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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, November 13, 1924, Image 2

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m .,/ r t jfl?f*!KWK(aRB^ni; s^BK^:^aM£SS5 rwo - -— •• • - • -• ' \ :-'-'»»,..4-t ::;..;..\ tr- Faragrapte of Interest to ft Baft ers of ImpIre~State Interesting Nev^s^A\ KUwl Gath- ered F.rom Various Parts In the —Stetea-awt-Sa Renuoed tn Size That It Will -Readers^ Appea ,| to \AH Classes of -wttMte -yiUe's-. new .Masonic i •IllplO A.-Cailt_qn-.i.-apiiier got f>2. tuns ot to- matoes from three acre--'- In Buffalo 147,000 went to -the polls out ol 162,923 registered. • 4a-st— m »-nUi-,a.mo.um.e.df -Ui .i-} 1 'i — .:._ . p™tntn.-H receipts in Umi-sier it 184S the police force of Roches tor consoled of 12 men. The day forcuj known as police eon^tablet. h«nir^i^aTx,'*th^~hfcJi-re«Kfable and f-ofue . iuii'ludisL the e'aptajn_ of the : watch iinit live wutchn-ion. Tlit* ; Di'i'Jill Manufacturing company of 'Oswego has leased a portion of the fcoti'ka. Industries plant and' is. moving its: equipment to -Hammonds-port. This cuminuiy manufacturers a \blow torch and had conducted -negotiations for a least.- tor some ti.me. Nt*v«r in the history of .the grape belt of (Tiautauuuu county has there been Midi a season : or the harvesting is ru^iiri^^vis^ear. ia r rtj SiplfeW at F&WIS and HOMES I £jre\\ Efew - YortT g;a\tV~Cof{e«te aFlftjirt- |. Jffl* ..BtW ,nr« . ayi° V'\r«v ,r- *•*>'\• ^V4 MK^.OXMS^IXWS A ®°> VDWU.C 'bte POBBW*\ DRU& ^ttt* ( Not \•since the first grapes were pick ed in Se.plemoer~ ; lias llie-rc-betroT-a-^toora day unsuitable to gathering the jcro.p The Three youths were, 'iwftab.t-1'y killed and- another fatally injured while A returning froni a dance at Luthe'r- * I- villo, Md.,•whea \ ,t.h«ir. automobile\ clashed into a Pennsylvania .railroad train at a grossing in. Lutherulle. 'i'ne uead\ youths-Tve-retri! -from Bat Show'a slight'dfcrease rm <>> Siiico uct. T lA'.oo\ !•« '-\\ been \aceuiiated in Koclu--t.i'V ~~~6malliK)\. — . A ,bur.glar ulunn. sjs\-ri h instalU-il in rh\.' : Stale TIvTbae . m uoiiv; \:::;i_~:r~- *i;z:: : : \ Mrs Asm s Swift liusi I\'- >> ed posl!u.i'iT.-ss at Cent i • •• — -gan-y-cuiuity. -:-- —.- Sti'llbrll (-'UHlty- 4\td - ' •' ' VGt©r-s~^Jiw'-isja 'llieif~12nrtr \- tha»-±H*ctsiU't> -Bi_iil(li»g : u-t Ttn\ the-rt- of 42 auinmubiles .wjtttin_ Ttnn—rn ,rw, -^^^^ h »^^-^ jj ^T'''l \K : ' iT in'. He'nry Wagner UJQd hnir other youtbs arreat*x)^-hy Totum.-uuUiLpolice alter, a ions? c-hasc in a sioU-n crfr.' They were turiiotl uvt-r to tlu- .IJuifalo po- -ut ,tii'- -•.»