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fy, f* 1 ***•:* ».:\ r' i : TM V^^* 1 <?\'* \ '.'•' ' ; * ^-I't' ** ' '-v?- ' , , J! 1 1 1 V' . 1 ''»*Kj»MrsW>'«3»'. .. - i • <; \ * \ •? * 4 I * vSE! r .+ Y0JLLJ$V1V '-\• •.** * ;• i-' i \ ; i ? . i - '.• . * 4 ' V ;- •;i $ *\ u BROCKPOBT, NEW YORK, THURSDAY, JUNE 3S, 1$|5 NO.: CAUSES ALARM / CASES ARE UCrif BUT SlflP SlffiCEON FIGHTING VIGOROUSLY We*. Virginia** Men Noted lor • Gunnery and Now Competing for Honor* in Engineering:-*- - A sharp outbreak of the*-so-called 4'j*ippe\ is in progress on board the ^tfeet VirgSnia at this- time and lias caused prompt precautions to he taken •to prevent a (further spread of,the disease. There have been nearly a. hundred mien slightly sick with this disease since leaving Sen Francisco and Com- mander H. A, Afay, the ship surgeon, and his staff are making every effort to *top fte further spread. Orders have been issued to the men bow to prevent the disease and they aire being rigidly enforced. Up to this time there have .been no serious oases, all being slight and it is believed that as the fleet moves ftrto a gradually -warmer zone the disease -will dlsapear entirely. .Theo rders issued to the men ore valuable to every person and lit our readers on land; .would (follow them more generally there would: he much leas sickness. They are as follows: '% 1AU men \off duty get up on deck into the fresh air. .Stop sleeping Or .loaang in passageway^ and comers below decks during: the day. '%, Do not talk into the face* of other men. (Protect them by covering • your mouth .and nose when you cough or sneeze, Remember the spray, of apttteture that passes' -directly from -your mouth to that of the other felkm.' \3. Do not use another man's towel and do not Dmotoe another man's pipe or cigarette, Such action is an offense against decency, and- against clean, 7**genSc flvJug. . *'\ -\ 4« Everyone should twins his ham- mock so that -the head of one wan WOT be at the foot of the'man on r-iideofhim. ..--__ NEW OWNERS FOR THE DEMOCRAT _A tenJMiye agreement has been 'arrived at between P, J. Wil|soh and the publishers of the Republic for the purchase of the Democrat. While the deal has not been fully consummated ft undoubtedly jrTii be today* .'. /The flnalawangement*haVecome «o suddjenWNjbat we are unable to state just at this time whether the two papers will at once becon^ solidated, but that outcome will eventually occur, look for our an- nouncement next week. JUNE WEDDINGS ARE POPULAR CHARMING GARDEN DING AT HOME OF MR. AND MRS. E» H. BROOKS of Pittsburg, Pa., awaited them. The bridesmaid followed. Uliss Dorris Crip- pen, of Brockport;,|n beach colored chiffon and SJisB Christine Jensen, of Rochester in pale^frsen chiffon. JDor^ othy Li. ifirooke, sillier of the bride, acted as maid of honor. She was gowned in orchid \chiffon and all ''5. <3ompartment cleaners must be very thorough in cleaning the decks and usinf'The disinfecting; eolution • that is provided for them. Extra care must be given to cleaning swabs with •sit (Water. They can .be made thor- \pngbiy dean if yon take ttafe enough \ to-do it.\ 'While we are .passing through this slight epidemic of the' grippe, the ' health of the men ^otherwise is com- yaratively good;—\ : • — — There have been'a few cases of 'illness. OneJof these is a„c«se of ap-- pehdtcfitis, which was operated on a few days ago. The patient is getting along fine. • _^ A case of gall- bladder trouble MB developed, also a mental case—anew . OPEN FRIDAY EVENING The local merchants .will close the Thursday afternoon before the Eourtfo as usual bur will keep open Friday evening of that week, lit is under- stood that meat markets and grocery stores will be open Saturday morning. CARS SMASHED IN HEAD-ON COLLISION rose buds. . There were no attendants, \ Following- the ceremony a weoHlng supper was served- at Fair View Manor. Mr. and Mrs. Kishlar left on a motor trip to the Thousand Islands, and will be at home to their friends after July A,badautomobile accident occurred!