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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, October 16, 1924, Image 2

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- wgmi^r^^ft^-jtwi^^^a;--^^. tt->h. J.A. a .r..,-,.. ^>^ ^ fftf' 'imsm&iiiuSiimkxL:: . «w<: two TM€ REeyaw^JHio^^ ilfefci: hiniislyj-as. -~-Paragraphs cif4ntfrFest4o-^^d^%aB p ntion -^on im*^ ers of Empire State it ever Madled before. |n the 2t fayaurs 237.WO pi'soos ,*«•-© -JiaodleiL; the sanie day ' year ago 193,000 r.ieces were handled. •» ' Mrs, Ella A_ BoolV of . Brooklyn, president of the New York State W-o--m e ii' s Christian Temperance Fiitnii *m- the past two. years v imapa- re-elected at the .annua! Interesting News\ of All Kind Gath- ered From Various Pacts.. In the - \ States^and^0'F^u¥et|7in;Siierrhat .•(.' I It VVJil A.pueal to All Classes of Readers. -The Le,Roy -Hiking < mb i s to b e if. ©fgaalzed, .. ~'=, 1.,.- . •.—. „ Rochester has 160 churches and \synagogues. .'\ ^•The best apple crops 'in-Orleans j county are iV tie lake-shore ••to^S-'] : , il „,,,, r ,,„,„»..,• „t . at-iuiHe* m rue*. .Homell's new fc^Hee'lft- big-h sr-UooLj. hr ( , ]rgaiir ,- ,'- T . nT -. - ttnn , i}t(1n ..f n1t p r } T ereefed at a,fi9sTqr?24rr..nw); wtsr-ded- \ ,HT air address nt the ifpntral -New York Methodist Episcopal conference in Newark, . flishop - Adna VY.figrn Leonard of Haffilo declared that th» departments of ph-iiosordixin ulL-JBLi v.-rsities should be minned by Chris- l-jw-u ^HfofessiorH —•\. -\ ....•'..\- ......•_-..- .AltliftUjffr'~fiearlv 'iSrCk ZtiecKi Ti e bi»y the usual barv-^sy-ir^j time, 1 the great poach v-roh of Western New , York is being fervent i-d with a fain yield -\ •Thp-qnalrcy-fat!' -- \umclrpf—Hr?\ Cnpfr TFfTTr shTup—rir Iff- THZp-Of \OTfmr years.- hut J goon return will be paid the iir'ivivrt). - —• * —— : —.-- „!•.]&£—U^-djLj; ^i;'rtjt-\\-t^ntH , -find ? icated. -. No .-maUtk- \I'ilf T??, 1 r r r f 'ei v !'d...rcr -dis-j patchgd/frn^i'tH\ Pan'M^Nf TrttSlOitlCP- 'Klilt Ifl'l. •.in a n ' M ni p-scj.r-t.'t. nan •.•!• I-; ru-.m org.mi ,_-•,.• iv_; tar v yf Shite Tl.Uif '.Unit veil'.'' ffi- . ? n - titer ,it t-lio or oil Sttfi(ia>s. __ \ t_£;vii , -''.nT:'>n rnre*inp - Surrogate and Mr* Ed v. In r.'ST^i'liij f^-j, r ,.„ ,, Bmun b.,1.1 uWl in supreme. Of SP linen- roiintv Man t.. mou UOHJ - ( ^:^_ , h; , s opJT , u „ j, y,. -..n,,,, t.., d«- -Addison -t-o, Im-i-lv — | i r:i iuo 'wh&th'r \-in- -= \iiitt \ u: .AiLe . Aniioi'inreytiriii me*—uunl\— -.th _j -...-,., H . •-nr--iht- : .em •—i• 11• j \ .is nnttrtt»tt OUtii Rnc'lifKtcr 1i«-niMi Ntrfii Mi..t ivnniari t«w-hef\ KrliT ' revn\ -jw.ith-smallpox ~ - — . R't»lij»if>UR I'fjifiis in the (>!