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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, November 13, 1924, Image 1

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m m p i '\ A w&$%®&®%^- -/•;• ~&4afcaw**ew «*™ 'The tweetaeM of low price* never equal* thei In* ternew of poor (pmlity.\ VOL. LXVIV #'-- niiiiiiUti iniKtM^w M,'-,.,,. . Did >ou ever stop to WStC thai without \big there is no, small mbatp/dtm. -____: -.jNN ^ BROCKPORT, Hmji^^^mtmAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1924 N0 r 7 «:;i •X41 WMM* HIGH SCHOOL HAS INTOXICATED MAI* MEAM INTO^IMCH A torn screen, a broken window and the finding ctf-a-EaanV-eoat, and capon > '™t!£±j! eM ** D L0DGE °™*S AS Residents of Victor and, vicinity were horified .Saturday morning, to TENfrtECfPTION TO MROftp And Oae HiHi4r«iI-.*iii4i^^ mmm WGre RecentlV Elected Associate GranA M*trn n «f fk. P^A^M _ - ..-, .- ., t T»r g - ^i Uf-li ft chen Sunday morning raisttrt ntiwh in.' .l\ ;.- h '^ \£_-_• - ibum^ to feath, and .thrae' others stit^\~^\ - MgglgWflSSOCiaie <J r aiiq Matron Qt the ixraildJ~5g Above Passing Mark?*-!ne^Senior Class Will rreienl guiry..a&.tow^^—ttrW. Q_ irir~Pri\tfnfrrn S^m^l riftt nLnitJi, -^1 \•-••- — - :: _ . : ;^i^ *«vm . dvw aM0 r^ri^ri^rF .'-v-^-ir— \ ^^^- - Tdeitrbyed \ farm home of Pe'rrv B,:\ rT-^^^ u., a-* w^uicu avycrdl Xlin.S'-\ingmLSXlK$-— i^f I'Aatdtt feom .•..evicteiH'e of smtifl hna <f Seventeen^\ J)ecembef 12-^Fyeihmeir-attcl ^Sopho^tprcwiing.about m the dark, nothing; iwas destroyed nor diatmr^ed, and ap-' i parently nothing had ibeen^ Jaken. It! -- _-— I was at first supposed some one was i °1 . looking for a safe placejto. sleep, but' | investigation? proved it- to be the act mores Dance—Other School Happenings. -Last Friday report cards were\ issued to. members of the High :Sehool. Di. and attendance records €or the- •month of-October. 167 had perfect attendance since the opening of schtopl. -The fol- lowing forty-one were on the honor roll of scholarship with standings - as Indicated: Florence Khapp, 93; Stan- ley Smith, 92.33; Josephine Schildt, 91.80; -Merritt 'Cleveland, 90,80; Isabel O'Brien, 90.50; Louise N-ellisy 90; Lola; Slheetz, 9ft; Helen Suc'cop, 90; •George Jtf.„Sm|t?»'.-- 8 ^50; .Olga Succop, 89.40; ™Enos™ifBenedlc^89A4T*Bernicer-Sheeter; 89.14; Dorothy \White 8S.50; Margaret Harmon, $&2$i E&aaJieHaracli. 8UQ; Rose Shell, 87783; •Clyde Brown, 87,80; Elmer Lawson, 87.40; Elbert \Ohilds &7.40; Almeda. Redman, S7.33; 'Maude fBerridge, 87:25 -Ellen 'iDavis, 87.20; Qarol Swarfz, 87; Heles•..(Jplle-r,-- 87; Winifred Lee, 86.66; Pauline Petrie s 86.66; Elmer Porter; 8S.0O; Douglas Weoster, 86.50; Pearl N«wton, 86.40; Marie Homuth, 86.^; Philip D'Ago's- tino, 86,20; Ma-rjorie W&odington, §6; Ldffian. \Webb 86; Adeline Bembeck,. ..85.83; —Eugene— .Stall, -85.754- -Ituth- GHeich, 85.60; Ora Cooper, 85.60; Doris ' Carney,\ - 85:50*f~ \Berhice\ KJaroy ,~857507 Clara Rtrpe-rc, SS.25; lMEer Stanford, -$•§=20=- r . —- -|n the HSgit School department, 17-&} had eyery subject above., the passing .ja&rj^gss;. 