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^«\CT^.?£JR3 r •-/. -JL2 ^ JUL ij^MfiTigi-arnTjrcfcxs \ ,*»\*- voLiawtv wmw SHIP FOR BATTLE DITTY DINNER TO PAUL BALLING W>W AT SEA WITH LITTlE INCONVENIENCE EXCEPT , . SLOWING OF SPEED Maneuvers Going on as We Sail _ Along. No^ in Zone of \Ra' , dio Silence 0 v 7 * April 2SL FuelDig ships \at is not ondiii* Wily tone, tout as the TJnited States illeet'\Hears Honolulu the orders have := $!eeh-*iB*ued-4hat ey-ergc-craft must fre ' '*e n«arly as possible up to maximtata •Of fuel supply, otherwise it might be IWft out of \ comahission and. at the \mercy of the enemy, <by lack of nwrtive power •when the actual maneuvers tor ! tt» capture of the islands ar* an piro- 'IMH, Wth very few exceptions the v»r> *flff» units of the- fleet are ol >urn- •ers-. The v West Virginia will not -need 'to fuel, as she can cruise lor about 'three months at ten knot* per hour /wiQiout refueling. This is true of the 'Other bsattteships, in varyrag degrees, but the smaller craft must he *refuel- < ed at short periods. In what is called the train of the •flee** jwhfcch moans the ttToopsfhipBtT 'supply ships and other •craft which ther fleet is- supposedto be ccOToying - in .safety -through., supposedly\ danger- ous, garters in this mhn'fc -warfare, -jtherte ,fm-.- several tankers carrying fuel oil. -IKor—sfehe- purpose j&jrefueltag_ti&e> of Paul Balling^ the chiedT^srclifrfe- •who is leaving soon for Bush Ter- minal, BrooKlyn. \where \he will bold the position of chief office manager of Plant No. 2. :| MT V Balling came h^re | from, the Htotnmn^Koftaik, Company in March. 1914, andjis. the second em- }pl0$ee of-ther local pLanfe to he JMS>-i moted within (the. last month. —• —• O \ ' \ ! T- GAMMA SIGMA TO BANQUET * The Gaimmia Sigma , Chapter twill hold ftleir. aaiBJUal banquet at the >Amerii&an Dining Room Wednesday evening at 8i45 Velock. The com- nAtee composed,of Fred Govert and Charles Bailey are endeavoring to make jtbis Jhe. best .held to some time ahi& are especially. catering to the many alumni expected to /Ue present. Pred.HoIbrookand-WBTiBA. Maitson •together* with .the grand officers of the chapter and others will speak. Wilbur Hiler and Fred K3overt,grand officers and Donald Oooley, Donald \Hiler a*d Townsend . \Yardley dele- gates Trill lea-re for the \Gamma Sigma convention ait Newark, N. J. Sunday where they expect t* stay until the following Thursday. GOING TO ITHACA speed of the fleet has oven Te^uteeu to ~ fire knots per hour, while one after the other the craft needing fuel go alongside one. of the tankers \where » they Ude along tinder tow, while oil is pumped from the tankers to the —flthffip ship_t*hrough a three or ISour „\inofc hose line'. - ~W . A* we look out over -the sea we can see these tankers anil Che craiesra, de- ftroy^rs and other craft taore hack ••ul *Mth for ouppWe*. ^iBrerr Htsniti Twrhresir TKTJWW neuTere among th» vhrpB, all Tjeing done as practice and 'With an imagln- -' ary foe «omewhere hi the distance. The *manen.Ter» are directed Irom .the Flagship California, messages ~be~ ing transmitted to the other FlagshlpB, incliuding the West' Virginia, which '\JnAuni relay the orders to the ships f o-day at 12 o'clock the AifcP CJOr- poration gave a flhiner a* the Hotfel BrockpWt to the office for«» iti ho$6r BROCKPORT, NEW tORK, THURSDAY, JUNE; 18, 192S Nass PROGRAM FOR -t HE FIFf EIGHTH COMMENCEMENT DR. SUHRTE SPEAKER OBITUARY PHJiLlfl HBs death of Cijarlee Addison Phigftpa, father 'of Mrs.,. Jaaaea JISJUU Eight Junior Project girls jwffll leave Wednesday imorning to actena ue Jahter \Project FieM iDay to he held at-Cornell University, Ithaca on Thurs- day and -Ftfday-'OS next weekv ,The ! girls, who will be accompanied by Mrs.