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••f'-j'-'---'---\* ' IIIIWIIS^ -;'-^;r- •i-'i?\-?'. \^C. -p VOLJLXVIIL BROCKPQKFr-NEW YORK, THURSDAY, JULY 31, 1924 NO. 44 CAMP AT SUNNYSIDi WILL SPEND TWO WEEKS IN ^CHARGE-OF SCOUT-LEAD- ER, MRS. ROY NELLLS Strict Discipline Will Prevail. Pa^ trol Will Guard Camp, at Night. — Committees—Appointed: The annual >girl Scojit Camp will be at Sunny side Beach, August 4 -to 18, under the direction of their active and efficient leader, Mrs, Roy 'Nellis. All those attending first week will leive from the residence -of their leadLer, on Park Avenue at 8 o'clock Monday jnorning, .August 4th. Monday will be spent In arranging camp. The schedule for the other days will ^be-as^foHowst-^SeTen-ar.-ni,. catt HOT breakfast, 7:15, roll call and opening exercises; 7:30, breakfast; 9:30, in- spection of tents and scouts;. 910-, _. frfftrnmlng innTndins-half—hour-of le» son for those -who do not swim;, 1042, Agriculture' \ for identification. The Monroe Count/ survey covered ' the cottinrantties of Churchville, Brock- port and Spencerp'ort. The report just received from Washington states that the serious type ofkroot rot fungi was not-present in any of the Monroe -County- fieloa—visitedT---The slight in- jury found was due largely to rhizoc- tpnia. Fields In both lavlngston and Brie counties werer found 1 to be in- fested with the type of root rot that in i some .sections has seriously cut the • yield. .The absence of the disease in VACATION MBit SCrtWSU^CESSFUL REN HAVE PROFITED BY ITS SESSIONS rHOSPITALS GET iveaT ^conesaled ana - trotlitated tfansporitatloh. and -concealment ef 120-cases of Canadian ale. He was- MADEL-A-IiTTYYTff PTTWIC arraigned .before U; l^^ofi H Ms^neT^WxErAUTU YlLllMd Walter A. Swan, pleaded not guilty,' ONE HUNDRED FORTY CHILD- j-and his hearing was adjourned to TERRIBLE ACCIDENT August 5th. - \ The. _ controversy Juatween the. cus- toms offlee and the ^prohibition forces is the first in the district in which OBITUARY RISING SUN SCHOOL AND ONE AT ELMGROVE VA1M TUYL Mrs. W. E. Cook was bereaved on Friday, the 18th of this month by the- NEAR death of her mother, Mrs. Mary H. fVanTuyl, who passed away suddenly fat the home of. her -daughter; Mrs_ Charles A. -Greene at PrattS'hurg. Her funeral occurred the following Tues- AI1 Invited to Clo»ing Session-To^ilhe authority qf,Jhe customs men ,to Looking at Signs. Turned 1 into day. She wa s eighty-five years of age. morrow: in M. E. Church to Observe Work as Done i make-arrests in connection with il- legally trans-porting liquor, has been 1 questioned. 1 ' M&ixi from West Ave,—Bang. Two Cars Smashed Up Monore County seems to be due .to ai The-^reek-pert-'Vaeation Bible School longer rotation of crops than is prac-1 which has .been in progress for the tised in the other counties wh.ere-p as • past three weeks, comes to a close are grown, A five-year rotation is re- • Friday morning. The work accom- |- 'Beside* her—tsvo 4aughters, she is. survived 'by two ons,, Edwin H. Squires iof Branchport, and Ralph VanTuyl., re- Uiva^ o^v,,. «<«v. Q ^ of .SanPiego, Calif. STRucKBrarro WITH FATAL SMALL LAD DASHES BEHIND- ONE CAR OF ANOTHER PICNIC SEASON STILL commended to avoid a serious infesta- tion of the soils. HISTORY Items of Interest Mentioned in The Republic Fifty Years Ago To-Pay plished -by the boys and girls is highly gratifying to the teachers and min- isters who have had charge, and the parents are elated over the results of the school training. -—A—bad—smash-up;- -eccurFcd at-\tho '\v:\,.Array corner of West Ave. and iMain- street ( Mrs. VanTuyl had many, friends in Sunday noon 'between.