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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, November 13, 1924, Image 6

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&rfea&s&afa THE REPtf nm^moQWiy^ji n^ft^B/^r-itiOS/ EM B-ER^MIr-lfla^. r ^ .X iRABlO FRlENDS— fiy JACK WILSON ^\ Copyright 1922 by the McClurc Neyspaper Syndicate mm/m>/jfMf*'ff(»»»»»^ Carries in its wake hgaj^ aches, Mgh pe-wp^fe sroTi.lrr^igestion •many othertlls. ^elec- tive vision makes failures in the school, the office and the factory. -— Make an appointment for an eye examination^ GEORGE B. HARMON General Insurance -\ 26 Market Street EXBAUSCH&SQN CO OPTOMETRISTS \ 6 MAIN STREET EAST MS EAST AVENUE (The S**amor«) * ROCHESTER, N!4k -| JD STOHAfiE , Meats, Apples, Pears, Plums, Peaches, (Evaporated Apples, Berries'and fruits \ , o f all kinds, and oflher products. 1 *-* J Httltt&itgtll inc. HERBERT!.CASH, Gen. Mgr. >3fr€fcIFF$T. ROCHESTER, N. Y. Storage Opea JLM Fear Sound ANNOUNCEMENT BUNCH, THE NEWSPAPER CARRIER - ! FlorM'i—tin- \l -md <>1' Flowers—is indeed u land of enchantment. Way -f flowM hi Florida: ArtTerp^iie-sttit-is-warm and\ peering, tit's ~Tinr ?YnwtMrt-Gtiy, * cis r^T. Aujrnstine fcs senerully \culled. ... . _______ I St Vuuustiu* rhi-lins tube the- oldest city in the Lnlted States. MuieTnTTJl ' lVr-r I-pndred ytur-- •r'.i-nn.-lh.tlhtn vUlnae*tc«>d'oa the. si.te.af what is now tins \ ~\ . __ - - F Ycillill. a Combined „ 'catment, both . ,,,, - iafr\a\Kft 1ia'»TregTi ^iifrgss. - fill in the^tKapsentsot^tarih for o^j^ forty years. Sold hy .«U druggisfiu -^ F. J. CHENEY &: CO., Toledo, Ohio WHERE TO SHOB IN ROCHESTER \tfttrgalnji ;hr ielyiQcbng~&06ti^T^iBrr Merchants Bkge Co., Stoti St - Sleanejs, Jlyeia, Pieaters. Rapp's 58'Clraton Ave. North., Furniture, Rugs, Linoleums, JFlobr-ajQ* Table baraps, CedaT-ehBBt8~etcr- W lip iorlhVrab!.. r ouiiL«!a 'TF Tciulli. llie waters nf ^ir^-TtrTF-tirmnTht ! •uivhiio-tiire F-ivr M.irir.n. the sen wait nn<*. the old city gilte, is quaint his- : -i tiiri:*a! and .i»l«. uiih liiiUiilllrfni. -^ Lt-Kiaa^iHi^. ...ii.'. The* tnu.tem fit,v *»•>• d«»vel*H\'d into a-resort town, . -'«Is ami residences, nri'l ('harming and -Kay sodtvl rife. 1 i • \ i'..rt'in«' t\ V.] 9* ^^@||£©§&t -ENHANCED B¥-: wlater, Nt«iip'ntr ••' tt.e vaiifni Near St. A-iii' ^i.ii!«-\vwi-^i.-ited sunu fiijajujil our futi.a*. -JUat wls-u VUvir di-,. •••.— ••- ••• folHv. .w \ - ' ' \•» \ : ffiu-ii V. tmir tlinvnch. -this ynehantin pUuvs ait'luiT willV country one \T 1- . t / frit-uds for a few days. AW not only Bt'iK-lv' a lKvuitifnl brown and white • Un««n nnd loved hy every une in thq •!i ini.rninsr the ilutly'npws^ajier came ihli'tv tr*jfiti.