~George I**tte # Tare:. .'!i8^riall-R«y• , burn, Fern' Kna», Clara bush, Mary RoBecrants, jSlhtabetti Brown, ODorria Bloesom, Florence Patte and Frances Patte. Mf«8 (Lula^Barber of the Gramraar School faculty will also \be a member of the party. CLO 33 scHom. \ The final gradmting activity off «he Grammar School -will he in 'he nature of a piciiic, w*hteh will be \held for €he class tomorrow afternoon at the Bay- [hum home on the Redman Head. The afternoon will he devoted to sports, under the supervision of Mist Barber. and the school songs and yells will lie a prominent feauture of the after- Baccalaureate Sermon Sunday Night by Rev. LB. Wilier, Aluirr- ni Reunions and Banquet ..-.••• June 15^19- JV^nday-Friday, FioarJSxaminiaJtlOns in Norinal Ddpartiheiiit, and Regents ESxamtoations in iHiglri School TJBepari.- rnenrt. •'June 19 Friday, 9 P. M., -ArethnBa-G-anima Sigma \Promenade. June 20 Saturday, Senior Hchic.. -^orie 2rf- \\: \ \ SunoJay, TiaO'P. M,, Sermon Before the Graduating Class iby ftev. idelbert B. (Mller). *^ June 22. Mtonday, 3 P. M., ;Altanni Business Meeting. Immediately AfterWardiB, Class Reunions. 6:30 P. M., Alumni Dinner. June Z3 Tuesday, 10 A. M., Commencement Exercises. Address l>y Dr, Amibrose !•. Svhrie, Professor o3TSfonnal School BHucation. New York tTnlversity. The Boya'TenniB Tournament which started May 15 was taken part in by- about fifty players, George B, Smith and JohnTdghe contested for the semi- ,'ftnal bout. John- T3gihe won and entered Qie^final Iboiit with Dbnald lUlleT. Hiler won th« bha-mpionsMp, defeating Tighe 3-6,'B-2, «-2. Tlie final game of TtMbsehall' for the j season was played with IHWon last Friday. The score-IMM'six tc;.nY« in favor of Hilton. Tfhts is (the Ic«lraiJ , •game the normals hawe lost Iby a sin- gle run, The season has 'been most successful. All iflre games have town played in a most \friendly spirit and in a sportsmanlike mcanner. Last Saturday members of the faculty for their annual outing went to Niagara Falls. In the afternoon they made a visit to theNtagar* Falls Power Plant. \They were siren an ^opportunity to 7 Inspect everf part of this great Power* Ptant, and;\ were shown many courtesies by the man- agement. At seven tihe party\ dined at the Government iRsefectory on the Canadian side. The evening was sperutj hratcbfing tfhe JUumdnatton of both 4e American aod the Canadian Falls, L Thte wftftk t Jmie 16-lQ, is given up Mahri; home on College street., \While '. he-h|d ibeen iri failing health for the past'two years, his diiath came as a shoc^ tOythe family, %asmuch as ne been up the day'before he was W|%hili.ips was, 3& years of afev having been born in Chiii 'March 9Q, 1843. The,family moved to Roe&eater' when he was 8 years of age, and for over fifty years, he -iwas- closely as- sociated with husineBs progress there. .As a young man he became interested in the wood business with his father,- and a short time after went into t the coal and wood business for hfcmseM, under the name of, C.