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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, November 20, 1924, Image 2

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. i**EB AsipS^SESar**??* s, ^mm THI^REPUBLIC, BRQCKPOWt, N. V. ^ukSBXWTJQgEiag^^rl^^ East Buffa'O; Livestock Market CATTT .K—Shipping - ateers^jJi-QO @: -lAf ! T-V™-'i-fr?> , \ ^Sixv^imirf^mism Stt'fFS. heifers, l5^TTtf1T™W< -$l£0QiaJX5O: \'ir to M>od $8, 00@13.5O ; nn-xwl -h\-.. ••-'•^•P */<f?«)75- lipht .\nrk'MS, *v.n\.. • tion ok Ani\>rica hav<S started the work of remodeling their factory on •\VUIQW _ street, Ne'waifk, and will be Vfto^v-s-^hr^atbout- PLLrfiaA J&^MESSS-. \th'r.pi^ 1 \ wee i JtH~ i Tfrrm™--4- _ .J^6Bfe_9. \•-neTV-rt^;- fHH*^*- THE-PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK -Xa^forj-is -Godwin Greif, Gretchen Greif Longr,'\Adrian Arthur GrciiLj _^__JJpoM_V>vnf | n Greif. And 'to all - --Three-- gasoline, .talhlsa..have. hee.u erected in\T3roeEI>orl/ by the \Standard\ qjpil company and two of ifeem were .filled\; CnTe~Tjmfc- /contains -S7£,f>26 t gallons, while, the i other two hold 169,O0Ci \gallons.'each. Tha buckwheat'crop in Northern Chautauqua ,,coi -. this year'is. the Interesting .News at \ 1L V Kbid~Gath- ~\~Si of cattle and animal in -exhibition*- in Canada arid many countries.-Of New Yoi-k, .serving Ii-eguent|y as sole judge, J '..--.• A resolutions^ is adopted-.:-' by aw* • «•••• • • • • •••••• • Paragraphs of Intercst tiTffeat- ers pf Empire State ered From Various' Parts In the States a It Will Appeal to AH Classes of ^Readers. uatxarau s us- TO U n•>•.»-•-.—».^—— visors -that \Hie- bouyd •ra^t^rfS^aji.pjpa- 4ip-t-. priations for the Maintenance or inl ' provemefit of-tbtliiii'-gsouadj L at Lit- tie Valley unh KS tho '-present -county fair managenveut ; lviiHtuislies--- .super- jdsJam_aad_cQntroL*li_ ,tn e property tc HrOXt-.OI. IU\ 1 -' . , rT; A fVi,, -Cniint-V- jf- t hc T™™ \ f Kendall in the county \Whereas -The RnehesterM'rust T&- Safe Deposit Company Kxecutor nanied in the last Will and Tostament of the said deceased, has applied to the Sur- ~-xagat£_s_C0lirt' of. thi- -County, of Qr- Teans\ \for frh-r—wtMtf-*»£- Au- saiur.TNTiJtll\ WR-?,-*-. -wilt rfi«f+« to Ileal and Per-. \JlntT afp—ftr-rtrr tas-b^«^ : ii-fe*ea^l'_^jeara^ om Various' Parts In tne i On^ Fafmel~in trRvpcrwrh of-flfre-r-man -^ * • • » .-, />i^„„„„ Af j which he received $1 a bushei. Chili'has the distinction pf having within.its borders the greatest mile- 7 - H ,g^—ia.t-i:m.;ii-(U frt J]lghwavt<_.»f. a^ll^Qt^ t-t-lias-4 ords in CornhiR. and its,assess the county. • B. t. Ilodnett jf bolivar has leased aD^urewrarn-t^-Tr- land. «>,u.irising. nearly four farnis, within th.oii-quar- tar-s^-ia-mileof ^«r^oo «^? d ^ urBe . and one-half mi-U-s Irom Cats«serag«. A test well will be drilled th-re at once/ Mr. I'Uxln.-t t nHii.cs ih -A oft a total of -27..!