\jfntl vfiftr ranrninsTSnfieh ; —- r»%- •V-..1T 1- -S- 1 cn flu- f-i ,. r --, - , •vrtnuif'rr 5 \ 1™ W'\ 1 tftH»t'W 'iWi-t»u}iut_xnoiu the ; He ; A; .u;y, i,tU^ Fp in Li.s uiauth m:d ••tin.li'M']t\,. •>\ • rfr it. T'.rr^T Vkty. fatn «P ^tnei-^vWitmt-fjvlVt- ' \\tre':rTn'0\jiii'»^1i'^rdri\ht^yhh i i^e-of v -^e^ '_ UlowQ.i' that -ta^ai. ho would sets iT\\ t.l-M* iuh f.n v t:\:\e •!- JioV tii'jjel his ; r TT\ TItiT.«T\i~'«TR\~a J fTrnT J -rRe--1 lj^~tgiF~^gara~«atnmater r -al:, Walder 1 Opticai Company uounces the OfEN1N G OF HIS OWN STORK Individual, porsona) ser\lei> ID tl ^llA^H!j5?UiL\ t ^'_J^?^l , 'l!\i'^: \Ybut Oculist Knows\ A. E. WHELPLE'* \ _ Pres«fripttcfn OptiClnii 6 SENECA* ARCADE IBPCH r sj rn ..N__Y & Rogers Company 89\-91 Cltoton Avenue Southr; Jowolry, Silverware, Diamonds, 13. J. Scheer, 259 Main St., Bast. Jfeislc *n4--MuslGal-Jratr-umentSr Ptarftos. Players-Pianos and Rolls, \TaJWng Machines and Records. Levis Music Store, 39 South Ave 'l'rnnk3. Leather, G^flis.^agSi , ^=^iaicly'a: ,1 -a^l^M?aiB'a'aaat--EkMtf^ HggBgg'-'-\f\y >' :.~*\>\\::' :i \\l-'*-\*il' : M -$U i Tlie- Coa'ch isno^T priced below all com- —^-!— r . . — ••-— . . .v . , , ^ .-•••• t . ft'-- r pansGn^ ~~\5c •I T.,-,1 IMIMM^IW •yiiig'TrTyMTirM**TTrT'T Pij BLAHCttE Q1LL ff\S= =^ T'lJH'l\. wtti^lle-T..-i4it«»i.i ii» ,.-.va!:on l:iw. JfJi-VJ.. W:is oatnt£ <«*\'iila'yins or bnrkinpr, it j iiStfe ri«>\.'i.llff(»r'»'ni;e~\w.liii_t; when he, vrl m,. iwvin mmftBT hn-otlit-e-very- f 1 .1.1 j . ,|. | 11 . .n—,,., • »,..^^,. ,1, „.,»J. WlWl -.A„i| I 1.1 1.,ii,.. i '•h\tug_an.L«'w-«> '\ tll l' SUm;-tt'''ftUHJF- , \>«rf\\ fiii BimVh would so.\ got tlie newspa' ^ t :ier, and brlnjr it 1 -nim 10 his ninster. ~sa^ MVAL^'H-H GENERAL IlfsiJRANGlvAe¥. Brockport, N. Y- -\- J';;;r ~~\™~15rT?TCERS_ \-^ ; •- DEAN G. CRIPPEN . Presldfenf F«ANK-B.-HEB3ARD- V.lce Prealdent- JAMES JELJ2QN1-EY Seey and Treas \\\' DIRECTORS '\ Oeaff GL-Cr-ifjpen -PranU.O, Hfebbaftf lamea E^ Conley _ \. _,Perrx_CA,Shaf e r Epriralm C. Crippen Morton Mi.no* Charles M.MoCr»ilis,. Louis, B. Shay™— Georae E. Locke ftbnald A. Dalley Wilson M. Shafer : NOTICE TO QREDITORS „ l^rsnr3TirTD^n\ - - 7 -^ ^-H^?¥>^h^tmu)iia^nf-tIinJCnunty of-—. Kudsori- with the closed cars I IT •\•—' -~\ --\~- »<»'af« THE BIRDS IN THEJARDlNMSfUILMlES ~ The Jardta des Tuilerles (Gor4e»-«f *he Tnilrrios) hi Paris. France, de- rived lt«-nnao from the Mle-WlBS (tuUeriosJJvhich orisdnaUy oecupiedjts site. —....- fh<> -- |gii t|f t o)||s Kl y • It ^ s sUmted \ifflxBe terraced nnnys of the Seine, tulT^\ ----^CQTmmrads-a\n-«aeriH^.^4cwo£jJiE^g.. from nil other lasarives^nd reliefs^ •:fbr\\---r- v -—\• \'\- z -'-- \ .-.