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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, January 22, 1925, Image 6

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taasuautm&uxi ife=- i~£ •Ala ££,+ At- fi •*—*«•%•• I'-fv- ' • ••— •••* ifti i 'V > y <•.—••»t\ home—beautifying and-most charming eries p MAMMOTH\ . . I^ASSORTMENTS.;' 1 SSTATE ST.- &2fi^h*^^WV?* r Ifsc^r es' iyv^ 5orp>ertime.s' __bu„t IlLlike. \to .s^y Irrs §Kdi were ---— f. i ,, i/fa£?™ ^-— ROCKY MOUNTAIN SHEEP Nat-ire nevSr found a more beautiful i them to ascend steep cliffs nod canyon spot than the Rocky Mountain Natlon*- walls, to- accomplish what seems\ the. Impossible^. - .-'Jfikey '-vspring — across h • jtT fwrR in^«Ior-»tlo, with its majestic tnciiiitalns, its iaUes^ strearus, canyons, j chasms without faltering and without ji; trees, wild flow-' \\ \\\ ; - ... - frnseiKriiceV-' : *-lf-\4fiey--flair- tie t : Essex - 6 Co a ch Freight and Tax Extra ers. among them —t-i?e—.s-trrte—-ftowefr- tW col u-rn lri\irPT and birds of a hundred species. - The park is also a natural . home far— -eiany-- wild animals. TheBiir- • honT or ' Rocky MmmLu'ln sheep still hold their little kingdom in .Oft»Ptoft u ,,,TlTCY find \pastures on tlie greett_-_edges of the glacier meadow s,» and they \ frequently find a resting place on a high cliff, inaccessible to. man, on elevations loftier than the misclfffficeV *lf [ -ffieyj- flair the t chasm too wide they descend j the—p^errprcer\wnw~te-fr-*H«r\by~<~ leaping-infco the air .anaVplunga-j. 'ingjheudlong downward, alight- ing on their stout, *tirved horns_ spring^ lf§~o\n\ board. —-Gtber a nativesrr— however, tell us that the .sheet simply race down the slope to the •precipice and sail .f,ipr|tf.%iiftVejPr.«t.h.p, i l eagle's eyrie. - -wiese an+rniris-t~rfe-wHdH!tnd -ttmfeF -they were 1 \nWr'e^emgrnartn^Kn^ Chassis is Patented As its Goach^JorJy changedxhFwMe ffeiid-To closed! carSaT so the Essex Chassis like\vise forecasts the mechanical design of tli« future.. _. .._.... . . ..\._ —: 1 TEssex profite ^ability ^ - has economy withoiit sacrifice of performance* - . reliability. ::vj:;.: ItlsTfTiSf eTban up-to-date in desiliv TCis T ih advaSceof any carwitt* wtttcfi - implice can be compared ~\~T~~'.~~: lii\c t mlity7Hiuig\son^1ii-hd\- : E^^x3re^lii^r\TRe-patents \\ -wlifeii make the Super-SL\ tfee«M>st ead«riag 1 ^5eiOGthesfe •motor and gjye i^ all advantages sought in eigte ^ t; : : xpiii^ersTp — ^^-zhasb|en so ^eir^rally done in copyhia the Coach body*- JESSEXLHQKDS TTQ)WM-1KE brink, landing un h a r me d tipon- thelr padd_e_sl hoofs. In the au« tumn the snow drives them\ down the margin of the lowlands-. While on a fishing trip, ne-ar T.nng*?; At Bnusc.h's. you will re- ceive the '-highest quality service—at moderate cost. SXBAIISOIMONCO, 6 MAIN STREET EAST 105 fc.A£1 AVfeN-U'fc. (The Sagamore) ROCHESTER -M, Y, § 'AWm?/M^W/W^/m^A-P^MWMJWf7m ft North. . f^mfltm^TCuliK^iifoleV&irPio^ Table. Lamna^ Cedai-Chests, ~ete. Ho^ranft-ltogBTg: 89-8JL_f!lin ton Avenue South J»welry, Silverware, Diamonds.. E. J. Scheer-259 Main.S(^'East. lfej,8ic aad- Musical instrmneirra; Pianos, Players-Pianos and Rolls,- B^plvwi,.)\ 'ft»~\'>'. . --. prr* - ««-;«——^-.- r SHI\ \ ; fVfr: ' -• fe-\. m-~ P~::: ,, - ;.\ ' • r im S_^i.\„i «i , ' •\ - ?