> 1 Miles Sf-tt^ iii t .h«iiv - t -oiiHU-'nt'tloiTTox _te - n^n^tur'niaiiite-iiiincQ rrTT.tmr. -wKith \Wit rHft sonnl- EstatP. You are •d t-ht-r-fofp hi-r'-'by idti-i o\hne'if\at\-a\ S'lrroffate^ C atrt,. fu Ofliff. in Un* Vi-;ii ••-»•.*- A!''-- 1 i <>id i County; ^n 'he ^tli day (.f. 1>ptT»m:twr | Ykick in th- fort'iiinn.. to ;>a;o :ul t-t.u- i-i-jii Will. | tin'. S>- ! i.if 'h e ' •••'• I'.mrt of the (if Oil. .\.- ''i be season totals .•' 1 Uuring. iB'tot\-' 1 ' births in North .-deaths-..:--~- 1 -- T -- - : — -|JpK][»rttim*Mt \* »\» + h+ 'crops, arorRr trnnrrlrr •\Kkngt a li.aisrl;,. Uvi-r .1-\•.'••\ high ..-i-Utio .4twWot**r ir.uU.v ri-gnlar ;.iU-.s. there were Toiuiwii'mla and 82' 16 yntario county \l^a'rd of supervr' \ sors 'vot*«l-to. iiujiport the larm and hotne bureaus and the jiinior proj- ly.u. pl'Ulili Q.L •Cl>dt» utt-uiuiv juijuls in tl> ••usits in !-Wt - wre in lha .c ount^ aguiust .>\J»_ ing—^na»feitle4i Average weekly . amines of- tlt«-fac torv workers in N?W \or^ M ' 4tt -' \ ,?l ^ n thi: -i 111 vi M .'ill'' 1921.'at in '<•'' atffTid ilf -r'' 1 - iXTKSTIMOSV . _..«.\i.ii-eil ^uri'Ou'; i iimit> _____ „_.—Uwl-C' Uli-i (.'lc\rr I'll. I'll t- u .yoniiK man 11. S ^*T\fnTrrer: ifTiXf-.l -the. . t t,i County, -it Albion. N. \ : . til* 2Ut d:iy of Octo^ ~ \nrarip-l^. Ro^m. Clerk of the Sur- Tavenr°\ton Straw & Whipple. A Ss for petitioner, Rochester, N. Y, ... : r-r- n'> 'd>- iwu ! ; lli'*. \ijllcr A h.ih bf'ii J .Uclnl;-llJ-_u]. ui-;i-is ] i)\.l.i> ui.l a >\'IIIK SalrtTrjai.t-a- -mmH •\,_.il to II OMIi'in.\ It^r -V 1«^ J.'.U ,-A fii o'l- •tortn'-Valley .uiiit ii_ (.oiitity airji-hu liu..^> in Cauaraitpis . \\hiph ' \consWHratrio- tTtit?<'*it-K*n- b*n»-*Uii-»dujJ \ ed\ rtii-rrng\ tin* jf«ist few nw->ntl«s,- .. 1 A ivprc-st>niuti\e of the* tl. 1'. Sm eluir <iiass Works^of C-or-iuu * an- —BOUUIM-II -t-lut. im.th will K.huLlLi\JI_sfv r-i+s—J*wiiuh----ol._ljJiai . liuin-ir. .. 1h • Company liati •gjei'iired—a—loiuu Ion at imnkjrk and will be renui\.d witlr.n ~a^\ew~~wx t rl^r— : —' ' : ___-» V'' t- ! rnjrk- ; Vr' -K&iffln. .p^omfii-n.t JlkLU. ---fitFaHJi'i was act|iiitt-ed (){\u dturgu at ; ur-'tiii .in n.uni A court after tun' of -CJt&u_Ji]0£iJbU-ti'r-ly contested trials -n •^8.U5 tor the ..u.nh ol i-«pVjai--ii'r* gain of 65'cfeius over August. They were also C6 ..:.!- htRftTT-tfertr-test L-ywir^saiiBtiimbtr H MH- thst month _ sin^-the -u-ssnnins of the.!** ihase , of -deprea-ton lnnrnil-w .tluvteaim-.-,. ings are much a bun'' last > ear. f The council <>: i hr Seneca Nation , ^htd4a«Mi*e-4-*-i^^^ ding all Person., .'Hi...- than Seneca -trnthtn's from lnuitmy! -on tin.' Alle- {•anv, Cattarau^u- i.nd oil -spring res 'lUKt)—*4-* :iv.o state troopers ^u^iui'reservation. . people. obey the CUllllt.v Kdward K.Tvall 'uFri'.Ti-cii IIUM iri- •uTerr rire—tHrttwio- •rv.'-'nr.!