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J**^ •r ^&i >/»&•• P •/• ^sz •*• h n* *• * VOL. WCVIV BROCKPORT, NEW YORK; 1HURSDAY* JUNE 11, 1.925 NO. ar i* «BAWYHOUR\ON 3 BOARD WARSHIP • 1 . . ; * • - ! i > ! * • \GOBS\ AND OFFICIALS ARE NOT ALWAYS AT ATTEN- TJON. FUNNY STUNTS Nine Hundred Young Women En- joyed Dance on Deck Before / Sailing from Frisco . April 22, •^Happy Hour\ on •board a warship is w event looked forward to by 'both officer* and men. with much pleasure. Jt is a sport event arranged by a com? huttee made up of representatives of the various •divisions. On the West Virginia the Chaplain represenle the ,offlcer», while the rest of the coroanlt- tee'is chosen from among *he men. '' The committee is a permanent one and arnanges-the movies,and other socialaffaire of the ship. ithasjrunds which ate derived \from the profits of ~ the canteen; 'barbershop\ and other Jesser sources. While in San Fran- Cisco harbor this committee put on a dance on the deck of the ship. For •Jhe event the <toiplain distributed BOO Invitations, to young ladies on shore. Jvy securing the co-operatkm of the 'head* of some, of the hi* retail atores --«npk«rm*-*oown.a^^ of 600 only WO young women came. The event was * has© success. They '^»fficfra~-llirni4diilglt^-t : hen serve* -ice cream and cake, after -whichthe young wosnte \were .^etwm»d-4o aho» ander escort y OBITUARY TOBIN_ -The sudden death of Mns. Anmji Tobin occurred at !her home in Morton Tuesday evening * of heart trouble. Mrs. Tobin was'56 years of age. She leaves besides ' her husband, three daughters, and one son. The funeral services will be held tomorrow morning ait 9 o'clock from the Cath- dral in Rochester. OBurial will be made in Hoi^epulchei? cemetery. THOMPSON The -death of Mrs. Adeila Thompson widow of the late Byron Thompson, occurred at the home of Frank tBarron- on the iSime farm on «he Canal Bead from lieart trouble. Mrs; Thompson was born' in iHamlin 68 years ago the daughter of Mr. and M». Lowry terday morning at-10 o'clock from the Barron home, Rev. Mr. 'Miller of the Clarkson Congregatiehal church offi- ciatihg. , Interment at the, Parana Cor- ners cemetery. -a*-***. ,/ SMITH ' The death of -Mr*. Battle Sato* ne- west'Virginia Wednesday evening, April 21, .*»*...**• •^**J*g* buriauat Lake View cemetery, •TSy, every officer and man who was s \ not in the hospital or on duty of some kind, « - A ring wis W&& off xm 1 deck and Admiral Wiley with, Iris staff and Cap- *«& Semi_«ttd_his officers occupied ringside seats. The program was tn-chorge of Mail ^^^rderty: -^deo^^kaMnJO^d^'Who^-prob^ ably ^ best laowu man oh Board ROBINSON The death of (Mrs. Elisabeth Humph- rey Robinson- occurred Wednesday, June 10, at the home of her daughter, Mm*. Ernest Stamp of Clarkson. She was 83 years old having been born in Clarendon, June 17,1841, the daughter of <Mr. and Mrs. Henry Humphreji -'She is survived fcyone son, John W. Robinson of Rochester-; two daughters, Mrs. Gertrude Robinson of 'Rochester, and Obi. Ernest Stamp, Sr., of Clark- son;' twelve gjnandchHdren and seT«al great grandohucren. The funeral services wilt 1» held Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock: at the home o£ IWns. EJrnest atamp, with of John end Margaret Cooper, in* received-her- ed«o»tion-at-*he-Inghanr University 1n LeRoy. In 1859 she was united te .mjarriage to; Hopkins-jV Smith whose death occurred three years later. She then traveled con- siderably in this country and later spent some years -with her pairejits. in 'the ship.. Not only everybody-knows. \ \HmrbtttTie tatows-everybody wad hej is a general dejwite <and natural botn leader' among the aien. As a cheer and seasJeftder he lias few superiors, and .tiie success or failure of the pro- ^ttamrcsti to a great extent with. him.