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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, December 04, 1924, Image 4

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5«-,_,,__,— ^f.--, 7 ,- , MS? fM^^W^^m^^^^^^^^- toirn THE REPUBLICrBftO'pkPQRT, N Y. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1924 •W0QUH>m-\'waiHi-BLic _ \\ ^;\' \EfetaBfTshpat-rt 1856 ^ -^ _ Presbyter-Ian Church. * H. Y., as second-class matter Subscription Price $2 ; 00 A Year ^AMON^eUR CHURCHES e\°vE. D. Webster, Minister -- : si.'lati-kgg^Stw'cK —\E.M. BLOSSOM, ADV. MGR< Thursday Afternoon* Dec,, 4^*24 Suiuhv S o'clock. Holy Communion; JOjSik/uwming; .firayer, and/sermon by tnev.-George^GaTarne.W.,.,; :.'.,.,„_ 6hw6h-o£-Ehi*. NatiVW, Rev. M. J . Kreig, Pastor jlolv Hour devotions will be held tdnfeil-**- 7-:M--o'clock, tomorrow he- '}•„<* Oic first Friday of the month. ' |,vi T - t '.j,HHiiunteH-^ilf bo dMrilM-ed .piT^yTnor htnf=Kf ^ ; a'«4\'Ma«s -wiu- i„. at tlio usual hour, 7:15:.\ Baptist Church Wm^ti FOR- SAiLE^T - pig^fr--w^efcs—eWr- ^ ^^e^J^J^SigeT, Shumway (Road, Waldo Peake is driving a new r^ -wT ' '^ •-• ' «»e^ > PriBted on a4i4a^M«^e-cardJL MR^and Mrs^^aoEgfi •GUrisHrell »JL H-l this -office.. :.•.-.-. ..-.,... board. Reasonably priced. Also For |. RoC .h.« s ter spent; Thanksgiving ait the ''\'••'•^r^ signs. '. ., ' stickncy'home. • '••• ----- ----.=—-_ -_. in -goad condition. CaU phone38frR. , • •,- ^^ Ayptit)neer , f Mrs. Ruth French spent *.£»days , -SWESENHEEfTOft Oneida eeuniy Creameries _. —..jjenence a «UVV'«MCC I - . - • •» v -^-N-FEEM-We are- now reaflx Jt.a~. Earm^Salesj.-JLd3Fe^tQok I . 1 ^r.^Hojaje--.4aet ,«?aek visiting relativesja_Medina._ tafrfl-orders -a,n(l-deliver gand,-.gaaral, -hold.goods Reference furn.slhed. \Fred \ - \-•\'-\ \•-•--\n ^-^---^=-*.^*«/s ^ton^and^Ue£,-a H-, Co W~. &J®g> I_^au3^pring-^,-J3i^™^ : ^ ^ T^^e-^^^l^JrockpoA^^ .•^•'•Ivtt - ' George: Ru^ma is wirihsTii MM i2 -95 Tn^rfoT~eiteclM l cttir~--^-—~ • ••-••-.rr^-. WANTE'D^—Salesmen, for BrOckport and surrounding territory; selling household.- up / pliaj^^--.P^sition__pj>j^s $4-5.00 Tol5*J5raW^on<^jTB- eratlon no'^ ihF ^ed\ foT lumber ; Terence required. Address bales Man- „„ <; „ i>0 4 1 „ ,„ „_,„ of „-. n, QT1 ^var Stan T,. I ' ' cou TaiUymigfir ;& iBa •jte\v\~Torlr. THEY'RE USING A LOT OF LUMBER -5iyitlv>impr«>nAflentea huildlng In op- 5orge-^0hiiigg-^^n'd^dau®liter. of Basom were week end guests Mrs. HaroM Nelson. - ^rr^nd^rsT^m^Whtte^and^soi. Ruuili . Building. Rot-her-KM-, ftf , v . -I-^enry W-, Steveii.srPffstsjr— |r j rh-f Siwial St-niee Class .will meet.. ,>-it-h Mr< IUpahv. TVsday. December , eratlon now tne neea iur i.muuer • ,-..-. _i • ; if na&raily lagr^^ter than etet. See L. 'were, guests Thanksgiving day of Mr - 'don ^li|g=5efer^te^^ JQn fllfev mero3ngton-gf j^g^j ADVERT+SE :N THE REPUBLIC -PSPt. II3lllll!!lllliq!lllll!