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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, March 05, 1925, Image 6

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SE*3 Yrtfe REPUBLIC, BROeKPORTrM^^^i^WR&PAVr^^MM^J, 19Ja. GEORGE tt i f ARWOI» s General Insurance . *>l COLD STORAGE * Meeie, Apples, Pwur*. Plnm».,r«*rihiff. , BTHWiM Apples, BergJes Mid '-• a|I kind*, and ^ker products W&t& eCojQc. BBWKMI.CASH. Coi.lfsr. 138 CUFF ST. BOCHESTtlU H. Y. -w^iii»fi»w** > M : ^^ Before I it haa a chance to develop • cronp or something .dangerous. \ Mt'^^SKi aftW^hav~coWlr^wr~7oiir child's. No use to dose -with ordinary cough syrups. At once give Kemp's Balaam-?*, fine old-fashioned tried and g roven medicine safe for children. • It eals the throat and prevents the cold] -rr©m-p>te«Mhr<mgh~the-whole-0y»tei^^^ Only 3(fr cents at all stores. For that Cough / KEMP'S BALSAM Bargain* la clothlnx shoe*, rabbet*. 'Merchants Bkie Co., State St. JMeanera 1 ,, Dyer», JMaatera. Jewelry, -Silverware, Diamond*, H^J, 9cheer;. 969 Mai* St, Bart. Musie and Musical Instruments, ._ Pianos, Players-Piano* andrRoUs, -iSe^ta^Htftr^ori^eeeeseoV^ -Mnaic-fltore, 39 8onth-Ave- ^^-^OTtee=T0-CREBITOR*=-==^ Pursuant to an order of lion. Sclderr S. Brown, Surrogate of the County of Monroe, notice Ja hereby srivcn, according- to law to • 11 penojiahaY- ingr claims or demand sagainst Sherman U.Merritt. Uteof the town of Clarkson, County of Mem UPH( Recovered and Rebuilt by - 1WSNOW at A. V. FQW^ER^S: ; / FURNITURE- STORE Wflvety isfrVIee 7 \ 3:5 •&r fetter ' Phone 202-R Rapp's 68 ':cmtawJ&to^2tou&r, ^ruriilture t _RuffiC Linoleums, Floor an«— Table Lamps, Cedar Oheats, etc Howe 4b Roters Company. SiSIoaird^noHee feTgefeby glveftawssisaT \! p l'j:^'-lA\\'lit l wni\'ry.\\.H'11'\»^^wieovllM'\.1i^ml , l ti^\\j.i«iK^iii. iMMBa a fiie««Bei»siiasi sinned Executor at hia place for the transaction of business as such Executor at the law office of Loul8-Bs-Shay>-Brockport, N. Y^ eaw before tl!*-t6th-d*y«f May. 1925. Dated Oct. 31.1924. ' SHERMANIM. SMITH LonieB. Shay. Executor. Attorney for Executor.\ \\\ Brockport, N. Y. NOTICE Pursuant to an order of Hon. Seldea IS. Brown-, Surrogate of the County of Trunks, Leather Goods, Bass, \LHrJy'i. J *-ni*Main Street .torn. ^mr^^^rtUTaTT^ecmwh-&ylai chthaar President „ d ? s Grea .j* >~>*t*& . Hudson is not caRetr*'the World's Oraiest Buy^ 1 forTgd^r^mer k{Fhf»-jjS a^noivJrahrrnreht_oi ten years ^consta-ntTetrnement of a great car arouncrthefam^ •- •AM-no.w~li:n6vi tJiiiTRi-^iTcr^rut'\caj.i bu-v no smoother performance THE MATROWfrNBmX PIGEONS or demands against Stephen. O. Hen _ _ , ___ ekepn lotO' of—«KI yilwge-of—iBroea>--PRANK B. HEBBARO Vice Presflilwu per\ t, (Jouasty \ot ftfonroer State of Naw- York, deceased to present the same i '^wftas ?the-Youcaiera.- tihereforr-to—tlle^ -underotenod Clinton: I. Hendrkkeon and Homer B, Beneddct, Executors at\ rthe-iaw^fllce of Homer JBt Beoedtcjtr ' Brockport, N. Y. * I Brockport, N. Y. on or fcetore the 23rd KieFlJtfuJjlS building on Mtchignn boulevard Is, ojag of the show build- day of March 1926. tags of Chicago. It has cTcservtdly been described as the focus 6i' the nrtiStlc' Daiad Sjiirteuilwr iSfch^W^. and intellectntrt ttfe-ofr-eii J.