^aricson. Folio^*gtte£r death she -Z^^^^s-its .quota.of athletes. I went to Michigan to- reside. The clot. andboiing4s the favorite sport. 'Pour io* years of her life were spent in SlSftiU two-m^uce rounds each ^ Rochester Friendly Home were staged, and yoii can take it from ^iT^hey^We^^ast-Taaidvfurious^-r-om ^=—Hiie-go.— „ThfiLJ?est,, Virginia,,like;etery large ship in -thejjiavy, has her^^ champion boxei% and it is expected that there will be various events at Honolulu to \^--^eiermine the champion boxer of *hy fleet. The ship band is an important fea- ture of a I'Hasppy Hour\ 4 event and the singing of favorite songs led by Or- derly Richmo'n^i. In She leaves <to mourn her loss a large •cJMe^xeJMlTe5^amsiig_thejm„Jt^ a sdster^'Mrs. MaVgaret Dewitt of ^rwaK OlioTand^a cousm, Christian A. Simmons of \Brockporf. . The funeral services \were held 'Mon- day morning at 10 o'clock at the Home. Interment «at Garland cemetery. REODICK The funeral of William J. ReddicK 0%, this place\\occurred Friday after- •ro-bicTi Q\e officers -.-noon -3* 8 o'clock atthe Bmcfcport cem H. S. STOPEWTS TVVENTY-FJGHTt ARE ON WE HONOR ROLL FOR EFFI- CIENT WORK One Hundred Seventy-two Hffve Every Subject Above Passing. * Normals Defeated Report 'cardfl for the month of May were issued to members of the high school department last week. Seventy- six\ in tfafis department had perfect at- tendance for the month of May. Tike following have perfeot attendance for the current school year to date: Ag- nes Baton, Elbert\ Chliday John EhreU, The funeral services were held y^.p»e«nortHaig'hl. Etna HoughUm* Flu* ence Knapp, Ru-th Mcdellan, Mary RogowBkf, Lola Sheetz, Olga Suocop, t41Jian Webb-anddLeon A. Welite. The .following twenty-eight were on the honor roll of scholarship with etand- inga as mdfcatedj_j3EiU>rence Knepp 92J5; Winifred I^e^0.33rix>l» Sheetz 90.2; Elmer Porter 89.8 j Olga Suocop 89.6J Mewttt CTeroTand^SJS; Stanley Smith 89.2; Isabel O'Brien 89; Ataeda •Redman 89; Leona Wells 89; Bnos Bonedict 88.8; Margaret Harmon 88.76; Norman ''Benedict 88; (Bernke Sheet* 87.83; George M. Smith 87.4; Eleanor Haight 87.3S; Aura ®lo*»m 87.SC; Marjorie Todd 86.«6; .Helen Coller 96.«; Gertrude files «».S; Dorto IL«ack 89J6; Mary Keoyon 86.5; Josephine SchiWt 8«.2; Margaretta Stiles m El- ibert ChUds «5.4; (Frederick Rodman 86.53; Maude Borridge 86.26. One hundred eeventy-fcwo memltera of tfcis department had every subject above •ixty-flre, the piwing mark; torty*oiur hadone subject below; -twenty had two below and three had three bellow. • <laat Friday the tbaseball game with Pa* Murray^ nine of the WilBasasville High School resulted in a victory for cwrred suddenly-Thjirsday, June 4th, 1-MTs; ssnun, wno was^e-daaghter w^ak*^ v^^^r^^^'^Jny Kmi j r ^ l The •\ oTbsihx game of r the season wlil Hernia Ctetkson m August*83$ I ^heJ m¥ &dbo6i $eMn> _ ^^ aftwnooBi PICNICS ARE BARRED ot the State BOiard of Health* the \$fait&r, GommissiOft has found it neces- isaty to close the gates toTEe beach at the pumping station? Crowds of pic- nickers have been WtlHzing t^ie^beacfa a€ this point for their pleasure, and making a jwtamihjg «j»ool of the -yyater: surrounding the pumipin'g station, air of which is a violation of