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VOL, LXVIV- BROCKPORT, NEW YORK, THURSDAY* OCTOBER 16 1924 NO. 3 ^» SCOUTS and ladies'?will Wlieiders of-silveri cttPiS-which-thB £luAuput up last year, j IT/M f\ mAHW 1 -^ ^^ have to,--be won three . tim.es ; HOLDPlvNIv Ifr \<-\** ^^ winner to foecpine per-r manently possessed 'by that winner, 1 _EVEN3UIN^& TENDANCE CONTEST WON .. BY GREEN TEAM iJaine Morgan J?^s_iIiqtJnJ^«at EXCITEMENT AT u n Mrs, Henry Moore is one of the DANIEL MICHAELS WHO WAS finalists in~thetedles* T3vent^md-6ne-- -p7c6feMc|M(; HARD S' GETS OFF EASY -CxHtttester-'Report of tire~- ^ Summer Camp f~ »—qfr a-a n n n flil^pten-ic-oC- theJBmckporJL ^ranSef\ J 60hls Iaa^ch'~ r wni~5Iay .Mrs, j ''Moore on\Saturday afternoon, • Harry Wallace, •'who - wag tlif• am-] Cifl Scouts, Troop 1, .was held Satur- -tfcty-afternoon -.from-one-Jo -six, in Mrs. r , red-TGrordon' , 3 woods at White Hall | »*' Thig picnic wast the •xailminating event —of -the contest between the Green and . White teams, who have „ been _compet- ^iFtO: ii^wfliJi side _would .rer>res.eftL the greatest attendance at the meet- ings foT^terr\su-ecessive weeks. The ilrejn.team wdn by one point, and as *. reward were the guests of the White Team at a Saturday's weiner roast and picnic. JTAere,\Was. keen, rivalry jn the sports during the picnic, as upon the result .defended the awarding of the_loving cup, whichwas (presented to the Troop last year toy- Scout Bosalie Har'sclu -Jtosalie-Harsfih- was the 1923 .cup-wh^ F: : -, ft-ftr, ami Jane Mor-K&B_W&jj^ardeeL match has yet to-fbe played—to deter. r | mine her opponent. Mrs. Frank Bailey j is-toplay-Mrsr-iFrattk; 0>6te who Is-tbej-- : ---*•- —' '—~\-\ present holder of the Ladies* Singles i Troopers Make the Clean Up at CaT>7ba^ug wonit a yeaYagorand-fche; ha ^ atB _ xA Aut horitte»: Henry DeMarse also Fined -There was considerable 'excitement pr.ffp?in last •yeayaJournainientpmv^| !n ^ vicinity of the ''Cave of The kg- 'been' beaten in the.-finalsjr^ilo! winds\ - Saturday night, when • four I f AMP Aff.N Cleveland, wiW^kj Nat Lester in this; Trooper , 3 under the direction of Sef-' VmWI rt * un year's SSak Both are excellent play- i-g^t FLemlng, raided: the place about er, s and the match is certain to_be a ' nin g 0 - clockj and found business-going good one; • • on in full swing, one of the customers - Meanwhile elimination? ace proceed- ., pa g t the bounds of \public\' intoxica- ing^n-twjrpther events, men's doubles Yio^; about a dozen others in the place, and husbands and wives/ doubles. The >and £^1^ Mi< v ha ei s dispensing drinks finals in these^eventodll not br pl?y-• with all the freedom and \who cares'\ ed f-or-ft -week-or- t-wor - - - -, - --attitude- of pre-VOlstead^a^r^^eff ^ch-ramy-weather-ha^^ DRIVING WITHOUT ALICENSE George S. Rider- and: Walter McOumn were ajr^sA^dTJ^Sta^tfc^Tjaapa^JH, ti.' BetBrfne; Sato*rda*y charged-: Trttbr — drivirug without a chauffeur's l icense ROOSEVELT TALKS TOKECORD CROWW -were, riding-- was--badly- smashed; and had totb,e craned to the Brockport Ser- vice Garage . for. repairs. _Jg§terigk-t. new T>aige sedan-4iad\ a tar bath on Thursday of last week, when Both men w#^. apJSrSfenqed .while PLEAl>S FOR NON-PARTISIAN' 1 *' kidded over the newly tarred road THIRTY ON HONOR ROLL * -- - - L _ ^^._ ,^^_ ^ ^. 0 .j.^, fe^ A^re. detoiir, and\ turned' ONTROLrOF—SCHOOLS ivin«-on^-Park- Avi guilty before JTadge Benedict, who fined McGuinn $5<Q0,' and .suspend d sentence ia the ~ea^\of—Rider who AND BUREAU OF F. & M. proved thait It -wrar^ls-ftrst offense^^ ImpreSMon L^ft^by\ { *Teddy* i I$* the <ml J' 1 t «>» 1 ^ was ^^ ^^^y^^^eoRlBrfttees of ^aciite STUDENTS GET over \on the roadside^ ifside Trom i being badly mes-sed up and the dam- aj;« u* -th+L -tesipe-F -of the oeeupantST-T HQLARSHIP. ATTEND- ANCE RECORD HIGH *%». «««^^^ga^tq take the } jy.