-Head'lckeea: Homer .B, Benedict, Execute** Homer v B. Benedict^. Attorney for serSbly ariS lecture rooms, studios, small art shops and several clubs. On the fifth floor the matron of this attractive building has two pet \pigeons that livfi on the fire escape just oatside of her tvindow. They were-just-wild^ig-^^^^-^^^^TH^y; city pigeons, butshe was so good to them they soon.Ueciune. very.tnjn^and jfoM.jr- ——— —— -\— of her. She placed a'pan of water on the_\Vindftw sill every morning, andjt ; FOR. SALiB—For Sale card*/at; tau ffimle-iardifference- ho-w-cbtd the day, -flve^^Wa^riotrirDTmn^ c *™ : ing^arly:,-lhe3LJK0Jil^L i c^^ and peck taipja^lejollyroiKtliawln^ jnatronwQBj.dJbrin^hem their breakfast of corn and raol^t bread eat out-of-her- -handr-but- were afraid of others and H;anyoue- They \would boaid.\:Reasona1»ly- prjoed. Al«o-For Rent and No smoMgg\Biimr; ~ wouia fly-away 1 ] else earne aienr. ^ :J?h©^mtr^ctold-u* : ;4liait a few weeks before the pi : tie Avtroden box that she hod put on the firo escajpe-plaT- •«*»i*SS^' 3WH tX~: JA ^«?^»»»»srr»fc mm AUCTION DAYS ARE HERE •tfe&e^-$la&~4h«i ; you intend to hold sometime during ifche-ttextf-month ot-txto^ JKlry-4i61 r get. I in aheid orthe long list and get ybtir \fiauctios Mils ready now? The Sepublic [wiU g^ve you the best Jhere fs l| printing and ammgementr and will ibe - or swed.. It ciumm, b-uy..^Tc-iijU-»r-j.ch.i.l.ility or endurance. At today's p rices need^^ii ou n ;t \le^cr t.;rr LAU s'X^iWf ca r sausfyy ou mofe tl soon- in the -nest, then in- two weeks smip little pi- -liotchSiiyjAit •j»»* J-J&-gladJe assist iii ulaklag •lit nsi) M : MQ:m H;:^IM;5: SHIX\N T ;r i>.^ / frST^smmKJLXws. geons were . the ^tirae ^the_mother_lilrd ?!; , _ ' wns'on thVnest tltr father -•fr a *****zr~' bird \was very faithful ntnt |^;.^^— remained, near and at times |' '•'\'2J~'\ \would feed her. When the. L^^u A- - / squabs were hatchet! out. f^fi^tr j-nrf Tax \irxfr 5643 ,r-- ARTOHR-bEITeR Hamlin. N. Y. Oto-Pju^atpi^eims,.^ l- ,innde a grertt fuss at the imatron .•^ •txr-yoti ^itt« rtr*E:PRtNTINQf FoollEn question. Of ^otfursfi you do. That excellent press work—that knowledge of harmony—these srffthe things that inipres? you. Incidentally such w6r1f la one ot our accomplish- •ments-of—which—w^—are—particularly- tirg-i7ttnl proud. -I •I f^JJ^m^f^iEdJcrrif^Lf^ 1 W 0 a .1 B D I 0 r-TBe\ looked out-to nee what had happgned. ^^'wwnggrorypipgd~J°^\^?^^.^^^^^'i! w ^ ! ^IJjff^ <> '\' s ^' GENERAL INSURANCE AGY. Brockport. N. Y. <mpi< DEAN G. CRIPPEN \JAMESTE; C0NT-EY\\\8*cy and Treaa . 'Dtf^fbfOr^^J^r 1 ^ Dean^Qrprlppen——Frank D. Hehbard— Jam** E. CorileyT Ttfrry-CrShafer- Ephratm tXTCrlppm W0ri»n-1*llRsr-- Charles M. McCrillls .. Louis B. 8hay George E, Lock* -Donald ^. Dslley Wilson M. Shafar • NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to am order ot Hon, SeHeat Sc-Brown^«urto»^e-<!f-Ae^-€ouaty-o«- Monrofi^notlc© is hereby given, accoTti^ inig to law to all persons having claims or demanda_.againstt ,J. JBEpSBstd T8al- rnore, late of the Town- of Swedea. tioitnty\ 'Of tsxm x^owiix'vt-w^FYiSiiKF- vouchers-therefor, to the nnderabjnad- , Maud M. Bnlmore. ait her place for a»' * siue&s *LS 'S' ministratof at \Sweden N. Y, on «r before the 15th^ay--oirhtosusjL,^»26l .__ Dated Jakuary^iih I&2K* Maud M. Bulmore, Administrator. Louis B. Shay,-AttoTneytOT Admtn- jstrator, Srockport, ,N. Y. NJ 1 \ ''\\ *' MONROE __\ Webster A. Ch..pman and George- BulrBS, as Trustges- of the estate of Lucy A. Colhy, deceased. PiabtHte. •—ajfgainst' •attle-^jrresr ~ ^gEhey-teek-goodeare o* their childMtt-nntHffiiey- -weretlare^ ehffagt to loofe -r-««tlk)r,memselvesi tlxen they pushed them off the platform and mole t&em fly Xtt Western, Newspaper tfolpij,), Is a iJombiniea' _ fTeatmeat^both local and £otcrnalT4nd hai been success- •^rul} in the-treatment of Catarrh for over forty years. ^1131 dniggSts. *• X CHENlY £L O&H %lec|o, Ohio 1 I 0 '••I a a a The Niagara Vails ^Power Company sells electricity at the low- est average price re- ceived by any geiier- ..