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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, March 05, 1925, Image 5

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jm$^ m ;sr*~cv **n»'»«**i*'*4*fi»*M#«#^1 jiaDanch'ought to go outlike a. lamlb. The more satisfied a man,\ Is with himself itihe easier it is to let things Many a good tenipered i»y or colt is spoiled by a bad tempered father of - owner. — - -\- -• ---^ - ••• -^-r-- ^—-•- '• - — Don't forget to « - •• Brighton. Blend Coffee Lee f s Grocery Phone 19 Main St. f 4 Don't be embarrassed when company tonaes * I 1 .. \ We have many nest ^ttejaxs £ :m cwv REPUBLIC* tfROCKPORT^ipr. THUflSDAyrWARCH 5; 1J25 BROCKPORT REPUBLIC ^M«^*^fH*Ml^'***M^f*»*ti*i|f***** a <i» a ?*<*'*a B «a**Ht a «*\»#«(»***«#«»»* BREVITIES jGficmg&JEL Puirgeson; who-h'asjbaen sojttuimln)g te. Morldia jd'mdqig the win-- «f the higHestqirajity irilM)e - ter^eathsH^^vtfde^tty,*Miowinigthe . , • swallows 1 , as Axe , has ordered his <Re- .^felivered to your door r>j photK pubMc efmnsetd hack to Brocket. 3B$T liS. * AH honorably discharged men from \the U. S5. gritty or l^yy cagi. learni soaniethinig ito it-heir adYSEolage (by get- ting in <sdinmiU(nd«aitiiaffiiwdthJSiJ. Ber- : gen Adsan® (Bashv N* Y.—Spenwrport JSAa*.—• ——=-7—^ . YOUR NAME IN PRINT Mention s About Everyboify : James- iManii addressed a Botar*y Oluib In flie State of .Pentflsylvaafla tat ^eek.- .. „ Mr'.. . ^inkl Mirs. Wm^ \ViaaStpnie w*l. daughter were guests- in Alfeloo. oyer t^ i?eek_.end. .\_;.•'-. .'0 > > --•- ~Mi§: Thjoimi^HSsffdoift left SajtaSdast night tor Chicago where -she i$ the guest of' relatives, ,. --^•panlrlv^B^l^BK)^^ tag' a few days in town this week, pre- parartlory -to racagiig' the- 'Bali hoime- stead on My.nfcle street, whidi wsas re- T^ay-jircD^Beirhyl^ a&d who-takes (possession April first—I*e- Kpy^JGazeitte.---, \rzr -J —§—2^. iQharles- tTpfcorv of Speh\oefjpontT a tor- !M. J, ^ryan 'who has .been confined \ixFfho house wHC5 bad^attajck ofgr!pv is abplo !be oni again, , f Mr. smUrMm. C, Jlt^eaatejhay^ beem; guests for sevewsi 'days' at Mrs Veazie's home in York, Pa.- Mr. ahd Mrs. G. W. Bergner, ort WasMngifcon, I). C, -were -^eak en<3 gueats^oi ffljlm, ®er»aer'« paiieiiits, •]*?*, and Mrs*. John H-. Welch. ''tTOtfey\ Goodtaa^htas recently beeia ^gipflin'tftii'iSalftaainl Advertising a ager !for a rifbiber tire comipiany' dodhg: a large (business on ithe Paiciflc <m,sL - iGJonigraitulati«nr ar« inrorder-«jt- thj home oliMr. and DMtea. G- Deyesre dhrla.