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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, November 20, 1924, Image 4

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.:; . ^<i J i;SA<is , ii-ila 1 cm-,i^uiA«:i^»:i.«v&;,*tot^' • :r i(>ssr • •?• ::csi2ssas: ,$<*?£? THE REPi/BMC BROfcKPOflT, N. Y, THltMDAVI NOV fc^SER 20, 1924 toi^^WnfiP^r PFDilfUTff SW0AY SCHOOL CONVENTION BROCnPOR I KEFUDLl^ ^ gunaay gch0(yl Conv entjon of: 'IMstffct Nunihef three ope'ned Friday afternoon at the Presbyterian Church Established In 1856 ('Entered at th3\ Poistsfflce at^rotricpert, ~ TCYTlis'p^ntt^asrtaatter. -• —-^ubseriplibn Price,$2.p'X!y5ftr P. A. BLOSSOM^ Editor -= Er-M;-B L.0 SSOWr-APV. MGfL- Thursday Afternoon, Nov. 20, '24 ^_ MEMJBEP at 2i30 b'ctqck. Rev. B. J. Falls pre- siding'. - \A Convention/ Worship--Sef-. Ogden bogan the service which was [followed by an address on ''Our Boys •and Our Responsibility ;to TfjefrT -by Itev ET~sTFeac6h of Hilton; anjwf- dre^s \Our Sunday 'School Workers 'and\ .Their VVorkVCjby Miss Frances PaWot Rochester;- .special' ffiusic, Av i r^^i^y- Jdra^K. ,C. Qajnihjjjn : Q ues l ];ion box. led by Miss Frances Park, •' Tin' evening session began-at 7:30 M.-c-lm-k with a convention -worship iS LpPTiad. Key, •Marvin \ HoKe-nbaom o f Uppm-erpoi't leading. -A business meet [Frls? Toil owed Experienced-Auctioneer^ Farm Sales, \.LlvV \SEoxSi; or 'Sottee;, hold goods. Reference furnished. Fred Davis, 35 Spring' St., Brockport, N.Y. 11:€ .,,.-. T. ..'.ai »—r^ r~ - - - % . IN\ i^iEjyioRiAjM \<\\„'•• l-n loving niemory of our dearmotfa-' en Jennie-Sage-wn-o-passed away- Nov. 20, 1923:. We -miss thee Irani ..oui<horrie, dear mother. • '-...-.„___ \Ye_miss tkee.Tfom^hy plaqe. ' A shadow o'er Our life is cast, We miss the sunshine of thy,-face.- We miss thy kind and willing hand,; Thv fond and earnest eare. Our home is dark without thee, We miss thee ev^tywhere. and Wairtech WJANTBD—Corn basked and fedder- shredded fry maehine, -by the-hoar. POT further particulars call 'EM Dean, plio'ne'96-F-3, \ \ ^liM WANTEJiD—We are- now -re4dy to take orders and deliver .said, gavel, stone and filler. H, H. Co.; <ey & Son, phone 14-F-14, Brockport. 4:10tf ANMOUNCEM&Nf^ \Every ,?axiteyi?befgiim^^ 10 I will give -the Harper Method of Hair and scalp treatments at the ihome •of Mrs. Fanny Ireland, 139 Main street, Brockport, frqni 9 to 5, Phone 121-W^ Holley t&e appointments. TSTrsr Aiu gusta. BowhigLn. __ _ _• , ..._!jl:6tt -4. r FOR RESSTCV— Furnace 'heated thou'se .;- ' -'_ T[: -eiark-son vriltagVHrage mm,^Vr Children, r „.„ -?