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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, September 04, 1924, Image 1

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\TT^*:? \1: ;--7.>>*r; -7' ^ J 'f ~ _\_- \ •prw?W^^---ju r - • _*• • : ••*:•: i - .- , --* -» \T. i - / •*» - ? ---...•_ \i . tt_.__.V_ . VOL.-LXVffi- -BROei^OieT-NEW-^OraCr^MlH-SDAYf-^SEPT^ NCTW 1 mm FAMILIES ENJOY REUNIONS TO CONSIDER RURAL SCHOOL nPT^OBLBM-TAT: STATE FAIR-- A State Conference to consider Ru- ral School problems -will be -held under 4 Are\ auspices of ttie New York State KNAPP FAMILY. HOLDS 7TH , Rura i School Improvement Society rtn. ^&ATHERIN€-AT HOIVffi—Qf^rO^AssBnOily- r _Hall_x>f tbe Colo-.se.im j. I on State Fair Grounds, Syracuse, OB IFriday September 12th, with morning; 'and afternoon sessions T. PROGRAM OF THE BAND CONCERTS .:..^!J!_IZ^^.:SIIMEN_£ASsm night -on the charge ot public intoxica- 0FMORTON MINOT ^54JH f Ion cash bail of $15 to apear before MATRIMONIAL WILL PARTICIPATE IN DEFENSE DAY F. F. KNAPP, HAMLIPf REGIMENT BAND WAaL-J^tS Al f^ Taes^y moming at 10 FORMER^^SApCER- DROI .o'clock. He .Cailad .to put in an a P - DE ^ AT j^ HGME LATE Ipearance and forfeited Ins bail. j Henry Smith, aged 19, of ClevelamC YESTERDAY AFTERNOON Ohio and Oliver Kase, aged 22, of Har- GIVE PATRONS OF BROCK- PORT FAIR REAL TREAT _ INTHER—THOMPSON is- Mtudc Thompson daughter oi Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Thompson, and . . . GdaUu-r of Adams Basin »wa MANY ORGANIZATIONS .ARE urUed in marriage at the home of the brlId's p.i'enf.. on Parle Avenue., __ori- ! day afternoon at 5 o'clock, before a SERVING THE DAY large company of guests. Rev. W. B.' ASKED TO JOIN IN 0>B- MlH-frFaraflyTtt-^Rest-Gottag Vote to Make It am Annual Af- fair. Other Reunions feral--Sebool a^^Bahy Show Thursday Afternoon ; rfeburg, Pa., were arrested Thursday Long Identified With Brockport Will., pa-.<>r of the M. p. Church of Dr. H. J. Mann Is General Chair- \' morning at three'o-cTocic;by special R.,.5™ I«f._w».f«. tr nm< _ m | il^Htpon offh.n.e.1. the happy ecu-ple man' and Frank Otte Marshall standinE. under a white arbor trimmed . , Posts Invited 'invited and any who contemplate a Race'Programs Sure to Give i™*™\* a \ Bttree \^-- u > *e^_ Business Interests- Funeral ! visit to tie State Fair are urged to, \ You a Thm -officer Ctaa. Way as being spinous /s _ turdav t 3 O . c , ock .. . , IOU a inrui characters. When brought befor_ ./.Saturday ai o \J CIOCK .with yellow. come thai day. t 1 . Ji __, ,, » „,-. _, . __..._— ™-___e seventh annual reunion of the, A {lll i program of prominent.speak- The 54th Regiment Band of Roeh- Judge Avery they said they had como J^ he death o f Morton Minot occurred ,P\ .-. .lln.; the owttnony O Promise Kxtensive plans for. t'he observance descendants of Silas and .Hannah y s covering briefly all ptoses of theater will lead the procession for lb* j here to find jobs in the pea,ch_and_^ t hU hnn „, nn Nnpt . h , MH1TI str , P e.t,;Me\ wa \ \\»*_»>• Mrs. Roy Nellis; the »f National. Defease Day in BrofifcHfllt. Knapp -was held Thursday, August 28,'problem-? to be followed \STthe .acme or v. e: Knapp at Ham- 1 f or um, will be announced Hn. Over ninety were present, incl-ud-jdistricts and county branches of the «ay evening ax seven o CIOCK. J. __.ir,«\<= -»-\»° t—p^ „-_-_, „>_ K1 -.... « „, ._ , lq ., tog gueiFsTran Pefrv, Walworffa, Buf-] S ociet v are requested to send at least officials, Village officials, and every-|ta tflieir homca^ asleep, and ordered sc-howtis of Rrockport, the Academic >nrt?n brliTesniaki and Theodore Tli<> main feature of the day ^riH fye one who enjoys the distinction of b<3-|the_non febeir way. Department of the Normal School and' Gin:h,M \ \ r '.