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Observation Post BY S TA N P A KULA Sports Editor Pair of Pennant Winners The unexpected has happ e-neel. . Both Patchogue. i-nt.ii-s - Kcl Raiders ami I- .aglrs — p laying in two diire renl . baseball b-agii. s sli )iped by with their respective diamond crowns. And it. wasn ' t easy. .... ., , r n For Seton Hall , it. marked Ihe fourth st rai ght Nassau-Suffolk Catholic High Se-hool baseball Idle . Hut the Setonites had to go int., - .. i.hivoir with St.. Airnes to con all tin- kudos by a slim ..- - sinre Saturday at l,a Salle field. Coasting most of the 1 season, the 1 Eagles re-ceived a jo!' , by upstart St. D ominic ' s last wr-r-k — los.dng the Koa elnion into a tie with the Stags. Seton Hall had to heal St. Dominic ' s in a return contest last Thursday which was ace'nmp lislicd rather handily behind Gene Stap leton. Put winning the St. I loiuiiiic ' s game wasn ' t enough. The Eagles had to e-e.inr- back Memorial day and face a rugged St Agnes nine ¦¦¦- which 111• V rlirl in line fashion. \ The Setonites bail an ambitious scheilnb' , win- ning 18 times in 2?, attemp ts and eeipped the KSCHSI, laurel with a 1-2 mark. Oiitstaiiiliiig plav by Mike Hiinl ian , Don Ri'ii- ter , Tom Martin , Boh Tauiilon. (leuie Slapletmi and earlv season liurlinir of Malty lli'e-ele- , in MUn Paknla addition to the fine iierforiiiancc by the entire 1 team eleserve the applause, of the area fans for the fourth Mag for the Ken' boulevard warriois. .. While repeating as champions is not . uncommon for Seton Hal l athletic tennis , Patediogiie ' s baseball superiority coupleel with th? recent A-2 track crown , lifted the oft-maligni'd Haulers to the championship dais. Not since the mid-thirties bail the Raiders reigned as track champ ions and th e baseball championship i-scapi'd the Keel and Black regularl y since llla l when Diamond .lim Hraely soutlipawed the locals into baseball' s shining g lory. Not without its In rocs . Patchogue High . - .houlei still give thanks to a Habvlon t eam, that althoug h dethrone!, still had enoup. li left to dump ' w.-sl. lsli p and enable the Raiders to take the coveted A- ' -! flag without a pressure-tilled p layoff game. Hut desp ite hel p from Rnuvlon . Patchogue ropped tlie 1 pennant bv playing clutch baseball -¦¦ ¦ at ' tei -loom seemed imminent after tasting defeat at the hands eif an annoying Sayville squad. The Scliuldti.i cn rcbmindi ,1 an.l ilefeale-d the [.ions with teuigh Wanvn Ilnlverson to create a tie ami en me back lust Thursday after trailin g, to pummel Brentwood and bring home the 1 smiles . Spei ial riTo gnilion should be- g iven to Al Hop f , the rubber- auneel junior who pitch'-.! almost all the important games and won more' times than not; (lary Smith, who showed the way with his sizzling bat anrl Bob Arnibrustcr whose hustle' exemplified the re- silie-ncv of the 1 team although it brought on an injury that may foice him fo miss additi onal p layoff games. Naturall y the entile team can take 1 bows for the admirable, performance' s that , lifted the 1 Knidi-rs from the early season depths of just , p lain lousy t.o the lop aggregation in A-2. Since many of the top p layers will be back next. year, the happiness felt by Patchogue faith ful now , may last for ep.ite Senile lime . lii'garrlless , the 1 exhilaration that overcame the area with the double ' elose of