6? -had one :saMe_ot feelQ.wj: -aa^tad-two-suMects^belaiy-; 3 had Ihrpfi HISTORY Items of Interett Mentioned .In The I of one lackiqg reJaBgnaibflEy- The.cap Land coat iwere traced tevEmory Mas- ters of Clarkson, who claflned them as his (property, 'but he could give no ac Tdestroyed the fjarm home of JPefty B^: ^ -^ ek_ ye /•*• 'Aldridige.' ! Phe children, who perishea SseruTces In the Struggle for Cvr*-y && winotta Aldfia«era^^B'an«3^ ilization—Indian Trails Crossed t Enos Aldridge, 'aged 11: A little gMl at Clariuon, and Ridge Road Vacate who_ had' been an oyern^ht' » -*•'« ii« -i? E- i ^Jiuest^and _the, pareatsof .the Yiotims JP^camemnt Highway Eastanfff^g,^^^^^,^^:^^^^^ West. z~ \ - L ^_~~___ '- jlieved. to nave, been caused *by tii«; Present Included Grand Matron, Grand Secretary ^t Others—Sockd Eveat of the Season. Below we ^fye'an historical Sketch prepared by iMiaa Helen Hastings re- garding the D. A. iR. Monument erected Republic Fifty Years Ago To-Day Died in Brockport, Williani Hatch, aged 42 years. Mrs. Mary Allen seUs'a' house and lot on Adams street to John Allen. __, Dr. Charles Clark, moves his. dentist office to the National Bank Building.^ WilJiain Thompsoh breaks his arm while picking apples at the Udell farm, ..._.„ when-th-e ladder which he is using U ' pon -»*»»»*Jo-:.sfltae fh* ^ffl^^haT ifflh TS>r yestrs In a field on a count of how or wrhy they should havei at ciarksoaandi the reasons .therefor.\ been found' in the church Kitchen. IMiss~Hastm,g8-say«K~- i - When brought into police court and )• Tlie i ate ;MlgB Cpi em an, whose dearth faced with t»e evidence, he .admitted fig gac^ a los^to ffie conamunity, had a he had been intoxicatecl, hut could not happy inspiraitibh when she eonceived remember l)io action during the night, j^ i4ea 0t U8ln g thereat stone\which Ihiaze from-an oilstove. \/Mrs. Albert Rowley received word •Marion Bowerman, the l^-year.ohi^ flrst Qlt th , e w6ek of the deat ^ ol child who was burned in the_Victor r her only gon^MarshalLRoy-Slee, wiich. flre, is the granddaughter of E. P.'occurred November 1st, in Denver, Col. Goffe,:of-JJplley street. She Ja ^^ crf ^aWrtronble-1&ltowmgan,WeT^^^^ daughter .of Mrs. William Bowermian, for ap ,pendicitis formerly Miss-^lay «offe, of this -vffl-; ^ Slee was'bon, at^KeWall Mills The child is now in a critical !n 1SS4 and r&amd there and in Roch- falls. ; he\ was\'HdiiSSh;Wge*a.\ Fciarkson farm; tor.» monument at .the «F0ss-*oads- 4o ^commemorate various Tvwenty-Flye Years Ago aev.W. B. MoOallum .preaches his 1 farewell sermon at the Presbyterian church at iMortonT • • j \ Married in .Holley, iHehry Merchant SEVEN HCnWESFNHOLLEYP!!^ --^—[--Some of our early isettlers in this The 'Sunday collection of the Pre>>- of -Morton and Miss Anna Murphy of ibytenarTChu^ch^riroMey, estimated Hartford. Conn.;.in 'Brockport, Miss; at between^ 100 and $150, was taken ENTERED SAME NIGHT ! we * t6Fn partof^'eeuwtj had been soldiers—in the War of Independence and- many more of them were either the Tuberculosis and Public Health As sociatjon of Rochester and Monroo,| the lute Aaron J. Arnold, occurred. related to soldiers of.the Revolution i or had come from localities within the Mary Gumaer of Port Jervis and I^ed's un 7 a 7 nlghTw^^ of lts c™^ 9 - The courage andJT6un.ty.w»r.put^n 3 driveJor_?75-0Q^ Moiiijay morning at the fanitlxhomeln: Caswell of Brockport: : [m that plaee gained entrance to thej^ff 9 ^ 68 °5 tKe^.TPWeera Tn^errp^ginning the day^after Thanksgiving..