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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, August 14, 1924, Image 3

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....aJicSiM'w.ii-.' ^^^JMiiiiiiiMW'WfciMtetewai^i^iiBflilttii jjglife ***. -'WMJ, '$ii,'. ar~ She—- KHCHEA THE REPUBLIC, BROCKPORT, M.Y. THjJBSDAY7~TOrGTJST-14r1«24- -± --. Til — -t&r£*£*, «Mt«MfSCTf|iipg Union.-) Kitid .words do not coat much. They never blister the tongue or lips. , W6 never heard of any men- tal trouble arising from this quar- j ter. 'Though they do not eost much, j—y«-t tjipy ^ccompUsl/'much. They i make other \peopYS\' good naturedT | Thfty produce trwir own ima.8'e on , men's souls and a beautiful image 3FKrGB©W^EEES-ARE- BEST FOR PLANTING 1% la. —Pascal. =DEAR--efcB--f E ASI-HON£© Dt&HES T Haw-very seldom ,3o we see- in this flay the crisp and dainty crullers that our grandmothers knew so wedl how to make. _Ihey are often made of tlii» same reel peas .•^duugd^nuts.—1{ tilled out twice as thick as pastry, cut into ohlonus with three nr four wills cm nenrly through to the ineans vigorous trees having good ¥oot Systcias, free from dist»use and- insects and - t-rae tcr-name. ' No ill-sliajieri tree should be used, as the slnipe-ertrniew Tie\ eOTre'rtert. Best Tosurts. cannot bt obtained frtnu using trees too old and too large. There • is a tendency foi those buying in small quantities to want trees that are very large, think- ing they will come-teh? bearing earlier, five y+>inii?(ip and smaller trees will not only -come into—bearing as soon, but can be trained to the desired shape, ^wffi-eesHr-less—money- and mere -of—the trees will live,\ says It. F. Payne* ex- tension horticulturist of the North Carolina Statu e&ttege and ftprrirmrffl edge with a sharp knife, they look like an old-fashioned burred gate before they are. ffTetC SOTiie - roafe!r-t-wtst the Strips before they ttre dropped Into- the hot fat, which gives them an especially attractive appearance. Crullers.—.Take one cupful of sugar, two eggs, thre. tai»les|Kioni'uis of but- ter, one cupful of sweet milk, a tea- Bpoouful of-cream of tartar, one-halt teasfiooivtul of soda-, .smut' grated nut- -JMg-and. JL.UUle_5cLh\_ (•rt.iuti the but- ter, add the sugar and, ' when well- mfcre-d, tfre- yolks,—of the eggs, well- Tjeaten. then a little of the milk \$th the Hour sifted with (lit- dry ingredi- BStS, whites. I'se just ns little- Hour as pos- sible to roll, i'hill <>n Ice before rolling and the cukes may be handled very gbft. __ _ j^__ Durrtplings. - Detle.ous, Tender, huffy -dnmpiinas .uiiu-.hc pn pared ftmsj.Beat ;-Trdti—ntte- -<-tttntri—t»f-sweeM»at- sntermllk, two teaspootifuls of baking powder and uue-lntlf t<*aspoonful of salt, sifted with our and one-half cup- fuls of flittte. ju-t jttukin-t a dmp hat- ter; tlte (hit kri'S of tin* limb riiiilk and -tito siy.e nr the om.