\\_ Defectn^erHiniinslion:^™^ , . Constipation Biliousness The action of-Nature's' Remedy (Ml -Tablets)-is more nattural and- thor- ough. The effect* wilt be a revela- tton*-*you 1*811 feel ia good< Make the test. You wilt\ uppreciatethls^lifference. _ . U**d Far Oair • Thirty-Ytamt — - Chips^off the Old Block W.JUNIORS—Little fR^ candy-cottted. For Qbndf en and odBRs. Jitocrose; notfc<MsJi£rfiiiy^^fifesa, ssssasSZZL \' ins to law to all persons having claims m- demaatU- aj^iinst. Stenten 0. Hen- „ driclxson fate o| tne'villase-ot-Broe'c—- poji£._riou^tx;ot^^nx<s,„SJ^!:B-Rt^W- : Y«rlt, deceased, to present the same with tne vouchers fchereCbr?'\to the\ imderslsned Clinton J. Hendricfeson „ -anjd-Homer B. Benedict, Executors at\ -tnerlaw:ftnlC9 of Homer-J^JBenedto.,,.. t . Brockpor't,_N. Y. on or before the 23ril , •davot March 1926., * —Ltoted Septerauer tSthriSS* Clinton J:\ Hendricfcson ~~-—• — -\-•\Homer B.-Benedict, • _„ Exectrtor& _- Homer B. Benediict, Attorney for Executors, Brockport, N. Y. J6iCJUCE_jr^J5BiJ5«TOJS- — MU) BY TOUft MWmfiT It gibes' Huds©n-Essex ±e - .create \these cats^r. —and-. lUem pi'ices. • :. , - lt.wn.\ rormeny me H.'iti.llr-^l^\™ ll \~ Z^-1^^1,,^^'^ ~1 ^.^u. *„r^ *\ ^Harden is Very'nenutifal, with Its vv»^^rtered J^g^f| it5\tiw^i':i*3-rrtwr-^^ T,v.onfl£iTTi| pie«ir^ '[» Pursuant-to an order of Hon.: SeJIpnF\ S Brown, Surrogate of thoriGomrtySir\ ' Monroe, potioe is hecehy given; ac- Freight and Txtx Extr* Largest Selling 6-Cylinder Closed Car In the World us nvror-K>.II«J -\nv^, —*\-.••« , ~ - - - —„_«.!,,•„ - We ml one taorntnjrto this Garden to see an olff man feMtlieMrt* , .BEewns'-foMieriy a postmaH awilis-^»^^ S ™rty^r 5 ^c ^ «t^u|h-^ tjorflbg tu law lu all pgrsoiw-yaring ~- ^ Leiata^or-- jeroann^iagainat: liuen M-_^: • Balrer Jate-ot-j&e-vlllage of Brockport, County of SHoHroe, ^tate oM^Few York, deceased,>» present the sjameTritb thg - tbebird^ \mv -'Ibnju faitttful service foP the gorcrmneat, he-ms~TCtiTe^ n^Scwr Je did not forget hi* hirds/but went'at the same hour each nsornS « S tteir luncheon. The birds knew him from all «nff penpte JSSPbJ d wtien they saw him comteg they flew to the &V»*wb*tm. Hf tnlklto his hirrt family: \Come to the table, myJriends^ Gome, - • • your 'cover is lata. r-o.Ms»w«p\*»K^i*'p^^^a jinine WPVP trained anrt Mew to_ldrriu.jrnen:- .he * calle* .them—hy— their French names, Cnaflte--- cler, Noire, Brun, etc.. ^w^rn1fV>-sit, on i his,. is your silent representative,.. 1L. you sell fine goods that are up- to-date in style and of superlnr quality it oiisht.to-be reflected IP your printing. We produce the kind that yon-need and will not_ feel ashamed to have represent ~:y.6jT'\TEaT Uf'^'e? \otityr-kinrl-rt J pays to send ont. v Sendyour-or- . _ders..toJthtej>flice... Gfrlce\ -inerefor; to the^usdersignedl •3^-TSgijranr7P3cetmtrixr*a*-**heF- , place f0/the-tranaiietron of business \as Mc'EexeCUmx 1Slrthir*a , »^ offi * e ^ HomorB. \Hep^ft^. ^roekport. N. Y. on\dr'*DlfBre~tJte 15th day of January, 1925. :~\\* Dateii, Jiiiy 16fi>r 1S24- ---*— - - -.