- A. Phillips &• Coanpany. He was\ one of the first coal dealers in the City-pC ^tooti ester, and. remained in the business until his retirement four ,y»ar|; ago, \ Trhwn he moved fo the home of.his dajxghter in this village. He was a memlber of the old XTnion Blues, a military organizataon of Roch- ester dnrlng the 'ClWl War, and an active member of #e\ Rochester His- torical Society. Both Mr. -and. Mrs. Phillip* were metftjkers of the First Baptist Church of Itoehester lor over forty years. Mr. iPMHips was a. most kindly man and while not generally known throughoot .the villagpe he AUTO ACCI^EUT WM. SNOPK DIES IN GENERA AL HOSPITAL AFTER CAR . INTO POLE MATRIMONIAL TUCKER—MILLER Announcement ia made ot«the mar* rfege of Doraritr EHnoriWilier, daught- nouna a warm place In the Hearts of all who happened to make his ac- quaintance. He is surviveo br his wifer'Mrsr Butht Denny PhHIips*; his daughter, Mrs. James Mann, 'both of -this village; aeon, John W. Phillios, of LosAnageles., and 'three grandchildren. - _ The funeral ser**ceo WOTB held Tuesday afternoon mt three o'clock from -the First Baptist church, \3toch- ester, Rev. Dr. X W. A. Stewart of the Baptist Theoloffcal Semhiaryi of- flclotmg. Interment at Mount \Hope cemetery, Rochester?-' Deceased Had Lived at Walker il Recent Years, Eurial in iBlossom Cemetery er of Mri and Mrs. Frank B. Miller, land- E; DeVerTaclijer of Philadelphia, Ison of Rey. axid -Mrs. Brwin L..Tucker, J of Sjpencerpo-rt, on February 18, 19^4. | The •marriaf# ceremony was* sQlemniS!- ed tat the ionje of Bev. iSamuiei W. Prvijf.D. D.ofPhiliadfil] OFFICIAL VISIT TO HOLMES CHAPTER •^-* •- ' '\ John H, p^Brien of Water*own, Grand Master of 4e'TWrd yell tit the Grand Chapter, was tihe official -visitor to 'Daniel iHo'lmes Chapter at tMetsonlic Temple Tuesday evening, (He was ac- companled by 'Bev. Dr. Chappell, pasr 'Jlliam Snook, eon of Mrsi Blain Snoofc, • until^ recently a reside] of Walker, sustained a fractured skull, a badly injured arm and internal in- jurfes in an automobile accident*which occurred early Saturday morning at a cu*^ in the road a few miles from He was rushed, to the General Hospital in Rochester 'by Dr. Claries Cromwell of Retsdf, who administered first aid, following the cra*h. The injuries were so great however that Mr\.. Snook died soon after reaching the Ihospital. .y* .\ * According tO**\the doctor the auto- mobile must have been traveling at a high rate of speed K and when it struck the curve, went straight .ahead fete a dltoli at the side of the road. The [driver attempted to avoid tnltting a telephone pole, but failed; and the crash snapped the pole in two, and threw the driver and his companion to the grosnd, The automobile'was a total wreck.—The second occupant of the\ car,* -wno~wasrlh~the back seac, escaped without injury. - 'Mr. v Snook was about tiSirty years of age, and MB.address was given as 1£23 Lake Ave,, Rochester. Funeral services wereh eld-Tuesday with In- terment in Blossom, cemetery, Walker. THOMPSON—NICHOLS, The home -of Mr, and Mrs. Merrisa .Nichols in G*ateg was the scene of a lovely June \w^ddilirlg yesterday, after- noon when ghelr daU'Shtef. Miss Inez Ola. Nlenols and Floyd. R., Thompson, •was solmenizef. The ceremony was ['performed by pkr. J. V B. Whlfce_of the j -Gates Presbyterian church^at 5 o'clock .iii tihe'preseoace of about,one hundred relatives and (rienda- !' The house , wae'attractively decorav ed in pink and white roses and ferns. The bride was gowjied in beaded white geargette wttth -tiulle veil |tnd carried a. shower bouquet of bride roses and lUties of the -valley. iHer maid of honor. Miss May Hick of 'Rochester,\ w«re orchid canton crepe and carried iplnk^ roses and! white sweet peasr \The bridesmaids^ Miss Ona Mills 6* Ulster, Pa., and- Miss fMildred MerHau of Gates wore pale green and carried armjxmquets. T!he groom was attended iby Lawson Nich- -eliiph'>thw o* of the hride. Father Ferdinand's Sermon: ShresM ed Need of Goqpts^^^^^i^^ hg Priests Wibo Aift^-'sv^'t* ' '.,'•\ '•'.'