-^T—. \ '?- . r--\:- r ~.\ • ' '..-• (~ : ~. •' 1 • ==- ----- • 'I, • ;- .._ _. \•\ . ' jT 1 - : ^r^ -. »—..-. - — ^> -,-=?-» _ifl '^B ~^l ^^W-T »...: ^fc__ Wk' -, -.H •\^1 - i \ * 11 \I 1 Lievts itoitr^toreT^ff-^duTHTSve trunks,'-Leather Goods, Bags. — - —^rtlcly*r^7inffSFn-Str\e^t'TSl[r\ Admit Possibility of Meted Transmutation Notliiiis Letter could illusn-ate the ;iew •cpnwntiiins ufriuatter now exist- ing In scientific circles than the tone .In which tlit* orthodox physicists com- ment on the vepurt from Germany of the turning of meicury into gold. A few years «igu Hi> real scientist would have had the patience to dignify such claims even to the extent of denying them, says the New York Times. The •riUTprttncP' lietween-tlte^elenienite- £^fe+JEfi3awui_floek-of-these-sheeB-and-^ ikirtt was held trr be essential and un» und-ttve la great—tear---of tlw punter;; ibujr^s-soonjts^thjej_^igji:iis wltirthelr.j than dcraht^if any essential difference JjM„nlso .the, coyote. The superS erea- bright, quick eyes they scampered up j gppamtes any sn-t-aHcd element from ttires,-with-their-hrrgt-, ctirhiuF horns- the mountaiH-stde as fnsfastliey could j any of the others, and to'\claims of wear a coat of thick, white tartr-over w.'It is ji sight long to be remembered ! transtnutHtii-n the answer is \Not im- an-mndercoafr-of ~il(iwny ^ootr'fi.Hd\ to ~sw ''tne\Ttpety:iTouMatoJ^eep_|-.p6^lblel^'--~-\\------ •.-•\ their hoofs are covetedwlfh soft pads, jumping from crag to crag, agile and The old assumptions its to theinde- ^vlT^chrnvith•nheir^tletiWe~fo^es,^Habl6-8ra^efuI; or dropping off~a\precIplc^^ an(1 the con- — • tffi. Waatfira'jSHWBpsper tfithm.) : -MierorH&n-ttf ^^^v-^hev. Pursuant^fcan order of Hon. Selde* S. Broxroy SuKyga&e-^qf-ffhergottnt;.,., _ WcffiSoe, noHoe i« Hereby glven/ac«bi?d> tog to law tojallperaoiie •having.clalaijr. jor deinands \ia^sto^ Step^OT^O. H«»-' drickeon - la/te of *h« village of Brock- port, County of Monroe, State' of N«r York, deceased, to preaent tie s«ne_ serted iitfitllihitiLv.' I he In -»>ui4»—t«ii • Telephone to Teach 4o«; have--^tih^the^4PC4idheiia therefor. ^—farteg- upnn evil lUtysrwd-Hie-respeefr- ^«n4eraiigned». Cliniton-; that used tn he theirs .has waned to ; next to ni>(lring. Yet science need hot confess faililiiliLv. since it. neverTas 7 old hypothe-- js^ fttt^7nlFnf the kiiuwu^ facts of their day and tlieymet tljepcagniatlc- _ u„test—they, .wor-kefi. - - - - ^-^y-^^~Xt^ - W4^H^^»^t4« ..I- \Kr.ti. ,^ ^i>-^4^4»^;Hr^-t44at .^ his idea of~a tram-tly AJIS tiie over- .L'iESElPS-iif \J'. J 'it '• '• 'ill ft' i 'yp\ihjiyis_hj • nn-Bgljr fttfi. In tln-sf 'htys no lmm>r all' \and\\iTiTT'T^vt n\ .t>c7nTpttuIi ts and Homer B. BenedUct,' Executor* «t the law office of Homer B. Benedict,. ^rockpoTt, N. Y. OK or before -the 23rd,' day_of Maroh~ia25— ----- , - iteuted-SeptteniieF ISbhi-lS^ —-—^ Better Enunciation HUXiie-ti-li\- • J^£CflaSJGd.i tele- I 1 I i i i •i i The Niagara, Falh Piva Company sells, electricity at the low- est arct:tgc price re- ceived by any gener- ating system ori- the North ^American • Continent. From: the days of Elato in Athens to the tone of Trotsky in Moscow, the \pursuit ©f Ute^pia has always been one of mankind's 1 favorite indoor sp©rtsT\But thi^-harmless pastime of a ^philosopher's-library may become dangerous wheri fanatics carry it out into the world of stem realities. - \~ \For while4>hilosophers dream and fanatics ,try to salt down the rainbow's tail— somebody must be doing the work-of the world.' We hear rhucj^ talk just now about Utopian schemes for water power development. While waiting for Utopia, it is worth remembering- that The Niagara Falls Power Company sells electricity at the lowest average - pTrce-™Te^ - ceived by ,any .generating system on''the North American Continents • * . THE NIAGARA FALLS POWER COMPANY, Producers \ NIAGARA, L0GKPORT & ONTARIO POWER CO., Transmitters phone 'service bdieteHdrat the phone will tuacn its users tO-speak- -•clearly—n»t -wtoh- one conversation! se-of Htntg=Asttfc=eet= {\taiJaly;™\hiistoe^r-wuntil--oe- expedited js^rb pexft-r-tpntftit-hitiim over ttie-tele- phone, . Hvcn ii_smiple_.nanie like liix. say. wj'ien passed over the wires may. become .nlninst an:> tn.iu—and then it is speller! fin- veriilcaiH')!. thus: \D for -baiirl for !k-e~ X 'ft.r_X-i-ii.v\—words as diltieulf jiiUiS£-?>i>i t« 1,e \hder- Stonil. , Progress ifr ptirirrtallcjns does seem to !:iL.' : in the (ipiriliiti >'f The Nation's \OtF liaslr-irp\-trtrr -niTjulitcd -lgy \1 speech. Ideas \Me feels quite, a man,: and thinks\ hi shouioHotK: seem to have miiHi Ity telepathy ns- t'rsiStH4vuh V\ Iv-.n a. jmHt»te of letters i inn m-)l;p sound and so m:iy give a edgt -pt coit; top side -iown. aiong^jToT a^J. t^^^^gy- -Mij^ttrt-K^lril- fiXVii, -Thfc- 1 more exuert 1\ I- 1 r i. s D Q Q S 0 Q =Ii==Ji^i=di=di==dr=dr=3SIr^^ Significance in Perfume After the iiMiiishtiient j»/ Napoleoii to Etna.- sinil while the IViv.ij-wjnists were plotting for his return, they used to fill tlie4r linxes with,snnff Scented with, vlelet--. his favorite flower. When (h -:ir-.im of l»nrnlii!X which side j an indiviriiuil favored they Would offer.ii j.'tt. h and .ilsk ^i*_'ni(ieantly, \Do yftu r.l.e t.iiR perfume?\ tory won irt t;rcuu!fl\>o>« , , iiKt nnd re- fers ID Thsl>a¥tV^Tf'A>Mil.:itn,''iis\wrtch~ 'I'yrrlms. Idn-.u-nf npi-'us. wnn n victory Oi-er .tlie—littuxuns While Sustaining suc-h hoitv.v lti-~(s tlii't lje-is fsuitl to have exclaimed. \Another such victory and 1'yrfhus is ilc-iiM.\ed.\' .tlmti the ear nt registerinfj; wortls. wuoev-er-\ vfaS fooled-by the .blanks in the penny dreaufnls of the 'hmg :tj:o? Tltejl g were-p-roitiptly ji('epr%'i sit their full IjHnistone t'oiitei.t. huTu curse-by tele- GENERAL INSURANCE AGY Brockport t N. Y \~ OfELCJERS__ DEAN G. CR1PPEN . . President' FRANK B. HEBBARD Vice Presldant JAMES E. CONLEY Secy and Trea. DIRECTORS Dean G. Crlppen Frank D. Hobbard James E. Conley Perry C, Shafer Ephralw C. Crjppep ~ Morton Mlnot ChaFles M.WcCrHHa Louis B.Shay George E, Locke Donald A. Dal ray Wllaon M.'Shafer NOTICE TO CfiEWf&RS | __ -! ts 1 - Jp r i i. u r i i Ti W •\N( -—tli< bri ter -str Yo -set rat sai \b ybi COI son rtf - e \OlECton J. \Hendrickson\ -Homep-B i ---Bened4ctr Bxecutors Bxeulitorsr Brockport, N. Y. 'WOTIOE T0.;CREDifOBS \ Parsuaat to an order pf Hon. Selteia' S;-Brown. Surrosate Of- -the Gonnty 7 «r_ Monroe, notice la hereby Ktyeii. ac- COr3Ir>g^to~hW~£*6 affpSEsSna liaTTfigl claims or demands against Ellen M. Biker late Of the Tillage of Broc! -County of Monroe, State of New York, vnonhers therefor, to the undersigned. Grace \A.