^ 0 yStoring street, (this village, about 2:30 o'clock Sunday • afternoon\ ' / - - > at the intersection of-Bast Ave. and / JONE8 KNAPP ' the East iLake road, when two touring / pretty June wedding took place cars, a Dodge and a Ford met each (Saturday afternoon at S o'clock at the other head-on. The Ford was driTOn^jwme <* 'Mr. and Mrs. IF. F. Knapp by dark Garlow, and the.Dodge by Sigmund Sohwarz of Rochester. The latter was accompanied iby hi* wife and his brother, Samuel Schwarz and wife and a third woman passenger. When the cars collided the three T*O- men in the Dodge were thrown bodily out of the car.. 411 three were badly bruised, and one of them sustained serious lascerations about the bead and body. Garlow was also badly cerport attended them The Ford was reduced to a wreck, and although hte fenders and glass on the Dodge were badly damaged, the car was driven back to Rochester on its own; power.. •Main-street proved a ibuey place for auto arguments during the past week. Two trucks collided Saturday and the argument waxed sufficiently interest- ins to attract a pretty fair audience, and a like amount of'advice. The day before a car was about to poll out of its parking space on the west side of the street,, when a truck traveling north ibumped into ft. Ajfefflf dents In fenders and considerable damage to dispositions covered \re- sults in both' instances. * , •• ». . ,-..'\ in Hamlin when their daughter, 'Mies Charlotte Knapp and Lloyd Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Jones-ot Brockport were unitejd^Jn^jjaarriage. WhUe Mrs. Charles Knapp, of this vil- lage, played the wedding march the bridal party tooslltheir places before a bank ot ferns and, pink and white roses.where the ceremony was per- formed by Rev. I. B. tMlller, They were -attended by Miss Mor- Sterner-Wallace, Kirfilar-William. and Goenth- /.- er-Paraotu Nuptiak /On Tuesday afternoon the marriage W Miss Dorris *M. Williams, daughter of (Mr. and Mrs. Marry WiHlams of Albion and Gilibert Kishlar, eon of Mr»- and Mrs. W. H. Kishlar of this village, was solemnised at the home of the bride's parents. The ceremony was performed at $ o'clock by the Rev. W: IC. Taylor, pastor.of the Albion Baptist church, in the presence of only the immediate families of the bridt. and groom. • The bride was becomingly gowned in' her traveling dress of tan crepe de chitte.and carried^a ibouquet oLpink[^boarded-a^rdn-for-Cbioago. -Now.Qy-' three carried ajTObouquets of old Jnahloned garden ikwers and wore flowers in their hair. ^_ A violin so^Ti^.iMiss Marguerite Beadle of Itoche^ter preceded the cerehiQn^ and t3bJ, wedding march from lohengrin, wai played by -Miss JJ. Vera MoKerr^Jjiiio of Rochester. ' flaskets, bouquets and garlands of old (fashioned flpwerAin which rambler roses and larkspnr fredominated, ar- ranged under the '«tbervision of Mr. Rogers, created an |>ld fashioned gar- den setting throughout the house. A reception-followed tie ceremony after which a buffet luncheon was served to forty-five guests, ''eight occupying a pS(iQa\of hb4orTSJ^6(ifT»ridal table\ ar- iranged in the sun parlor. After the luncheon the bridal couple were taken to Rochester where they bruised and cut. Dfr^Slayton^of flpen> i g 6Xm ^tya of Bergen and RaynKmd Knapp of Hamlin, brother of the bride, and (Master Charles •Knapp, nephew of the bride, was rinc bearer. The bridj6 was attired In a gown of beaded white georgette and she carried a shower bouquet of bride roses. The brides maid wore peach colored crepe de chine and carried a bouquet ot pink and white roses. After -doe ceremony a wedding din- ner was served to about fifty guests, covers being arranged at the bMde's table-for twelve. Mr. and Mrs. Jones left on amotor trip to the-Thousand Islands and will be at home in (Brockport after July 1st. GIRL SCOUT CAMP The last meeting of the Brockport Girl Scouts, before the beginning of the sjimmer vacation period was held last week. The following Girl Scouts passed • their Tenderfoot tests and were invested: 'Marlft <!*<¥«», •Helen Hinds, Harriet McClaskey and-- 'Eliza- beth. Law. • (Because of the: n^ynftiifc .gapp -In recruit wfio has- become demented\ un- • ag Memorial der the stress of homesickness, sea.