\Chester bi-other of the;the entertainment of Senator James flrstnighter\ is invited to be on] Justiiee Avery's police court activ- th(1 ri - iv( , rsil> - o( Rochester, i^om ! s, '\ onl . W3s 1 \\' t nl;in - i w - Wads worth who will be the ©uest *alo, Bergen and BTOckport. With ' one ( j e j e g. a te ideal loddtion and fine weather the 1 .Honorable Adelbert Moot, of Buf- ins a __... ._ _ day's program of dinner, games, l (aV > viee ChancelloT of the Board of hand to join the procession. At 7:3o]•*»<» terminated Tuesday morning, , h „ latt( , r i n «ltution. he was gradu-; Hi\ bride wore a gown of white „f t he above mentioned forces. S.na- ^s-tuSarefc.; was' enjoyed ttt th-e-firll. - riiiVnT^~STkle \6T\-New\^ol-TT-%vTir^ arrival_af-3,^^^,,-)..^^^^^ carried n rihnw- t t Qr WadagorULjg. ctolrm^n <yf (he \\ The following we elected to- office j 9pe . ak 0 „ the EgualizaMon of School'fii*st of the free attractions on tti« Judge Benedict back on the Bench ti()n fronl rollWi he enternd thfi :er ''••IKJUPI of roses. The bridesmaid Military Affairs Committee whicJi is for the \coming year: President, Le»-Jflna4ce generally. . ' i grandstand -will be shown in Broclt-jTroa his annual vacation Secretaries of county branches are'poi't then for the first time. Special lie Knapp ; vice-president. Wilbur Bios sm_-s©m4-^e<K_a_L__^ |J Knapp; \secreta.ry Mrs. N. J . Rutiman; -tEeasiirer, Charles Knnpp; sporii t-Qiii- mittee, Charles Walker, Gladys Knapp. x»_^ tMR ted>.i^__fo ra _ a _nl reports to the ' musical numbers^vill be given by Uio | _^ ^ HISTORY State Secretary, D. Boyd Devendorf, Hand of twenty pieces. An unusaaJ\ R. 1, Amsterdam, N. \\ a,tonce,. . . j display of fireworks will entertain the For details address the Headquart- .crowds-at the conclusion of the band The next reiLhion will he held at the'' ers 0 f .^e State Society, 332 Powers : concert. Following this program tjxe l.l_. home of Dudley Walker at Berg^rt, on i Hi,iidin.g, Rofheater. N, Y. r-th -^hi-Fr9day^^of--A-^gttstg^-l92feT\- ^-^--= -n —»--' = -t Japanese Dance Pavili&ri, will be thown • open—ta-4.hg-pa-bl_^-ffVF--^-anft-niS_ WALLACE FAMIL.Y REUNION The Wallace family reunion was \held Sunday, August 31srt. at \Rest Cottage,\ the pleasant summer home. of Mr. and 'Mrs. Charles P. Ouelf. This 'Counted Great Success But Could cr>_r_»m & nun i I rtlTTIMr 1 ! Music for the dancing will be furnished SECOND ANNUAL QU-llNb ;bv -Sax\ Smith's orchestra. OF SARASOTA BOOSTERS -heing the first family event -of Its Not Refrain from Fish Stories t! nature, it was decided to make it an | Th( . pep<md ft|HHlal Sarasota plcn ,,. annua* affiair. The folloNv4ug officers from rhp npighbr>ring t „wn g 'of Swed-I z^OBK elected for-the ensuing -ye«trs| eI1> narkson- 0ffden an<1 Parnia waa - President, Mrs. Charles P.Qno\T ; vice- f ^ w . FW<tey ._ a ft« W9oa ftt Colten_er'sj Grove. Hilton Beach. i Dinner was served to sixty-one at president, Mrs. David Wallace, of Rochester; secretary-. Mrs. Charles Ldnd, .Jr., of Morton; treasurer. Vera Doty, of Buffalo. ' ' \ ''',\\ Porty-flvf members of the family l^jwere present, including members from Los Angeles,\ Calif., Buffalo,. Ftoches- tftn4an4-s--a'V-->no o'clock- -on- the grove and the comments'heard on ; all sides- after the dinner was over ; were sufficient proof fclutt northerners, are not taking second place when it i T,-X^neseo.-Brocl.pai_U BengeTi .Him- ( , bmM ttrM>ttKL ^ Mra . Hr *. 1fpntoir4- ^ Selection—Slastouia i.an ! _lMorton.