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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, August 28, 1924, Image 3

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Pl^PSPi7wMi i #^ f-r*iW 'V:\ tr -tr JSJrJ —afosas rtij^t InkN IP'-. ^BtE-ftEPU Bfcl|^,-BReeK^»0^«T^*^ J Y^ J T1^t^ftSP3^Y^ *]UGUST 28,, i924 §£.' +*&>^><<\M^A&l'W<\>>>**'> m HOME HINTTS t t J* T ! Ilr^tty INEZ SEARLES WILLSON ^. -t@, IWT Weate-r-n-Miiwapaper t.nl°\-l ____ , ... <. Is cheese as indigestible; as it is ordinarily credited with being? .152- Mrs. Keeler amd daughters.,, of Roch- ester were week end guests of Mr. ana Tvrrsr^BchranfiMtjeiathe. —Allegro Oslbome is spienflffig-arweelrliyrr^-family, with her grandmother, Mrs. Post of Holley. Ik--\--pari stents- carried on by the—Depart liient of Agriculture i n co-operation with, the Bureau of Animal Husbandry seem to show that this is not the ease. \Tliese experiments were*' conducted = w1tfS _ \young meii - as sWjecTs.\' Tlley\ ~~were given a diet consisting of bread, American cheese and fruit. The re - |£ : \' -suits proved~tlitrt~ovpr -80 per cent of the proteiD was digested and that 9 0 per cent of the energy was available and there 'wel'e iio evidences of diges- _^fe_diilitailliia . Tlie digestion of the protein- of cheese takes place, in tlie intestines rattier than in the stomach and this rayHJethe cause of the general opm- Jon that cheese is a \heavy\ food. There IS a large amount o f fair present In cheese and it forms a coat- , ~fhg -arouftd—the—protein. This makes Tt \difficult fo r the digestive iuiees. to reach the protein and thus Tlie diges- |^_ tlve processes In the stomach ar e re- tarded. |l*~ IMstress, d«p to eating cheese*, has beea attributed to the presence of free fatty acids which are produced dur- : ing the ripenlril&proeess, The same contrition may be brcaight about b y cooking clieese ti t a temperature s o •high that the fat Is decomposed and fatty acids freed. \ Further experiments, in which the\ energy required t<> digest cheese was |s = —-pt meat Is^isslinthited no mure easily. r ~\ _ Ig.. order to lessen the length of time that cheese remains in {lie stomach. It should he^faken in as finely a divided a state us possible. Careful chewing will hel£, ' The practice o f eating crackers with cheese,- especially soft cheese, I s a great aW In separating the particles. Hard cheese is more reaelily reduced to <mnll pieces. .Melt- ing cheese and tnK'ing It with other THsls.tjhe very host ~wirv~TtrPHlKtUg, it. p*.sxllde- 8oi> the dig^silve juices t o reach tlie protein. • ' The u<e o f baking sodu and other like alkalies hits- l>een reoommended •for making the r!n'i«.e nin're digestible 1$—ItrnuTi ft ivnder 1 * HEF-TUT. tern wTftibie, - E.vi*erhtiem dues not hear out this --claim. The alltati dnr*s neutralize the \~fatty acids which may or may\hnPTie an advui.tngei.s it affects the flavor of rlie oliww. . __ XIanj experiments have been con - -daciojl to airove the value of clause a s 8 food. The results? have been very satisfactory. No t only Is It it \highly which ca n be assimilated hy the both' -without the expenditure nf tmdue e-n- |_ ergy. It does\ nu t c:iu.