^\^^/^^J^JJ^^^ Minot & Decker put a new front in ihome o£ Harry S. ©Mdden-and robbed a j theit hardware store. . „ \ small-safe. Six other homes werealso\; The Gulf Milling Co. open a who!e- entered the same evening. the'sa^B' USl difficult task of subduing the wilder^ [J. ness. surely, •d'eserve some tribute from ^mmjARK -SLEt, lage. condition at the •Ganandaigua Hospital. Brockport friends hope for her speedy Tecoveryr\——^~-—r—-*—~ -. — esiter until two years. ago when he .want to 1'alorado.......-rmrfog. The reception held at the Basterii3\ i4a^=ev*Hiin^rrtiQnof bl th^-ele oT~Mrs. Frances Hftch7 co%k—Shay^ -to- -fcb^-^ffrce .TJf A^ Graiid Matron of the Order of Eastern ^tar-rot the State of New York, brought '. forth .a..'briUiant-assemlblage of Basterji Star and Masonic notables- fromr : ai&- faTTHrfrit&~oT the Staler as~welT as a • large* representation from the neigh- . borinig chapters, ofi 'Monroe District, - LOCAL MEMBERS m COUNTY HEALTH COM. war he served in the signal corps, Mr. -Sloe was a member of Vqnaondto Jta-^_ \sonic lxidgei Roeheatfir .'ConJsistoryy-S, f- —J P. It, S., and Ancient Accepted Scotish ;• [ Rites Masons. Interment at Denver, The County Health. Committee. ot 1: ARNOLD f>i th he deitt-h of-Mary-ErArnoiltl, widow hr' sale an(hfeFamour andTfeed^to're iarrnethod being used in each case, either ; A? tor the location-of the monument, -the_Peas^...bi.QQk .._... by opening cellar - windows' or 'prying j H ' is glngolflflTrr^trehoy-Pn:. ror it Fifteen Years Ago 4)pet^lUei r w~Uidu W s. The homes \visiT-1 marks-Hie-cros^iug of w h^Hways .ed_ were, those Of HRrry fi. £ aiddfin ^ i which were used, either the one or The new state'rbad which separates ]^r. s . Fred Slidden. Carl Unterborn.| the ottl€r ' - y nea Hy ^11 the early set-. the counties or Monroe and Orleans, f-pred Bates, Frankr S: EJcTwards, Chas\! j tlers wll6n -*h«y came as-pi^Hjeer*^ known as County One is completed. ' Wilson and Wvin Keisey. A diamond| SUs region.\ , ^ If they came in froni the -Je^rr^hinr^^ subjects below; one had four subjects below and onehad -fivesubjects 'below. This -week, l^veiptief ~~10\15>'\ in3>*| jternatipnal Book Week. It is observed by the Normal School. Scraatoffi'* have sent up' a very flue trErr^aeMbjt T^ books -fmroimixm jotattl\ ages. These are on~«xh£bttiori in the Otbra-fy anil the 1 pu-blioi is hrvifeeif to jcall_during\ the week andLinsflecl the books. These books may be jiirc-hased if desired and_ the.; advic« \pf_: tb;e_:Lir.. brarian is available in tlie selection. The Librarian Miss Elizabeth H. Sher- ley, will gi^e a .talk, on Iwoks in .the |—-n?S0Tnj.nTrTte!^ the 1)e lBs^gohool-at-l!ndustr,yr-». English~ classes on use of the -Bno5 Ikee\ of\ Torktowjr^iHfeigl The Senior Class will present as the ^Annual SenTor .^iay~ofiT5ecejnber 1?» ZBootii\ -1 ar,:T,i.i^^Oji:s.-,Sev.ejti_i.u__.t.his.] is a most delightfu* four act .\omed^ \'dealing with the age wnenu as WHUamt] Fe;aft Fedejc&tionZal .