--:ir. ••om •autinity plannert In »lu- •prpn-wfa-ir —rtnrrrrig's~or i:iir'-;~iiTr~t^''H-t--hT~-y'Ht-H-t'd ; rtrr'TrltT; Sunday. Oct. 19. - \\ The- -oost &f Ro4-Ae.H!.ij ->> city guv era. ment has incr>ased until Jt .now r'i'y •'H 1 t.. 'hf i h.iiii'iliiu' tin-- .mil '— • •inini -inn w'f .'I,. Hi,. '•p'l-l :i-'ln • •<l- t-(ir thf id|^t th. doi..i,b«-\ld taw U--I.!U-N n«'v fi-gs vhniilfi go to tin- cunt\ The Aiiifiist «pi't i ht Dr. Evans ~W)i'tuiut; io tnf\ • el-inariah.' »hoV.s that-.'ijiuorig-rhe T •^•-^irad- ; nt catUF ttriteit -f«H UlO-rt'i-tUoiiivi- -sLZh. -Jfa,iCf f>r;, were ff,:nul Furt •. P ras \, ere testesd {u*. 4*.w^r.i—uiau^jKii^Jna^^^j •f t?a .t'Hii'K- teti-B-?—>m • 2«-,- -Tht*- -tesi , and. rhild in .h.-Vrltv., - j^ „f j iWt ud r:' . ii-.u- herds In (\as Niagara county boarit nf «u'««i;vi$., ti e , rtbeldon, I't-rr-v aao X'ike and~th\e* oTs'l'ave apr'trriV d nl^ir- tur :in ad renss'tlng or n e '\• <t iierd^ will i.nM\ dition- tD.Uie jalLat Lgt-kimrt jnd wiU ask bids for the work- - \* j. Central \New Hwr-hrrrit The fn-session'at Newark, voted J\..(Mit) -ZI^ScOlllVBfCrwif^ter3T~',11 '^.#____ The 192a state convi ntioii of auto- mobile clubs will h e h»!d -in I.nrkpon, according to acti-an-taker at the- con- vent ton -in T/M-IH - FnlJs -^ -—' - - jstut? beiioot or AS- „moriL Jthaii • f - iur -nonths A gKeat deal of time is ^orr^rned iiirtpaitrng 'the JNew \ one rlculturo at ;i!fred tinivovsify b/oRan its 15th year'last wHii ^ItK file.M' ^eTtrT^BtsTraTtrnr^ni lis Hliiory Qeneva's ?10ft,O00 oa.ving pro^rnm. for the ypar ii enmpletpd and the Gallup Corrstrnrtiop cnmpiinv'of Sv- racuae haiP rpninvpfl 1 its pqijl'imfnt. ..Cjjtton.._S.prijiKji..hag._igL l !?iil >( L 3 i^i ftifflM \EnrfTfTT giiM t« thf) .jeear fomtWas? a- ~~*ErnT)lFe~Tfa s '^TEMTf'Tr i n T oTrrfnrfrv\ ..'.' Phelna. .The lu'rtai: coihtiany \\ill' abittidotvVt! \~. r ; '.'.\\. \ The Kxt-hiiriRp Nnvtmnl--t.-an k - —SenPea~''l i; allc _ tr^tlfP~W(TOTTRiWtstvon- of tlTp boarft of directcri hn= been - :: -^on-vert«t! wii»tltn'-^^LBbsa Qamtu. \Trust rnn.is.in* •- • •---— —Frwt' t-t,eiit\\H^-AVtrt--f>H-*-t44-^-\'t--'«--*-ii+4-| beneath the soils of Seneca and On -iario-cmutleJ3.^.ia.-ULC.Jiiiliiif„oX A...H., Williams. presideJU-of the Peerless- Fuel company of Motganstow-n. \V.; Va.. who is prospecting Hh'roughout t.hn! sMcti'Ui lor n.itm.Hl gas-in-mar- kctablfk (Hiaiitities- Prospect\ for game for this season are rpspunslbln--Toy tall; among hurt tors of asking'for .i closed season on birds in f\ittnr,im,u»-- county .next \ear. Tin- >(.>rrit\ .*n\ pot dlseov ered in time ,n i»ri-?ent n. petition to. ht- cirr-ubied Jmnv J.h i-„; ir < .