-s will-amdtfy th&j- -jKnrty fax ^spring i \state oT tin- liiiiter *spoon tm h»fi-;«f »t plenty of bum sti Prop from a- ten *,. tile «f Hieat VVltll hold up the dump- \In planting an orchard only treel Of the best duality shmifd be used. This -of—agjdcalin re, \Best results are obtained from oue- year-odd apple and pear trees four.to five feet high, one-year-old plums and cherrfW three to--four--feet tug-U, pe- cans that are four to.six feet high, nad from Juiie-b-udded peach trees that are two to three feet in length. Cheaper HOW TO CLEAN VARIOUS IUTTOS EUKS-LN THE HUiME.- irtTTirs collect - dust «nd-.dirt hi \\pratTfTfteirTnar\ v«njld_.astxmish, us if it all could be detachfij and then gathered together:—: In a town, \blacks\- descend and are duly^liicorporatudr with the result that dark furs lose their glossiness and light furs become begrimed, dirty unci uu- s.igliUy. Extremely expensive fur's should be seut to a professional cleaner, but, others car* be tackled at home with quite satis- factory results. - . ' Sable or 'skunk should be treated «itii tint silver sand, of tlie best quality. It is rubbed ia with a piece of new flannel, and will), visibly, eulleet ail the dirt. Give a second rubbing with fresh -s»ad r ^a-nd-4liep_keal the fur with a flat stick and brush Lt until it is glossy. It -jg-^ugQs_ n^ w. ~Qli? 1 furs need only to he rubbed against the hair, with hot bran. 1)5tush the bran out with a stiff Imish and the,fur will ha.£lsaiU- The bran, however, will be very dirty. Lijdtt-eolored furs need a slightly li!\>'-eiit treatment. T^~ pnees can tie or>tn.ined where a rxtrrrF- ind order ber of farmers elub together their trees co-nperatlvely. \Upoji receiiit of the trees from the PiUtseJY tjiej, slioijld lie set out at once. If tlds i-nnnot he done, they should be •heeled-in,' whlc-h means 4+^sitig a treiicli deep enough to cover the roots, setting the trees in this trench and eov- :sain3±lTPrntRtrLgrJ:nK rim vnnrs—ftn-t-hxywiii-nitrt drgt;:. out. JIany trees, espeeially pecans, are lost through drying-out before they are set In the orchard.\ Supply of Raspberries - ioi^an Average HaspLerries are very tine and are easily grown, pifty to one hundred ' hlib! of canes well taken care of will 1 yield .i>lont.j- of fruit for tlie average I fanilty. ' i _lL±*i«>t of grotmtl fur tlie settlitg tmt yf the.' roots, wlilcb can tic betigtrr' fri'ift; nux ' f ; nurserv. Set the roots in rows three jjnjgs 1 >fnp iiuii-ki>, [ii\t-i- rhiM'iy and feet aruirt an'l flo \in>t tlfr ITITI '(irt fW-csttMi minutito. When tlu'V will lu> r. .idv tn serve. lie tiVu Rliri ping In the dutnplin Baked ' Appt-s. i.iung WhWiil'o^ plact- them two feet Camphorated' chalk—siTOtrh^-ttrst- be well rubbed In, and then a paste of cold-water starch brushed over the hair. fills should .be allowed to dry, and then rubbed off' \vith the hand\. Afterwards th« fur. should lie. sprinkled with powdered mag- nesia, which should be brushed w-Hh-g---st-i#^gHstb--A-~Bti brush with a siift brush, and tlu- fur will be clean and gl<\>ssy. Cheap furs—which'lire iR'ver ; - reaHy clreai-i, of eowso—shuuld. be cleaned with puvvderetl am- monia and dry whitening; mixed fe- etitrnl qiinijrmps. jThts .wilt, remove tlie illrt. and hriishlim will coiuptete the operation - I'lriaHy'. - TT any fur gets wet, wipe it very gently with _i. sj|k !iandkt*ri-luei', and tlieu hang m> -will a^¥tty frniH tlie i tire. When dry, 44w-ff up the nnm^' «f*y ami then brush quickly wtth.a ,me- ili'iui linislC\\Tlil3 F'reveuTs any diiniiim 1 by \. i-t.