-I ceme i& r j es in MONROE 188, f. O. O. F. ELECTION OF OFFICERS FRIDAY NIGHT The^embers of Monroe Lodge 1S8, L O. O. F.-ohWfeftrt amiTfay, Jnnft-ai \ Sieknoss and 'changed conditions of _Ufa___ : \ _._;_ ^ ; _ These patients have been trans- ferred .to the hospital sMp \Relief which is part of the train beting con- voyed. The menf~wstj) placed^in a email motor .boat and brought to the • Relief, -where they will receive the (best of expert care. Among our readers we imagine most of them think of the men in the navy' only as seamen, but this is- hardly an adequate idea of their activities. Thus on the hospkai ship Relief -there are the necessary seamen to the ship, but oCberwiee- the ot- tmnisatipn is just the same as that Day. and > visited the •Sweden, -Clarkson and of a hospital on land, except that the _ nurses are all young men, navy gobs, Just as are the patients v whiom they 'attend. The thought of how men are taught to specialize comes to us (forcibly aa weVwatch the destroyers and. cruisers pale (back and forth, mile on the battleettps are crews of 1,200 to 1,600 ..taea, many of them .recruits who have „^ TO-J seen only a few months servtee, the ,There smaller craft are manned by the min- , kmm number, of men, who are ail chosen because they are to perform. Hjamlln where they decorated the graves of their departed Brothers. Rev. Mr. Robinson wag the speaker at the special memorial service and his talk proved unusually interesting to aH present- ^*\\\—\\ ' • .'^-• 'Plans fo^ Monroe's annual picnitr are under way* with P, G. Norris Wea- sels acting -as chairman. The date will be announced later, •Monroe's second degree staff will, confer the second degree on a class of candidates at lie South Ave. Lodge of Rochester in the near future. Election of officers will take place STEIN ER—WALLACE The marriage of 'Miss Marjorie Wal- lace and Dr. Everett©. S. iSteiner of Bergen took place this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of -the -bride's father, Thomas R. Wallace, on State\ street Tne ceremony \was perform-\ - by (Rev. Emory D. Webster of the Presbyterian church. The 'bride wore-a gown a of white georgette crepe and carried an .aWi -bouquet of white roses. FoHowIng.the ceremony a wedding supper was serv- edj, twelve being seated- at the bride's riiblef;. ^.^^..i-i. '---. — ----- Dr. and »Mrs. Steiner left for Exeter, Ontario, where they,w*H make their home. The bride is agraduate of the at Friday's meeting, June 2fith. The subordinate iMoble Grand and Vice Grand as well as a representative and proxy to Grand Lodge, will also be elected at Friday night's, meeting. ^^^ dinner was served at noonttae, and There aBSrno^flai^us men nmMSiesfr WTomiiiOrbT&FverV enjoyable. orotaers and destroyers, because there is no room to care for them. The West Virginia went Into com* ston in the latter part of 182J with limy 500 experienced men on board, made a trip up the Atlantic coast and later received recrnita, who knew of seafaring life bot what •The story was told hie by one of flie older men how with the minimum /crew to man tile ship, every one of the older men went on tsa> honor to FARM AND. HOME BUREAU LEAD- ERS PICNIC ^ The officers and leaders of the roe Oounty Farm and Home Bu: held their first annual pl.mic on Wed- nesday, the 17th, at Ontario Beach, were one hundred and sixty re- presentatives of the various county organizations in attendance. A picnic leans, and their future home in Alex- andria, La., where the groom is man- ager of Amerioani\ Optical Company. A green Bengaline fn semble suit and close white Panama; ipt comprised the bride's golng-awaypufcttt: Guesto wereSpreaent f rom Syracuse, Oanandaigua, Rochester, Webster and Barker, and from. Pittsburg and Lewis- burg, pa, * ,• ^/-r , » Pre-nuptlal eveojti'Included a dinner pitrty Tuesday ov^aing given by Mr. and <Mn». Floren fe Chrartz, aunt and uncle of the brida, at which covers were laid for serenteen; \a variety shower by IMiss'-Christine Jensen, o* Rochester; a brkIg*Tparty and shower by Miss Dorris Crlajpen; a \Good-time\ shower by the* cr^wo of commuter