•-..'• «.i. : . ', i\:S*l • - Thiere «re few ceremonies: ^\$^''.?$ Catholic church so ^nique iu;'<3^V ?J^ acter, an<i imjwres«ive in inft^s^..^, ' ^^ •that which took place Sunday 'miirmf>':^% ing, June iithv at<r9:30 o*^k»cK-i*,#%rr|^ Church of the Nativity, when\ .Hi**; Michtael T. Costigan, known .•» • * ; Brockport 'bay^ ofljeiated ft Solemn Hlgfh iM-as-s In accordance 1 with a custom established h/r <**. Catiholic . -church' ages ago,'' a v newly. ordained priest is given the :privi|ejp# > [of saying' his first tMass- in Ins ttoaa* town, among his relatives and frJendsi. • The children - of Nativity School, under tihe supervision of, the SlSterav participated in the ceremony. ^sflMr' -ed £n white end carrytog'ibouiQueti of LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Brockport, N. Y. June 17th. 1*25 Mr, P. A. Blossom., Editor of the Brockport Republie, j)ear_ Sir:—The State Department of Public Is#|tructlon has decreed that the children onUside of Brockport. hav- ing less than thirty-six counts cannot attend- Brockport High school.the next school year. Are those concerned .justified in Ihimkdng this an unfair act? The school with equipment is to he- used by the children of Brockport in- clud|tag) ithos|tt who have less than thirty-sir counts, and also by the chlld- Foliowinig tihe ceTemony a wedding dinner was swyedv covers ibeing laia iior ten at ,th« Bride's tahle, MT .and \MPs. TliosnpiKm who left on a. trip to thai Thousand! Islands and the Adrlondaclc*, will he-at home after July lObh.at Chili.- . The pre-na#al events included variety showews 'by Mrs. Fred Gray of Rocftieeterr ttoe Wissoe iMaud Bonnet and JIar-lan Dlx of Gates: a linen shojrer ^by \Westminister Guild o. PreahyteTian church; a kitchen show- er by Mrs. IB. tMetcaM of Gates: a aonal shower ty Miss Mildred Merism and a variety sbower^hy : 3tosuJ*An l Gintiher of this vlUate. ANNUAi MEMORIAL SERViaSOF1.0,0;F. Friday^ everjjng, Jutte 12th, Panma IkKlge of Speracerport visited {Monroe 198, and conferred the 2nd degree in There were forty guests present from surrounding towns including Bergen, iSpencerport and (Rochester. P. G. Cntyway %a,ai3ift Xaiwogfasn in i3»A vattzif for Grand -Representajtlve. Nomina- tions for the new officers were made,' and refreshments served. Friday evening, June 19tb, South Ave. Lodge oT Rochester will confer the. third degr-eo in full form.. Accord- ing to present arrangements, theypwiil ,be accompanleid by D^.^.JL^Sable, T\\Sund(iy mpTitog, June 21st, the | menyberg of Monroe Lodgs^wffl hold j their Annual Memorial services, at whtefc toe—a visit is made to the cemeteries, and the graves ofdeparted Brothers decorated. Members are re- quested to meet at Odd Fellows Hall at 9:00 A. LM\. Rev, Mr. Robinson, •brought to light, \Who can help .u«? Dfilerv:a » <5l6, w/»j #ve the address. Mr; Gfjhistock*Is principal of the'NbrWf \ F -^CJrlCortsv craninltle^ on\oii»hsar- Dallas High StohOoli CELEBRATES HIS FIRST HIGH -'v REV. M. T. COSTIGAN OF THB VHJACE WARMLY GREET- ED AT B. V. M. CHURCH n —\i^ *S whke-peozi'ies, they presented a : Picture aer^thoy- led\ the from, the school to the church. I4aht-. ed csvndles and quantities of white and -. » red apeonles'and syringa' tranefonned the «ltar into a scene of brilliancy and • beiotyrSpeciair counted _ lcTr^*-'Ce«ture\of the occaakm. The • choir had been rehearsing for weeks past* arid- the result of their;lffi*listi_:T was greatly enjoyed by the audienosv Lwhk* filled f»yeiy seat and • Mt at standing ©pace in the church. The ministers of the Mas* wars, Arohmrfest, ROT. M. J. Kreig, of tali village; Deacon, Rev. A. CBrien <rf, Clsrlcson, who is pastor of Sacareii Heart Churchi Pupree, S r -P.