___ ._ \ ^^ w ^^ or th, | ^ SlSey^o^e^unny Sout^ ^enei-ri~-airan^me«.t^T-^he----w«9-a« The feven-itog 'chhclBWn-^TnBIgg The following program will 'be given on Wetlnestlay evening 1. March—.Stars and Stripes. _!. Overture—Chimes of Normantiy. ^. Waltz—Les'tudinntlna. .. <V.rnPt SolpH-^Seiectpd.. . .-StgnoT N. Pi ore. 5 Selection—Robin Hood. 6. SexteUe. from Uucla. \ 7. Minuet. R, -Medley—Sweet -Old Song-». fl. Star Spangled Banner. ^ On Friday afternoon—National r>? tables ia fonso -? ay ' l ' le ^ollojevtng profrram will be played: America. 1. 'March—The Royal Trumpeter. 2. -Overture—\Prince of Wales\. 3. Intermesso—\La Paloma.\ LBOVANIZER—WcCARTNEY FA.MILV One hundred and ten descendants -&t- the- -Bovai-izEn^VtsCaptn-ay Ea.mili&a \^ithered at Troutburg Sunday, August -Slst, for the 19-2-i fanHly reundoa. Mrs. fsisted by Mrs. -Hubert Whipple oi l7:30 on Friday will be as follows; Brockport, Mrs. E. E. Collamer ofj j March—\The Old Brigade.\ a. Clara McCartney of Rochester aged ITS' representative of the .families present, and five-DM>ntli_SK>ld Harold Clap»p, soxi of Mr. and Mrs. Harovld Clapp, of Mid- dleport was the younscest one present. _.. A niciilc 'dirtner was served an the I™, vgrove at Ohtario Ina at One o'olook, [tt- .after wliicit a bu9_n_ess mPRtin-g atid election of the Tollowimg officers for Hilton, and Mr?£ John Talbott oT Spencerport. j A snappy game of baseball, a'de-' •.'. Overture—' ; Poet and Peasant.* k 3. Serenade—In the Shadows. 4. Cornet So.o—•'Impprial.\ -on,* uftcu 1 • , n °r Piore.- -,„„,,,,,, ._ M , jil . 1| . l ..|Hghtt«l..rMe in John .Talhotfs trim! fi sp tw «rtnii—TW.nffWto.i.iT •WBB-lBWo.-«a.«. lb« - 1J - L ! n ; wi ;^; andtlleswappillsof flrit . 6 Am^ patrol\ ing and huuting. stories of how it is! 7 - Selection—\!. Trovatore done in Sarasota, whiled away a de-j «• American Fantasia. Hg'htful afternoon. A bufiet-suppeR, was served at six o'clock. 1 Star Spangled Banner. Much interest is being\shown iri\-_Eo The fnllowtn'R connntttee on ar- 1 varibiis welfare exhibits for the Brock-Btrockport, ! port Kair. The Red Cross tent will be tKB&mevts was appointed for seat; fa ^ argg ^ Mrg Lewis ^e4i, cna,ir- >-ears^EStRIl_^'JIWr-H:--^-^ta!ioijn^^ an . ; - Mrs.\ Brennan and\ Mi-ss^SaTft ttBenOTtasywr^held: President. | A « am » Ba^: M« Uy^McCaie p^^. Ia ^ ^ Q^^^^ Mrs. Emri Jones, of Ryronz, vice-! and '^ ^^ T ™* ° f Sp6ncer -;ten. the following will be in char-e: r Lpoi4^ TTfrorRport .groupj,._Mrs. Bplfe, ohstir-, >re9id.ent. Mrs. Hatfcfe, yittmasn, \oT-. ,i„h,-*-int.- _„, ^^^.J ^--- Barre: secretarv. Mrs,. James Blodgett ^ J**^*** *?'\ f^by man; Mrs Sanford- . Mre > QpQ- ^^ ofmtavia- trea-nreT-.Mrs. Margaret 1 ^^ ^\ff 3 \\'^ ^ ^^^^ Mw.._MiL Root. Mrs, Lewis Johnston, Greenakpr, of Bergen. It was dleclded I!ih.at_i.e»t~yea^f I F ifuaW^wni~is^Wtd at Horseshoe Lake. Family represen- tatives were present from Cle-veland.j iGaJlaip. Mr. and Mrs. A. J . Fetter and [ Dorothy Fitter, of C4i wv^^Pred—R. rLixson, S.txsute-Barnard. L. A; Bar- nard, Mary K. Barnard, of Rochester; i William h. Boon, of Ohurohville: John Mrs. Rose-nohanz. Miss Lena 'Smrth, j-Mrs. Rose_ Snell. Mrs. Ethel Low, Mrs. i f2va White and other .local nurses not engaged at the time. Sweden grotrp: Medina, Buffalo. Ba_rre. Albion. Ni- ^.\^ IA ;- L ^\^^ZZ^Z^T^ 5 - GroVef Stickney, chairman; Mrs. Mers-ioiu Mrs. Harold Tlelson, WTS. __, ^ ., _ T). Nelsofi, 3lr. and Mrs. Harold A, agara PaHs. Batavia, South Byron,' ,, .„ _ ^, ., \ . .