|l!l|n!llllli;illlDIIIIIIIlllliDllllllllllllDlllUll! FOR ri\LK - Strictly fresh eg'gsat a = •thc.R-eal Mission ;:'•'•'': \T2TTS' SWEDEN CENTER- Hth. at L':: , > .0 iv'clo-c'lt M„rni^-^,j,c, ,•,„-,.. , ; t , ()n SA1 , K ,-nhprce litter of Eng- I ,.f t.h.\ •( -hurrh. ] , mjintpr mips. Inquire Geo, Garter, s \\,mz: Pc-p-1'-V n.-<*ina at 6 o 'clocTL .^J. P^ pl ££. .„...' 9 . 4tf g #^l?re\rfp^^re^^ \'\ — • '\ \'•'•'• --/\ ^ >° - ' i-T;a iMustr-Tl.- T^^w^iU^iW- --FQE ^^^^mMJ^J^M l.r';.i. pr.ntoil nie^sago.. You rail - iff \ -' ~ I'llJ'lV tlTw wiilp-nwaKP T II Mcfuiffhlin. r&spectton bT~ECp--w —^ ni.lntnipnt. Flionp 3S1. . ?:24tf g Miss Amn's Quinn is in Ilrockpori caring for Mrs Porter <>f (\happcl street. •*• Hamsnji Whitr vi AllmtiyAVs !«•*•» speudmn a l\'.sv.;ila\!i ii. t. \vn_ - • Albert Bavi^ it- di'iYinf; ,:i.n(-w K'»rd Ev. l_uth, -Concordia Church W. J Wiltenbure. Pastor FOltSALlv. 1 Oalt.wti.vc and '1 j^efet^g IT. • liiquiiY Mrs. Jalm Steele '\ \ \\ '\' A vi i5riii!'kp«Trt..,prrt)n-e 155. un' -Vis? Anconas Roosters g tajuiiv Theodore.Spar- | _sedan.-^ HuHpi-t \Buiek. Wh'ipplp~i< \ilrivinn .i,y 10--?0 a n • Divine Servicea |0()R SALK ,-A ^nrm on the UiS^-A. tie J;, **£^ -^^^ % ^ _ -,nv«-nf No-all w.-lV?-?Vlatt>:4..^b.^J...--, ^^_ ^. . -,:-- — -*- = SniHMv '-r-mrfflfc 7-HO, Advent ser-. • AVAXTK!) --J)airymen « kga&ue t er- g - SKKtI ^rin« tho >-nuHn.ins Advent\ tifiratfia,of; ^b.^ft^Wu^.COT g Wiltoniriri? will prpach ^ a-new-« t - , \ s is-U, Albert D. Howtr, WellavilteTN. ^ • = T^ Mrs AVilliam \lamg la ill at her home ^ SW1 - luu4l _>- vbrjitam will lie'and nearby springers on the Lather # f±±~+ _;—^^ —, rpps-^n^rt^iM^-^^s- AWJJiam.. wiii_u_ T fl . . fKnnr , tHaT j cson< -John- Dele« =--• unity House^aTa record broker, .^f^^,^:ii0 p.m. -,.- FOR SALE-One Portland cutter. = lerved. Pure Lard, lb/T 19c 1—Miliars Oats. 9c Cream of Wheat. .19c i | Brazil-Nuts, lb. .19c |' -Fancy Walniits, Itu., 37c' Golden -B-lenoTCoffee, lb. .44c J \p'8TGrsoapi 'S for..; r. ;24c Would be thennsbst cherished^fift New Cheese, lb.. 27c .tu'-ef.'oats.r \12^8C Prunes, lb. 121/ac Fancy Limburger, lb....,31c Ox Heart Chocolates, tb. ,27c_ Good Japan Tea, Ifc.,;. t 5Sc -\SuikrOat^-ibrr:;-.- 5c 175 people were sen™. nino* We understand tttat Warren Stick- ( ' num \ n IB *^ ney has enlisted in the Field Artillery, and 7 ia* now \liK-ati-d somewhere til .fh«* \state of ~Washington -»— — Mr. ami Mrs. Pcter^D. Papnas and I used little;; Free Methodist Church Rev. K.\ C. Reber, pastor* very little one\ 1 machine hand or power. Bast Ave. feed cutting g Inquire at 22 = 12:11 I ?Slch^En r TSi»r-»4var^^ Christmas Edition. Ml \• . - • Si Mr, and Mrs7~Rfftand -Ratsworth, of FO,R ^LK^WydUs-BMgtoUtollt^as:!