Owen will be on hand to offe r the invocation and benediction. Dr. Frank Snell , vice president of the board of edu- cation , will present the awards to graduating seniors. James Wil- son Young, president of he board of educat ion. w\l r>wnrd the di p lo- mas to the graduates. r ^i kY i ii ii ur ^nHWffinwwSiPi i ^L. VI ^ H A A ^^m i ^HH WB^^M BB ¦HNBi ^A. ^i ^HH i ^Bii ^BH. ^ v M B I ^^m IRm B WB V .Br Br Bvz B\ v ^i BBS ilk . IV m , m \ . B9 ^ ^WBf VBr » VIKHBW^ nm iBBBrW I WH I BR +M B BH *^F * « B[ B U^fl| t^s^B^^sH B B B B L I3B B^^^^^ njl ITO^Wtfflffffo^B Bn H n L^€ I ' J Ky 11 n AHBU HHH HBBBBV B A IM ^I] I ii H D j miL f B ^KBBHBBBBm 1 I H ^^9 3 ¥ m ^ r H^k V JR 9 Bk m^^UKB^^^^^^BS ^^BU& B IHii W ^^^^^^ M ^— L. ^ _^ ^ »B^i ^^^^B»Br^^^^K^^^^BiBHHBBMBwBgaB»BMh a m I m I * j m ^ * ffcl [M ^BB H II* HH ^B JH I ^PH ^B 3v ^ B ^ ^KBH^E^BulnBkmHm AnV miU B»\4_ 3%J* ,JoL^3 *y «li iB^3fc \4 rfo L *9 L « ' «*. M [ w tf ^^KaSBSsB^SB^mB^^HI^S^^^SBSKB^^Br ^ ^ Ali ^R^i ^HBlK^Bfl i tit^i PI a ^^ iiittyyiiAa^ M twiSH 1 1 ft^> i T ) wM^^iiiBiiiBii^^ r^ U SB M The Kov. John J. Go. man , who \\' Ul < - ] ^t 11 years has been ' , ' ( ''' . '' ut , \' , St - Franc ' s d- Sales K. < . church in Patchogue , has been transferred to the Holv Name Rev . John J. Gorman of Mary church in Valley Stream to be assistant to the pastor , the Rev. John McOowan. Father* Gorman , a native of Flatbush , was educated at Brook- lyn prej ) , St. Peter ' s college. Jer- sey City and immaculate Concep- tion seminary, Huntington. He was ordained on April :; , l' .Mo and assigned to St. Francis de Sales in .May. He has worked for many years as the moderator of the Confrater- nity of Christian Doctrine , direct- ing ^ the released time program of Catholic children in the public schools of Patchogue. He has been the Director of the Holy Rood program on Radio Station WALK, moderator of the St. Vincent de Paul societ y, moderator of the •Junior and Senior Sodalities of Our Lady and director of the. Scouting program. On Tuesday at 7:110 p. m., a reception will be held to honor him and give his many friends in Patchogue , parishioners and non-parishioners , adults and chil- dren , an opportunity to come to the St. Francis de Sales hall on South Ocean avenue to bid him a \fond farewell - ' and to wish him well in his new assignment. He ' will leave St. Francis Wednesday morning. Father Gorman Saying Farewell To St. Francis Convicted of resisting arrest , n Patchogue tavern owner was sen- tenced to six- months in the countv jail Saturday. He is Roy Goldstecn , oil . pro- prietor of the Royal Redwood Tavern at 8 West avenue . Pat - chogue , who was found guilty after a jur y trial that ended carle Saturday. Police Justice Charles N. Butler . Jr ., r i ' iiten cml him to the six months in jail. The charge stemmed from his conduct toward police at the scene of a fire at Kay ' s Cleaners at III West avenue , A pril 17. The ar- rest was made b y Falchoguo Vil- lage Police Sergeant Joseph Haw- kins. Justice Butler said he meted the stiff sentence in % iew of a series of disorderly conduct con- victions . Patchogue police said the convictions began May - JM . lll' io . That was in Lindcnhur. -f . they said , where Goldsteen drew a $25 fine. His second ivictii .n was in Patchogue in Jul y, Pl ' i Ti. when he was fined $100 aiid given a six-month suspended sentence , police added . His third conviction , again in Patchogue , was on Janu- ary .1 , P. 158 , when be was fined $100 given a (ill-day suspended sentence and put on one year ' s probation, according to police. When the jury found him guilty of resisting arrest in the April 17 incident Justice Butler said he . decided to give GoM. -te--n the - -ix months. IX ME MO HI AM In In\ iier m.-mnrv nf mv sfftl. Pilly Dc- Mullen , whn p. - .s- .f.l ::\wiv .ill\.- 111. l' .Ml. \I' miil Mrnicric. Linger (In. \ Met her . Mrs . I.i nir. -i H.wcr. --A.lv Read all about them , many more timely bargains this week in the classified pages. —Adv. Man Resists Arrest , Nets 6-Month Term DE.DDV DCAITTV Barbara Tuthill , left , Mattituck DiLl\I\ I DJLA U 1 I High school junior , chosen B»5t) Straw berry Queen at festival in Mattituck Saturday, receives her crown from last year ' s queen . Carol Ann Cain of Jamesport. Though nearly four inches of rain fell on strawberry fete, 2,000 portions of shortcake were served and a substantial sum was realized for civic and charitable activities sponsored b y local Lions club. Runners up in the queen contest were Patricia Ann Hannabury of Cutchogue and Dorothy Ficner of Mattituck. A -8 year-old truck driver ! I : I ¦ •\ . - ¦ d with tbei ng to Texas wit h !?:)I(! . 15 he had collected for a i .. tci. ogue stuL - • \va> ordered last Thursday ;o face the grand jury. Flv ' n .1. Jlalco m of H ! S North Ocean avenue , Patrho-j ae . went ¦ • enwe Poia-e ,iu-: i. -e Charles N . But ' er. Jr. . on . - - . -<• md .k-gr. -e grand I;.re ny charges , waived examina- ! ion and was cominued m 8\ iHi! bail to awail grand jury action . MaVolm is charged with taking , -:;ii; 15 he had o,:!, ct\d for ill.. Sw. '/.cy and Newins Oepartment Store in Patchogue and going to I Texas with the money, lie started [ work for th • store May 11 and disappeared .May L !:I . CAlt!) OF THANKS [ w i-O i In .-vpl.- s niy sini -.'r*' t ]l;lllks 1,, ne, iin.nv f'-|. ml- , n. iidilmrs mi.l r..i - liv.-s f..r .heir III : II - V :i. -ls of Id.,, !. ( Jiirien no i- e. - . in ~:. -iy in ill. - Ili - n,, v' li: . , ,,.„ M.mnrinl ll.-f ioil . Me. Mm-v Uiltc - . - . A.lv . 5&N Trucker to Face Jury on Theft Rap

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