|->Oafi.) ~- deacon, Itey. ESarl (Bits, St. Beirnatidfa 9emtno*y, Rochester; Preaeber, Rer. _ \ Fewdinaodfa Jkancisci^; otlSC - ^' Patrick's -Monaster, Buffalo; ? 1 pet I Father.' lof-^eH«nc«<es,-F*ttor j Wwrdl^ .... 'Thurltor, <jteorg«- l^resmaa -oT 9 iHMi\ , -\ , 3f Byron, a wemiaartan at St Bon*ve«e- ura's eemdntry.. ^ Among tfw special points omphasfa- ed by the\ speaker in connection w*h -'the occasion, was that of *be aici - sity of co-operation with pastorsy 1st order to accomplish tho most good,, sua* a sincere congratutatikin to the panish of the ohnaFChr of -the Jfattvity *?- V- *r f noon's fan. in their division or sector. Is these maneuvers the fleet Is part tune spread out over \such a disbance that many \of ithe ehrps are out of •-sight, while-at~Ojt-her-tSmes^the,,shh)&.i close in and perfona much like a company of soldiers giving an ex- —hib&ion dfiffl, with^ each ship ^%4^ endaj ^t 5l »-«raa^mtmg i cta whoMy to sexanrlna'tions. Following Is FoilOTing-'the play, s^satari^iih^itbe^^rc^^ for the flftyeighth t^onp tor of .the Bast Side Presbyterian ] church of Roehester. After- a feMght-} over ren outside of Brockport who have counts^ to havvlhg given three priests tpv churca within thA pa«t fly graduating class TVIH don their \dress up\ clothes In readiness for the class B^pner-aflcVpreBontatiOtt of- dioramas? Supper will be served about 6 o T clock on 'the lawn, and the families and mencememt. ||—^eenting' aW indlviaual soldier. During these^maneuvers we «ee prer- fcaps 'to .our right or left a «mot« screen :being- laid by one or \more etifir guests. Tms p^esentstiori ot di- plomas will be made by-Mrs. Helen Webhi, president of the School^Boafd. The class motto is, \Not Finished* ;TNSTTV1TY1CH0OE XAMIWATIOW orulbers. with other ohrpo- piEgiBgJBJ^jjgat^^nn, der its proteotien 4 Then several of i the Sweet Pea. The class of 1925, in . ... _^, ..-^4^—^«^* ft \acoJjrdan w^ff the custom of the school, presemtea Grade One with a fBearaeOTrisftc^B^lioTfe? ln--seiria=Ttoiwsr entitled' *Xtoii;t You Talk.' The honor pupils and their ratings are: Dorris aaucia, Parmele, 971-'7; Byrori Draper\ TOcliolsrite^uOoroThy Jean Sanforfl; Mt-7^ Marion Afleen Rayburn, 93-2-7; Audrey AmeaUa'Qartr lev. 90,14-7: \WHL. Jacob B»»cragts. The tenn'examhiali'oas for promo- tion In the grades, -were held last week: at Nativity schaoL Certiflcates the\ big battleships WlR tajee jgeffial positions- while the destroyers wfll he . zigasagglng through\ ttar-^WBter-^wp' • posedly guarding against enemy suh- marines- ;. While the ships are thus maneuver^ ingifhe big guns OTX btJOTd;w1fr fin<r*he4 -range of the supposed enemy and (hey 3 WJM blaze forth, not the big gaiis ^j^^selyjeSt 'but little miniature gtms set Tip oh the big ones for ~pracXK« • <ml ? r * ' , S *\ . Thus the day goes on. The fleet Is : In what is called \radio silence,'' leans, no ship- is commnnicating jWSlt-tli^-outs^le jworia Jby means ot TH course all <the~\xadlo ceivlng sets are at work, and' every- thing ie {picked-up, .both froat, *he •bore and from any merchant vessel which may he broadeWing in this focalay, ^ • Radio -silence on board is giving the radio fans who hare private re- ceiving sets plenty of leisure and ep- fwrtunity to tune