chaiiipinnsliip-itis will make the summer heat, bearable 1 . And perhaps it will stem the liele 1 of derogatory jok es concern- ing I' alr liogiii 1 athletics . POST SCRIPTS: Sorry to hear that Dutch Schulilt is retiring from coar hing tin? grid sport . . . But with this new rule that, makes il mandatory I' m a coach to onl y coach one' spent it appears to be liett.'r for all i-oncerncd to have- Schulilt with baseball especiall y after finishing A-2 king. Continued genu! luck , Dutch . . . Ace-eiveUiig lo our loi'Uer roeim e-oul' ieUiute , .loe Agostiui'llo has the inside track for the football me ntor ' s job. A residi'iil of ( . Villi.al lsli p, Agoslinelli, started coaching at Patidingue Junior High in l|) . r i7 and has compile 1 .! an K-2-1 record in two years . . . Doubling as P.I IIS hoop coach , Joe 1 has a 20-7 record for two years ' win k . . . While at Arnold, Agerst inello had as one of his football i-eiacln's one Dutch Schulilt (the same man who jusl ri'tired from th e ' p i gskin sp irl ) . . . Snclieou High clejsi'd eiuf the baseball season bowing to Cop ingue . ¦1-2 , last Thursday . . . The pla ining Arrows wound ii)i in second p lace iu A-H competition with a <i-l reedd. Sachem ' s rims e-anie on homers - by Ken Muzzenigru in (lie third and Joe (liici'iar el i in the f oiiith . . . Arthur Balbirer , former Patcbagiie High lioopst. 'i , roe 'edvi'il a numeral \\<r bi'iiig fri ' sbiiinn ruaiiagi'i' uf l' nion . 'olle-ge lacrosse te-aiii . . . Walt llausgeu set n new National Champ ionshi p NSCCA reciii' il at liridgi liainpt on last weeki-iul when he p iloloel bis Lister Jaguar over the (Iran Prix 2\ i-bi|i course at an average spe'e 1 ,) eif K!> .2 mpli ... At lslip Johnnv Coy again proicl his supei iority in the NASI 'AK midget, ilass . . . Bobby Williams and Bert lle'.lges were the 1 top men nt Riverhead Race-way . . . Lake Konknnkiiinii Cardinals , fell.- last Sunday, will meet Central lsli p (limits al Newton li.dd al 2:.!i) p. in. ' Sunelay in Suffolk Base'ball league test. . . . They 'll warm up Saturday night at N- .ltO against the Brookl yn Scnoeas in an exhibition game . . . H onkonkoira Pirates still dueling geiing rough . . . Bin s lost pair to West Bab ylon Aces , <)-(! , 11-5 . FIRE and CASUALTY INSURANCE SEE US BEFORE GOING ELSEWHERE \The Protection You Require — the Economy You Desire \ FRED G. SKINNER MILLIE L. SKINNER AGENTS i 1!) NORTH OCEAN AVENUE . PATCHOGUE GRover 5-0668 Seton Nips Stags , 3-2 For 4th Straight Flag Bv I. A KliY KKNNKV On Saturday mornin e _ » the Scion Mall Eag les cap- tured the fourth straight NSC I ISAA title after a rough week of baseball. Ihe Setonites nipped St . Agnes , 3-2 , in a playoff game ior the title. It all started on May 25 , when the Eagles met St. Dominie s . W hen the Kai-lcs ar- rived in Oyster Bay they w- ri- in first p lae -e- in t he leacnc , but afte-r losing lo St. | ir.mini, ' :- , 2-u , l.lii- . V lia el ilrr.ppcd int., second p lace. The losine. ' pitcher for Setnii Hall was Bob Taunton who al- lowed onl y four Irt.s anrl rim- walk. The- winning pitcher for St Domi- nie ' s was Bill Kop inski who also rave up ..ply four hits . f>n .May 27 , the Kagles p lay.-rl a \do or die \ re-turn game with St. Dominic ' s and this time Kiev MlKI ' . Bl IUMAN . . . p ilf ers home liricc won 7-0 to tie 1 for first p lne'o in the league' . The 1 winning pitcher for the ' Kagles was Ci-ne Stap h 1 - ton who fanned six . wnlkeel two and gave up only four bits . Ge-in- linishi ' el the season with a !)