^d.vanusJBayer'*mother ^ys^-ofrWni -^Heis-too-young to-be a«ianr and too -ol«li to-be-\st : cM14r'\ Tarlsington Mm- _self_says, ^'Seventeen is not an age bui a disease*\ Tho cast, of fourteen * characters ^is*^ being * selected-and- will- be announced later. The Freshmen and .Son^hmores\ and -th-t^r-frreiitfa- -spenh-ar-^eifehirirl~~gvenf; ing, November 7, when thny had a masquerade dance. Some *>f the COE- tu-iu#ij »erfe.vefy-cr&yefly gt^f ?leka|- r ScTults; \\'.'pfe-senool «reggs, a hancrbagra^Iv^f^fW\ Kes ^ nteW, ^ to ™^^Smrth^th^dldrcn-an^-Ch^elabolit^^ ------ dustry, the extension of Health educa- tion, from every angleaittidr^anciose-co' operation with all other agencies work- ing for the -public welfare; \Both fro. Fred A. Smith of this village is ap-. and . a . quantity of change are the! were sure t° bave -^^ t* 11 J ' ake R »ad. Minted instructor of baking . at me : articles—reported—^missing from—the-l—Sfe -«. B »» ^ used to-the- Bidge State Agricultural and Industrial j various homes.\ A.s yet no 4 clue has 'j 1 * 0110 that w « «« Ukelyto forget what ' '.e. thoroughfetTe It is;- it i s Died in Detroit, iMich,, Barry \M Handy, fomwriy of Brockpont«. - -, - J,- Married:-in-EEamlinr NoTamnr\LetteT: \Tbeen .obtainedT THE-GARBEN CUUB- ittrsr i tjwsi ^xstwsi^sterrwea&aest 'more than histor-ies it-Is prehistoric.|«ram and-ibudget-have 'beenr-oaTefnSy; '\\ ----- |conBldeTed and are endorsed-by r ihe .-..Forima ions-bef'jro the \pale jfaces\ -saw- -thi» -natural hlg^hiray^nrfBoaTd-of \DiTgictors affiofig whom are and \Misa 3iargexy. GnyetC . 1 of the'&oohestef Garden, 7 Club, gave a The new bowling'alley in w the Pease^most interestiftg address at the Mon- ;Block is compb3tetl. ;; ::/ ._\ .._ ' \'\:. day!, afternoon...hieeting_of_.the iocal. Ieamed-of-Its^existence, it-'was one of the red man's main routes to the west, and\ f 'rnde~cut3iTia<;ke(i in the bark of A Collins' wireless telephone-is pn;Cittb heid atihehonre of^frs: ^jffordi'arge.'ferees aktmj th? fraiL rspJttaaiiL-iDiv Charles •§; eraig,:>Mrs.~ Nicholas exhtbitat \lhe-Benedi£t block. r Morgan\ BUREAU OPPOSES FURTHER ~iing Indians in\variouFatfitudes bears, = j and other forms ,to suit their crude -'fancies, were to be seen many years ™.'__-„.-4^te^£h^_Jrlhig^ i'TheJndians who frequented, 'this re. JWemchesr%r_.CbTunty,_.w.as!. -ra-elecledl president of the New York State Bu- fi-Tannual-nnse^t ing held in Syracus-e on November 6 and 7th.\\\\\ \\T rT : ' .tS^Eoad^jcoji^strjurtion 1 ; opposing the Child Labor law'amendment providing federal Regulation of child labor; re- fflBtl thai, a special license\may .granted atfer proper, road-test to per- [Iroquois tribes but most probably they i werfrSeneeas.--- —— • • sons over 15 yearns to drive to and,' from school. In-the early days tlrpre~was~anotler ; Indian •'trail \\running north and south From the site of LreRoy. first settled in> TTIB Jario! corii- 4 The rural school 'situa^a'wao rb~jff^«^k> Ontai-Io ferred to jn .a long-region decIaring4S _^ t that-there should-be a larger uttit 0 f:° ottlcr ' a -- ha ^. A *v^l ^Vtfnuuah d>« -Tfesolutions-were -passed^ opposin^ amlnTstratroi : aia \taxation'and \\- ftorest which followPd; in a general ani further state or coTiTOy\ bond \ issuel|incr^e-of^ „ . , , j, ^ . . i. ,, . \„ l to t-he-feike, -only it was srratebter and tion. of school disJtnGts shall occur,\* ., i\ \ , , „., „ ^ ,\ D ««o, ti,o, r.«„r.i„iu^ »^^„^f „'„ * i where it crossed the Rulgce Hoad a log says' the resolution, except on ma- and lasting until Christmas. A\ quota ^^L shp wa a 80 years \of age. Forj has boon assigned to each township\ m<in >'- J*\rs decfeasi-d resided on-the r nnd a local committee win raise one- \RMe* Rmtd 'n!2«UJfe intersection .o^._. half of the money by--a personal ap- peal campaign ^ the resj. will be-raised hy the usual sale of Christmas seals by mail. _ _.