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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, March 05, 1925, Image 4

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: ?t»:^ifwWW^MW^^ fli ^felS^>^ui,3i>ri.-liT.iii,5Si^t.i..«.i. t &**, -.^.v^-r^ -K^SftrfjIt W< 1 ?.. THE REPUBJ.K V. THlURaOA^JiAttattJ,^!!^ ___^*___£_ WPTOQRT REPUBlJE HISTORY t Established In 1856 Batored at tha P6fttof-loa at Brockport, ~'~- N. ¥., ias Becond-class matter 1 Suib_crlptiqn-Price f-.OO A Yeiur JUST FOL.KS By Edgar'A. Guest ? Items of Interest Mentioned in The OU^0rfmmmmi^^OFlcm:'~ Died in Clarkson, Barney JUyneh-jAnd she.lias seen htm «me ~nd go aged 60 years. * -. j ttir^iigh-^aU'the passing yearsi T.ha following are elected at _ •-iiJiasaaotaesBtJ.- P.A.BLOSSOMj E. M. BLOSSOM, ADV. Kt6H. Thursday Afternoon, Mar. 5, '25 MtMBEfr for • th e ! : Sbe knows —is everriiiiood and;whim ...\ '•[\ and what he <>likes fortea \! Sweden town election: Supervisor,;^^ A ow he says he's done with her. :..!Ira^Gra^oxdl^EatrLjCliirfe Henry.CJ Md^^^-itoiJtotorsjojel.^ _ ^^^tom^hond-^Aisttce of, Che ^^l^ ^ y(mma i -heart to alin, Daniel Holmes/; •Commissioner of Hlgrn-j ajui .^ bas draaneid 1t_-ry; ways, James W, Spencer; -Overseer of j_ave, : the, light of *~1 fate world, Poor, John Sutgphtoj Collector, Edward •a. Smith; Assessor, Aivah 'G. Doty, Joseph EL 'Simmons, engages in- the business of Wagon repairing ait East! I Hamlin. I Henry Moeteford sells his farm In ;Hamlin to Mr. Abbott, . - '\ Rev, Wlilliam Walker of- Parma is j engaged as pastor of the Pre© TOM! i: HBspttet •Church at Bast HamMa to tatee _|thejp|a«e of Rev. Hoag, resigned. At annual town eieotion^\Walter A. ' Ferris is elected supervisor of the FOR SENT-^-Part of \a house. €ookr 90 Holtey St, M r_»tf ijtown- of RocbTweiTof \the town of Clarksoii. v/iais-in iter ia-ugfota-j- *ye; And state, ihas grown so use*! to hiinl. - but now ithey can't agree And he- declares he's don* .-with, nej, amcr, oh, that fboth-ers iae! She rums to get his sli_>_>ers out, * she's nvended oft fads cosalu On. winter days she's stpbcL to wrap his muffler round fhis.tliroat; Sne's jjiurHed_ him miijit1\>»« HARMA * and days as gently' asoauM be, And he declares- he's done with- -tar; ' and, on, that -Others rate! She's .the mother of his cnildlreh, sail these years site's been: liis wife, Hamlin and Washington L. she must by how he part of him and I.'\ \ all hl&daiiy lifer __ . ^^,/li^^^^^to^lt^She must be linked to everything he Mr. Groves - FOR-llENT^House betweeiL land and Otis oni Laddroad. 'isjqutre D. L. Piles. ^- 3 12 •FOR. RfJNT-^Nice com.ortia'ble fiu~ n\is 1 he r d~ro i onir'Wich \all improyemetots. J. M. ©ryam* -.«§. King St. FOR iSA€j$==iHo4ise-aind lot 27 tO_to-i- St. Ehiliaiom hall, OrMhig roorxi, din- ing roo^Jkits^ *hne* bedmesns, ttorea. ©Jo$jej_BD»j_C jba4__ and kail on second door, large attic, cellar under Whole house, electric lights, furnace; tot\ 44x132 feet. _.