*' a Chalmers JBrockport where she spent her winters CONTINUES UNABATED • tourins car owned by a BuCa, ° man'for many year 3 at the-Cook home.. ^^^^^ _ , headed for Rochester, and a new Nash ! / A __ _ , j, . n .. . . machine going north. The man en-J / CARTER A&P General 'factory Picnic at route-to'Rochester was~ ; ocoupied - in/ William C. Carter, aged 23 years, Trouthurg, August 4th looking at the road signs and turned * ifi * Tuesday about two o'clock at the Monday next is picnic day for the right 'without looking in thiat-^trec-t 410 ^ of ni s parents on West Ave., fol- . Dr. H. T. Chamberlin of this village. School sessions have been called j general plant and olttce forces of the tion, when he smashed straight into i low inK an illness, of four weeks. He each morning at nine o'clock in tW'A&P Products Corp.,. Jind plans are In.lnfiJJash^^Both cars were going very was operated upon June 30th at Di. rT^th\o^&TChuTctr--A^ter^h i'devotional -song,-a ha/hit or health'ing yet held by the Brockport or- whole front end of the Chalmers and} tubercular trouble developed from is appointed coroner by the Governoi story is told the- children.. The object 'ganization. broke the bumpers on the Nash. The , which he faiIed to «\y- He wa s °°rn in place of. .J,.. A.. Burrojighs J ,.deceas«.d._ j of these stories is to teach them clean- Gaily decorated tracks and auto- drivers escaped injury. fitness and right \habits; and to- put the 1 mpljiies are. scheduled to leave fna\pOTt~ Service 'crane was- requisitioned Some.kind of_an insect kills cherry . . „, . .. „ ._ m ,^, „„ af >. \>. A . . , it ., , , • . , a»»w -..r^ir <,„ A *+,,**• \i-y—ars^sr• \ » z =—nr= n~ i U , * inforretatlon to them in such an, at- factory at eight-thirty in the morning Scoxrt work and study; 12, dinner %-2,\ trees in this sect on, the eaves turn- The Brock-i in Brockport .and attended the Brock- port schooIaT \restr i \M: M. leisure \hour;\ 3;30-5, jing white an d withering swrmmhrg and general scout ai^t 5-6-, | - A portion of the buildings purchased 1 -«wncs\ aaid-spoTtsi—OT—supper^r -S^-Tbytte: €atrtolfc-Socimy of this vtiiage- 5»nap flre£ 9:30, ljghtg put. [are fitted for^school.. purposes.\\ -(-tractive- manner- that \it wiH become instilled in their own line of conduct. Then fojlows_ the teaching of songs, jane new song being learned each week, for Trouthurg. The Brockport Band *\\WospltffT -Dsngerouitjr t«jur«* - of twentyKjne pieceshae been engaged 0ne o f the m0&t serious accidents to Msanj^nXthajtePtQlrers on.ttierr, 01 the season thus- far ooenrred -M-on-JJars. WiUiam Carter; two brothers, ride to. tb^e lakeside \and to furniah' aay rnornirig about.eleven \o\cTock on\ ; -^ * : ' \''•'-\ - , 1 -' 1 ---- -» He is survived by his wife, Dorothy ^ucall Carter, and an -hrfant- -son,- William, Jr.; also his paronts,Mr. and George, Of West Ave.\ and Arthur of rajofa general singing of \those tha; milg ic d«rtng ®e day. lu addition, «*6 Million Dollar highway at the in- northern Alaska, and one sister. Mrs. , Bach girl will be allowed one' late; Some fine building stone are auar- f; * * D \^ H \ , ° ° . rt . ^ 1 ,, 1 , •*\\ SJ Z \ H ' ^ » ,!T « J. «««\•»\. leave until lo:30 \1^^.\-\TheIrfed near Sweden Center.- \ \ r*ave-been teamed„^t ,9:40 tiechilu |the Trouthurg Society Orcheatra hm l ?™*^ of East Lake «>ad. when an girTs wirr guarcTtne\ camp at \night by | The old TfBerTrpore at Sweden Cen- j rea separate to their respective class been engaged to give an open air Oldsmobilo touring car from Detroit, William Swanton, of TBrockport. • He will be buried from the Carl or \home- on West Ave. thi s afternoon at two hri.,t nn ..ft W .