-Vv. Civat saai- The crossing wliert; tlie accident occurred lias no safety gates, but is ecjutpripfr -with a bell an»a~flasStMg-h* ; Apajrtments A iew;ili'll a r n -fepent-,oP- Macl* --paint and wall paper Homey will\ frequently, do much to make the small apartment more homelike, and contribute more to the family's happiness than sevem. visits to the movies, which.. wo^W easily equal the cost of the aaper and\ paintr\Spaciousn£SS J§ about me hardest \effect-to aKa1irr-HaYttir-^&: vva»s-ef the -ten-fag, room living.room than aiivthing else to produce this. Large furniture nTirfeFs-sfitarH-r-wm^ look smaller. A few good willow .Gbato-afp much te»er and cheaper beft -\att^-^^.fag**fe-f ctuwa -\ ' T \ v \ ..;•>.'. -„„,, one big 1 a\ broken /ail, the west-poiiuty train was on the east'0<\>und tracks and con- seu.uentl,y did noi sound. the alarm until' it had parsed th<? crossing. \ Ontclalv^rrr-tttWfflf^Ho fe#arn Tshath--! er instntt'tions- to wltlalie had beefi. :».- r\ ..I ,u- b -rtt« . t iu;it\\\ anti- Mi :-L^_'h'ilH * i (1 Jl.KU tlf : -li-j -tin'-work. )•-». Th'tTiof\! e^t iiiut-tl tu v. .;.:-.T:I- t***» teet of tin- 1 ri.'n- ot t.hr> hti-alitu.'s. * ' f IM-;iii> ale iiii'liT s\a> to i.rtrmotT- I the >.ii'- o! .rL-riuii'd nalk at (.ifiteva, i--and-JiaiJLL._bi;iJii._ : l l !:\'ii.iiijL l ...lj_il 1 ' \*!'' liumtiucllt, •>! ••> .ii-riincd UiiiK i't> ~|~S1OH -Ui-n-u..:i. -U • ' a\ -inmu:- 4- tUlK-'iculuri.-. s.ti.-.'.n-iu-m. M.ti. .i ... i).;.ai^-.v-'' •-' stiu.in.u iira\lf':-'\-'\t'u'' J \utvu.ai.t' - r n.r. -4 \arg . r\ \5afi'itMt:Qirt: T-hc autoiuoliiU' lortimnti* «• heio^ « + engfaeer's_cab,_ tb. train saith rnish'-il\ into \\fie .viiidorts of ih. 1 J «-i\IHl K III ,n ,- t . irw:d«i-tor of fte-f P-pSSairr-room: I 1H^.-*-+JVTTI— nli n IT' S wing-arm - cliair cowreo villi lineiiT chintz, or dull-toned corduroy is the only big chair that most li- isg-rooms of .apartments of ordinary size need. A OSUIQW chair with^'a basket- pocket for s'ewlrig^iaTehh^'pr-fnasSi»B#Sr , perhaps a willow rocker, a few J straight chaits, and possibly a conv j fortaWe couc-U, inv cnqugii . for a i ri_ WoolTawn (gesrnetery, Niew Ytwk, is or The Button Memorial in Wootllawn ueiTneiery, new TVTK, rs «r ancient Eoyptian design |ind 1S-3; .ferM_or mempri^ |pe^red_by thoia who believe^ i\ quiet dignity andl unostentatiousTdeBign. L....jtave-erected-ij^tHis eomiiiimity. they _„will.;, cpyin.ee ypif -trmt'wp' ^pft-w-nrtiiy of your patronage. . ,. ; ,, \.• HARMON'S lYlONOMENTAL WORKE_ •—or. -rm bi^t— for .anus Girl He.ld for Father's Murder Miss- -tfu-wttitttt - itiU*-y,,L-a - years, old. la under anvM in Auburn, N. Y.; charged Willi 'ninSi.*- in the first de- , greo foT Tilling - Hi't* - l.iriie*r, Chartes-+-'far—sleeping- .bottflJorLJahiaxS- _aiv;.. ; t ; he ___^ w -u_,- simple dining-room. Tire small .hafl- rooms should of oourse. bf paperett ; or painted in- fiome plain.,, soft color. > G« v chintzes in TuriiUnings may be ; URc-d to'brighten the rooms, tt is . well to use these small rooms only , .and -alj;ys*&g*^Ji2aiL--i. MSK.t SAYS— \iate-t*k«*+.i»»» ' \Tlr? ~5Tiite parks prn.iiTUT-in—wan defeated m tiv'iie45o^L^u ; ut,\,l'i.