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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, April 23, 1925, Image 2

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TWO THE REPUBLIC BROCKliORf, N Y.THURSUAY, APRIL 23, 192S ^fr?jff^« iMM&MM&bi BISHOP B feARREP %lll Not Be.-Allowed to Speak frbrn' ; Art'yJNgLW York Pulpits IBishop WUliaro ;T\_ Mailing for- bade Dr. William^ Montgomery Brown,: former-Pret^atant Rpiscnnal bis] of Arkansas, from officiating orspsaftr ing in any'parish or mission of the New York diocese. In another letter to Dr. W*. N. Guthrie, rector of St. Mark's-in-lHe- °Bou-v?erie, Bishop Manning sAid that Dr. Guthrie's invitation , to Bishop Bro-wn to <speak in St Mark's was. in —\open contempt and.—defetftce. of the . authority and law of the church.\ Bishop Brown was found guilty of -heresy .last year.. b£- a-.trial court, of the Pr'otestant Episcopal church. La, ter-a court of * re\ ie'w affirmed this judgment and ordered him \deposed from the ministry of tiie church.\ ~\New Vor-J •Bishop Brown was ' Inhibited from of- ficiating , or speaking in St. Marks parish or any other parisir or mission in this diocese.\ Bishop Manning S8id such fight had been granted hirn^by EL.-canon of the church allow- ing, the bishop to inhibit a nilnisu-r coming into the diocese \unucT the imiuitfltin.Ti of having elsewher.p.bwn guilty of any of the offenses\ within the herfsv code. '4«PSc; extra tubs, ~38«>47c; fair Vp choice. 43f7?45c; dairy, fa»cy> Am> 44c; afir to choice,'3$(ff42c. CH^SE—N^^-..state whole milk, che*se*v -cotOfeu' and; white. Flats/25 T§>\pcT~daIsTes 2S#26cr tonf Tiorns. 2-5ff2fte.- •\•'-' •••- •-.---- - - gfiCl-S-Hennery, state, S3c; hwrrt Trrtr-*- 32ci-- Mate- \\ western frf>sh, ?W3Tc\ BUTTERNUTS - S1.00(i?1.25 per bushel. HICKORY NUTS—8@10c per lb. \\WAr^NT\T'B—®iacR New. Voffc state. 3 'Sffit rei lb. / BEANS—Pea, dry. 10(1 lbs., 46.75(g) 7.00: marrow. $ll.oa@tllla;_rea\ -iEL* neys, $ 940@10.00 ; white, $10.00@ LIVE POULTRY — Fowls, per lb., heavv. 30®31c; light, do. 26#28c: chickens, Taney, ?8fr29c: light, _2m 27c: old foost-ersnTfTlScTlttcks r??35f pefse. •i-9<?i20s. DRESSED POULTRY — Fowls heavv. 3\lT/.33c: -fowls, medium;\28@ SOc;' folws. light, 25{f 2Gc> -chlck- \ -7f3tfr: old -'roosters:—S0#ce} ckielH* fancv. 3<W<2c; geese, 23@>25c. ONIONS -New Vork.Starve Ho v.. globe. fane+, -$3,50<?S.75--pcr- TOO.lb. &acK; Ebenezer, fancy, $2.50@2.7-~> per bu \\\\\\ PLANT — T5@90c per SuTcWs Cause Worry to. Austria ' Herr Vaugoin, Austrian Tnini'ter t»f \defegg.e:r g -imsr *n~eenseqaen^ of the greatniirriBer of s'uiCidrs'ft fne army,\ promulgated an order calling upon officers and N. (•'• O.'s to erideavorab live \on a good footing vrith their su- bordinates. Thirty-four privates conv raitted suicide last year, and nearly'* dozen furthpr cases have-been report* ed this year. MARKET REPORTS New York Provision Market RTTTTtqF—Praamery higher than •^xttaf • 4KM@4Gc. ' EGGS — Fresh gathered extras,- sic. .* ; ,. - cHEESE^-State- \vhale~ milk., flats, fresh fancy, 23c/ *.:.