the state ;re#ujlatiohe.. Visitors will bo jpflrmitted to go through ithe ^ai^ttieaame as hereto- fore, upon obtatoinir a peimit from those inrCh«J*e^—— ^YAeiiT FEED The Yacht Olub Twill hold a meeting\ and '«feed\ toUigtet *fe 'tte Club House\. One of the T principal objects of the meeting i» to farther discussic-h and plans concerning improvements to the Yacht Club property,\ The Clujb is now putting up a fine oroameotal wire fence, across the north «ldo of their line, similar to tlnit trected on the Fair grounds. Boati«4 on the take has increased oonsMenfcly and our alongside those of iwiier years. Rod- ney Shun ia m chacgv of the entertain ment of -the FOUR AUTOS AND BURNED firemen have had to cope with in some thneycatted them out shortly betore 4tomM>'clook Monday afternoon, when flames were discovered ehooting up from: tAejoof. ot *. barn hack of titer, Edward Andrews place on Monroe' street The firemen arrived on the snot within two mtoutes after the siren sounded and- -were confronted with a roaring furnace, flames rolling columns \oT smoke and fire bursting• .through' the June IB. on this eeaaon's baseball nine: D. -BavJs,-Barcia^^t-Kuppihgerv «;Ho- gan, l. b.; Chapman° 2 b.; Iveson, s. s.; Yafdlpy. 3 b.; EUjOtt, r. f.; Akeley, 1. f.; 6\ B. Smith, sub. . • The training school closes Friday •June 12. -The week of June 1549 will be devoted to examinations for the normal and high school departments. MAIN STREET IS BADLY CONGESTED and men all joined; -would have made etery Rev. Henry P. Veazie of St. ...^ sBh^ -fteg-te^ ^nefea lte^--as: I^e^-cfliaTObr-o««fetrai- at. the fer- echoes been possible out in mid-ocean. •One of .the songs- enjoyed, -which seemed a favorite, is \Hinky Dinky, .Parle.6-Vgo\r ow -paragraph- of -wh-leh rearranged to fit the occasion, was as follows: • - \What has become of hinky dinky Parlee-voe-, • \What.wTII Become of \aETthe aiC5- girls we tenew, . As on this cruise we are nearing-. Honolulu. Will all our girls be true, Mnky Other songe were^'^OM Gang Oi Mine,\ \Bally\ and Whara I Do?\ - Otjier events stog&ed were » pte- vices? which were held in a tent at the cemetery grounds. bast week's fesue of-the- Republic carried a-brjef import *tthe -finding-of Mr. Reddick's remains in* .the barge canal at Adams Basin about 8 o'clock last Thursday morhing.' The body was discovered by bridge tender Adiel- beS-~Er BBMva. at- ^fee W^tsMagiea- ^street aft bridge and with Che aifl-of a pike .pole it was made fast and the coroner's office- notified. The body , ,„ .. . , ' „ .1 mistake when the new street was put •aranHz: was-tafeeB-charge-of by €5oPoner At- - t -- -- > ,. - -.-e „,.-,-_,,, -r,-^^„ -S^ofls eating contest •with eight contestants and a flour diving contest, in titese the hands'were tied foeMnuVand in the laSler Ihe contestants' dove their toeads into big pans of flour in which sundry. 25 and ©0 cent pieces had beW fcat- tered. The bottom of ttiie pans Jbelow the flour were covered with molasses and as- the^contestants with (hands tied behind on their \knees with. <helr heads in the pans dug for coins-they made a -.picturesque figure! Bat as they each in turn.came iip for air, with molasses and) flour a^ll over .their faces and perhaps a coih betiween their teeth ^they made a picture that brought \shouts of laughter and 'hilar- ity that must almost have been heard in Honolulu. But it-He 'boysi were out for the iTun; of it and '^aappy Hour\ is well named. * The evenings events closed by all standing at-a^httOTD,,. while the