~'Bowen execntrix, at-her place Tor- the transaction<-flM>ushie8B=L as 'such executrix at the; 1rrw~ffflhTg~gf «onrer-'iir-HeHediet--aFOCKpo on or before the iSth day of January, 1925. - • ~ ~ —• - - -' -—- Dated; July \iBth* 1924. ~~: — Oracr A. Bcrwen,\ Executrix;- - \Homer B. Benedict, Attorney for JSteMtax, Brockport, KT y J± 1 r '*m |™;~**~ • U-. 1 •» 1 \\* \-r— ersr \' ' L. - - -- [ .-. f«-™-—— f_ :. ^___ - ..—i- — t ~ --•_ •t • ... -- \. \ w - J =-\-\- % -\ NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to att order ^jf H.onoraMe ; .. Selden S. Brown, Surrogate of the County of Monroe, rioQce ts hereby - given, pursuant- to -la-w-to-aliHper-sonsE having claims or demands against -PAfftrT-Hfl-mhur-g. late oi the Village of~ Brockport, finimty,, -Monroe. State of New York, deceased, to present the Same^withthe^ vouchers therefor, to \ ,nde*^ig Executor of the last Will and Testa- •mfTHHrf-P^\* Tfamqwrf^-, ^flReaBed,- at on or before 1 Brdbkport, New York, February\ 5. 1925. Dated, July 25, 1924, HHenry Ham.'burgr Exeeutor T - Morgan & Pjillace, : Attorneys Exeeutor, Brocklrort N- Y. for Be True to Yourself It !>< ilifli.'t.lt to.be always true to ourselvc s. t».i.e always whai we. wish •fo^-be^ _\\b:it we feel we otipbt to be. As long as «•••• feel that, as hrnir as we do not snrn iiiler the ideal of nor life all is rhdit. our aspiration*-represent the true nature of\ our sou) niiich more fhai)_our everyday life.—M'tilleif-..,_ Church's Solid Foundation —Tht« fouiiiintien of'Sl.'\ .Di- vine church in New York js laid on solid p're-Citiulirian rock, -aniona: the oldest iri crention, so that it' is -likely' to endure lunu-er- than^-uiany of the old-world ca-thedrals that are in dan- ggr or-col I a pso because of sandy or \swampy htises. \ i \Pyrrhtc Victory\ Tbls phrase is used to denote a vie* \ €F \ An old huhfs sun w«s working in. the city ' The -yi'iuih. heinu very duti- ful, wnt liis mother! a telegram in-' foriliing Ini- of his success in passing an exaiiiitiatlon. \Cncil hoy, my •Clarence,\ she t-old. a tricml: \look how' •beaiil.ifi:ll> he -has- learned to typewrite; lately\ Name Is Misnomer « So-called pamel's-hair pi.i.intbrushes are not sn. naiuoil because they are made front linirs u*n> uf the cainel's skin. They are /itityle from sqiiirrer.B fur and Mere first made by a than named Onnrol, whose identity;has been completely lost for many years. phone might easily compliment. It's knows its own torn he garbled into a a wis.e ear that' rue. NOTICE TO CREDITORS! Pursuant t o an order o f Hon.' Selden S. Brown, SurroRate of \the County of Monroe, notice is hereby given, according: t o law t o I'll persons hav- sing claims or.d<rhapdsnpainstShernii.nD.Merritt. late of the town of Glarkson, County of Mon- roe. State of New York, deceased, to present the same with the .vouchers therefor, .to the under; signed Executor at his place for. the transaction of Business as.such Executor at the law\ office of Louis B. Shay, •Brockport, N«-Y.,. on or before the 15th day of May. ISgB. •'pTs . Dated Get. 31, 1924\. T*^ ±\ ^ » . SHERMANEM. SMITH Lcuis-B. Shay.' ' » • Executor. Attorney for Exer-jitor. • • Brockporjt, N. Y. 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