„ e^niK •tMae.itVi.rland. Glarkson,. BROeKPORT MILk SUPPLY t ply to Fran k - ^MaeFarland, Glarkson,, ICY; TKTlStF by Rf,v. Fvfiii»rii'k.Tie i irrf* irf-HnclTPiTTSr: piss; ! The village board -having passeoLanT, ifl©;R' , RBJJ'Il— Mouse, on JFaifi'^r.eet .H-diinnce thar no Thtlk'^ran—be-sold « brockport. iBCfaire Ikp Mannheimer but tubercular tested after Jan. 1st - 85. Oxford St., Rochester, N; Y. or on-; ,)„. jiuik dtMilers. of Brockport a,re ; premises. irTea1^^<r'\inl'orm\ffieir patrons iJ tbst - -!r-;niah the '. lorm men pa-iioua i.u»i • -j, ,.„ii„j • ffnrts.nf nr Hazen and FOR RB^T—Two or three furn shed -nblp by nelr'r-riioiTfs^wfr^fefta^Bi?^^ (il'«.-011i' 'iVC- will 11(1 iumz m • 'v • • ••: . . -— ^ ^j^ ^TThortly. atter, t o furnish our ligfate, use of bat* .ana laundTy: EDITORIALS \i:vi-n- w'liii'i-.u'iim)t save t-ht* ms-.t of -the Republic for one M- H\ by \i-aMnx udvHI' 1-\i- ii •Atb^-i- sm-.-L iKt-\nr shortly, atter, t o rurnisn our UK«W*. uac ut ,„,„,..„ LEGION NOTES l.iistomers with tubemiltu' tenfefl milk, ' Adams Street. AMERICAN LEQION NOTfcb to not given ^_ ^ £ami 140 - rl! , n^KpoH ,. rtt „r the AmcrmJ^^^rt.,,„«*}*--* cert ^ ^^^Kj^B^^ ^ * S .«, u, ...1.1 fur ..li, T.^t. essay from,,,-, -eu, milk -^ply - Thj. ;;>^en «^X iSS tin, office \ n'\>- • ,,,, ,„„;,,„ F'.viv '('nil- .-!.,. th>-- lilies who will.UetteUt tlW most; • «-, _.-_ _ \• !hp L, - ,on L> !N '_\\ - we wl-h t.i thank the warmers f ? r . 'I-.i-ii -;•;, A! ;,r. •• 1 i-;^'>'\^' 4 ' - page .. 10. t . j... v ;.... .•>,,.;,• ,.r >w « ,t*>siod^ li:2 r , ' bis \.ii 111.1 > i.-vt iT'\-iii- |!''i'eniber 1st. the ';ulv.:-!-t'- 1 - j :iie:,'- i» ;in'-'.llill'.' I\|t :.i f-HlJiil - inf.irniation rt,ip i e>! may be •f lte-pub.lif \li\'- -slid l.«e.il W , poR R12NT—The present owner of co-opi'rution in the bis expenS*- ^ xiabcocli propertv on Ridge Road, ;xh^.i1ii-ir •.• r >y^,t\^'°d;^ . -^ t 4„;, c ,,..., m 4t fr gjy & st nf (\brkson is -offer 1. sjiin-rrly liu-pe tlii?' will lu'ip f.o_;. llp . \ mn ^ j'ent- free .,!-!• the riiiiMUUiiiim of in ilk.in our : Address Brock- Dealers. poKt, N. V. care of B.ix 176. TTT2C COOK & KING CO.; Ina. Fancy PiPint Butter Baker's Cocoa Tomato Soup (LiKby's) 4 cans for >... Jell-Q '- --—- •' 3\ pkgs.,for «*-. . SnosK-Boy—_ SJargc sized \pkgs.... f&GSoap '10 caltps for ^— cult -pfoblern- f^^4fce-A¥osi€ft-A¥li^^ys€-4be-^- DETROIT-IEWEL GAS RANGE, B3 on jgairy Soap- b'uyer. -| ,_. .jjux jiL.miiLli^i: Nil- :! i '; r '^:Lii: inu (,! the Urif-'w. -17''bi'' 1 \ ' _.-w:iis_o. 1 tO.',;-J.'i' ,l !'.''.\- , \'.!./l: TJil • • ~ TvjTs~Tr rl 7rwlTtt'''?rrT\ jrrrrrfTT -rt-i not It il-icrh iiei • IK- lii-l>f-AIl>ll- . Tr^ivti 1 ^\ a.f-' ftrTrt-.' L --the f^-MHllT.l' ^ttff'lir- ,'.... , •. \r .. \;~~T;'\ ' : {^'- 'h.