girls, with^whom tjae bride made her dail^ trip over th# » 4 Y. C. to Roch- ester, and a abore roast and shower by the Kula Kula glriu of the Metho- dist .Sunday School. •. / GUENTHER4fAR80N« /The home of Mr%id Maft -.Nl' A. parsons, of 6M Bay street, Rochester, ya£ t^ jscene_of_a ding on Thursday, June 18th, at 11 o'clock when their daughter^ Margaret Irene, was united in marriage to Geo. D. Guentber, son of Mrs. (Mary J. Guenther of Rutgers - street, formerly of .this place. , Thee eremony was performed by the Rev. Lewis Gouvernpr Morris DD U feotor of (Christ Episcopal church\. The bride, who was given in marriage'by, her father, wore a gown of white silk crepe with tulle veil caught wibi orange blossoms, and carried a shower bouquet of bride's roses and lilies-of- the-valley, The \maid of honor was Miss Alyce Parsons, sister of the bride. She wore* a gown of yellow georgette and carried, a bouquet of Ophelia roses and marguerites. Philip brotliur of the .groom was best mahT \ \~~ \\ The house was prettily decorated, with palms, ferns and daisies, the, color scheme 'being yellow and white. After the ceremony a wedding breaks fast was served to about twenty-four guests. .•> ^A^o^gjtoe^frnuptifllj«ents^was a dinner given by Mrs. Mary J? Guenth- er; a shower by Mrs: Robert Mowson; a shower by Miss Alyce Parsons; a attendance occasioned by vacation trips, there will be no Girl ecout meet- ings during the months of July and August, This will not interfere with the Summer Camp' plans, which a number of the members are planning to attend. The permanent summer camp for the GUrl Scouts at Sodus Bay is one of the most popular recreational summer camps in the -State. It is under very strict supervision and Girl Scout leadership. Classes are held in the morning/and recreational leaders have charge of the activities every afternoon. It .affordis. a splendid op- portunity for Girl Scouts to spend a most enjoyable vacation, and at .the same time learn much that is to their benefit and advantage. 'AH necessary information concerning ffie^Girl Scout Oamp at Sodus may ibe obtained from Hie Brockport Girl Scout leader, Mrs. Roy Nellja. *4 MmMmwimtmsM Inspiring addre$s by Dr. Ambrose Suhrie to the Class if 0?er 260 Attend Alnmii Banquet, faecal aureate Sermon by Kev. I. B. Miller. Another Art Glass Window Presented to School New Alnnii Officers. ^ DAILY VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL For.the fourth season Brockport is to have a Daily Vacation Bible School. There are many reasons for thi*. com- munity school during] the vacation season, unused churches, idle children,- teachers desiroiw of rendering real service; but most of all, to give the boys and girls an opportunity .to ac- quire -Christian education and to de- velop character. During the period that the school Is hehdv almost if not quite as much is actually accomplish- ed as through the whole year in -fte old plan of one hour a week at S» 8. work. « *--••*»•- stoongest':«eii*»«-(^1Jh«>--K-Vr / B, 8. i« that it has a progiam which is attractive, practical and productive -of real results. The purpose \ of the School is achieved. through worship and definite instruction in the Bfble, through .hymns and .other? musical selections, through the study of. pray : er, by means of handwork, srtoriesi dramatization, and, through recreation and instruction in bodily welfare. This school is for all the children regardless of church connectioq, from the ages pf 4 to 14 years. The'School The weather and ail conditions were favorable for a most successful com- mencement.. At the Arethusa-Gamma Sigma promenade last Friday evening there was a large and happy-crowd. On Saturday, June 20, the members of the class' held the senior'picnic at TroUtburg, Sxmday* evening Normal hall was well filled for the flfty-eigjhth ibaccafaureato -\ exercises, \ Following was the program: Processional, Tannfaauser March Mr*. (Bessie P. Hull invocation, William H. Sybrandt Singing;—\giather Whate'er of Earthly BUstf*,..' Audience Scripture Reading, Third iChapter of Proverbs Rev. \E. B. Webster Piano* Solo, Gottschalk's \Last