>...i.^ ; !_ to 2,335 vote. _ *\ * • William J. lliukoyv nhu \ui^ '-li'ct- ed senator In l';u-it^lo. wa.i-toru una.. farm in the town of Carlton. ..- -•- New Vork'a buiiur- i.ormni .-.imV\ has -.paid gr.^laia .oLMia aij\ 1 - 1 \\ vo- ted for til.- World war bonus •>. • —:-Ghar-k** XVallaca..oI-..-PX)ttv JIl-*. near llornell, dug 374 bushels -of po-- ^tatues i-u't of ono acre of land ' —^SeienliJiine.jwniUs ror^thT 1 i*rre- tions of new houses in BatavuTlTaVe . be^Ja^rtjailJILiaUi^^iS 1 : ....... Plans are under way for tlit* erec —tlon-of-ii-^-l«^\»0-tlioaior - building,, in. KoTtlr Tmrawaiida- -by- 4*irff a'lo- ineii^— -——Roelr^It«'^llre T iah^haa ! e~|«ti»5p\d^»i| ordihantir forbidding the planting ot |,n.plqjuj!n. m vx ll h III '.•..\. ft'i-l of a SeWOr- Tfoneoyp- f*alrs^+rustt**8 - lvfrrw- pur- chased « new •\electric polic'eiiian,* \^whicii vvlil be- pUUTwFiiFthb- 1 our ('or- jiers, _ '\ -v-——-•-—• Collie, a big dog, who faiii. watclu'U-' \ISveinh-'Waia-gatVat^riiug^Slhg^ialiifc;; —on for live >eara, was killed bv an autoinobile .\..-... ........ ..-It .will~?oif\the cbu*iiTy\i»r Mdiii'oe -—$72-.00O-<io-jruu the-general* e'teettmers\ and $SS,0O0 to run tljo pMniary elec . _Jtioiia risxt year: \ 1 717\ \~' *• .Fall-sovged wheat lb.rn.nghoui.Mbn roe : cotnity aicetlr ^rUnlja'J b.. .•«*'_it>psi. ; of the.fields were sown uVuw two weeks later than usual. ^^BJ^rptg 0T!r3tr HBtriTrsrtni-xotj for the'.1aspa[y?rf l !STfiffii'n>1fWtSr^^ ot Hi- 1 Ocx. 211. wi'h an rni tiniiiF' at Moravia hoi 1 ; - -•l'ire^iirl hsti i t'nit ,1 a -n'riimM: ,,|, ,1, , . -.i... I '.•'.v; u: HI- -urr. -n. \MMI .i\ \ •• - Sa^-t-brinij M.dH.U s-Tci-t-yr-o^-said jg-fcivefgaw^wt-Ui^rfajai^ • \vh.icii l»r. ^ nt ' H '* i' 1 ' 4 .' 1 '' nt - • - — An epidemic of scarlet _iever now lUFciih-ns Hoche ier, ae-ording to in Ult, ; Cj<i'•'•-. •»••• ---. . (orniaiii>ti..gl.U'.u_ iiHj^t_Uie_UoehestBr ' healt'li bui't-a^. -ifitiru are ulivuily ~Z\~ pupils of- No. 4S sv'hool siok with, scar- let., luv er. These cages arc 11 out 14 families. Five other cases have been* repoil'-il to the hialtli t>uri'aii A total of Sa,552,iiG2;50 must . DO raised by Monroe county taxpayers to Hif>ot .^pprxuiiisiiioiis: lor county uses~1n\ ~tt)2S, -nnrord4u,g .to Uui-hiutg^t udoptud bj the board of sup.e-rv inora. This is™an-'incrfase- or 4S«>Ai4 ; : -oviiii .1924 Tin- enjiily tax, however,- will be jow^r owing to liicrea^i'd vahin; ' il. ,i t^tmrnwtii. ot--AlinoHil-lujlJj't ixu loug instaiiee, putflto diKSiiig reebrd for.Wcsiiern New York, u if. claimed. •MARKET REPORT ___\'New York provision Market - BUTTEU ..tTrXamery, hislier than ' extra. 