\__. .fawleyr*! ©jrockfW&y Miaeer-Broek- FOR aDNT^-A house on Bast L<ake iRoad, near Itpolley, IniqiUlte B, A. Northpuip,Phone 14-P-13. 2:19t* .—;.i i-rrf -.'-...'-.- -—\••: ' *:— * • !- FOR BENT or FOR )SALp---Hoi>U»e on South Ave., near Main Sit. Improve- ments. Inquire J. J. Higgina. a:2fifcf FOR RENT—Furnace heated liouae t. Clarkson Village, Ridge Road. Ap- ply to .Frank MacFarland, C51arkaon, N. Y. 11: lW FOIR RIBNTT^-Large, pleasant iuir- hilsEgd room, yrlBi or\wWBout Ixwusa. Inquire M*s. R. .W. Bort, '32 Hrockway Piaee*———_— -~i , NOTES AND COMMENTS M you want to know what is the matter with you ask your wife's rela- _tianes..__ , * —.— , FOR BiBNT-^Six room house, on South Ater All modern iimjproivemeai and garaige; toguire Robt^P Rowley, JO? 1 South A-viT Tel. 433.. ,~ ,„ „ , tou«hes^c3!rcaii see, \ — faim of GO acres to a Mr. Groves. | Rut st£H ji e '?%y s .h e - s do ne . with her, FOR RENT—Small house, centralHy iMoses C. Sticlcntyj-also of Sweden sells' <m s., oh, that 'bothers.pei 'located 1 , esipeciaMy.suitajble for eldorly -•••• [people. .'a farm of T2a*res \to Dr.\ Gteasoli. PRAYER OF A SPORTSMAN Twenty\-»Five_ Yeacs. Ag .Dear Lord, tir-Marrisonrd irm^ves-i B*tH-he-J£v«*F——--^°J^ Jn_.^fi :: tot1le\ Life that, goep r No cttitaien. Six dinars a week. For inspection by letter only <RS, ifihds.ofloe. ' 3:5 rl>lock. About the onfe,^mfort one gots of r ^^.^^6x1 IF appoBTfeff as -» -.. fi-oyvy -tci4to -ra;ijiii is the prophecy that it means a'goM\ crop season. •gtstant managerjtLllie $tmte.Induatp]at 'School. Rochester. fcfreigMre8«!^Mlfel><#Rg^iy^^ flOast' weeWrt-tttenitoer &*-&ong\ress t^g— ra tt ro .^a Tj'tMnps .ihe an*d) -I ask:.but a fleM thart IffeM*,* ••' A-chamee-fliait is eqM.jwlth\ sUJfl ibe-r— strife _ • ( - • A\ co^»age to strive and •dare; . And if \-I should win, let ;it\ be by the FOR iSAIiB—Sixteen rooni boardinsg; . p 0 ^. e ] house, all latest improvements, 36Mar- —vWkh--i»y--^t^-^»fl--^- i *-'»*^-^ r - •-- -.--= .—.A^ft Mg9i-; FOR SAJLIB—Cord wood: oi all kinds, itraek ^agedg^ paid a tribute to the memory , • ^Jj^ ln . to Blackford ft Brodie's coalJAnd if I should lose, leA me stond pyj nr ^ri^^ n u e LB^vSaCWteS ^'JiiaolQ-ComitmndDr, who sixty y_ears (khc ^ t£2lrjllg down about one-half ofjT^JJ^JJJJ as .tfee-winnote go by.! . fc»X : Izm \I' OKO was in arms against tne republic.' _ n _ „.-J IP «vev \\•a cv.iu.tj «o i- ione siQe. .1 • ; prm. iCAfR—.SpRfl corn 8 rawed vel. Among those who grasped his hand lBaoker T . Washington • speaks, a-^.And toid^ia^LnLy-alloutab^ w^dg- (lu; ^^^^ when he-con41u4ed his remark? was a Noraaifl , Hali ^ ;.. | JuMfr^rki^m r^*h« fr^w^eer^. 107nSouth Ave, ' - --'-»;». man 'of 89,\ who m^^^ - t» tefl m tth vBn^HI^W^ FO^SAI^Four new pxilkera. T! side. Those veterans are the only two 6ajwarB .. .chauncey Brumley, aged,;^^ \sneer ,/ _...'