- w«ll,^who weloomed a little seren m& a^halif pound dwghjter. ®fearttna .Jm&t { iHifo their family eircie Wedaes'day iner Norinial student, was awarded the one-\hundred' land; fifty dollar-TiUcker gehotorahdjj^HBre-^^r^^^Be^ eaiter, hy^3^n^ntoiSeaa^4iJ8!eraig#4>fr^g- per -cent. His record S'honsrs ifcwice as in^my-<«winitjTatHtre-T^ttiredfc .:-- :— r On account o* auto itmuible-the Bet- ty Booth. Co. HJidjiot arrive from Buf- iialo in time -Tuesfliay nigiht for their perfonmamee ait ithe •Normat Holders' of -ticket^ 'Will Ae <g4ven a. chiance^ta attend a later entertainment wbich the Hp#fnoiigfiiSiiv6r ^^Sf^l^ 1 ^^^^ 0 - 4 TJie'Clnirclli'ville 041 and Natural <3as Oomipaniy's fraancMaea iharve 'been ap- proved by tW Pujblic Service Commis- sion-.- The, <5oimipany—has nbeen serving the viltege Of 'Chairchville and the r^, town of Riga, and thie town' and village If ot Bergen for several years past/^but the old franchise toad, expired, and\the ! cWges. i Jeweler and Optometrist IBOCKPORT, N. V. •fnr-i i- ] Vou LA PtiMO 1 r) CJOR CCSAU IS , _ jfurmers are .facing .a. serfous- cottdi-- tion yriHh ^espeoj.to^suitablei.stoelcs of |JI( IGH grade GMJ Rroduce* igb g^de^ heat- tie butineu contract inrodcbees m- xrea»od-bu»ines«. JPi» iaict that -our—superior cod Iket up .to. liu full-weigh^full-Fie«tireput*- buMnew i»\\prielitIy~ix>o«n'ni^r: JSr: BEAN L. BUTLER Market StreetjGoaTYard Phone423^W The estate of John 13. Kinselki. vchose- death xxwurped April ^21st -ot last yeur, waa^adrajtited to -probate Monday dn^ Sait6gii£e-^~'^GoiM:r'~-7Iia' wUl incUtdefd $6,000 | in Teal estate-aod In'jpera&gaity. . Fift^-iuOTlrgjr a- w»as4&f44o4jfiis i -Helen A. Cflih the remainder 4>eq.iieaithed *o ! Eather. : M. Mn^lla4--3aJanKhter._,Qf,this- village : •Resldanits-in .the Unit ad—States-a-f- iobtoredi indeed oTmoifll dorlinriiig, or afand ithe dope ..better r •than those Jivinlg in ©nigland or Cen- ^jtral Jiinrgq^e.. AccoridlTig io Fopnlac I Science MomMy 4hepe-is-ene ;; p»'hy&ioia» '. tq everx 724 jiersons in: 4he JCJjiited cordfeglo the State seed analyst at, MvA m to reduce for: €he-s-inrple the Expertaenit ^tion at ^fe.pe^a it is'm<>re often bone. received for testkgr-rfiese samples . iffito mre#< ;partSi ttt0ae who t0 eg _ ^^f^^^^d^jariaiioa^^ tcW'nP * gernxto^tion ^jvf^te stocks jof A(y eternal bl|ss mAthtmwh<> ^ =«eed—corn*. * and-—HKJ'\Stataon ofnctels *--—---••- ,--,-,-,----- - ~— •- «— morning. Mr. and Mrs. HiaroM Collins en-ter^\ ta'ined'at a very eniovaMe britoeldlng. aej Tuesday, evening. There were Are fcaJblea in • attendance. First prizes ware -won by tSffq. Obarlea \WtEiailiaims and\ Mr! \iMch. Richard MdBride \of >the U. &. Nam3 -T*atotag\«tat*0(D'at 'Nev^r^.\'RrX TS home on a tea-dteyieave.' 5 Sir. Mci&ide is an ex-service man of the B3rd C. A- C^TaSff^ffl'wSier^f Co. A, 108 Inf.'0* ;Rooh4Sil5er. He is Tisitimg-hia„jaunt, Mins. Mary IMills of. this viWiage, • • ' '' ' - • : PRIDE IN HOME MAKING Once £n a great while one Basis a woman -who - ionestiLy, heartily, ana eonsistenitly h-atcs hbusew-ork. One cause of impaiimce.TvjHbjhouselceeptos sprinigs iCrom a cause easily rem^edictt owimM ^-.n*^,!-^ „* fi, 0 *^„»»,„ The homemaker does not know wJwut conse^ -qn$TjflyT^fBo-proIe^^ it. Bach .task presents to her only its uninteresting outer\ husk.