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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, December 04, 1924, Image 3

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:^-v ^gy^-pwnr yo^-cfP^h^ , ) * a * ouma and walk withtout rheumatic paths and siifln^ssrtgsys^ifc^Wr-&iB^| lioss, lpbaF%geiiV tor «WB Spot rheu- -tttatigm retaedy \^ GETTIWG UrJNIGHTS Tells you there is danger ahead. A healthy bladder does aot act at night ~17& \Dorian W^tafaainr'Vair-sftjss* -ear^igtot-fe^^cty—y^a^^-ljai^^ was hiy age..' After taUcing LithiatedJ -~ feuchu 'a short time, I ara ..alright,^ ~V iLii?hiated-Buohu -cleanses the,-bla.&dai' \--^-ttsyjEpgiBPi-SiaUa^lo the flxygeis, thereby i__v relieving irritation- driving out for^n ^ naatter and' neutf alizin? excessive-a-eids * &= !^PljBffir^fffr : the'-eaase8-«4 -ufta-atucal-afe tion o« the • bladder &^-nlgh.t.\\13£hi- ted Buchu (Keller Formula) is -not a cheap medicine^.. -Th.e tablets cost 2 f-.en.t.s each. Sold at adl leading'drug -store's—or—Ifelle*—kaibariatoi. i-oi'hurg, Ohio. Locally at Edward B. -Shmno-tts^r— —, • ,. ..—r—^- WRmr V'lCIWtTY- Prom Our Regular Correspondents •Mr. nd Mrs.- Prank binges ana Mr., Charted > ^ j-anri: Mift. EC- ..Hefee were Tuesday-, I^ochestor, were recent guasits.of John %e, and one of fbte tew remainaaig mernbers .of Miartiwd'all-Posf? G-.' A*. B.,1 He enlisted in and -ms~WT i ^saK~ ^_ ^rr^^' to^fet up'iseyek or#i^tim^^u«^^^Miv £«id Mm ^.JSfUthe^mbe j Man-sler J_ 'Mrs. Sarah Widgef is quite , Mrs. ill at Lef^fc^-ItedBianJBt^L ~TtarAx*ron Committee met with Mrs.,! the- home of her daughter, \ l5on^ guiles r 4aV foeeii \on 'the' Wrsr-GeorgeGearmgrJnrwho^-strUH sick list 'the past week* i in the Hospital, is slowly iniprovtog. W** Silverware Specials •Mrs,'Helen Gallup wa^TSe'past of; ^Tiv -jpd^Wrsv Earl ~ BawMTis-md *ng, 'floras. .Heis'e of Bergen called on' %i^mffl$2ifo!lfijid!S^n, r Em-day^ I MrTaad' Mrs: Charles. Bra&eh .spent T |-TiteHW5iay^n,ck-^ . , r Kdward guejafc'-igJ their—sfeitersr - -Ma-Fga^ete—hetts-e-^te the Richmond home 4tHBroeKpM4- 'Ffa.tik Je-wett is filling the place on the bridge, made vacant by Mr. Boufflston's/de&fch,:- . _ ^ \ LirSpiecje. tea sets, hand engraved.\.$6.75' ._ . - ^inpieee coffee -set3,\W^^Sgaa^\$i3^^b:cBeste£.^ Mr and_M*s Fruit 'bowls, Quadruple plafte';...$2.75 Casorple dishes, Pyrex-lined- $3.50 Bread .trays, handle attached.,. .$1.75 192 Cluiton Ave., No., rfl igli^F^^w Friday^£vei\Pec»-19 Pfljnn was confined to the 41to-&^^-sWe>Kil-— & - G4a-dy^^arclay- 'bas been spending' the ludliday vacation in Marion, the guest of her aunt, Mrs, Pliny Whitt.., 4- J..JD..M&Ison who has been spending 'daytoii--Fryer.|the .p«st twjEf w®&lts in Watertown ro- a-rM dau^iter of W-arsaw, and 'Mir.