—London An- 0+*i****t+*»*t*>++mr0<**+*****+***NMNNL Song It a ralnbo-w arches a field where a man is ptow'HiS'i An^- tli« furrows la'Dg l a reach 16 Ihe } i — -raltkbosv'a emL Turnlng theif TrT^tlow frasrrarnce up te the mornhij? - — ~mvereTT TBS—tir-vthat- erops to tend -fh-td —not--\Ofllj 1 For something shall frropp\ in the one* who turns the furruw \' Akin to the roots that in the soil are : —'htrrrms • — —-- -»;•-- - And when he comes to tcatlur all the harvest Something in hlrn will bu teller than wheat or corn. But tf the ratntrcrw-eomis \Vhcro a man Is plowlns. And ench slrrw furrow f*mla at the end of the field, He may have bounteous crops—but after the harvest He'll count his gold, complaining of the yield. —Grertnr Ward—£>-F«B-ba*li in the New \\\ TTorlr Snn. - --. To Mine foTBiitlets in Old Shooting Park Perhaps'the oddest mine in tmertra- -Is-fiper-trted- 4B-«-«lu>tttlag .pju'k.un tan outskirts of one of our large cities. Millions,of leaden pellets that have \been discharged from gtrrrs--rrrthis park during- the last 20 years are being re- covered. For a dozen years nr more nine- nr ten gun e!ul>* 5 iw>- n«ed the park- anil it is estimate!I that during that time the contents of fcuir or flye million shells have been discharged at clay pigeons in the im insure. The guns are gauged to carry aliout 250 yardhsto- the shore IhMe e>f Hie- river, on the banks of which the mining ma- chinery has been'set-up. The soil on the banks of this river t'-lilfinuis. JllLed ..wilhu ihe _ huilejta. that l«tve- fallen \here during t)». THSI vn years.' Several tons of lend are sniO to have settled.in the soft earth Tin tlie river bnnk. Allowing fur a shrinkage -of 23 pefveiu.-it ••Is-rjeHeyerrthffrthere are from sixty to seventy'five urns of lead whicii may he jecnyei cij, pjg leinl \~nrn be sold at n'pTtep p.Tron-whicn will yield a hantlsonie profit TbA U*ad .is taken from Hie soil l>y the process of plact'r m'niiiK. The outfit for this work CHUM-I- <>f xi gaso- line engine, a puirrphousc fi>n-e pnmp and wooden trough\* in'*- whb'h- tlie | tniiiel-lncnisted enrtli N u' omn. The ! leiiil is sepnratPd from the sull by means of running water. t \ ' \ •—' —.-'-•' • % Hotel Scandal •*• Given Setback '4 X hy. PrincipaU ;| Steam Lamp Chimneys\. „ \\ Larnp\' cHinin^ys\ can lie\ qalcMy cleaned by holding the hand .over one efld and putting the other end over the spout of a-simmering kettle. Rub at' 1 once with tissue paper. ,« infallible S-iqn. A'sr f*—geueral thing. —^vheaar a \-Bran\ doesn't ask his wife what she does with the money he gives h^rlt' Is. a, sign that he doesn't give her any, —Galvestoa News.- ' •'-- -apart.'En'Tlt^lrrVyrJ, 'TfTyf^-ffirrn repeaf- ed and clean cultivatimi, allowing iibimt—nm—eiiii^s tu siuit fimu intrh—5trwt<i'O'$-fKHSHiH>#05^^ : IT'S COME TO THIS t 'urn :rpr>h\* Tm—I'liinjy tn •root. Tic Thenl to stakes, hut get as and I genii a urn-nth through the summer as Stew in a little i.