\\ \She fadla to se0 ^farougb. it to Che germ ^yblcht. can•. flower_into. lif§, arad^^ejnriite ntent of- -Tafled ibeaaty. J^t^jmi^. and—reapeet-for'^er\calling are -tlie remedies- The woman with, real cult- ure never feels- anything ibu-t ait afbld- ing love ifor every pliase of !h*r tbonte^ milking. ~ \Sham ^aMdze often pesnHat\ in-_.a silly2j8uperottiousness.^thai~coin-. sSders it %mart to feel •th'at.dijshfwasli- ing and cTeptaing are yulgiar, fault at truly riiKivn.fett mind rocogniiee th» nobilify or \oot-ii occupations. It caa- not\ (be too often, nor too..strn'glx ,«m- • pbaai'eed-^tti&t-it-takes more' bfiiiiigtw States,/asrconiipared -with one to every molM t,™„« »i» * , •-,•.. . .._ Z • ^ - . . make a iome than to make anything; 1,087 persons in England, crad-one to oTo . ' & every 2,000 or- 2,500 persons in Central else. \*^^s^I«^s^avJc^fromCIK'\5ic1onTe' fix: department, \do not pay'sniorer thflir' urge th-at all seed stocks be carefuHy J fo S^° n f> ^3^™\?'^ tested (before planting to forestaH W ' ^ ^\gf*^ ^^f^ 1 *^ iiiwr^^v *.ii^^ • \-' J ' - -\ tQ af t>e-^aat-unless suolMtPdrguoirwaB^ siibie crop faiiaxes. L,„ ._ _ • t . ... ldone_mj5^0-jmany-li.ours--vee„woul< ; Ljtaarn: Brookoort via. Rid>e .Road, license rI<?oser ? aive9 «5 Amateur fiheabriftals. Brookport via. Ridge Road, license\ . plate No. 4M4094, Finder please leave ^ nation cottla survive. fg^a^-^iat^r--^^----^*-— -----———~ T^Boin-ms^r^M^iw^meTB tor mot prin'ting .what youlvanit to read unless DANCE the- Frotecti-ves^ril-Sold- a - &tr -^S.-^H~3&S9&.^.QStt. It ©0114 Msom, 'j^itrick's 1 !JL)ay damce at their roorn^ in ftbsm forisot P^initins sometbdnif ahouE] 4\h^q^b1^''BuAia4tt¥<Mi~TOesal^T atar=-7 sonieiKin^- you are tete^tedfinTtnfessr 17th. you are interested enbughr to sendi H-newsi* ^— •• ==— — T\ * B0 YOU KNOW ^ that ifflie Dramatic ClxthwHT give thrge T * !Fi *e\ msumance adjositers oneact pfctys at Normal Hall, Friday evening,THarcli^lSite? It will surely be worth, attending. Reserve ~y&pr seate early, and? *hfe Board of •Directors-of Coniimjinjtjr Cen- ter arrived at a satisfactory^ settlexment- 'iesst week of tire fire-loss lnsuisrediff Jfie«J3eMefi=because r -of rtbe- peeeitfe-ftre;- i : -*'— —,-.- State Bawik of Commerce __i'. Resource over $1,000,000^)0 >-4 4 per cent I interest on Special Deposits \ DEAN G; CRtPPEN FRANK D, HEBBA.RD JAmS E. CpHLEY E.C. CRIPPi^ , t LOUIS B. SrMtY ... President Vice-^Preadent. Cashier Asst. Cashier '--.. -Attogieyi^-— , DIBIEGTOES Dean e. Crippen James E, -CoriLcy , Ephrairn C.Cfippen Chas. M^WcCrlllis CSeorge E. ^octee Albert C? Schepiler Frank D, Hebbard ^ Perry C. Shafer VanAllen Spring y 0 Loufe B, Shay Donald A. Dailey, v Wilson M. Shafer iree. Hundred and* fifty dollar's waa eoaisidereid a taSfr <biaf.fs of aettlemffflt amMthe amotfkl -was paid. -'— *^ .- . A'headline in , Taesday—3norEdnsg!