-amu _sarfson ,|-,l»:e]v_ folTo\vTrF •t is reported. The fn llryve the lavg^sr\7U s l(! \Of:*rat^ :;fo the acre in .Vlngara ccuntv this, sea- son. From • 3Vj acres *hpfe~\vpro 282 bushels of nnu «her tVrpsh^d '..Worl; or pTajniiTn^JTi.- lnTgY-^rrnptir COO dam with wliieL lliiu JlocUt-te'. <'Jnv $• l J !tTirti« -rrti'r-rtirT.t^n-•Onr.t'?;\'!! ^Ii-ikcr Trnet\TWi'm_ of\ l.R'*\ aCL':\ n P y «dn« * nv H'i_-^ heen jsolri to .Ai.valt.<;L':> 4 trpng-^f.-'in^hp' ! .'' , r-.'-..T 1 ? <v ' tnirrha-ie i-rh'e is \\Til to ha^e lierll ?1 i.V.i on i, *Y\.' This -prot-ertv lins t,e\nTn\*llp'.'T'nrsnaH anil rhlfmberlain f. ; i.iiiitj^-. ii| I,>O'L\.. tot »iif !>ast «0 •py Hiidorstp^ft thit- it VPHI •mrr* —if hr- pinde n* harness tltf tii-rt^sei' river in th ~g6r^f~'SBnV'p~'\rtT 'Morris 4 '\mil -STHTr ininiPdiatPlv Soraeffiirig* of~a rei:t.re\ifT'f!aTf*'rais~ \ing\h\ai*Feen\ \iSiifteTi'v : 'XeSne~W\fieeli»f — f -tnry_ aj_J'enn 1'an hai received thrfip. : itt~tanHffltetBHti.\ twin calves onlv live WePks old that -•weighed- 325 potuids eachr The ealvea •were HolBteins The Rochoiterj ppst()lllce_ liandk'u more mall in otif da\ last week than; n «iinini.-r hn-no' \ - (Tpptv^t^)Trjfr*n ITV \ji i to nj pf^TTToSvJ\ «• th* 1 age limit, \for -;tppnspd-Jlrivprs bellow IS vonrs was voiced hy del> pMc; al th\ cln-sing sr's-strnTS of-trhP .-iiiml <i>nv*nti«\n 0* i.hc New York ?ffife~\u*tTmirdl1i7~a c \soifation. at TM tle-FaUi, -- <> -ipnF-il.- -Prown-ot-S-y-ra- cns'oT''n's'sT^:TnT*^trlht~atffmi^.^-«?«^ Of lOETR. -.. ^Oharlea F, ptreetrr of I B^f* i fl*-^iavi : -Boy'jA^PfT^eter of '^V^frrra:\-^tn.v : h^ve\aepbsited with rhe State hank of Polh-ar a deed of trust and ._ * „c'lic'c'k..tor..£3.0 , PiLpayaVlc_lD..i-rt< :, ...'3Q!''. vnr free library.. The fund will be knowii a-; the Mary K Streeter an d -Ralivh-W.-Streeter Me*norial fund ana T ihe«.ineonie to b e itse:l to purchase new. hooks. ._....._-,. . , • '\ Frovi^iafi' foi \\ffie \ eTreira3fWe~T5t~ $100 a year for the \proper care an d oomfort— of iny 4teg* aQver,\ is madx- in the wilt- of Robert Mason,, late oi East-'BloSmffel'd; andiJyhicfi was ad- mitted to probate in Canandaigua. O. -A. nurrell-TjMBast' Rloomfieldr^as-ex- \ecutor. isTTrectPd • to~see r 4mit--'-Kover is given jtroper care «nd comfort and .tojax-pend $100 a veav for such if it ig found necessarv. \ TTive^iifoii wore arresreTrariar STStent* Taid tc-'-EiTTTe\ largest mbbhsBTfie dfs tillerv in Western -New York, dis- ed-'a irhen - dppttty-rsfaeiaffe:.enter- hon^e -in-J'iQenPiwr with a \roh- Jheip; warrant Tin-' nonse was an iso taTAff fthpimrt nuthjiritiFS.believe the distilling opprat.nns ha\ been'carried r,>i tiiTTP for .iifire than two yenxft' T-hg„.gpl7.im» -in.-liideri four. 1-llO-pnUon stilts. antT several-aalaller ones for re- BrBlAt«C«E^ttsT? -•^ ; -* > JT' J -'I—r.r* ****••*\»^\^«»****\i««*i»«»«»*' 4Js^ i*\ ~rt\ A.