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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, April 02, 1925, Image 5

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mm v X. •^&&&z- 7 MrsrflofisgWife^ wTBBH^Eol is sure to make a Kit with EL.\ Derlverjr Service W,;S, LEE Quality Groceries Phone 18 MahTjSf; I n 1 WKKKPORT RCPUBLIC Thursday Afternoon, April 2, '25 : —•q'he - aroufc^season 1 April 4th. '.^-~ iGarl ^rffiSnHfe&B purchased the Nugerit place on, Beach •atpeet. Said Reiehelwill occupy tie new bungalow toeing .built on Meirc&T street, Thipi %iriftH Reynolds farm at Haim- lin, has been soJUflo Willbur HTtlaber. William Kidney of Murray has been shearing sheep for N. B^JFike during the past weeK, T\ \^JZe&%ig&-MMsM, who has been seri- [y^ ill with lobar jpehumonia, is gradually taoprovinig. \~ The Easter' Monday, dance Will toe put on, at Normal gym ttois year by tiej \ dammar Living I . . m Let us fit you to comfort- S 4\ able glasses. Joseph O^rner— of this place has jJteoaigtot tne-3»ta.. W^JiL-Cwnn Ingham property-on Holley street. -„ L^jGL-GoEdffltLjKiaJieeaJ^id m tor several days the.first time toe says since he has been Jn business. •Cohsideralbie spring plowing has been done, and some ambitious people hWe started $be£r. early gardens.. Among .the real estate transfers this week wo note that of Oscar CMc'Oormick •and wife to Ernoslf Cewis- and wife, •pr^ertfy^4n--Crar}6s6nT- 4=i '* 1 *\—\\ \' ; ' An Unknown correspondent* sends W,a crippiiig from the Democrat and haiL try^to j*ujb- 2|lis1i.and r ans(wer in.our-.next issue. A 'Miss Rose of this 'place has been d\ :aking care of Edna, the-little-daughiter j^'uf ^rr2iM~MifsrDrEr^nfer of Ho*. ^iiey who has been- seriously ill with #,piteiunoBla. : »-- fX • 'If some 'of our subscribers wtoo have YOUR NAME IN PRINT Persona,! Mention About Everybody And Fpr Everybody Mrs.' E/ S. Barclay is yMttiig at |J5aiiijiam»ou^4h-^ —^-r--——--—*- • r Harold ; <aich y; 4aUn---New^04*--iei^ on a three 'weeKs 'business trip. ,, „ Mr. and Mrs. L. D, Amnion jspenit Sunday with Mr: and Mrs. Obarleb Shaw. '\ • •Mrs* Florence Jarbin of Rochester was, itlhe. guest 'Sunday of Mrs. Ellien (Miss, EteanoX ©bpp who has heeii sertojitiliy ill with pneumonia Is sl©wl£'| [Improving. •-•••-* • - -•'..•••- -'^s^'CharleS' Williams entertained a company of ladies at bridge: Satarv |-dax^tternoe%#^~- —--- - •-^~*~ 'Mrs. Wilson Sthafer returned 'Satur- day from an extended visit with her -J|PRopTfi in. Taxaa_ 5-1 % Your * 4 earning\ f ? power will be increased. r d\ V ::-:' ,„, j' W\ ; ^\~~\ i J«weler and Optometrist gj MfsTTJa^rTand Tuttie of^Sherby Is\ recovering from an ; opera.ti6n at the Bamvi.