_• . ,B. tested... On^ihe Luther Gordon team, in. C!ongress who saw service, Stedman j y ears ; ,jits of North Carolina, and Sherwood, of ; years ;' Ohio. If they can forgot the bitter-' L sneer , . ' Marv Draper, aged 41. Or pluy any snivelijag'pajrt; !Let m-e say: \Them jttey ride ,,„,., . ,, t, , I . wltam laurel's \bes-bowDtt V. Rathbun of Adants Basin pur-' $>nj 1 Clarkson. • J<dhm Delehanty. -' • • 2:lStf I FOR. SAX.E-—Real sand eoid gravel „ . Since thev played the game be.tter | from Ridge road. Will deliver. Jhone • ness of the conflict it would seem oh , aaes Uie ol( l Raymond Mill at Kink- . .tliairl.\ • . : HoUey 346-J-5. Sam. Podagrosi, Hol- possible for the rest of the pat ion* to igyv-Hle. Let me stand with, a smiloby the side .ley. . 4:30 dolikewi&e ' ' ; r;«or B ,. R.vbur.n nur,ha S e, his fatn. °[ gj~jj . Pm ^E-dPrize;winning: Jersey ^ • \ 4 Otatit <*ox1creu\ and 1? •W httP.Typjflroro- Georgc Raybur.n purchase ^ hi s ' eVs Tarn \on/Tne Re-djnan Kdad. So grunt me-to cononer, If conquer I j pullets. Hajold ijarnum, Adams Ha- 'ESTIMATES.IFOR COMING Y EAR The~®spH|:xj^ of Brockponb anakes the Mloiwlng statement of tihe totia| amount \bif yii iage taxes estimated by it as--nepee- :»ary to 'be maised iduiring the enisaunfe year, pegfanlng March 1, 1925, to (be divided into ithe toildWing ifundsri Generaa. .. rprfn, ..... , w •, A &25&&SL Proteotion ..... 1{>^500.00 Health f...... ^-4^>W.<M Sanitation .-...-., ,2»500.00 Lfehts ^OOOJO^ Higihway ..*,.. >O,W0.O0 Sewor ISiniking 3,650.00 Sewer JJiapogal .. &.2MM Waiter iCoinimiissioh.;....... 12^000.00 • Mtein 9k Pavemfent Bond $ast.—}%3&bi06- Dated ait Brodkpojt, N. Y., MiaTidn--3^ 1925. • '• , f Sf. A. Thompsoiji, Village iOierk \ \Qv&J>tes&. Rubber case -Battery at Get your new Battery now SeeVAHUEr -N&.^lain-St.- Men s Lisle nose A fine Mack of brown Lisle Hose, full size and wonderful weaving, at 'A Better Grade Lisle in Mack or brown, at J. rfv 101 Main Street, Brockport The Home ot^reafnTlltJIreiaw^Ptetoptays WaiineWeVery^afurdQp ?**-5»w-« 7 TO-DAY and FRIDAY We have rented to the Masons for their production ) KEMPY r>- SATDRDAY and MONDAY JHcK>^€ib»n!it^TaE-^ He's back-again in the-fastest, funniest romance of his screen ca-. reer. You are. bound to like this on£j!' It has all the thrills of a Western and plenty of fun'and romance besides. One of Hoot's hest. \\';\\ \\\\ ~' ~~C\' •'\ 1> \ .\\\\ _:»^.|< '\\\ Sanihine Comedy—\NOBODY WORKS BUT FATHER\ Saturday Matinee and Monday Evening part one o£ ^'GALLOP- ING HOOFS\ starring Allene Ray and Johnnie Walker. TUESDAY aud WEDNESDAY VOTE TTTTTCI'PTJEWTHTO'OTre- A petition was submitted to the YH- Fifteen Yearj Ago \~ lage Soard~byTEeT)ewe?*Ho6k & 7 TJ&& ': c 0 js^ke soli's-\ a .fern?\ on \the cm Isiffi N-.V.. -By pFc-vlng-my_fwor%-iJi JOi«-' ray.:„.. . But teach me to lose Blfo aTleguIaf der<k>mpany at-Monday nights mee.t-. iDnik<J Road.to George M. Soper. i •Mien- \ l iesthir- an appropriation of ; tr^ • hamB ^ r(\^m Oollei' at Eaat! -Mi ™> l lj * < l a-craven, i-pray. $*000-se'rvlee money. A resolution- was l s^ 6 aenis damaged\ toy fire J j L^nie lake o.ff:iny M£3p« B&e. wa...