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_ »* v ,f:' 'EIGHTS THE REPUBLIC, BROCKPOftT. NYi THURSDAY, APRIL 23, 1925 ,sm ? •••••»•• •»•». »•»• 111 enings M - PROM CJtirR REGULAR GQFIRESPONDENTS ^•^•<»»«»V»+»»»»<NM*m WIST SWEDEN KENDALL MILLS Friday. A^priT 24th, Will be observed] Weste\y .LaDue of Morton spemt Tiie*,' as Aiw'i-ay . Roy/ Beadle spein^ Monday vispig relatives in Roelaester. ..,.._.. Earl Kelly of Bergen Ipent a short -time/recently at the Haiinon home. hool reou-me>d session .Monday at District No. 7 aSter a two. -weeks' va- cation. [rs: Elizabeth Johnson was: a. guest jdjayof airs.-Sarafe..Kelly bi-Bergen. Stanley Beadle who underwent an deration at the General Hospttaa, jfoohester, on Thursday is- on the _&in T Mi§s Frances Hill who has beeai <.pej!din_ several days, in New . York ./City has retm-ne-d, to town. relay afternoon wytih bis sister, Mra El|za_\yeaver. ^ _._..___.___^ •Mrs. ^Marshall Eddings and children of Morton called on Mrs. Ida Bailey^ Saturday. ' . - •; •Mr, and. Mrs. Henry Leaty spent Sunday in Rochester. Arthur Welch came home Saturday -fright-from Roehoi-tor, returning Mon- SWEDEN CENTER Master' Frederick Miller had the misfortune to break his arm' last Thursday -when cranking -his Ford. iVlr. and 'Mrs; Walter 'PeMce h&ye tine sympathy of local residents, in .the .loss of thieir infant son, whose death \oc- curred a. few hours after birth, oh Sums day, April Btih. G. E. BENEDICT IS AGAIN CHIEF B.F.D. Regular meeting of'. the Board ott Trustees-jo4^he*«*toge ojc Brdctept.pfc, held in Village Hall April 20, 1925 at 8 o'clockp. m. > Present: ..President, W. E' 'Cook; BOY SCOUT TRAINING Boy (Scoufes'-oif BfO'Ckport are d>e<mon- straffing in & most convincing manner the foeiiefits and advant^ffs,they have received In\\ 'Scqut- training. Last week's R^pubWiG-«CMnme^n*ed—on the quickness and decision of Scouts Cleveland and Bjudtco#i) who discovered the fite' to Scou'taaster Otte's ham to_<j6irtihue* _#& efitorts ^til'lt WasT\ <\\ -; AtiCTIOBIS' . ; \ quite evident that Mr, French *w_s,b.e-1 iMarjan 'Jeffrey, «^™f^™r,*g^. .'-.-... sell at- auction inorder to fettle, pte> yond aid. • < . - • The: aeoohd instance for proving iip on their 'tr&--iins_. occurred recewtlly on the Fair 'grounds^ Scoutt Bert Way faced a real problem, when the confc paiiion wijth whom 4»e was playing -fell and broke his leg, Quite master of the sMuatioii.,;however v 'S<?QUt Way'directed estate of A^nie Widener wndi Jaflte,'• Yip Widener on - the\ James -Bmm. fanp '©&\ iRedmanitod'ahout -4ipflte»-.$d«flr-' and\ -west' of JBrocfcpor*,-' «•\• ^#«|';|J.^.'' binder, plows,, sleighs, oats, roll^i Jhousehoidvgoftds, •et&^ftto&u. Ernest i^bngft, atietibneer. J\, • ;• •; .Fafek 4&i Bjmlber .and •Qlana-'lik !BaM: ber lha,vi|ie: flled a .petftflea •*#«^|r •Miss Sarah Hannon and IMiss Bertlra Hannon were .guests last w.eek of 'Mrs. John Greene of Buffalo. ' _^ ;• Mr. and Mrs. Prank. NeiderX, Jr., are the proud parents of a little daughter, \bom on Friday, Ajpril lgriv^at-thu •Popfe Ave: Hospital, Rochester. R, B. Markham accompanied by Mrs. Blanom Smead'orf Hofl-ey were guests j recently of Mrs- Smead's son, X'lark Hughes and family of Albion. •Mr. and Mrs. James Bovanizer with Mr. and Mrs, Charles Archer and fam- _ily motored to Medina Sunday where they were the guests ..of 'M/. and Mrs. ~fibnie> Lewis. day, . . * Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Rowley of Brock- port-ealled- oft Mr. and, QJps-v W,-Meade- Mohday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. William VanGrden spent Saturday at Charlotte. Mr. and Mrs, John Binder, Jr. and son Almond spent Monday evening .with Mrs. Ida Bailey. The, Anchor Class of the >M. P. S. School met at the' home of their teach- er, Mrs. J. Benedict, on Saturday after- noon, where. -they—Jtiad— oft —a—quitt- WaJter iMerriM • has installed a gas engin o OH. his property at the corner of 'the Lake arid Beadle roads. .. : . The Ladies Aid'will m'eet with 'Mrs. Glark French Tuesday afternoon, Apr. 28th. The hostess will be assisted (by Mrs, Iltith French and iMrs. \William Long. . - w-ill be Hhe reguiaT There will be Hhe regular cnurcH serviCTS; on Sn*day. \Rev. WnV.'-'H. Sy.bra.ndt',s topic will be 'The World's 'Trinity!*—\\-- --••'.- Truistees,'Brown. Thoniipsoh, Bnamley, SheaTana UNoriosn. \~' r T\ '\ - The ininuttes of the \last jne^htgj were read and adopted.- The CSerJk reparted the; fellowinig re- ceipts sin©e*tJhe.Iast meetingjV'Siprinjkl- ing Taxes, ^83.92; Tax-Searches #3.50 The 'followtog bills were\ kuditedi by laist week, and did such sptendid work Ift^gettm^Tth^^fe-Tm'deT^otJnFt^^ the same connection we naJght menr tioSr _ tw& otfef iScduts whtT recenltly the other boys wfa'Se ithey iinip^ovjffe -splints and* made a stretcher .ujidh which they tramspoirted, ||h©I^3pJ^iyirnaite the ajuditing committee ah^Mjmotiojn by Dr. TnomipsonVere allowed and ordered paid; \* Pott Z. •••...,•••$ 42,50 5p^oved-their albility t_o meet aiit-.ejmer- gency in a most drainiatic manner,. Scout Gordon itugartiier waa the firat on the scene aifter Mr. French—hao: falle'nTnto the ipond hack of ithe.XJoJdJ-r 1 Storage plant a short ttoe ago, Wteen raptcy tjfe referee^ 2Sfel8jm_£^SiifQEfl; will sell; tihe foliowtog person^ proa? 1 exity at auction iSaturdtay, April 26% «t 1 b\clt5Ck is*wrp,'S fiblSes* 2 «ow#, neSr 7 - Stewart florae cUppin^'machine, jjrsdjt. binder. - TQnrers^ir manure spreaidiBrM Friend sprj^ rig, 3 Juniber isragoasv s4eel land rolIer^a-quantitjLhousehold m»« a^ no bov can, afford ^jntesjl^^\ ^ ^^ ^^ n comiforta'bly and safely .to the nearest doctor, All .thr^e--tostanices indicate- one thing jhoist iforcefully, : That is, that Scout trainlnig. is a wonderful THE- FIPUS CLASS, HAMUN of the M- E.HGhmch will present the comedy-draina \A Southern Cinderella\ Thursday and Friday nights, April 23 and 24. Admission 25c and 35c . 4:23 Played games and seryed r.efreshnients- in which the birthday 'cake with twelve candles for Bnrma VanOrderi, held the place.of honor. A motor ride to the lake end.«l a pleasant day for all/ \\'\ '-'• Mr, and Mrsr--Edgar Benedict or Senet a Parkway and Mr, and 'Mrs. Hiram Keishler o-f Riverside Drive, RochesU'rr were Sunday callers of Mjf. 