& Hospital. ;\\ ; — \ \7 !Mrs. D. A. Adfaaij^ was the guest of Mr and >3V|fsy Herbert A. Shafir \of R)pdhesiter\6n Friday. . - Mftsis Lucille Bruce arrived home last evening from Oberlin College for the spring vacation. •• - ••'- Mr. a^d r Mrs. Scotit Lyons and grand- daughter of Rochester Were 'guests Sunday of iMrs. J. B. Beadle. . ^fM-rsr-E^-F^Wh-ipple returned'iffline idst week from Florida where she has been spending *he winter in^itihs. . Mrs. M. >S. Gooding and (Miss <Jood- taK,]j^^de^,toe_.RTO!r^3?r^^Sl9iS. at 'Canandaigua one day la^si; week. „„;Mi9s Geritrude ':Benedict. v Jeft„yjaster- day for 'Smith lOcrllcre Mter--sipettding;{ a two weeks Wcation~with her parent?. —'Miss- .Evelyn. .Balmateer— and„ -Miss Betty Rich were guests Tuesday and yesterday of (Mr. and Mrs. (George Rich of Rochester-. . ' ^Mis&'Buth Letter left Saturday even- ing for Cleveland and with her- auntv Mrs. Jessie (Howard, left for California last Monday., • \ •Mr; and Mrs. George C. Cassada who have been residing in Gallon, ,Omo, have recently moved to 334 gouth Up- per jstreet. Lexington,-Kentucky. William 'Mann arrived -\last .weak from Bordontown Military School to Xf^J^.~ , mvm^^€ ,, ^^-lomc&^m'- l8 P en ' d tlie Easter vacation wtth-Jhjs ed' •by the\company for a^number of ..P areH * s '. !Mr -. and Mrs - ^^ MantJ - yeajgr—^SjSencerporTlSEofT T ~ 1—^-r^^eo^-RonJ^enterttined--*welve-| ^hskerable \lii&^inStibarso^'siiW^tS\** dinner Tuesday evening in to be about concerning some propn:;^ \ n g p, °T Pf <MT- .a^^lffkrl^W^^^^ W KT r ~];—«p-— _, - J\ I * '\• su-iiic wj- uur sinJovriuerB wiu« nave ithout IfJUrfcyeS: f A \ moved do not get this week's Republic. at is probably because\ they have not informed, us of thelr^new address, Le£ us know at once< . --•-!•\-\ There will T>e a special meeting bt the .Eastern. Star Friday, night at whioh time a full class of \candidates will be \initiated. Refreshments will be^er t yed Mlowingjhe' meetiftg. .; __ WalterJNicttiols of •Qlaritson;jon..flt Harry iNic-hols, is 4he new manager of the.^mithfleld canhlng.factory '61 this. BROCKPORT, N. Y. _J Tlhe tt high grade heat. The gr^eF\perfolrffaiaclp*WTi. m business contract produces m bu«mes«r--Hie-fact-trtat-| ! our superior coal lives up to iiis full-weight, full-heat reputa- tion is the reason why our coal business is, brightly booming* ..^ _\i. .,_ :.___ _. mmi. BUTLER Market Street Goal Yard -Enofle^S*W^ changes'which will not be acted upon i^o wW leave soon for PoughkeepMe. until, today, at the MooreShafer Co. I MIs3 Marsaret OJecker wKo y is a plant/reliable information on wMch staden * at Wellesley College, isi apend- vfeVmnot-be abls.to give untilnext'. iB * \the spring wcatieir -wiShTfier week. Mr, •Mr. and IMrs. Edward St- ewaj^of mew Schultz, manager of the Red- path Chautauqua is- anxious to meet, 1 ^* \tanwd ttr*heir home Tm all theiuarantors next Thursday even- •&*-*&* spending several daj-a wlt^ji ing. April Sth. Watch next week's * 6r stents. 'Mr, and Mrs-. R M. Xflif- {Republic for time and place as Com- slster, iMrs. E., Ferguson, of Stewart- Western-Mew York ^Mlfes : *He.-Jt J- ' He wttl alse visit relatives ty4g=63ttea«w-4teHlTO-j t Ui'Ui ln Npw Vork^Cit^efo^-rettrnrhnr ^GjaLQiLlhejBiidgejroaaLas _JayJOrary- s J?°™5: '. „,. _ _;- ^_,Lr-™ HBSSTe.\ Operations on the lines be-T M f s Nelfie F \ BrM >' ^° *»* &en , twe^n\ \aWrtoi \and\ Tr^utibuTs ~ Wo^t^^?