^ senger Coupe, l>ar cost $21-50, your'-s g \TTrTel^vivarmeetinK'sape progressing ^ $200Tasft Mf\you hurry. Gall at~22- g- with in-ereasin-K interest . and attend- Monroe Ave: '- ^^ anop-\ n^rjf: (yr^^^^W^^ 0 ^- 3p^^prS^?o-*usk-^frFiH^foddeLS , ^^prT Buffalo, were Thank^iving guests or ^ Q - X(ipli i ent sermo ris Sunday and sn Veaded -bv\ machine; by tlie liour. M Mrs. bavina KIrby and Peleg P. - - - • «-\\-, •„.__._,.... _„-.^..i „n T rr TV__O« = Kirby. Mrs. Alice Welch of Pittsford spent last week •iifthe-'homQ or Tier aunt. Mrs. mCHGLS k JSMITH 3 State St. „ Phoiie304-W - -i ilTiiiiiiiiuniiiiiiiUHiDHiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiilHiDiiiiiHiiiiioiiiiiiiiiinoiiuiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiou also addressed the Sunday School. i For'furflier particulars cal There will hp pwaehlreg every night ( phone 96-F-3. __^ „ _ this -week even on Saturday should the, F0R gAt.E-12 Section .Adjustable JJOEK>8K>5-01»OKO»^^^ \inneroat\demand. \'\'\•-'-•-•-\ ; Dress 7 Fdrm; che^p;: aiM FlooT_Ijamp te .. . • -- : - g and. --j uress--rxiriu* »>ut><-p, »««...»-. -p, « ovflntnjr Sunday ana cvtrr) •: — ^-^ ^> =— M _. - -rrz :•. „. .... - .. —-E_¥lU!_.eli9t, .- . SUtaSL'HniTifti Brainur.1 «>f Roohe^^r mnrT1 t ng - nytS e,.^..,^^,^ ___ . __. _. _ = - was an over Sunday guest of ^Miss n .„ h{ fhjs nnv , t - muk1f AVf > ftpt . IMOV^JRV: t\J\ p ,^^^F^l^;P B ^!^^-.t _MiiieE.vj-_Gx-iHn , a. Apiong tliose who entertained raoiils sort£ _ 8 an * d uatento old -pat^w4tH^n7-Tli^a^s.?;iv^^^ -p-guehhiE: g^^^ftT^ ' TuL l Mof uaH7 : ^mtkbio tor - dairynrair PoTiie^nd^hftlp^tnp^^amer-oMdte^ ^ \'.d Tr^I^fi-lra^fOfle-Prlc^Kr White, Harold Nelson. . cnvRit ami Mifls Gresna. Mrs: H*: T... ^^ fcMdt ™^ - »7^n ^ ufea^-ira^fofle-Prlc^ffr-l d fashioned Gos- -,, ^ MacFarland.Clarkeon, N. Y. 12:4 f- -— - I\••Frrn--KAr_R-r.Httv_tre\'ttb— room- to- ?~ l^tfce €liiW£eii FOR* SAL.K -H-aviirg -no room- - --'f l-p-'fcaftlps _Uii_ii---aiiniuiuU_ Mettiodtat Et>lsoopat Church -Vid—Soc-iPtj-witl'-hohi - R^v.T. B. Miller, Pastor- )dal and c upper at the io-'!0 Morn-ln-s Worship, sermon bv, , „ . _i_-is«is..--ai...Mu— i •>-••-,—_.u.,<u—_u\>m\.fl—J.'.^' r .„.„__._—_^_!,—vATvrXTllTJ^^l'i'ate^tant trornes with community house Friday evening. Sup-- lhe pastor; 11:50 Sunday -*hoo1 The b(vard ' in B ro( . k po rt ~f o r 0 lder children, pet* Wltl ba served promptly^ at 6:30-. a.'ienilanre has IIPPTI so good, it seems address M. Kennett. care Children's --Mis_J-^cx--RflPt ^ho;has..lmen.3eng^,j^.. tMff ] lt ... t0i .,.t )e .better.. Can ynu not Aid Society, 409 Aetna Bldg.. Roches- ins the summer with her lister. Mrs. bolp to keep it over the 200 mark? \E;VAIei-__iW_an^ service TtWfrnVt-HV l>fi' Smidi-.v crnspntd the V( , ry ' iiiU'i:PKliiii! • proprrnrfp-itei^— I i I'UK bAL_C T-tTUVUIS no iTjuiii tu- «f store will Hell Overland Sedan with W -Wi^tf^mJ-c-ahu—KirR wheels at g^crt- ^.. fice prlfeT\ Call at 22 Monroe- Ave. U I J*. 