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,5?lW>™ *Wr **Vr*? \W*.-FTT '^j^iTv^S^v jj^^i%Ma8ai&dfeia>.te »?-•'•-* • \v-v-'•;<-• ' • • pi'-- • ..<* • ... . ' •®i^«t»m»ii--<g»*i»-j><-«--. -«lte»T»»w l, ^^o^*iO** iSw; l** Ife- V W' :*1 \^4^ M BROCKPORT, MEW FEBRUARY 26,1925 Sft\ AN ENVIABLE tl-^Ably SCHLENK . ; ' The=4eathof Rev. Adain ScUfiiik, at ojaaJtSsaa & pastor ojf fixs* Lutteeiait Churchc ffi *Ms yillase,. occurred last week M Utwi igark Avenue HwplLalr Rioeheater, »-i 3|^^asJ^tJffirtP0iifc f Tomorrow With East High -^Lant Number in Lyceum Coarse Next Tuesday. r jbftll -circles .is \fMj/ij&P* Jr i>l»yin« IBfe 'third season with the Norm*. Tigho was elected captain- of 4fla> yeaar-> -team at 41»e--a^nflirt'~j«^teti« ;;»ssoeJ*-; -tioa <ban4uet h^d immediately «*twr the close of the season las* year. To -date, -he-has led hls-teaan,'feo -nine victories and has only been defeated -ooce. -Tigbe\ snd.fjredrihis:position \Ifoni center to running guard 1 and has ibeen -p(kying-e'xeeptionallyHta*--b«lb-—^SkKp»- per\. 3s known as having an &xceU«nt eye which is shown in. 'his ability *o : stale the .sphere-throu^hptlbe hoop, and bis floor work has .put the winning punch: in many games. OBITUARY He I» survived lay one son*. Me€HJ+Nf* ----- 'Ultam CMoGuinn, a iformer resident of.this- village, jp'asseiA away .Ttoesd&y m©niJn«, 'F«(brulftTy £&fo M Ps home, 6S Iwnst: street, Hochiewter. Deceased la siurvtrod fey Ms •'wife, Mrs, Mary M-cGuim; two <son», Andrew and Wdfflkaa^ two daughters, Mrs. iJeo •Rochester and Miss Anna- QtfotMian. oat UUca; one brother,- John M-oGuinn.-af iRocnester and on© sister. foWito a&auMing of Brockport. rr33a^^n«^;8&S&Shiwera held^thiii jaimKug aOToMock from poly Hbsarj ciwinch'. Rochester,, Interment at Mt. Qlir«t, itWa. yfllage, — 0.LARKL, Edwaad Gerald Ctaiik, the little son of Mr. -and fMrs. CteraldJEL, caark,, aged ites& S; ^S3fm A3» j»[fc^iT,l,i„ >u.--- »• •High and jhe_ Normals will_.hff playeST : 5n-^he^loeil»~gyffltt«stum--~toiH«mx>v*- 1 'year, 15 day*, died at (the home, ol MB fawnt% Hottey street, early yes- terday jmorning foMowing a two weeks fhnesfB «f spinal 5BetfBgRi«.- ^Se9l<J<9s~Msi~paa-entsv he leayes Ma gr^'ndpairen.ts, .„Mr,..an'<i .Mm*- iEdfward. Thomas of this TfflagreMand Mr. and Mrs. Pfed Clark of Albion, '.._.-.' The funeral services will \be held to- morrow afternoon at 2:30 o'<$oclc, Rev. Ee-xay-JN. Stevens 'onljbMmg, Burial at Mt. Altoionj (Mr and (Mrs Clark -have the deep, syiisipaQhy of .theij\ many friends in tlieir !>©rearemenl. aleraged- 46 years, occurred Friday Thefcuieral services -wore lield from -his- 4ate- 'ltouw-Mtm^toy-MtfefliOon-at -2: o'clocfc Interment a€ Late View- \HTAMPTOW*' ~~ The nemai-nis of Mrs. Bpoma Starks Hamipioii \wJioso death, occurred at Detroit—Mtcb.7-Saitnrday~werebrou5'M GREAT BROADWAY ott OF 4» Thursday and Friday Of nert week^ March Sftk and 6th, Monroe!, j^dg 1 -* P. & \iiL\M. \«daF«Kge onT'of ffieTatest and niost successful comedy hits of Broadway, entitled \Kempy.\ Tlha comedy has a record of two contjnuojii jeans on .