4'! :, ,i'\-M»'• :Kvititi - J-reai.. .jg)iiSi§r«il -extras, fresh taiiey, 2i> ^ 21-e. ('illvEsK State -whole milk Hats, afresh fancy^ lUVaTtS^'res. -- : — - IU1 ni-ai«n' .-.*-.. - ---... only an unlinaiy T-'otato ^^ •\«. ^ bu piKKi's*\ Buffalo Pre vision (Vlarket •-- A Fl^Sl^— I4wne-\\--gr\ob!OX -SjaEMT $l.'75«i2.uu per b«.; Wolf River, jlXO/ij-t^t-tJ^j^-bu;,^ „UA = gjgw i! . j- $1/ft..g 2:00 per bu. -eRABAWblsi* n-.50^A.4)0-- per box.- — - - •- ---•'- - I^SAtt^—ilieldo'i- -$££5Qi&&b~ per. bu; Barth ;:.••: iaiK-j-storage ; :?t.0O© 2.75 per b«.L>Aig»L_l^ 1 'g.-J^- 2 j > ji ;1 - 5u bu r . ouL'i\ ^urM^iVjljJOjjii^ ininrbius\are.sonerally long, nar- \rQ3t^~302^ \thd Place for furimuiv. A hair may tave a smaH table near Ite\ front- door, ». tile for umbroUaa. and a niir- ror. but that's all- Above all,, kmck- | nacks and all useless articles should be. left .out of small aparfments. Know More farmers flhould knovr -TTmbe**- t-Ue-^hu^ot.-Lhe.-Umber to Values the fauw •noodlot,- for when they come to SA-U ihi» timber they are likely to he fleejed by «nscrt.pu- Ions buyers. It i s almost as if thej I fcau-dBpostts fa, tht* savings.baak.aiiQ UbeFrsold-tJhe-sum oT theJ6 fl™**£ j^voiia-«hQ : J^ni«L.»lP^.Jggjy?g? aT l lated savings. The \value of timber op the stump hi TUP farm vo^ot de- ,H on thTee things. -Kirst,. uie sufcontl,, ^-CHOl A\HY b?0 §ECM \TRIMS AS v \SQsQP EHOUSH\ AEOUMO tWtS PRmr-SftOP 1 . VJS PO OUR. VERV •DOfthEDESt-OM AU.-0O&S r RSBE -fore —wn—«-ln-a- -tUw- -Bl j^kmT^oITImEer,; : Pvconu ilie-cus-t of cttttiag, hauling; saw ingrahiltTans; Teriur-, i«= rt -noTiiT:\ naRr-ThlTdT. Mn^m^<f-ff * 1.I.-..1 rt : ftmnflf. bushel- \TiTook ilnvelo pi'-mip *•*• jancy.\ ?2oo\-i2Srn»ert>u; erlma andl^Tept a telxmla^ruifu^ i» s -them away. . ,1.25 per bu ' TVreSrTBL-T'Vjrt«\ in tttriftrtn are- to- I-the cffecl-tlrtnt:: ; prtc-^,witf-on-beer has been startnl' -.-Ui«r<!~ %J.*.\.^ ,a- bxewerv located on the Kiver road $1.U« -noun-. W1U--U1\\' ~-—_- --—- ' Tiro- last e^ -thc^sii-tbj^u_ h£to£S_ i£ \mr to varyihf~niostrttnd-the.-ovm^ er \of\ timber tends should watch it er ot ttmoer WHU.-. ™- -™&EA-5^^Sudng^-JJ£MiUuu» .^reen. UlosoLy»so..,thuL» lfl J^Ilt5?5.^^™l^ and wax.. 53-50.'.'too per hamper- •*.-.-.- -t ^n.i market conditions PIUSES 2^00 per bu, B.U.TJXKK. Pair taken - l r. - Biggev~dniV fetter Than Ever : A rcast&Good Things forl925of£iemdest Variety and Highest Excellence. S f-CESSAi CTfkEjfiE?e Stories of< he Sea, Stories of the SehoolLue, Stories.tfitwlir^elight^iiftrwEeJssnpsmw-eks-. • --— Sa SPECIAL ARTIGL£S ' J w m JS-f bv Men and Women ^who -- 'vrnii!\'wnifaQtnoTli7.—~~ ^200 SHORT STORIES j£2S3SS^ writeraof , CalebIhvKte^tCopeCk^MUa»op&y—T^fBettjChOdten's Pag€—Th¥F9mi!y I rasa—The Boyt' i°ap«^T/ie > Girls' Fage-The Pocior s Corner ~ —7 sTJtm^-^&m^FOD/aL^^ OFFER No. 1 IvTfae Youth's C*i»p«niion.