^^ w1 ^ 1 ' at MiaTnlr-Fla^l been held up on account of delay in ! arr ^ ed ! ? Rochester Saturday. $he is This week is 'beingobserved as seed ffte^mgr-^pir*anoT*Tfem*\ aH*~repSttrtk tentlon to seed testing this year.]of ifen^. munity Center engaged. ihad been 'previously v! -Rev. h. H. - Massey'-is visiting; his\ 6 - .-'-\•••• . L •*^fepb«ft-W5Bdfeera3id ; Pred ©raks of Ijoekport and Miss Emma Buchanan Kochester were I to attend Norton. Frank Cook telephoned us a few days | ago ihatiestiag the had .made showed that fifteen to twenty-five per eent.or cabbaAfe- seed, was poor and forty to fifty j|fr cent of tomato seed. A. ^^egation appeared 'before the Town*®oard jat their'la/rt meettrtg, ?ind prsaeated a pBtiiloa for the repairing ^f^the-^edman\^a^^e-repaiRi-&i- cover that part of the road south; from the Fourthr^ecHc^roadTrpa^rihi^ 1 ^ '\iMr.'.'anf Mrs. Jotm «iSwIes~and daughter Etiima, «aAJmt*. .Spilsrbury were* , gu«»«l^riday/of-^VIr 1 and !MTS. CharlelrShaWi ijieoccaslon being Mrs. 0V5r. and>Mrs. Wi$am RUey-attend- ?ajmer_ and Brigham faiinis* Beefing' it with, the Swedeffitj@enter road* It was agreed to ma^te'ihe re-f ^jon Wednesday evening of. lafifuaKsek^leoatey. \ f'Rev. and Mrs. Muhlhaitser of Springf street received word last week of the tsalra sotoetime 4his summer, but the -l^pe^ Heonstoiction Juts' n'ot jcet been j)irth of^ a son to ^Mr. aad iMrs. *%ed- erick Muhlhauser of t 'Buffalo. MTSI Of ^QW^SW^ '•\j •_1 '*J»i :t - Risom^irover f t ,0t)0,CfCMJ^O 4 per cent Interest on Special Deposits |ftoid a-baked *>od-sale at 'Ehe. <3om- f-raunity-^OenteJVJSatu 'MJBs;GHe^-.IW»^Bto'-.of--Albton Was in' tQSKfcSuaaidfty^ in <B6raee BaHey .of Pairport wgs town-Sunday 'the ^guesit of friends. Dr; B. ga, M-ainwarea of Buffalo called on MTS. SaT<aih^teeflio and family. Sun-, j day/ iBaiid.'W.'Ln ^ckof\ Rocliesfe^Twas'the Sunday-guest of Mr. and Mrs.-Frank Otte. \ _ v '' • 'Mr, aM 'Mrw, B- -C. Roberts and f a% ily moved to 'Rochester the first of the week Charles Rio-se of Rochester apont AMONG OUR CHURCHES Me Free Methodist Church . '\-Rev. E..C. Reber, pawtor , .Sunday, 10:3a A;. M„-.iprea^hini jeet, ''The'fruit of tihe Spirit is'Faiith:'^ • IlriSTA^lM 1 ., Clas.s Meetlnet-l^noon; Sunday ^ehothl-; 6:45 P. M., Yeu»g*eo- ple's\ meeting\;•'?•\: 45, preaching. Wednesday eveping prayer meeting at the parsonage^ Friday, Young ^People's prayer meet- ing at\#r. and Mrs. A. Krutenat, on Clark street. Thuxadaj?- with fits mother, 'Mrs. Henry Bpse . . „„„• . .. . x ^•Mra, Gejf®e Curtice of Rochester, iiyas a Tiiesdjay guest -W Mrs.'Jay 1 Bailey. \ » _ \ l A! ? r « Wilbur_ iJillsef came hoime Saturday from riaxnilton College for vacation. TherewiH be meetii^ every nigfit next week beginning at 7:30 with song service. . \*... Miss Clara Nowack of Rochester was 10.12. ' Rev. W, G. : Worboys of Chili -0LI Have charge. All are cordlal- ln4dted^to-4he r nieetings. St. Luke's Church tihe—weelt-flna-jaiest^ -of-\^ra. hJAiLcta.-:.j .5 Sund^ty. April 5th, W.-Smitii^ ~j2- •• .- \.