„..„ { . -passed 'by itne Board tlnat in accordance 1 . ryoRT- SAI^E^TWrdTtruekV-tun- 1500 .miles, extra cord tire'and in excellent -- B , I u-* w .n.-»-^.~—, .- B ,- condition. 'Phone 473-R. W. RCotter.' t^?^r^k^ffm^'T&k~R'tpS mrrlofSr^gftrteettf-- ^-- r — •--!-• --., *?•««. who strode s Samuel Breefcertjtfdgft of Clarkson} To vncWiT splendid siiil-Mghr- .wi«h tne petition the-matter be sub-1 accepta position as assistant suporta- Yea,'teach me to stand by the side of: Decker'iuadin^located on*7)iiaton. St IT tfowaST ^5uisinoFe~ tortmeriy tme \rnStudeBaker Big \Six Touring 1 Shio^baker Ugfat Sk Touring 1 Birick Coupe T ChdMWfTourinirirBd^ Mt$75.i :.^ ' --—l^M^LJ? ^*._jy otors at * tllfl \Conalns i tendent on tJie farms of ex-govemor,i - .;llft road election. •^E9ierr€ompairy: Levi p; MbrlonToOheTOBteonr—— \ ' And gheor as thejvton^g^by; i Inquire 47-K, 3i5tf -recently «iaidwi»a.l...-.jraprie\a^-ai- -Arraada,--Mioh. v --MiSst floi-*eii^mtey-^--^jiR-iWffi^^ Overland -.touring -$10u.' Overland se- motorized equlpanent at a cost of overisarah E. 'Hicks and Alfred Wright of; 4ll jdnimtnum t»an of toiling water | dan $250, amd other hargains. AmJrews, 1 H T' ^n? ^ t Sy^7 P Famlin. . t L^ Tl^S^SmWsM^S&mBcU SS^onroe Ave. - ready .paid, The thousand dollars for! im..mi—i—IO„„T. S „».„J.I_.,I v.»i . \. .... _.i— —~ —__.j_ - Open evenings until 9 o'clock |~STU0EBAKER11 ~~ \*~Doroyiy MackaiJU ari3~George QlSSea Iri :-I_L „„.. : \THE MAN - - From New York to San Francisco, 3170 miles; to Shanghai, 6So<) mile^s^to-14onolulii T -436o- mUes. -Tatai t46JQ g rade and^then back to GocE's country! ~.~~:\'.'-~-— ^\'A'great'StOry-^—A inarvelousinaj'-^wni^iiieudous picture\ Van Bibber €pm*dy—\THE BURGLAR\ A.\ Coming/Soon Market St Rudolph Valentino in '^SAINTJEJaUDEHL'l. ™-ht 1, «, „ ,MI » «,.r ^ 1, ,„ ,« • J^- w - tn Slffl^lO^-*^^-*!y.-^™««^.,a^»4^^ 4Mr5EQXk out of cleaning^ _.£^3^SMM=^SPW^^S^^mjB&ir. which they pPtrtion. Ihey wish to ap; byfll . t> . J^ wr - .venlences. with sood barn, and fine ..PjJLas a parent on the tnirR Th«; Tte . j 5imes Pe ganfarm in .Gbrkaoa is. w4ea «a*cttag\on.top* youn, 5 folks ?*l ro 1 ^5\^ c '^W , v l! '' ,<lMl ™ - trew Hook * n ' ] ljaAi]&r ^ ut P^ t>nt la a r^il^-m^agytf-Ctdlfteherofttiiis Ullage.« t . nc w llIa y S m^nr•K*vw l ,n r 7tti. M -' **• Pffrk,AAe..^ro,okpoxt^N, \... very necessary part of the local (Ire Dted . at Garland. MrsA ! T«imothy Ma- ~ en(M . a tions\of parents mre sure thei .IFOR SALE—Now seven room house, apparatus.; particularly, necessan - in haney; nfjed 43 yoirs: In Walker, Mrs.;..._»,., _.._ „„>,,„ t0 f^e ivss ' all modenr-improvements. about one- r^^f t -^\^-^Prndorick Epkc. a^ed 57 year,; *t\*™ tk ^ ^ be bettor for stoves ^^^'g^^S^^ J^L dmrdu; ?J^lj^' •\»;?';H-aldwyll Idaho. Mrs. HCary B. Steel- than b ^ m „ rm , ^^m^^M\ \ ' . ble 3. FraaierSt^ ,^©:-the«u&popi-gf -all -iwftl taxpayers,--^ta^uflirert 49 wad.