— , <Jrace A. Bowen, Executrix. „ Horner \B. Benedict. Attorney for Executrix. Brockport, N. Y. , '_ \ • sboalders _-knees _ and 5a «ml !M»acl At one^imfi—\ |?^VJEr-flrpw\^nch* trrowds-of 1 * -~~~ ~ NOTtCE-TO &REDIXORS. Purauant to an o»deV of Hon Selden S. Brown. ~ and, it not oplyggv^ •w ••>-, ^il him ttie priVlegfTt5f titer Garden.for the rest of Ills life, but •-^aasi^s^^^^-^^s^ss^. also . decorated him with a medal. (©, Weatern, N.(LW/flpap?r I'hioHO • ' ' \fr^fn1t*\the'~poMee--put~-a\' \-*K6f eBy^gtvenraccord JDE t»4aw»*o>»ll p«r*oBfciiav-- stop to his COmmgrtO .j^f^e town of Clarkson. Goanty of Mon- the Garden; ~ roe Statc-of-Ntjw-Y-ork. deceased, to present tie L. - , , ^r X— ^^rz^f^-r, samejwUU \Qie vboctfei-sMfiaJgfoK to^tkeTirtdppr -He=*)ofes~llt^ ^a«fir^^^fg3 t ^ tr t5jst ; lns^la««^f^ |- np.vTn.niP — i — \ 4 — ^-~*-~-^ -^-.— -*-. ftret5irt'dar^f Miy. J9S&. Dated Oct 3I7t92r. SHEBMAN M. SMITH LouiaB-Shasv Executor. Attorney for Executor. j BrockportfN< V.-- \ _»„.,«..,, -—- M0T1CE TO CREOfTORS - r- •\\lParsrant : lo~an order Of TTTOSfSuW\\\ Selden-S. Brown, Surrogate of the. Sounty of Monroe,, notice is hereby eiven. pursuant to law to all persons • s —= • • •- -'•- - detuauds ' agting*- ^vihR-..dwrng-3i: Peter Hamburg-, 4ate Qf_a^.Village or Brockport, County of MonToe, State •oTT^vFYOTKTdeceasear^fer sr«reot4ae- s^me wits tlw vouehera 4n«-efor, to Aae^ujaaferi»ii'jgd s B!^^^Mr^^^ < ^\\ i -for 'fehe4ransac,tiQn. ,ofttusjn^i.a-s^tsneWT^ Executor of the last Will and Testa- jmM gf-p^CT-Harti|hnrfc--deeeaseaT : ax **— ^lmed-Bxeculxjrathw^Ia<»B)r^**eS«mnBttEaD&s aKs^tem^«fficesr_-rOfMQrgan-^^Pgllaeg T ^ rat ' of niiarness armrelrEyerutor ar--tr.e law office. f -TrfockP\^ New YorlC. on Or betore ^rSSiS.Shay.-Br^pMt,-M, T7, <m 55?>e»re ^^r3 r „ g ' mW. - : ~;---—— — February 5, TSZ5. - IMted-, July 35, tS2S^ - - - - Henry Hambure, Executor 1 _^ Morgan & Pallaeej- Attorney^ fox Executor^ Brockport N. Y. & ' • m f . = The Quality of When you get ready -to build new or re- pair yqur present ^building* give fimtr consideration to th« quality of Lumbex to be used. Good Lurriber will save yots dollars in construction cost and in tli-e- much longer service it renders. Buy In Brockport L. STATE STREET Storm Winthw*^ Save Their fie *» There are a number of repairs \that should be taken care of be- fore cold weather Gome's. » We can supply alt the proper materials in the quantity neeel- ed at prices which will save yoti v money. PHONE 126 . -a Buy From Us | - * ).i~ — r4 \ X ;r.'.Jl.^ .J ;

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