^i. r until nearly ten der; pour round inaplc sirii]i undjlll tlie centers wiih\ ral-lti\ I Mace In the oven and bake until -oft Serve with crearr and sugar when c«l4. - — rrGEQg&E-B. HARMON: General Insurance 9 PR MarkBt Straer Brookport, N. Y. rCQlD STORAGE Y? J For -Eifgfl, Batter, Chee.se , Poultry, ] !- Meats, vApptes, Pears, Plunifl, Peaches. ( j Evaporated Apples, Berries, and fruit* , ydt all kinds, and ^jher products. ['38 0SFST. . HDCH3ESlEri;if.Y^ l Storage Open Jill T*mt Roztut Trrieruhly early cut all the side I angles, or laterally, yields n number brunches i>ark to about One foot In ' nf layo\** \r f.ciles of the same unl- length. FV.1 this before the leaves be- I form d«\5tgn gin to c\'x»-o out. Treated in this way, ' This furores* was prnexiced wMth eacl* cane looks like a Utile shrub and , great skill by the Tinrierrrs. 'who are after The htmrn rorrres. 'nrl of them t srrrrrmseri ftt have produce*! pictures are loaded with It and the result Is a i m this\ way; but in existing s=peet- vory large yield of perfect fruit. [ mens the pieces have be<«ii so ac- W'ith tliis sort nf frcatniont eacH\[>Urately united, by Intense beat or •Ip^flftri.-\-an^j^ttinifa*nce~gt- tine nerrief la. (Auejr?I^\T\TOW'^ijF\^TjftJ 5 ttn'^ yW**\ secured\wTfli little trouble. > nef he dlscos'-pred by even a poVerfuT mollifying gin^. --- '- Now. is tbe time to have. your old--furniture done over to look new at low summer prices. New davenpo'rts and chairs made to order. '• •HOLSTERING PAIBIN.G. IFINISHING C«U Main 5161 or drop card Thank you Estim»te» free. Wstk called for Mid rjacneSf^tJ^ifcoisterin^Gosr- 33 S. Water St., RocEeiter^ N.Y. MOTSKn^ Much Needed In the Village has be^en A Complete Machine Shop There is now such a shop, north of the Canal in the Wil- )dfi Building, fully equipped to do all kinds, of heavy or light repair work; also elec- tf ic welding and expert black- smithing'. ^ i \ THE MATTHEWS TRACTt)R CO. - — t-, M^akers of The Wheat Tractor How Mosaic Glass Is Made Alusaic glass I*J pi'ii'lured by nr- possible. Soincthing like om-tV.iril of a crop nf fine berries will !»• had the j rans riim verti<-iill> side by sirie thread' follow irig *=**tr«tn-. I or smn \\ ,„n,><! i>f variously cnlnred The nitrins i«f the \second ypnr, cut ' n p Pnw . tre (i'an«i>!»ront ulass. uniform out all the ohU-anes and allow two to ; k-ngths. so that the c-n K s^lnll form three ji'im: rincs to urow up n grnund rcprcientins liov^-ers, nrn- T-~-fjf —I-throVirb the summer. 1 mt when they [ be^quu>:..jrjt Jxm n_uyj:Tl£_ desi an. This WZMX. pet r^O Inches lii«_-h, top them. Pinching mas.: !« mm s• I'.TTIitT.•TTlo a\heat'sniitl off the top hud causes the canes to u .|e n t to fuse the whole, all the sides take «r re ' thicker growth ' and also | „( t j m MmP ii,, l P being pxesseri ~W -eausres-^iile lirunelii'fi--t^-st«rt «at from gethec s«> as to exclude the- air frnni' \ttip \gmnrrri to the tops. -Tltey w-Ui stnn<] up Rtrnlgbt and strong and re- \qulre JDiLSlale^^ . ' all ' the tnTersrtcr«; nf fh«- tln'ewe» result Is a homngeneou« solid The cane or cylinfTer.\ vcl rrft at right Pi-uning Farm Orchard in Spring- for^estn^esulfe Late Mwrclu or early April is a good. ifiae_Ii!. bruB?