- , •;,!., --iv -•• \ r 'fiv\<--\- «N - — \ JlZ^Cii»irr^HiVl!lj>V--W^ t .iUi!-~^i^ii l 'i •- •!-.; p'.iv I*: \-IM ' : ' •\ •h.- -nub n.'-t 'bi . ._V-!HII.' will. Ur. «h.- Itinriii'm^Hi.tul^ Yntf\\\Mr.f. .•i'i-\prt\%:iS^\sV--^-\^'\rTtR~p^ ; r t-\'*t'r-t;r^- t>-ins Kivine'us iu-in< will be suiv tbev >'--bl \ are accurate - bei'Mii\'' -it-is -ra-ih-v-- •'•in-' ^ l ~yf~»- d'l-l r i.f th*» iint'i s'l'i'ii!\!' b y t S ^ipolV'il ri'etuu|l iln-ir romp- Monday eveni.nsr. i | M'in>b-'^ -u'bicci was linked on j E --•--•• . ..,,..„.. iw-ifl hi'i-e suiil bis desire-tu, = bamresins: to us and <iuite of-t--f.fi- n» th^ the i..uc> !v •\ _ vi„«;h,. nis.,' = , h<>lil liiuri' next vear. Mr Muipnv n-iso s other party concerned. m \\ '\ \ \ - - •' ''priveir'-il Mi» ill-' $5triin _ -\-'\ KiM-iaaiayii«ssw^^^^ I\ VHaving HiVposed of my bteresrt •-\\• ' | I am now focatetl at G«aj>manjs_Qiragf, wfetere | \UCTUb^pt^ecTlon^^-cgae-Qf-- my iormeni j patrons. . \ | FRANK CR^TSLEY § This is not a bad time to tnkt' vent dry T7TsprrwTOTTRT^'1raT«p^r7^ \Tiig^ \thT s— ye'aT^OT-^'lrrcrr^vp-^mt-?\=^lii'- 'Oiankfdi.' There is no rlnnlit that «oni<>- v„st wu h a riu-i-iv fIT '• iliHiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiimiiqiiiiiii mniuiinimu iiiniiiiHiiiiiiaiiiniiiiiiiamiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiimiiiiiitS 1 <M!^m^^msumi.mm^n.tmmuimmiLAXJW niiT urnf***********- -• sniMDAy-. -NOVEMBER -23RP \we will ^•\v mir remil'ir Tlmnkssn inn Ditue •' T ,„„ „n JSiin'iTay. Xovefflbpr'-'itrd 'little thins: hrt\- cme t\ n«- that 'Is fnmi ••_. \\ ., •.' l> M at $1.00 per worth while, and a bit,of appreoiation ; phit'e. Our HininR Room will bi> rlosed should be shown -ivw^HHall thinss,: all day Thanksj:iVm<,'. Hotel Br^k- It Is a .Btind' habit, m npin-pciaU- tliinsn. ^L,,: , • — targo or small, but the worst <»T if .1\ • some of us TorKPt to appreciate any-; thing, ho matter how formnatn we may be. There cornea a time, hmvevffl.— '1~J~~1'::T~^~: - ....:- „...:--:i^.- :,- - - j wh^n we am.torcod to eheulcup an4 it-.. Wit siAUsl Puuiiit-*4a .^^ n ;: is well that now and .hen we a,:e com- ^^ \T'''! \ - \\ \pelted tu take stock. ^kffeYowr Let us look them over so they will be, SAFE for winter driving, -when you need them the :_ !'OR S \1.-F . li'\ur new niibh eows^ at^ the httthVr tl+mftm \fuSaT\'Sai'kso'lt.. YOUR UNIVERSITY :: -^^\\\H„i r erty--nf •ifhrh^iifin rtt ^\''\ Pelohanty - 4he «roiw.poads u£ Its hkliiri msl- its FOR S-ALi;—fbok-o llttrr .0? SlnK- __ usefulness.^ The I\ of R.. stands soc lish pointer p«p-». Inquire Geo. Carter. ondTo no'othcrToTTeKe 5T Its size; and - M,n \\ vv ** 9t ' VvC- - • • - - ~-TIS* TTII - retiilf fa-••-»•>[- It\i'ln j '»+* , r tv.vpt'1's r KORSAUl-:' Girl's foa'.. 