band played the national anthem. A similar e^ventbutona muchllarger scale is being planned by ihe ehtOT- tatament committee to take place at 'Honotalu, as a farewell to Captain Oonttpofl oa^sst pp - V water and conveyed to the morgue in Rochester. '<> • 38r- 'Reddiclc; wasiaist seen, about town Sunday mornlnig when, according to a reportj he and a companion were' driving about in a. Ford car. Nothing has been, heard since concerning the companion or the Ford. The condi- tion of the body •when discovered in- dicated that it had_ been, in. the waiter several dajs^ Deceased was born in Parma thirty- eight years ago. and has 'been a res- ident l*f mis place for a^Umber of years past. He is survived by hds wife and six children; hie»mother, two sisters and 1 two btothers, all of this place with the exception of one sister, who resides ait lakeside. NOTES J'j LEGION The last regular meeting of the Harach-Cffisp^eaman Post before the summer vacation was held at their rooms to the TubMc building (Monday evening. Report? from various com- mittees \Were read and approvedL - George Poster was ftitpBtoted chair- mon of the carnival committee. The carnival will probably he held, some time during July. Refreshments followed. difficulty motorists have in guiding their machines from the curh oiit into the line of traffic, the lack of accidents on Brock-port's Main Street is nothing short of amazing. The width of the street from curb to curb is not sufc TliRTMWfGSTS LARGEST IN HISTORY MON- ROE CO. LEGIONAIRES OFFICERS ELECTED •**-* MATRIMONIAL eARDNgfi-^ROSS The inarria/ge of iMiss Helen ,Y. Ross, formerly of this villagei and daughter ipf Mn and Mm F. W. Ross of Lake I View Park, Rochester, and Kenneth ;D. Gardner, son of Mrs. - Edith''MT Qardner. of 'Rosewood terrace, Rooh-' ester, took place Monday, June 1, at Avon, Rev. M, Donaldson MacLeod, pastor of the Presbyterian church oi-^ flciatin^ They were,attended;by Miss Ruth M, Ross .sister of the bride and Martih j, Bryer. .... • Afterjjuly 1 Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Sports Program of J. K. Ryan Pleased the Big Crowd. Har- mony Prevailed Saturday^ annual convehtion of the American Legion\ hold at the Brock- port State 'Noiimail iSohooli, ettracted £h& largest turn-out yet Tjecorded ta the hisory of the Monroe 'County oir- ^gonization.^ The thirty-two Posts of thie County were represented to the\ i Two auto accidents is the' score for an attondanoe of oyer three hundred, this immediate vicinity during the past will be ait home at 408 Rosewood Ter- race floehester. TWO AUTO ACCIDENTS Tv Carl Nixon, Rochester Logionaire, presided as temporary chairman. The regular-order of ^business was carried Sim day moi out according to «chedule> to delays incident to factiojnal argument and dis- cussion being most conspicuous by their absence. .The record breeking heat ,of the day may have had some JMSW canoes are tahiat xhmtt pUoe hew^ oih^es^ftsribut the Convention j went on record as one of complete har- mony inevery respect. . Two important motion* of unusual interest were carried. One to the ef- fect that the title of .County Oommand- er wiQ.hemafter be conferred on the Chairman of the County Committee in addition'to his tWc as Chairman. The Monroe county organlxation is the first jOne.of the hottest fires Bj^sliBftrilift^? \Wte to a^LiSSsjraJJnr^The- West Ave^iBoth- cars -were -thrown Into the ditch, and .badly smashed. One of the occupants, a girl, sustained a severe cut about: the head. —— ••• • ^_A