in on the varkms broadcasting stations* and the writer has-heard most of the Pacific coast stations. Denver, Chicogo and ev«a KDKA at East Pittstour* from owt here twelve hundred mdlea from Sas Francisco. While we are vk radio silence in the .fieet and no information as to our .activities W feeing broadcasted, on Taesday the nig Pacific Mail liner, President Taft, a merchant vessel which left San Fraacisco for Honom- Tln on Saturday, passed through the area of the fleet The President Taft ••mm proceeding at a ccsnparatiTely rapid, 1 speed and \was alongside the West Virginia only a few inomen#s, We nay alongside, tout we mean about a quarter of a mile oh the starboard •id* Through the .glosa we ooald see -1: *^ 911-7. Following are the members of the Class of 1926: Iirsnk Barber. Dorothy May Beadl#, Florence May Boughton, Mom BmCtara^Floyd! Wnooln Dodge, Ella Marfe^Fiaher. Audrey AaneSHa Ick Ilesbon, ESlen lowise JHlll, Irene Marian fre- ; land, Fern Dorothy Knapp.flReVa. SUth Marsh; Byron Draper Nicboto, Xewia Beknont OdeH, 'Verona Bell Pahner, Deris Matte Pannele, Clara Ann* Quackenbush. - Helen K. Raleigh, - Mar- Ian Aileen Itaybwrn, Mtldred ILoufve Robb, IHennaa'Charles Roblnftoh, Wm. Jacob Itosecrants, Dorothy. Jean Ban- ford, Ketone Beatrice SchuHs, Uoyod Stevens^ Laureoce Tousssint, DonaM Francis Tryon, Jlonay John Wilson, Florence M. Winchester, Roy LaTern WooorChiarles X, ammerman. Class Officers President, L<ewte B. Odell;, vlce- presklent, Martswi A. Rayburn; secre- tary, Byron D. Nichols; treasurer. I Irene M. Ireland. During the past Tear at the Gram- school a contest has bsen on hetween the diflerent grades to see which one cotdd hare the highest aver- age of mother* attending taie Parent- Teachers Association meetings during the year, the mward to be a picnic given iby the Associattonr Last weeh Tuesday the picnic was held, auto- mobiles taftfag the victors, matnbera of the hfth grade, to Troutbsyt where were awarded pupils who had been successful in the year's > work* and a prize given for the highest averag-e'dn each grade. . _ '' •Pupils vtfho had .amended' regularly during the year, drew for the gold medal award!. This and other prizes will foe awardeqVat the* graduating «]& erdises which willi 'be Held Tuesday erening, June 23Td,' at T.1& o^Kck, In the'Nativity B. V. M. church, p,ev. Joseph Grmdy, a^-UehUber of the fac-1 uky of the Cathedral fHdgh school of Eocheeter, will he the speaker. Tlie graduating class will be presented With -their diplomas and Palmer cer- tificates by the pasto-T, Rev. M. J. ftrelg. \ ; . .' .' \ » :*:-- ••-— yz-i ful and instructive address <bjr the j offloial viskor.ifthe Mark Master degree warBoTtfeTAreTBy'Stgsr Prlesrcsasr^q: Beaman, and his staff of officers. Alter the meeting refreshments were aurvart, • . • . . - . - -.•----. _ JEHarold Dobson, recently retired as DUstrict Depuity hag received an ap-| pointiment for another year oa .the Grand Master'^ staff, as a member of ae-GeoT-Jggashingto-n:-Memorial co; mittee. ,'' » • Mr. Dobson •will accompany other rhemibers of Grand Lodge to tJtica on •Jtlne^OiCr^riBBr o^raMon-'ofTfi* an- -•**•: HORSE RACES JULY FOURTH The children from outside who have been attending the school and com- pryta^wlthr'^ie^s^^ school but who have not been there long enough to get thirty-six > counts and thosf, who have finished the grades, and ajre now -ready for Hlfh school are to be denied the privilege of getting more education;. \Why? How are they to comply 'with the \JSdanatibn I4w:?