15 vr« inalt'e sv/e know, it l*-n«w i.h«a««.«Uin the ettort *-vfj'«^iw .„'-\'\W^ »>• l ^ u to ealso $li).000,nO.O.t« build a awH^or ! ^l^J: 1 :.,, Ph °\ P ^^- - - —- sitv that will carr fur the ue^tk *i? thfl FOR SALE- -R^aidence of the late voung ni6n and young women of wort-lJ.R- M^Hg}*\^ '\P 6 ^ 0 \ ^l „ ,. , • „ Anointment. Phone 3S1. I..4V-1 cm New ^ork. j ——.— . - T Among. 11W«-. wilt) will .find a: ,pr«.c-, {-'OR SA-U-i Cheup (««r -ash.. Jewel Ileal ami a romprchrnrdvr rdarfilon | ^or.in A-1 con;«fJ.n. hunnre J. a most. Hiive - ;your irioto^ ; oTHAan^cii^very 5G0 miles and avoid trouble,:;.-: :.:.:• Cail:us^RyJimirJ.Lyour car- won't start-~we gre:here-togrveSERyiCE r y - T.'-.-.: Full line of winter necessities and comforts. 10 cakes for. Lux per p'kg Dromedary Dates per pig ' Pastry Flour r .,;,.., 48c 21c .05 Fresh Fruit Jam la.uz. Jar^.i Be^I^IRutter ibr 42e Milliman's Baking Powder 6 1 ^ -Full lb. can.. ........... r*_ •* *- Muellers Macaroni 1 Of per pi(B. •*• AV ' Comet Rice _. 3 pkgs; for... ....... Prtde-Waslmn^rPowaer 4)erw4>l;g; =3c :25c Brockpojft SeryiceJSajrage >.. N. MAIN ST. 23S-W Skat, Hand Soap 3 boxes for.. Fremite - \ 3 pkgs. for..,... Fort^ranKeToaet-Paperr ^C r 1,000 slieets to roll, 3 for .****V* Fancy Gofape Fruit 3 fbr ........... : H«suker^s=I3ourr. J2A$k_Uk-Sack. Maple P«anut Cluster Choc. Maple Cr. Walnut Choc. lQ r aiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiuiiHiiiiqiiiiHriitiiniiiiniiiiiiDiiiiiiiiiiiiiiriiiiiiiliaiiiliiiiii* n I Are You Try a JarMilllnaan's Mayon- naise Salad Dressing, heki ever All kinds of^ruit and Green ^eg- etablc«r Nut«i Figs and Date* fog Thont £att artd-see thenew ^PECI^\^^*^- Heater and Hot Water Front. ^WRtlCKI^f^^^f^^AS^^bl^ —• —_ L—::: • * N\ 1— :_.£\•' 1' >- -«. |«___—, 1 „• 1 :,,.-. |-r- m { V'OO A \WIN 1 III H \ -4? — \~flS32SB Y hom< We^ jffiiie™ hous< coal Kuif M**~~ :M ^M&i u • — —_ ' r_ \ * • *^>\^ # _tJ. Jj • huhdre'dji vertoTieTorn.ln Bn^prft^W!? 1 ^ ~earp\forfherrTTrtnrs-in a-tar^bcttor- way j---_^_^^—_i_:—• -• -•-•-—= — . than the-present facilities of the Un- j F&R SALK Two ilri»sser«. 1 plank •^^ -- ,.„.,.. „, . 5-tnn. risninir rnnm tnblp. 1 », Simmons iversity permit All this will t»n -io, their JiEneBt and the benefit pnnre U°P dininR. raonuialilAJi^i ^iniiyon^s _! brd. mattress and springs V mvis. •nt ot-i .,. u_vt n p «> posterily. Not all the ten million can be sppnt. There must be endowmfcts t o caro uitr 12a ipikg. St^ FOR SAIJE-—Two yearling purebred Shropshire fams: purebred Hols-teifl .bull. 11 months old. Oeo. H. Walker, future bet-1 Rergnn phone 30-F-2 11:27 tprmgnts.' .