'jo-h^'F. .McC6noeh had*. the\mIsfort-'and' l Mrs. Jarv^sTSelieaict, \\\' — Rev. E. V. Weaver, and wife of .the Niagara charge visited Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Holbrook and other friends Sun- day afternoon and 'Monday. une to have one of his hands badly tottered last we«k-while at-work on the J. E. Beadle tarn near. Sweden Center,' The a-ccldeovt was caused from falling timfoers. The friends and neighbors of 'Mrs. J., H. Markham are cordially invited to inspect her new Ijark Inn pantry 'recently opened- All kinds Of things wi'll he fo^nd on the shelves. Friends of Mrs. Kleanor Ledbetter who- sailed from New York mi Satur- day on the S. S. American of the U. S. Lines °are % wishing her a safe aad ^ueaaant—voyagii. ;rirm will spend HBV- -Central. EuropFer-'^riT —eral iiionllui in appreciation -of her Americanization work araou^ the people of those count- raeifsa^-msrTTO^iy®J-frir*yi! the RoTOanian, Polish and June-slavlan We wish to make a correction in last week's\ news item having been misin- formed. It was Etta Williams instead of Charlotte Cabba who visited Mrs. jane fredericks. ' : Charles Bailey of Roches'ter a form- er resident of this place called on Ellsworth Bbwen ani mother on Sat- urday. Airs. Ed. Tipton has been quite in- •dls.ppsed,\h>j .past week. -. —i^dwaTd 'Me^de fs-stiU-quite-ill-aTid under the~eare of Dr. Ogdenr ^r- OTIS iMrs. Barle Butjolon .underwent an operation aptne Park Avenue iiospifaT Mondiay, the 13th. At last report she was gaining slowly. . ..• ^t Mr. and .Mrs, John Arms, are the' proud parents of a bafby daughter, Doris—Marie, .born April 13, ^Irs. Fred Jiodecker has -r-etur-ned- after spending four weeks with her daughter, Mrs. John Bedette of Roeh? e§ter. Mrs, Bedette with her children Caroline and Fred came home with her to s^pend the week The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society meets Thursday of this week at theli ome of 'Mrs. A, E5. Smith. Mrs. R. E. Wilson has charge of'the lesson study and Stella Piles the mystery box. iMrs. Henry -Webster- returned to-he r home-in_S4^ies4»r- r ^IoH4ay--a*feer--^a?-- ing for her daughter,. Mrs. Fercival Walsfe t&e last month. - Mrs, Walter Hubscher and children spent several days with her parents^ Mr. wid Mrs. Fred Flemming, Sr. The Home Bureau -will.-meet-next. Miss Amy Verney, Mrs. Steitz -will aanes' Seth M. Goold. .x... Giles Bbyt^r,..,, Oeorge BJoener. , Bert A. Tnompson.. . •aiatie* T. \Jones.; George -P-. ^Guetph.... Fred <i. Gillespie... Dr. John L>, Hazen. L. A. MacSweeney. N. Y. Centrall R. R, •Ohas. (Eh -Hotalins,.. -&-J-.-iSefealte.-. .-r.-.-\. N. Y. CentraJ-Oft. R. 50,00 50.00 06. Co. Binder., the .doctor arrived, Scoiit^Hiligartrfw «as-aotively eng«g^d^n^apply4nig-lthfr Shafer method of artificial respiration, \561HF *^S^B-°X :Ce®y^itatfen-fiyjryi^cofttt gp'oo aaust loarn^ So perfect waa BJi'lgiait- TO;®? TIBT'S teclmique, that he -was permitted; ^ft.00- 5ff.0O 702,49 68.79 100.85 , 5,21 ^46,50 * 1.00 The local Court of Honor met a t the Npranal School Fridiay e-wenlnig for the purpose of exaihihing .Scouts who are ready for proimotlSn. M EN'S „H1GH r GRADE 8HOE8 The Geo. Merrit* Shoe Co., Brock- ton^-Mase^ manufactMrerg of 'Man^ High Grade Shoe* «www«w <*» a^e- ruf- fk^l' allUuM, fwin XltaiVAa- +^. ^i~_;»- SUBSCTIBE FOR THE REPUBLIC tbroag& tteeir Agent, Walter J. Albu*, MTam Sit, orer IJee'St, Grocerr, Brock Geraldine Ferris fMciMann is improv- ttteaaeditr^stHteT-^' give a health talk on that occasion. The Irtterior of theh ome\ of :Wil!iaJfi E. J. Larkin- and family arrived home consuls and a s.peeial-visa-from .the i Saturday from -North Wolcott. They Zeohoslovakian minister in Washing- j will return on Monday morning when ton, ---'. j Mrs. Larkin will undergo an operation Several namcs\from this victarty KP-|on one~of Irer feet. ~\ peared on the B-Tron grange progranvl \ • -• last week, which was given in thej CLARKSON Presbyterian chutrch parlor« ou Satur VanOrden three miles west of Hilton, was eompletely ruined by fire _ las.; Wedrioaday afternoon caused by an overheated stove pipe. Kalamazoo 'Loose L. Binder.. 