->c digestive dls - \~ ttirbances. I t may he .combined In num- -l)6a«iys-\va.ys „..tm nOlex TTimTS m TflnKP attractive an d palatable- dishes in \which both FaF iiVul protein lire fu> riitshted in an errnietHk'-al-foim—— _. , > _ .„„,., ,,_,,_. ,i . . ,. Engraved Announcements . VICINITY HAPPENINGS - Prom Our Regular Correspondent* --'•• ADAMS BASIN fairms, and hte uncle 'built the 'first house in Adams Baisin, swapping a horse fo r -the land and the lufnber re- quired to biuld th e house. The build- ing—is. now occupied \by Claude Davis Mrs. Charles G-allup spent from' Saturday to Tuesday jit the home o f her daughter, Mrs. F. \Neff Sfcroup, of Newark. Edgar Johnson o f Now York City j was~ar-Smi4ay^-g-ue«t--of- Ms- ^auat—and- uncle, -Mr. and Mrs. Bdw, Giles. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ryan who have been visiting i n Candor for the past week, returned home .Saturday. They were accompanied b y Mr. and Mrs. W/H. Soutihworth, -Mrs. Ryan's sister and IwabaaoV-of- Jfluahixig, JR^fcr^Mfc - and Mrs. South worth motored home Tuesday. - Richard' Elms motored -to Hornell, Monday with exhibits fo r the Hornell faiir. '• Basin people were'shocked to hear of tine sudden death of John H . Mar- shall, at has cottage at Silver Lake, Sunday afternoon, counts According to \ac- he was waiting for dinner when seized with a- heart attack. John was a former Hasan-hoy, and had a great many friends here. He_ moved to Perry about \fourteen years ago, where .be conducted a grocery bu'si- name of Marshall & Son. His wife, father aad mother. Mr. and Mrf. Chas, Mai^sitall and : one bother, Alphoniw JM<WBfo,5ll, al l °f Perry ...survive .him. His fu-nerai was held Wednesday after- noon at 2.6*«loe1rr~ \\Mr. and MreC'HaruId -flarmrur-spent th« week end at Conesus Ijake with Airs. Barnum's brotlier and wife. The^lawk4n«, Haman and Chas. Rol- Lin families camoed a t Straight Lake over tte* week end. •Mrs. Harrv B. (Miap'in and the twins, Freda an d Lowll Ohftpin: -Mr. *m\\^ w ^ the oldest .Mrs. II-11 Erhanlt -and. daiighlej.\ Miss ; Nipped a Plot to Kidnap th,e Wealthy Girl Dy AUGUSTUS SHERW1N Deceased ds -survived by on e daught- er,. Must James 'M'clntyre. The'iuaeraJ. services were -held fpom 4be home-o-f his daughter, Tuesday aftfirnoorjTai 3 o'clock. Buria-l at Locust Grove ceme- tery,. Adams Basdn. JCENDALL MILLS Mr. and Mrs. H. JQ. Lealy and Mr. and Mrs. E. Holbreo-k spent last Wed- nesday at Olcott Beach. On Thursday Mr. and Mrs. Lealy motored to Roch- ester. 'Mr. and Mrs. :F. ^jum at Rochester were Sunday guests o f Mr. Leaty Mr. and Mrs. John Lutz of Geneva .spent-the wee>k~&nd with tiheir-sister, Ida Bailey. Mrs. .Bailey is quite iii - dispo&ed. - \ • • - v it, i»a-l,i Western Newspapor Union.) i*Tr i\ S pure gold, mister, Uive nie tlie . _ **: li'.'.U'e of a meal iind you ca n have it.\ ... lii'M'e Hulliert regarded the speaker uu-li-.*.Jy. He was\ u f the genus i-;uu|i, ragged, frowsy, dissolute look- • iu'. He lield in bis hand a medal,,sou- • •nir or watch charm, with a n unde- i'l'.lii'nilde j^nonograrn^ apparently ein- macing oriental symbols. ,lt was a '•jinsli -<tjme^ rimmed 'with cupper. z \Where did you get it?