- ••••,-•'- •--•• • : .----. ------>.:-.- T^\_-^rc -i;..i™:™.t-r.*y« -SAfefcrr^PsFOpeBk on. th<« ea«t •pi l)-lt--4n.-_thorou ! 2hly» • fac dom> wfeh-aelPr pager—S4ws:papers-.; q ^ p pf yr> u ti) >fgui\St. 7 room house. ^do very nicely. - ~ ' \\*\ • ••»•»»•»••••••••••••»••»••»»•••»»»»••»••»»»»»•»•»•••*••»»»»•••>••••»•••!»•••»•»• CLEANING THE MOVIES _ ,-KEMJUfijCY MASQ-NS TAKE STAND,. ^—. ._ The verdict of the ownrrs ai movie' r ON LIQUOR QUESTION- : -' ) CHABTER ELECTION ;iv?nttve4{vi-4*, i^^ a i_^Nhi-tei*-lft—h«m&^Bt-»?e3i aEEt-^hB-Ani ! with, all mo3ern. improvements^ sarage •^ and~5 aci-es oFland. Inquire P.. Wal- -.-lace.—-- . 2:i2tf ^theatres and- fhe-pEoduB4:_K&-miil_ dia»;.. ln._ tJie--stofee^jf, trihiit.ors of thn pfctnres-Lhenisel.-r.sJaJJilftsoiilc—aftenan-Lo-JLeal. Jn_ FOR f S;VLii: Ifayes:jS,pray Rig. cam ^^0^^^^'^^!^^^^^^^^^^ law, whe^l truck- Niagara 'KfcTin\ that the public will-pin tir VKP. --but--vitlur as .a.tiuviT or a seller,.^ TJao_ Tt ,p5d>3 ; y l Mnrch 17*lmJLS25. at the ; Y[i7tlIuSTSF,*F^ft:;TloriDte ~DtsC7-dQa'b.tetract r jiot Jor yjrtue._Jn otlg.r. vvords^. &j Grand•J.odg>^f that statp has adopted.\ja^p _H8.il' . \The POJIS^WIH' be i>P^MX?L^S^i? a * V w^ :d 2''i^' 1 , 1 \ 013 ! A ' \imaiager •p^iftg'Uie^m^st'^^bjiitio^^^^ \ detlaring jl ^.'\toe\ an stt-ihree o'clQck.-p. m. ^lie^^aolRin^;^:^\ 111 ???'^' \\' J ,'\ Z *^!T : -^-^\ -^afofe. ^rotures wfti -tesfv ineirey^-whq-oroffense for anv Masson within its juris.' offlwrs, arc te-he chosen: _ s ,. '. n , •• F'OR SAL,E—CJolony ferooder house. „,-.„„, ,1 „,- . .«„..-„--.-. Possess in jof wftlton. -fc.: Cook. -• •- / ^; ! with 1000 rhirt «JzeM^c cbatbufn- .aalaciou^^\tiisrj^iyitlieTtte-wllK'toxicaUng \---•—* — «- J —-•• --•» «— * — *'<« sweep\ in the coin. i exeepi lit ac Those who most frequently criticise: the United States of America.' »re t .fi'VEati—ft, 1 !!fam'-liii klr.nti''I'l \ \'\' • LLiAJJujilJmr-EaJnU -^ 'iM..I,i.m,l mirTlHuel- wltn the l a ws\o*^Piane^orTfSHSprt-Y&-BW ; ;--—- n-.-tieit-erfEer-l TOamSTger? •Ulilll.llJM..iil^tJHI H»iLlil*l)l)f.t >i»tO!*-^fe9Q«4e\h In ii liii r Th „ v v. Tho-mpson and Ge^rgo C. Brown. u ' • A Treiflnrer for- oii» vt»5f in the placet FOR S'M'R—Modern improved nine iUi'CUiLH'HU =^0 harfein. iri raany operatlon-7t*i8t . %uJ«»S^.. JiU?...fih.e.;t<>n whQ. obtainp. by. purchaspirLothelr- L?* 1108 :*2fMB™ W- harfein. ^_„ rr ,_„Rja®&n#ir P_^!J^ -Address b* tester \'\\\'\ \\\~ ! %rxm»rz ^-m*r^*^^ .^ : -::i:;: 3:i2 ! ,-.i«wm ^»» t .j4 Warner J - ______________ years o£. theat-re; wise tfi* 'most -ii«»ney on »ii drugs from an -4Ht^fli-;y_efiilQr±-of--t__ir!^\^ ( »_..f 0 T hand colored I Jfe of Christ. The-'-'OFS wime. Any Kentucky lodge knowing- submittfed to the* qualified electors-: \person \shall for-! \Sh_|_l- the Board of Trusstee? be au- was not caused by exorbitant-prt ••(?