«t l .i.Afi m i«. K .i. • i.- w A v I rooms. The little tot& ranging from I conC ert fromi three to five in the Mlcn -. skidded and turned turtle, ^\E tu ™s for a watch of wo ^;ter which for years served as a beacon ^ ^ undertha ^ draggill g ?wo of the ftuprlsoned oc- o'clock. Rev, H. W. Stevens cmciating. ana a half, making-three watohe>s dur- 1 light for travelers, i s cut down > - ----- ' . M .-_ ._ . ^ J . , r t_.—1«_* -. i „-i.„ i™.— „^— 1 ~~, 'ing-the night.—Two-gMs- j»iH 4>e-on-l— — ----- : guard at one time. -A-gHF0up-of--41wee--fif4e--^^l-^e--ap--. \group being assigned -tbis dut3r each: day. 1 supervision of Mrs. Roy Nellis. They at nigM for dancing. Numerous races ™Pants along on th e road for several^Intermen t at Lak e View cemetery. ' Twenty-Five Years^Aao '!are taken to the Suhday\school rooms |an ,i athletic events are included in fecl - .... '\\ j - ........ _ T „ . . . ,, f ot the . Preshyterian phurch, where t jj^ S po rts program, and the commit- The occupants of the car were Alex-' TRACEY -M-t*e^rfiool\meeting beldr BTSW; ^ and nof ^ Vm not intor- |te6s m cha rge have prqvided enough an,le r- Duseher^ of No, 2724 Ttreman!- John WaU^r T«M»jCa-iod» was dla. pointed to.prepare the meal s a^d do. land it i s voted to purchase a bookcase h k of ^ oldeti ^^ enter-Ave.. and his son, Ernest Caachere.l covered on the shore of Lake Ontario -the, work for an entire day, a-differ** - for the library. '^ Here the* are taught cutting, Gained, Dinner win he served at the '™« Lyman Gray of No. 557 Alexander Friday after copying a watery grate The farm bara s on tbe PT^Perty^j^j^ug a nd\pastihg and the making Ontario Inn \ \street nil of Detroit. The (ather was;for a period or nearly two months. cupied by Al J \ Newbui *y ' n Clarkson g lurntture. 3ible stories,I T^ Q . nrJzeg ot ten dollars each have thrown clear of the car and escaped , He was a victim of. the Decoration Bay offheTmVtL^ 8eH0U8 lni ^ ™\ m nns- tragedy which has been ported in of the camp Jheirjeader Jg asking that The new wing to the piano factory ^ ^ incluaed to their proFam , ^^^ lrafife _ Jsl ^ e fol . the Dea t chore was rendered unconscious, ana, the Republic. At 10:30 a rest period of ten minutes decorated' automobile making the WIU » s« seriouly injured about thef Mr. Trac^y wa s a Rrockport Normal \uate» a former resident -of Parma, are anxious to fill every minute with' B i snt/ The f act th ^\ t UM » employees ^ rnve \ question of his recovery. Gray land was well known in this vicinity, activities. ~ ! will\ receive full pay for their day's sustained a broken ri.b, and was badly \At the time of his death he was gen- Miss Whipple is in chargo of the' thne ^j doubtless coniribute Its lascerated about the face, and body eral manager of thp North East Ser- Car Owned by Dr. Mann and Driven hy His Chauffeur. Ac- cident Unavoidable ~ LtriraltJ iii;v;iu.ciit uuuurivti the Ridge road Saturday a'bout noon, when nine-year-old Carro-^Mfaldi, was struck by Dr. H. J . Mann's automobile, sustaining injuries which resulted in his death Tuesday morning. The little lad was the son of Mr. and M.rs r John—Qlfaldi-cf Holley, and a nephew of Jinimie Gifaldi who operate^ a barber shop on 'Market street in fhl» village. He was standing~6y the road- ^ideHn~front-of^Th*e Carl Nellis- home\ with a group of a dozen o r more cherry pickers, who had knocked' off work in the Nellil.orchards for the. day, just before the accident happened. Harold*- Wilson, Dr. Mann's chauffeur, was driving; the car, and they were headed east on the ridge. As they neared the group of saea, wonjen_ and IcMdrML.; who were standing on the north side of