—- 52 issue» fof 192S - -SST-A-H-r-erm-arrn i n-s—W-e^kil->^ - j, Q24. iasue^ j-ja*^--^---^ -^ -— — —« - - 93 G-^)f>-nr»p^ev-r»li>-iv-l__-Jbtomie^Ctuj-J>d^r.l.jf,i:iiartfiiititl CaJUsxjdw^tS«t PI«,-?J»^_ All for $2:50 —©FFER-A- t. The Youth** Companion • 2. All Remnininc 192^ Issue* 3i. The 1S2B Gorhpanioii \!•; M. 4. McCnJjl'» Magazinn 91.00 1 ^ , All for $3*1)0 and- 1'emisylvaui».•hrewor.teff- 4-ho But- __ 44ms ^ riM ^^JiaSE^S^y^^^L „ , ... i.. ,.ii,.ni,,i tin.' lu kfeii the . .-.. ......... .j:„,„,_, f.i,,.,- hiii-tAr. io- ^gond; : ^h5g# :: ^tllotsmay -be improved for ye«fS '\—- .- ,' bv iate t ng _ 0 ut .tor:-cord«Qod„the..; ap Creamery, extra prints, ' ' ' - - -•> —-- 1 •«\» v-niimhis .^-eerts-^n ffie- ctt'y-TmrkS-ttost.summer. Three of every 10 \business fires -h \ New York r ci,ty are ut ihr«n4iar r y oxi ~rgiii; AJ8WanV-l ,, ir.e--e.lueJ-.Hai*-s-i*?il* — the i^ow -Ywte\'-.tarar4^MiiMl«-f-w*ft«Fa Ejuplayes of the lio«:liesteiv hock ^sriJU^jltr-T^ollt^--KAtbwiy com falu ; riug is atieniplliiB lu keep price up to S-ld^aJjuitlLeX >htk; pBmiKvlvallia clique is und-iiaellmg the choice, JOCrf lie; dahyr Jnncy buttery 38#40c. .* ..CHEESE NrY_; ^ate--whole railk - -eheese^ colo^e^nTaditii ti' _JPIftX?.. 21; 'ti 22c; tlaUie.. 21@22c; long horns^.22 ff 23c ; EGG-S -llenur,.* Mate. f$k; Tilpntf' f rour $5-to-4Ui~*-—barr«*£»*«.. . Site ol the new eie:wit.>i d-the rfa^liu.^JifiSan._ ^r-jll _ii!.»lf \^ ... __—Y-,:i~\-v - - c\'iTIJlilil v. i'.l t\' OH ' tiitm •- lu'iiiim \«\-• -v-.- ••--— the lnkf front O:MK>S.*'-' TTTT rtivi-tr^n ,- f^^^T^^ „,L„^ iH^^wterg^i^-^-aa. j ^anaflttaflfl- nf^ra.• ».iiiiuiui. ..i • . ,,. ,^^^ jamao. «^^^^ T*. V(rt ,3 *—-eHESasHHSah^iMit liwiw~Tpl2rffiT: Tfieht iiiade^j tne LeUigb-V tft.oj Jtin« Yoj . u _ ^#5Hc per lb. road company. Vlw-li soM the ««•• to - - ng-out tor-eoru\vwy>-.„<-\- . undersized, and les s valuable, the Canadian arm;-A i»l«u,ituu. 7 ixuahe! -plevator will be erfTrtfid -- -<—^~-, BEANJ-- Pfcii, dn. 1<H)'lbs ^56.00® -T^fi^^fa^atEU'ttacJiBiQ'llinvr--; rveij kid : . 3SH jltn^rg Jjuunm i-,^**^.^ ——^ ... iiany... have, heen granted an increase\ ia\. pay of 2 aeUtaianDiouT. enTtTThs~a two-year fight. _Thf» prT5\e gf Jtnilk at: HprBPH fean \jjoiiegone lip* t o 14 cents*\\ a\qUai- r t and\) lavavu. ».i. - u . -• .•.-.--.-. . rneya. $85(V-5l-9.nO-- while. -»11.80® TiilTniasralfuTtrrrmplotedUMf work4- nm r < :: -•.:.;; «f barv**tu£g-uae ul the larg.M.'po L1V E POl'I.TRY- -Fowls :i»J»fi_:..u-vorabJe weather, some ol; oroliers. SffWarrTihi dilate 6f;:trees AttrtTrovrng . lu ^ v ^.: I ablrones of gdoa'torm to f °w ^a add..m fesf value for Inmber ^Jr . der -«to«» eircttmstances,. the- owne-i unrmtier land-BUOUM kaow-Jnat JoJ 2«,y board feet .his woods conta^ , aniTSltoitlu- supervise all- WOLA-W ™ ^Rds^LcarJu^ihat^eve^^ cutting th^ woorTTnt^-nr-bg^teft-\ai , fetter ^^h^^^^^: _ , Budaet A *budget isan »rgani2ea .Thrift vome. By. apply »\£. » per lb.. it: oi Droiiers. :n\ w, <\<-» IUUOKIO, • <«» the tubers Mve growil to s «^ f 1 \^ggf^ POUXTRY -^OWIB- enorTirous-.Tsur' rtint »f .