*4: papers states 'feat beeauoe\ ot 'tlw mp? ?isAVi!&. amjo.Bjg 'Hhe San Bias Indla*ft eE : Panaana, fn, whioh a nuMber of inaitivag - ; ^Hd^5c-1irboim wto, eTeryT>ur^asel w ^ eela «arin^the semester just.pass w«rarkiiled, and a Bnbseiiuent cantro- versybetween the Indiana -{said. the, Pian4ma'.government, Richard OiMaaqto will leave- the coast on U, S. Ortiiser Cleveland and come ihome. The use of Ataefrican, flags <tiy the San. Mas In- dians on tJieir -sloops, seems to l>& «t tihe root of the .trouble, and Senor Lopex says the Panajnan' go-Ternanent \will not toleiiate such mockery,\ GLOSEQ CAR OPENING Week at tBauob's, March 1 to 1 advertisement oil page 2. Gftoa C7CT3 -\TlfEE\' •IPM or over, week siJarting MfarcS Bto^_&wksortJ&trletS^hop r 4i4^ k«t a., Brockport* N. Y.-\. ;-' i DU'NLOf»-t<i»Rb TIRE8 To initroduce^I will, sell for t>rie*eek, \ one tire to a customer *at cost plus one I dollar, any size. E. *0. Andrews, Diis-; trtbutor,-22 MonToe Av$. r- INVESTMENTS First Mortgage Bonds, 8. W. Strans & Co. €%; 43 years withoat lost to any ioveator. Arthur ^Tooley, Agt,, State Bank of Commerce Bids. P&ane 128-M. 4:1W A. iMrs. Oo*a iPerry who bas been ill wiitfli .grip is jnow improving, , ; ^- Mm • tQanry 'Boy^ of ILodd is tne :esdhc^JherHbau!g^h<feei'^^ ney ri . ..__.: : . I&trry ©uak of-Rochester • J ^a& tihe week end iguest of iMr, and Mrs. 'Frank Otfee.- - - \ -J- \ \ - Milton 'CubtoiD. }s agaira working for ^nscle gant eufter\fo&tfaig been 7 Bjkrk^ for IBve TJreeks. ', f ' Ered Harsc% of ^Bttftalo was the, gaest of^ihds parent®, Mr. and Mrs. CH A, Jiarson. -^Mtsr^BinnBft. JPhetteiplaice^has—been AMONG OUR CHURCHES Presbyterian Church 3Etev. E.f>'.Abater, Minigter SerTrices # on -JSunday: ||orndflig Wor- «h^-**t-ldH-30f Sunday School, HI:**; Yesper Service, 5 p. m. i^Mtd-Week (Meeting, \Wedaesday 8 p^ m. St, Luke's Church Sunday, March 8th, Communion a: 30 av nt^ Moraia^g Preyer and Serjnph, ; -ifi^Onarm. ™^^^— :• \•• • , •Wednesday, -Marchi llthi. Service at ? '\ afl \ T m ReY. _ W. E-.^ton, JRectoF^of St. ^todto Palinir^^y-the flfae^^ ^^^^^ LeRoy, onieiatiag. her inotiher. r^lMrs. TEtol Kiaweiys of *he Gramimar Sohiooi faculty.iss coaflnM to teejrtionni. With the grip. . • Ward IMtcheE of Jliltotf spent Satur- day Tsrfibb. hla pttireftts, Mr, and Mrs. William, jMitcfceilr^ - \ ^ Mr aadtiMrs. -^ B^dCick of Rochester were iSundiay 'gj.es|s^ of Mr. and Mrs. Wil'liam Connors,\ 1 ^ Mr. and Mrs. j(> H. Shea twere TIT Symcuso .last week oallea Chere by ttoe_ dearth: of a cousin^ .. ]Mrs;.;!Ciatiheritt«^l5?ftryjQt^.^ Ev. Luth. Concordl*' i «hurch Wi J. Wiltenbwrg, Barter . « -®uiprday-l'0;5!?'ia i in.. Divine Services\ with sermon on the 'tiheme, 'Tttie Uni- versal Need of Atone,tnenit.' r SllEtdla^ Sdhcoli aiftej seranon. . Weidnedday, -MaichB lltih, iMid-week. Lente«n services, \The Betrayal.