Jlope. .Mrs. Bessie P Hull Prayer. .Rev. H. W, Stevens Staging \God is Our Refuge\ .Audience iB&ccalaureate Address Rev. J. B. Miller ^Singing, \America\...... Audience Benediction. Rev. B. C. Reber Monday evening, the twenty-second, at six-thirty, \over two hundred sat down atthe alumni banquet In the ban- quet hall. -Following is the toast list, with WiUiaan H. Sybrandt. *70, acting ajL toasimaater: Harry O. Jones', • '16, and Will H. Parker, '85; Coia.V. QLut- tenton, 'W- Hon. Henry Harrison, ?73; The Babies,-Norman Benedict, 1S25,, an*' Alfred C. Thompson. A group of songs by Harold Conkling, and piano Seventy-seven percent of teaohw of, .the-TJpet^QBe^ifialjr leas than two years of high AJjC education and practically. sional equipmerit whatsoever. Thsttf % are HOflOO leaving the service :4Mfc& year.. There are 20,«00. new vntttitH»<fe| , created every yeartb provide-''ioit-M^ growth in bur school •popalatlS:'^ There are IflO.OW vacancies 'W.WfcM Mod every. year. \ ' . ^s'JVi rt Teachiisgf ir'many pTacesTJlT, ien^. calling, for young ladles in ing for young men who are «_ ready to enter - some, other college. \ . Moreover, it is i n many cronununitiea • a opntftiigent employanent. in^ahsno sections farmers teach when the crops fall, Lawyers teach wheri the, client* are few, jninJlster teach $> piece oat . an income, and married /women 'teacaw* 1 when their hu«|bands are out of em-:'\' ; ptoymenj; or when industrial '4jttiSm*-> ment is uncertain. For a\ long time to come we shall. bare to be content in many j*aoji|„ with teachers who enter the servioe with sub-standard training and wfeu can be induced to.make up their de- ficiencies by, in-service trainin*. In four contiguous states sixty-five per cent of ail the teacher*, were hi attendance at summer schools two. years ago.. .In one southern state eighty-two percent of-all the teacher* attended- summer schools two years ago; • Aa a rule teachers who enter witar- let* than satisfactory training; are tfcr unfortunate victims of economic Cav- itations for which they are not primar- ily responsible. The state has' net met them halfway. ^ - A thoroughly competent aod rsltabar selections by Mrs, Wyatt Hull -were authorttyhat estimatodThattha pnbtttr will be sponsored by the Baptist. Me- thodist\ and Presbyterian churches, and w/ll be held from July 13th to the 31st. The namjs of the staff, will be announced next week. greatly en-Joyed. During: the class re- unions held Monday, the following offl cers of the Brockport Normal AJbnaaT were eleotsd Cor the year lift. Proa/ «arry P..0B»rtie«. 'Il; viminaiiiat, Mary Oumier OasweH, 1 '98; secretary, *fc_J$S*tts^|teynoki*, *73;^M»auror,: Arthur Tooley, 79; directors, ArtJfaT Tooley, '79; entertainment committee, Olive Colby Perry, »04 Helen Wada- worth Dobson, '06 and Margaret Ryan, '15; nominating* committee, Blanctte K. Gardner, '92, Marjorie Mann. 13, Florence Hooker, 'M, On Tuesday morning at ten normal ball was filled (for the commencement' exercises. Fblowing was the program with a list of graduates: (See page 7) The commencement address given by Dr. Suhrie was most inspiring and interesting. Dr. Suhrie said in part: \We \'have' developed a complex educational organization; we have per- fected the mechanical means of re* jgimeritlng and. handling^ vast numbers I of individual children (hut we hare 'thus far failed in large measure to •provide ^an s^aequate^nttmiber of weK ;.well trainea anu consecrat< men, asd women to do the expert and professional classroom, teaching wHET inveatinent in each unYvsniatr or agrf-^ cuttural osHat»«Taduate is about •«*« ttoes M grsat M *«Jhe inv^faiisut ajr the profewkmal aduoation of a toach- •r tor oar pahlic scnooto. TlnTto- •gjgjyg •j^I'mrm tks»t«M^«ii|p'. sw^^r • - — \* ~ r —??sJ^^7L^f?^-.^!y^HL^*»!F i ^a)a^^aj .