^n| ] turned home Friday. \ ' \ •Mr^. Jo^m -Ginther and, family'- on Mr. and. Mrs. Harold Barnum were EveretT Hon«k aoi'd Clara- Eeatt, - • '•••-•' -1 IMT. atod Mrs. George Pryer,.enter-' tained Mr, aiid Mrs. Ellim'er Knowles and family axad Bobent Knowles. Taatikseivtog. -sr --•\-\-'.'\::\::.-.. -I'nian-Kssiv4n,g guests ^ ( Sy-t Mr. aiid MrirT^rCTbc^'^SSaQ^ \Md\7mrrn' CTd'~femiiy-o-f-e=waesr— - \BaF soils,. (k3T^n~g3ia^ll^i ;'aiu'd\\Mu^ enlej-tain- Eleanor of jTomdequoit; Miss Flora ed a lumily party of twenty-eight on Wortlilrfcgton amd Herbert Bckiha|rt o-' ; Thamlisgiving .day. Roohest«r^andd iMias_EaBle jGarv4n ; of! \Jolui Glick who returned Wednies- Berwlck:,- Mafee\ were the gue&ts linay troin a hutbting.trip th.foitgh Nortfh- ilfclMrarT'^STT&OH^es;-^^^ gi-vinf€[ay r -.- -— —Buck; •the first one shot in -the Uistrict- of M-attawa, Ontario, in five years. I ^ivaBd^Mf^-Thomas Rowe of Pailr- ha-yeiiwere^^ueatis of tSeir s-isterl MrsTf ^d^ara~^yl5^7\ r s ~waMger~t&F Jiohii DeRuyscher _on Thamksgivinig.^ ' the Spencerip'ort'A. C.' basketbal) quint ^^f^ra^allttyiQ't^eanaMaiisiKfa^ form; In. .thBjr. SundajTarffie GeoT^Hiip home. -Tlasr^wetrk^- gianrer'aird are h)okrntr *©r^| Mr, a^d Mrs/,J6hn<,r>eRuyscber and ward, to a full schedule fo rthe^wtoter. Qompany ,P, 10Ot!h;| ^fugJ^^j^-i^eaHtt^tihe s^r'Ly.-ftffiyH >f- •uh-^gjyHr^^.-r.. p.nd ^yaiMj-M4^U^niau^tamp^weri^Tha.n^fff^^ honorably clischargesd in 18fi\ Decause of wmundis received In ftaAtlei He was;| am ember'of the Og-den Baptist chureh and of C-hur&Uville-ILnage > .F. & A, :' i M. He is survived by two -d«mg%t-e-i^s E |.withujjheir\brother Hvs^ y/niinm ^tiMevrbfllofiKester, and Mb. Bert^^ P/iSaSitlr, <5f\6gdenrone ionTcivarles, ot Cpl«n. \\ \' \\ Tie{i^frarservi^eiS_w.©re hftldtrb'fn his late hoMie Sunday 'afternoon alt two •e^Aocfe—Bear, , H„ • M ,' Brq-ker ol;;;thP O'gden Baptist church, officiating. \In- terplient iii-Maple G-rove cemetery, SUBSCRIBE FOR' THE REPUBLIC i»*rs, \.Ernest a Stamp, Jr. Mi 'Misr Mrs j-Etai 1 Stamp\ called M i-^oiF~&lsitor, ^er^nioEfe '\Mr: T aW~T^fs~Ernest Stamp, : Sr. .-Mra. iHarry Lefler of Hocthester, Wed' week. : ........^..., ._,,_'.,,._. :.j'. ,~- \\\\\* spent from; WOdhesday until Sunday ne&d'ay of last woelc. _. - JSemry Stamip is visiting for- a. tew with rciaitivcb in Rocnwt^.r. \'•'\ ' ! i^-Hr#7i--st?mT^^ in.RooIiiej>tei^«nd- i^^^^^-HMPj^Gee*^ lor. Saraaota,- Fl$k io spend/.the^jvicinity.^' .. \ . .. .- . . \..:\._._.; : ,r...--.' v ' ()riRinal,'- F ^ k 'f^f^ r guests 'oTTTr: Eirhor'a\ V&pTXGwr' Will\:\-.VlT-::-iifi-d-.-Mi-a-.-;John-^rajW-ent-eptained'- -\^^^\^^^ Brow'n and .-family of Gaines. - -. 'company'from .Qtis anil Itochaster on Frank Seama,n and Misses- Cena and ; Thanksgiving day. . ; Rufh • Jen-kin^ of sister =a \it* is said\ that John OrflcasEle, » boon companion of Henry V -in his- r young days, was the original of BOTtlia Seaman spent -Thanksgiving^ -Mrs. 7 -W&iton.Js «£ala. OJVrthe^aick_.siutfcespparp's. FHj&lug^ll^lig^met\_ Arthur Seaman ana list at the home of her daughter, Mrs. tanrily of^ JtianrHnr -HF'. ZVLaffr- his death, condemn^ as I'I traitor and hprptip, (luring'fh'fe :nnin[ir.