the road an automobile approached— Jrom the east. The chauffeur whose record—is clear of accidents during the several years he has been in the em- ploy of Dr. Mann, and who. has- the _ reputation of being a careful driver, *3 those who wish to visit the girls to i 9 dedicated by a dance. please come between the hours c*f 2:30 At the picnic of the Supervisors - h , cb the little ones - neadi nPPk and back , that thf>rp lh ! K raduate. a former resident of Parma. and 9:00. Anyone wishing- to observe held at Newport George Sline i s elect\ \\i«\. <\«» __ x ,^' biari lor L \* ) VH.UH . eruuuus u«m me ^ ^_ _ „_... t„„., u , ,„ ,^ ; „ „,„;„„„ -the-^work- of the camp wilr 1>& welcome e d cme\ of the vrceTrrestdents. at any time. j Died at Brighton. Ontario, Mrs. Hari The fonowui^iiomniitteeshaye been r j e t Beach, wife o£ HoratioJa^^acV aprKiinted and will report a± a special formerly of Brockport; in Brockport, meeting Friday evening: dishes and Mrs. Lucinda Burrows, aged S3 years. utensils, Ruth White, Loretta %aack. ! At a meeting of the Village Board Doris L/aack; transportation, Zella \i \ s decided that no more ball games 'Covert,EtheT JohhsTon.Rura Taiighan:' W fll be allowed on Sunday in this food, Rosalie Harsch, Florence Mil- village. ' : lard, Tneima utzman: daily workefsT\\ ^Tarried in Brockport. UeorgF \VHF Zona Johnston. Kataieryn Boyle. Irene_i B nee Doane and Miss Winifred Rogers Ireland; nigtttly guard list, \Dorothy\ TTTnTary Department'. whlcWnelTiaeTr^ar^ ^ ard tfae enjoyment of the f rom oein E dragged along the pave-j vice Corporation. He ts survived by Its- I iitc in-: his \ children from the first to the fourth occas j on \ \ mont under__jhe__rnach4nCT-—TBe^\am- ;his widow, -Mrs. Joste atciray 'rr^Rnsyr grades* and 3Iiss Miller has charge'tJf,- — • '\ • '' bnlnTTcrTfom^The General Hospital, j his father, Jpljin If. ffracey of Parma; those ranging from nine to fourteen| BAPTIST- S. S. OUTING made a quick run to the scene, and-,one ..sister, Stella Tracey. ot Parma. yeaF&of-age, -Story hours, bible study,. .ThuradavLflLUSllsL 7..ia the date aeL Dr. WaLerman was.also _cnlled : [and threr brothers. Dr. Akuizo W. and vocational work occupy their for the annual outinc and picnic of the Reports concerning the cause of the Tracey of I'tlra ; Homer Tracey of mopi'riFi;, -with the exception of the Baptist Sunday school which will be accident vary. One report states that (Patterson. N. J. and Grovcr Tracey of recreation period which divides the t held It Troutburg. fonvoyance* will yflufiff Dn«»hpre lost control and tlm;Parana. Punerai serv-ieeH -^SEBPO. held \ TOorntag's attivitre^:— One of- -the;leave the church at 1 fl*CToeR, A'pfO- rhachlne hit the culvefl ahu* *8ki(I6ted/7afon(Tay afrefnooxt at two tfi^bckUfrosi- Ftftee Years Aim - :spacia±_rJlinEs accomplished by Miss gram- of sports has been arranged for turning over. Another is fc©-*lie-<»ff«*f jh-i* home on Se^neea Parkwny. Roch- Miller's class, is the maklngof books, the afternoon and at 5 o'clock a'picnic TTiflrhe'was geTITngout of flip- way nf a errtm-, with burial at M«unt t^ope, - Conley, Bernice Carey. BuelaT rimitlr.' • — r= — Loren Graley of this .village is ac- Miner's '-.- _ _ , • \« CALEDONIA FAIR\ cidentativ killed on\ the railroad tracks «nd\ tto-line leather \tonnd\\ hooTts\ supper wHTBe wBrrannTEe grove Yy ttacE coming dow& the East Lake road • '-Rigger and better than ever,\ Is at Oak'HArbor Ohio. \ iufnecT out_hy them are well-worthy, the Udell-Glass. ^ir». Wilbur Rayburn ami f-rrwdeil too- far «v*r on -thej- tlre^slogan_jl_J:he Caledonia Tri- Died in Batavia. Mrs Orville Cooley, of being included in the category ot : acting as chairflian. Roy Nellis has pavement \ - _ - \•-• TRd-fift^cflitrs^-in.' aftbfajft. In addition to that they ,heen appointed eliairman of the sports vi('lnjty_hearing.the crash lt«rried jo_[«2 years, occurred suddenly on ^tur- FSYAW he death of Charles-L.