\ h e inquired. \Just found it. Say , I' m hungry—\ Ilulbert pas^d the man ;i small coin. lie was poor himself, but it wa s his way t o help the needy clear down the tine.\ -a*tie man boitemiway - t«r the ! nearest gin shop. \ There was a small ring imlie<.bled in tlie medallkm. Hulbert atlixrrl-tt to his watch chain, a chain luiwug only a pawnbroker's check at It s Docket Mrs. John Binder, Jr . is on the sick list. Mr. and .Mrs. H. N . Welch and sons,! end. Hulbert soon forgot about the trinket upon his watch chain. .Economy' was ftonglas\ andCurtfes. of East Orange, i forced upon him , owing to the state o f bis exchequer. That evening a sonie- N. J., and Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Smith of, whilt uni( , ue armv of f„ 0 d r in the \ Y ,In- Ithaca visited Mr . and Mrs. W . Meade! ,|„ M - o f a iUtle^eating resort bearing a an-d Artihur Welcii from Friday t»7TraTne-rrrtn-ee%-tetTeTs-ovTn*-ltff7roriiv'ff Monda;y. i lured him to enter the place. It is reported that during the elect-!' He had .noticed, while he site, two rical storm which passed over this], men at a neiglmoring table• obsi-rving ' iw narrowly. Jt;s^.as Hulbert arose I. Bert Lynd's a,nd Elmer EllisV damag- ing telephones, etc . to leave the place one of them ap- proached him. He looked Hulbert .squarely It) the eye, sllghtl} drew bark • Mm Lena 5Tnrphy had\ as weerewa, j,, ? c «aL aad \there.- on the'lnpei of his guests Mrs; E. Murray and sens of ^yegt, .there stared-tlie . protot>pe._ of Rochester. Mi l s s 'Phyllis Raybarn returned Sat- urday £rent a weet's- yisit inAlhiot.. Mrs. Eliza Weaver visited her the trinket that Hulbert wore at his watch chain. -.__....._ \You are ready?\ he said, simply. • 'Hufber't bow\odT~~TIe reei^ufiTe,rTh brother and wiie at Morton tluWdays! sta,ul >' tlmt h * wns n'l«takeri f..r an- last week • ; other, but the spirit of adu-muiv po^- ™. ~' ., , .* m • J sessed him. The Communitv p cnic at Point > ,. „ , , . „ , ,, ,-,„>'.,,,! lour work is all laid out for voir, ' Breeze was well attended. Rudolph rtm , rtnmKPr mM }ll „ reuTl „ n « ,„„,., - lf Long was the oldest man present (SI);' VO ur ship Is a t moorings.\ , lady (7-1). The [ Again Hulbert nodded. 'Then come. Our orders 'vriurrgest child was'the second son of are to. Mardie. an d Miss Joan Lynn of Roch- ester were guests of -Mr. and Mrs . j. R. Nelson a t a garden party. Saturday. Mr. and Mrs, Alco I) . Smith enter-{throwing contest., tained relatives from Rochester, Sat- ^ rS - J alwt Lamherson expects to urdav ' - - ^cave lhi>* week for a visit at Ovid. Mr. and Mrs. G-eorjre I'^ryer enter- iain«d- ilr_and-Mrs. Elnier Knoiarles. Mr. a-nd Mrs. Ed. Farley and Mr . Wicklo-at a six o'clock chicken dinirer Mr .and Mrs.\ R. \E. Colburn. Suitable plnee the woman In your iliarue.