\ ThrTann rrghard.. If the work is done at this time, the Wonnrls nf tlm trees will heal quickly. ^U treas that arc badly diseased of brofeeai should be removed altogether; Yonng trees should be prunrd so as to encourage the (levelopineut of low- gVt>\yliig, -well-sliaped trees. In prtnihg-a—bearing tree, the aim •houid be to allow good circulation of air and light to nil pnrts of tbetree. It\ tlie tree has a tendency to grow ITTTnif vhOuTo\ lte-^rrr~b\Selr -lifo'ted^Sto-tes.^v,er^^ .Jifii£lt3ff-Jt<L&Ii^\S!E-lSif^- n -'- Rcovvth. All dead wnoTd and stubs should be total- -lyififiioved. Water sprouts should be taken nnt creept when they firtTa Spac^ wlitich needs a branch. Where Ijnrrrrln?!!—interfere—wH-h^one-^awtliee^ one branch should be removed to low the other to properly develol Orchard of SufRcier^r/ Size for Family Table Soimtline In the,-near future every faf-iner mean,s to/have an orcharfl, but, llk-F the rest <st u«, he is iifTlictpd with that well-kno'w-n disease, called procras- tination, In the meantime oiijmrtunl- tle-~: are ]ia---iinir and the family de- niamis are. mi-reasim:. }<'l their needs Uiv not Mipidicd. The time to do a thinir needed to he done is n<i\\? I>e- lays arc <l.iii.'ci-ou>i and procrastination is discniirag'ni.', so ink.- :nl\:'iu,ige of the oppoi-tunit ies !inU_put : n an (in-hscd of stificif-nt M;;C to <'iirc !'>T Hie family. How Pa»-;«V»e« QriyiTinterl The -florid'' tiai'i^hes fnr T iierly -com- prised a_ par^ of western Klorida. In 1JTIO -2iH-r men. Itejuled bv Ren. Phile- mon Th-^Hivhs, lhaT-cTfrtT ngrrrrrst Hnrtotr ttoui^. tfl.ea.he}d.JL\ «51>»Jn*. and were successful in obtaining- control of tlie fort. They held a meeting Mud formed what they called the fre-e and In _dependent state nf \vestPFP— •R**rtdn. TTiey^dnlrM^fffntnry liotrrteo^the presi- dent of the Tnlted SWfes of their act stating that they would like to be admitted- to the Union, provided their fieeduiu wjfa guaranteed. Tim Hi>., ia_24. Western >;t-W8iiupi l Union.) i(|7 NOW. Aladatu Kicardo?\ . in- •^*- (piired one of the group on the note! pTirch. \Well I should smile at hat! I know her intimately—-inti- iKilely!\ Ami Mrs. iUdlowes tossed »'n4 ! betid 'and stnih d. \They say there was, a dreadful (eandal about her last summer, wasn't- .here?\ imjutfed little Miss Jones. Nobody had ever troubled to take iny interest In dowdy little Miss vYentw urth, mul nobody was likely to. '.Yluit aroused the antagonism of Mrs. -Bellowed and the rest was that she # lidn't seem to mind being ostracised. -in--fact,- .she had been overheard tq «ay that she had come to The Fines 'or a. long rest. - .-.'.'Wcil t _ _h> ..hcauu'. GJcufde tim'I.her •mine,\ saiil Mrs. Hellowes. ''She's Kuue cctnnion American woman irfiis- pjerading under an Italian name, they «t,v.\ . .-\... .. ... , \It wa«s about young Alpenstock, :ho iiinTuinalrc's sun; yrrn knn-w,\ (- Wrs. liidlowes pursued. \He wanted o marry her. Of course Ids father | \7ol\TuT-i(JiTs. \Tlie. end was th«t v -the. .'onion disappeared—bought \IT I -.appose.\ \My dears, you are all hopelessly at * 0! At\. L\\! 1 ' 1 .' 