^iwdway, and .there are «ev* Oiae-of *he^ ao»t-itii«(pc otccuwrett Jtotoftd \9*^ ft cWMV- '^erolsm aeldom eq^lle*r'tl^#'*«M^«'Hf hiajipeiwid in this i*«cla«g\ -g^iW»*H®»\ h«arts^of <toe era! sifcock icomganlfla.onihe ro^ PJ^ | peopaeroa' 43iie iH*tfg» tggtbd. west Men- \\ \\ day aftemopip, wbeifc *wel^e-ye*MM Gh*rl*s Ctordon «ec«linf A Tictlm of th« ing |jo capacity shouses at the present time, ''Kempy\ starts with a lauigh, and en^ts-'ffithpne, «ndaffoxds .some M i»»e cleverest o^iippntuttities for ooanedy thtet hwe ever ibeen presented. —\PeaT Benca a Tetired. harn&H^mafe QfscCuref tw#\ifirAe daughleirf, ga» whom believes to acquiring a mew hobby •wito.every yean 1M9 la Katft'' erlne, around whom the main aottott cf th© pjUay^oentfirs^^Kempyl' «&pe*rtL oppontunely as ft pbjmhor, aihottt th« ttai^ 'Kstherfaie'a father la englrieeocing a majrlage ibetweeni her and ©uke Mer- rill, a flucosssfut ^b1lsine8s^ man of forty. ^Kempy''' acknowledges kuvlng made a TOW to m«nry *he author of a certain hook, and wheji he learns that Kaitherine isjfcheau'Qion.and sholeiarne of his vow, .she decides to take him up, and thus evgwe the Impending maF rlage. An elopement is\ planned, and how the plan works out* and the amus- ing situations which axKjootnpany It un- til -aia final curtain, pTeseirtiS-^ffe of the most enjoyable comedyjorodiuotions ofthe-age. i.. The play ia being' dlre~6fod by HBea Claire^ WUljtoBifrmerEngllah tether at-^e-Brooloporfc ^Normal. •£. HL--0. TPfL^mm M Seotea-Hsarx Itofifiik- ^igns.haxe Jbeen -the. iule-in jzarioue places whe;re it has previously J>een BOY SCOUTS GIVE GIRLS t Uiider Ic% When He Falls From Raft—Aleysius, * Younger Brother, Rescued By Heroism of Sister—Body Not Recovered hy Coroner Until Next Morning, Maryt \**» diared ithe ,treiu*«war - Ice -plater, jam to r.esott»ayi^iHcegJ|>rO<!i»r Whose head ^a^r-rwniilBW^bo^e-^wa^tigEi we *e -screwpedr %*«BTQr for toeip. The two .\boiys <»m0, aged 12, and Aloy*iu», «ed y r hi#«*^« » wttt ana wene playitog oJ5t-H»ltjp*rt of the crtek wfcicfe~4ftltto;tiw^^ AUea fairnf- Tlie- 0OBtlnuoue ratos P* the 'piurt f»w tfa^ «<WKsd the ice on which. *he !boy#.- in#*^ skating as re- cently as Saturday, «nd overflowfld the hanks, «nd to itft« «!«<« «* <«> hour or two, -> atro«lt-c«»ettt «wep* the waiter lakewatdv Wtthauit a seeond'9 warnin* the wift *&>*& .*hroiringr -both. .boya into thift •«*«&. ^rles ._TW». caMed^^ ui^f : it^'lc« : and Els ibody quickly tfwBPpWS&l'!*Qlwn' stream. The 3even?-year-oldi brother broke .through, ^nd ya«^^ RnbmftqgalLalLlmt^li headV Tho little chhj; «MigM over tihe' ice a.nd'wl'th %is haaid*-holding*tight' he- cluagther& and screamed for help, AIK iiaarto- thVSoli*e^ : Wii»-motlieV. y -Mw. Gordon—aaid—Iimr ifucii'twii-ytia.i'^ila* Will Initiate Candidates at Spencer port and Hilton T^eJhr^on^ot^aMJfhl^iBrxj^ ;^tfrtl}ran%BrpTirTnrThursday evening drew such, a crowded house that they haid to repeat the performamce Satur- d«y^ jjemrrigg^ . SErkflffia . .£tt ^Mcmm were' Veil represented in^the audience, aad fhey enjoyed the evening's enter- tainment so much that arrangements ware made to repeat the performance ^..the.SJlarkgon .Town..Hall fonighit.f4.r. the .benefijt of the Clarkson •Ghurcl, and at Morton in the near future, ist the Morton <}ranger The evening'e .porfonniance inolud'eil the following plays: \Thirty Minutes Eefreshments,\ \Our Aunt-from Cali- fornia\ and \Burglars and they were put on under 'tihe directorship of M'iss Phobe \C Palmer. The proceeds amountod toucarer ninety-dollarsvpart- of -which was «sed for tho purohiise ot robes for the degree team, and the balance (pajt in_ ^e jyeaffltfy, _ „ _ _ Tme first and second degree teams hay# tbeen .invited to attend the Span- cer^>rt Grange^meoting Af.on.day ©v-en. IngL* 11 * confer. tM flfafc and Seconi degjgees. on a cldss of candidates, rThey will iliso \be tha gniestR of tha eveniinigr wt hfe home in Sweden, He staged, and a crowded house is antl' •wa^ Tiora in Englandjaaid-came-4o-thi8-|-cJpatedr*6eort^rfV)ster^s-Thelrrnaniff country; with his parents when a lad four _ years of 'age. fk> has- made his hoime..i3Q. Sweden ior «he (past eight -ye^rsj—: —- -.