-! tt-jtlH. Tb. ai a elected ihairninn ClllUllN bi^till It, spi'cial met-tillK, ' '. New YOrk li--ullu .luilturiiica are i n vestigating an -c«pidi-uiii u£ hiccough iftg-. fiiiiiie tteHort it Is ufeuirsof sleej)ing sickness. li't'l'oi't; nearly Jufhv- thrown •two wetMm.— 'senS^U~b? r * s ll'~ : nTJ-i - riai-j- ~aT5r l_ Anoiht-i' (fi'lit for a state ^a«'hne j tax and.. mliic'ticm of aulomtir-dle ti '', it use let. .s \iill 'e waged at the nex; |Kessmn^of tke tuKislature.biJhc New j York StaU- AtttuiuobTte BUs\. asHQCiS 1 . ' tiun uieiiibtTs decided at the fourth L. It. Scoii. u*ji.. t of the Williftin. , ami ; ial Iut . ut , ug | u Syi aci.H' In ati- sou Wontinel. lt.t« leased the. plant af. llIitlon u, \ h%i regular gr.suliiie tax. T^ufrttratitmto^^ il--_aiain^t4 r ]i¥u^ex r::: .^_.___ :L . u .„:; amt & in .n i y^ reyejvue to be used. Ffl atioirs'Uiidei -t rxrpsp ^u-mi,—etv. are oii the t'ttwrf seeing that w-lnt. law. - \ • \~3^hesfef tftp center of state, • •enterialui-d more tfeffl *>*fi\\ : \teachers from Alb gany.-Wvingstoa,, •Monroe.\ OntarioT Orleans, Wayne and T l Wyoming counties last -week Friday H and Saturday hen the New Y.ork I State Teaehers' ssoeiation held its • convention, holding general meet-^ ing For several jwn the farm bureau j, ol bivingstcn county has -bjenjeneouiv 1 agins -the^plautini.: W7 .varum?* -tjr.f i-^rt^e-exper-imentab station:- In order Will Show You Uovi Philip Feldman. a butcher, faces deportatioft if he-does 1 not-keap his'shop clean, he is inform- ed, by Magistrate Dale. '_ ' .Charles Berry of l'lffard iitSld's a record for prodtlCllun ol Utrg«—ti»fea- toear-in-havlng, p,;-oducetljtki'ee pota- Jrevenue toes weighing four pounds alid syvejx_^^^^g; ^Vfe willIptanft-rin_aale Friday morning aaj&gg. Z Flannel Dresses at the speeial psices of $9.98. $11.98, $14.98 and $I6>98 These are dresses being retailed generally up to $22.50 ways, James J. Dadd -oS Jjocheater, oo,.i,oiqrv.iri'asurcr anfl lugislativo , ut (.m^-rov-pc--.\^ --• ;i ception, reporter 35 stntes ha-ve - ttfeftfe tl--Hie-^aaot.ine tax to produce for ronii building and main' J The ne'.v concrete road from Son- JfzBROeWRT^J^J^ ftRGMPW JEaiablighed ia 188S the\general public juo'ppolrtunity tot raw, bow these Mt-llH ..tooter-a-seed l DRY^^ OOOBS——RE A£)Y-T04^EAR \TFO--lU&l;bCJU •.•wjxaias7f^:vs?'r-r-r-r-r the United States : mail-will-_I - 1jting^th^^Compound„ l^ terest Department of this strong Bank to your door. - Jy.oxr receive;:the same^'good \service ~the same -good - rate of-interest, .and the same absolute**'security' ' \banking by mail\ that vou would if yQu wereJo come to the batik in per- son. -, hbritpei't-T-el i' 7fea xo'.'th^eTDt-e-teiid--e«ynBg | the plant of tho-Uoinlulon bines, I td.- j ^ art o£ tu „ M t Morrls-Daiisvilb ata ; t( - J or tluerpb,-Ont.