^a^ajjp^Bj^^ bestt ataoai crtaiaaHy negtigsat\•*»• mak*ig-niia»filalHm)viii owraMon of ah adaquato numbsr of publicly •upported teachers' trauiaw ooHoges. • . ' .; The normal school* audi teaebsrs w^ colleges of the country are fa a stra- tegic position in the aohtion of all fur most sresalna; eduoatk»ul proa- lams.. The true significance of thsar prqjrram of service most of our anr intelligent people have soarceir bsgnn l l °«nP«*«wJ. These lnstitutioaw should be financed and equipped' eat staffed a« well or 'better than any • other types of collegiate or professta* in Rochester. The several years groom is-a^ g Veterinary College. The premnptial events included a dinnerand shower by- the teachers of ^^ . . ^ ,_, .^^. ;out which jao_A^ High hopes for the cooperart'tve mar-feducational., institution. ^^T~~- . . T _: .— .. _ --•-* -- Brockport Normal and has taught «br1 dmn ^ »r Mrs. Tygert, a-dinner toy Mrs. G. Edwards; a thimble party by \lower. The Brockport' Farm and Home Bu- reau groups were represented by Mr. and Mia. Davis and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Nelsbn. »E ON TIME Order your flag lor the 4th of frpmihe Amerkan Legion. Flag, pola bad been ^ught thorn at a trafch^jgn 'S^S^^m?^ popular evory holiday so why not; got la line? Don't wait to see others go op around you, get the Jump. Prices may advance later. Phono 817, MWW, M&W or see B. B. Shnmons, Henry Michaels, B. A. Ooapmao or S. If. BkMMOm. number 43 school at the homeof Helen Allen In. this village; theater parties \by Mis4}Mary G1H and -Mrs. Glen Davis of Bbchester, and a variety at the ftoato of Miss Mary Gill, KELLEfl—aROOKg charming garden wedding was lemnised yesterday. aJterabon at C o'clock at the Brooks home on College street, between; Markm Sdith Brooka, daughter' O* 'Mr.' and Urn Bdrward H. Brooks, and-John Markan Keller, of Alexaodriav La. The rainbow of the bridal party and the natural set- tin* of rambler roses and^Hd fashion ed flowers bordering the artior circle on the lawn, viedwkh the bride and groom tor their- share of the beauty and interest in the occasion, - The cermeony was performed by Rev. Homer D. Pease, of tMaiaburc,' Pa., a oousm of tiie bride, before an arch banked In ferns and raimblei roses. The bride, dressed in white silk beaded crepe, wearing an orange blossom wreath in ime' hair and car- rying a shower bouquet of bride roses and ^leoor-the-valley, was escorted to her place in the archway on the arm of her tether, where the ^rpom and his attendant, Ikon)ett v WllUasna, 4 « by the Misses Guenther. After a trip to Washington, Virginia I and other points, Mr.\ and Mrs. Guenther wlil be at bonis at 496 Bay street. • - ff . WATER COMMISSION Minutes of the regnlar meeting of the (Board of Waver Oommisaioners of the VMage of Brockport, June 18th 8:30 p. m. Present: <3»earman, Thos, _0. Gor- don and Commissioner Dr. Hasan, The tollowing bills were audttad and on motion Iby,- Dr. Hasen ware allowed ordered paid •Chas. Decker Oo .. •• 4.M W. H. HMott... 1JW Barr it Oreetoan Oo....... . 2173 Harerstick ft Co. 6.10 GrahdaU Packing Co. .'.. . . 8175 Brockport Gak Light Oo....... - 2.01 Rochester Telephone Oo...... 5*0 Sent . Thompson...-..v........ 60.00 % 3. Glynti, fayrolt..;......ti 3f2.W Paid from Water Works Construction * Fund New York Central B. R. Co... ; 6.51 Dr. Hassn moved that tae Chaimah and CJsrk b* authoriied to execute a demand note,in the sum of $40000 in favor of the First National Pank to meet current expanses in antilipation of thee omihg water rentals. Carried On motion adjourned ketihg of New York igrowii fruit and complete satisfaction with the' pro- gress of their arganization during the past year wereeVpressekl by members of-the Western New York Pruit G-row- ers Cooperative Packing Association at the annual meeting of the associa- tion in Hilton-, oh June 16. Over 200 fruit growers attended Hte meeting and endorsed therecent policy rchahfeTmade by the board^ol repre.' sentatives. These cbanges.some quite drastic, include' dropping the practice of quarter inch sliluc to oonfomr Hhe usual trade praotico of a 2% inch minimum pack and abandoninc the brand name \Cataract\ ,for. a hew brand name. (President W. J. Hall 0/ Lockport, Secretary C S. Wilson of Hall and •Msamrar W. A.,xaarr „of Albion^ re- ported OB -the ysara aotrritles. Mr. Carr's report showed that the associa- tion it in the best financial condition it has aver enjoyed. It was pointed out that operating cost* were kept within 10 per cent and Shat progress bad been made in reducing overhead to a necessary nwnnnum. The action of directors in thus eoonomixlng was heartily commended by the members. C. B. Wilson was elected a director to succeed himself,, and Roy P. Mc- pherson of LeRoy wa» elected a di- rector to succeed F. J. Freestone of mterlaken. . MUliman, recently appointed their programs under HH» ablsst 1« erships we can give them they shn__ have -the. active and imkod support of an who are well wishers of our Ameri- can democracy.