^^^^a^ufea:\! towla. meaiutn:\ 2S# ' ably- be tmsiittaWr for-anw^-'^^^^tt^fer~-l@ir ^2i^ET\ciil6e ui ll J *•\* *- c —„*»• • stock ou .moat farms, especially wnere ^^^ ^j^-g^ at^fic; docornfed, 28 cents a pint, an intfreasp. nf 1 cpnt » | ^,^^,,1 see ,i -vas planted, is smoptn ^^..^y. ygostgrs.- 2P§22CL_AUCM -»\ Thn orarnftv of fluid milk !B { an( j c i eiU1 ' and apparently free from ) o^gSc; ge »se. 2*ft 22-, ' \\ONitTNS- New York Btate yellow fei'tiwetb -iu---'ihc-'-''3eet-'.on gtobe. -fain. 1 v. il.Tii? \• \' irpetititng 4tj 4he mme kind of advaaa- -- *•- -'~»h t,ofr, r p \WOP\ -^-„ paAs^fZpattemtojcfa^b^ore^ -}&& :al'f n «\fifi*^ ~rxom-4tr-^y—-ttiM. v\'i ^— —^~ —. quarts The scarcity of fluid milk given as the-cause. for const p.urt ionJbt^alLJd.evxi.ie_rnant: in Uie town of Freedom, Cattaraugus cmrety. was granted by; • the-publlt scab and dry rot Totato 8-6«—ptr—*©0-4hr -41^o@l-50-peii4)U- I-,, ^V4 1 ae™mira.in^4ilteusaai » will! Mh. - young setter near Coldvvater. JuaopF Stegmeir of :M-trrarrl rpatl, r^W-water. _8b.otj'nd Ulbd a beaiiUTur rrd toy. 'irnHTiri Fern 1 .are nut -greatly • on ' ^ackT-Bfaeap^eiv ,..„^^-..„^- r —^ \e?ura*ed over th* potat6 ; olrtteok:T L BT TV&S,- Jhme -jwwnw 'fan/v, ^fg^ are sery lo^^^and JO^ljmiMj^^ 4aijur to good method\ \T^TJntaconie^tid^a5IhT3Ear: %13 madeto'yr^reEEelr ^ffiSSC^-Diaffl»;l jiailtiea tuay be foreseen and decisioil iiade-4n-advaace as tb what tempor- m£W§$@®£$$£k A Great Car \T you itatttfafty tfedtik in terms of tfee'EcatoJ \:~ -^-.iii'i, __ ^^^ ^r *u«. iii^lfi -nili^e-tn aa»«mvv »- -- -.- ^-^gr ary sacrifices are desirable in oraer -lag- fiountry iUi) naond TarKei, - -A,,)^. i^,.*v... -- •••ariiiliauu Tblai^ATESaiarurBSyrvfB'H' .f nivml --dmrar in a ravme. apf 3M hiislTeTs. tS tft? acrer-The-ex-h many .fannei- •per—bu CABBAGE 33.0H):g5.uiJ 100 jxuiauJi_J±>. els td tftr acrFr- J l j ae- ox- - *»y---. A.. prices arp fliscmfraRliigr*-.^^\;--^- ! in yoy CATJXn^MHVfeitl ; ' 'ffiSBW-TBfomir 3&g. part ot rfiTBfty.. w , a?t.1oiitt'i-UTati'-t— J .&is hsaii -Bipiri.-.nr. ~in.ci-^ ,^„ „. w _.. ;Lfam^-.$J^« l l^«:~_ FrulictyiK tlilf trdTfalO ^fta-ifeeofttT I CASK6TS=Ff*nM* eitv with a- populanair-pr-^ aeorgei'. iiiehl, ; t'ouutyt-^''g-JB^^j-i-—£lfeg^~ that the greatest fiml beneftts may a good guide-tJr-thrif-fey^ltong—^t- ;Hg ^ U V f ^^ u Sc^*S^a &8 ^ can make Bome*\^^ ^g :atrendin«--w.hifeh_jall^_e helsfnl. The juitual making of a nuo1gBf-th*u44-^BS iCHiai. mi\'\6 — .