__ The program, for which this sum is itttnled includes nutrition classes for malnourished school children; health wra-mtir |-Abho Erh-eM<*Ppw^^arklso\h; -Dr. M. O: Houghton, -Miss Ethel Martin, Ham- iiiii~\;Mrs.. Joseph Humphrey,-Ogden;, Lee, Parma; Mrs. \Lewis Udell, Alfred Thompson, Swedon. Dr. .the Adams-Basin, road, and the Arjiold,- [family and -Amo.ld...-farm9„are. wefl. known nmonK thn residents of this; \\ Mrs.\ Frances Hitchcock Shay S^'TrJi ^ • movp i^^ ,on '; Mary Jan, Holnres Chapter spared l ? „ .^* • ' bmm ^ inferred one\ of their members Mrs. Arnold Is survived by, .two sons, in electtog her to the se^noSest ' IT. TI .%, •^™ rtr ^^ r « tl F^^ m ^w?tmlsQ room—was -tRrnsferred».Tnto a rin. The funeral this afternoonr from her tato home at ifl&ven great-gTandchlld-iwith the* importance^ and - «Hf nitV of ~\ >ral services will irierheld! the occasion. - -. ^ ,, , . . , , . .. -„ , ,. The newJy elected Associate Grand field cemetery^ _..__ - -- -} ^jSitnuawwMif Mary JaneHolme» , fChapte£--~antt- preseHrar CARD QF-THANK^ .,..„__. .We wish to express our sincere; ymoLnigp by. to the as- 'astGnind: Lottie Smiths thanks and. appreciation-to our man> IJlepresentative, Mrs. Criends-and-nelgbbors, : for their manyajvirs. .Shaf addressed the meeting ii» *UTO^Ga»EMTSisBLO0D acts of kindneBSi\t!»Iboaiitifirf floral>•„ „ . » „^-,-- -.-. .. tokens-\and-^so-for the-uro of ^ u to*--!- twms ~- <l£ -^ ,ll: * cIatiQI, ~ aM - general la- mobiles during our recent great sor- terest » after which she was presented row. Sylvester J. O'Brien and family.; with, gifts from her associates;'- -Mm \%Qra~Smith/Aasoclatfr Matron of_^ar£_ \3anT r ffcliiieiS . ^CM'pter—presented -a- M ^wmm FHEELX-IN- offi m imu ^ e locai chaptw: ^- B G ^ pre - A Chevrolet automobile wrappeu itself around the big Western Utilities Service pole just north nf the N.tvw York<^tral freighrbxroBe intheearly hours of Sunday attdT\ the fepSrted driver, Foye Mohaghan, and two woni- en companions, as is. allegedi. t es.capMj.Btord jority vote of the qualified voters in ]^U^thigjaal.Ub^ JU[guw-axJa^ ^e-s^^ sht^ha-^ifford-and §tuth \Vaughn -_bjeJng^xnoji£ iAe hesL . !Ebie party, was Jhaperpnetl _ by Miss.. Sinamondg..and Mr. and'^tlTS. 'Beaffian wene the guests : -M, ^^ r ,.thfe.,.studiiala.....Eherj^ne„.-^cinh t: -to- ?^ree-thattlre\Fresinntjis parties are: ,, _^__ - , ii ._ favorable ts regards the condition ... fe.! 1 ^! ^^l^^m-^mmm^ mms : Jehmaisr-:pminai-a=MiT jce^aber* LEOIOH BOYS MEET The regalar HaiwcTi^iT-spiS'twiJuaii Post was Chnrirmari yesmiber meeting oj „ . , -..---,-. , M 55 yS ^ 9pital i!the..jnam .street of LJrockpokl-BUt- Rochester 4he last of tfee week were'« „,_ i -.-, -: . . .^ held t *^, ruT7 \ ,j .i. ^ .f. ;: Brockport did not-eomtMnto-epriBtonee Monday evening, the 10th. thebest means of social enjoyment for ^tt^babStty^^l^ge^n^ the younger members of thi hiskfc^\ 1 ?