^»,.Btt^ Sweden. Rochester. ^ ac0n ' M w r a ^^. <J e ° r f ^ ^iGeo.Beadle. Mrs. E. W. Brigham.'Mrs. ^ur^Ym £ .teackpo J =Lml_€_al_lLel_l Ml * X K \ Ne,son ' ° f Adams Bas,D: iA. Arnold ROWE FAMILV REUNION J-.gaJEfe_---^_aceaiy memT>fifa caLjfca Mrs. Mthef- OBOTJBCKrTCnama; ^Tpi^-teb7ffl^\^ffi\bW ^heW ThffrsV Mr..aasL_Mrs. John Panty. Claremont,, ^ aiUmo ^ Ui ^4 the ' haMQ& ^ j- e N, ft; ^Irs. O. I? Sherwood, Washing.i 4jl 4 €ed j ) ^ wtQ _ ftG ^ SS te^ ll 9 ;ff | 4l( Items of Interest Mentioned In The Republic Fifty Years Ago To-Day Kingsbury Bank, where he remained' wtln> * l K \ wn of veI{t>w <'ankm crepe, responsiible for the National _>e£ense- four years Leaving the • bank, he!* 1 \' 1 '' irrif 'U yellow roses. | Act of 1920, and he will explain for formed a partnership with Mr. A. T.' I'-H'wln? the ceremony dinner was j the ' benefit of all concerned, the WeTIs\ 1 n Ihe lianhvaFFhiutTne_fg7UTfdEr J ?' a4irvt ' cl t D • (op ^-gues-^-twelve. .heing^i-eason for thisjnnuih4a.lked=of-Na*ion the name Wells & Minot. On <t_hol sr \ atP(1 !U thn hritl(, ' s table, which was,Defense Day. There is probably no> __ fetirenient of Mr. -Wette.\ Mr. Charles {^ecoralod in white and yellow. ;oa_. better Qualified to elucidate \^e_\ _.. Married in Brockport,- Thoma,-. H.-cker wt.s- received into the partner-' Prenuptaal events included a variety ,whys ami wherefores, of this, subject. _ Raines nf.RocliMter and Jflias Aggie s hip a*d-4.b«.lm*HW_KS. -esnUiwM^«wl«f ^^ v:<21 '- £ i y£a *&- M*fr A^JI, Ajner, al.tJxai. loim^jt&^ttJfU at-J&ftj P^e^Bfc^^ •Bu_OerofJBl_t2etoort ! _ il - the firm na^nc of- Mihot& Decker, In | \roveland; a dinner at, tbe^ Sagamore Hmo. : J „ • DteJLin Sweden, Mrs. OW.-r Hart. ijjOO. Mr. Minot' retired from t3ie r^^ 4 ^ «\cUe-tor. -by~a&,-aa*t Mrs. J. _j.| __Pmtrk JL Otte. Jma. fa£gn__app-ointea _ aged\58 years. Ai.rdwnrc business and a vear later, l<:il,,n<ir (,f Ad.ims Basin: a whore party [marshal! of Defense Day parade, and George Moore builds a new barn on wlih Dean G. Crippen as partner, \ fiinn <T ''>\ Ml .^ Gertrude Strauss and Hugh Constable chairman of traunspor- his premises on Kenyon street. ' i-tabli»h»(l the banking house <.f' MiiW Dorothy Hlacktord at_ Willow .ration arrangements Anyone bavins M. S. Crabb is appointed post--Mi,nt & Crippen. Three years la.«.! Bel,ii: d v:irl«»ty shower by Mrs. Strt-,pars* which t.hey wish to place at the master at Hamlin to take the place of Arthur Toolev was admitted as ii, 1 ' v J' lffw » « n 'l «'«• 1'H'ian WiU-ox at : disposal «rf the Defense I>ay CommSt- A. & Brameo. resigned. partner and the name i-hanwd- to'^\ ,1 ' >nu ' ,, f the'fornier;. a kitchen ;tee. Is r^iuosted to notiry Simmons* The following are drawn to serve a. Mini... Crii>pcn & Company. In lim. - h ' ,w ' r bv ^ ,iw May Mcchan and MH..Drug Store. s-imuH U'lackenbush at the home of The following ojg.inizations have jurors; ftollin fi. Wood. W. H. Bank- the Bank incorporate.} and berame -the er. Hamlin; Andrew Gallup. ('larUson. State Bank of Commerce Mr. Mlnftt Miss Meehan; Mrs. \\_m_ Rlloy and been requi-bted to repo-rt for the par- WlIHam\ •birntaith erertK a hnnae T™« »tn..m_i..it JI __fl J i t ^-^ send a-nVlBgaTi south of A. Hinman's. . this portion, he resigned \to assist his' n< ' (> '^ rlub nf ,hf > 1)nWr of th \ Eastern .presentatives: American Legion, O. unr l... Hon Levi P Morton with whom ' Snr in hon \ r of lhp bri(l< * and P rp -|A- R- Spanish War v>tbrans, former Twenty-Flve YesQ-s Ago _ ^ rn^\ n ,^,\ t* ba ^s^itcul-u^U^rJ 1 .' ll (1 1, \. r . I v, L h _J ^Iver Jray and a .members of The Xational Guard.S.jO^. At the animal meeting of the Vi*(_-._. Ml , .viinot'* death After the death mayonnnse sc-t; a bachelor*' party ntv, W. R. C. Legion Auxiliary, I. O. O- m-an's Missionary Soeiety of the Bap- nf - hi! » ,,,,(.1,., n,.. management and set- tJie home of Mr. and Mrs. Braftley Mc-; K. of C, Masons. Eastern Star, tist .Church th. following officers are t ip mpn i of the estate, devolved in J u \ an °f ^^hes-ter, was given in honor Rebekahs, School Board, Draft Board, elected: President. Mrs. Win. Cooley; j arRP nWtt ;ure upon Mr. Minot an< j j\t *P gromn. [dFrgy,- ftny^Scouts, -Girl Sc-outs. Meir vicepresddent. Mre. James Brennan; donvanded his constant attention until [ AftPr n w<,ci,flin K tri P through the, who attended the Reserve 0)fflcera •treasurerrM-rsr-J.