\ prizes for winners of games. Miss' Tl ' p ™m beckoned to his rnini-nde. lCdna Schildt sot the ••devil\ on ball T1 \' la,u ' 1- ''obbed his hea<l In token u f Introduction. They led Hulbert from the place. \It. wuuld be best to get u »t«-ed ear- riuge,\' observed the man who leerniM - Wednesday. Mrs. Winifred ManJy had <us callers m lHlVP t ,, e , noRt to my , n th(1 |irpni . on Sunday .Mrs. J. Hutton of Beech-, ises. \There is. what wan «iu-n me fm- wood Park and Mr. and Mrs. F. B. you,\ and he Handed a r-dl o f bank Webster an d Mr .ami Mrs. Hale of notes to Hulbert. \The rest—will be I sent as soon as yoii\enl>le\\w.rd' Rochester. Dr. Will Tuck and wife of Dade City, | SUBSCRIBE FO R THE REPUBLIC Florida, were guests.last week o f his, = __, , —___. _ .. sister. Mrs. James Brown. . I . _ R. B^. L OFtEMibLa \our arrival at Algiers with tin- woman/' _ Hl'tlbert\ nccepfwl the' money.- \\VTI«T wns he^rltmsrng-Tntn—u kldiiiiping <>% _^_^^___ - _ _ . _ . . ^ ~- - - - - - - - - — _____ . ^ ^ ~^ olojf^—Ht*AVT > \*f > r, 'iw rrritive rrmnT TmJW^^ wii-fnrm f ^r r!; . MaggTe TOTmaiT Watson o t i;e- { WxtJ . years ago-l-he pikers touud-' P« through It. Ti e United at a <•«!, troit. Mich., was a Wednesday guest ' p(1 thp RoP hester Business Institute' <t!in, l ar «l engager' :i four-wheeled u- at the home of the Brown Brothers. : for tra j nlng men and Women fQT com .J hide. MrU Charles I-^ench and sfeter. Mar-| raert . lal am i bnatnoag po -sttions. Over; Aftw n \*\*»««» ^mte, leatltng tmr garet Houck of Rochester, motored to; 4(}-00() students haTe graduated, from' f 1 ?^ f0 1 re , i,r n f,,mrtt>r \ f Lon,l,,D ' ,1,n Ap \i Unifotm'* Appeal A Central American agitator sojourn- !f»5g a t a'New York hotel whi.U» FArf ect- lng-plahs_for _a -revolution tLriiilly— 'i&U+ __ sail for\ libdie.' lie took \along the hotel doorman as eWef of stuff. Wtieu asked why, he stated without hesitation. \^BerirTOi^\\5ee _ lTii:~uaiforln tljig? %vltt: all Hock t o my standard.\ Reviving Flowers The 4>e^-v^y--t4A_wm«>_JiAJthfirini- flowers is to ilose them witk ht.i>irln, according to the announoe.uent of a\ French scientist. He claims to have discovered that an ordinary >ispMk~ tablet dissolved i n wariu j^yjiter will freshen the most delicate cut ttowers In vases. ^''s///s/y/z//////r&VM{\^'OtW ihis Is Eyesight Conservation Ynfeek Have an Examination of Your Eyes made an d re- solve to give them the most —ea-re&rt-ath'ntioii in the ffr- ture. Hours for Eacammation 9 A.M.-S P.M. - IXBAUSCH^^OMCa- OPTOlyiFT^KTS « MAl« STRELi\ EAST 105 EAST AVENUE \ (Tlie Safrnmore) ROCHESTER, N. Y. * r= Clone S«turd»y t P. M. during August K 2Z^^l>M/7M?ZW777/M>;////////////Z t / The Paint That Will Make Any Floor Beautiful S OME floors ere beautiful in the floor has been made aa bright theraw.Ycs.but all floors, old at and beautiful as paint can malm It •m TS ^—J new, can be made beautiful with a See that your floors bold the beauty glossy coat of paint that hides the that they gel... by using Devo* «1(J. wool surface, or new unattrao Floor Paint, .,. s<S<t fa the msit live surface perfectly. artistic and effective tint* and tonen m £$?J5*S£!