* ^1^ ' be ^ k ^, M^*n4alMk\KaT^ t»« which will be sow-time ig-p B 4^^- :Q »\ m ^ - ™s Appointod -chair-J —J On,Friday. November 7, -meiriberBnif | the obmmitteo\ on Teacher Training - Institutions of the New York State _ Teachers -Association visited^ the sohooli. The Committee Mcludes Dr. C. iSdward Jones, Superintendent of Schools, Albany, \New York; and Dr. J, C. Park, State iNormal School, Os- wego, New York. The school $ill be closed on Friday, November 14, to permit th« faculty to attend the meeting o -fthe State Teach- ers Association at Rochester. =S?S±^ima£=5e3i&^*5»iaF^^ which will be held at the J^ormal iuSS^Frf CARD OF THANKS We wish to expresB 'otar sincere thattka and appreciation to our friends , and, neighbors for their' nuany acts of kindness, the floral tokens *nd for the use*-tot 'automobiles during our re-cent bereavement: Fred Jacobs, Mrs. John Spke, WiUiam Jacobs, Jofcn\Jke6-bs. - . —*- . - • %</•••>•- ••* - AYTEWTIO'Nr DO YOU. want attractive and Inexpensive Christ* ma» gifts;? Then, we cordMally invite you to our (Bazaar at the. Presbyterian Chnrtih on Thursday^ •Deis! 4thi. Aprons, Lingerie, Fancy Articles, Plants, Bat ed goods and fugs will be Cor sale. A Chinese Toy Sympliony orchestra and ( other^musical novelties wild be enjey- *4 -both afternoon and evening: Re- fi*e*l*mehts will be served.- 11:2(7 iing,-Deer-19th, Officers for 192S .were nominated and will -be elected at the December meet-; ing.' \ ° • , Mr. Knot! of Doud Post, Rochester, spoke about the Legion ILmnch Club and invited' the Harsch-'Crisp-Seamah Post to the. lunch Saturday, Nov. 22 as guests t>t honori County Chairman Fred. &tr,eet gave a, line talk on Legion; affairs and their place in the com- munity. ' s tavern was soon built. This log tavern i was the beginning of rijsrfeson Corners, _ -—-Tho-ngn\there \waa^hofirpr \\cJbJn\ fiea^ iNnjRFh nvrrwiiimr ^Ti by on the Ridse .^ hich was buiifsom^ lINJUKt-U KtAAJVfcKlWC ^;what earlier. This was all in about with a severe shaking,up and some \ bBiPefit* and-br-tftse». The pole broke | off near the top, but the arms held the power wires from falling, and the \W. ;:N f .;Yr;I-!ti11t4e8-C!Qmpanjt4irnniptly-pst pn \splints'' early in the morning. The radiator, fender, windshield, and enfirf front of thp p«r wprp wroi-ifaA. Reports from St. . ~ ~ t«o^BTHl r tnis'road frnnr t^eRoyis mr#t- on a ~Th„ „^^i„^ ?-,—-—\ . ^ jital. i^_ _-_-v.. . . ,_ . - „, iand^the machine was later craned, io iff~hlstory that tnerp was an Indian ^f^4mu£ffl|S?ag : e- : ?op—repa Two•^^^\moblleB. •cotl.ijd.gd -Monday afternoon oh North^Main street^ near r^rr trte gtte.^f. gr™:MaiO,ultbgi^ w^IIBg7-of-lC4nScWna7her T c^^ Hon Collar high^lsrocl^rt-^ _ \sehted'it cry9tal_sahnl dtah in behalf ^?»:-\...\\~'\rrT-. .^ ._.\.. - . ;of ; ..the7pt«senF^ officersfil'iss Leah beaded north; and Mr. Kelly.-was drlv-TSo ve il presented a crock .ofzPlftnta in. Ing his WHIys-Knlght souih,. As \Mr behalf of the Frances Shay' <jlub;. station he signalled to thosei^fom t^e^ftin in belralt of the Past.Mafronsi of:_:. - rear that h»\ was goTng to Turn left,\but ] ^ry jane \HolmesIChapte¥lSo* MfiS\ ~~ --•-•- ..... . TT_1 .T^„*«_,^^*^:.l- L. __.-.. , »- *•' - * r>aid :m -isea.:tQ: ntotorists..coming, to--. Helen..jatlk;ei*son-_,pr.esented-.a-sn.ver- him... and as a : remitt smashed \aml^rystai water jug pi behalf of the— broadside Into the.X)ebJbeek_£An. Both. Grand QUxcers.—The Grand officers. cars- wxiru rnjured. but the\ occupants w<}1 *® all presented- witk'ndwers\\\BY** escaped. The Bauch service crane Mrs - Lottie Smith. took the Oehlbeck car t o •Clark-son*, and The guests received witb tosors ia^ t&e Will3^^ni ) ghfc..w^^tetoa^-faite.