-_>. Burrrrr-coTIeefor,; a Very recent dateT .Mj^__JLga.pr_y__Gafffi, ', ,, : • ,—-Though~Mrr*WhiPtV-ihealtih-had—bc--r I ^ xeK - a: ^ L - rsatAe \ lxl -- BrQidt|>i: ' xt t A_._randa.tks aad ^Thousaad- Mi_n.ds^TraA-ving^-ea.mp. •!_>. A. R,, Civlc_-_GlHib^_ Xr_3a_nfie T --y'iUaga-Board T T3he_J!unioEJ Married in Brockport, Frank V. Rey> (n>mf . ^ omf »-wha't impfhlred and he was! nolds and Miss Florence B. King. gradually withdrawing from the morn BASSETT AND PRF.STOM —Died—in—Sweden-—Mrs. Rhoda—Ls-Fxaeiiug demands uf business life, lily 1 Beedle, aged 66 years ;in Brockport, ( . 0 ndItTon was \hot considered serious George H. Smith. ,,„,] the end came without warning. CAMTN SMASH-UP —Fift-ren Y-nrg^Atro Hf vm a Twnnberof the Presbjtertnn i Basseft Suffer* Two Broken Ribs, J. H. Pettit sells Rochester party. his home to a manv years as trustee and elder 4. survived bv his w Died at Perry. Mr*. William L. War- MJnot _. 4o w ^ am he %va s ^ 1W eh^4^_k iW rUaiuLserved h for jOthgrrfecqie-wiaHtfelor Cross, and all other 'patriotic, fi-Etetn 1 !!!.' and civic organizations. spanisn war veterans are request- wl» <to act as a guard\ of boire>F for- Senator Wadsworth, who is 'hiin&eTf a Spanish War veteran. All organizations forming ii th_» ner of .-larKson. aged KT yell's '. in Mrs. Emt*y H^ndTtcks. aged 50 years. Married in Roctiester, George H. if«, Harriet I'. 1 Wdlbur Bassett who resides on the. [the public building at 3 o'cloob. Up- -— ~ as'marrli'd Oc-' ( * nun, >\ \\*' road-about a mile south i<*n his arrival at the Fairj groini-tsi: ~r Simmons of Rochester and Miss Ethel brmhffr Jomw (M4not M. Steteher, formerlv of Clarkson, A. E. Tulley pur<h.i-ps the VanEps place on th<| c«orner. of S-ate and Park nrtlTI V afnrrnfKin . tober\ _.5th, 1.SS8. one ssn! George\Slor.T\^^^T-ISSn^glavaa'ihjui'dd-in-aa- aufte-pe&albr wadswortn will be'WretSweET\^* ton Minot. a granddangh^r. Margaret I mo-bile ncrideirt Tuesday—e Miller Minot. two si^tersr Electa -M. [ ab ' Ju t ^^^t o'clock. He. Miito__j_ad.__>lary M. _Miiioi-_amL onal dr Jven_his Ford coupe out of his own -.--tbe-publio by Gilford -Morga-n, and! -ho-wilLmake his-Matioaal Itefensae DaujE- addreSs at four o'clock. Ave. [driveway SB.__.0ie road, when he lost The funeral\ will he held tit his Tate| rnntr(rt ^ thp wh«ft and stmrk a Hud- residence on North Main street. Sat-} 80 \ nead.m. which was -coiiitiig\ from M 3 o'clock, burial J f ' ne opposite tlircctrton. The Httdson [was owned by Ray Preston, and was in-the ] AUTO RACES DRAW BIG CROWD Eight thousan<l aut-.«obHe_rans wit- nessmf one - of thi^WesF aulomobalc racing c%rds ever hebl in this section, at the Brockport ram track Labor Day. The special.features of the mee were Ira Vail, who wen $230 in prize money; Norman Ratten, who won s^o^'WitTSiff' Yan, ^OBITUARY- WALKER A. V. Walker, aged SO years, presi- h»nt of Scrantom & Wetmore, and a j being driven by one of his sons. I TluMaB- were- -BH^MM^U other boys in the car w-ftii--hi7nr-ai1-nf i -whTinrtmcaped \fiCK jury. Mr. Rassett was rendered un- conscious, suffered severe shock and two of his rib were fractured. His The six neighborhood Posts,\ from HoHey. Albion. Spencerport', 3EIdtt, ClmrchviilTrumi lireeceT iSW^beMTEc. ' vit«»d as -guests of Harsehr-Crisp^Sea?!; -—2*^ man Post to participate in %e pco^ pioneer with the well known book firm Audition is very favorable, however, for the past 55 years, died- Monday Atbertson. of Penn- _.