^j^ height and place of on« of tihe regolax chauffeurs *\'.\.. . * \ oil one M tie \^&P IrnfckTlhaf morn-1 A&iKty, Likable, Unassuming •toS^and had an, operaitftr's TirRnsV, j fender & arid a. broken, -running tioafd. |' jQBJTiiARY TO Bt PRESENTED progress of this year's tournament o{ the stuff, .Michaels replied that be considerably but interest foa& been high vam ? t tbe proprietor, that he was just and the €lub -has-bad - amost^ueees9- s ^ aH - n - g . , t jj e - s{uff> - \ fUl year/ One new courtMias been, Michaels l8 charged in the complaint built and ground-keeper Crisp is mak-| witb ^ 6n1 y outraging pmii2 decency, ing a garden spot of the grounds, and bein ^ found in a place wlth about —¥oungTeddy \rolled his own\ votes in Brockport Wednesday noon,, and it there\ was anyone in the crowd who didn't appreciate hi s straigbt-froni-the- shoulder talk, or enjoy hjs contagious- jly friendly smile, his place was at „, , ,. n ,. . _ ,\; , i home, with the lights turned out ,. Work on -the new Baptist Social and • ° < Upwards of 2,000 people thronged ^SiaflLCJbiA8eni_^AlpIjaL -Delta Entertain-:-— Educational Bu±Wing ig progressing nicely. There'bas ! been some delay on account of steel but the work as a whole is moVingf |dfw\ara - withb\uit\ de^ lay. The drive to rafise funds for the building i4\still on. and_ v the next few days will see a redoubling of effort.on the' part of the r TvbrKefa. The effort to underwrite tttie cost of this first unit of the building it meeting with real success. *Three fourths of the AMONG-OUR-SOeiETH [a dozen other men standing around [amount needed iiSa? already beon* siib- iitn~whll : e~he\poured-cider into their Scribed. The pledges are^ for -two thecup tins year atter'^gf^Vi^ife^^^^^^dljaVe: of. itwenty_p. ' - •^-oloae-8econ.d-wit,h..,ftight.een,,;pQiats -to her credit. Florence Millard was Banquei~Eollowing- evening trlct Deputy Xublo .-Grand and. .suite : wnc . awav glasse3~froTO-a-pltcherr~-He~aiso~flad-'-years\~wniea-m(^ns'\tiiey 1 ^!l-m^ ;other alleged liquor,-- apparently gin, \ rapidly:\ * _ Thompson stressed the fact-that he LaJaaJOUiaj^eJ-JiQRRr cm Tn\p. n.nd-4A\ix^-—^he-—gocanTiH-ee : -4B^ (icing pprsonal interest to dutyrand in tones rppl^te with confidence, presented, —The next*-Governor o-t the State of- Hope Rebekah Lodge held one of > te n gallon jugs of cider in the place.. greatly encouraged a»d has outlined a ebftirmarof thV\spor\ts--cQmmittee. j the largest meetings of the year Tfiur* : Michaels afterward told the Troopers j program, for the completion of the The* followini: reporT of the Scout dav evening of la&t week, wheff Dir-: n «~ was i* <*arj?e-while. the proprietor .i-eampafen.-- The - plan-will^he-presentc-d the station, when the special- train pulled in. Dr. Thompson introduced Mrs. Whitney of New York \first the ,11st or whose -talk\~was; \Char it\ww the privilege and duty of every Ameri- can citizen to get out and vote election day. She 'said that 220^000 \people who' were' entitled\ to vote at the last gubernatorial election did not, vote, and made a strenuous appeal to the men and women to go to the polls and suppprt the\ Republican national and -State-tickets _ .-;\„\ : —- \- - • •• -• - \—p-Last Friday report cards wore issued DALY e death of Mrs Ellen-Daly a ged i partM giTiiIlg scaolarsJlip lStmaise & years, occurred Monday night at^ atteil , danc6 r e CO rd for the fl«t the Massey hospital on Maxon street, t . -. . . ,-j . ± .. , , , , - • , r , .i month of school. 