Maxwell coupe bit a concrete pole iust north of the vilkge Friday ni^ht and was badly damaged by the con- tact.. iCoapman's Service crane was. requisitioned hi both accident*. second . resolution requires all dele- gates to the'«tajte convention to attend at least sevontydllve per cent of <h« be played in HlHon w'tih; tihf i wl M\fl j H rt f ^ <Lj ^4M%y^ ft vpt^-TTtTTwmr of water^^undeFi«^ pressure The following have playedfgot the flames unaef control, and ex- tinguished the fire which 'had caught on^th'e roof cf the Daily barn adjoining. It was a stubborn fight for the first few minutes, as the flames were so intense, and had gotten such headway that the firemen had to work deepen ately to subdue them. The building is owned by <Mr. An^ drews, who had been doing some busi- ness in .used oars, and had four cars stored there. It is understood that he •hwd-l^nr^m)rking^C!n~one-of-the-*cars- when -ftbackfired and ignited Ihe gas- oline.*hich seemed to start the'whole inferior_of the place to blazing at The traffic congestiop on Main street once. The heat was so intense that steadily increases, and considering Che \the h<>u.se located some distance awa j was badly blistered by the contact, A Willys-Knight sedan, an Overland and two Ford cars were -practically convention .-meeUngls id order to re- ceive their expense clocks. .The state Convention will be' held in Jjew York City in September, and'Mearoa County Legionaires are taking time by the* forelock as regards counter attracv tions. The following delegates ana attOrnates were- elected to the «tate con^otttiolis-'•'•- \ - : •'-- -'v,~-~*-:-•: -':-( - Aastiaif «athden,..A. A.* Lotigstow? Patrick? R>an, George Woef, AUjeit Yogg, George TPrfsche, -Itibert 'J4VBam- iser, John Kelly, Cal Stephahy, Robert Purcell, 0. Frank Mancuso. Ralph Wit- *mer, Thomas E. Broderick, T. Carl Nixon, Fred J. Street, Anna Miller, Lee Downs and iBaniel E. Gleasqn. Alternates are: Theodore \E. Brigge, Leroy \Malay Carlton Kothfuss^ Jos. Ryan, G. Merrltt Ward, Francis Creed- am, Clarence Call, V. Edward Kimmell, George Marsha L. Adamski, Robert Murphy, J. D. Goodyn, L. J. McManus, ^ercy„Gillette r ;Qharies_A.-„^allihan,. lrm&„L.~ 'Barsion, F.- W. Wenok a»4 Frank Powers. '....- .,..,.. .-I Fairpdrt was' designated as Jhe' meeting place for the 1926 conveut-Idn j of the Monroe Couiity AaHericaa Le-fl glon on the annual convention Satur-' week. \One a collision ibetween a Gardner and Ford- car, owjuired early H0LLEY STORE Carl N. Beuerleinjas-purchased the loclcwood department store of Holley, which >will be operated as a branch of his-Oents.Furnishing lbusiness of. this vittaga ; The new business involves a con- alderahfte investment, as the loclcwood business is three times as ; targe as the Brockport store, and for the past (Mty years has been. known as the leading-^dry goods -business of the vll- lage of Holley, It has been owned jffid manatflit by the jLoclowcod family ever since its beginning. , Gcjdon Bejterletn, spn of Carl Beuer- leln. will manage ithe new business. They expect to specialise, to Women's Ready-Tc-Wear and Gent's iMrnishing, and to open their new place about July •firs*. . • ' • PLAY. 8AEE i John -Law it on the jump and hae^ wrrested several motorists the past glaring-headlights. Having th'om test- ed now might save you a ten later. • CENTENNIAL day.