*-- .. .- - ..--/mm i„^ hv « survey of the urconira preceded-by a- fiurv-ty »> «f*,n n , possible, all TnemUeT blfulfl^3artich?.aM-A tt . not known whettier it was Mileule ui -^ltere—br-a •total saw-p; the assessed -vahiaiinu m uu ^fii^bSfSriiiembers. ofJhejreatJ^^OCr '—declared that with nr^ estate board, ^ppTr~c<vop 1 Tafii3ir' -TfTfii Imime, /—y<7fl(H^- 88 in . ._ tario enmity tins -ypa-r '«>*»r.. t923, ae cording to flguros eoiupiled—by^iu pervisors\ Clerk Kaiif S Warncviimt made public. • .« ^ Sergeant \Y J.- Ford o.' Troop u Otieida, . has bc;en transiem»«i ui ©harge\ W the Waterloo oputptxi o state troopers and in command ot pa tr-oh) in. tfeneca, Ontario, ta.iigy ano Wayne counties.. Buffalo city council, at a s^eau committee nieeting, passed ail Old; nance -requiriiif* vehlcl.-s api.roach.n^ ^ Main street from intersecting : tret, t , to conic to a full stop b\'i-r • on ti- the IboTouShfar.e.. •Enough Leer to gfVe '.-'tio.iin.) purvon: a drink will be destroyed by I' S Marshal Joseph Kritsc-h in' Roch' sif • an soon as iieriiiission is gvani'il b.- l-'(deral Judge Hazel. Members \of the Uupdee cha.nh'r o. commerce are t o act as newsiapei iiien spnie tin.y (luring the uHiir.ii o / Is'ovemter, \.h .11 i-hny, itfuiu, ei.arui with-the st.u.i of die V-ii;.'tg\t* j.apfii vill -isBiie a s; ecial num er The skcl. ton of ihe ivi;!..i fiiily clott- ed which was found in the •» nmls •» 1-Optune lei;.ell. 'enr N'o;th i'Mirv p.v. da two vve< H r-.j?0:- li'is been t-ui-ieii. e int.erv iio:d m' Aiartins ill» All e • - .ir .. ,-:) , v,ll v'.llO ti' 1 li »l J • :..; .- ...... U. : ™„i. .„ -PpPfelSKKS place'a-Moug the Uu^sLJir^±lfe-worhL , PARSLKY ^Hoine He added, however, that within its' r f>« tol btuditat-. .- ./ • present boimrrai'i^-tlie^ci^-uuuu^ '$1.5f>@1.75 oer t hb-pe to increase more than 100.000 ' ousE « .jnijtking 3SuaH£ the ~\€stfXlpbCU FwMEmlXf- - 1 r~ ~c riL^—Jin« »>oliii»<i tiilVt*\rit*ftn. CtSBXVi- m population. - 1 Sipg, Sfag officials announce that William H. Anderson, foj-mer super iutendent of the anti-Saloon _ league, had been permitted again to grow the conspicuous stubby mustache, ot which he was -shorn when he became a convict eight months ago. In pris- on the appearance of whiskers on an offender is regarded as a harbinger of an early release. Under the pris- on rules, all prisoners are shorn of whiskers \\hen 'hey are admitted. Bids for the construction of ap- proximately seven .miles of the Con fesus'Dansville road are being 'asked for by the^ state highway eommis- sioh. The road will connect the 1 pre** ent Lackawanna hill road at liana- ville. It will be constructed of ce- ment, 18 feet wide, this being one ol 'he first roads in fne^TtTtrnrty to be wilier than 16 loot, and the'estimated cost will be i42u.ti00. The state will pay 65 per cent m the c< bt and the county tin), .