%--boekpo« promises. | nig hway. wat- O£\.hod for. imttic to become the lMe\ -\vea-\tiiB ceuter i wlUl thia ,-oad o; en there will be a - — ' ^^ecata^a^aintS^jv^f^m gff>: show lias been arranged iu conaee- tion-with.the' annual meeting.. This meeting will be held\ In the village 5 tH-aTt~Genesen on Saturday. Nov. 22\. Ji. [open\hearth lournuces at the Donaec , t i ie Canaaeragii valley. ^ TsreerplanronHhe-KiverToiut-atBut----:|r-- In ^^ — Capital and'S-wplui ' <7J5dj0b0~ , falo.-this-com-iavds. ; uow ai^ratiiiR at ITO J)Qt;ie}IS^^lts•>.a^aci'tJx'.-_\'V \ \1 . j By-133-votes-the-taxpay urs .of llor- neil defoated \ the p'roposilion ot . ! uvaiiitaihing a baiul for concerts there I I next summer. The cost of slich a band would have been $l.i'HJO. .The Erie„And..Ostte&o„-ca-nal8_\vin_ ....... be closed at niidntglu Dec. 13; andth(r^.« el ratcrr-(tecrrr «-. Peavon 'Champlain and Cayuga and Seneca j seP k eh-eWtrti as president leanals at midnight iJec. G. Wcathfir >«ung* Mar via city girls between 10 and 13 years af-nge are - being ~e!iiplojeel: as cad- dic.v and-have been found w orftins In pVoirooiiis, racking balls, and setting pins in, biiA\. ling all ys, nccording to ^lra.;.MsU'i .Hamilton_of.. t i 1 5Jwoinen'^-p- bureau of ttio police aeimrtnient\.*' J Annptintet3i nt ffiinr Syracuse that will\ not pro., lem- of the lW5-21senat'>-a-pjicars to clear •*-T*itt*tfl*---*eliii\ KhlgJofetlol; JselwfflB. xan- .,,„,. T „ BEinkerhoff amb Harold Steel of. Newark made tho discovery • that their four\ automobile plates -Lw4iro-«J3t. alikeC.tlift a^mfiersjUayfog. thgen mndfeajedi. ~ rne-y juititol._the I state troopers. - \ •'•• ?— Tlii- T^Tiltyifl f^tpTva Wiilnw Corpora- -I PRICE - \' : i ~; z^ii: :.l:.. —*::.:::: — -« • 1 llidacy 'wiis annotim-ert in --^ispiitcliea ihe-aayrffittw^toS --^e—I*i6-el'' r ' ion - Dr Ihiiry\\V\.\ s'kerrlit. aged,-70. ^successful veterinarian and nation-^ I aHir known jitd*©-^ cattle.. .Iroppea 3 ! dead of heart\ disease til \ITHear—l J o^-! -in. years L'r.^^errjtt^had: been judgy rt^f^P^tfo&tee iioteJ woman cttt& pa.rtjES_ itway with ^ „,ocG4a% at nightly curling.' _N a ~ sJotcdAily waste of time, Ndmore embarrassing -hair ''' unHuincss at A Nestle LANOIL Wave does_ ITS result is true all this. — natural cut+inessiftyouF-huIr^axviihsJiand CYcnhlJTWaTi^siia^^ that, hot water and cold water/perspira- tipn and fog, steam and dampness of any kind bring out the inherent curliness even :: --flHgey~~- ^ ... ^ ^Dxme The _JHu\sWa_t-ir«l_here explains-it =-vcry=io?eFes£ki-g-. ^wc4-«g-y.ean.ol4 school How does'YOUR hair \ mkafteta shampoo? No other waving inetfted comes ap t° a -tte5tfaf-----'feA-W&i^'-'-- Perlnanent, bioausc .nnce you have this, - I— '--^-^ shan^poqs per- jpiianpawjdnmprove your eurisrSHa A-wa-ves Csee. pkrareJi riehO instead oftakingtnem QUC (\as in picture \on nhes, and then -keep the Outfit in yOu? 4i©m^foc3hirro_rl2ro,_duttHgj^^ : you woulu pi.iv . .