-! iv- cord. The losing p itdie-r for St . llnni ' mic ' s was Kop nski who st ruck mil nine 1 , wa 'liod two and rav up five bits . The big man of tin game for Seton Hall was Mike Bui'diall who went l«n for Hire ; 1 al bat. and stole homo twice Thi- win forced Seton Hall into a play- off game w ith the 1 Stags from St. Agnes. Saturday, flu- Kngl. s p lave-d the play-oil \ game with the Stags of St . .\gne- , on a lie-ill ral fielel at l.aSalio . This was a thrilling game 1 w Mcil The K' agles wrm. U-2 . The winning pilclu-r for th ;- Kagles was Tamil , ni wh ,p stna-k out tbrcr- . walked two and gave- up four bits. The Ins ilg p itch:-!- was Bub Foll- maii who struck out 10 . walked tbre- e- and gave up six hits. Tin- Kagles started the scoring in the thinl inning- when Don I' eu- ler singlerl, stub' second and crossed the- p bile on Burdian ' s sin- gle In I ' e-fl tielrl The Stag' s took a 2-1 leael in the lop of (lie fourth when .Jim Nalighten iluu 'ded and I' ele lirode ick and Fellnian singl- erl. The Kagles finally won the game in the bottom of the fifth wlie-ii Genie Staple-loii walked , stole se-e-oml and came home on Rou- ter ' s trip le to ri ght field. Renter si'oreel on a wil d pitr-h bv F -lltnan. Router was th, . |, ; L , : hiit ,.,- (¦ „,. , s,. _ ton Hall going two for two . SI. A BH . S <:• , S.,|„ n Hull (.1 1 All K II All It II H.'ii.l. ¦ ' . ¦!, ¦. . if I n li Mm iln ;; ,i n I' l'l 1 - . ' il. .: n li I1- , i l.-i - Ke-iitim/ . i, 1 n ii ili ' . ' ilniin :l n .1 N:e. ',-l,s,ii If .1 n 1 ll.e-.li,,,, ;; ,, 1 l(i-..,l.-|,r.-l: -. :: 1 1 11.,|, n,„ ., •.- 1 11 11 e;;iirn. , v , ,| \ 1 11 I 1 ;,., ., . - , 11 : > n , I - . -N PI . - I . I . I . ¦ ; 11 1 II ,,;, II V :¦ li 1 nim- Hi : \ 1 T. -iu 111,,n :, 11 1 (I 'l' .mii.-II . JIi . ' \ II I. 1 ,,I.in.,,II II II , Siinilii I H II Tl i,, 11,,,. ,,11 1 II i, SI;,|,I,I, ,,| -J I 1 T.-IMII ' . •': :' I T,,t. ,,l« - . . 1 :; .; t' .r. n - w,,,,,! .IV Turn .|ml II - ? e, ;, S' 1-i..n Iln!! - mi l II : ' II :i S 1 \ , -if ,, . . llllli Jilil 2 W TlHIl Cri . 1 . l- ' -lll.iiin. Eagles , Raiders Take Baseball Pennants Schuldt Retires from Grid; To Continue with Baseball William K. (Dutch I Scliuldi lias ann.iuiu-e. l his lotir cnii-nl a^ lii 'liri football coach at l' al cli'miie High n hoed it was leaini rl last We-e-k b y Tile 1 l' atchog 'iii 1 Alliance . Schuldt einpliasi'/. - il the facl that In 1 is retiring nol resigning as he will cl'llch only the -chiml' s haseliall te-alll . After 212 vears of cuae-bing e-ol- b'ge and high schoiil football . Coach Si lm lill e 1 x p 1 a i tl o .1 . \I weiiibl like fej siii-nd more tini\ home with my wife . ] also believe 1 with l!5 men red urn ing from hist year ' s sipiad and tjie freshmen coming up, tli r- prospects for winning football at Paf clioguc High se-hool are the gl eatcst now than in the past si'ven years. \ lie -also added that coaching pay in football was e-ut $. \ .00 as was t.li p salary for some olhi'r sports . but not as much. The Pafehogue eoae-h went on In say, \I would have liked to continue to work with these , re- tiirninor squad members to finish off with a winning season. But since il. is a newly-establishi'd policy that a coae 'li mav coach only one snort T have decided to remain with haseliall. '' Schulilt had been coaching foot- ball six years a I PUS since coin- in\ from Turners ' Falls (Mass .l High \edioed where lie was hi'ad football conch an.f dire-e-tor of athletics , tiefeiri' that bo was al Ariir rbf college (now 1 \ niversit y e>f Bridgenorl 1 for four years as line coach anil tutorcel pri'senl fr- eshman e'oai-b .loe 1 A gust inello Vinco rescara . hi'a e l nuiii al We-t Islin. -111,1 pro football gn-al Andv Rohiist.dl i. S.