- . . .... Your truly, \A New York State Taxpayer. priests re^rred. to *re -Rev^ Pai Moffat,. of Rochester; Rev. M celebrant ot the occasion, Rev. IMchaet' T. . Costigan,- He admonished. tae>; peopM-Jo... ireni^ber-—the nowxr-rorgr: dained priests- it .feelr pmyers^cois- The following lejter Is «elf»exp!«n' atory. and if any of our readers can help us answer Mr r Comstock's' ques- tions we will forward the information nual visit to the Masonic. Home* and •Hospital. The degree team of Monroe Ivddge __ has accepted, an InvitationT to confer j ^^; ^^f^lf ^l^T^-l the second section of the third degree at the hew Medina Tempfe, \Wednes- dav evenirtf, June 24th, •—^__. .__„ State Regents-exatoiaiait kins are be- ing held at the school <th«s week, and the names of the graduates, • as well as the winners of'the wsrfous awswds, will appear in neat week's RepuhlJc. Qradwating exercises al-wavs call forth a large attendance, from among the relattiree and friends ost the students, and av cordial InvltatJom Is extended by the faculty to ibe-pjresen*-»<UtWs4 year's ceremony. • . .\• \ »'•••.'•..•-••• Take a run down to SHntan'a lunch room ast rforth HamBn eor scene choice \hots/' (Rochester, ice cream, soft drinba, dssirs. coffee and sandwiohes. Severs* taWes where ladles csud partiea may spend a glosaanti ittetv nt op. A Victrolaftw mask; if you wdah Lorea Hteton. «:18 eport« were held- and a fine picnic supper serried.. *~ Mrs. Roseorants was general ctaair- min of the evenit and ateo chairnmn of the traasportation coanmltaee. \She was assisted iby Miss \Brnom Phetti- place, chasrman of sports ahd OVfrs. Oeo. Pat)te of the supper committee. Tie> Aasoctetion wishes to «kank all fkoae- who donated: thai me ni their -The track has been rented for horse races on July 4th. _ A survey of the nominations in. the Big atake faces for the Fair, and the usual field for regular races. Indicates that over 160 horses will be at the grounds on Fair week. There will certainly be good sport providedl for race mns. .Plans are under way to constntct a pit for the nest auto race! with gate nearer Judges stand, to .eliminate time, in calling classes. \Demoimrational Judging is expected to be oris of ti»e features of the 1»25 Flair. Experts front the New \York State CoHege of Agrtoulture^wlll as- sist in Judging in several departments, and as they judge, will explain the roaeosu ifor the decisions, -ft is* an educational feature which has Seen very interesting where tried, - •-'- \' -•'• - \ ri - FURNITURE TJgholatared and Repaired. Covering* of all kinds, Tapestry, seats in Dining Chains, splint seats, woven cash seats, Pressed wo** 'and materials, reason- able. AH Work guaranteed. Phww «|J (tor eathnates. C. P. Wnfe If »!*#., HoB«ir,N.y, «ti4tf sidorlngi tihe iburdens and responeshil- it'tes put upon .them. At the aon~ clusion of. the Mass^FatherXJcstigan:- the congragation Individually, Insteadf of coHeotitrely acs'ls^ ±he\Traual ; raisidm- A breaWEjaflt wjas «er^ed^tathlr46jtr#efc age ifunds, reported favorably on.the progress of\ tie- undertaking, Tlie fund is growing rapidiy. **Wmmd-ln?