23\'40 - Rod'ger & iM<?Lead.. 420.73 Oaspen Hose Co 406.00 Protectlves , .\..... :. 250.00 Siteby Hose Co ; .*.. 500.00 W. J, Glynn, pay roll.... t... 487.35 r —The olflclal Bonds to tike Village ot Giles Hoyt and George Hosner, police officers wese presented and approved. _ A copy of 'the minutes of the annual meeting ,o<f the Brockport Pire^ De- partment, covering the election of offi- cers for the ensuing year was received The election was as follows: Fire •Chief, George B. Benedict; 1st Assist- ant, Georgie #ttelf; 2nd Assistant, Fred Gillespie. T/he same was read atid on motion of Qylr, Brown was approved. A -petition -was received signed by 4ua>pe4^y-Q^waegs--r^s4d4ng--on-rtho west end of Eolley street requesting thb , Beard oX\Trustees to macadamize the. 1 west section of said street from the! •west end '** t-h«* prpgpht tTincafla.Tn to j the weat line ot the village, the same j was received and read, and referred i •^ihe-atrftet coaiimittce-r^or--fttrt;h«iy c'onsideratibtf.^\\ 1 _\ j •Dr.- Hazen - appeared before the ', ;Board\.and-ip.ye his.; yearly -report as- Health Phyiloian. - -\•-———'— -^~ •MF. and Mrs. Charles Storer of Roch- ester spent Sunday with thoir mother, • day. Mrs. Merlon Brown told oflrxe origin of the Home Bureau. The loet- urer, Mrs. P.' A_ Nightingale, opened | Mrs - Levi Thompson. her program with a song by the| Mrs. Aususta Bates, who spent .the -Grange; Itev^-h!. J. Rulifteon-of—^Norfch-j wintt!r w|l,n \ PJ naiisnu;r, Mrs-'Clark Bta-cen spoke-on- \The Outlook forthel^P^y \«* Holley. has returned- to her Ne^Cc-ay. far American People;\ Ca.U3-! n(> nie for the summer. Zedrxe/eook; redtei;' ' •Thi-CJBrb'ther ol;7'M•s8:«c;s^;DTOneITf jMjnoved^iir •Mine.\ There were vocal solos by i t° tno Gordon house next to. Roy Charlotte Wood acio-mptinied by Mrs.jPelter's. . Luther. BerthaMclntyre, accompanied' Mr - and Mrs. Chester Rounds and \b71ii*rerv^ram\liar1¥yTK •TOf^Mp'Aiima\'iiraiTr i , golgs_.br '>l.is-s Esther Fu'rgpsnn. .^til! tti^iii w»M0 mid {)Il two r\n~ Dinner-<was I ——rwo- __jnemihei'sMp- and the degrees were ;-.;,nfi.Ti*ed didates at this time. —rented--at-uooii '\*\eleven with-'MIA. ('.' ?J. D_an of North Bergen as chairpiah. - ----- - Ths ofB<-pra anil ni.ull_h._r_ . WStrr'iurcr-'piiiiro\\ •\\ ' • *•••••'• -c»\«-.i.--i.^. jy Ali's« i,i M : a i riuii~Pei i i'y of Medina Kp.m third and fourth| Mrs - Richard,.Armer. .. . ...... Mr. and Mrs. 0. H.' Cotter and #aughtef,B_iTtiee- and \Miss Elizabeth Lewis spopt tjundav at the hnmp of Hpnry Kptnie of Greece. Mr. and Mrs, \Wright Gage ofMe- dina and Mrs. Emma Haight of Law- Jfunior-Froje^t Clubs from North Ber-p°n road p.peh'1 BBe wee_: end with Mrs. g(«t^i-^r---=tteE^e-=Sclt_4)l^^^ Rg_fld& Jli___lc-t__Gaoi3te_wece ^JtteEtained:at ;a|,. thhrchh rF*riday Mifttti'iioota'-ai the home of Miss Frances Acton, the oc- oa»ion bei-nig her 11th birthday an- fliv*«-sary. During the afternoon an _(tot<_3_taiaJL_co^ . by a numibewo-f the .gues.ts. who .had -. ^evidusly-^Been arranfeff h_to~fwo Mr. and Mrs. John Koss and son of man of Olarkson were\ Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fetter. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Staples of the Super, place .had quite a serious ac- DENTAL. CLINIC CARES FOR 226 SCHOOL. CHILDREN IN THE -• TOWN OP SWEDEN . _ .. The !>ental -Clinic he'd at Community Center last week, under the auspices of the Dental Dlspensjiry ana\P_tbTIc Health Association, was a splendid succersa. and resulted in untold Benefit reii^f^e^t^wtRrf-Sweden? Th-ere- - were- -94 children cared—for Wednesday, 104 on Thursday arid 28 on from the Grammar, Paroclilal, Normal and Sweden rurar sohools. The work was done under the supervision ot Plorenice—M: •S-addoeky-'S-pervising. •^'WsirW^irssistarit derita. hyglenistlsT M-fl:\'-arils-Birr.. Miss fl&fbeft; ^HSF JMatie T. Jones apptsired before the Board an* ig&ve Oier annual reiport as Community Kurse. Dr. Greene appeared before the Board and *$ve his annual report as ^filk Inspector.^ •--_-_•-- —- Dr. Thompeon moved that\ the Presi- dent _nd inerjc tr authorised -tr exe- ,cute...a^-d__nand note in favor .of-the •Ffos. Rational' Bank in the sum of $4600.00 to meet current expenses in anticipation, of ihe.comlng ta'xes. Car- ried. . ~~~' ' \ '...'\.'\ M%_-tS_?-rce^-5rMi§rS_-OT 4i V . . ^...„ .._ ^__ Doctors Gooding, 'Locke and Mapn visited!\the working \department\.sev-\ .eral times during the-clinic, as -well -as physlefan8. the local Health Mann apd Hazen. .Mri -Tnnfis. Community Nnrae. 'Doctors J__ cefved very efficient assistance In car- rying out -arrangements from the Col- loiyjrji^effibers of the\ Comnmnity ¥peneer-p-ft^'^_hv^a_rft4-fB--H. Rud- ^feattlr \ Servicer *5frs. RoBecrantz, _* _Sf_l.^^___J_-_S^Si^__lii Mrs. Bfeke, 'Mrs. Johnston. Mrs. Root and Jlrs. \Wrteht. On motion adjourned. * Uert A. Thompson, Olerk. If it is -good iprinttag you want, try the Republic Print Shop. =__2_9; AMS-BAS »t» -ArtTmi' TteSie-^gtcrtdTtCTrTSntrrrrlny yening in honor of ttie _birthday of hiS^-parents.\Mr:-and—Mrs. -Edward Heia^ A four piece orchestra from Bergen furnished the music. ATwut 75 gUfii.^ -Wefe- -^€s«nt^toj_a_-Berg_icr Clarkson. N Byron and Brockiport. reporrt a very enjoyable time. All CARD OF THAr4KS Mrs. George Gallup aM lamHy wfeh theii^^M__ryH1-enda^*or^»yhlpal__y-and- favors rendered §_fi__; their late be- reavement. Suits at-drroctdi ON SPECIAL SALE THIS WEEK Our Window Display of These •Attrac- tive Garmeiits^Vgfifies Our Clatrri for 4Jnusual Values and Satisfactory Asr sortment. Play Suits FOR BOT_* AND GIfH_S± At 98c Extra Value Khaki Strib .in long or short sleeve styles made to stand rouglf \usage. WI sizes:, ;~.\.. .. ...... ~.9Sc\ Ginghams and fast-color Per- cales at $1.25, $1.59, $1.79, BOYS^ BASE^BAsfcL' SUITS 2 to 8 yrs. 98c BOYS' PRESS-UP SUITS ~eiivei' Twist \oi Sailor Styles, •^-of;- &f©adelpth^ hi Green and Tan shades$l.S9 --JVIany Pretfy New Style* In _ r Late Materials Fine Figured Fashions, Service- able Kitty Krashes. Zephyr $1 ,98i $2.25 fo $2.98. k Size 2 years to 8 years 10 years to (4 years GIRLS' CAMP FIRE SUITS of extra-qtrality Twilted~--hald- XlpmlMnation^^efl-^ar^y^i^- ill _•_•*••••. .ti.f^t • 3^ J.»MO Bloomer and Middy—air- ! r$l-2S- l -em^p^t-t^i— Creepers and Dutch Style Suits; are especially attractive. A splendid showing of plain GhamBfay' arid\ figurea and? il.eefced-^gin^iattts---at98c .