\_. •OYSTER- 'd'oj, Inarches BElSTS -<- 1.25 per bu CABBAGE-White, red, <jjai515ci-13 hamper: Alabama crate. CARilOTS-fionH' $1.00 per bu. CELERY- Florida crate' tfomc grown, $1.00ifi) 33<f?r>Oc perbu; }-1~Ja<foa Oft, per, $.;t on @ 3.25 per \ growp< Z5c@ -«-2?Sfi'3.f,(V. per tr'rt'lvWKKS-— Hot—ttowse.-fattCF, $3.00«?3.25 per\box o r 2, ('•)•> - per barrel LETTTTE- Hothou«*. JO \p tSe; lee. berg, fancy., $255@2.7\H- .. PARSLEY — Louisraim. 5fl^60c. p>f (Irs? bunches. - ' PARSNIPS.- Fancy. T^c^tl.OO per bushel. . PEPRKRS- Florida. .•fT.OO'S; 7$<Vpei hamper.. \ s JIAOISHES- Home grown, black. 75fSOc ner bu: hotn'ou*e. red. 3pfi' ;H Buffalo Provision Msrket APPLES—New York state grade A Tfinga, $2.2R(S2.B0: Northern _S] :|M5@2.6&05~greenings.---^2,DOi8)2.2a;. yarious other, varieties, $1.2B@2 25 -p4jr-btt. - STRAWBERRIES-Alabama, $6.00 ^8i©(bpe*^4^=i!r*ter-^-i ? 2~^^i : --;^ TEARS - Kieffer. J1.25#1.50per bushel. BUTTER—Creamery, ejjxa prints, SPIJS'A^H ~ Texas. $l.Q<«n 25 per bushel ~~~ TOMATOES «?Jltttida. _ repacked. S7.BO0S.5O. -XirRNlRS-Yellow. eSSJScjperbu: white- 90cf?S1.00: . - • r M^T»LE SUGAR—Light. 26@28c'; dsrlj. 20^22c per lb. MAP1,TC SYRITP — Light, S1.8Btfr -2^00^ark^.^5fW!I>.l-.-7-5->per*galr-\ HOKEY--White coinb,'N»; 1y W® og c , Xo-gy-^ti^c-^peg-lb.: «terk»--15ffi) 17c p^»r fb \A rtBPITION OP YOUR- WANT AD may bring a bettor offer for that secotrdMiarro: arHd&,— -v • - - •• - - -—• ATEST NEWS OF NEW YORK STATE FAfcM ORGANIZATIONS - Prepared^for-ThisPapR^bjrlihe^^ New^ York State Farna Bureau perferaSon^rtKciTltTr;' 3,000 Farmers Join Farrh Bureau In Three Weeks During the first week of April two thousand -farmers joined the county farm bureau associations\\ in this state, and during the tw^i weeks fbl- -krwtesr iiiSS. rao4* farmer*, signed up. All of. these represent paid; mem- bershinsj . .. . • —Gonvmenting-onr^ this evidence 6i farmer sjipp'ort of the fafni bureau, Enos Lee, president of the New YOrk. State Farm Bureau federatiQh, salo\,: \Speaking of signs of the, times J mis a mo3t KopeJuI vfto wnen .in three weeks'^' press their support of the farm .bu-\ reau in a financial way.. I belieye most strongly, t3£at'\f^rnaers sliouid support the fafm bureau financially and it has been proved- by long ex- perience that men are inore apt to use the things they pay for (because the purpose of the farm bureau is t o improve the- farmer's business.) i D'elieve just as strongly-that tEe : farm bureaus deserves—and must have-- government.support, foi_the develop- ment of Tfjir agriculture is to the ben- efit of all the citizens of the couatr.- cot To~Tarmera-aloney?~ •... •••»-== ^\-SSS~V Farm Topics crh^the Radio from Chi- go and Schnectady The following farm radio program is--anaeuacod by the'New York State Farm Bureau federation and the American. Farm Bureau federation for the last week of April. From station \Y GY at Schenectad) on April 27 at 7:1? p. m., Leo Muckle. president^of the New York Stat.' County .Agents; association, broad casting onj^t'onrteen Years «f Farm Biireaus,\ _.._ From station KYtV'Chicaso a_t8i3'J Eastern time: .April 23—RtM-iew at the Livestock Market, speciaj feature 'furnished b> the Chicago* Livestock exchange. A{fril'29--'Atiai'esB by George Wood- \y uff jL^^Jt'hM^>ML.