(';'• t-lfc6g-H-e--eShibi-tnr- The influonce of the moving picture 1 j—electing stich~a teft - its charter.' - \*PPII of Kontuck,- \ - ;vmri525. Che'sTInl-ffT-J.1.0=0f>i(> to be 1 . -„___ __*^_U*: a rs,-0Aet^^^ii^.4oW__rda.t__n_^ upon- Et&Spn TiTe can fiarlt.v h*s oa. accredited with tlw4r full share -of-the -raptor \&ook and ladiler truck re- timated. Tt\ Is far reaching in its ef- mira-pe. Their positive stand on theIrently acquired by fbf C. I). Dewey :f«aj_.ponJfte_e_i.Mr*tt.^^ ^e^i\i'TrT:rr?T:nTT:'?rr\ab^i:t-- i tr~-T--- -'•-^rrr-r.r-V- --^-.^ = ^_-- k —--T-.g::—,< 7 ^^{.-__-A._SjS--M«-___iaj^--tne-s--ilL --g-jaLSjetg__3B_^.. mtter.^meft-rng SSEoSltrfFT^n^. To^«a_^__»^3_Sr_____i»_5^^ is Hard ; fip-B the conftdfwg^—that hasl always cq-untijiig tbe votes oast for _Vftliage ~. (Jiticpr-s JLL\ auch__el&&tl\OTrW Tiie- folfewiug prcjp^ltitm~-wtH-'be J ----FGtft SAfcE—S-^reom. house. Gas; ' ' \ bath and furnace.- NeWlry decorated and painted. Good location. Priced right. Possession «given aft once. Pred Davis. 35 Spring-JS'fcreet. —^._^_. thoTteod to -raleeTy\ tax, during tihe who would olbse up evprythin r th.it eases the J6ad_ of.. manKinffTSrl 'Oie ^9SPHe' thtTTTf WHAT tS^PUANTNfcDiEjOrO925?\ -^ \Z^TtEP peB^itr^of r ftog. 1 _ reefee t\ai<t .Da-te^^-&wkpopt^V-'! -ioai!ch:-3rtL 1925 B. A- \P-iompson. 3£12 — _• * ~ \Tillage Oerk TOBACCOIEilQUtiTTE .there are shortCoBitag.^ which must _^^ __ _J«J_femed'ed_ before groat growth, with 'Carneror cigar should |Ev^ery other town Is in the same con- same where females are..dltjon. \ Iu'lonre localities, however, thereois determination to make some for- \' The gent cjhucb 'the It'_ hardly courteous. T ween, with otfher women on the scene to woo My Waitt&d: WANTBCt—Tenant man to work on farm. Inquire R-4 this-ofB.ee , FOR SAL H—1923, Ford -touring, cneap: \OveTtand sedan tn fine corrdi- tibh and other big Ifergains^ifl good used---carsj-- SB^^Bottlop^GoFd-iiresi* '?srr^r~A»dTex^\^\'ivi»Ero'e*^vrr'^ j FOR 3AJLE--I have a splendid Una of-homea In Brooixport ana vicinity for sale,r w4tlr srwlrdtoo.H-ttKl-ao^eage; Pricea ran.Ein, B .^aon. -$2,300 to $19,001. Easy.term.-. ft_ W. .\W-fflaana. 9:4tf \ '-Hiffi'SA_S^H*-i^fl^To¥-e_t'_^*oe_- way place. . ^1 nfedern Impru'vemeJiils,: dhesitouit -trim. Garage. \Also house and lot on Union 1 St., all modern tm- provements.. E\. G. Haiwley, 34 Brock- way Place. 3:12 lady Nicotine. I know ^there's now j ward step and the citizens have in - and •then a igirl who helps-to make mind some very essential, progressive the smoke wreaths curl.' I often won- move for 1925. It-is onl-y by havlnR| tllis °*® ce def \how she scratches at certain times an objective in view that We Peach the the needful matches.