178 m this depart\ where she was taken two weete ago L 6nt had ^ attendto ^ |<>r m Deceased was born m Canada but Had}-^ ^^ TM Mlowillg ^ were on beep a resident of this village the' . . „ „ , . .. . ... 4 ...\\,__ _,,.»._.\•__ _~ .' |the honor roll.-of sehotership with- greater part of her life. - • , , ,,.„„ • „ . ,. ^ ~ v -—u=r- r _. . \ . * u u -u, h. = standings a s indicated-: Josephine She >s survived by ^herMsband. |sclli]><It) a2;40; ^^^ 0>Bri Geom..n«ly ; onedau.gbter.Mrs.-Geo. ;91:25 . ^^^ ^ ^.^ -^^ -po-nne .aftd^^r^^y^r^Doth~of |M grritl--T^eveland, '88:00; mPgaret- th^ village, aste^l^lten. H a-rmon, 88:00; Stanley Smith, 88;-00; \ The funeral-services^ afternoon ! Doro , lllv mHe , 87,75- Blbert (aa ^ : *. u lL a L-^^ t -MrS?-:S0'rGBnrnde Files, 85:66; OlgafSuO- ' jeap, 86:40; Maude Berridige, 86:26; —IitoosriBenedict,-S6:14; Adeline .Dem- tQ~ihe congregfttion\next^^^unday raorn-;^w Tork^ T¥t r >6(]ore RooseYell,\ JZD. • Camp—ia aubmillud. by Sccuuel Li(?u tenant, Roslie Harsch: \The Girl Scouts sure-\ did have ,, . \jrind'oTdlirnelt their i caiip\wit5Their-iceremonial. The following \ officers, T \» p intOTtcaTPa--in<iividuai 1 placea—m j.and a- generous-respoase m ftxpe^tedrf»< iwere installed for the ensuing\year. J 511 - /When brougnt before Judge | The gifts so far show tliat people see\*levplbest Qt nine officials from Rochester were He was taken int0 custody by the f ing. Increased gifts jwill be asked of j Roosevelt lost his genial smile for a a present to' ™nrtvr^T : \;f^el^ l-tho\congrfegatioiT\to—the-iwflr ftrhire--second-, aa iut replied aerioualy la^ac^ ca.ptaau, ^frs.. Roy Nellis, as director arid jcbaperon. • Attendance, the first N. G.,* Gracia Keene; V. G„ Charlotte ; Benpdict Monday morning, Michaels j in this an opportunity to do something -week averaged from 20 4o 25 girls, Sanford; rec. sec'y.. Margaret Malon- V™ fined ? 50 antl Si ven a six months' j that will iMrreal and lastint: for the ^~\ j^aiJ the second 15\ to 20. Everyone joy: fin. se'c'y., Etta MaeMullen; treas., ^ntence in, :Moncoe Coun.ty.„Periitent..f.y Q iith„..of .tie CQinmri3ilty.,.,Ilie„laciL- sKQ^ei\tQgMliejandthiiWwem-Ve^ npon-his^ities Tor-so\cial-«Jid-e^ucati«i»al-work -well. Everyone iad-so-^nueh f U n,-aaUcoatos;^L.~.s:^.^G:,»UUiatt^tet«t;I'S^ it .was hard to get up inothings, esMAv^rden, Hazel Benedict; conductor,r,-* 1 **^^ operaUona and behave-himself..^win moan mueh-to-the-wh.>Ie-coni« peclalb- for the milk ^arrinr^, whnJAmy Snritp; ch^plnin, Lena Lags;-i.;the. pen sentence was-suspended. ;munity. Here.„i s a ciburch that takes -^-showed their grit 4b go after milk.lG.. Grace Quackenbusbi Q. G., #alter! 'D^arse pleaded guilty to public in-. i ts task serjdusly. It heliews in the •were-up. tt was funlghtiii for aplace|cian, Loleta Knapp. - \ '^* : l tf: liw ^'^e»OB^2mr^y^^ -lift-;line-rtp:-^et'-arpancakerort-©u,prot|-r'F.ollowing~ther-ceremonial ( refresh- f - e - ?PJy$iPt\afy divifltml inr-theTrowd remarked, \lie rtalics-oTr .:TanKuase.^ r Among- ; ..other.j a f te rnoon at hdlf-past two o'clock. Rev. cocoa. On rainy days we ate on our.ments were served, during the course:. The place ha^an unique reputationr ^whOKe\uble^i5^thi-n^is~teri^ which, IntereilTSFtalks were given. : I{ \»-altege8 the place has heenmn- . . it'was fun, even if the rain^^ didrdripicoJicfirjiangi^teriiarwork.-Mrs. Ray- ; nin l--°PenIy oyer-week-end9 andrmUi- l-^—^o^^oyr necfc 9.. on sunay days weiburn was chairman oUhe-refreshment 1 wppk P eriods f °r a long time. It is ate on the .bench; .which, .was more .committee. A number of guests were^ 1 '* that whoever happened in first ^ J .ly V .._ a .. waB n-4. o^tte^SO^uchi-tan^prssent from Spencerport and -miton,^M-i he g\ods-had righj^Lway^aa however, to be inspected, and be sent] At six thirty o'clock dinner was, mnna S er It is the old collector's of- •'^-on.