££&£ This Coupon i. Worth 40 Ceng and a hard enough to protect the floor against a great dejil of vigorous wear. Its coat is not brittle an d does ne t crack, check or peel, but wears down gradually and evenly to the end. Don't call a room homelike until out thf coqren Mil nnnirr* \fn ~HMn 30days. W«jiuUtlMiyou-£r*«-*40-CMt _ _ *?' *ny DfTM Pa)nt and V«mi»h Pmdoci you went, or a reduction oMO cmtm Of) a kr(tccMk .TourNmm* ••• —**~*.*4444rm**m DrrofAgeml'iN* CHAS. DECKER COMPANY BROCKPORT, N. Y. AUTHORIZED AQENT FOR, DEVOE PAINT AND VARNISH PRODUCTS -fj Spring to spend tne wee K entl.j this fanious/commercial school.' Stud- Fteok Brool?« irad fion-George ren ^ s c bme'Tfbm HI \over the \country. ^hUiliv4uOt.«4^- riifton SprT •Mrs. Psok Brooke imd ^» ^^^^^m^^-^^'ccy^V^ ' \l™ »^ a^ vvell muuin. alaiiiL Ihal .have been guests fo r the past twol^^S c f e^ve^ ™^ °- • - v . - _„,-• , Jiorf-nian narr or eacrt > earrr enron- '•W e. will bring the wun.-iriTown. She r w«^<rfJu«pareiitoja^auBWteepale.i_ nr ^ » Is qliJet „ H( , ])IMI . ( . | | .-- |lwMlihT —j,-, -Mte» Mwfon.Fetter of Oarkson wa*| . CaQ pe&aUoa.^hetwiicn. fee. Mg busi- phnsis on this wufd. \nui^-iiTiiiiinma.- 1^-- Pot your order in eajly;ft>r printed j x ^e-week enST giiesf df Mifft I_rila ness plamt9 § Q able 9 the kraduflites to : ^hip, she Will h e n'ii«.iwWe, When w]„- DT t_rtigiuv-t.fi weiiding invILalion-s said' F$rooks=f. tfTnd good\ positions upon graduation * knows rhnt tn retrer rs of no iiv.Ut\\*' _ ^^r^fL^-h^Stif^i^w\ Alm«w---Jnlii!wnr of -flnrbwter Te-f Ujt , r o V ^- li000 nwe ^ 9 came to' nw »\ n »^ B '\^ \•\ roreign,.-. ap- flce *hen you know they wiU be rigM, tlimo * hnrno T1l , Trg ^ y ...-••• SEORQE B, HARMON General Insurance ariwt • -aumbry* -at • -t he-hopre-of-fcanvreRce-Wa-l' 1 eOLP STORAGE Ijiss^ JJoH_^\C__B_«sC^Pfiiiltry» [ Evaporated Apples, Berried and fruits ytif aH-klBd»v-»ild ,<|_ler product^ U_fi»raTi.-GASH. Ceb,ife; ,J8 CUFF ST. . ROCHESTER, N. Y. ^Stormte-Opem-Ml-Yiit B6u*4 Mrs. Lillian I.ulums of Rochester , CO mm<«reir_l school, th-e Rochester Busi-; Hulbert tersely Tb.-n he w..s w.i.u- was. the Ruest-«f-MT.and Mrsr &eorgei negs Tnstitute with its nationa.] re p Uta J what disturhed, fo r ih- other man got =SuTSSryr = pSotttethiiig Much Needed !n the ViHage has been A Complete Machine Shop IhereJuiav sueh a.shop, north of the Canal in the Wil- lon Building, Killy equipped to do all.kinds of heavy or light repair work; also elec- , trie welding and expert blaGk- sinithing. THE „ -mTTHEWS TRACTOR CO. Makers of The Wheat Tractor after a , fwn| |llti n . B '; r<)[ . ilmmr ^ h&TSr b[K)k J -P^red -carrying n w,-,,pped.up itgim week^ visit a t the home of the Bwvwn keeper8 accounta „t s and private sec- -T*™.t1.___=s --«=-* - * - - ~ • • , . _. _ _ . . 3F0tli«vF-s, -*™fre*ari«r—frorar- the terge«st Im'siii^a Mr. and Mrs. Adelbert Lathrop and. hmi ^ s il? pto C i,ester _-Vlf,..nnd .Mr^ Walter WaUa^a-spent^--.^^^^^-^^- jrouy-prenfl-,,. I A glint trf light from lire cnrrinjrr' lump I revealed the uhmvi.-r 1 ''. faee. r>f » hentt- i tif»il younu; girl, unt-i>ii«*i«»iin, drny^e<l She was plm-ed wltli.n tii^ vt4th4e. ^many~lnc(nitri&s. • It Is. also- C»II« was filfid-eii w IHIIM trie vt^mne. flxai-j -you win make ii\ ini^s ,ni TUrT\\\' justly . jilans..'