-hiilill came lo I' nt. -bo.r.ip In Hi . Vl ir'i .l has hi 1 !-!! footlial! and baseball co. -a-h since 1 <ir,r. . He ha- beeu a ba sketball otl' n-i -il ami w-is nasi pre .; !, lent eif Hie Suffolk Ci'iinlv l- ' ontliall Coae-hcs associa- tion in 1'ir.r. . He was a ' so cliair- 111:111 of tin- Si'lfolk t' oiintv Foot- ball . -oae-lii-s clinic for two ye>:ii-s and has hi'cn a cliai-lec iiienibi ' i - <¦ <¦ tli ,. \alinu-il Fou r hall Hall of b' -nne !>ss(i, -iation sime \\'-i r. -li lDtil . This er.iiin voles nlavr-rs an,) co 'iehi's into the 01 g ani/.ation each vi' . 'ir. Among Hie nlavers Scliuldt . •¦i.ich- .l . -i l patcl'oeo,, W cr,, Jim russcll, H.,|,|,v Hud , I an,I Don I' rnineV Ca-sell >c:is tlie I ' M - -; ' 1 one- M-in.l bie- e ,, )„. vi.i ed on (lie Va 'ir .oa! Hi gh Sclmo] All A nierican in I' la f. Hudd is -tar p itcher on the t' lii- ersit v if ftridiri'p'irf h. -i^r-h all ten ni wlii ' - Kiinn. 'V is hurlin g fur lb.. Mi chi- gan Citv ( Indiana ) baseball sound in fhe Class f l M i dwestern league The fi ' Miu is a fa i ni club of the San Kranrisco (Hauls . — BAKUA NKfJ, Patchogue Rec. Dept Slates Hoop League The- Palclio 'r iie- Ri-creat ion de- pnrlini ' iil will airain sponsor ; high sclniol basin r|, ai] league this summer, (i. -ii ue- will be played out- doors at Father Tortora park , commencing July i' i . Heivs iiiter. ' sfi ' il in enfering fr-ain- ; in tbr- league are instriu-te-r! Li subniif i n- i tr-is fo .lack Pabu'n , I' ate ' brigiie ri 'ci e-atiein rliivi 't or , fill Soul It Oco-rti avi -iii u 1 , Pate-lio r riie Rosters wi'l le liniiterl to eig ht I'lav . 'rs , all of whom must hi- in hii - r-h si-' ionl . A l eague will be spon- -eii' . el t' e-V June' 1. l:r .1 MH ( <-s anil e-nl- lege , - .i u -l e 'll l r hen llei e'llougll illle'r- csl warrant Die league 1 - Came's will be p lavr-d in the 1 e'Ve- ii 'iigs . \ 'l t ns iiiii- 't lia\-e uni- form -hlrf s . 'I'hnr e will In' 110 en- ti- v (\ < ••> . ami nlavci's of the 1 win- ii i-ig ti ' . 'ini wi ' l re'ceii-c iiieli. -iilua! tree.hies l- ' r.r fin I her infor iiia ' ' mi eoii- lar l Palace al GRover ..- \ l. 'ln:! . Bellport Ties Kingsmen For fi-7 Baseball Lead By Augie Bono BKI.I.PORT — The Bell port Clippers took their final two league games of the season last week as they slugged their way to a 12-11 win over East lsli p anil thumped lslip. 111-:!. The victories enabled Bellli'ort to tie Kings Park for first p lace in the H-l loop as both schools posted a season 1 1-cord of nine wins and three losses . 