1 ' Mi's. Iiigginson, the pork- •nntraotor's relict'. \Now I iiaji'pen to imnv the whole sfory. That iUeardo woman wus already married. That's how she got her name. Rica'rdo was some player in a cheap theater, an Italian, nf course. She tins etiliittgleo ami'e yiMinu' mm thiuv-\ \Oh dear! 1 hate to hear this talk,\ inid. little ,Vliss.Iune&, J'W.jcsrA .Uu-ri; «ouu>thiii-; said aiwmt some Jewels nr lOflll'tlliltL'?\ -^'Uh.r.yflU ^morm..thTit:'d'lnTOcmd tiara roitlij 'Alpeiistoek ,at\e her I Yes. bis 'nther toade no end of a fuss about it, tcctrrdtttt: U> Ibf M44-'lety MU'IUIII*. nf 1 he Sell' 1 !, |i.ipi-|-s.\ \Wert.\ s.ibt Mr«. Tenrle. \thov ^atd jioi.i'tbiji^ tihiuii ringing toiiiuht. no : •& tfr* tf++-4n-H-jHf •»•(' tf tl+ei HIV 4ii.+4,v.\ 1 \W'ptt. wtuit d'i jon> thlitk !\ sa?*!\**! * Mrs I'.c|l.o\, v. -Tliat Mi-s Went- sort'i i- .:« t nail \ do \n for a M'li:.\ I '•Pmir tittle iliintr.\ •said Miss .bmes- { MifiT\ I fhoiitd via j <;I,|. t-niibl srng j ibotir as v\cii n- a c'T.\ r l'i'»plic tin-. |iroL'nostii:ill(iii. linw-^i , »\er, M - - \\ i ni\' i.rib ni-tjiiii!• d lo-r- | •elf I-. .II\ ipnie well. ! AFitoii ilii- mpldle of tlif ci.li.ort a •nrriage drove up to (lie holt 1. 1 hem,' j -W«».. -ti -F-U*-U W iii+i Win4»ivvs- UL ::<•! JL. i dlmpse i>f tin 1 lieu comers. Mr-. ltd I •owes was thi- tirst to Invitk the news. ' \It's C\ rns Alpt-nsliiik'\ she ^..-| \\And bis »i;'rT~~55iT Ius'suiil, TTall3f. N'HW is the op|ifiritinir.v to lind mil Jiist vvliat b;,|i|»iied III that wretched iLiilldal.\ Atpi-nsTo.-ks-\n\'nt away tn thrtr rm- lomo'.ile'\ f.,r un all day trip The \KUUll lll'i'ii tire—rrhtMMt Avtr* -bHtiem-tfttf- The Reuter Memorial, ercted In Liiacolra Park, Chicago, Is aai ex- cellent example \of German memorial architecture and sculpture. It is imposing in its height and massive in design. Renter* Memorial He—Oh, say! home already. Site—Oh, well more fox trot. i«'U>e not goUjg wrestle one There is' aniiaal Hf< f 2»fV ami :!«<> Teefheneatrr the bT-r-mrrg \nandi nf the- Saharn 'desert. Tl's ama/lng di«.cnv- ery has heen _m:tii • tlirmigli expert- intents of sinkuu wrtesian vvells r ai~ various points Witi-rs drawn frmu the great depths -A ''re round t«> enn- -ta+fl-small' crab.s, % n.-Ii UTITI shell tistt. nil alive. Usually it loss been possible to explainTbe\ pTr^T-M.T'\ i'n*TiSR tn tm- A. ilergrouut] wateri iii 'HeTScf that tiioy were lucked up'ilur n. some prinieval cataclysm. Tluwe b-und imdcrncaih thef'ahara\TfSTrwg - W n -Hjiecies—nr- 'TiSTn^fifg-thF hikes orPntnstine. Shafts sunk during the last'few years in the Sahara prov<a-Uier» iiM-\large sheets of wmtOf evnr.v a liurc \ninoilg found the land- tjjrtu they occupied was a +i\Tt % or the - Loitisiaiiir^PnifrTinse! aTfrT therefore, already hetoffged'- to the ^mwiHeatr A_iprce;^v3S-- flispagpeS \i to take over western I^OTTUH. Liatpr. .