-Rynn. aged Connty .Fair this year. The fair opens fnff^PWTff- ET-„ - M .„ . „»,, .„.. ,— . _ . . . „.„,. , . .._ ....._ r . _..._. __ on wAsfev. ATrgustvth^^1i5^c'ott>- Hr o : ckport -TTrs ETlen ^WveT W^'^^^^^^'^^^™^ gMl Jtettghatt^-flte_i3i£-TescBg. The machine was .liadlx T toy..at tftp JUvJinemaTL.Hospital In tinues four days and nights until Sat- 84 vear ^- at Adam s Ba^in Mr^ Nelson household duties. '• transportation committee. wrecked, and was later craned to the .Rochester, following an operation. He urdXV.AiigUHtath. -_ _.. ... .r»' H hg.'flged 38-year^ '\ \-'-- • ^ Jhe bnys have had a gn&t time; pcptrgatje ^ ^\ NK1 ^ n ~'\^ rfn ^ mH ' ^^^ gjtfa ^- •__..{»**'hora in Qrleana^Qunt^ but has The slogan is.-ttot merely aji_idle- Married *n Buffalo, Miss- Btva -Va-b turning out jointed animals and men REBEKAHS AT SUNNYS1DE tphm.e. hecuse the fair this W ij^^^^h^Sendarir formerly of with their h^a« ^J^^ 1 ^ ™pSr a' slnn^dfB^n actnallv bigger than ever befor-e and this village and~paint. and nave proaucea some v • f^^TT ss T a& T l i% wm \ •^-•^^— **»**»« ™*-**fy 0 g i e r in S s %^*™^*£ y '£ m »«; buJ!w4lX v -be-+he-best--slioj^_thei_have_^.e£_ vicinity hold a meeting at Grange Hall and coachmen. The process or ac , ^^ . .. staged. \We have only to point tol~T im^nTmr-^-^^m^m^n-^i compli 9 hing this is interesting in ^.f\^\^ 8 ,.,'\\ our prmilum 1UU\ aj.ys- Secretary fe af , t ) H UtV ni - ^^ublialiing^-a-Thaml--^t r£i y-- ajl ,l»eei> a -fesWent «T Hamlin (or* the One Dead\ in This Accident . j greater part of h ft life. Six pt-ople were seriously injured In, H'l j s survived by five daughters it aufonmlHlp accident \on the Million ,and five srim. \Mrs. Clyde sounded his horn and slowed~up7 ~TM little lad's eyes, were Tnteiit on. the car\\coming\ Tr&nT'The eaBt, however; and as it passed the crowd,_he made a ouiek das* behind it, directly • in front of Dr. Mann's car. He was not in the line of vision of either the doctor or his driver, and neither had any .knowledge of his cmick move, until the car hit him. The machine was sTopped within twenty feet of the little victim. The right fender had struck him- in the bead, fracturing his gVntl - •Mvp- —otvttd—^tt» ; a = _Lm.r»adla.tftl: takenlo the General Hospital inRoch\ ester. Dr. Meann telephoned ahead lo 7 . - Dr. Williams. Sr.. and Dr. WiMama,.* - ~^| Jr., to be in readiness to operate ini' mediately- upon their arrival, but- de- spite the fact that everything possible was done for him, the injury proved fatal, and the Irttle Ta1ovr^tga-T3iBgg^±^ day morning about 11 orelock. \\Tt -was' one of those unfortunate instances where' the \Boydid ; iiot •have-a-chaiagg-- far his life after he made the dash into, the street, and where the \doctor an\d hls-d*iver were held blameless, for hia death, because the approaching car prevented -th-em from -seeing- \that- the- child was coming toward them. FAIR NOTES ~~~ \Sapc Smith's Society Seven\ has been engaged to furnish the Music For ~3f Wiler of , t he Night'Fair dances*. \Sax Smith's ar^nwirfiffiy^lBltr'-Tfil^^ Smitfei --B-arker-; ||, niV . a^gfp^jrTinn i^ wrjndBrfu-lTandvoir jrar_jhe-45kngrnve\rfla<l «\)iie of Mr^. Johnson, Walker; Mrs.\t.i life | can j 0 na better than to get n\im i '\wai\ moft enjoyable - ..••\rt\ the hoy^-'Trave not\ re-''tiirfe-r!rexTrectet!. Thf* toitowmg cirRlp-^g^-\^^^ a _ frarrnrpl1 _« !icu . T] a „ d .