°lwl h PZ^ .uittge oa i^u.T and CRrls' Otib worK. April 30^-ReyievV of the Ltvestofiit Market by the Chicago. LLvastOck Ilr- chaage. , -P»rrn^BMwau-W*mbeis.Asfeetr--toJiUcei. i Parrt4j» Forest^ Week v A -mesHagB-.''fram O.' ; E. .BradJute president Q£ the American: Farna Bu- reatT: Federation* to membecs-ofc the farm, bureau communicates the pxeai dent's proclamation on American. For- est Week, urging that every farm bw- feau member gWc careful heed to tlu- proclamation, Preatdeht Cro'.idge—desigBates—t-h^ ^wpfe .of A^Bfli TT to May incTwsive. as American \ForeH Week and recom- mends that Arbor X>ay be- eelebrstefl within \that week. The proclamation says in part\. \I desire to bring to t&- -attention, of our people the d-<inge,i ! taat' comes from the neglect of our forests. We liM'q t?\ freerv «pent the rich arid !;iognincTnT^tft~ttutt na- ture bestowed upon us. We ha\> passed the pioneer stage and aire not longer^excjuajibj^_ 'or. continuIng; this unwise dlssipat-ion of a great re ; _ source; Our forests ought to be put tq work and\ kept at work. Our in- dustries, our laii'iowners, oiir farm- ers, all our cii tfc.Mis must ieara to treat our forests as crops; to le used ;but also^ta br^ r-messjed,., We.-mast. learnt to tend our woodlands as care fnllv as we tend our farms.\ Freiflht Rates on Stockers and Feed- .Bank of the'Itepubllc, Chicago. AipM2S~:51«MHli& nnali\Bls of \f\a«\' The New York Siate Farm Dureau fedecation has se<<ured a hearing be lore ttte lnters^f('^C^;iuT5erttes.Coar.~ mission on the freight • rate paid by N,ew York faj-mers on livestock brought In from the West for fatten- ingrJE.-¥irrTitui. -1 ransportatioH ateee - ;tor for the fe4era'tlQnT\feports. Th hearing will b>> held early in May.\ On Western nml f'entral trunk lin territory all sto. I.PI-S and. feeders ar. carried at a rate equal to 75 per cen of the-fat—stock rate w!ttte~a highet rate is paid on the Eastern trun lines.- At *he hearing an attempt wll bp naade to e\und the 75 i er cen rate to Eastern trunk lines, which cover Western New York~ tenfitqr} The extension would mean a consid evable saving on freight to the farn er» interested. v Minnosofa sflpreaae eour^ . A^neatg other things tlie decision states \th&. tuberculosis is a .danger'ousj, coiita^ gious. infeettous disease w-hieh at •tacka both lt'Umaii beluga'au> omes ibjj^tJs-^onrtnBicate'i-^ to human bejtafs, •espe-cially .to ehit dren, Sy\ nnM'.'wa' otherTowT prodttcl\\ thfecteel' It is a frequent coippteint that ft ft 41lncult *©• always ffntl & cheese' which tneits easily, iindf Awhile 6ne well tl- ea an^ so rfeadlly grated! does; melt % ^OF^ftUi^l^ithsift-^^e^-^^l^h-^^niwt from infecte<3' an^nalsT^'sTararS\ undifi\ p^ted.\ Thfe decision further point ed out that the enforce.meht of.qua:' an tine provisions\ of the bovine t. t; evadicatipii law IJ -l«.'