- Her shoe sOles.lgoal. - \ \dne >to space restriotioh. can scarcely TalkinR about* the future growth give the prooe-r friction..' At dinner, ithat is to come does little ©XHL Plan- iSieatre or dance she cannot strike ning great hsappenings for the future them on herPante, and even wijen she is ineffective unless we begin at once -reejj-fher kiokers by clothing, them in to make good. To do one positive act —nifty 'knickers, 1 very seidom-^ee-her' toda>Hs-'Worth\mqre~To - ^tlre ; ^oligun- \icrape a .parlor ma.tch along her shape ty than to balk about ten contemplate 7 ^5^»,\ : 'aioug_. sbine girls suck^ gigaroofsied improvem'ents, \lana .bilow\ the -sBKSke (through dainty* Cities Ueautifol are everyw&$re T>y snoots, I think tine larger part, by word of mouth, but seldom found ion -cracky, of women, folks' despise tobac-'inspection, tvliy can't 6ur people cy. And even jtf they approhrate lit/imake up their mtlnds now ,to achieve nine times in. ten ithey. really hate it- [a distinct progress \alonig the line of I've often Iheard tihe smokers quote a beautifying pur city* Tneje\are'' 1 rnany WAITED—By miiddlo aiged onan', place --to work tor boad andl room. 81 WA^NTElfi—iSlpllicftors tot rural routes and, small to/wns; salary and expenses. Address 'Riural Life, Roch- ester, N, t. . 3:5 WANTBl>-Tenaiit Man. for. yearly jab on fruit, and geneval purpose farm. Good position for an expordenced man. ,Ai. T, Jtrown. iapen<!eTipnrt T N. Y. . ^__ FOR (SALE-^Rempdeled iseveh room hotisfe, excellenit condition, all con- veniences; large garden, fruit, i Ideal home for retiring farmer. Price rea- aonaJhle, t&rms. Address T>y letter only R-2 this ofnee. 3:5 'FOR^SaabEUHj IR3_NT—Double ihouse With six acres, 2§T»our cherry trees, 6ft BarMefct and Seck^-^pear fereesi, 11 prune trees. 10 apple trees, awre pur- ple berries, ba_l -acre isttawjjerries, West^Hollev-Roadr-HeSteiriN. Y. Deal' with owner. W ^6. ^HoBirldige^. : . _ .... *r oatdhy.rhyime that Kipling wrote. A fellow had to choose one day between cigars and fiancee, and since he could things to-be done4?yard'S ana fences t o be made presentobte, flowers and trees to be grown * parks and rest- Eiot keep them both', he chose tobacco, 1 rooms needed. hotMijlg loath, ©ut as for me^there's There are other needs. It doesn't >.£np Ifavaha, 'flhat IwouM substitute for matter which- one we work on so long ^janhah. \\\. -^IBob Adams as we work oii one. ANKOUNCEMENT Louis B. Shay and Paul/B. Hanks, formerly w«th the firm of Lee, Brewster I Johnson of Syracuse, N. Y., announce that they have formed a partnership\ for the general practice of law under the firm name of Shay & Hanks, at the offices for- merly occupied by'Louis B. Shay, Brockport, N. Y. ORMAL HALL and you will want to join your friends there ^ \ Student Managed, Coached and Produced <« Shepherd ^h.-M.-Mrtttnce-..:. by HoUand Hndson ... 2—\The Silent System\ by Dreyfus and Matthew. 3-— < Eveniiig Clothes Indi^petisaWe' by Roland Pertwee Reserved seat chart now at Dobson's—Admission 35 cents ••»•»•»••••••»»•••+•» Pi- — ' - f~ -\• pIZZ\ [--\-.•- i 'pi :J m t but xre -ou, hi. bui ; >;;.--; L-._ _ = ___ _. X A ,,^.^.,

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