- Bn-tfov, -HamttK- --Mrs. -Nati-ie. axeooa Tn p aT ivipp- ^Iven the\\Secretary, hy a .\L0« year we paid out aaslHarv of the Rochester Growers Quired any\ urging to gel irarteT-ar™*; avg-^-^w^ed^^rfi^h ^ ^^ <})p(| ^tetea^a^r- and-ftichard Ryan <&t m7mhwr or ^Trce-enrhusiast*-^si# J We.llm.an- . •$8.900--in prizes and ^ven-ybod-y-wa-s a ^j Cruppers T!xchange. satisBed. This year we are ofTefing Tne Harrison Company's warehouse $7.50o and hope to pay out every cent w hich was damaged by fire some .... . . j — - ji their—morrrtng-V occupa+ioih-JaespeeUBlSflts, 5I r §. Joseph t'alcy;-sports, Mrs.. rhe afririnrt-TO «»wl by acoi-;HftmUn; WUliam- Ryan r o& Walker^J^^^.treing &. Braekport re^ldea-t-^he-jfa and reverence for the American flag Elmer Knapp: convpynnce^, Mrf= Edw. |N<in be{wf>en tw0 llghL gnaehrB^s. •-\dg !b '. r l,gj: a \- PL ^P r ^ n Pd-^dyJ^UajIi^^aeg^ted qTl^hH,BUCcejgL^_ and for the Christian flag is a special Smith. Each pw=«m attending is re- hurI j ns i,„th cars into the ditch. One Ryan; or KpnilaiiT Kunernl Was held | the ven ture. and promises his heartiest. of it.\ DOLbA-R&AY — Tggkport wm-iaganr-ltave a tfnrigr vears ago, is reroofed and overhauled, feature, ofJthe vacation school sessions, ~l^a'~Alfen~accep!5 a position with and-eaeh da.>,'. s ^ark-is atarted.with a ™™ Jhe_^e^ejge J jaitUCLompan^Ql^ Each p*T-=«>n quesFed to-hrine a -•up. spooji and ()f thP ,. nrs n)nl ainlng thr.-e- children ,Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock . - turned over throe. Umea. T _tl.Yg-fl£. J.h.elfJ-Qm the home of his co-operation to make the Night Fair ? n - n .J^L^ m l in .-i-Dances.a Bl^ Feature. -SIMMO^MS-T-lie—aELEGAXE- \-• i-Dai The east -ahntmewt -ol—the-brldge ' il\ - injuTT^pr^re •wrn'TTrthT*-?^ premium list is on the_pres)9. _ __ -A-s^ecIailprogEundQieJjgJtasng^ ^ayr-TBl8-tliayfe!rmpfer^li&ni^^ - ^j^^^^^^^^y^^ \ r11inig~^iTrr-th\eTinrH'ftey\ly%K twioaii:- -—--- ^^Blosswra. o\drtir begin to feel a'\we5- A^g^ajm^eoHjmje^ieltnm^ ^^^Hi&ri'ESh _ laJeri^^ZZ3ir^^ io^^^l^^^Wtn^W^sTuYt r i dge . nto the _ caBal . kki-g it a -, grand anccesa from, start _to finish^ John NeSBttrts drowited at __ ^ TtHts^ while ffshififir the're-•with tm will-^e given, JOifci^^^^^S^ tJiP **** »»\«*«»• have,* learned, will be sung. A habit —gfrory. - -with its B . tora.-aiBE; a review of- tbp Tiihle verses which the evening and elect' 1 '! cTeeffleT io give real bargains o-ri thai _, „ . , . - , ;an unknown hole, day and with the weather man's con-, .. - - ..- • sent Brockport will be the scene of _ LADIES WORK AT HOME :children have learned will -be given. much activity. Dollar Day will be| Pleasant, easy sewing on your ma- There -.will also be an exhibition of the omas . ° S * held on Wednesday. August 13th. ehin f.-. Whole or_part_timp.j \Highest . different J kinds Q ( work the children tember. Comtty LeBJom-Jittftdnuarters-- Friday. \hrolses and—cut.=K 4-yea-r-sld' - l\Sin!el%t-«R# t 0,155 , Beginning August\ 1st, the couppn_ Ju\s\'Tor^Pj5(M Major delegation. . August 13th. <*me. Whole or part time. \Highest differentl kinds „. ™ n ^u ~^-t „;^ Q v OO«„KI,-O »„ 'possible prices paid. For full informa- 1 ,. . . Watch next week s Republ ic for. f j(m add / esg L ^ neg BQX . 2 Q ^ y ^ m have accomplished. further particulars and pTices. The Republic of course will co-opera*e~^ the other merchants. lY'RE USING' A LOT OF LUMBER Smith chairman \1 The\ on the arrangement conrmittee reported prngress 1 in obtain- ing the I,egion llaml from Rochester . „„ „, „i and that reserv-ntinn=; had been made There has been an enrollment of . ' «, Thousand Hand House. Tt is \Arthur ^ 0 Sfe*\ ffieir \4auKaftf T aas frnrtnrpri. and, whn •hc^e^9a±ts^f-^ 00 ^-fyjy--|Ta!y-^rTb^ died inter.'being «.ideswiped by an overhanging a ^ ]p hy memliers of the pastern. Star Pearl Boyle, another 14-year-old tnick., which decided to pass them as _ f Brockport. Secretary will issue daughter, whose right arm was- tract-.they were nearing Brockport on the thpsp tickets to other organizations-i£- ured. and Charles Wenzell. 