-to $1.59. BLACK OR WHITE BLOOMERS of best grade sateen especially. welRnade... 7777 .. *T7750c X ^RIJS^HNE5tIP^ of fine shber mtislin, Lace or Leadir BRQCKPORUI.Y. i— ,\- cident at Lockport while motoring*to Port—Hepe;-Ont.; in-_.-»Na-_^S^-tO-ring4 *\ ^•»C\t'F»-F'!'»W4 l W'»t44^TWHt»»ffWntn|^^ frT-M^WiWjIniT.. T.f. _ex_K£_e__ac_ummnJed_by 1 was -CJinposei ofUraeeUpahri, Eliza-j ai <^ Mrs ' »rass.r una son o t itocnes- 'beth Stroll. Qrace RUSHPH and Aimfrlter. As they reaclip^ jillft hflfff P OVfr, \Caitherine Coote, Anna Stroll, aissHSSaiS=l -<\ Marion) DorisJ wheel, beca_i« blinded by the sun, and running^up--*he- *lan*ting frame, ttirn^ teagrtJo:-_.--TSersnbject€^netuded^ii-PPg^-tke-'caj: apsids-downt-and pinning the contest were puzzling questions on th * occupants underneath. None were -&-bgraipihy, IHa^ryr-Art-hmetaie, Bug.j-seri' Idsh, Physiology and Miscellaneou- work. At the «lose of the ocmitest it was founfl that tea_n No. 2 had won from team No. J, .the- score' -being 1. to 12. . ' - -.- • \ \Misses 'Marloxi' and- Margaret Walker fiintl-hed nuisfec for the occasion. At the close of the entertainment a boam- apper -waJ3-freF¥--°%y Acton. A- large birthday cake in rain- '1K>W effect oyer a, -back ground of frosted white formed a ohannlng cen- ter piece \for tlhte dining table. Eleven •haM blown white roses served as hold- ers for the eleven candles which d^eo- -^rat-d tihe-cake). --.— The guests inaving enjoyed, a very pleasant afternoon left (Miss Acton wltflrbig her many happy'returns of the day. \ * ~^JJtUL$fcTM _>CRQ_»_.THE-J_LILL. A 3-act comedy, drama, will toe gjven at the M. B. ch-nrcb. Hamlin Thursday * erening', April SO, by- the _5pworth League oft he iM. E. ohurch of Hilton: Adxnlseioa 2$ iand 35 cents. Good mnsic. .This entertainment is sure to please all fortunate enough to -be able ' to attend. .Don't miss it. - - .-•-•-• - ». •—-— * — READ THE CLAS8IFIE0 AD$ ^v.. Bt-^ipsr—Stai feels as if every bone was in need of repairs. The car was wreaked Mr. Staples continued his trip by boat and the others returned to their homes thankful it was n o worse. A .meeting, of the East Clarkson Cemetery Association was hesld Mon- day at the State Bank of Commerce Charles H. Gallup was^eh-Cted .trustee for a three years term t*y succeed his Bather, since det;ea&ed 1 The present board corisists of L. \H. Trimmer, Jay Crary and C. H. CaUup. TREE BARGArNS~PLANT NOW The foliowing are all 2 year OW ^tock Ten New Cortland Apple Trees $10.00 Ten New Rochester Peach Trees 10.00 Five New- Imperial. Epinense - Plum Trees. '.. ; 5.00 Five LargeEngllShWaJnut Trees 10.00 Six Fine -Ros& Bashes- 4UI dif- — -—- \T feTentv 3.50 Six Beautiful Hard Atzaleas (all different) 6.00 ©tt Large Shrubis (all different) 2.50 ;S4Jf Beautiful Lilacs (all dif- - ferent) .,.....-. 5JOO Prompt ShTprrient GLEN BRflOGBJERS, Jnc, Bsta&llShed 1866 ROCHESTER •• NEW YORK 8h,e SaVer Today Will be the \Builder Tomorrow j» We Welcome Yoor Account Regardless of Its Size l?r„ >r. A. fW-WW*fW»'UT.tlitfMOT.*l>ftt.*#\fIt.»».MI'|-T*l-f»-Tll'f«tJ ir~_- lii-^_____f_j-J_______ _i•_>__itr.'.'.l.. i' - -?'Vrilyi_ifiifit- ! -^-- ltf;t ^L : -<*S. .':_.v-_._g^^-._il.ii. a.,:.

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