-the :bank7of:the:canal.-iu5tr.ea9t back to wash our face or coin& ouftseFVM^w the ylai ting ufBuials^rn it-was-always-a-good joM.itwenty.five in all.- -Dinner waa -served j t0 ^ rfv e its naane^rom the^.factual, jciety should be enco« raged in 4very , were so eagef'to\ go in swim-tin the iodge rooms under the \super-T^\ ^ WBBBy - iff hloWib Ohe-dOof and posslbTe; way7 \The wlvfle community hair.' Everyone took'tMs good;riatured^;-East: Noble. Grauda, including about J f_ *^.^ Ia -!r-™^\^ ridge :, SaiI f ! f f. aid • ming that we frequently had our suits r visTon~df~Mr9*. gnltthTcb^jTOan'of theT t}tt ^J !ie ocHerr on long before it was -time to swim, j dinner committee. The_A*.*;P: N. G.,; The rai<i was instituted by District \~ ; ZM£Tjfey*d -baH in the wafe^/'aBdjjgw&rwas- presented to tho retirlngj At - fimey ^-v-g. who had received - everyoneJRffis^taaglit to swim .beforyN.^G;,! Bessie K^app-an-d-fiifts \were• al- BU ^rOT&^ommftihfs ^om^^sgtoted brea-Wng camp. Swimming and Scout 1 so presented to the. Deputy and her ; res « ents concernrng tte character of . work were followed ^by lunch, then aa^uite. ' - the place. _.., people oLQur=tlame are to=he counter- acted and \the boy and;-jrl life is to be safeguarded and conserved, the church must redouble its efforts. 'The ~chal* lenge of ovtr time can jiot be met with out genutSe n\onest : to : gnqcLne99 : ;9acft ; fica.ori th.e,pftr{, oftherdmrco. For the things the nominee touched, on tho-con-:! iierbert-RudweU of-HoUey OfficMttg, \trcrT\ wHchi Tammany advocates^ oven interment at Lake View. thfi..<S.ta?te„ Denartmeut,^.of-..^BdiicatlQn:L r ..- T: _ r ^-„ rir ,_.. ^ ^_ .—^_-„__._--^ and the Bureaji^f^ara^^a ^SWANSON ^ and r -,,which they would,; convert^into^ThrtmasHa Swanson. a resident : of , -i-i-i., situaflon <iemUiids better facilities, Tftf\r*>:: thnr-mighry tr^i»Af1-i:l»nflArAfftp~rnaT3C3^ZTlTgaTel^ailV^tm and .greater etgort. . TheJBaptist, So- \wlll benefit financially, socially and morally frohf their .^aiilfice. The hon- esi atteTnpvt-to_Bieet„th.; exRottrig,Js.- mandu of our day mav marfe a UijKnin'R Dpint in the religious history of our conmrunity; when it was usually the case t o wend .number, of Brockport Rebekahs were; MT* JjIfYT rmrwnv tn Hint.nn's\ SWiTtimiTisr aeainisfuests of the SDencemort Rebekahs' ** 1'V.l r>nr way tn Hint.on's, Swirnmiug again iguests of the Spencerpprt Rebekahs YOU CANNOT VOTE ;and,lppOrts concluded l^hB afternpoTni,|wheii_j^&sjtolIation ceremonies were., ^7~J^n^ sf^r supper ws enjoyed a:camp»heia-in that^lace— — - bights 1 -were out-at -- rr: ~ ~~m^~r~r~~~ — \tire and songs. ti30^aad^all .isera-sleejnns-^oimftly:1a i *: aorfew inviinutes after ouor- ha.ppy day. j MASONIC NOTES > •At the reglirar^meetiHg; of^ tfie^^ IiOdge — We certain!^ appreciated all ourj Tttes day-everrfug, theregurarbuCTiess, ... = -^v-- EVfuTBg, ^eapi-aln--dtd--4H-4«bk4fig chargo of-sucb^y^S followed with a,prosraHM^anlion,i PUuh aie mnrer\ wa»'roi' y-Bir^e^ __ i ^__ J ____^^. .n-^rlarge.iiumber of girls and managing,f^es-^^ ; Refresnanefits-were served J, mtm ^^ to be heldJn Bro6kpor t -ftlTh© mail or Tn th*\ handg'of ''toet oSoiV™ en m-at it Ti*Q Q «i Tv.hmi-n.!' sii^-'iin the «ini«e'ball:-- ' A„ TI,.„,I.,. ».. :^_ /s^..t._ nn ,,_ '•-„'.. ^ _ • . * ftp- & £ol Tlmrsuay r-fifftnTl mrr. » \On Oct. 28th,-the first degree will be on Thursday-, .•e**a.iftg^^Oetob^iw3^b.i^eoimnrasroHBr- : o*- Klecnons-os-^r-beV so that it.wa3 ft booming,sue ee&s.^Everyone on the beach was love-i \\ \\• «»•»« \ ia ^ c ^ w V\ \ e Tn6 Iocal committee promise some of ]f<M i^.U^t^.-...-.. -^^rffcu*,a^^ia]Jwa-.y^e^aijmy^^ cotiieti: ~We wish to aaiiilc everyonoiS^P^ 3 -—= : , ^dent& have h fl.