10-yearc- I Million DoJIar highway. -. ' (application is made at once. 10 per old, a nephew of Thomas Boyle, who ] yS ' ''\'\''\ ,cenL of sale is ^iven to the organiza- DR. MILLER'S NARROW ESCAPE Wlflh unprecedented building in op- |-eratIon \ \ \ (naturally is greater than ever. See L. .During- the severe thunder stora. | Gordon & Son before buying. 2:22tf yes-terdav afternoon lightning struck' ' • '• the machinery in the. cabin at the SPECIAL NOTICE TO DOG OWNERS Main street canal bridge and set fire' If >' ou own or harbor a dog do not fail ^o get your license before August i enurenes. one hundred and forty children in the school has been open to all of the now the\ l neer7or^umher 1 rolled in the kindergarten class. The school has been open to all of the village children, and has been m possible by the united Efforts of the Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian possible that the Doud fife and drum eorps will also be in attendance. Henry Michaels of the local post ade P lays w ^ n tne I' p R' on Ba-nd and will be on hand for the convention\. WHS also badly cut and bruised. The i <Iiiver of the other car was Walter ^Thc REMINGTON e death of Mrs: Mary Remington, making the sale. The Milk \Bar privilege is still opei. Griffith, 23 years old, of .Rochester, widow of the late Dudley Remington, j t would make a good concession for to . wires stoves. attached to., twp electric 1st. whosexhip wa s injured and who was 71 years of ago. widow of the late badly bruised and cut. They were all Dudley Remington, occurred ar the j taken lo the General and St. Mary's home of her daughter. Mrs. William Hospitals, Rochester. White\ in Swpden yesterday morning, • following an lllnesp of abotit a week. Fav Cotter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Air\. Remington was born Tltf Mexico, Mint eight o'clock to <'li:irl4^ Cotter'of Clarkson suffered a >< T V.. but ha< spoilt the greater part FIRE DEPT. CALLED OUT The .fire department was called out Sunday evening a The law provides a penaltv of A general invitation is extended to There seemed to be no dam- ,en dollars for failure to obtain a • a \„ children in. the village, as well as -^ ^ rp \ e ^\r\' s ,. l ,inbient north of the ml^ap on North Main streel age done to. the-nmchinery. Dr. Miller .license during the month of July. On • . fi narent ot the children ano n ^rn ! one' a,U ^ P wasla the cabin and was\\wTthin three l » ho , tenth day of August the Town .^-^r^. c v 1 i (lte& 4„.wfel4'.aTe to , . . % ,. ,, u , \ . ;Clerk TP compeled bv law .to furmsh •• mtere.&tS(^~~?in cnnkaooa— *««IL feet of -where the hghtnmg-struck. | tQ , he state the names of afl \delin-;attend the cl&sktg session a t the quent\ a copy of this list also goes to ' Methodist Church Friday morning. some local organization. Ex-president Charles Kenyon hv spected the grounds last week and was much pleased with the improvements. • The Fair season opens soon. The, Secretary ha s received invitations from his contemporary Secretaries to •63 'I Friday OI ner 'ifr ' n tn ^ s vicinity. She was n( , present af their respective Fairs. ^ m • _ PES J\_ DAMAGES '\'.'^k 0 REAS ja Justice of the Ppace-w-ho-is. obliged A\i.urvey has*~Dee\n conducted this to - \tSsue\snrffmbiiKes!