__....- •John CUjUaHBGf, «Mr. and £ | Of paft-ieular interest -is_aeJ^d^Sam^ _and_Aft Batmld. •tsDeaHne- eouimii_ift\whic_h ~vffi-l be in-\ Yail witfh his $l*S.tmd 3 ___^_ _.__. it ^ J - - *=imr-I3r\Tl. \\BOwe^ _a_d__y frttemlerl thetthira sattmial—-- *• -_—JZ- „ . ,, , ,_ _ „, -- r ~ — -TemihHi which washestt«on*tr 1* &e ff^ ^ A-^T'*'^ ^^{speaHng e__uipW_S\whteh \wlfl be in »e of Mr.\ anJTSmnSc^^ f» the aflte <rf &-*.*&m- of narkson: : Dinner was served on Porris Collunier, Hilton;, Mr. and Mrs.j^^ ^^^Wadsworth. and Trtll he ._ „ . ._ f,. m . 1S*9, at O_arkson.__an.d- estep—te gram, and representatives from aiUT^ {..____, Post_----L__-_e_Connty... -ara,,.,?;^^^ '•- ? ^* •TlTf>^^nin.e Conwy^Tmir~7S_s^ra;tC hasT invited all service men in unit- form, or wearing Legion o&Ps to he , ThPtf guests at the \FWf J on Bat_4aSr: 1 A parade will form at the. puMie._ and he doe« not anticipate being laia | ojinfling _af 3:30 JYiday ajternoon,^ ^ up.any.length of time on account of 1. wiw «n+ (. tH.isuu.--ii \ Rochester. He was born Jan. 14,1 h,f! injuries. His son Proaser whol ,ions ' ar ^ invited to take part, eilhejE , wbo surprised the topnotcher-s-—-_------ „„_7 I J \V_ -r___.n. J Kv.* m -thr> rnr with Wm Mrai»ii-«m as-a marchiT._rbod<v. or in aiit.vTi_nW.ft* . was lit the car with him. escaped™un Di. Rit.lT7iri_n ot Mo', .on, and *h© -sawn--at- o&e- O'GIO-1C .j^oW.e=&J#—a |=__ program of sports a.nd games. The- |g-^— fcllowiiig officers were elected -at the TiiiHiTie.ss ffTefltlTig: . ^Weston ^.ciwe. of T-Ochei-ter, president: Ida TS.e'F. Roofi ester, secretary and William Tyler,' •Rochester, treasurer. The next family gathering -will be held at the home of .William Daugh- erty, of Scottsville. There were fam- ily representatives present from Pitts- ford, Scottsville, Rochester, Medina, CLifton, Col'dwater and Brockport. G. 'N,- TJSi; Mabel 1 Kehoe and son, Lawrence Ke ?_-_*^_ _-^____j_uw5-l=-40F^the—aa.noTj^HTWj^ffF^^^f^^Sfe^ *\^_M\-4roi_-^B9__f^i^ s «*s___^e»*-^^ hoe, Mrs. J. B. McCabe. Mr. and Mrs. races and other announcements from J. A. T^-bette-er J-UJheJJodg -,he-.-3i__iIXar. to that used in Washington, by meajoa 'of which thotisa'nds have. been able to Each person in the grandstand will be COLLINS REUNION On •Stutu'rday, Augufst 3o, -he second a/nnual reunion of tne Collins family , was held at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Doud of Byron. Following the dinner a business meeting was (held wfhem officers for the ensuing year .were elected: president. Dr. Harold Collins,' of Brockport; .vice-president, Harry Doud, Detroit; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Burton H. .Peachy, Genes_o' r historian, -Mdss Louise Co-1- 'llJns, Bridgewa/ter; sports connmittee, Selden Craw, Clifton; rofrestunentis, 'Miss Ida Collins, Cihupch-vdlle. Anna Esther, four months old daughter of Dr. and < S\ra. 