1 lie p layoff was hem Ttie-selay. On May L '5 . Bellport and Kast lslip hail a slugfe-st as both teams came with their hitting shoes on. Larry (lallag ber starteel for the visitors from Kast lslip and was opposed by Tom Carroll. Neither uiti'her lasted longer then three innings as the batters geit down to business from the 1 very start. The visitors opened the game bv scoring thr. -e runs in the top half of the first. Singles b y the first four men in the onle-r and ce-nli-rlii-iilr-r Tony Scesny ' s error le-e! to the (allies. Bedl port came back in the home half of the first with four runs. John Fuoco ' s triple after singles b y Scesny and Ber- nie Hoyt plus a walk to Bob Hoffmann loadi'il the bases caused three runs to conic across. Free! Cherry ' s single elrove in Fui.ce> with Hi\ fniirth run- Kast Isliji se -eired four runs in the third mi four hits to take what seemed like a coinnianiling 7-1 lead. 1 Inwevi-r , the Clippers came r i ght, back ill their half of tlie third In score fiv e 1 runs as l. ' nii Ilai'ilniii-1 , ' r p laced (. ' a'lgehiT on the mound A double 1 by lloif- niaiiii ami a single b y Scesny were resininsible for most of the 1 runs while 1 Bardoiiek niaele his own r- ause r o u g her b y wa lking three and billin g one halt 11!' . Bellport . 'irlilr ' d two more 1 nins ill the fourth on singb-s b y Iloffniann , Ftioeo . and 'lav Vign. itn nltis an infield out. to lake an 11-7 leael. Hnvt went to the 1 mound in the 1 bund ] for tin 1 Clippers . \ml blank- ed fhe . eiiuiositioii in that frame. In the- feilleiw-ng inning. Knst ls- lip scored four runs to ti- the -core' -rt 11 all. An error bv shovt- -' e.p HnfVmann openi'il the gate 's for the visdors as they made' good the niiinirlunity wb'-n sin-'les l>v ('barb's Mever anil Dave Ee-e 1 - lestini drov in the tying- runs. ' 11 tin 1 home half of the same inn- r iii r, Bellno- t came tlirongh with the \ na! run of thr 1 game as IJovt suigled hinne Scosiiv with the \iniiin.. run . The rmi a lso gave Ilovt the honor of being the wi\nin<r oife- lier. With the score R' -II ni his fa- vor . Coa-h Ernie ReOnnson serit lohn Conk to tbn mounel wbh tin 1 •retention of bavin \ h 'm mai ntain Hie. on- 1 run lead. The sonhomore ns me itri 'or.g ll t n flv'nrr colors , '1S he lie-l rl th\ l osers hitle'ss oi'er the ' last two inM 'ne ' s. facing only se.-\n m.-u in d'. lng so rie 'lpiii-t continue -\! to \-tel el ; ts hini hi-r las* Thiirsit-i\ . w 'i\n the. 1. 1 fr. - l.-l. '.l If. ls). ' n rvl-io.-f. It t o.. !. - a lfi.r? do.-'-=mn b-hind the rrt .lvn.. ,,f Torn Caf-o ll . Tiv'l iulo.I in th,. 11-liit C]it>\nr ,. j 1 ;,,.!. - ,.¦.. ,. , - . f,,nr home runs Thn .¦mind f »- : '- i..o»-s \vm-n r°cnrdod b,T 5.,... . ¦.. . • V' ,r nn i,i T ,„,i r. -.vvoll and ¦\1 Kinse- l la. Rellnorts first run resulted from Vignato ' s so ' o hom- er to deep right fielel ill the sec- ond. The Clippers added singletons in the third ami fourth to take' a M-0 lead. In the bottom of the fourth though , the home 1 team e-anie back with three runs to tie the score. Only the fine play of centerfielder Sce-sny kept the 1 los- ers from taking the lead. Scesny threw out two runners at home during the fourt h frame- to kee-p lslip from making il a run-away inning. The runs resulte-il from two walks and three run-producing singles from thr- bats of Kick Power. Charli e- Broun ami Frank Kolive-k. Bellport regained its three run load in tlie fifth when Carroll aideel his own cause b y homering after walks to John l- ' uoe-o and Fred Cherry. The Clippi'rs addi'd Ihroe more runs in the sixth. Scesny lr' ,1 .iff with a homer oil' losing pitcher . K n Bowers, who replaced Ron Anderson, the start- ing lslip hinder, in the fourth. After Hoyt was ri'tire.l , Iloffniann receive.! a l a- -i- e,n hall. Then , with tu' ii out , back to back dou- bles bv Vignato anel Cherry pave Heli port a !)