•'•\ ,-^-\ •--•••:•—.—. 'He is survlvod by iiis \wife Anna TIHock fflosendialo; one son> George EEfTJ' ~~ Rosendale, Jr., and -six daughters, Madred* AiinaV SSarioaii Lonfse; Plot* 1 ehoB^aiM-IiUcJIl^l^aendale, ^ali of Sw*eden;-~-:; •\-——\ '-;---— -- •-,--• danignter Wary -HuFrleo\ to IQie. asEtlst- ansce of th>e teraifled^itod, aitd when .t>hex A r| , lied J Jli(^<|ulcJk^tted^^ . Hllteal -Grangeu SatuiaJay evenlngr-thfl SSthv, y/itBh they will initiate\ candi- dates. - off her shoes so m tojivoid slipping -trarthe\^^tr&acjHsrow ~*c»,:.an^to.rfeo]p atockins feet picked her way out .on t-he moving caJk&gof Ice-toJier-brotiher, The Scouts are jap and doing, again. This time-it was a, return party^tor •tiie;\'Giri'\Bcottfi'hild^^•Fild^Cy. ^evening. 4Scou»tmaister Dt#e _ajrapged _a_mov|e whiclv wis shown on \the .screen- at 7:45, of Charles Ray In the Pinch Hit- t6r L yhfch PrffgQo. be a vsry ntaus- ing,-«nd. enjoyable 'A ^eaturi.\'--'Th is\ was f allOwSd_,by- a -littlev sketch\ entltled; \Yukoii. (Hank,\ enacted: by OJEIT-Scout- mSster assistant. \Chatter (Paul Chapman) and Freddie Badinau. &.— TX^I^^*--^^fzoi^zr a „ A #„„^^i Everyone j6ined.:in daMiDgJtoltOwing: to Brockport, yesterday, and.fnnaral:^-^ - T .r,;;:-rr.\.-f.. f... «,i„-Ai, o.„U.?„^ • „^—,.i,.M .* ^TT^rT™^™ pictures, music for which Tided bv our own fine fin services\ were held at the Lake View The- (postponed^ game.betrweon~^ast|^eHaet«r^^h^el-Tat^two~o , clock:—The - !TTO^nd,S A JO,X.J^C&h8r«euot the serv-Tces attlrB gra^e,-assiste3~hy •evening. This game _will, : w4aottt rRav, H» W. Stevens. ^question, \be the hardest gaiuo- played roh~U~e^om^coTif^T^CoTEcn-- SSlMWry- Deceased was 82 years of age, and. a _ ^Wer'resiaM€~or\&e^ end- Captain- Tighe have ibeen putting Sweden.. The family moved from here ,>the finishing touches on the team wttn about*fOirty yearns ago, andjijave made stiff workouts <toe past weeinurd feed khefr home an Uelro • confident of holding the tEastslders to ich., for a numlber <>t y«eara.. Mrs. Hampton, was very tow ©core if not .trim them, mffoikl preeideiit pfujhe Wonian*rlR©- \\ Wigti-»has\th?2BnnKW!he^r^5rk1p^ machine that-will be on the Brockport court thilfei- yfar and it i& the bis dfjve-of the locals to turn them back -defeated,. See the advertisemca*. The Normal basketball feaiil staged *3oniposed~of~MisrM&TT Paddock,.jPhil ;pa'ga^ao^Sh^GScligejScmM.'l. -J^L=z. Eefreshmetuts wereTeryed at 14: SO and tie jporby brought to a close by Scoutanaster^Obte. with,ihiauisuaiU^a«: of trlckSi The party was chaperoned by Mrs. (Roy Nellis and Mr. Otte. ' a. last minute raiay UYiday nigbt ia the local gymnasium to get a one point a^fasis€Wmevap4yjfeby-a score of 29 .to 28, This was the_Jkat- eon*ineBital <*ngf*M'M^»t^^ banquet^ 0o*v iSbe -wm teHKHEfi-wiffi &» state office ~—.^—, ers were laid for twenty-five, —sFhe-dfofaig; room was handsomely decorated in keeping' with Waahtogj- facnie piayedi so far ffi3s »©ason: \5nT wasTwitnefeed toy a snxainarowdT fans. Captain Tighe led the scor- SlBh^foW^^go^i\ --.