\ spolec ilu* umn t n lliilln'i'i. J— [~fr. T ir r'ni i ill i i i 1111 ii i in IIUMM Fryer last week. Mr .and Mrs. Joton'Ofn-ther. Clayton itiOJi, FVyer. of~ J Warsaw, an d .Mr. and Mrs. tfeorfe Fryer ThoToT^d T6 flTe~'FmBTptn.? Station, and, enjoyed a cbictoen^roast, DAY LAST Wednesday Might Bance September 3rd DANCING EveryKaturday rough September 3-DANCES-3 l^JiorJDajLWe^ Campbell's Sock^-Orebcstra Ontario Inn Dance Pavilion - CHAS. M. GERLACtt, Proprietor M ~z* * -^__» _2 ^m Mr. and Mrs . \Gasport spent Wednesday ^lstelv-^^sr^A^r-Er~B^^.^ -Sir, | into the rarrince t.t'«idp him, aftnT j running a doi-U »n itlu- TUuiui>s t\ tin' Over a score of our. customers are' ^ r ' VPr - using Tarrsiti.n \Sag? SoW™ a5d leSFT - ^^^^^^f^^~^^ ... .. -»-. . . T , - .. - ss —, ^ I regarding what he \\i\ild d o as to tlrf i Ufuy .to EgJiyLL^^^^ _^ *—-,,-. »t?^-SS£_S{!SCBSlQ9&S_^k____^^ Harry Pothergill o f guamnte-e. E„ W. .Sinamo&s. wifh htis -?£?•' -No-TresBfl Of -^ffS-mg Ionpfer with! ^^p Ktrtr ^ ^ w j trst T nt-<v^d,\ i^ dirt-t-t- -Steetas and Dorotihy {rlieuiriatism, sa.ys E. \W. Simmons, the, P^. Then, in the driver .\\\Drive fust; rHoTB'eU. Sunday. J druf^tefc-^now-ttiar is^aflr sttirpfy\ yo^ ? Ktnp frn--nTrHThig.'' - uoty motored t o M. W. Turner. aM son Yale, wen among tne winners at the fetgrs&S-ioe' \-Sfeet wlrteh featured tte 'County picnie, Saturday. The Meet uuliug-llie UrlMT t n <anp, Un tjrt iw ii il'-yi, cigars at Uie wtth ahouma. Moiiey backJf it. fail^,; > '— Thome, ti e ciis-inis^cr -YCER1NE MIXTURE FOR QAS OM^w«»ndenn« -hHfl.mnn. Then he carried HUIITPTT reached h N own TIT hoantinu puzzij-il nnii , STOMACH Sfmpie 'glyeerfag., bUcEHSrn \barR was sufi&ritcteTKted h y Harold Barnuin. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Barnum aTe; etc -> as ™te©a to Adlefitea, bolp-s any among those wBo wilT have charge of j case S a ? on tlie stomach In TEN min the fruit an d vegetable displays a t the| ubes - ' Mosi medlcin-es act only on Roeliester Exhibition next week. Much enthusiasm is apparent over the State Championship Horseshoe Tournament, which i s scheduled fo r next week at the Rochester Exposi- tiloh. Adams~Baiin fans are expectingtooiKi-tipa,tion. G Uar( j 8 against append*^ u calllfy. nj-vrvi ft _^».-P +li_-_ nlftivikci will fnll +Tiic TI ^o„ Icitis. Thos. H. Dobson Ho.. DriTErirlats I A Powerful Tractor At An Attractive Price inspection Invited some of the plumbs will fall this way and a big delegation of enthuiasts are planning to be .on hand to root for the home tossers. The death of Christopher T>. Darlinig, aged 79 years, occurred suddenly a t his home Sunday affornoon. Mr . Darl- ing's, health had been failing for sev- eral years past, bu t there was n o unusual symptoms to indicate his p-assta-g; away s o suddenly. He was sitting o n the lawn conversing with members of the family when stricken. Deceased was one o f theSpioneers of this vicinity, and his uncle was one of tibe first men to build his. own packet and send her through the Erie canal- when the waterway was first opened, to navigation. His father own- ed large tracts of land, then\ a demse