('iis reign BE) iiiBBiiiiit owes eve TSEBMAN ROAD V Mr. and Wrs: .Blwer Ellis enter earned'-company:, iSanday. Mrs, R. Frederi-cks and daughter yisited-at the Heiry Cater home, Sat- urday. ' \~ --,--- - - -- Mr, «ad -Mrs. Conrad Elier enter- tained' Elmer Ellis and -family and- Irv- iua Nlehols and faanily Thanlcsgivingr nayj__ ... ^__„ __^ •.-,,,• •Mrs, Ghas, Clark was a oaller Satur- da-y at theh on>e-,of .the Misses Walker. Miss 'Mae Duffy, -sfent Sunday^with her aunt. Miss Anana Dttffy, y ... •Miss {Mary -McGrX-aith, of ftoehestev iivasit -week L end ^ctest of Mr.--and-• Mr.^- George Rowe. - nwr n-nd Mrs? ITred Pofendorf and HoiWard D«Ruy- da-ughte-r MOdred _ ana son^ were S-nnday guests of Mr, ischer's father in Rochester, ; . '..-- : -Mr: irmd -M rs, Adelb&rt -tothrap arse rejoiclms over the Birth of-a young sop'boWn^uaday;, Novr 30til %T\ a •-—Mrs,- J-sini€« Browi\ arranged for a Friday night of Manager Ryan has gaine at >Medinia oh tluis ^week. '\ - - . Mr. .and.. .Mrs- Willard. Ropbins of I'thaca-are«pen<dtog-a few days at the home of Mr; and Mrs.- Clamte Davis, s\? slowly;'lm-^P t^i*lr hpney^ponr; _;; :;:::::::;; - l-JLJ,._Mjc..and'.lfcs.JR,.T,..Parme)e.:6n.te.ri. proving; j, JMr,.ajid,JIrs. gdward. McCatie werejained a family party at their home Lth.a -giwjstsv-of Mr.—--McCabe's sMefrTb^ailltHgiving, including -Mrs. Martha Mi^s, Xaary .keeled ot_Ro©hester on Pirmele and Mr L and Mrs. Arthoir :| \Mrr.4ffl(rrMrs:-~earl~benz-and-s6n-Nortoiv -and - daughtcrSi—•Graeo'—anid- wminrri wfe'rg Thankseflvtne g^esta of H^i^n, gf Rr«rkpoFt,; \Mr and Mrs. 'Vfr&lr 'dlSu'glrteTrM^s^IfWTOyrB.: Snntair-J5l.;wood ; -Barm«le, of ; ; Ror6ester and oT •Rocfiester: ••''\ '• \\\ \\\\\' \\-\'\'\.' lAttea^RttaiCT •WpUs^&fcSg^Bcerpopfc, •»—-Mr: sanl^irrs.\Alco I> Smith and sftnr4 i^FMS-l^orris- Parmele^wa^ the week \\GeraliF—fip'Stfct '^fejmh^Tln?g : -day7--iB-o'>-d guest of Mr. -Rochester, tfee guests -at M\r and .>ltrs M Pannole of Rochester. *iCuBtiii-^Gefmia'^a^t^tted---taie«aoijho5- p-Msss-©Qro4hy~and—^astej^-Robert : ter-frlblbai't football gnj^e-on^t3ie^Uj^f-^U—of--Rochestor--BP.ent~the week- end R\ jUhfcetlc frefd. ' ;...:._:-': - xWlt^theit^raadparenta,-Mr. and Mrs. soai. Charles, we're? '. Suaday. guests of •Mr-and Mrs. Ma3Ward Casement of IghitonT^— ' ••• _ -- •Mr, and Mrs. W, K-enyon \of Hoo¥ esster spent Sunday at the Geo. Rowe home. • ' Mr, and Mrs^ Pisank >Moore of \Hul; barton $to 'iThanlcaglYt-ng dinner with chielr- sister, • ; Mrs,-Ii'redy 3 Dcfcadorf.\ '. ADVERTISE M, THE REPUBLIC* - «•• •-: .—- - 9. : . — -~A - Me w -York; wo>man\ savs:. \I havo used -Parisian -Sage only jtwa weeks bntjai^ hair hasi w^iyterrul! y i urreasod in. beauty, seems inucbt heavier, and is eurUrely free of fendruif.