-lauiiic. When this mail is completer ii will -ro\lile a shorter route fioni' Ri.cli stir to Iians-.ille by -iuNoral niili-s, as well ar, adding to 1 he goo-l roads system in Living *o T i I .'.mti. • ' - ' 3o@\*0c Hctine grown, ?1.75# moboRS \^'iftftftrTbeeB^-^ PEPPERS 2.00 per bu* - POPCORN'—-(Cob), 3@4c pe? lb. POTATOES - Home grown, beat. .55@60c per bar. Jioxne' grown, JJalr- to good, \4O@50tc. . . . PUMPKIN—7B@> 85c. \ « SPINArH -- Home grown, 75c-@ *.00 per busht I. , • * SQUASH 1 ~Iub>ard, $1.. B0@2.00 per 100 lbs. TURNIPS—Velio v, 6O@70c per bu; white, 85<S$1.00 p«i 'bu. TOMATOES - Hothouse, $2.75® 3.00 per 10-lb baslcet, HONEY- Willie eomb,' No. 1, 23@ 25c; No. 2 20<fi)22c\i)er lb; dark, 16® 18c per lb. T r estc Y-our farm refleSi'ybutpeTsblraaityr go does your\ backyard. • \ \Hop \\ = rTnlfrB s \^B=^e^b©ugliLJot_ J2.50; strained backs may cost; a lot more.' j.Unlesaj-you like their company, it •is poor business to Keep unprofitable cows and hen, as winter boarders. Men are taught virtue and, a lorn of independence by.Irving \in the countr*. Menander.- , Growing better prodiicts at less cost is better than growing more products at any cost. 1 The chrls-tmas gift purchased early is usually the one which has in it the most of tbfe giver. the souiidoess of Chandler values establish^. Tb*+ the Traitic Ti^msmMSion made'it haputaibl (rJBSPgkt LJfc.J ^g-^y\ F - IU.II^I 11, r ••• T,„ M >-.H.,„«. I 1 .1- 1. • . —,.—-—- ••mm r, • Peak Motor, the sm^es^^^^^^f^\ mSy Chandlersfarpast the 100,000mile mark . Genuine »uper-«*« balloon tkes ^ ^\^'S^'ASL onaSStfifl^o^- 8 - Four-wheel brale. ate optional-* a SS«eve^pa«eliger a?dan,,fco.b. acveland. East Btiffa'o Livestock Market CATTLE-Ship ping, steets, $9.00® 10.50; butcher steers, $7.@9.25; heifers. $5.onii S.OfO; choice velals,. '$12\00''d > 'l'2.5i>-.:. fair to good, $10^00® 11 25- cull ealvew. 46.00®9.50. SHEEP &' LA31-DS—Choice spring lambs, $i3no'nl3 7r,; culls to fair,, $8.00^12.00; mixed sheep, $6.50® 1 7.25. \ ' HOGS— (tooil weiRht yorkers, $10.0 iftlO.eO; liglit yorlierS. • $8.75@9<25; I pigs. $R.25'&R.50; niixed grades, S10.' 1 5a'lrt.i > 'f»; heavies, ? 10.60@10.75 . I The- people who feel like' coiiquer- the world are the__ people wbto {keep^ciean^Bside apd out - ~~.~^ — ^^ : ___ ( ^— A mother once asked a clergyman when she should begin the education of her child, which she told him was ihen. four years old. \Madara vat I the reply, \you have lost three years already. From the very first sm}le that gleams over an infant': cheek, your Opportunity begins.\- \'\hately. *\ F. Ci King Street THS-CBANDLBE MOTOa 0>«.COMP*MT 1925 MODEL BrocKport, N. Y. JV . V %

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