woods, hut now fouSlt up a s Liyell and Wasbirugtoft street residences and lower bowel but Adlen-Msa. mote on BOTH upper a.nd lower bowel and're- moves all igasses and poisons. Brings out matter you never thought was in your system'. Excellent for obstinate TiTe girl up To hi s rn«tr., SuinffifrBed Tlrf hthellady-imd-s*ent for *), doctetv It was tfrearU midnight when ttu physician succeeded in arnnsinf: tli< girl. For tliret hours tliereufter «lie the landlady an d Huliiort, formed ;i triti engnged in explanations. The young ^-irl' had lieen kidnaped from a privute «C1HMI| h y th e foreign ers. Her p:irenl« were travelinir m i the continent and were IiiiineilM'ly citis. Thos. H. Dobson Co., Druggista.! _ T]ll « ^-lieme had l-.-en to hold her i n seclusion fo r u° random. I At (li!.\liL r lif S-othind V;inl was noli i lied. Knuii whal inf.orinution IlifU'crt i-otih! give, the expert police were alili to take up- the trail \I' the woi|ld-i>t. A ljL ^ jjj^ - kidinipers. The enlin- gang were run ~ down, the mnirer l>ei,uin' puhli'- .md Hiilliert heciinie a new.;i<\pi-.- hern. - There followed tin- iiumeditito return of tlie alarmed paretii,\ i\iri'.uni<e 0 id-- leigh to Kiiglanil. They o\erwlieliiie(' Hulliert \vi\th ljieir '-(TTenMon<. TIir>y did more than that —they looked f a vornhly upon the atren'ions of Ir1111•«• i-.t to\yanTs \t hot r dliTighTeV. The tnediillion is a souvenir in th> happy yfiimily of Ilulhert and KiinLce rtiiwTnaTTlrriil wtfC'p • Use More Electricity Consumption of electricity ha s al - • -OM ti_£l4ed_ i n the United States I n ' \ last ffhree years. TH£ CHf£KfUL OTOb m summe-r I like, io t>c, out vitK tke. rr\oor% I feel 5e.rvtirv\er\-t^l i_.nd rrsildu E>vt ir_ FtJll wKe.r\ tke. wind blov^s \tW TrtJiri ij> rrsy ft^ca, Okr^f^y \— 1 Peel lovely •i-nd wild'. WTC At * rt . u -1 1 a \Peace-Has Her Victories a a 9 B o a a i a a a a a a a a No LpsTfeii War Three hundred years ago the warlike tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy held sway over most of the territory that is now served with Niagara power. Where today the far-fluing transmission lines, speed tamed thunderbolts on missions of peaceful service, then grim war parties swarmed on their -errands of destruction and death. . The Iroquois tribes today are but the fad- ing memory of forgotten names. But every hour of the day and night Niagara power Spreads further over the state to serve greater populations in more and better ways. Truly the victories of peace are sometimes more lasting than those of war. Interesting illustrated bool(lei~\Six Million Wild Horses\ • sent free on request lo Box 6T7, Niagara Falls, _V. Y. THE NIAGAJU FALLS POWER COMPANY, Producers NIAGARA, LOCKPORT^XJWTARIO TOWER CO., Transmitter* ~3bg^Ntdgaxd Falls Power Company sells electrtaly at the low- est average price re- ceived hy any gener,- ating system en the North American Continent ' - -.\m —X~ i*. llarsaiasJisarssipJisapdg -____Ersfs_rsrsj's_rsrs i-£S£i*\* - 8f»': Bjte>ltff_____Bft ftB&tte-feiffe-^fe?.^^ •fc'^-i.i' te~~-\*t%£*- -^-•'^-.r«?'--:*-.\ — '•

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