•-- . : \^\^ The following night the .Normfllis jprlayed the WiiltenisV^le' five on. the 'ha,tter's court and won 'by_& 29 to 18 score. This time Tigfee- made- nbc flelct , sea-vlng in dihiat/capacity for Several-i)erms. \She was also a mem- ber-of tifae-©. A. R., and attended tfhe of Ore D. She is sitryived Ijy two sonoj.Aifthur S. Ham5ptonj = jB^.„-CS>arfes Hampton. botfcv^iiDetj^, o«d:i«nd_ JCOO ylveld iby-'several cousins in Bjockpori and -yteiaalty, ^ ....Satmuel. Quackecnibush^-wlil- attend Mlng'^a^rsLmieetlnjs,in fiochester Saturday evening. •-\•.\ •Tfaje temter and DistrflM Tt^>nfy at, goals to agaiotvtoe high scorer for the locals. • • ' „ The fifth and concluding numiber of tihfe Winter Lyceum Cojurse comes-on TueMays Mar'ch 3 at S:I5 in Normal i^ialL-»This is the best course that hafr befett given «ince the normal issehoofc hjas conducted Winter iiycefini Courses. \TPheclosinig attraction in the course is tine.'Betty .Booth .66ncert Coin!p'aTiy._. Tftiie program will'c'Onsii'St of-*wo^arts. •Pari one is wholly m.usic; siniglngl^dT tostrumen.tial from classical and >pppti- lar auittoors, Part, two of the program ^al pla^- iffl- oiie ia,ct. This 'attra-ction hfas»made a decidedi ihltj wh.efevGrJt »bias been,.pr!esehted. \' \\^ ~f^*~*«-*™^» .OVUM«U.V. ^ ^ ,-, • Mr. ftuysell Carter of the Me Dfc ™~~ pjattmerLt of Education, .Stiatte Super- visor of Music, spent last Thjursday at .bbe School, inspecting tljs»mTi!Sf«-work. Dr. Thompson, the principal, -is. in Cincinnati attending as a state .dele- gate, the annual*-meeting of- the Na- tional .Education Association iDeptart- tendod a meeting at Lelioy last week, of Masttriic oiftcial® of western New York.. Insurance adjustments have 'been and the FeMowcraft Club has miaide arnattgetmenitis* to keep ••tHe.d J aJes : already xnade\ for •conferring 3rd de- gree. ' * ' was pro- •wiai his attendants' worked~for hours fn an effoTitloTo^te the little~vicTiik It was Impossible to launch a boat in the swirling ice jam. wirteh kept form- ing-and bfeaking^aml^ffort was given J^-thaitlBgtnt' : -\oiuy\ to t^rresumed early. Tuesday'momios. Just about day- CAfPEN AUXI4IARV BANQUET „„TielJiSme^f^Mrsr-*^ was -the scene of a most enj. event Tuesday evening when the bers of the Capeii Aiixlliary %athered tsm'8 .^iMhday. _^he_taWejvas_centerr., ed wrlralang^JJn^^ 1 ^^^^ bo each plate. The favors were small Eiuring dTnuef ^iss ^araK PecMiBm played selections---on_ : thejiamo and also sang several soJos-., Mrs. Bert Dorrancev toastmJsta-eSS, gave\ a read? ment of Superintendence. \ A repewt of the-work of Margaret Decker, in. -TOrpiLpai^y College* for the first sem-ester has just-:been received in the office. jShe has made a grad'SjOf ing and Spoke to the ladies \on the work of the Aiusiliary.\ ' . '' iFollowimg ithe' .bantiu-et 500 Vas play- ed. Mrs. John Pakne.r having h%h Bicore -and M,rs, William Rowe second. GETTING READY FOR EASTER Tihe Rogers 'greenhouses .are linlng- up for the.Ba)ster season, and quantit- ^3 .of Easter flowers are well started* toward their •holiday mission^ About 3,000 tulips, half of whicli are of the ©ofgeolis Barwin variety, a trellis of sweet peas pink and lavender the ^-rfteHgth-ef -th«-ea«fc-gTeen'house i -Hatrsr#* w ^n4y years --ta^riepccsriarBpe^^^ credit. Misa Decker grtadu^ted ipom. .thft ihighi school department J^t- June as a,ii honor sfud<eh,t. Thie Bcxy Scouts ihave a ^riy ih'the corridor (Saturday night. ^——U.