\ ' Satairday 2 ^. m„ school of -reil^iouis, iiiatragctioni and caibeahi I • SerVice^ySafeip and >Striengih BROCKPORT, J4^ y. _ 7 . ;ii£3^ RESOURCES OVER $136(^00000 I OFFICERS tp^r-fJS _ BaptiptChurch. R-ev.Henry W.Stetens,Pastor_ Tbe La^id of Beginning Again\ is rlsspettt^be^eekend-^wMiHiier^iateirr-Dhe-pa^^^^ MrsVA„E, TuIJey;\-i— ' ' ., Il J 1 I THOMAS C. GORDONiPresident' JVHLO;~X. CLEVELAND, ¥iGe-President ^^mHSr-MQRGAijrV^^Pi^^^^r-^ GEO. E, BENEDIGT, Cashier EQPNEY €. SHULL, Asst. Cashier : DIRECTORS I I I. jk —•GE&.-ErBEmt M. L, CLEy-ELAND ^._EI)WAREi J^FELTS THOMAS C. GORDON - GEO, B^JHARMON —FrE^RT-H^RRISdN E. L. MiTTBEWS HERRY^W. MOORE GIFPORD MORGAN WE|*Ry F. NEA¥MAN I I In -tihe evening the whole 'Book of Mrs. eatherineHD^iley of Rochester Mark ^ill/beread'by_3treaders. This bas been spending several daysj with trill bo a unique and interesting ser- Mrs. ^Hus-fcegterr-\ 7 - ~; ; vlcer You -wiir enlov -it. m: M^^y 1 .- 'Mrs„A. E. Tulley •spent .the first of w iu -3^, the week dn^ 'RioCheater ,the guest of i t w ,il be the last Sunday the Baptist' BniMNHIMilMIIIIUWl^^ Mrs, Jaimesl>ea3ii# e - T-H-geagragBitdoii^ w ill vtorahip to Grange S OKaries- Connell 0? Big River; Can., Mall, Eve»rylb>dy $ lcokHig forwaird § is- spenddng sometime with Mr. and with *he greatest anUdpatibn'to Mar. s •m Mirs.JEX-A, Ooapnian- -^^^„v——-^5(3^- mlat-mifil 'Ddiica-™'! IMirs. E. M. Knlffen wbo has been tioiuai buffldine will, be ready for oc-' I: suffering from an atrtaok of bronchitis eupaacy.' | S is swmewbat' imgjroTed. \ \ -\' 1 T*e Social Service class will meet 1 Mrs. Chiairles ^onnrof Utic?i street; gj E lthiMrs.-Cpa^bon J Tuesday afternoon,, -g ili-at-th^fionie^-lter. daughter, Mrs. 'March, 10th. _ John Ratb, of Haimlin. 1 - Pete (Masters oFjtochester was the ' Methodist \Episcopal Church. gues«froon FridM^'m i 4a i Sunjdayof.Mr, i R«v-. I, a iMillef. Pa«tor_\ ~__ aitd Mrs.; GSorg^iBeneddcf., J - j- 10:30 n. m„ • : Momia3|g .WoShip^ a£d r a\ M. Heffron rwtop haalbeen: ieonfined to serao-n by Rev% ideorge A. Fowler oL I bis .home for the ipast three weeks the Amiti-Satoon Leagme. 1 = witb grip Ig mactTnaproved. i 6:0O p. m., Epwortb. League Service, i Mass <Jrace Wilson of Batayia was Tropic: '\The Place- Wheue I Live- {1 iliw week GmL r gWBSTVt He? parents, k«e!plnffft«reaEi.^- Tfce leader wilf'be\\ g*^ Mr* -(mi JMre. Willis 'Wilson: ~ John Tighe. \\ ''Michael Riley spent last week in' 7:0O p.m., Sa»cred Concert and brief ^famHn the giueat of his mm aud\fainF~sermocn: '— — '— — ily, iMr. and Mra Jo3ni RijBy. —^ f r Tuessdayf l:O0 p. jm, \'LfadietS .\Aid' —'M^and: Mrs. jF^d \Heffron of CRoeh- naeetlag at diuiscb. *' esteg wei^lgHi^M^ia^d^^ ' -.^SHm\.; MJ^nly^upperi-DiHiiifisif parents, Mr, and Mrs t M. Heffron. - meeting, and social Ihour of the Ep- 'MTS. -Wl'llls'wAsott^of I'ark Avenue wwtK lieague. \ '\''\. who ba 3 .been very ill with grip for.tJbe At- -the amidiweek service, Wefces- past two weeks te skywiy recovering, day ev-eningr at 7:30 p. :nw the speakers George (Mmfford nwras called-to~Al»r-w c ilil--'T»eHMass-BJimbeth Stoerley atod toiOBETlMtch., iMonday <mf account olthe 5Ir-J&ayton. FleiBiing.