-fne tm nmtmrs OF^LOVEM^ htf«i^ri^^wp-4o6lt JfilKftsiand was e rofn Ilfracinabi; i- to Penzt'ihce, tlwough Devonsliire aacl Cpfenwall, stopping at the various towri!| of Interest.' | We reuiained for sonic-days at Clpyelly an d loved i t so.there' we reallsj -wished-to- Rt.ii-r..in«lelin:jt#l.y. Clpyelly In pipvonsTiire Ts'decluedly the\qTramtest: a Hd perhaps the hiost Itetnttlful little village in aREngtoad,' It lies in a^narr^pwi pich'ly. wooded cauibe ull -WdefT)Td—in'rjT _ ft'nd--4t««—- lojig .been an iuil» , » > t!iiit •IieiTl-ng-jishihg place.\ It - has one narrow main si reet dist.iH.ing \ofl titirrls ->f mash., SO bar- rels oi imionshine. l.n.OdO puuncls •>* sugar and \00\ pound- ••!'yea^t. Atxarding to the latest report oi Ttn^'supervtsor of -ttte~Nttw York ;^tat Pair. linproM-ni'-nt aasorituions tliric la^fKe'TO'luKh'li''^' 1 for rhe'mim'h o'. Slay were owned in Schuyler county. \V.'_L. Ilooghkirk. II. P nurrHl-and^ Kings' (irandView Farm were^the 'cnvrrers;' .Vhrm'ff»?'^c^Ttwt'r-^ , ga-rn-~Hrrhtr-- ed the- ly.aur of hiivmp-^h^ highest hen] of tlii- m. -however* when CleorgV Triif''i ln-i'd reported a reeord of\B2 1-iuindii .ai'-rjAe,_biUtt\ : tat productjoji for each cow for the month. A herd -i^otH Oneida county In lunging to K II ThrrrirsTT ^- Sot made second place, with an average if 46.K pounds-.- AR. voiexii in New York state who. Meal timet! iheer timv, -©lir-eight^iid-nijie*r l^pieee> suTtes make. Cheerfulnjtgiag'roomSs^ HB.GI^¥lSiCme^S \78 STAT E 'ST ROCHESTER.NX ~Jrf3r~«foiie si-ep< \ -\i i *rom- tlir-\ =TTT--b\r..iPlT \r\ts -TO tiie-Plffi-Te;' on rh\ street are row - i»i Iti'i'l tit \eTOtwgeir on- ''it rrpy^-^ttii- «;• j- The-iiotises. rt-4t slum!—f?-^ ingon.a hlsh ,,p -\'' , \' ,V <M' ff' level than irs-'-in^^hnnrr—<^.-j are fill ul.'' \..i :.ed, with, say t;ni-n ib.wrs • and \lartl'ceW ..--i\> ing vines and tii.y \. r<\> fHlc'l «ith pretty, bright flowers. rordingly avart themselves of the ab - j-;cutee ballbfr shpultl tear in mind that their Jntlluts mU.-;* be back with their respective boards'\of election -nat~later-.rhair:Friday noon, Oct. 21. rpd-r tli<'-provision vt the election- UiAs', a i'iti\ali!leu~Tofer who, o n the oc currence of any genera! election, may I>>- nnavoidlv absent from tire - county -because -of—hts—ri'siili'iice -he - is • au sailors;'. -rr koinc or bv reason of the fact that hi 8 -' dirt'es require him to- be else- r-f-nh'-i\. may >-ot» a s an absentee. Din.- of the greatest crops of sAveet trtjrti\ t-ituf (iiiuliit-t-d:, jyTXhe Ut;u«se«! Tallf-y is now\\being - Harvested, ano -t-fc-Bii -ai',.