\'^TTil»\'\adels eo\uTf*t'~ v summer in Monroe, Erie and livings- ! rns,s wnic -h B 13 ^ 9 a rath?r cMn >' ' . .. . , . . , - license. If you have'received notice ton counties to determine tfaff .pre- from thp Town rierI( tnat V0U f haVe valence and'extent of a seriovis root been listed by the' Assessors as an disease of field peas, according to an'\owner or harborer and such is not the announcement from the Monroe Coun- icas , e you, shduid call at his office and- „ „ n _, „ , .make affidavit to this fact, ty Farm Bureau. _ Dr f Chas. Chupp,: - Thp „ nlission of tne namfl of - an plant disease specialist from Cornell, ] owner from the assessors;, ljst. does ^spent a day in each county visiting not excuse license. canal when smoke was discovered is- suing from a double house, occupied by two brothers and their families. One of the fafiiilic- had gone away, ; leaving some papers- in the stove ffv burn. The draft fniU'd to opprate, and .the kitchen became filled- with smoke. WHICH IS RIGHT? United States Commissioner Kdwin C. Smith dismissed the charge against .*,.,. . , which proved to be the extent of the him frflrrF^-o-btaiining a fields and collecting specimens. These were sent,, to the U. .S. Departrnent ot Fred B. Richards,\ Town Clerk. George Woodward, who, was arres by custom's inspectors for violating the Volstead act by the illegal trans- j portation of alcoholic liquors, on the ground lhat there was no evidence to the effect that the-goods were \smug- gled.\ Woodward was immediately rouble. Both famil .e.s are- comparat- ive strangers here: aflernoon, which shook him up consid- » member of Hope Rebekah Lodge, erably, and smashed the front wheel W. C. T~7.V. and the Methodist Kpiscn- of his bicycle. While riding home Pal Church. with .his bag of papers, he was struck Deceased is survived by two daueht- •hr-Trrrautom^*«e>='-com4irsr--fr<rrn-- the •'^ At-«v. - Wil-l-ia.-m-l«-Whi4=e-flf---&v*>d- north. Thr-woraa-n-who seenicdao be p n: Mrs. Fred Cotter of Clarkson; the spokesman in the car, stated that < hrp P son*- Dudley and William Rem- the accident was wholly unavoidable., ington of thig-village and Simoon Rem- NVighbors got the license number'and inctr/n of, Sweaen; several grandchih.- it is probable the owners-of the car'^n and one great graniTchxild. C;iledonia~,Fair opens August 6th. Race Secretary Frank He-bbard has a list of the Western- New York Pair Racers and purse s of the Circuit. Big Reduction in Porch Furniture All porch rockers, porch'chairs Nan- tuckets andHra-mmocks. now at 20% off regular prices. A. Y. Fowler, 97 Main St. •» i . INVESTMENTS First Mort s T.ge -Bonds, S. W. Straue & Co. ,6% to 6%%; 42 years without rearrested on the grounds- of having ( phone 128-M loss to any Investor. ArthurJToob3v J __ a ^---»g^ etc Agt., Sta.te\-Ba'nk^f--fkrmmWc?r _ BTai: Friday and Saturday this week. Thos, will pay for the damage t<rtho bicycle.'' The -funeral ._s%rvice s will -be - held Private Sale Some household_^LTJitt«-i!e-.-r.refrigcT-- CARD OF THANKS $ — | We wish to extend our sincere thanks <\5 Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from amI qppi -oclation to oni 4 many \friends-:? her late home in M/mroe Avenue this and neighbors for their niany acjs bf^*| village. Rev. I.- B. ^MiW-^ofnelating. kindness, the floral tokens' ahd alst* &i;Jg Ig. 4:17tt Lark in, S9 North Main St. S-^^ntefmentwmrbea/l^o Tlew ceme, g^^ffi tery. tln» use of automobiles during our jfrei 91: i'li | The farnily of the late C. L._Ryai|p? •§! I 1 x tu-' \ I X w^^^^^^^^^^A^i'A^^L &&-$. »%sdm#hi*%^. h ^m^S^^^M

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