\ K. W,.Sim- ^raons--9ells.Jt»wJaxjnjaai£vj 1 ^( ; j^ iarsteo;— ~- •- • *& a^a^BMOW^BMI Get thejtmw 4Brice8-\.bg Effective December'.\2 1924^ No change in design announcM Hamlin \'\'35 . Hollex i*s^0fcBS5frr ? i ' <Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Fowler en- iEred A.. -Miller. ^ tertalareat ftJCarflUy party .Thankefivin®! Mis, E3mma-Elliott And -M-rs, Nellie •-r-T„igaiial)ury^-of--Byroa-^ i -Mr. aad^iMra. p, I Frank Knowtinf of *\day. j Quarterly .-_ .6~, — meestuig of the M. P.jFrank Knowtffll of Fairport; Henry ohurclfcwas-held Satt Belt J of Roch- Mrs. Harold A. Bacon and sop.Johia^ester, were -Thnnlcsgivins guests or lexptiatr to startJfo£.;Sayra;Sota in-d FortfMr. and Mrs. F>ed A;>rper. \- ^Tyers^.Florida on Saturday, Rov. RT. Fults assisted witk Evan- Schoiarship and Attendance-'of Adams «ells(i«-mee4ing&.at rjaFo^esUjsZ lm±\ .- *'. ~ 7gasrn7Sch^r';j3 7\~~ : week. - *\ ' * .~ I StuaSntiwho have \aT perfect at- id^ugh^v^Ks9-Mar^a*^tr-w^r4^unda.y^.u^ r gues^aft the J. R. Nr«lson home ne tih Gallipo, Beatrice Barclay. Mil- fr^lss-Hai\gampfetAh^&ntNthe:l%taks-^ giving vacfation with her steter^.Mjs^J^^iinSteiirftr. -Perfefit attendance for Orrlniyolmson and family at Elinifa: I month of November:' Hiiasell Davis, ATj—• F. •<;. Blackford aaid Eamiljs, were Donald Fowler. Kenneth Gallipo; I^tafetgl^s^4i^3^Sa~oi : ^R' u &n-a---hert Harratline, Samuel Turn, Charles , MJ*S. G_WJ6*o\vier- in .Sperrcerport. .TuriieK, Beatrice Barclay. Bsralce j- -'Miss Lourse Widg=er who resides Bar^lay^^^efen-Bentley.-'Mfldiied Be- combw^wasJbtejs^yerJlmrxksgiving. ~r lip£r7a ; cga„0MtIi-ejv 'Euth Gootlrid.ge, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Widger are re- Qijrve Hamann, Helen Maur.er, Cecelia ceivin-g congratalatlo?iis over tSS \ar PeiiderB and Ruth Penders. rivsrof a ssn. Bruce, born Friday, the : Rppprt-cards showing^resttlte of:Nd- Rives mi MSSHSyT J\33st w.efgftiiif nine pounds, ^vesttber Wfirk were- The- Fathers and Sons banquet held December 1st.! . : \... : \ recently at the Baptist church Brought! Bach spellmg claps, was given a test out a. spleadid ^.-ttenclance and eT, r eryi-t as t We^Lnesday and graded according rcilitire repuR^iFa^Se-Hme: jtu -aMfa^fToni—!Be—Ayofs—^Sfflaam^- Jtrs, Leon; Flagg :is_ not so well. She Spelling Scale. The results showed Witt Give YowtHe^-Most Wonderful Christmas IH thp Wm-ld^Nctturally XlurfoHmrl Cjjp^'^-rf^g^kft^^dr^tj^ Tke-Nestile LAKOELPEQCCML has been.jiakgn,_iojyiguC gpa#?s-nr: in Rochester, f«ration -now natlira' Outfit is Safe, Quick and Comfortable • In Applieatioa „- Mak£»Thi8 You may dance or zayorkir) xvmffi fooTU you maLy, s - yout JLAN01L waves and curhi you may walk out in the rain with Jtnem._J£ns'tead : yonrriairiioesnow, it will become, prettier , aft9 curlier! 