-. fe,w-growers uwho\. report anything Km sbitmttt'i - yifld. W'lth ,.h- (• i-i«•• \f corn hignur than it- ha*-- yv-v-ir tu-tviip iir\H 'niriiiber~of-veftrr farnfeVs in ~tIV.il \ IticaTItv VvITl VeCeive -»jJu it4i4--Profits—fr.oiu, < .thrA-»-.par.w._-ot. ih-:it -=»-:tsor.s vsrnrk; -Probably the -l?i^—^-^-^^Hh-^fH^p •?»!—a*H—1-i-in^—w-a?* vrodticf d..cTpt-.iie-ninqti lands pear-rvy «Miuiit- IC\ifiif-i.e plans were nmae loj* 1 Hie corn eron there this years, and wPh favorable u'eftiijior-frnm the tiuic- th»- sebil.wa.s.first planted-untjr the crop was r^ady F or hayvp^t the elected prpsident of the organteation T1H» \iiri]p\n n- Rnheflnn b^askpt fac^ \Knfee loads 'of \logs. Clpvelann on\\Orie\id\a \'purch'aseo at lake \and\ \Tiad •EfiBL•sfihta'ptnr:se^CBTCVS iftratairris?^ft3ajana cimai-vt» Rr p y^' p rtpp.__Mpji^\jruma and ^ Seneca Falls to bresden: The -Total distanco was 1 OS.miles an d it look four days* to get ihnm.ifn Dresden _Kach barge containpfl eq'iiTvatptrr~to Iff* carloads. ^•muprv »Ft» \g»ring on their greai There are no wheeled •veliic-it~Tn\-tiiU n.««n. Pa*k-d'unUe.Vh iire Used .for c.arrylnir Rcoyle-, luggage, coal,' etc' These i-imyahJ uTi;'v.w;.v ^ure-T*oeted~ind nuver slip on. the steep cohbled Street. ..'.np/i,--_i> in> sidcwnllr here, so peojile, donkeys and all walk in this narrow patch. , ' - \—^tTpge~tTcTFrrsrTTr^^ onr tries to iniiia- theni liuiiy. Tlicy go slowly along and if one is not careful .their lainl will push against you uiui sotnetiines almost knock you doyvn. The 1 donkeys\ iire m-eaf' perSTftdth the \vtltggers nrlm iirealhiv+Hd aA«l ^ood to tlxeni, 3:he hlyuisay^-ixt^tmeJilLi^ B\ ver. kick nor bite anyone.-. , _- — .. There an- ten dtvnkeys-ln the vllliigu and the people living there.ktiow-triem all by nnjner—The-nftmes of.Ube. di>nk^vs-a\fei~-Iktty JB.iiiy, Sammy, JessTe, Pose. Jack. Daisy, Tommy, Janettc and Maud. (©, 'We^stern -Newspaper TTnion.) -28ct~-fowlsr- light.—22# 2'le; plijcrk- ens, inilkfed, 34'ia36c; do. eornfed, 28 @30c; 0I4 roosters, 20@22c; ducts, 27@28c; geese 20<~22c -• ONlCiNS^—New York state••» yella^ globe, fancy, fl o .T5fH.90 |)e'f • 100 IbT sack; Ebenezei. C1.35©1.50 per bit. —iTETTtT^K ----- rtmnr gTOwrrr-faTicy, ^*.2^(-l-.S4 -per—boJH- do, '-4o,iv -feo-goe4 r \OcTi ?\1.P0 per box BEETS-^^ Home grown pe'r i is. 1 cvBBAoi: - ?°,.on^'i.= :-ead: red, 7'cfi Sl.'ifl: Sa ^'\X^bjL.^^ ™_..„.. —- ll«me Ive ytruckr to-3S^| I kxppen^d to tlrvink, As I felt ^1 tKo O'Mi^rKl-f^^^-U Tl\60€l\i Home . grown, 75e .'.4-'-. -Avr vi^ii| uf -nun —-yrarriirg~ > the montti\ ~nt rabbagi 7 idTfpmeTTts fmni ^ctoberr New Yori -*tii ie \atmnst—rpwHfrd • • 1 hje 1 OO-fgf\^ day marie after -the—'lull—in—shipping .^ttrtjd. 