^ . ' , , | The one hundredith anniversary of *A schedule.of sports-under the sup-i* e 8rRt o r sa^zed migration of Norse- destroyed in the flames. The-noof^was «vision of J. K. ,- B-yan followed the; ,!le P io tne United States was_ celt- burned off and the ! upper*floor burned 1 business of the day, and Legtonaires | braite ^ '•-*? & .. I ' eCO ,^ a .- b . red,king ' t ^ rong at ihrouth, leaving tire lower •walfe.and T ^ade it evlde»t that *h_eatjiad UttiiT r,1< ' Mt\\™\'* ^tate Fatr- !& ^fferf^on- <a==^orts^-pFog*dnJr «a«-- 4ber oars that keep two steady streams of traffic moving a good share of the time, and at the same time peianit tke car parked at the curb lo pull out •wTfch6iE colIiaTht\ wTBB'tnem. ~\ r ~' In years pasUthere were more peq= pie on the sidewalks and fewer in the -road space-. - •Conditions of today hiave reversed -the old orderpand there is TesY space ^req:uired T on the walk ~<amd Hshe'-road;—' ' : It is easy to se H e now that it was a particularly dangerous fire because of its immediate, proximity to, so many other building*. UTO WILD MAN AT SWEDEN CENTER in to widen th sidewalk and narrow the street The tlmeT may come when, <Brockport will feel it ad- visable to widen the street again. The new marker down, the center of- the street tnay have some influence In keeping traffic in its proper place. Not infrequently have we Seen.drivers pass in the business section three abreast\ A \warnm%\*from our traffic officer might hot be. amiss. ANNUAL. MEETING Notice is hereby given that the an- nual meeting of the stockholders of the Brpckport Cold Storage-CO.. Inc., will be held at the office of said com- pany in the Village'Of SBrockport, Mon- roe.County, New York, oh the twenty- fourth day of June at-10 a. m:, for the purpose of electing directors for the ensuing year and for the transaction of sutih other business as may proper- ly come before said meeting. Datedv BrOckport, N: Y. June 11. 1926 6:18 F.\D. iHebbard, Sec'y, —, i—*— •• —• THIS WEEK ONLY M\wdmen*s\ white canvass slippers and oxfords. Priced lt»8, tMs week; only,' Gordon 8hoe; iStore^ LAST CHANCE Saturday, June 13 will be your last chance to take advantage of Lesters 'big_ wile. Buy \now while prices are sanashed. Corisidefable excitement was ram- pant on Sweden Center road last week when the report of a wild man in the itithree\ times. Other prizes c6ntriibut-j ,oa(ier of-the party was Lafs Larsen. ed to the-success Vrf lb. -4iaet-.^ereTto«mtoaft^ Awakening, AlT^ ^pair^f-M^o^^y^^d^Leste^^Efe^^ six safety razors, by E3. W. Simmons; tneymade their tedious voyage. As • ^ - * Sennie .property worked into circulation.. iSchool child- ren passing the woods claimed to have 'been frightened by a inma w;hO ran out and attacked one of their number a girl about fourteen years .of age whose mouth he^ovj*ed^iind itfpoh whom he drew a gun. The screams of the children attracted the attention of Wiliiam Mulligan and ,.'his man, who hurried to the assistance of the child ren, only to learn that the man had' disappeared into the woods. Officer Hosner and the State Troopers were notateaT^Tinby _ although T^jey made search they failed to locate the cause of the trouble. * The^inan had been about the woods Decoration Day and several , days after, and on several occasions had stertled he - chiTfdren. It wa¥ v feaf ed that he might 'have been an escaped inmate of some asylum. TAKE NOTICE Work coming on and short of help we will be unable to have our Per- cheron.Stallion stand at C. H. Boot's any. more this- season. H. -tR. Cooley &Sofl.. - 6:lltf PORCH SHAPES Vudor end Aerolux brands, in all sices. No charge for hanging. Geo. Dunn. Grounds; befei*JW%am--lre^a«nt--foo] l events were keenly contested;. Thej i(I ^ e delivered an address'comniemora- FWTPPTAl bi% prize, * loving cup eontrlbirtfed feyjtlye of the •Occasion,, which .was Jmad-j--.