-Tprofi55teT~iB£?'' preserve the- public \health and for 4 public purpose, r HOME mm \4 I k By INEZ .SFARIK.S WILASON^ CHEESE COOKERY Cheesels \tM)ol;eif \v1u>n it is melted, and it melts ;it a coiuimrntivcly lw temperature, \.theivfore ..tlwst? factors must be taken into ci.hsklefat ion 'when prepHrinjT.dl&iies'lEi jtliki K is one of the ihgreiilcnts, \ The cheese shmild lx> rmel>- divided? either by .grsiting ur si-uiving: In very thin slices. \VJmn vvdl rim/nert It grates easily, hut u*-w rltcw, alt{it»uj>li soft, may be • bmkrerrhTjoi'snmtl Hits. v\i\ *cheese is usually, a few mit±=- a i>oand-]^aud—-he-feBttwg^t*l'-^y'ouiw, ttno> tf you \lwve ridden nnuny lonely and some* times dark miles* 'with Mm, after a nor 6f\fqoo*. tie ak>, finely cttvfdea; there-is- no- reasop wftjr any eneese wittTpt^plliitFsniootbr nltftnre IT property Miidled- — aL ^ _ •fbG American ereflth or \store\ cheese is ohe of the most eomnioniy «w'ed for general purposes ot cookery, •^B^T!)iie^^t\Tr\si^ jffav&r. When ofif, it has a sharp, fta- Ttlr and i s very easily grated. Tchere are- v . many yafietles of im- pBfted cheese \vhich ; are afvaaable-Ii \_- the markets of: the larger cities and towns. 'English divlry-eheTjse Is one oi these; It Is very similar to tlve Ameri. c«n or Cheddar except that it is,hawk- er and therefore easpy grated; It is a trifle mofe expensive than the Amer-. lean. . Among those cheeses-wm inu, BUILD THEM ftid\\ Roquefort, B|\ie and Gamembert which lire characterized by-tlieir strong odor and* distine*ive flavor, - —__ Drawback to Afiectiaft _ Inspired by a Morsm I_«n> u*^a» I say, senfijni>nuil about- prses; LIIiav& never yet st'iMi a inan a Jiongge liked as well as a .txice bundle, of hay* writes Guy Strathers liurr in the. Saturday Evening Post. But «>n the '«|he>r hand, it\ you Imve rliicleu one iionse-atot-anit Imow ittf his little way* more than tb^e new, but JIS its .flavor Is mofe highly ^dev*?lopi'«l. its. use Is eteOnoniy,\iis less vvirf.\KTXT riielteSired | while you 'begin-Vo elierisli an affection taste. - , , ; for him against yeur better sense.- As a high t«'!ii|)(»rature ,or lorn: c-ook-' \there's a sweet, warm, compaalott- t«'!iip(»rature ,or loni: rook- ing render clieesi» tuu^rti and stringy, ffle .other ..faouT-i««it4 - Iias^g^o»ild^^l)e--Ntl: Markets by \V. H. Moo'rhouse, Brook noire-: EcQufiftiK:_Service. -April SO -Some Stories of the 4-H Club Girls in the Southwest by Mar; Louise Doherti of the National Com- Supreme -Court Holds T. B.-ls Com nrunlca&re Through\ WTIfc . -rTh^.topoifiaK losls eradication tn town dwellers a*-., well as jte^fewwefs i« seen in a dg t'nlon r\C3iit' ' •\•TdV'tl 'ir>-n by. tb~ cooked befor*» they are coinlanert with it. Onions, ssrreen. peppers and chives are splendid lla\*>rlngs to usp with cheese, but as? they require longer cook- ing to m»ke_ them tender* they niay be bolle4 arst hat a little -water er cooked able feeling to the rippling, muscles at owe hand |h u'utfer. '..\ - When eating putatw^ an. ^gratia ,or macaroni »n<l cheese »r siniilar dishes, one- should be cunsi-linis only of the -piquanF-flavor of the cheese In the smooth white-, suttee. There should not j Joe getting\old be, as there so frequently are, little lumps of tough cheese, due to the fact by Improper methods o* cookeryv It the white saticeIs .'made\aiid then the against them on a.pitch-black deserted trail, almost, although not quite so much company as you get out of a dog* in camp. And as for Joe, if you miss the trail in the dark and 'try to turn off It lie will do his Best to buck with, t-you.