*\•' -flfeSi B^fTfcompson spont test week at DansVllIe the -.gues^ of 'Mrs. Iva _,M-r«i. Fred iGtaswell is spending some time at •t'he.liom^ oLJhar parents, at Port Jervis, * •Mr. and Mjrs. GSeorge Lewis were kiip-sta^ii^afcof \^II sMJUBs, Chfts,. Hiler of AMo-n. » .\Miss Ltillian Achillpa of Albion was the Sundiaygaesfof 'M.rs. Sarah^Siteele. of- Spring' street. a (Harold Coowk o*. Prattsburg was a week end guest.of bis uncle, W. E. Cook and..famjlyy' 8:0(T'A, 'IT^ •Comniunibn and; Sermon 10.:38\A. , M. In the absence of^R^ector, the War- I dens and \Vestryimen. of . St. Lake's ' church extend a cordiaM Invitation to the people cjf • Brockport and vicinity , to attend the services at St. Luke's church on OOod Friday. '-.The service is from 12 to 3'B^M, One' \Ts not expected to remain the whole three hours unless they choose to, as they can enter or leave duri; the singing of the 'hymns. The service consists of several short addresses on the story of Jthe Cross each complete in itself. The service •«r- \•' ii-^^a\^ A*^r^„„.r4 o« A~ is ^ondueted by tbe-Rlght-ReVv-Davld., Mrs. -^—Alexander- -McDonald—and-- y -j-~- v ~-^»^- r i-^ Br v«— ^•-•• v ••••-•-——^ Li , -»j„'.^„ „, *„ n , Lincoln Ferris, Bishop coadjutor of daughter of 31orton were giuests of Mrsr-RHWrrBort- *—- •- western.New York. Bishop Ferris is one of the best Bible students-ia^the- I^uirtrynaTd even a 'tnree^ftours ser- vice with so. eloquent a speaker as >BUh/>^ Ferr»B'ffQwW-lr9t;be tedlc-us.. 1H&8. LtJlllfiBruurnoft an* son.Keik. neth, are -visiting M rs Richard Gurriett of-Ancaster, Ont. a •Vyjard* Mitchell of Hilton spent Siu> , day' with=. his parents. Mr. and Mrs., Church of The Nativity William JtltcbelL Rev. M.J. Kreig, Paafcor Mrs. mwOUL IlQlman of Roch-1 ' The-Women'8'Miasion was brought ester was the guest Sunday or 'Mrs. (!to a . c lose wfth a most impressive ser- Charlesi J. Curtice. . • : vice Sunday afternoon a* tlhree o'clock, •Mr. and UTS. 3. L. Stockton of Al- whert'Lheciujch WafiUed to capacity. bion were guests Ttoursday of Mr. and The first week of the .Mission proved most successful, with an attendance of over four- hundred at the services' ( Mrs. Robert (MCuiJree. , KarfilWekh. of Jamestown wastheTceek ehdgiiest of her mother,. Mrs. WlHBain-^Welc*. Luther XJordkJh rcbirnedto-Prlnceton the MterDartroI-tho week-after spend- ing his,.vacfttten her? ' __. ._.. -H»r*r-Barold^Rteh^^ days in Rochester the gu ? ^oXJie X ^^^ BTO ^^. theHe ^ i p^ MAuaUni ] every night. J TKe'iMSn's Mission openeC Sunday evening at 7:45 o'clock, when, every seat In^the auditorTumwastaken. Tlne~| . services will continue each night this Bistpr, '.Mra, 'htnmt'LA'ouii Mrs. BJchara Aipp3eton of \Rochester spent from Friday until yesterday in tow^ vis£ting..„ t frieiids jRbiaTT and Be^edlctfon. - There will he. a Mission for the children of the parish, Wednesday, •Mfsa Grace \Wilson of Batavia spent parentSi lpr..and Strsi CamrleJh-BeekerrloYer \Suntday^ 'wttih her parents, Mr. ~ and \Mrs* wi is Wilson. ' Mrs. Henry \Winters and two cbdld- Jjren of Rochester were guests of Mrs. Henry Rose on Wednesday. - *Mf8)TJ6fia,T>ii[ry _ rerurttea last week\\ j(rc$n r Itoc3iester and Sodtts where she .