---tlie^the^-EtB%^^ Brockport Service station fox repairs.. Matron, Mrs, Rose Shearers of Brook- _ -—- —^^ lyn; Grand Secretary, Mrs, Anna. M... •fiBaaifeJaaaWiigft of-^vinan RtTPPt,jp oad| jti&vw Yuik t ffiiiu. watt-mtuwa-.- had an argument with a telephone pole paaled by Mr Pond : _*___ GrhncljMafc- secona *esi._ Accoramg._t^_repflr.tl L 6 (te6 ^ M :r S ..jw l Mred ?veEson-Asj|JW.. teoopers - *wn# -him- - in Mr- - car/ anfSSana^ainjn. Elmer Bottsford, of - m&m^^xevyZm)icii ilie worsA-^^-rnmm^^, Past tiTanos'^trog^OrxIn.^\\\\^^ tne towh.onjreeee!. JusT what the re- ^f Monroe_Dtefact 1 _Pfr,JBa& H- reaicTence, by another automobtlist. affft wa«-tb du'twt route- to th^; j -Mis^fennings W^red^r^njurM^g^^T^^^l^ .. ^ ^ , right knee and was- badly bruised ^f™*™*^*** hnpre-ved^or-ther ilNj^lctr^ posts- ^were-we-a^rr unable- to \Trporr ^|f^ p^^ Distrkt' DepUty^reTljM^ accurately. -—-- M. Gray, -of - Roehester;- Bast grand fatfoft; ir. >MeTrrani. oT^Rochester; CH^GAr-WONGEftFtJVWORK -ftfght shocked. itransportation of war supplies to Lew-} iiAfH iimniT a.nifttH.^.'\ ^^?^'«wwtlw men or ptgtriet Deputy Grand Itfaate'r oLflfflst nULU APraTOAL QANyUL 1 |caeir tam.Hies.tine Kea.Cross spent dur-' Monroe-District, of<Brockport; Present INVESTMENTS First Mortgage Bonds, S. *W. Straus & COi „ 6%; 42 yeara without loss to any investor. Arthur Tooley, Agt. r State Bank of'Commerce Bldg. PSione i28:W, 4:im _ ~—4 • ; ,1..- ,.-. *• WHEAT CAKES SUPPER The usiial. harvest supper of jjihe Presbyterian church will be a wheat cake supper th,i» year. It will be ©a Friday; November 2ist (from 5 ^o_7 fo'clock. Tickets-will be 50c and'Atey be hought' a,t <fomimunity Oehter. Menu: W%eat cakes-, syrup, sausage, creamed potatoes, celery,, pickles, pie cheese,' cotEee. The wheat cakes will sentatives of the Tilisbury Flour Com pany- ' . .' 11:20 iurres-to-ner^e^S^e^l^^\^\' 1 ^^ Tuesd'ayW\next\ Week is scheduled ^l^rrZ^tJT iS t^wi 00 ™^ was the 1 * rgest S6ttlelH « nt as one of the big days*™ the calendar possible frctured wxist. -The motorist „!-,_-, *£.„ ^„+„ »«^ +1,^ i,„if-n,«„ «i„„„ .„ „ • _^„^ 1^ ,A„,W^ t-h^ ^* +Wta W,„J \„„d aiong the route and the half-way place of Gore Encampment. T. 0. O.F. when who forced tnem off tne road, and !.(„„.- n«^->«j„? m , n *-h^ r*~^ n ~Ai„„ ,, , -, , , „ m w n ,„ 00 „Ai„-, a ^ f.-rf T,J D „,L.-KA» between Canandaigua, the forwarding the annual banquet and general! get- rilii^ S ^ Ur ^ ,haSn ° tb ^ ap 'rbemme a stopping place for aU travel- sp ,4 ndid i i9t of speakers* has been prenenqea. .^ - l erg ' ftnd tiwps were drll ied here. The rpaimy days of .Clarkson bad begun! After the war was over this region developed rapidly. A bridge was built across the Genesee River at Rochester. There had alreadylbeen a bridge built at Avon but this later one called people's attention to the improved con- dition of the JUdge Road, and much of the tide of western travel turned from Avon and the road to Buffalo, giving the preference, to our more northerly route. In *he year 1816 a stage route from ' Canandaigua to Lewiston via. Roch- i N/ffif>B ^ ester was established, and this in a Henry MAsseyisp.repared'to do your CwthttteH on Hy <<Wr. • CLEVELAND Jt SONS COMPANY AWARDED $350,000 CONTRACT . Cleveland & Sons Company are the successful bidders on the Diansville- Conesus constxuotion contract which was awarded last week, The contract is .a <$350»<>bo Job, amd calls for seven miles of concrete road, eighteen feet in width.