1A—tvvo 4a.y>>..of rain jag :i Se~t^. •Jf) and 30\. Favorable -weather thta Tfitrfta^s-\i.roiifm r ^Brat~irh^ and a pteponderance oi large head& m most &el9a. Except from kraul tactorieR the dejnandi-jhas ..be.en .for heads \nyall to nieaitim, and |her6 has been very little of theBe sines available, CarToy: prTcc«\on^wlre\of tiers bajO;...ranged—.filostly f $7 to $S „hjiUc„pejr„tPA„C^„tU„\ fall within occarional rar : of small to ^med-HHii .hringing---^ J fc--^Atr-Hyi5-Tyjnfi; \r;~ f?ncv, • cAJdKMK.: -,-C.ELERy....=L;ir-e..-..„F.QjgJQe.;,_small.; «« - (• i w i v —, Swi-rt : home t grow-s.,- ev*»r- '•- ' ~•'• \^ H't »' f c; bantam. 12§-i<5c n*>\ r ~ -(iJ2T._ •—-.-.: -~ ..;---. -r:-- .- •:- ..... f 1 •rrMTtFRS -HornP grown. $1.75 /' 2Cr-0; dill. $2.25*! 2:F.fl home grown, -counts, . • 00 PARSLEY—Home' grown per doz bunchesT .'_.....- \-\PARSNT1~S—Fancy>- $1.5Q(~> 1.75 rier; huEhel, : . . _.. r l ~z~. PEPrSil^ - -Home gTOJ™* %. T &!?JL. bulinoaer 7\7@^1 .OtLpei\ bit -I '\'\ —POPCQRNWGob) 3®4c\per lb. TU-Rl&veto •^7or4r4^55-TDr-d- plvylots nrsore Or-I WQtvt be.. .. tKcoy^K.liviiv^ Q> <mLOrsmKO rjtmL QyZLG>yZZ&yZlQj HO/ S^ Z&ZZiQ^ZQ^ZOZZZGX^&lmjiQjmAO per 50?f-73c POTAT4>E~ --=-^-l-tome -growa.—nest; -TPiff75c-lie*-- bu: - huir.e ,EEP5vn.^f«l.r. to goo, 55 ft 65c. __ PUMKIN— 75<??85c per bu. - ;;; ~-^H _ AT r_ r' \^\aSffl-v^qgf oS-S T --i75&(2lt &C$UkSil -Hubbard. \jn.50@2.(}F per 100 ubs. TURNIPS'—Yellow. 70<§75c per bu;- Iwhite, ?5cfi?l.tt0'per bu. \_^ '_' TQMATnES^—Home gfoxarn. \ 2C@ 22c per -tquart basKetV do , ~pF-one-half btricratBi - ^ast^^aspn—the ,*prJc^^on-^dpi^esUii. ranged from 51.\ t(>- \21- MARKET REPORT Buffato Provision Market \AypfcES^^Houie jgi^rwBir-AVealibyr \^t^&^WO^^e^-r^bu^^JMol\ Eivex t:itABAPPLEti • • 9P OIL fdirol3^try~th» store. Here yau will find the .largest and \ most complete assort- ment of underwear for infants, children, men and women at reasonr prices. \cyr$O5S'2.00 '1-50@U5 $1.7i5.fe2.oo per bu, bu - honey dew. —. East Buffalo FATTLE -Shipping, steem TO ?~. ' hiif <lqe_r •'t'jers. y-t-Qft\- - * o*> helfprs. $ri.oo\T'\i>o: ctioic^ T Veals: M m : r \'L calves: $fiinn-)i(]rf>o. \SlfEEP laSbs^ jsx.orn 12,50 \T~TT JT<2S\' y^od^weighf^yorkers.\112T!5 r^K-t^^IaliB^e^££^j^g#T''ta6: uiga. $10 econ^stta^-to- a lower- s.ea*V anct-feta^B GRAPES Honie 'gro'wtt WsrHens^ u • •. • • • • • • • BROCKP0RT •s • • • • • • • • • • • $1,904*2=00 per- doz 2-ot bojtes; borne Ernum- Wnrdens,' fit)!g).70'c ner 12^1t-. BR0CKP0RT Established in 1883 Dry Goods Ready-to-Wear •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••i basket ELDERBERRIES—75c(&$1.00 per biishel.' PEACHES—Home grown, Elbertas, fancy, $ 2.25@2.50 per bat homegrown Elbertas, 85c#$1.10 per 1-3. bu basket. >PEARS—Clapp's Favorite .fahcy, $1.75^2.00 per bu; Bartlett's, fancy storage, $3.00fi3,25 per bu;, sugar pears, ?1,25\(S1.'50 per bu; other varie- ties $ 1.00@1.75 per bu'. QUINCES—Orange, fancy, *$1.50@ 1.75 per bu. J3EANS— String, green, fancy, $2.00 tfi2.50;' wax, $2.25@2-.7 c i -per bu. PLUMS—$ 1.50@1.75 per bu. , - - PRUNES—30(ft 35c per 4-qt basket BUTTERrf-Creamery, extra prints, 42@43c; extra tubs, 40@4Tc; fair to -choice, 36@39c; dairy, fancy butter., 3Rvg)39 c *• CHEESE—N. Y. states, whole .milk cheese, colored and white .Flats. 21 (R22c; daisies. 21#22c;. long horns. 22(g'23c. EGGS- Hennfy, state. 61c; hehn- ry,' mixed, 55c; state, candled, 50c; western^ candled, 45c. • BEANS -Pea, dry, ion lbs., $6.00-57 6.50; marrow. $10.'007ni.00; red kid neys, $7.25(5)8.00; white $100P 10^!5f \^LT\ r E' POULTRY-Fowls, per lb. heavy, 2B'!T2RC:, light, do, lT^Sfc; broilTS, 21,:y2Gc; _'d roosters, 'i' 1 =*& !T&eannalsrofthft:auto^ quicker emd more consistent success than that of the patent) AnnouncedJaSeptember^l923,it is now ia, use on thousand* 0f-GtefHffi»-eBQ»r —-—— • J — '• ~ — That-facti^ important to^ all who are tontemplafm'gtfic -pur* - 'chase of an autonTofeilef for amy man-who invests $ 1600 csr more lira car is^entided to-enjoy the tnany'^dvantageFin^drttdn^that™\\ the Traffic Transmission makes possible. •----.,...__, ' /_ :Because=iifci» the-p«I^ ca^wffiE^ Chandler is trie only car in whi^Jthe gears canntit be clashefl —the only car in which any driver cannot, fail—or- even-fatter iff^bas]giB^fn3«r-hi^ j eD _ siRHmdfc m low amd from JowXd •^ijtfae-oTily car in whicftit:- istdways possible toTnxJce^^iiplife' •~the\dnlyl^lyhlich~^lyes the difHcuItiesof-the old-fashioned ti-ansinissionwithoutchaiigri^hepseoflheshiftleveTorthecl^ of the great .steps forward in autoffiotive desigru That is why you should se& and drive a Chandler tod; Pikes Peak Motor It* high gear hill'cluaadbing performance made Chandler the itock car performance champion. Fisher Bodies Tom richly beautifiil types for every cloied and open car requirement. f.o.b. CVrdaaM) Touring Car *1.S8$ 4-Wheel Brakes Specially d'esigned fo r the Chandlei chassii, Offered as optipinl equipment at a slight extra charge. Balloon Tires Super-size, low-pressure cords on all models as standard equipment. New Chummy Sedan *2045 .. More tlyah 8,000,000 employed women are the charges of Miss Mary Ander- son, director of the Women's bureau, Department of Labor, It is her func- tion to devejpp standards and policies for their employment. F.C. King-Street, Brockport CHANDLER MOTOR CAR COMPANY 15 MODEL ^.^.iW\tw.M.)»<.)Hft-^'H<^itari.^va;^ l -e -..((Jl.Do.ublei V* In'law III «,

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