__There.will also illness'of bis .brother, Albert Muffordi be-spe«fal tnusjc, . ' .: '.' \ Mia«ter'T€tordoTr-»Be-bp of-&vos T&\ \ \ • ^~—- spendinig t-hr&e -weeks wlbb hte miffo Ffe« Methodlrt Church ° and aunt, air and Mroj CarI\'BeUeTlcln. Rev^E, C. IteT»er, pawtoi 1 . ppeaoning; Safe;!or; BaJiy!s tender^slun.-^Goad: for you - . -^Delightful for Shampooing-X- Maatef T Allefi l>olfe ' enterhaEed''\ - bu '«'ay i ^l'0:*« a;—mrr twen!fey:ftvA nf •Hi^jiKt.lo.lfHA^da-Satur- ^ a ' 01 ' e ^ discourifeon tihe\Frult-of. the day aftercnoon-iai bonor-of-his eighth 33 )lrit - a \ .birthday. ' '* \ . ll:S0'a. m., Oaas meetipg. Mr¥/ Charles J. far^ce ' was the 12, tMm - Sun, d^t school. '5»esr-^rrSrfsr-'WnT! ara'-^HayneT\'aM :: * r ~^^\ m ^*^—». -- —*\»- - —^.«u^., a .airs.-Howard Ford of Roobester, last- 7;3( M>. m., preaahthg, 'The paster-isF # t M^r-rre^r.\ :-.-'-• ; i -:~^~^ >«giving^a„^rkBj~of-dIsc6ursds-onf the-\* Cgjlgate '&• Co, jguHtHiiUiBs - that Ctfldo soap inTRrrfe\ entirely ot vegetable oils,. Hrsfrore-i3T^an^^ mends it to you and your family. -.. 7 1 _.Three cakes for |5c with a Trial SizeJPree^jf jjoLMtiSr, _ \factory \-money \reflJiide^raTter using trial, size,. - — \•. .•:i-2--ca-kes-'.for.-.9SC;- MmJLefflje Kntipp Ig attending aJ® 1 *^\\ 107 ® 0 ^^ 11 ^^We. dTXprsV B . T (uneheon~of #e Associate Matrons he- ^ 3t 'P*^ \Rrhrts eriiclflxfon., Come I fcn^^ield at : the- Osborne House, Rooh- 2iia - la * m -«tudy~4(he-5ife-of ou~r-iIx>rdr 69ter: tmasr'-^ * : ' ---X. - together,.:....__;_ .^__„ ;,; : J Buy a dozen cakes today .M;r .and -Mrs. P>td MacDonald and Wednesday -prayer -meeting at.the ^soff^Hatt^a^aBdllKWniiaffir^ personiBgtfr- ----- ''•-; ------- - j Mil were «uesrts Saturday of Mr. ano VWHK Peopled Mis^iona^Tireetin^ ' %- dt t cntiiiMiiBinlH^aiitmlnlii^^ Sir\ Mrs, JR^VBontv-^ TheJoHy Twelve Birthday^ ClQb will ft ls m encwuragincg fact iihiat the bjusntefitained tltis afternoon At-ifta gh.urcbrir^wake.ning to'her privileges hiome of Mys Adria,»de Shay in honor and \fe^' & mikisionary\effort botf of-Mrfl.-williaia: (McBato; '— — —JKftttPaUflTHBIWBa; ,vts.vm;s..TY,w l 'irjri Aanon^are-regiBira^iits at Lhe Tourisr \ J ^r^ : ?7 -^^^ «'\'\\'':\ *~'~ \' \ -BnrTOTrnn-li^BlmiaTnra^-™'\ at Tampa, Florida, were Mr .and Mrs. \ fc ReT- ?L X ^ T ^TTSSfor . Oiismwb: N«wn. W Sweden Ideates d«v«l&>ns •Wedm«sd€y , and |Effig3anlVihe.Asl;of ihajariir. wto^ -WBgpeafry awning.- Rosary, sermon -JMofay ^evenaa^; gftatiwra- ef---fee- Crom, liwGrucliliiaa, o¥ answers from #e will join iter husband, pects-to-reBiain unttt-the Srst of July. Mrs:. R, O. \Marsh and Mrs. Giffofd Morgan entertainod the-Community tbo ( ' u * 8tiOTJ lM \ c - Tomorrow being «6e Players of Rocb^rtpr at a buffet w^ 1 \^ ^WajjMtea* ylll be Benediction per Saturday evenins at the home of • a * ter ' aie Stations of .the Cross,. Qie fQTjner. _ „ ^^ -_.