^. ^:30 o'clock with fBrojelsporl cemetery. ..BAILEY The death of Jav Bailev. a lifelong! ,)eck ' *W> Bemice Ca -™> »6:00; El- resident «jf this vicinity, occurred |f ei ~... T ^7 SQn '., S5rS ^„ He ' en „ S ^ co ^ Tuesday afternoon at his -home^.on] S5 . : .? S ^ 1 ^ ,,| « fiamp ^ 5 . : l^Tzl^F^^ „., ... .... ._ .. several..v«iw4umjl4nn._ He wa^born^©d-mim., ,85:(W; ^arjorie Todd, 85:W)i yJJane Vanda^-S5i5lR3)oug.iass:- vviebster^ :««•\.tire-TffurCH''Sectron'roadrjiifftmrn ._. 16, 1857, where he resided until -twentv- ! Sr,:r,0: ElmPr Porter^BMO; Ena Blo9- nine year* ago. whw. he left the farm ,' s ' vm ' S5:2 ^ EuKe71P Stu11 ' 85:25: m ' and-mok up* his residence in the vil-i- 1inn - W(S,bD . S5:0 °- 4age of Urotl ; .purt^4k. was a member| In th ?',- Hfe , h . s CT fln I Department W. 'had every subject above the passing of St Uike\V Episcopal Church. ^Tliy^w^voiu»-are^hi^w«e^lVk-s,]^- a IJi^^-^- ha4 <> n * object below- ..„..., ... Pr/rWifcy^tH^V^iaTO .\ !1HH \ 1 ;\- ^ tart two F ubjt>c te beIe-wj-4- to jnsi-lTy tliar introduction f 1^,^; ot ' Rocheaten two KrindchUd^r 1111 * ™™^^C™^~™r^™rimr- when he is governor at Albany. \ run . one brother. Horace Bailev ofj suoje( ' t9 l3e,ow - . Hfs talk was not a long one, but 1\' Fairport; one sister, .Mrs. Sarah Hef'l T '* 3Rt week tb( a Etltt01 ' ial Staff for the succeededjnpillngupahugo^^ Stylu^.for the popular.ity----for---htaisGlf i ---As-- r one. in v [ 3ultt -- n ; 6 pn (n vai;'*-'---^-'-'-r-—~——«~^--i-achQoL.yeac.J9212i,Avajs-appolate4--aA_ \~ \ ioTio^r 1Bdlto> : ir^c¥f^^ h: 'i-. The funeral\ will bo -held Friday . t .. • _ .. • . . . _ Literary. ..Editors,. Genevieve Teller,J., Dorothy Wright, Marjorie Todd, Beug=__ lass Webster; Exchange Editor, Elmer ;I^ajW.son.:__ Athletic. :Editor,llTownaendl,- Yardley: Business 'Man.a«6r, Hajold: BavIs* ::T: Robert^^^7T*aTmer;:.:xare^S£ country could make. Wbrn ''time\ \vas called, he-threw np- his haijrts.^mTleTr ai the\ upturned -DcCeidyid^waa- a member of Monroe Lodge. No^ 173, !\'ty. Held last Wednesday, the follow^\ -R-&~Ar-M-.- _^_^ JFTr^ i* survived by three daugBfe\rs2 TaTesT*antl invrCT~triern to l6ok~liniE^SrsrEraon™lHeafIi^ over, but not to \overlook\ film on .and Mr.-J. George Jlollink, till or ^Ha-m- fi !.^tionda}._ : He urged mifljand wom-jlln.-lwo Broifiors* MOrtOJi SWahaon.of en to go ~ to* tbopoll^ and vote for n>ica4^>, IU, and one brother and two sisters-In -Sweden, the country othis birth, from which ho had not heard in a number vt yuars. -.. ——^—. — .ing-committeeg.of.thefaculty werffojH, potD/tMT ~~SgnTor-play.\ Mi§s • IKarTffir; CooHdgo cofninon^sense and the. Re- publican party. At the conclusion of hi 8 -talk_he-mtnoduced the-head-of-tht; house, Mrs*, Roosevelt, who had been one of the interested'listeners on the TRddy just about a sefond to get dowg rTlu^ funeral will toe held from the home^ of Mrs._EJ.don ^Heath, Saturday ptatfofnv - Alter- -that it -took Voimgj^fternoonV^ ^e^.llSthjr-atrtw* »6Hocto atfd from i-tbeTT^'fis^sf Ckurch at .{ntoahecrowjl-ajaid-starj-shakins handfi! Ha-miin^t 2;\3Q IfltermextL_MllL:.btr with (lie--folks.- taking particularfmade at West Clarkson ceTnetFry, notice.of some little lads vyho managed (Masonic services at^ the \graved _J_ _ \\|Tu.'\-geT'!In front faster lbWlle-growri-| ap9.__A^naferfPOUs cbper-jgreet eft 3U« : NOT-TO BE OVERLOOKED * jt^fn-mVjit wac cnnoJiulPfl wifh r^ecjii; departure 'a s the- train L pjtlled out; -The-visttiug p^arty- included -Senator - \ i • . *, i., r. WcFand Congressman Sanders. D s- Editor Renublic ..Ttj.---,---_, . y~L\.l- \-iZ P ,Ut • A«.<>rjiey.- l^ove, As-semirtymant .rix. a t.