™^*'* ber Indicating his wiilingness ^to back of this worth while iMtKsstkm. If you haven't already amended to it, do your share now. S^OUT NEWS. Dallas, Texas, June 12,\ 1925 Editor Republic, Brockport, N\. Y. Dear Mr. Bkwsomir-r-I am trVlug'to find out something shout the history of the family of WlHiam West who lived sit Ciarkson, New Yor* frVHn-1«1« till 1847. He married Sabrin*, Baker oWraitsnaWT-aifi . .._._\ __-. address at'Murray, Genesee County, N. Y. Two son's of William West taught school in Brockport from about 1840 til! 1S50. John Milton West was one of these sons. . An old lady named Mrs. Harriet Smith now in 'Friendly home 'near Rochester, wen* to school to hah. Aaron Baker Wee*, a second son, °taaght in the Ciarkson 4 School in 1843 and 114* He taagbt in Kendall School in 1»4«.M4« and 1846. Doss anyone know where the home- stead of this iarouy wa* located T •Does anyone kiow whether. any nieinher»>of this West faniiljr axe still, ttving In Monroe County (New Yi^tliprederjck Clsjic, Waiter lMoxm>e-and Can yon suggest how I can get this informationT '.'Is there at Brockport a historical organixation thai has col- lected diaries and old records con- cerning the county? jSt BOMreoture's Seminary at Yours irery truly,, E. B. Comstook. »E QH TIME - Order your ftfg Cor the 4th of July from the American Legion. Flag, pole ami tn&taUetkra at |4.«6. The uni- form nag display Is jbecoaning more popular every holiday so why not tek in line? Don't wait to see-others go op around you, get -the jump. Prices may advance later. Phone 317,. 236-W, 266-W or see E. %. Simmons, Henry iMlchaels, E. A. Ccapman or EL 31. Blosaotn. . • Brery want ad i« * news story to ir^'nomenet. Those Interested in Scouting will remeanber that the hook* were closed to new mes&hers last Call since Use troop seemed overcrowded, last Fri- day night the SMOttt* held their month- ly .business meeting with Merrttt Cleveland in tihe chatr r and tut this time voted in *<x new memhens, thhe re-opening the ,enrollment list. The new xnemflbers are: 'Bernard Helse, Ddward Dean, WiHitm MoCkaskey,| 'Barton Huamnel, The troop is going to the Rochester Council's Oeftnp Otetlana^on Lake Can- andaig«a for the second period, July 11 to 25. The camp Us much laraer and affords better facilities 4han to former yews. About twenty-five ''ef] the iboys are' expected to take advanV age of this opportunity. ,..' :'• .'\'• \' \• - -i.\\a ) •\';•: -'•\• Polsxm gets wopdeihttcka ten Umsw as faet as you <*n •hoot them. ^Aa*: your county a««nt tor |dnformaifc» ahout---poisons' end m »A»Y CHICKS \White Leahorae and Reds: %% weeks) ^«ld, 1.6 oente. Last of the sea- son; sOso hroflen. C. F. Cdler, phone «**.-'- \ : *\••':;•;>••. . n guests-at tihe Hotel Brockport follow- ing t£se services at the church; «hd a ^ reception'-rfrom arSG to 5:30\ \o'clock:\ r' that «ftenaoon held at_jthe'; Cosffigah.*_,; f home\ on Adams sheet. ~* • * FatSier Oostigan-isMihe- so and Mrs. James Costigan. He grald-- Bated at the-Ble In Rochester, and later at Notre Dams uSae^rMntly^he-- 1 *^*^ ia New Oxleane, La. (for. two years, and In 1*» roatricoiated with \the Jrls>~ tsooal Unhrerstty of Dublin, Ireland. In_lia4 gfaeny, N, Y;, a college for IMlsafonaTy^ workers, and on June «th, wsia ordatn- ed to the priesthood by Bx. _ RevL Bishop Hksiey, at Rochester. -Father; M> coattcan.Gas been eppointsd to tkt diocewe of Lea* South Dakota/end expec$s to begin JU(b9@^^lBx«4risttekq July tlth , . ^^}. .. ••^•* •\ *-,/' .\j--'-r... \ SunpysWe Bastch ., . „ 'be- tive sceiie o< cor^iderahte excUs^ ., ment next - Teirrsday' atiternooi^ Jnne.'' '. -M 'W^?ifa-kliii:^'&*m serlaar'«B#:,''^«® boat meet to be held tiwm tals ManW': nrer by <fce Yacht Club wul take psaoe- at l:ie o'clock .. ThW race Is tor esj*. ^ only, and. hkey wtH asne tee naoutfe of the cawek to the ,-^aa*. •m^.^^0m-miL: Mi Thus far tae Mlown^ entries ha«^^. ^..Ai.^a^iij:^**:' Ek*ria«n C^riwea aud George \ •'S'if^A'r'M

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