— £il\IH\li\I, the local Pos.t, was won by the Slmes j bmmi throughout the country Post of Rochester,- which was yTctori-j ^^^ ceirtentrfat' is especially-mter^; - ous in .the racing contests. TJie owri-I est}&g to, local people, as the original ershto of this cup will be-<intcsted a n-; little group of Norwegians settled to nually, and it will become^the meisl 1 \ 6 neighboring town.of Kendall, on DEPUfp NAME MONROE LODGE, F. ft A ^, ENTERTAINg TtfllMRFR fOT % OFFICIALS AND GUESTS Third Degree Conferred on Large Class by W\ M. Quackmbwh. Fine Musical Program ~^f Tuesday evening -was Afrp night ft Monroe \Lodge F. & A. M. and foftr hundred' mem|ers„0!£4;be lodge gatber- -\- ned^attl casibn. Theyhad as their guesto ^Sf.~~ JamesB. Woodruff of Rochegter- soft John Malloch of ChurohvHle whose ip-» pointment as the new district deputy grand masters of th.Q iMonroe Masoate district were announced to the M- semiblaige during the evening. _, ^ [ftrold Ot Btfbson the-retfaing-de^ puty, introduced ulhr, Woodrutt wj»~ wdll have jurisdiction over 1 ' the Ataf district .of the countsr, hia. teftrjtofy including .seven city lodges and .TOvehC county' lodges, )Mr, Malloch, past master of .Ciror^feZ ville lodge, was presented to.the tyjir.-' sens by EWiwin Foster, of Rochester,, retlrittr deputy./' The program was opened with the- a conferring of the third degree on « claw of candidates under the direction ot Samuel J. Quackenbush, master,of,,, -the local lodge, and at 8\ o'clock the lodge degree team conferred the sec-. bnTiection In full fonm\ona class of - seven candidates. Following the d«- .,__« gree work an entertainment was pro- Tided by members of the.AftiP.Peav ducts Corporation to honor of the can- didates, several .being officials of the ptaWtl The .enterjtainment program consisted of selections by the- Brook- port orchestra under the direction' of •Mrs, Noth; solos by \\Mrs. Johtt-Hass% B. H. Bohr of Brockport;Haro4d Conkl' -Ing of the. Eastman iSchoo! of 'Mnalp^Ll and songs iby the Ladies Quartette con-' slsting of Mrs. Charles Cooper, Hi*. HoyNeUiis, Mrs, Roy 'Tbom'asaiad^nl?^ Andrew-^McXella*. . •. !^:'^n \ iRefreshments were- Served by ^ A&P Corporation\ to the'dining;- followed- by a social hour, Besides the new. District Deputies •thq, following ruling Masters \of -the District were present; Chasi Cook, Warres, C:TWbbafa:\ Lodger C®arip~ Olaric, John •Robertson Iwdge; \WaUa*.. Week in andnear Rochester for havlngf We8 *P hs: V' ,s ^ n ^ :!i Lod**; Avery T«t tle,VaHey Lodge; (Henry Thiede,. An- cient Craft Lodge; jaines McClellan, Cor'lnthiian^ Temple Lodge; Willfeni 4 ; ScRnildt' of Germahia. tod.ger~Sir Rochester; Edward Vahderlinde. djT Penfleld; Samuel Quaokehbuith' of -Oliomo&r ®roekpoEfet-Cia^Bapp-o*-iBair- port; Wm. Colby-of Spencerport; Mil- ton Halauer of Webster; Wim. Gundrjr cf-ChUJPohvillei W,W. Welteof Oatka* 0cotts,yille;. Earl Ducolon-of {Hilton,.*.' H GRAMMAR SGI pen l^w^^JT^^,7 0 «J^^,7,/w^^\~^«^Ea^ given at the Strand Friday manent property of a Po & t which wins^bat is known as Norway Road. Thej evenin? _ ^ ^^^^ <jMtatoted ;. i J three divisions. Winter, the First Stir fheroramimar iSchool children akt- themplves proud in th*e splendid mf^~ ^formfeed -of their—sehool^plMiiy ^andr~- six boxes pf candy, by James Mercury V; wlnter \*^ already set in, ejnd it being \sixi cartons Of cfBarettOsl, by Com- ») * ne 7^\ ^^ 3ust after tfe com- ffiiaiader Coapffiia a^fl six orders for ~ merchandise, by \A\. J.'s Young Men's: Shop.