\ The class- gift to the school whtohv was .presented by the class presideht,\ •Miss Mary Addy Pitts was ari. \art 1 glass window in continuance of tha- The series represent tie order; o£ 1* archdtecture^nd^e Wstorr of OrnoV\ The time -has come for the educa- tional leadership of our country to concentrate its efforts upon the de- velopment of a professional teaching staff for all our public schools. There i« a prevailing notion that there-is no longer any shortage of teachers. That is a wrong: notion. It Is. not based on a study of the facts. During the world war, and immediate- ly after, the lay public was made to realize that there was a shortage of teachers.—Salaries were raised and conditions were measurably improved. This brought hack into the ranks yv of the r least desirable among who bad left the calling. T|ie shortage is now less apparent but scarcely less real. .About one-fourth of the 780,000 tepji-ei* in American public scboole arSWaymsn. That is another way of saying that they bate had no profso- skmal status as toachers; One hun- dred and seventy thousand are uAdor twenty years of atsT - . ' .*> . . 1925 window Is St Paul's Oatbedral in London and is the Renaissance style. There are now- fifteen windows in the aeries- so far presented.) Gamma Sigma Chapter held its nual banquet at Tbe-Americ Room Wednesday 9 evening ,at 8;1 o'clock. . The committee composed-of Fred Covert and Charles Bailey pat forth considerable effort ,to maka S^*' the best held in some tkne. FtifS\B:r Hba>rook of apencerport and WllkVi iMatson of (Rochester, and grand o»- cers of thee' hapter and outers waraT included In the spoakers' list. -^=-?*~ 'During the snmmer vacation, untfl •chool opens On 8eptembe» 9th, office will be open on Qsymdays; Wa*- nesdays and Fridays ' Tha library iriU hti ctosed during «!• until ths franiitfst schook :• a= ' 1 ' i \ ^BBBfagaaas- if LIEUT. AVERY IN FAR EAST iter being under We *upsr*ts1oa; Tbo AJax has been in tl^ section of the worid . since April' and wift probably' remain u^ for oix • is a revelation in its newsy features and np-todate minute reporte. Tbie big ntory was the arrival of \Photo Samuel's Flyin* flhlps,\ that bekeg the. first opportunity the Morot in tbsat; country'-had' over: heon- •&**$'Ifc i|.i close \rtew of them. The issue was dated May 1st and oommemorated A copy of.the Mindanao Herald, pub- lished at Zamboanga, Mindanao, and. mailod by Lieut. LymanAvery of the ^ . ,•...•,,,. «>» Ahr Service, ,TJ. %. N„ wl^ toundlta HdUO«TOH^pl^l|SX____ way^to^ihe ( R«j?ublte.o<Mtl^^ Twenty craduatel rocetved datraac from Houfbton College at the first ear mial Oommeooement of 1 » iAavrterMlnstlttttion, manager '^fkimtSmBt^W^ *«*lrbf \ilinl*:\^ Bert A. Thompson, Clerk AsrrteBltBriat dueed-to the membero who expresed their satisfaction with the appoint* ment The chief address was made by E. R, Eastman, editor of the American Chautauqua figlh* Next Tbursday. ' Races All Next Weak in Rocbaatsr. twenty-seveu years-ago that atorntev, l>efoTe^breftkfa«t, in the. year Reports' of Boy (Scouts, K. ot C^a; other organiaations tnado the seem rather, close to home. '• , ' Iiout. Avery is on the TJ. 8. A. AJax, j so low which carries six sea planes, the kst- i»ve a chance to get a abls CkwimencenvMt 1 «4yaaraof effort, and the purpose of WHlard J. 'm* founded this college wkh o%otjyhj'\ \^ --•-=- edaoation;.'- panses. tt-oti^»a^j(#*#-: Ifoond a scaooTwasre tbs ' be'« era -fA. *;..... >*.t? 7.1; m '.. ,\>'¥;< I'M >/-: : i.-

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