—— CARD OF THANKS We wish ;to extend our -^flceTe thtoks and .appreciation to our many •friends for their acts of kindness and beautiful flowers; also for' use of aii: tomoibilesj iiurinig omr recent lioreave- meht'. MTTS. Rosendale and family. to ym» to, catch his -hands and pulled Mm to safety. TSw-lsd told-l»rTthat- Oharles was under the ice, and when she—coidd„.nat see Mm, Isjve harried; jtto>a^tb»„flo»od«e^ ihg : feetJo^i-h^fca,mlIe seaixAln«-f6t nelgh|Sor|„tc>,go to Wajsacna Seaticb was nxade for the boy, but. there was no sign of him. Coroner rufih of...wafcen.bod^re.'jededi-^.the-JHttle' body-was found^'wailt*-i -over near- tte bank, about Mt. \E'mttH fraan Where the tragedy occurrpd -;_•_. ^___ _\;;. The^Iittte^--hero4-ne-who-bi«ved^ihifr peril~of \ice~~and water -to\\save her brother, T?as confined to* bed.Tuesday, as \a re'suTf of her experience. -Charles \Gordon with his wife and agflg-cMitlg^i moved to Jhe._C = la^d.« . AdleF farm from Buffalo last May, where it was though* the couiitf j Would benefit Mr. Gordon's healiai. four Rasters- and the ^Tlrr -boy's- fuaeral frota tha ChsiEch of The KaU»ttyfjae*i offlclating: will be taken .to Buffato for ; -Jfct^g. SHAY tAKE^ PABJHEfiLr Paul TJi Hanks, a graduate of the Syracuse I^w Sohool,—and^^!^ fhasi befen praotieteig-Ja^ in the City of Synaicuse, 'for ike Tiast two years, fe coming to' Brockjport -to. enter into a paftnership *with LiOtiis B. Shay. Mr. Hanks Is njarried and will move here with his fanxilyr^Mr. Shay finds that; his flew duties will lake him away from Brockport part of the ; time, Mr. Hanks will be here all the time and can \attend to all matters in the office. GRANGERS TO PUT OW THEATRE CAL8 AT CLARKSON AND MORTON BURNS—CALLAHAN 7 .e. miarrialge oC Miss Oatherin© \Cal- Wham, dtaughiter of William J. Calkthan., and George yjncaehit IBurns, son of, wobert u. 'Burns, of• ii*ooaest>er, jwas solemadzed Momdiay m««rnlIlllg• at -ntee- . xj'clock jat the ctwwht of the BDofly in Rochestter. ^T!he...Jbenr. Geo, V. Bums, uhclie of the '^oomt |>ettf©tin-: ed thoN^eremony. They will make; their hoine^n Demiper, Oolo. 3&T- Eurns Is a former resideQt of\JBrockjwrt *nd a ngphew of Jp^plh Harrison of thje IEDarrlsoin. 'Olothtog Co.s^e ha« been & membeir of the e^dHtorial^BitaJr of- |the Hootoeater Ttones^nilon fprX^sevWal y \ THE WASHINGTON The 193id iblrthday of Wastotogton was flttanigly observed 'by -Monroo Chapter D. A..B,. ai .tt«,hjOmeof^MErs. KfclKuC* MafsS' Monday* \aftornoaii wltih\ •the\ amiuaf Tuhcheonr~Th\e*regi> lat (busitiess of the meeting included Ehq election of delegates to attend th.e . JUUuxal\ CoMingjai3^. r jCgn^flatt will bo held in Washington; April 40=th- ^he;.followiag delegates'; were-elected :* ilrs. WHson Moore,. -Mrs. -Mgirl^' SMfpr. Mrs. George Adams, Mrs. Fred -Caswell,- aiisg- ;Elizabeth~^Allen.. and -Mrs. James Brennan. \\A most enjoyabTe entertainment was givgn by one of the daughrsrawiof thn Ohap-ter memibers. Elizabeth Casw-ell saj^r- snyeml- self^enfi T: a*d--«c#refc5:z-rAnreeeptiOfitJand rihe Wrobig 4^9dow3-wa<HaTranged^Jy ; ; Uorna ^nsel. The play'Was given by a cast from_me j>)onnial jDramatic Club, ,-•»* MATRIMONIAL ^x BADGE-GALLAGHER Badge, so^of Mr. •and Mrs. Joseipft Badige, of Hamlin, and Mdsa- (Mary Gallagher, damghter of 'Mrst. Wim. Gallajgher, of .the • sam-e place, were nmrrled Tuesday morning ' at ten Q^clockjat thje..ehurdb ojf TJie^l^JxIlte by Rev. PalBer Krieg. They were art- t»nde44(H^te6 M«y Bnffy..ainid' \Win. _ ^Mitegteer; iBroEher oFSh^lgroomrT^ - The bride's diresss wa» powder blue s-ilk' wWh hart, .to taaitcb, and •she wore a fox skmrf, and carried a white prayer ooolc. 