^j^'ueaday^ andLErJday,-.-2>e#nning at-a, has hoen spendin-,- the winter. M & brougM ^ 0 a close Simday . \Mr. ana airs. Plrffc-Wttacn nnd iyftr..; QeoSge, aaid faniily'vvere gues^Saturt day of Mr. and Mrs. Olark^MUes. Mrs. COharles Sliaw^afid iMrs. Fred lamporE of Kbdip®?er~~wer'eT guests yesterday of -§&F JPUTUS Shumway. quarter to four each .afternoon., aM closing Saturday moriiig at 7:45 o'clock Mass. ,Massea during the week as announc- ed will he a t 6:30 and 7:00 o'clock, with t&e^exceptIon., of Staturday jnoto4* ing. Sunday Masses as usual at 8',30 and 1^:30 o'clock. The Mission will •Baptist Church _Re3tJienEy_^^twejis^J!a»tor- Now that the congregatic-n. has got back in the_church attendance Is in- !ffla»SLiMaaSB^»iSffi^^ {creasing and anew JntemUs^vlden^ THI^EXAL^SIORE ^ »-^n-4ll'^eTmrtments'^rf^h*-«hsi«»h-Uf«-lx * \ Ohie^^iehd^ thte 'Easter vacation i.ypt^ier 1 rnTMher^i'rs. Q. T. Wlnne j^m r Fr^.-P^,fpi^^^^ operation tut Dr. I^ee's hospital, Roch-j is, \The Old Rugged Cross\ or \The ester, Monday, is rapidly recovering. J Hardest Thing We, Know.\ 'Almost .The Misses I>na and Matte CorMn j every ..-chair was' teJsen. last..Sunday of itqehester sppftt Sunday at the [evening. There will be several'new home of Sir, and MCrs.Wm. Mitchell, j features this-week. The prelude'wffl Mr. ana Mrs William Hebbard of be a Sacred Memory Theme. Part 1 Shorjbsville were over night guests on |of the service will consist of\ A Sdng- Shaw's hirHj.aay. —1_.. • —^ondUy-sf-'Mrr and Mrer^Frank Hjjh^fest, Poetry^^a^d Musicrand bardi A *u s£ i \\-.*\i_\« . \i. V\ «»>— Hon in rwuignt yuiet... J eJta^SfflfBet and.Jjalljor -the m&; ;j£,mi»-^ir^^a-aadjSiek-eorcoran comisr^of^p^cte-mlMc; Yp¥ Sfcate <Mastere Plumbers Agsocia> | pf Rochester are guests this week of [Llfe..gnd„Rdh oaa . foom-our-'l their grandparent'!, air, and Mrs. JaS. Mrs, Fred Flakier who underwent j aft operation: at Dr. Lee's-Aoggrtal. jRocthesler, Monday recS?iering.. morning is slowly tion in - TwilightTQulet. a Medlfi. Part 2. will Wordstar flwrn-our-Lenteir cam? fpaign. -Part 3 will consist of a Mes- the paator'on \What Shalt We DO With Jesus?\ Mr. MasSey will slng.at both ser.vJces 1 ?\ t^—K rii , t ,, - . _ + =—=-—--. j During .Holy Week^firvlces will he |*«SPM«^^^:Mtex^a^ week to apend some fime wiSh aem-fhave <beerr otctrpytns-the Robert Row-1 nights M 7:30.~ The Rev. J. J. Allen ley foouse oil- S\»tb ayenuer.remoyedijiof MedtrrasadBuffpe^k^g^n^Stftj; io^-^ . . j Friday nights and the-^Pastor Thurs- Mr, and Mrs. 1. Emory returned last; day evening. ''How Shall we T^- ./,-„...- ., , .. . ,, ;...„•.„_-- fweek froin GheTryJ^alley \WBeretEey !if we jaegTeet »o gteat-salvaition? 