% The dinner seftted at the noon hour 'under the \^lirect'ion of Lagloniaires Wilsoii and Simmons, .was designateo 'W real he-man's feed\.by several of those having>inside information. Mu- sic by the Fife and Drum'.Corps., aug- mented to thirty pieces by^the Legion Band, kept pep and memories stirring at^every opporhinity possible during the -*'--•— - - — pletion, of the Erie canal^ L»»sen cov- ered th=e- distance- *between- Albany and Holley by skating up the eanal. The last one of the- original flfty-hro. who oame here in 1825 .~t5 leave Kendall', was Henry Warwick, who died-atMs home in Holley in 1884. The only surviving descendent of the original immigrants, ig'IMrs. L. J. Parker, who wlth'her husband is now attending the centennial as a guest of the United States . government. The gpleuditT'display of - the Q$ars dnd Stripes 'through the residential as well as* the businese setitioiLof the Village, elicjted appre- ciation and praise among the visitors, and reflected much credit on the town. At five- octock^lbpTLegiohalres re* I»ai<Eed to the J&giOh Playground, whe're, owing to' the' torrid condition, of the weather, a \hot-dog stand\ was substituted for the intended barbecue. An absolptety new number In £h£ nature of an \African Octopus >^iow\ was put on as ,one- of the special hits of the evening, and a. good natured Legionalre \With that. School Girl Complexion,\ is said to\ have had -* terrific \strain placed upon his supply of patience. »•*»-.'• > HORSE RACES- The 'followers, of the tljrf will be glad to knojw thaELabout flfteen horses ttre working out at the fair grounds and will he ready for the opening meet which vdH-pi'obalbiy be hMd^ July^^thr tog and colors, and each number *%»#'; so beaxrtiful ot its 'kind, and so welt' acKdHaiafcifcBmiiddbe^ ignate any special feature as excelling.' • The ten little first grade toCs* who •'• personified the Daisies in the Pull Amfceaiing, ibrought * down the house with their measure of applause, all of %Sfch seemed 7 fo^ have very little at- feet on. the tiny actors mho -were so *• intent on being real Daisies. — -- Thp ,play. \Katy <D*d\ on 1»y tittf seniors^ was a difficult production, and particularly well acted by the eighth; grade boys and girls. The colonist > TO-MORROW and Saturday will end Lesters big sale. If you haven't already, taken advant- age of it do so now. « Ail px all, the convention went into history 4s anew link in the weMihg of success and progress in American Le- gion afCairs;.as^well as advancement 1 -in the interests of- ifermony and good- fellowship among Monroe Obunty Le- gtonaires. •' costumei were most attractive, «ndr the minuet, of long ago, in which.-they had been coached by Mies Zella Covert, proved a-4ecjded contrast to s «he *rot»L. SJ and Jazz'steps of the present day* ^ The colonial setting was arranged^ CSi throughr the/^couitesjr of Mr. Fowla^ who loaned furniture ot that period^! from ihis atofe* and Doctor Ooodinf| who kttn^ly cohtrttrnted colonial ntshmgs from his home The scene :wtas the product of the tW and ski of Chacries iHowardv of Albioifc\ was a good au&enee> and i of the. Oram^r, ; «chool fe*^ paid for ttbe time \Stod tWatC trw re«J credU which irui their school tbrough> the e« - -of the pupils. \ : \. .\v*4'. . •-»-, •v,t

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