-Wherr;:boulsmnn was admitted to the underground si-n. ilcnsely Uniom the Florida parishes were made a part of the new sta'te. - Hovy. Crescent Originated The cr,e^ceiir*tin the Turkish flag was made the emblem of Byzantium after the siege of that city by Philip, father of Alexander tlie Great. A. night attempt by the followers nf Philip to undermine the walls of tlie city was revealed' by the light of the crescent moon. In gratitude for tills delivery Diana's symbol became the budge of tlie city. In 1 r>\ Mahomet 'II captured the city and aiinpied the badge'for the Ottoman empire. Brazil Has Odd Bird A birrf tliat harks like\ a (Jug'.was among the iiiten-'ing discoveries in -Bcazil—aaarafail by Capt- .S. II. Bub_ lock, who surveyed lite Tocunttns antf Araguaya rivers of S'orth Brazil, In 11)22. Captain FitiHoek describes the bird, as Inrce. like ii vulture. It tias Ave talons on each foot, and one on the middle joint of the wings, which measure six- feet from tip to Up ti, is blnck except \ii tlie breast. Lo- cally the. bird is ci.lled iuiiia It * is generally foun 1 • • • r .i lake, and when frightened it lake- r.-fiige in a tree. - Fish Carries Lights A Powerful Tractor At An Attractive Price Inspection Invited '/\pns Add.Shelter -s^and Beauty to Farmstead !M:irl<- the N»calion>! nherc > <»me ad- ditional windbreak trees will athl to the cnpifovi of n- :)n .,ii,i Penot The host wi'ndlir.'fik li-ees are the 'ever- greens inid they will add+botb shelter aj*d heatity, A few clumps of, ever- greens :idd immensely to the valtie a&d api»earanee of the-home. A shel- ter belt north of the feed lot and barns reduces, the rate of .wind and adds to their efSciencar. • \ How Did \Bible\ Get Its Name , It is said this < nines fr<»m the word I bihlus. the- name of a - reed which | grows in the imirsl.i s of Hyrypt. It was ^ from the leaves of this lih'd tfiat pa per was uuinnfaf-iured far use -initios liinl.ing'iif booi.s. and the word \'bible\'' meaning literally \book\ gets its; name froBti this 1 rood. v ' A new -.pi-. :, - , liaiitly 111 un • in :in --I lolld sliOMlil'J I'\ smaller lislie-. li:>- the waters ,.i M. acconlini; In I >r ' LTnivei'silv of Mr- - Its nihility tn - peculiar • i-n-in. ' 'btarfuTV. -U .'«K The lish is si id pTltJlkiSceiit I i.bis. • t, lisli tli.it is bril -.in• 1 thai make's .i ~i <vbeii cliasin.- - lie,-ii discovered in Merev bay C.ihl. \V. <'.tveiic of- tin- 1'iBi. ' i i'it is 1 \due to llie I h>n of its sv im to carry .\>.\0 JIIIOM Height of Orang^Ut'an I The orang-utan, the name hein'i Ma- . lay for man of the woods, is shorter \ and broader than a man. The adtiit j male stands ntirntt four feet high and | sometimes weighs as j much as 250 I pounds. ' I , Clocfc~Run-by Radium A clock euuipp'd -Ufii $J.(itKl worth of radium in a tiny brass time as iio- riiotlve power, and which it is believed can operate for 2.,\>00 years witiioui Winding, was m dtsrrtay nt fire -con- vention of tlie American Medical asso- ciation at Chiqagft. We are students in the school of modern cemetery work. If you wilt discuss your motwime*i$_ plans wi th us we will _ .be able to. indicate to you the kind of a stone that would be suitable: at the price you have planued to pay. We are an authority on mo'nu-, merU work r and it Wjoirid—bfrTto- ,your advantage lo-coTtsult-msr HAR)\8|ON?SMONUMEIERAL - ; WORKS 13 MARrSET ST., B-ROCKPORT, N. Y. ITW* Wis « l -'. 5 •ril ^.. « i i their nbsi nee. \Star:e-I at --i\. Pi-fnre imv btnh was Dp. to see tin. ciitiiitrv.\ >.-ihl Mrs. Ib-1 lowes. \i'.y die wjiy. lias IHI>1MM]V let>n ihat Wi-nlvvtTflh peiMiii alintit fh!