-oil-, ur ®rocks<>ri t ; fiftt; ,14, ,*2_4 ^biStfiisfx--^ ~wfc),-ass1sted-^'u&;4n -anyway, -and ap-. ^A „sp«?!at2e^i$^;ib^ =bsuro of-4h pr^ifliiP'tb^n^p^rflfion^whic ;iag-in-ar-lang--tiime, ^s^^t&-io6klri«-:nic^s^.-st^hei3i±4'^ls£i^-Jzcm- ths *.-t*ftFe--l9-a«v question of thei^j^^ .\ ,' ., ' -, - {seen m your paper any mention of the '\..\, .-^T-\. . ^..i'\ L tflmstonpr of Elect iomr, Nichols. f.^ t . h . . . . „ . ni . ^. ','isd jnmakmg the-carnp such a ;decided success. gl'Ml, at'which-'lime, the Past-fester\ ak-y. and-Most-Excellent-degrees-will be •rowded-^tousen h^uie diatrict on Triecuoij'day,\ absentee : •but an overflow a't-t-endaneer-\'- - ^applicatiou blanks should'<be pbtained ._ .. . ......1,.^-,, ^ ^ ,„_ „.„_„ - rtr ..-^ x ^... .- Pictures of \the Rep\ublican \candid: and^ filed_at the. office \nf the Commis- ^mjmm^UM^UifLm ;.Sat- t ^^ed ^ a iar^.cla^. tt ^Oped ;dat8g are availaMe , at JRichard^Bc^t-^one^rf -gj^tef,,,.- -. l a^m&mimr-^ica^-^ai^t^en,^\^f entire claw of 192?, nm^--rf l u mL ^j l ^^ Austin, JaTfreTTtv.Tffatcrrklss and-Oom __J5e|U__|ir,y^We-.do-ftot'-r6call~ttav^ -t-fa^t-that—localr;yotersr\will-^Kjve. the '•pntronnge-plums for Tammany politic j Hamlin for the past fifty years, •passed Manager. Madeline Curtis; Faculty A* h'ns.'\ and he pleaded_with the votersYaway ^midenty at his homeVVcdnpsday VfSers, Sfiss-'-Marthr, -Mrtss SlmmoTHhf to continue these vital interests under i nt tlie age of fiS years. He was born the prosertt-»non«parti»an system of [in Sweden, coming to, this_ country •c.-ontrolr~He~statei_ ~that $115,000,000 When 19 years of age. and has been a bad Jbccn. spent Jor_,.^education jn^the roiJdent of Hanilin ever since. lit State of New York thTs^past yearTaila - conducted a grocery and produce busl- to IW£&L -•&$ luliuy ymg Mr. Liithrop. • ~- z:: For the fourth- issue, the Commence- ment Number, the Stylus Staff will amsif tof members of the Senior Clas« wrrii the \sanre Faculty tHlvisera.- -- r - ~..A-j,^.he>0^obor--^HQoliai- ; o 1 #-th» fae-- ^ITss'GwyhiTrC'olor l)ay,^isW*EtBthrJr Smith, Mi3 B Sherley, Miss Vinal, M1B« YaJP; -Mr. Salisbury, Mjsg Jacknuii, Srs. Fern HeaiiK^vvlaliace; Nonnaj^EnZ tertalnment, Mr. Cooper, Miss ,JBfc_, wards, Miss Vandefhoof, Miss Gwynn.a .Miss Jackson, Mr. Perry; WMaf Ly- ' eeuni Course^. Mr. Lathrop, Mr. Cooperr- Thufsday evening, October 9, the iretJilsiClave a receptic-n i n the rhaln~\ oorrtdor for— the-iaculty ••'•'«&$ Jtfe: : _ii& L ~ jiew. ,membefs of the ItoiStta.1 Depart, raent. A RoehesteFtlniv^t'sffy erete69=^ 1 r'a\ of n,'ve\pTeces Tuffirlhlia IfiTmuSicr*\ Tfie.-very dellgfitfril evenlngiM- entei'-r,; ^ nrcnts. - •' -<••;:.:-. -;--• _ ==. The Algba TJelta gave *3\ fecep-_ tion for the new members of the Nor- TSaXT3epartmejif Jn the^Uirts.' -Society^-.....^ mil, \IveSlesda-y ©ven&g, Oetbb^ 3EZ_!^^ A rppqTt.;ha^_jTu^t_cr>me^_^6..1$jr-_„_. Tlmff'^^hTjot:; ofrrcB- A NARROW ESCAPE H-esle 1 opportunity-Tthiy -fall vrt votfng'for rnie - . „, r=-tof\the1r nejjglioors:\ • ^ H**^ «tattng „that Margaret Holmes-»: i>f^ Ri ^ an; ^ft ^ AhB '*f j: Hon. -Gmrwz:mmj>f m*:**** f e Inducts <;orp was badly Injured inf ds naw mia ' the T»«nooraTie.i S ^o^loac;- All prospective to e1nberswh 9 ^ to^ members will-be present.in jthe^omtnence they Reserve-HrwnW- i¥8 anxious--\to^\jofa\the Troop are re-' a body:--SMr^sihmsi^?wULbe sex-vej.»-- - - * quested to be present at that meeting in order to obtain a fair start in the year's work. • • -JWNUAL CHUaCH CONFERENCE The annual Genesee Methodist Epis- copal Conference was held at 'Corning from Wednesdays flast'week to Tues- day, the - 14th. Local residents are congratulating themselves over the re. -twfrn to Brockiport of Rev. Idelbert B. MiHer. Other appointments \of local Intel est are \as follows: Rev. Mr. Wil- aon has been returned to the Garland pastor\* has been transferred from i/ockport to Olcott, and Rev. J. E. Olmstead, also' a former pastor, has, been returned to Bata-via. Rev. Mr. [GinderihiM., ol Bergen, has- been ap- pointed assistant pastor at First - Church i n Rochester! THE FINALS IN TENNIS >•»'!