\ They will begin operations as soon as weather condiitlons permit in the spring. T\heir .present road contract in the vicinity of Ithaca is about completed. »-# kodak developing and printing, and so licits your patronjage. Leave •your DON'T FORGET be under tb* suipervisiori.of a repre-J orders at the Massey home^ Maxoh-St. that butcher knife you need this = M f«+i™ D ** *w T » 1 ,_-u.. i ... ™— «-^- ^Satisfaction guaranteed and price rea- Thanksgiving. Cook & King Co. have seiiable. ' * il:13tf|tl{em. 11:20 ;\ secured, including Past Grand Patri- arch, James LeSeur of Batavia'; iDoctor LeSeur of Batavia; Past Grand Patri- arch, Frank MalJison of Medina; Mr. DeTine of Lockport; Mr, Pierce and Mrs. Ketchmire of iRochester; .George Williamson of the local Order and a nuraiber of others, prominent in the work of the Odd Fellows will toe heard. Walter Oakley will preside as toast- master. \ ' • , • John-Whittle is chairman of the genef'al committee, Norman Wessell of decorationa, and J. iNorthrup of din- ing room. A musical program has been arranged under the supervision of Edw^^jtprh, Anevenihg of unusual pleasure and interest is assured, and -Camp members are urged to make a special -effort to be there. la#-Hie-<pa«fr year ?3,735,^S, and a (Right; \WorsMpfuI DrsTsrict, Deiraty' 6. m-onthly average of 58.767-• disabled rMoaroe District, Mrs. Malcco, rif,.Pltts« m«n or their families was regularly' IQYA ; Present AssistantJGrand'Lectur- Served. Of this sum $.2,044,110 was, er 0 f Monroe District, Frank Stuts- apent by the national organization bury; Past Grand Marshall,- Mrs. Mae*' from its general ;fund, $2,000,000' byjMinimun, of Buffalo, and Associate chapter committee from, local, funds.; Grand Marshall,' 'Miss Ann,. Wright, Of the current budget of the Red of Webster\. The assemblage of bver'- Cross 37% is devoted to the special three' himdred-TJeople included many needs of disabled veterans. other past'Grand and District officers In Brockport last year 5&0 people a nd present matrons and patrons. became members of the Red Crosi,. There„were large delegations from the This Was an increase over the year .bu- chapters at Holley, Medina, Church- fc«re, and' the local conamiittee hope^ v ille, Hilton, Charlotte and other for further increase. Herbert Hoovoi^^ j neighboring towns. states that the logical membership of inspiring talks - were made by the 1 the Red Cross is 10,000,000. The pre- G-rand officers, and. the'evening's pro- ?6ent membership is 3,400,000. Join gf m included voca;i music by Har6ld now- , iConkling and instrumental by Paul •Miller.' How Abrjuta-Newirtlsl? - Befroshments were-^se#rec%- roaster T*.^«£SB& t^^*^™*^*^* Lbok at them in Cook & King's store, freshment committee and Mrs. Guelph, .11:20jchairni^n of the decorations commlt- '• \~~—: • ,•: .-: _ f .. tee. THE GOLDEN RULE CIRCLE j The <ir&m 0fficers were the gu«ta IwlllholditsannualsupperattheCom- , of 'Associate Grand Matron, France* munity House at Sweden Center, Fri- _ y ,. . . ~ x . . ^ .*. day evening, Nov, 21 at 6:30, All are • Hitchcock Shay, at her home, at tiie cordially invited. , |Conclusioh of the cereinontol. ' <r \ '. \ ^--- * r* i r^^, ' ' ' . i- w-- ••..•.••r*;i:^: 1

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