-'Money Is.\worl-'hieBS unloss -^^ ~ - - • - - - for running. pxp\enses*anr why not trade yQUITS in and get new •'•••• \ —'•'•-—- • -— ••-« - - «•-- - - -, , . . _S_. ones.' ? We will allovy you a subitanfiir amount toward new fixtures. v - • --. , \FOR •SALTC'^N-ice ttattng-pot-fl'tops^ ^_ • it if»..us>d There are mafry ppopln in S.„ ft! , m , inil heavies. Fifty cpnts a* — Tf r ' •— • : \ ' Brockport who ran well afford 4o con^ tribute llfty. a hundred, two hundreo, flye hundred dollars or more to this ™3Srthy™pMj eFfT' Thin^ this mailer\ over very care£uT. ly-aitd-send a pledge to thgj^iuyorait-y-; and make it as large as possible, foF :.\l~^hT^^Trmurrt--»-rt»t-'fl=ked—-feU-at-•mt^> bushel. .Hamlin phone 43-R-ll after 6 p. m. Uifford Lawton, Walker. . FOR, SAIiF—Ford parts, two rear PeluIoT ! s^t:'hiviTsfll^Joifi.frTTrive'.shatt imrt r}tnr?rnff, 4 rmB 'alro; t-oif liwnwf'd Imt little, Sell for half prire 2^9 N. Main St. , t - _, .ZCDLSiJUE_-. Gla£Rollvta rloth r_m J, . . , _^ „ —T .u I with natural wolL-iiollar. in excellent brrt is spread mvr flw years. .fa^t-nngltioit, sT^yr OT _4n - WilT wfli -war—aonle- oj--us- save U uH»-it lmi'i: 1 .(-heap for\ iju-ick\ 1 '\tTSpbaaT:~ Imiuire \ IfVe have a new line of Riddle fitments 4^jt_a4?e—w^-^ii»ewwti¥%- pjriceo^-^ Also a new assortment of copper and black porcn lanterns and tackets. JW^iy-Bot refixture your hontp ? ^^— ! -^haifi~^~aiu^^aEiunIIffihej^ - -do. thea-amc„A,;pleUKe, promptly .miidel \ i= TT»n^oTfmT'^EltKEble Attornuy Janie.s. Munn h,ts<.oiitril>ui .-—.., .- .-—^ ,-—- ^--iHbrThff-^Treer\ be many others in ndditinn •t».thr».|noal. i - -- ' -a^ttnwUmost of whom—luu , Knit : SAIiK. -Homes in\ Brockport, •prfrrwI-^TmririSW -ft5ri-^mBDflv=^sa farms. Will take bourns* in BrockpSrt, ns. -part—pay-ment^--^Freit-^P«%¥i~ ft = • \ _ ' ^M M_ fimiiiiiiniiiiiiiiHiiBiiiiniiiiimiiimiiiiiiniiniiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiinrfiiiHim ^xea ilxJ FOR SALF -Two new mifch cows sent in their pledges^ \•POLIStL \fattd^stXiTHh^rs-^f-o—^fr-es%K*e^-soesfe—AH- ^tH-bfrTralar-^t^aV—^-nqaire Jotnr Foye,- jMOhroe Co., Canning Co., Clintoii Str, -(-WQCkport. N. Y- 10:23tf - Waves t^me rolltop'up-. Hbe- b'ach-. soaking everything in reach. Hear the! WK SAM-^-BsseX roadster, just ,, T .. , „. , — , fc , \-..wverhauled. Runs as smooth and as pebbles grit and grind- wre they drop -. fl ag a dow R(vasonable price . and fall behind, prefy pebbles, brownj,i us t the thing for-a- young man. .In- or pinky, pretty pebbles. whl;*> or inky, iiuire this office. ll:lStf Though they once\ w^r > chuul^/o-f ( ~^ aAL ^_ House on Union Street, ledges n«. a one has -rascM