55 35 TgfT~NT-Y\ — v - \ ' -g • ^ J^EOR SAl^T5—FJquse_pn Union Sta-eet. K EE_3_n__SE_!_l5Z-2_____i____S__^^ ,<*?> yx n I'TJ. vvinier wl.1. her daughter. Mrs. Kdwin plM)iml ThtirP w! „ 1)P a ^n<,rnl di, '^jj^^ SSS^'M'ttSS\^ •Wefasierr---—-'--- ••: ———— -- •- vus^nrr W r-Hte--siiT>jecH-\Is tb.<»-wai'la way p Iadg> Broekport, N. Y. \ \\ A-^sproelal-^^ : collecUon~JKilL.be ..taWu. S niw__utJ).e.tter nr worse?\ Sevoral of. (Jand its SumUiy for the Near East Relief^ the i^'Kuerj. and others me to^ speak, j .^^j^ 1 ^ ~ The \&wtle« ^eM4T^^m^iBin32^-511^ . E have a splendid line,^: -—(4l«ftUj>--W^WlH*ld«-t^fa_-_-_-^^ V1 ^^..w- In Bixickport and vicinity ^ for sale, •srith.-oi^wiESoui lafi^^aiy-BqgBr aJ-Jhe senJje^janj^jgyjtgrnia^^W. Wadhams.^ 9:4tf BerenrWr-lOth. at 10 o'clock at-&e ^p ^nntesl JntoresL is: continHtoK. | ^QJJ SA&gF^e Staplas honiegtead ^Conirauniiy. .Center. I^rockcort. JT^is j ..p J _m„,-j.he evejoiDS _S^rvj£e_\viil be farm a on West Sweden foafl. Brock- jg project i® not only .for the leaders but in {he h-ands of the Woman's Foreign! P^- as a whole or wffl^dfvide. In- \ ter-aU mwnbera who cafe to take it, M^i»nary Socloty. A most delightful.J^^^i^^lJgJ^fflffi-.. iiori*tQ_ihe. chair^ilie menVbeTS j^fj eatertamLnfi^sp^aker Jiasibeep_se-' We have- a fine'line of dolls from 25c up\. We have j us t received a large variety of Holiday Candies^ Everyone ltfees' Candy, so wny not as=_Sl^^SVl^r)^Ttd-13 ; pr-^^ —ta&eJieka b dx: tonight. —etg^rs-and Candy makejdeal Xnaai^ \rpresen.is.. See^tw^^d^Ua^tbeJleiwMicI-s.C^ -^f- -;afl4-Chairs.— UULIUU. __._!!_. ——«___. •:-.- ---_r-.--.i_iu mis-»»iiua J s'ijy\'^.'..\\''_.-.y-_r- , ___—. ^^ . _. .. —are -reqiB'stgr-—ttr-i>rtng -itve-^r—-HK-pnT^r-ixr-rtre - person of-Wis!>--faovt?te8a7-|-—J yv „ « i ma n ^ Soaft Mtt —piece of st.MT wire. This work is Afrleft. . t Matm at 12 College Street, or wittt Mr. Hankereh-iefs-^Scr-Stfc-and -75c ^ejuhox ._-Staticmecyj_lflc:io $1..7S pe-r box-. \Z3MiBal_mp^ t-Sn^et.^\tKMnmunicaie-~-wiWA.__ jot-utso 1 Matm at 12 College Street, or wittt Mr. ni.i the ; Le-gn H. PJeraon, 'gnat Offtcert Hoch- un-dertheieadershib of .Miss Franklyii. Tiifibdav \evening at 6:30 p. ..... -.- ,-. rP ^_ ; -. _..-•--—--- .-- — -• jjnrr.^ PM <tn -of • KflmonBtniu jPenL. mrtnlh iy tureen supper, business meet- [ ester Trust & sate Ifepuall ^\^^- iis Thanksgiving vacation at fhc.Geo. ; nn nn ^ -,„.i^]_ lim, »f tlio •••Rpwnrtn t ' — —:—— ^—- 1 FOR SALJE— Houses, Brockport aina hi s Rennie home. ins and soriaL Ijeague -will be 'h*>-ld^ —6mci^\Board--m6PJ:4jn.s--rr-httrsday ..i*«M'.. vicinity, 9 room house all improve n_em«v-$4MV^—roo™—noM_LJd___jn_. — . jmTLejnea^S- Adams., toor : s._|5Sftgi_^^ \ room hoii-kef waiter ana gas. %. acriroF line garden. $1700, for