^ „\^:__ iHoly Coag-hMia ion toanorrow morning MLiw: r TO^trd l K«>:uvy, >#f to »'ftj^- B ^ ir ^^\-Sfl^l^^ntl^iir .»„ visiting W' sfetef. OTISB' M«me h/^Jj^*** • MIOT S * ¥rl * 8 ' tjMr V Oweau/who-is ill 3* toe't^ste^homei \^\\^ o'iClookr. j^tuipnl' to. heqr-lion]4~in~ ^pooklyi]^ v\ MJchviDueadalu d T «Iiocfe. E^jjt. 8:3u/angr'-ift#jft : fc The Raleigh family have. ived Anhcnniceimenft TOS made Sunday word from Rochester that^ tSa#7broth- ^!?S 3l ?°''5^^ ;ffi8: ea\ \Geo w. «aJeigh. is seriously jjT G? !» ireb \ beginniaig MAreh 22ttdt and with pleuro pneufconia at thehome of laatlfi « two *week3». l.^wl!l beta charge Edward Ilaleigh. ot a * rra &<Men't- Augrustinian Father. Mrs. P, ,S, iRaymond anld son who Vht>Se ^\^ to ««»«aHta with sound toive ibeen wintering in Florida and d * Hitrtae ' <»minDvn sense and .the love wfoet are. enromte to tbeir home in ' mS tg « i '^ f € * 0a » toav ^ ma3« hto both Mioh. are spending this week 0ODU '* :r ^ prominetirt as a Mission with Mrs-, ttito. dark. .. I worker. The first week off the Mission f. C. Hovey of Utica street has juW vmi ,b * toi \ *o™«»..««A «he second been informed % the Dean of the w ; eek ^o 1 \ ^e 11 . t*e Mission dosing on College of Forestry of the' Syracuse ^ m lSun ^ a y- • . . __ University, that Ms son, -Chester W.,' ' ' -.'' '.*'— ' —^~~ had been placed on the honor roll of — CARD Ol? THANK6 the^'college, having, achieved an aver- e ; H>f--'80 : %™^r-~be!tterHir^ ed. The iFor^stry Course is consider- ed-a stiff oneand ihonorjpapiig ip. that field are justly entitled to congratula- tions. , A BAKEP FOOD SALE will be held by the ladies of the Lutheran Church at \Cominianity Cenr 1 iteR Saturday, JP&b: 28^r^t- MrSO A. M. PRIVATE SALE\ Private sale of household-furniture. Salturdiay frottt 1 p. m. to 5. p. m.. and Mionday and Wednesday friim B to 7. GetfTV. ttoane, J>r, 129 Utica 'Street. Mr, amd ,J Mais, OMrles Gordon exteiML dgep^t gwftttuae to heigihbors ,and fnaidg fgF'^RTndJneaBes and iaseisiance given in the *ws of their Jittle son. -F««f*ITt»RE Uphol»teiPB4 a»d repaired. Prices on work «nd meteTial reasonable. C«It 158-Jfor estimate. C. 3». JSlng, 12-High St., Holtey, N. «-. ^^ li:i|8tf A8K FOR •AMPLE8 If yon ask to «ee wwnples of ,th« weddtag tetita'tloM and announoe- mentg we bave (printed yotl may get * good idea, fiow your* will fcofc Our price*,, ere verw reasonable -tad tbo worths of *he l>eet. Conimlt the fte* public Printing\Dept. before orderta*. READTHfe CLASSIFIED ADS HAS ARRIVED i ,:-A Strand Theater, Brockport fTONlGW andftoDATI • - • *' • Auspices Monroe Lodge 173, F.&A* fiy- ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••IB, •<4 it-

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