• ...-_......- r There's one thing about being -with such short-lived Jliings. a_s_ hor8es_and dogs that lsn*t pleasant You under- shtntd what ageIs'fbe soon. Here Is and he's sixteen. You §h\- WHBW BETTER AUTOMOBILC3 estlont Vhyartttiofot- car deaUn glad to see you when you have a Buick to. trade tn? , . - * itc Cheese Is conapletely melted before .the •sattcft ia-pou^tl-t^^-jhe poiatt .macanmlt ^srhlcli fiave aLso ~ :been cooked, this condttl5h will-not result get top much an Impression bf tlf* nswert JThef know that if. they get it, \they can sell it quick! y .— at a •.good , price, Buick reliability, has made Buick a first:- . choice in\ the useducar .- market. —- »— 1L TBUXlB. FELTS &BURKErAgt^ ...,:._JJ*Hfej(yR_. \..._ and tlie lint^iieii ^odtictr^ili be a -forth. Sixteen ounces of gold are sufficient -•, f !..\ \ to gild a wire that wquld encircle'the. When better autymoblles. are buittt naraici('wnrDuTia ih*m •-.. These gains are only part ojE those we are\sto^dix%> : White Ware f0rt|t. ami 4.2-qt. Paris, Dish Pans, Kettles, Roasters, etc.—-scveraHizes irreach —. .AH first quality ^Coc^riE^oor Mats AL good heavy\\ Fifere Door Mfet for - 88c fl.i7-Eacb 1 }-\~yafd wide..-..: - 33c -^ar^eguk^ra^inJ^uL€LandSSL_ ^EZflHlE^ 5 ^ fflese ^endtu rugs at a .--—-—-. „,_.-=„! bargain ~ ' • 1'£ yard whif. • • .-r. • .42f? - —_ flTQ. ,.:-,, f-^^fr- •9x12, -.:.. 13.50 No-4ouse- should fee without one Our High Grade.\ Hew Process\ with Giant Chimney, Extra Strong Base, Cast —, .Griddles, etc. t -frburnei .-^ .|>14.75- -'. 4-burner.. •Barrier-. $2500 OI-COHR&E, Are for Ca^h only and or ^lass Tumblers A ^ne_^^^irjt_fetown gtass yyater turn-. biers—fine enough for \heft:\ use at m Electric Bulbs High Grade, clear Tungsten House Bulbs ea. 25 40 SO Percolators of Pure Aluminum Extra Special «n Percolators For this sale only at % .$1.00. each Rod-Reel-Line Fishing Outfit . S-ft. Steel Rod,., .V. - • . >'.$125 Wincheater Reel...' • ...... 2,00 , Silkaline Line..— Float, Hook, Lead'. *.. Total... *^21 $3.00 Each \V ASUStlAL- We will Serve Refreshments to the Ladies in Our Rest Room on the Second Floor. - Coaster gons Roller bearing, lO-ift. aigc wrjeefg, wtttt ttfg Tubbertlres. aTTst'eel\gears\\~- '~\ ^Kx36-Ha4J w4»t)u-yo?u-. '< •\. ^-.-^-^ v >••.••»•«$< -Samrebut with15x34 boxfo^r. •<•_-~ .... - • ; $6.48 Rubber Hose^ - A 5-pty wrapped: Garden Hose, ottr r¥g\uTar Iftrsi^k:*\ .\\ .^WithlNozzle ;.^BMl \ linoleuiji Sev,erat patterns' in both inlakl& printed stock Special Sale Price Inlaid $1.36 Printed 88c FAMOUS <( PLANET JR.^ ^®DS^T^Bl^XI|SC©t^^ l-HORSE CULTIVATOR, 5-TOOTH kt. 2-WHEEfc «AND^CULTlVATOR, f • \ • « •« » 3 TEETH AND PLOWS at. 1 \ '\ -«« \- JIOES ONLY... .,.;.. The Lowest Price Jn Years on Planet Jr. Goods • • • • * iO>^Hh 6.25 5.25 Lanterns The kincTyou get usually for $1/25 to $4.50 Tall or short globe This Sale $1.10 \ATlNEf As a Souvenir to Every Man and Woman Who Attend This Sale. REMEMBER THE DATE NEXT MONDAYv I 5*?^ j On Almost 'Every Article in Stock DurinfcTWs Sale \P RE3SIEMBEM THE •'.'DA'fE .-. NEXT-/MONDAY •; / ^>l !P ''.* K

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