1 ^— DEAN a CRIPPEN FRANK D. HEBEIARD lAM^S E. CONLEY E. C: CRIPPEN^ L0U.IS B. SHAT 5 President Vice-President Cashier^ - Assfc-CashieF Attorney DIRECTORS Deafl C. Crlppen James E, Conley Ephraim C f/ Qrippen Chas. M. McCrilliS Qeorge E. Locke Albert C, $cheplef Frank D. Hebbard Perry C. Shafer VanAUen ^prinj; Louis fi. ^hay • Donald % Dailey Wilson M..Shafer extensive changesjto the rear of it, Mr, and JMrs^ jStork and'dau^hter-orj ^Rtk^hegter ihiaivA mihvd Laughlin house wjifeh they recently purcased. The April meeting of Jfarsch-Criflp- Seaman Post, American Legion will fall on the 13th. Commander Coaip- I man and committee are working jif» a special program and want all vets to keep the date in mind, . . The Woman's iMfesionary^Society of the Baptist Church will m^dMttftfce church^pairloris- Tuesday, ApFfl % at 142:30 o'clock. The subject will 'be \On the .Square.\ There will also be special music. All the women are ^OTd'Mly^ravited: ana Mrs.'^w; W. 'tlnxory. ^~ . Ari;hur_.Coa,pmaa of Syracuse Uni inift a, mx i T ^ r ^*y. was at the iome of Mr. and — — LAomr See the wonderful display of Easter Milinery now;at Th6 Fagan Store. fa. Bevere-aitack: of tonsimis. * „^| ^ivtate Edward Sohiibe has been discharged from the United States Army ait Fort (>ntario and has return- ed to his liome on Liberty street. The fire* department was summoned Thursdayvto extinguish three different grass fires, two being in the afteVnooiiJ one .back of the Ric^ home on Park avenue land the other on Kenyon street. During the evening they, were called, to IJiiberty street where a third fife had started. BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCH A business' men's lunch will (be served at the' Parish House on April l'5th from li:30 to 1:30 o'clock. Price 50 cents. « AiMOKC OUR CHURCHES Ev. Uuth. Concordia Church ._ .% 3fe WlltenbiHg^Jt'aatir Methodist Episcopal Church Rev. I, B. iMill-er, Pastor -Recepttorrof membeTfl at the Metho- d4st tshurcli. next Sunday morning and a Dramatic Hymn Service^ intheeyen- ing. Preibyterian Church ( Rev. El D. Webster, Minister Services <Jn Situday: 'TAornlng, Wor- ship at 10:30; Sunday School, 11:50; Vesper Service, 5 p^ m.^ Mid-Week Meeting. Wednesday -8 p, in. The wad£ham» Class 'of .ifte 'Presby- terian Church wdlL meet ait the home of Mrs. Ray Davis iSlonday evening, April 6th. 1 - 1 The Newesl: Creations in High Grade v JASTER MIWiNERY now on display at myHresidence MISS L. M. VERNAAl 51 Erie St. •»••»»»•»•••••••»•••»»»•••••»»•»•»»•»•»•»»»•»»•»»»••» •* EASTER One bf the Great Feasi Days of the.Christian Year, • when a mesHsage of joy and-gpod will to relative or friend is\ not amiss: Easter Cards Postals and Folders . - ^~ Easter Perfumes and Toilet Waters • Georgia Roie Toilet 75c r.- Easter Candies-— Special 2 1-2 lb. box of Ghocolates—98c 'JdltWe^lte-ffom^berEast-nr-r^ =sL de-Luxe paclcage—IUll-— r— ^ Guth Easter Eggs for the Kiddies , 10c, 15c and 2j5c \-_____ . _EroiIuind-N4i*X:ream-Fililajg-—- .. Ghoqolate Covered Remember our iceless cabinet always keeps Ice Cream Bricks in splendid Hhap'e- for your' dinner—several . ftindg\ always in stock; \ . fdrMaylOth THOSt H. DOBSON^ft \ -> r --Br W kriWtrNr3r~| r .F c . at ioa.|Th.s, <^ngrejatioh...is^ y^lnixe. jthe.beautiful new educational'building4 *.•.*-/-*\ m9m \ »••,•_••>•••-••••.ftfygf tmd Theater iM \flj m<

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