„ The flnals in the singles events of I the annual tourhament of the Brock- |.f*port Tenniiis Club will.be played on the fj CMh's courts Saturday afifeernooh. The winners of each match, the \iheii'0. (home and place of bugtosss. Saturday, the 18th, is the last day; —'- Uirderwear for\ every mejaber of the •fomily-at Lesters. Best makes Inpiuding Carters iSeyeral members attended the meet- in.gohChurchvilleb)dge last evening, ! o{ r6gistration .. Better be safe than • HUNTERS! on the occasion of the official visit of ^ rry> and gee that . you , are propenyibe sure to ask Cook ft King about D. D.'G. M. Edwfn Foster. .registered in your own district. Fre- • %$ T special ind-acement on fihella this Durirife the summer .the trustees • qTOfttly peDptg m ^ f rom QOe dSMct ,, faJL --;-- rf ,-• •. • • lfl:8Dl have made improvements in the Tern- j to aiM > tner and overlook ^ faot thftt DQ YQU Km tf pie, by redecoration. , |t . g necB ' BMflr to register -in the dis- ; That Gdolge Williamson,\ \The dU«- Visiting Masons are always welcome' tritet in wMcll , tn - lly6i , ^ — „ _ 1tl > at at the meetings. T„J-- i* - •*• * i. ^ •» the job an-d would be. glad to-receive B ,., .-. ' , Ladies who register need not divulge; y 0U r patroilage. BAKED F'OOD SALE\ jtbeir real age—simply affirming that ' ' r— The Twentieth Century Class of the (they are-over 21. Presbyterian Church wall hold a baked food sale at Community Center, Satur- day, Oct. 18, at 1:30 o'clock. AT CLARKSON CHURCH Young men and women who will i Roast beef dinner and entertain- east their first Yota this vear are re-t^\ 1 ' Q ^\' ' 1T ^ from \ unt11 aML are cast tneir nrst vote tints year are re-t^^ Tickets 50c TaMeg ^^^1^ 10:16 Quired t o present their voter's.by request. NEW WARM BLANKETS 'certificate to the inspection board bt>- we have .a great big assortment of i # „^ J.«^_ T ^-i v„_ * t ! W,bol and Cotton Blankets in large' fore TOtlD «- m places where personal-, . . . - sizes at very reasonable prices; Keep!registration is not reguifHi, which t*-******^^**™^^ MAKE THE NEXT PAIR warm these cool uigbtai under a good heavy blanket; A. V. Fowler, 97 Main Street. 10:16 —P- m- •. r EVERYTHING IN RADIO Greatly reduced prices on new sets. Crosley No, 51, 2 tub&s^ $16; Crosley 52, 3 tube' set, ?36; RadiOla. HI with tubes and phones, ?29; Erla Reflex 3j tn\be $59; Freshman iMastenpiece, 5 tuibe, $51; $1<K) Ben Franklin Neutron dyne, 5 tube, special $50, All other makes and types at corresponding prices. 3Herbert Davis', 1B9 Main St. eludes Brockport and the Town of l^^^^^^^S, Sweden, these certificates may be 6b-, dresses, and general dry .goods. tained ahytiime before election day.! '—' ! —- * -—.'\.' - 1 '\ One or two evenings a week are (being j AUCTION SALE designated at a convenient place in! At J5-'Market'St., Prj'day, Oct, ,17th, Y„^.T, ^IA»+I«« A*«+~t„* ™.T,„-A ««™,\*A»i2 p. m. ;^A» choice lot of household each election district where new vot- g0 & s . mxtiagi Llvingnoom and Sed- ers may take the necessary examina- '. r0 om furniture. Rugs, chairs, tables, tjon and obtain their credentials. ' A bargain in a. idtchen Caibinet, almost Absentee voters may procure ap- S 6 ?*, 1 ** 14 ® ?«tary .Sewing Maohine, plications for absence ballots from ^'^^^°^<3t P*ed Richards, Town Clerk. These ap-. pred Davis. • • . ' rgnnrftg __oa the DejQocratic4 Decker who gTaduated ifrom -the gigh— =~ School Department last June\ stood * trrs^way-homcrfroBi-^e-ptoTfe^tenday [•**,/, ~---i?