- ating jyjtcmgnthji ,63 f America comp«etes successfully in the markets of the wofld.\vith goods pr]pduc§d by. the highest paid lator in history. . This is made possible only by quantity pro- duction and efficient machinery which en- ables well paid labor to produce at a loVrer cost per unit than poof ly paid labor working on a smaller scale with -less efficient machinery. In theTamazing development of American large - scaje production, electrically - driven machinery has played an ever increasing part, ; \^nCheap~arid abiiiidSrir\Miagara jjoweHtasr been atfemendoijs \help in deiv-doping. sue-: t«ssrul manufactarmg-enter-prises throughout the territory it serves. The success of such enterprises is labor's best assurance of steady employment at good wages. > 1 l Interatihg Mtustrdetl booklet \iSix Million Wild Horses\ sr reAf fteexm reqpestto Box 61?, Niagara Falls, JV. K - THE NIAGARA FALLS POWER COMPANY, Produce** NIAGARA, LOCKPORT & ONTARIO BOVVER CO., Transmitters ' • • ' \' • f North American Continent. Paxk-\!Dr^amber Clara L.' BjMttber, his wife, FranTs D.- SEey, and \Gordon Ashworth, Defendants. :-^P\uTOuim±.Jfl..*JJ3flLdWep^»j^\EP25e^ i dosure- and Sale, rendered herein on th\e^th^aT^MaTran±yr\i9^firar^^ entefeo' tn^tiie\ ?Jonroe X!0Tliity^Cferk*5i:r,: I, the undersigned, the Referee duly appointed for such purpose by said to the highest bidder, on Friday, MarcJi 8tk, 1925, at II A; 1& Of «hat df-F, i» the front vestibale of.the Court JIcai6e_ In the city of Rochesier; Monroe Coun- ty. New York, the real estate directed by said treagrffeisr to\^ier^oldr^aiKr~-r therein d- scribed as 4oilgws:~ TJ- X 1 ALL THAT TOEtACT OB. PAHCEIL \* Op-LlSNir.^itTiate-^in tibe-Town of Sweden, County of Menioe^drState ^f^ew^xn± n .hjCnmd^a\aaJMioj^J»J^^ Ji3i^isdfi=argaissdi=jisai grnsing atithe.Bertlbeftafc QoraeF.ofJot., l^* s 5^ffiS6ctrsrF ; u^^f J 70l^ifrof^e- Triangular Tract| and, running Ihencei 1 west M chyng-ajiig--43 links- to >^j Mistake; thence soujm on-TEhe west eSd/ of said lot -IFlSBams and imam^os^ stakef th aace east 42 chsrfn^.and -49. Hate to •* stake; 42ience -north <E do- ••< grees Mil 15 nifiauTteg west * -chains? - and JS-ttntes- to/a-^teker-^heaee^eas^- „„ degrees 'ana 40 minutes north 21 chains and i5S TiIks\tO a stake-pnjtfee; east line of said lot; thence north f 5 degrees ahdl'5 minutes west,8 chahlS\ and 34 links to-the piece of begianlhig, containing 76 acres. ALSO AiLL THAT OTHER TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAJSIp, situate in the Town of Sweden, County of Monroe . and State of New York, described as follows: Being part of lot NO; 5 in' the 6th' Section of T0wn\«3 of the Triangular Tract, .begititiing at a stake on the south lino of said lot, distant 25 ^chains from the southwost corner thereof; amd running \thence north ISraiiel with l&e_wssT line of said lot; 24 rods to a stake; -thence east paral- lel-wkh-the-^oWk-line-of -said lot 159- -ef-the Lake-^ Road; thence south along.'tne line of said Lake Road\ 24 rods to the south- east corner of said lot; thence west along the south line, of said lot 160 rod9 and 12 feet and 6 inches to place of beginning, \Containing 24 ascres of land, he the sajmoTnore or less. Always- excepting and reserving however out. of the parcel of land firstly above described 10 acres' off the west end thereof amd being premises heretofore conveyed by Amos Mc- Gullook hy- Deed to*<3eorige Gingel. ^JDaJgd Jantt^T Iftthi 19f25 4 * George F. Hixson, Referee. (Bums A 1& Burns, Attorneys for plain- tiffs, 509 Wilde? Bsnildtog, Rocheeter, N. t. * '1 m

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