quick sale. Many oth-ers. Also farms, will take vnia'trtv prapertg-as part paymenj J^OR-PcENT—Garage-at a-T-Spr-in-g-at-- VI r* M A- Mer«hori \pTione H40-J l-'red UaViS {ft>H^tl4NT—few ft roiim'-hoiisr.ajth- — -ihnjte veHJ-_B?s=s 3iaip«E6ii_t_-. J5j£VJac? Ar!tar^, ;: -'--KOR-KKX-T—Kh-tr-ro«im .flat on-Sec find Rnnr. TrnprbTvpniPlTtS. T4T Ma-itt St. M-rs. Mar.Hhail .IL Bruce, phone 115J- \\\• -—-- -~+r-- : --iii$m TOR\ IteNT-^ f^hmrace -lieafed- *ottse i -Clarksoh Villa-ge,-Ridge_-Road, Ap- -BtrtQ Frank MacPaflann,- Clarkson, N-,' Y - .' ' ll:13tf $• ^t *-- Zero? Shucks! You don't care how——- cold the weather is-f^or how deep the snow— when yotif feet and a good bit of your legs are protected by this \ Vac\ special quality 6-buckle, all-rubber Arctic., with double sole, FOR RBNT-\-Furnished -fo<iffis tOT\ light thousetoeoping, and sin<slo ^rooms- with.board. Inquire Kdwsird Jmriings, :.2 Fair street. FOR RENT-—2 unfurnished T<joms for light bouaekeepin?;. closet, pantry, peas, electricity, use of brttbroom. t-15 Kenyon'Street. ' « ' FOR RENT—Warn, furnished room, ground floor, with private entrance; al- so for sale* a fine fur robe extra large, Phone 32'7-I\,. 52 College-St. Red\ Ball) ^^ 70l\BalI-Band\ Boots; < Arctics^ and Rubbers &r6 comfortable, well- fitting, and give you More Pays' .Wear. RICHARDS BOOT SHOP QUALITY FOOTWEAR 54 Main Street, Opp, Market if- FOR RKNT on shares, 4arm 140 acres, fruit and general farming, one and one^half miles from Brockport. A-d- dress by letter F-2 this office. - 1PK7 — •— —, •—. _,_ NEW DEMILLE PICTURE COMING '''Feet of €lay,\ tbe latest produc- tion for Paramount -\>/ the man' who made \The. Ten Commandments,\ will •be shown fo rbhe flrst time in Brock- port at the\\ Strand nex]t Tuesday and Wednesday. The .story'is one of New York and California and features Rod La Rocque, Vera Reynold's, Victor Varcnui. Ricardo Oprtez, - Julia Faye, Theodore Kosl-off and Robert Edesoii in the principal roles. the Erie and Oswego Canals will be closed t-p navigation at midnight of Saturday, December 13th. Flowers, as a beautiful way in which to express the mes- sage of Christmas to friend or family, cannot fee sur- Place'ybuV order today and we will have your flowers whetiyou wish them Give her ftobterS and consider it said PHONE 305 WEST AVE. What would be -more enjoyable or more appreciated than something, for the home for Christmas? Possibly a Chair* Table; Victrola, Rug, Picture or Lamp-is needed about the home. Of cdurse the above mentioned ar^e only a few luggestions,-as we have many more, our stock being very complete land attractive. Giir prices this • year, as in the past, ate sure to pleas£ you* [A. V. FOVVirER *• •>: Furniture and Undertaking • : i • • • • • • Now is the time to subscribe .. \

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