-:! lea,!. The final Clipnor tally came in the seventh , on Kinsella ' s distance' shot. Carroll , afte-r having Ins knocks in the fourth , settled elown to pi ank lsl ip in the final tb ' i-e frames \tl two hits to ree- ord his victory. f' nst Istii) 1111 Uvllimrl U - J I AII n 11 AH R 11 -I\ l.lie -l- :!!. A ii : ' ll. ' vl .if ' l. I : ' : ' r- . -ill . -.i-i. ,.,. ., ! 1 1 11 , ir--r,-.i . >.; .1 -i l-Vi- i ., -trui rf :: 11 :i l' u,„ ,., .|l, 1 •' \ U.-rnl iiMi , - I I 2 V'ti-llMK. <¦ :\ 1 1 \ i.r ' ll.- k 1' . . .. 1 1 1 I ' ll... TV ,-f L 1 1 1 \• rr \ - rf 11. 'I II (I T. l' ;.r\ , !! p If ¦' 1 II \ re.ilkl If :: 11 1 C. .,!, ¦ .. 11 11 11 O- «' «s !( 1 li Kiii-i.p,, ; >|, - ,| || Hj il|..-:in :;i> :i 1 u hvirn. - . iM, - .: 0 11 T,.liil^ 111 II !¦ _ • \ T. i , . ,k ¦' ¦: VJ 1 1 '\ : -I I-li|, I'll I II 111 II 11 g' 1 l' -, l' i,. ..| lig, -Jin \ -1 - J 11 4 W H.,vl : I. - H:,,el.m.-le . Itrllpnrl 11(1 1 Inlip (,1 ) All R 11 An R \ s- . -.- nv . -f n 1 . i,\, >; ,„¦ ). - ->i, 1 ,1 o \¦¦¦ ' i if 1 11 1 ri-,,1^ . f .1 11 1 \ , |Tm„. ,im^ J 1 1 Knrldi p. n 1 '• ¦• ¦¦-. lli -111 ' • .¦!¦ •; If 'I \ . l 1 e 1 ! ,.,,., !.. .. 4 ¦> -i . 1..!,«.,¦¦ , ,f :- . 11 (1 .- >.....-v . rf :! 1 111 Aner. - .iin .1 1 1 II T e- :.... ,:i .p :i 1 1 . iiun- . '.k. -sjf 1 n 11 w,i « . -a, ii 1 p, ,«- .... ^« :i fi :• Kai. -.lln . rili 2 2 ' J A . An ' .,, ,, ->1. 1 11 1, vr - r. ,l i,.2l, l 1 11 llrmv n .r :i li 1 T.'i-rii :> .; in 11 T . •.,!., \ w 1. I- 1 ',. - llein Mill! ei ' I e; 1 \¦¦ Hi.-i'i ii '1 ri. 'l 1 111 11 2 W -rurr.ill : I. Heu- cr-i . TtriTinr in VOlir nnirnrrom^ rkf rrel- *>o» r >' , Pil for pnliV' r -ition in the Sociotv Section, and at the sarei \ fttrirt as!* to •=«.» our new stvl..«s of WeHdini? in'-itftHnei s or ;innO!|e! *™e- \\«nts , ir* oH«.raf<. K- nriced . oeiee-te: dol-vnry. The Patchogue Advance —Adv . PHS Whacks Indians To Grab A-2 Honors By JAMES BARBAXFI.l, The way Patchogue High school is going these days , the Red Raiders of Coach William F. (Dutch; Schuldt have a good chance to take the Class A base- ball crown. Last Thursday at the PHS diamond , with Al Hopf on 1 In- mound , the Raiders came I frui ' i bi'hind to wallop Brentwoe ¦ l \ >-(i In bring the Section .\-2 li .:- gue baseball championshi p to l' at- chogue 1 . ! doing into the final -lay of the 1 ' season , the- leie-als were ti el for I first p lar -e with West lsli p. Both hail , 'i-i! rei'orils. I' ate-lir igtir 1 elefe-at- e-d Brentwood and Babylon obliged b y whipping the l.ions a-1 to band the Raiders the champ ionship. In winning its first baseball league championshi p since 19,. I the Schuldtmen will meet the A-: 1 , winner Riverheael on the Port Jefl' ersiin IIS diamond today in the seiiii-rinal miiinr. The winner will : then faer- the Royals Monday at I Babylon for the champ ionshi p. Raiele r skipper Schuldt said he j was against thr 1 semi-final setup 1 as lee contends that the playoff dales originall y approved in the , September county meeting with all administrators present agree- ing should be followed. j Schulilt stre-sseel the poiat for i the well-being , of his athletes. The Raider each eoiWeiwk'd that his j team neeils a rest after going I thriiug h a hectie 1 season. \I have I bci-ii p lanning my practice - ses- sions for this champ ionshi p game for the 1 last coup le of week, \ said the local m.ntor. About copp ing the loop flag, Coach Schulilt was very p leaseei. \All