fdges. N PW iv, rebuilt, like new, all i'mprovje- Rolling- ovej on the beach, i^r irri.nd-Iments, 6 rooms and baith, cellar: under' ln&eaoh on each, pulled and pjl-d and! waole houno. E C. Hffwley, 34 Brock- A. . . . A-A li * I wav Place, Brockport, N. Y. 10:2tf pushed and pounded, corners all to I curves are rounded. Don't t'Wfip peb- bles seem\ to be human naturejs simile? Each of us'a jagged b'.och. ^splits off from, the parent rock. Wives of life ha foam and smother grinf us n _ AT « rr„,^., 0 .„,__ , -_„ . , KOR SALE—The Staples homestead farm on West-< Sweden road, Brock- :i %w-ixt--yeu--a-ad--^tn-e—cliaag*s-4iot-b-J.n4 port-as a whelc-or w-ilf divide. ~Ih™ some degree. We\ froto Wndrea and|*l\ire of Root. L. Staples for'partieulara from neighbor, chum inSlay and: matb ' nud terms, Phone^ 832-F2. - 9:18tf 'in iabor, gather polish all pur lives, but especially from wives. Every, Jack who marries Jill mends his manners will or nlk- : -^T»d\ltanhah: charming creature, -smooth the roughness of my -nature,. But\ the bachelors, I wot. many corner's* still have got. They should read this rhyme and hee'd it f^Stc^es-ofiJl-ualiu^ Main Street Brockport, N. Y* FOR SALE—I have-a splendid line of homes in Brockport and vicinity for sale, with or without tend ac-eage. Prices ranffln,g from $2,600 tp $19,000. Easy terms. S.\W. Wadhams. 9:4tf Storage Eggs, 43c FOR SALE 1 —Ah'all wool velour coat with fur collar and cuffs.- Will fit -girl l.\> \i- 1G years of dee,\ only worn ofte season, in good condition. Will sell, very ri-asanable. Inquire 57 South Ave or phfiiie 39G-R. Pillsbury's Pancake Flour, large size, 39c « -'\.•- 4< \• small stee, Miss Lou Shrimp, can* r . ' , • •, 1- ,19c White Star Tuna Fish. ,23c /•/ FOR SALR---Tbre- J h7nti6--0f me Tate Bertha H. Coleirian on South Main Street. Communicate 1 ' with James Married life* as God'decreecT it, tnight J*«in at 12 College Street, or with Mr. , ' . . .. ^ „„ A . j. , Leigh H. Pierson, Trust Officer. Roch- not-suit them but they need it. j est6r Trust & Safe rjepoait Company, . t —iBob Adams ' 5-22-tf ! 1--' ' r V irfaztt^nts, lb. ,t§c Hcst Cranberries,,.lb. 10c Oranges, doz. . .49c WS Hershey's. Cocoa, can 17c A safe deposit te in-qiffSteeNauitwittpioi ^leX^rflr^lr^afe^nd^eoiieLi^^ place for your leases, deeds, stocks, bonds, policies and contracts. Isn't that service Wdrth many times more than its cost of a few cents a day ? ~ Gome in and get your box now. w^. Calif. 5o-6o Prunes, 2 lbs\ 2Sc New Cheese, lb •. 1 ,J21C ; ; BEOCKPORT, N T Y. 7he Home of the TenVer-Ceni Club i i \ > •A • mm \ a \ i 1—— r li 1 1 ' I • <3 s ,. -

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