'The bridesoaaid's dree* was of rust colored silk, -with twit and'\•scarf to .match;,. A wed«diing breakfast was served to the imm»ediaite Telotlye* te- m«l.Lat)ely \aifiter .th»e ceremony, at the bom© of the bride's, mother.. They will. make thejrJbAotmje Js Hamlin. SSho drDWaiiwfic \iSlocfeB^^enSrow^\ the IMagpies are doaiatin# tihe^proflt to tiber Gonimiuntty 'Centex—' ROACH-IXINSELLA A very pretty_ wedding was solem- ized Monday morning ait nine_o'clock airttt'S CHurclTprTBoTHaJlYity: -between '^<6iat • -Bennaird- Roa»chir «f^ Spencerport, araMHliss BllKibefe J*retta_ Kinaella, SaugBlef oT Mr. ano! £Mm Thomas Kinaella, of tha Lake Boad* AHomlln. - ^r^.-wedding«.oereBnony-wtas\foHowed ' by ¥ wuptM Mass* at (both of which Rev. Thither M, _$. Krieg officiated. Rev, : Paittoi p - Wintiers of St. John's ChUirch,.- %encerpo3t, -of -which the groornfa an attcradant. was in the ^ •sieinot'uaTVT—The—bgridal couple .wewf clev » r u & m \***& atnms&Wsttiufttiong, uawtttended. The asJIaf \was beauftlful- ly jrranged for tbae -cenemonial-with- iqw^'s^-^ffodik^-andt. -fenMrv£_3!he bride and groonr«tr*ered the chflfch to the stn3ns~of* Iitt£wi^n's\*weddin€r march,^ : ^layed . 1c?, Aflsa Jessica Michaels, JflH-\BTldE WJ.S tUt'^saed in oI?Tro^ •oa^toD.^ernibrold6ro<3, and- the picture fert-she-wor£-TnAtehed™*1ter -cosflime. She .carried a showesr bouquet of sweet oe.nis. • . -. ^MoiTfelKeenan, o^ Rocb^ster,^cousin of the bride, aittdsPned- Rcroeb, of Spen-': cerport brother of -the -groom, acted aa.jish.ers , Thay yx2i!^' •ff„: u f* : mmmm Critics Unstinted in Praise of Production and of the Lady, Mrs. Mabel VilJage- Benefit of Community Center, hy Grace of\liie =«^ les -Both crltjcs and audience' were en- Jn iheir ipraiee ,of tLbSj^Ro^b-^ es<er^3^mwiity PlayieW flfat pro; diuctton, \Redding Belte,\ which comes ito. Normafl OHjBdl, Brockport, Saturday night;, • Theplay^coro^lito-Normal {Ball' sponflpred toy the iMaartes, Notiaai; tvo*^s Thte will be-the only outot-wwn pexformance of the Bo«hester- Pla.y«M>- this season., and only^thrcvuglh th«r eat«#ri6ei,of--Tlie Mafeples 'and the\ Community Center is that privUege oura)- 'Brockport, of 'cou«jev (has *' sp-eclaJ laitereat In the event for the reeja6'n~t!&a!t r .the l«fading ladx^rf-\Wod-\ i d,lng .DeM«/!'_M», Harold^icnv.is one- of our'ojwn fair citizjens^ And wiaLthe^ group of^ really capable\ actors and\' actresses that-surrounds her she will be seen to superb advantage, The Rxyohoster Gommuai^Pl^e™r. +- ore m orgamlzatlqn of people-Merest^ ed' ln-iib*-*h|e«tTer- Therhavea two-- fold purpose: flrsit; to bunt-otit «x- cepSflnal acting ;tialeiiit in their owa city-and-isav© it trained and^developed- by-experits ;• |«»ndnto - encbT5Ewe^an^P •foaterja4oye for the draima, JFour or Ave ^cplays are to be presented each seasolt', and \Wedding. Bellsl was J[igt_ presented la Roches>ter-on-January 1>\ a&d 2(T.\ It isla «parklln«\coioedy' oT and was presented .by 'the Rochester -PhByers with s-ftateh thM ^hallewe^ tioxm, .--.-— - - - --- The critic of^ press wrote:._._'_. - . ..