3r^JE^^ch^f^_aJitiieJuBlo: ^^ibQl3ass wete„.ejaMria,!aett^Enaay^^ ,_ r .. -~— ^-r~-~ ; ----- - # ~--:~^.——;.--~~~ -ran^^ln-piclure ^orra wp^e-TOSde-fey^thFr \\t«EY-!\RE-tJSlSJG-A- LOT' OF —_,pupils. oi^lLgraies*-. ^,_„„,. TZ.--„'-~-l:_k$J!!^.^.l.^^,'_i:r._- __..1 .;'\ ?ir\Plnglish \cTass.ya^^re^re^nlred -? • ¥rth unprecedented building-in «P\;ti>-.«rrtte. a'^ctraiposTtion \on- \Tlie- : %ij^*\ H.PTH.T7W yrtnf liair is KnhlvH or andfriends,-. Qriccofto have sceti vottr days to kgcaJkjQsfit, and watctt y^ Iong;iina^ticycmisci£paMrig-up hair, they, wOI want thc.samc bright arid- results, it you are not ddighlccd L if the •f— -1- Iong;iinagiticycmiscI§siaMQg-up hair, they,wOI warat thesame bright and T ati Xmas mbmtng;stcr^i^-OUC pcrfflatfent ctif1rf%fl^^vgs^eWtffl»ftfrwlli •• • wa' _ \^5^Ti^n\^ycwrconib^thc*a8a;\ \^ n^ve:.p.c^jfMcasure -w the 56,060 homes aay, _m«rdy_return thc_uutfiC see irfallip lovely cu^waviiai^t^ \ ^suchasy^\h£ve#teaHicd of all youf4ifc-r—^ad^toplidLr^^oi—g-pplying the -Qut&t, nnr\fonle lovelier every the -^ed^—for- y fe 7 greatef'QaSr^veT7 -to . „„ lumber!.—^- , -See L.ift'-'^- Gordon l fe Son belcre buying. DoesYourBackA xflmposiUoncvot^Evelyill Mildred DeRuyseher, | 22tf BenHsy_._jai -r ibffUiai^hg^adeistujieiyts* Wereiudged : Ithe best. I =— t Many Backs Bring Sxjffering to Brockport Folks, Is that dull, constant •backache mak- jJJng you old and \-rniserabie?. Does your back throb s-~»id ache until it! seems you just can'*- keep going? I)o you suffer headache dizzy spells and urinary disorders: feel .Weak, tired and ^oru-out? Tberi look to your kid- nexS? Delay may inean serious kid- ney sickness Use Boan's , Pitts—a stlhtulant diuretic to the lcldneys. Boon's are recontmexided r by-|^,usandr Mrs. A-. Beck,' 835 Exchange St., Rochester, N. *Y.-, says: \I suffered! frotBsJfoackacha and kidney complaint and, -could jhardly get out of a chair, sucht terribly pains* too-k me across my kidneys! My feldneys axjted too freely and my feet floated ao ,1 coui-dn't wear my ,s:boes^ I read about Doam'a Pills and procured some. Doan's cured me irx a short time and I felt years younger.\ 60c, at all dealers. EVjsleT-Milburn Co.> IMfrs^ Buffalo, \N. Y\. . NEW t • the death of Henry B. Newt an aig'ed resident of Ogden, pecurred Thursday at his home about two- miles south oT Eyes Bad? Try Camphor For eye trouble there- is nothing bet- ter than simple camphor, Hydrastis, witclihazel,-etc., as'mixed in tavbptik eye wash. C)ne sniall bottle helps any ca,so sore, weak or strained eyes. Aluminum eye cup fref.. Tlios. H. Dobson *Go,v Droggiif«»»--- A Ferspiratic^^tc* \OTgotiFseTthig seariistoo |rjqd^t^be «us, Can bee Removed at Home Without Loss of Ti'me. fslei^P York Lady's Experience. No Knife, Pain or Stain -Mrs. -Caroline Welch, Northvill«i N. Y\, says: \1 feel it my duity to rfecom- ni*nd Sorbol-Quadruple, the colorless liTiiiient. I have used two 