during the year I told them that tin y were the best team in the league- an- .l they proved me a true pr ophet , \ said the coach. The Raiders looked like goners when they were 1 de'f. -ated by Say- ville for the second time. Disgust- ed with the team ' s showing. Schuldt bi-ni-lieel four regulars , re- p lacing throe of theiii with players brought up from the juni or vars- itv. This move paid e.ff as tlie Raid- ers defeated \\' <-si Bab ylon ami continued its hot streak against West l>li p. The regulars except (le 'orge Dietz and Tony S p itznagel p layed ill the West lslip contest and also . - out rih utoi! in Thursday ' s big win. The- te -am was ,ui the field when thev were tolel that I'.abvSoii was ahead of We. -! lsli p. When told of tl.r 1 - roll 1 , tin- Raidi-rs proi-e-eded !ei seme once in the si\th and broke loos. - for six more in the >eve'lltil. Tuesday ' s game saw two Raid- ers 1, .if in unif rm. < >ullii-!der Paul Cnsie -llu pulicd a tciidein sliding into se. -ond base against West Ba- b y lon ami has lie-en out over since- . So is Hob Ariiihrust. 'r , who was hurt in the Brentwood game . < )n first via a fielder ' s choice , the Riri ele 'r fl ychasi ' i - t rirsl to steal sei - - onei. But in slieiing. In- bit his head on tin 1 hard grie .ind and win s knocked unconscious . He was tak- en off the field on a . stretcher ami take-n to Broeikliave-ii .Me-morial liospilal . X\ ray s revealed a concus- sion and In- was le-li-as cil on Sun- day Regarding the game , the Raid- i-rs rode home mi Ihe strong right arm uf Hopf. Winning bis ninth game in eleven decisions Al had two bad innings. In the third frame trailing ll-fl , Brentwood scoreel one run. Wallv Fielels walked, advanced on an er- ror and se-nred on Wes Kellv ' s sin- gle . Them in the fourth , the Indians spurted to score five times to take a short-lived fl- . ' -i lead. i' ati-hogue hail taken a -t-0 livid in tig' third. I- ' rank Fenz singled to rli'ep short and continued em to second as shortstop Bill Whelan threw the ball away. Armbrusti'i ' bunted but. forced Feir/. at third base. Armbruster stole seconel but was hurt on the play. Spitznagel pinch ran , stole third and scored as Howie Hcubner peg- gee! into left field. Frankie Tafi? walked ami stole second. Louis Rios hit to short with Whelan ' . -i throw tern late- to get Tafe at third. Continui 'd on Page 4 , this section C AHY S MI TH . . . suc its three hits It Is Official: Agostinello New PHS Grid Coach Patchogiu 1 High School Athletic Director Ivl Bright otlie - ially an- ueiiuiivel yestiu - elay that William F. ( Dutch ) Sclmlilt has retire e! from coae-hing varsity football- \ but will re-main as baseball coach. Ae -cni'iling lo Bri g ht , .loe Ag\ s- tinello . former Paii -liogui \ Jimioi High Se-hool football and basket - bail ini ' iitor will take eve-r the i- . -ins of the varsity in i-M e -rs t>ii- fall , liis va c ant coaching p i ' sitim: at the . iunior high will br - open with the ' e-agi' job probably going to a me-inber of the oxi. -ting juni or high stall' . Bright said Bright adeli- d that a ipi aliti ' -! physical r siucation inst riir -tor ihat e- . -m dr-ubli - as football cone 'h at ihe- juninr high is being sought. No one has the inside t rack ai:-l tln-re isn ' t anyone presentl y being con- sidi ' ii 'r! , ' Bri g ht said. ' In an exclusi vi- inte-rview to Ad- vance reporter James Barbanell . (e-lsewh