-• -—^ The players'presented ^s^flnarted '-'i yuTiamimm tm no lu^eMe'coulo!' jud«elt\\ae r amateurish In character * • *-T*e-Elfay~iWiaiexcen^i^ oas* --* * •* Edward Rose \as the** poet who loved madly but-in vain, aud M^bel B^.Bkh,. -the- young ^worflianj?ih£i_ «l^ed^e*«-^ir-^iffldHk>*tr-beT-*m!fl«m did work-which was-nnTiSualty nnlsiMff- ghapaetep^ .- —— grtd.w35trh cha4ns^b>y4heg«)omi - .\rwedding breakfast forthre IrKTOediaae memJ3ers^of-botb> tesmlHes was served at the' (HoteT and depicted-incidents- in-the life of IJpon \their return Crom ^Albany, New Gedrge Waabiing.ton_dnring .the-JPrenchi-Yoric-and other e»stornr~ points.-the and Indian? Wars. The play was adapt | newly-weds wHl maJke their home to edjfrom Th*ckeTey's mo.vel.r- \The^ Vir-jSpeneerportr\ .- -\' \• giniaHS.\ ^ , _„_'_ ., .L.5M^.J^EgnMPJiiJ™ejpnte-»lncl«ded«• The'ffe^'^eeilng*\^! be held Mar. surprtee <shower of tiie ktechen variety Tjbe., Herald ^critic^wroife;. — - 'J^t^Pe-3(?ejFe- many-4h-^e5a*lHgood^ ai^:#e')isel!t!B%s ism 'bettCT IjhW^hosiF ii8©d^y_imany^rofeiis^nM-\ l cciB»p«^e **\ \*~~* i§eVera»I of those who took parfe--dlstingitti#.ed themselves—ibevnmfcr 2nd. at three o'clock, at the home^of Mrs. James Brennan. '\\\ ~~ J^ Planned to raave baefc^o- MUAMkHkJiW^J^m^^WACHWB^' Cneir=ie|d Jhosie In ^BurTaio;Oii.lMday4: \~\ * this weel CLUB WH-L APREARIN — DA-YSM 'SCHOOL. Tjgj^bruary meeting of the .Bpnc-k- port P^Knt-Te^chers , .piu.bJvillbfi.he3d ioo&-Tat-'^ffev^'ch^lrTSCt; : : lBpt^^ofiaa^;nlsltr:^^CMIi^\ play entitled \School Days,*' the vari- ^Hf^aTtr'TieiBg \pTayed 1'by. the- clu<b Tspested ^^rfngllier TuhchJn a dfa 3Je? r pair, aitd ffie\afRrnoM',protraim will follow along the trail of the real meaning of \.Schoor TJaW A mbat enioyalble session Is anticipated. a-M-he- home of, .^e tarttfa. sunt! sbowe| at the home* of Mrs. 'Maxwell ^*he *Ridge Road. 1-EGlgN 1 AUXILIARY WjLL^MEJStl' -The Auxiliarj* of- the Harsoh»Criap- ifehe honors the part called for.\' Seamatn ;JAret t jrllI tiold Cheif re^ilar the first, meeting urader the iiirection the e4pectatloa..^of even 'their friends. This was. notably trie of Howard Oum- much of the comedy In the pliay, and atabel Richrwthio-^haid ^th»\ SrlnciBaLXX/; part among the women^\ ••---,. — - _ \To jnick jiaxa. Jn-thls- «r9u^~ \\ — £Wdtelh4©^^anot£efr^Ne3^e^'i^ an. Tiie. cast was perfectly balanced\ ana every performer carried off all The Welfare €omBBi*tee madetbeir inemberai Effcb: of. - .the:niemheTS tsiffioWh^ yMt'-Monda?aftejftflonHEoT&Efc JbWer,J Homeopailhlc •Tfos»J^aJr: , ThlSL:is one oLlfhajbrMegmoaa, Edwapcl J16ee-j» a of the activities thai are appreciated by the World War xnen -who are try- CL.OSED CAR OPENING Week at Batten's, March 1 to 7. See adyerti&eim.ent on- page 2.\. _d r—i . » . i JACOB MUSICUS well known teather of violin and chelo. ; already-slx Feet-high^several thousiind carnation plants, and many daffodils' ffiEd cyclaimehs are- receiving eSpeiC care of the Rogers brotlbers so they wilfbe in readiness for the big Easter rush which is- ^ust a matter of a few weeks away. •'' Mondays.