'bottles' and aan camipletely cured of a goitre that I h?ave had for years, Will Igladly aaa- w-ef- letitetB about iny. ca»e.'' Sold at all drug stores or write Sor- ted Company, Mechanlcsburg, Ohio. Locally at T. H. Dobapn CO.'B. arid yet thc^vvOnaeTtuf l^Q^OtiJ-rVrjfccss- disco-very By.the cfaincnt New York hair authority, Mr\. • Charles Nestle, transforms the stubborncst hair on womaa or child <• into -waves and curls that water and per- spiraieion only mkkc prettier, just as tncy do naturally cprly htair, This is so because • thc*princ^lc_ofJLANOIL.Waying is entirely different from- the waving methods'yctii are - accustomed to using. Here, you Wet the hair 'with the L ANOlMotion, wind it up, warm, it gently for seven minutes from the lamp socket) then -cmove the 'heater, unwind and shampoo. That, gentle warming on a ncvqprinciplc produces the Waves and curls •which iStay with you at^d respond to water,=, • even more, iufSafylini have seen naturally cufly^j}air'\a l a '~ J Inxagine the relief and comfort you will derive from knowing that nothing can ever take-away the waves which the Home Outfit has given you—no shampoos, danc- • ing, wear, combing' or brushing. Instead^ . they will lasfajrid last. /• _--'-- f\ y ^ - Little Girls of twelve Apply It * Successfully Send for\ vour Home Outfit today. - Use it; not only for y^ursclf;.butfor your family Even husbands co-o|3crate with their wives to^make their hair jrore\beraTrrjjfai. ,T 30 Days* Free Trial, aaaS yoiir Mnnpy Ba^lc Tf Vrtii Want It Wc will send you your Outfit in a pliin ; wrapper:, with' free trial supplies, which we ask you- to-use, following the. simple ,. illustrated insttuctions. You have thirty iG&ARAfffi'EE to rgfgnd every cent of its $ 15 pilrchase prices without questian,..delayz: or dedttetiott> Jf yoitptefcr, send no money, but pay the rx?stfrtan whea^yeuj^ Ottt-nt arrives. HoweveTi if^v^u^illM^it^tutthcc- tortlculars,juiark theujupcai^citrw^Srcur\ FIIEE illustrated booklet, witkd^JtauloL- tds .and'testimofirals. ———j ^' Nestle LANOIL Co., LtcL, Dept. 106 • EttahlUhed 1S0S 12 and-14 E%st 49th Stfee^JiTew YoA City 30 Days' FREE TRIAL Coupon Fill In, Cut Out and Mail TODAY ei Nestle LANOIL Co., Ltji., Dept. 106 IV and 14 East 49th Street ; New York City • ,- , Please send me in a pl^in wrapper on thirty days' trial a Nettie LANOIL Home GutBc with booklet of detailed instractipn* and free waving materials. It is my urlderstanding that should I- decide foranv reasoa totetura the Outfit to you within thirty _^days, you will refund to me every cent of its >i5 purchase prk». Ienclose no moheyi Please tend C.O.D............,.,, ..Q lenclose'money otder, bank draft or check for $1.5..,...,, .Q Please tend me ONLY your FREE illustrated booklet..... .Q N*m.. .^.....•.i. l .....>\« I 71 Strut AAkm,,.

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