« monilri.-T\ \I in \ oil suppose c-he till*! skipfieil aul uidiiiui -puvin« ber billl\ _ sug-. afiieil-Mr?... Jiiggin\»n. , •... -**?me—Tn*rrrn:ln \tr grmipTrtzert \ trunk - H it b iior,\ olliwered Mrs. Bellowes. \It ndghr lrrrr?«- rnmninetl brick-ST 2 —•}- Oll-'Ui'sfcil llllle Miss .Iiine«. '\if'- mi i« lie:,\ aaid Urx lU-lloWt^ allli cntiv iclioli. \that A\(» linvp seen die lasi of-ihat. pirsoii.\ rtfTT TRT-y Wrrr'' tli'Slilieii trr vre—VH«» WentWorib niraiii. and'that very.eve oia«,-Xur- sla? came buck in the Aljien- llmi's *mr -iib.M4l siv -u'flui-k. f it vva^ Mis. tu>:ii>wi's who broke thp tee. 5 - \lluvi -dit-iua du.-Alr. jVit\Ol-!;«!cti I\. She said. ..'I'tVllll'. illg ullli iml>l-ft43wf hand. 'Ihrn't v^tni i'«'titHt»l\-r itteV i itH imi hiM-c three summers a^ii.'.' \Can't «av I do.\ growled the mil tiinnlre. nut i m giau In klbnv you. hiuips p,p||i>w\s faltereil ,.::Kr-^irs. he laily. \My dear, ibife Is Mrs. Jinnee Hi-I- awi's.\ siiid 'Cyriis. .Ali n 5*sl» n tfe Jt»_hjji vife. \Mrs. .I.iines. i',eil\v\es niy sou -Alxs-^hujitis^JrMiti.vvtis, niA-suaIa.rian.cee . Madame Uiciirdo.\ \l* - f -stwrntuered lovves. staring Into famous singer. \Mr. Alpenstock and I have been -ngn-oil in be married <juite some time,\ s a j(| iii,. sihtrer. \I must ajml »^i/e |m- bavins I ei-n kin>uri to \ou 'in p-r mi niiiolfn name Von se.-. iiu •mirl ir.io 1 II b»ici,,to Hi\ wlii-n I d! Mrs. Jiimes i IJcl- tlie face of the Mr Ui'-imlo. .Mhiiu '« Mill .11 o Ii 'I'- ll. 11' I 1 10 ••I . •I' 11 !• • ' .1 a\ 1 11 i ei| pay I ii u out , ' thai ' s w asii l peiist' • Idv son s , \P.:.I e I'l er I I'l 'lie i\j_-l.i.l Voice. \All.I I B prari liellovv. - and tlo-r- .'. .iiri for 4M11 Tin- | 'l.e M'O lIllUM-ll 'owes - \In my '-p*e»«t«, J.IS.\' s- u ]i|,(.; ».t .j-.ithfully., Hut 'I. ,1V. I didn't III- ''.I. 'P Ii. Mi • .1 \l to I . \ltli |. \<- th-itt Iiu- ^.i-sVl f lie ' I ili.li; • U Mr. illlen •t li; I'.. 1 .••ilowesf Of the Better Class Is Always Obtainable On Short Notice At This Office Republic Printing HIGH QUALITY WORK REASONABLE. EBtCES Phone 317 Main St. rmtJS a 'i il ^a^J' S' \LET'S GO!\ Yoor neighbor. «r« all goingr and ttey^waaf to>?ce^ you at the Exposition. There will hn scores of events wraich \vlll make ^Every Day the Sest Day\ AMERICA'S \EQUINE COURT 0> HONOR\ That is what Rochester's Great Horse Show is called; More Entries, More Cla&ses, Bigger Prizes, Many New Exhibitors. 1 Returned by Popular Demand—CREATORE and His Famous Band of 50 Musicians. Concerts Afternoon and Evening. American Kennel Club's Dog Show. Rare breeds of Poultry. Half million dollor-i worth of Cattle on Che hoof. Flower, Fruit and Farm Exhib it*. U. S. Government Exhibit. /1, > -i Gorgeous Pageant \ THE ROSE OF KASHMIRI.\ Staged Nightly before grand itaa*l, w,hert everyone vr«ill have full viewr of Denisha.-wn ^3; . D.nc«.. • S m m & \- Induit linl Exhibits, suz-passisig all former aliowings! A thc-ill a minute awauts y«s»u on Doby us' Cleanest of MIDW-AYS. 'faBma Mk(iM ate MM Wmmm : 50c Coin Slilc Admission A-dmits to, ^EverythiEigLi I Childreninder 34—2Sc ^\ '•s.-j under 6—Free \\'

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