ere em this page ) S. -haldt clainieii he wanted to spend more time with his famil y and since -i ne-w rub' was institute-d pr ohibit- iii f 1 - coaching more than on- 1 sport , hi- decide-d to shcil his cleat s. Agostinello has e rimp iled an im- pressive record ( se-e Observation Post i since cerming to Patchogue .Iunior High school in l|). \ i7 . ALWAYS RACE TOWA R DS SHORE — NOT AWAr FROM IT. The P. -itchngiii- Sni - i-er club de- fealod (lie S pied Club of N ' -w York. 1-!.. Siinilav as Fritz C.nienhi-id tallierl two goals to pace the vic- tors . Conrad Kngb-rt ami Hank The- 111:11111 score 1 .! singletons for I' atch- oglie fn rullllil nut the . scoring. Meanwhile- , I' ale-hogue i;esi-r\ es advanci'i! to the- si-mi finals in the l- r.'d Ivlwa rd s Challenge' tronhy play b y nippin g ( Ih-n Cove , 1-0 . Callinc all brides! Don ' t make your Ridertion until von see our invitations r c c r n I 111 n s or an- nouncements , rniseil -printed , printed or engraved. I' oimlar prices , fasf delivery. The Patch- ogue Advance.—Adv. Patchogue Soccer Club Edges Sport Club , 4-2 SMOOTH SWING \^rTndSr coiinci'teil for homer againsf \> est lslip May 2. \ > at Pale-liiigui- diamond and helped Raiders drop Lions , 5.2 . Win brought Ituiderb into A-2 league tic which was snapped lasf Thursday whi'n Pat- chogue defeated Brentwood as West lslip was bowing (it Habvlon — giving Haiders first base- ball title since 1951. —Huss Wygand Photo A , :1S calibre p istol shoot was held recently at the Rrnokhaveui town range in Mi'ilford hetwi'on the 1 I' pton Hide ami Pistol club and the Brookhaven Piste.) club . The Brookhaven pistnlnu-ii again came out with top Illinois , out- shooting the Up ton shooti'i-s b y Ka points . Bert. Grasso and Otto Brainier of the Brookhaven club share top score's. Brookhaven — Brainier , 2' . r±\ Grasso, 2!l'2; Reitman , 271; Katz . 2(15 anil Smith 27(i. Te.tal — 1, :«i( i. I' pton •— Coltsman , 2S. 'l; Ger- man , 2. r .2; Ke-ute , 2(10; Hir-bborn, 215 and l.eftwick , 271. Total -- l. :i1l. Brookhaven Pistol Club Outshoots Upton Group MUFFLEBS ^ H M^^Sirfe^\ 5 ^! Beware of Inferior Mufflers! )^? S : ,^^^ Onl y Muffler King gives you: f ^- n ^x ^ uM ^ \ dut y, lifetime ceinstructiein f e i„. ir ,,i,. t -. ,. •; . •}, - , < H > 12.65 \ * Complide \life e»f car \ guarantee •' liovl. -r 'r,:t - 'on 18) 16.75 M on over 100 . 01)0 cars! \ •niniuc 'M - Tin isi .... 11.75 * BELLPORT FREEPORT ) '!££ ' ¦*? . -Z ' 2 iljil ( Meinlnuk llve v . 122 E. Kunri»e- llwv f M.-ri-ury \66 - T.S 17.07 I ATlantic 6- ' .>sy:l FRccport 8-9H89 V plym.m i ' h '' 1 ^' 1 \ ' -r fi '' ' ' H ' 25 1 Park . Flur-liinif. Jumnicn . Vimle.-rii V • .st ' u.l. ' ' .b ' i.k.r ' 'i' i. \* '58 \ g ' . SO / AMFKIC'A ' S I.FADING / * *\•\ * m»M„ »ii B i,iiy i.i,rh.-r I ML'FFLElt SPFCIAI.I.STS L * !! '\'' '\ r \ ri '' 1 ''' n,lt !!l [' ,d - 1 y ^ ^^ -^f i\\ - sf-*3 ''' an<^ wnat n'cer ^^^^^^^S ^^^^ present could \Pop \ iM^pEZr ^^^hy • COMMODOltK i^^^ «~- -^^__-»_. • STKIKKH SPOKT I'ISIIKUMAN mS ^SM fg SSSPSSf * ' HltlS-l KAI l' 9 , A v Al .iF.lt ^aWHwHpi« ^^ o Fi.viNt ; i INN • (;I;I MM AN •^J BJSigg ^^ • KAU IJOUK (Silver Clipper) Hgyjg S^- • WXGKMAKKU • ' SA11.F1SH gyjy S gZr^ • MKI . I . HOV (Fii^rgiim ) $® S^~a OUTBOARD HEA DQUARTERS SALKS — S15RVICE — PAIH R L I. Boat & Motor Sales MONTAUK HIGHWAY WKST SAYVII.LK TU OMli SAYVILLE 4-1080

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