'Collins was the youngest. mem'her preent. It _was decided to hold the next re sell Fraize, of Spencerport; Henry~C. Mrs. Lettie Johnson, Dorris Whipple, Janice Whipple, Frank R Wilson ««|^bi^\toVw~voryl^a7yT \other daughter. May J. Gallup. Jay Crary. I eleetrical eqaipment3 includ ^ s flo<Hl Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Heniion, Mr. and | Mrs. Hubert Whipple, Nellie Talbott, Mrs. I. M. Garrison. Mrs. E. F. Whip* pie. H. L. Buckley. Dean Henion, Mr. and Mrs. Cfoa$. D. Nelson of Brockport. |X><. \^pioa at the home of CMisa Ida M. Cbllins of Ghtjircliville on. *he La&t Sat- urday in A^gast, 1925. \ HEAVY-TRAFFjIC MONDAY •T. H. Dobson of fjollege street who is a keen observer and an adept at working out averages, is responsible for the following interesting informa- tion : a fair average of- 5,000 cars pass- ed his house on Monday, on accoupt of the d'etouT necessitated by the new Main .street road. work. This average was arrived at by counting the cars over a reasonable length of time, and averaging up the day. An .averaife value of $1,000, would meaa a money investment in the 5,000 cars, of $5,000,000. An % overage of four people to the car, would bring the parade pas___ig ffiii house on that day up t o 20,000 people. Some grounds for thought, _h»fc lights, and searoh light by which -Che attraction stand will be lighted for the night Fair. The dance pavilion -vsrtll be attractively decorated in Japanese fashion, with numerous Japanese lan- , terns. \Sax\ Smith's orchestra is now considered one of the finest dance orchestras in itihAs section of the State, and is a feature at the Odenhach in Rochester during Horse Show. week. They will play at the Dance tPaviliot) each niight of the Fair. Judging in all departments istarts at ten o'clock Thursday montting. At 1:30 there wjll be a parade of school children, and the annual inspection of the Brockport Fire Apparatus, cele- brating the completion of the entirely motorized department. This parade will form at the Public 'Building. Miller Special v4ed with Patten rn tlie-ti'meM-rial-at ftg i_»ean.te. ana he won the it-mile.- 'ysimir ir-T-fe^ie^-efT.endaH -wepe-'eaH«ft. with the firm of Scrantom & Wetmore; The coupe, being thejighter of the two car.s» _w_aa_hadLy-_sit_ashe3 Tjy the in 1869, and has been with them ever and Albertson irt 1T1 minutes, 1 1-6 se^andjs J _-JEJecaua£-__-QL-l_i-a- reputation. Vial attracted th? mosf^attentioi.. trat the other - racers awl their popular - - lenhergsr-gave—a—jas-st—satjsfactery account Of 'themselves judging from He is survived by one sister, Mrs. W. Seward Whittlesey and two broth- er^.^j!li?ral!U_a53\^dwarSr Ti; TSaTEor. 1^*^ all of -Rocheter. the enthu'siasni of tfce grands.ander^ as well as the crowds lining the rail all along the ovaT ggggg^-at* w^jf- ^vir^T_-flng-jiiL_-a. patriotic, fraternal and civic or_?aTi'iiza- as-a marching body, or in amtoiiaoMesfc\ Ttra-ff*t_rR^ifrt__irBa_fu^wTii^tt^ MSx-sfc, and\\fli&. 'L&tfrQ&'T&nt- AaicE -WL=- lage affl__als wiU escort Senator Watfe- worlli 14>• the ltair-gi-Jun.sfc-^rPHr-ilr moderpte rate of speefd. ThejChairman of the arraiig£siia£g ,feg_ Hudison will also have to undergo re-!Mational Defense Day. The purpose of the day-is -ttr- -POS3^9-M&ETHVr_WBA^- DELPA The death of Mrs. Anna C. Delpa, aged 66 years, occurred August 25th, at St. Mark's hospital, Rochester. S<he! me r adjournment. was a resident of Clarkson for a num- Manv \ subjects worthy of dis cussion The Harseft-Crisp-Seaman Post wii. aigain get into action Monday evening, Sept. ..th, after a two months' sutn- Qur defense poJiicy fe -adopted.^_3jp4)B«_ fotnn~De-\fense Act Of 1920, and bring to the attention of citizens the part which individuals will be- called upon to play in any future call tor mobilization. Regular Artny _wid Na- tional Guard units will mobilize \art; GRANGE NOTES ber °* >' p aTS. She i s survived by her| h,lVP come-up during, the vacation in- their stations on that day. Tfae new The initiation of candidates in the busband, John Delpa; two daughters, lauding a talked of oarnival, mock j feature is that organized reserves all first and second dew, has been post- Mrs. R. K.. Irwin, of Rochester and ; trtal . movi ^ sh °ws. haskettrall project,, over- the United States will also as Mrp. Walter Wright, of Morton; one! reports of auto races, etc., which |semble at. their rendezvous either In ^Sonie of the degree,staff members son . Joseph, of Rochester, and fi V e^ n&uld a1 1 go toward majOTig'&e-open.