^'- : y''-—cr—zrr-— ir, u- fcexa^4na4^ft^^40B^eBt-rance---la«t -Sen- -— ^?^a . , , . While we are .not on his side of the' —: ,J . , - - —,.\ ,- ienh-ber* -Jklisis-JJecker—sEas—un«ble-4b- evemng. As he was starting for home, »„, ^ - - . T , -r,- ... \. . • ,., j, . . T „, , 'fence, and not asking KepuDlicans ta an automobile driven by Leo Hickey, • . , . . . . \ _ _ ... ^ , , 7', swing their votes, from the Republican another employee, backed over the VVl „^. .„ v^^ T tr V t.t« . „ ^ i-iLx- O-J . ^ , , Tipmmee. James L. Hotchkiss, to Mr. road, hitting him m the back and „.',, . , , , , ' ... , • ,. .. . ^ , „ - GaEup, we are very glad to know that knocking him to the ground. He was ... T,„. „„_ ..„ :...,.. .. ...... ., , ,, ithe Democratic party has put up a caught j»y the oil-pan- is the bottom -^r-asA-*- —c-- .^ T. ail-x-i - .• -^ , r- rt. ^ -, r^ . , ,t,candidate who wouTd be a credit tol R , a .. rt Ri an u^t= of the car- and dragged along, face f • m 7 *.. 4 Beacon Blankets ' - c ^any office conferred upon him. make warm friends. Try a pair, Les- fcake Regents' examinations last June because of illness, therefore it.^rw\ necessary for her to take entrance ex- aminations at Wellesley. down on- the ground about the length | 'Mr. Gallup gave a very good ac^ azine 4 Man.\ 171 trtlt^ Sfc^is-st3Hnon-of-the-rcar. before'Hackey knew what' „„ lVl4 ^, ,. m „ ,,, . , .. • j.^..' M10 ifthi^*, n ij i la . P-tart tn.r^ei™ v.^ v •* TT. _„ 1.^^ .. /,. , count of him self when he served his had, happened. He was carried to th e \ Jennings home on Fair* street wher e he boarded afHh -medical assistance-- sumrooned. His body was badly scrap- ed and torn, and he sustained severe euts and strains aboout the back and sHoulders.\ No bones were broken. . •' •' - <- \m • ——.. ..- \ .TWO MINOR AUTO ACCIDENTS Nine colored' people and a Hudson touring car struck hard luck on.the Million Dollar highway near the Coun- ty Line bridge west of here Sunday afternoon aiboout four o'clock, when a passing <&ar\ hit them, and'.'swung -their car across the road into another one coming from fine opposite direction. Passengers in all\ three automobiles escaped injury, but the front end of the Hudson in which the nine negroea party in the Assembly at Albany, and. tens. CHICKEN DINNER The ladies of the !M. E. rChurch will j we understand, has the distinction of '. hold their annual chicken dinner on. being on a very close footing.with Al Smith. Whether that carries popular Weight or not, we are unable to say, but -we can say. from, our own know- ledge, that 'Mr. Gallup-4s quite capable;'terns of forming Ms own opinions, and that he is quite inclined to Move opinions that amount to something. His- party Was looking for the best material they had for his office, and that is a com- pliment of no mean order. . N. H. Thursday, October 23rd, from 5:30 until ail are served. ' 10:2 $ • — —- %-T- = r^-_ CROCKERY Yes, we have eight or ten stock pat? ~ in Dinnerware to chpose-frjoW^ also many \42 and 100 piece sets, AY; 1^ Fowler. 10:1«. CfTICKEN PIE SUPPER The -Ladies- AiaxiMafy of the Capeh Hose Will have a chiokeh supper at the Hose House Tuesday\ eyeningj October 2Sth. Price 75c, includes sup- per, cards and dancing. Everyphe welcome. 10; 16 NOTICE This is your last chance to ordet guaranteed shrubs, vines, roses, trees, fruits, bulbs and perennials. Drop me a card. Miss B. Idemah, 151\Monroe; Ave. •-.-. - • ' . •».. . - - ' !NV*ESTMeNTS \\ First Mortgage \Bonds &. W. Straus S;*Cb., 6% 5 42 yeafs wtthOUt loss to- any iwestor. Arthur fooley, Agt,\\ State,Bank of Commerce Mid?, Plhohe^ 128-Mt\ C:lTtt' \^-^%*rw~-, A 'l \ • \-.. * ,.m

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