- -Vfolins furnished*for horn* practice. Inquire McClaskey's, 11 Park Ave, , ._ _. ._ Z:2t MASSES HOME, MAXON ,ST. For invaiMsv-^eonvalescents,^. a.nd ai^ed people. • Terms reasonable. NHirae's care. 2:12tf SUBSCRIBE FOR THE REPUBTLIC M FOR SALE AT AUCTION The P.a.rk ~D. Eamber .Farm, fo.rmer- ly .the Webster A. Cliapman Placa. consisting of one bundrolj, '(,100)'- acre? of land, will be sold ait public auction to the highest bidder on the Court House step's in the City <j>t Rochester,' Friday, March 6th, at ll: A. M.. B\ir-: ther pairticultars may be obtained from Burnis & Barns, Attorneys, 509 Wilder AWARDED DEGREE OF PH. D , Prof. Sheranan M. Smith, instiuctor In the History Department at Colgate University, received the degree- of' doctor of phJlosphy conferred by Clark (University, Worcester, Mass., ait' the founder's day exercises recently. . ra|po TegaiH their scattered healitb in the,*yario.us hospifcals- Thacomamtittees supply jtoenn. with some of >the things\ not included in-hosiylital servicej'and keep .them in touch with what their fellow beglonalres aire doing. -The -entireTorlghHd 3aafci< Brabk^i^ .^w4 4nolu4e* besidefl Rich, Anai flsnjeyieye v gmith as - -£116—, jgmer, •I'Ted 'MoKelT'ey as tJ».4iero-an as the maMrHoTTOrdf -Cuminlng, as the young poet and John B, BorelfcL a _ real discovery, who plays a Jiap aer-i '^THE DEACON IS ENTANGLED\ •~A-i)'act dratoar will be presented by the Bh-rre 'G-ra.ii -ge at <}ranige HaH,Mor-i . .. * t . ^, ton, on Saturday ev^eninig:* .Mar. 7, at again the. day 'before his approaching to the flaippisr daugbiter o* taiit. • \The plot of the play has 1 to do with a mjan, whose wife left him thie tWrd^ day of their honeymoon. He hMi ad- mired another woman', with red toaif. and the wife, to hold his wianderinc fancy, dyed her own the same jcolor But .the plaij. did .not work, afod, at hia reproaches -she .fled. She turns up Damcing virill follow. Professor Smith is the son of Mr.fg o'clock, and Mrs. A. E. Smith of Clarkson. Hej ' \ '— graduated from the Syracuse ,Univers- . CO.MIiNG try in 1913. He was political science | h ' e •$**. \Emmy's ..Lll'. WiU Rose.\ took-Ms master's degree there tbe iiuspices of the \Brockplort E^iworth Buildliug, Ro&he&ter, N. Y, 3:5 following year. Professor iSmibh is a: graduate\ uir BrockpwtTTormat; and Ifeter he •taug4jt the Latin, classes here f6r a -period of;five years. -a_ -, - - ; ''»>-• ' — • r ' , \MJ£N'S HIGH GRADE SHOES Tho \Geo; Merritit iShoe Co., Brock- ton, Mass;.\ manufacturers of Men'-s'; High Grade 'Slioefl announces the sale of their shoes from' **M,a'ker to you ! -through' thslr agent,' Walter. J. Albus 1 , Main Stj over.Ijee's Grocery, Brock- ,-jp^rt, N. Ti.vl*S-^. -T '•\ 2.:25ff League. Save the.-date. • FURNITURE Upholstered and repaired. Prices on work and. maferial' leasonable, ISS-J tor estimate. C'P. King, 12 High 1 .Ml** St., Hoiley* N. Y. 12:18tf fnarriiage an amibiitious',, mother, -and' starts all the trouble witib which the .splay h^s to_ ;d«K.- How she .c$reumv«iits- (fehe «eeea*— saarriage and wins him, back for Ker^ self provides many amustfngnsJtuations w -keeps the \aiudtenice fnr h-narioni* J mood from the fifst llhe to the teat. No Brockport resident can afford 'to ifes.whiait -.prom-ises to be- 'a ixtost en- joyable evening at Nbnnial Hall OJ» SatuTidlay ndght. , INVESTMENTS -First Mortgage BcwndSrS. W^ Straus- & Co. 69&; 43 years Without los# to any investor. Arthiur Tooley, A*gt., S-bate Bank of Coniin«rce Bldg. Phone 128-M. • ~ \ 4M7tf AMNtlAL DOLLAR DAY SOCFAW^ of the J-adyesf, AM' •Society of -\the Presbyteriah: Obiwch' wiii- be beld in the church paflois^ •Wedniesdagr after- nidorii iMaroh i&t, at S' o?ctock« ••'-.' \'\f .' '•'\''•. /•• ' * .--ti. --*,v;ri'.. = r '•i S c ' f- •• .

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