*jperson of by postcard. Headcruarters :m are absent from home, and the. fruit grandchildren. harvest and other farm work is com inug on now with a rush. For, these of neT son > Joseph. Delpa,. No. 3 Ber reasons it was deemed advisable to nice f,treet > Rochester, Thursday af .er- postpone the initiatory ceremonial un- no0IX of last w « ek at 2:3o o'clock Hats to Fit any Siisse Bead at tihe. Eagam Store. til a later date, nounced later. which will be an- Interatent ait Garland cemetery, EET CAPENS MEE T MONDAY The regular September meeting of Capen Hose Co. was postponed until NOTICE J I aim now taking orders for lardy bulbs, plarits, fruits, shrubs, roses and, trees with an jahsolute replacement giujaranitee. Drop me a card to call and talk it over with you.\ MDi_« Beulah Idemani, 151 Monroe Ave. - *> ~' »:ll s NOTICE OF FILING COMPLETED ASSESSMENT ROLL Notice\ is >ereby given that the as- Monday, Sept. J&h owing to the first sessment roll for the town of Sweden, bej , • , , holMav in the County of Monroe, for the yea* be ™f a ^'..holiday. , 19_l.,- has been finally completed by The president, requests all Cape-ns the undersigned assessors, 'and was to be on hand af 8 o'clock sharp as filed in tlfe office of the Town Clerk, at several Capens also wish to attend the £1? w.n °LLJt SS\£ ™S ^ American Legion meeting which falls -same will reanata opens to public in- - ing meeting a blijiger. Refreshments j for focal organized Reserves is the The funeral was held at the home . of course--will- follow- the -meeting.- J3&lst ^Regt of Infantry, 98th Division^ Many vets have purchased Legion ;U. S. Armory, Rochester.— ^ , caps and those wishing one should leave one dollar and size with the adjutant. Commander Rayburn requests the Republic to remind the Legionaires through its columnis of National De- fense Day, Friday, September 12, and requests them to be at the Public Building -at 3:30 for the parade. t INVESTMENTS Fiust Mortgage Bonds, S.W, ~Strau& & Go. 6%; 42 years without loss *o any investor. Arthur Tooley, Agifct, Starte Bank of Commerce Bldg. Moiii 128-M. M \ /A*H LI THEY'RE USIN6 A LOT O^JA 1 speotion- for fifteen day Dated, this 2nd day of Set»t. 1924 Fred' H. Shafer Fred B. Clark on the same night. Fo£ The Fair - • - „ 1 Get your hats for the Brockport Pair Assessors of the Town\ of Swedfen, 1 at the Fa>j^an Store. County of Monroe. * 9.11, SUBSCRIBE FOR THi REPUBLIC SCHOOL TAXES Notice is hereby given that the taxes for school district. No. 9, towns of Sweden' and Clarkson are now due and are payable at the First National Bank on and after Monday, Sept. 8th, for .hiity days atsone per cent; there- after at 5% at my. house, 74 Adams street. Chak. Tighe, Collector. <?9:25 ADVERTISE !N THE REPUBLIC LUMBER i_« i^M \With unprededented hdHtlitig in .t^jF~ k - erMion 'now the need for lumber . natnraliy Is greater thin ever, S&fiv 3 Gordon & Son befor^ j^uytttg, 2:2*tf *t$, . A&K-IF6R SAMPt.6S * . ,y J. If you ask to afte sanntpleft t^'W, V^ wedding invit'atfaMis *nd an_ao|it»<s«fr-, J. _»___r_ts__we have printed yoii,jtta_Ji.|^4* *§ good Idea how yojii* Tpi io^.'.'lpl'r^ j. $ ppic&g are yery teaaoow/lil.; iiitM|!tB» '. work Is of *he- too&... ^_Mft>#*li_i-»-/ ^ public Printing Dopt. be^r. o»_^et__pi <*

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