« — - jefesting; illustrated booklet _of further. More Comfort for Less Money The Coupe 91 FttrdoT-.Sedan *68JS Tudor Sedan 590 Touring Car 295 . Runabout • 265 On ot»n niodelt demount- able rima and starter art S85 extra. All pric— f.e; b. Datroll The Ford Coupe is the lowest priced ctesedearonthemaiket--- - yet one\ of the most satisfactory. * Costing less to buy and maintain, every dollar invested brings greatest returni in comfortable, .dependable tr*veL Sturdy, long-lived* and adapted to all conditions of roads and- weather—it meets every need pf H two* paseehger car. Steadily growing demand and the resources an'dfacijitie* of the Ford Motor Company have made possible « closed car* at a price millions cah afford, ri^itly de- signed, carefully built and backed by an efficient servkse organization in every neighborhood^ of the nation. ••^ Deftpoit F. W. NEWMAN . * HAMLIN BROGKLPORT^ :.-*—. WJSH ist^rrtds^fre h©E-wateT--applrSa*i0tt without - ->Lctlll.ld Vtlllw lluu „utv> ^-.^l^... . . going straight vvill staflo any^future' riurrt 4^|^^^^^ WaYC -abT\sh:^ pdoittjg, etc., because-4fHimaft-hait-which- _-:neiasw._ : 7 - • - --->_- ' ^ ' r \- hinn \'J**-™ ---.Yotr-tnay order hy lerfec, fost^jr m money order, check or bank draft, of if you prefer, send no money, but pay the post- man on delivery. Nestle LANOIL Co.; Ltd* Dept. 102 'Eitablished 1905 12 and 14 East 49th Street, New \York City ber. If your curls' and waves do riot come up to your best^ expectations, if they do not grow prettier every day, merely return the Outfit, and every cent of its $15 cost will be refunded to you immediately without question, delay, or deduction or any kind. HOLIEY the Nestle \LANOIL\.Home. Outfit* Performing Its Work girls wave each other and.their elders' hair, and find it easy to do. To perform this J wonder, youishampob the hair, dry it, then wet it with \LANOIL wind it up in strands, and warm each st-rand gently for seven minutest\ Every Home Outfit con- tainTTrot-orrhV-the sample curler showing* how the hair is wound, but also simple illustrated instructions, showing the move- ments in pictures, 'y ' 30 Ways' Free Trial oAnd Your •Money 'Hack If You Want It Every Nestle LANOIL Home Outfit, in addition to the regular supplies, contains a package of free waving supplies. You may use the apparatus and these free sup- 30 Pays' FREE TRIAL Coupon 1 Fill In, Cut Out and Mail TODAY . ] Nestle LANOIL Co;, Ltd., Dept. 102. A ' I IT. and 14 East 49th. Street I New York City I Please send me on thirty.days trial a Nestle LANOIL,Home ! .Outfit with booklet pf detailed instructions and free waving [ materials. It is my understanding that should I decide for any • reason to return the Outfit to you within dnf'ty days, you will refund to me every cent of its $15 purchase price, lenclose no^ money. Please send C.O.D.„ . . .~: Q I enclose money order, bank Hraft or cbeck for $t 5 Q Please send me ONLY your FREE illustrated booklet Q J 1 ' Nam*.. Street Addms. Qity.. .State:. .... \ I I I I l: 1 I I r 1 1 -t—' ±~- ! !*!*\••{ toB-- ^-piJ -: -4 k

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