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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, July 03, 1924, Image 8

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AS THEV sXf«nrcED-^irof*e- r | 'HE FourtK will not be mode \\^-^riaus-oy-tke-iit>isew^ make, nor by spread-eagle speeches. There's. little m wocds-ind less IrT \noise \tiTTfiAcnte pjtrwtSmT More \\e^TTTsrive- tm? straight thinkihj*. fliiJ J *l he rate action in the disclur.y of individual duty., - E .v5U. Ly-^y-^ Prepared far this papet- by till -New Yor-k State GoHege of Agri-. culture at Cornell UnTveriity- ^She^-Did^wi *ee ti-uu m^_d sin an arrow across the >=tri mi* > He—Yes. dear; you'll nui i '.• fV» river jLthatpoint forms a bow: iHis Name ijnkeet\''~\~ r With Washington'.* Lafayette^ W+i^l—Event Be-°Re^ membere .1 as Defender -fl£JLiberty.____ Location In order to \realize iho Of • most from the silo invest- The SUo- i\ R\ t,-iiL. .uru-Jt be ^properly 4 Uiitct-j to rwlur 7th,riuYi67\ \ of ~ feed\ •iug. HamUK a tew exceptionally planned round tarns, the silo' should be i+liictid.niiLaidQ^. In curtain fornis. of*round'barns* 1 , where the stlo frame is made the supporting core of the kirn frame, t no cattle are'arranged hi''-a circle to feed from a marfger around the laau of the silo. Unless -uch barns are skiUtttty- de-Sigftedj, tTuT silos .cannot be conveniently fill- ed. V\ hile bams ot this type are theoretically cli'.'U J per space en- «D. 1H«. Wenern Newgpapw Union.) The siBBWirtes dtar that come to us at quiet hour, The dreams we have that do not all come true, • The- songs w*s love, a book la -sfyavd^- -b u-w EP Ynu PIGGUKS OUT NMSSEP HE CAtL'lN'-l You GINALLY FINDS \H E-€H 6 rq^bo fftWtj L~ The Reason. English politics in.:- sii'ii** :iii^l*-s un- \ familiar to tt-. A v. i-il ,ii«i«n London —dandy-ar^ti-niun ul»uu.L I^A^I \M.- .i-Uiid how he s was goin^ t\ »•:••. Win-nut , tk« Slightest liesii,.ti\ti In- •'.!(• 1 dial '- __he_was_goinj;*to \»i»- t!\u ^..t'-r TiHtH-. { 'Tbat. maj \be\ ;\t~\\\rrr ~?^yi—iii.ii^r— —Alffy-r 1 —-said—hii uiuiii^ u'• \r. 'and ] —-doubtless is. .But, i-caii). ,ii,\ i»>y. I ' never knew that y*m <m- -s e tuUiiuihed ' with labor.\ I \Cawn't say Unit 1 jiin, Mil they've , put up a I'i'ctty ;ounu ilis-l,.-,.-.\ ' The iiiciiM'rj ctte, ri-fi.ili ;l l,d \'...: ^iiL-1 in. - ''.j> - • t Ulll it.Ul.re )/••• i;.ir.,yoiTn Y'~ liut •li-, ili- I.nfay- ': :it I'liKitimial i ,! ijir'.ir^ the . i. ,i,j r\ war, ;rr ;\n 1SM*N. r—f.'i U+lu-'r -£L —-r-T-:—14-*+—was lb- vi. .HI- II1 A mer- •I: •ii.i'i-ty TONIGHT- NRTabUtt stop sick hesadaches, rallav* bilious attacks, lono and r«iulat« th* eliminativo organs, tiiak* you f««l fins. ^fetter Than f>llls-.For L£vec. Ills\ ii i , !., •. ..ii-l all „ ,,„,..; it»^,i4.-r my . .\ \\. , \. ,'„_. i,.puT>-' 1Tt „ „,»i n j.i -tia.t_iiiy .; , . .,' |.v|l I., fill till ,. .. .• The ,\. i i t ^ iiiiiiii.iitdy i , i,. mi- the \7MIII \i \vTiTueT . . .'f *-i|ii.iiity i.\ „\ ' ..ii.T'.-Ti-T ivhft i-iosuil, naii h oTTLlTsiHice is iraiti-to— u.--••, mid tlio i-oat ib beyond the reach at i.iu^t diiir.. nun. Uiuut'stionably, in IUI li liams the* dio Is iiroperl-y placed t-ut there ttr-c Hiitti^-oua- -difewlvaau agi's. - Most bam-., in use t hovi^ev^s, liti. or t-iii-li t>iu ihai the silo can 6e iii^L-Iocali'd' oiLSule, >s)iatever the j-laii ot sUble uriiiii.jehient. Tn ThTS^ \ \rrc7.- DtrjeTtrrrn-aTrte- ^jttoi^i-a^ising frnm \^ihigi- can be Kept trom the milking •-tuule. liurn s,.a.e ia too expensive to use in thih \ia>. The silo should r-\- pltreetl »*> thuJ, it is uceuaaihle U>_ 1 i\ laTgi-i' utiiisi'tr of cows potssible. lit tku tui 1 . at'the side if the stable \i' 'rorr5r~or^'ti-tiif ruriioi^-tf— V&&- >MMI-S iiii-.'-t lit liRht angli'M. I'he i-i'iuu'ctlim of ih<-' silo with the barn Jimiid nlliiiil ;l.:...i ut spate or eas This?pfT?eTe\ss-gifts ar«- all tot 1 SEASONABLE FQODS \While 'chestnuts are in ttie market * tMe\thein-in as nniny disluss^ns null 1 please tire family, j Chestnut Salad, ' —Shell -one-ponnd of cliestnuts and T boil—until teaser, i rem-ov ing the ' b'rovvn skins. While still hot pour over i' a ''highly seasoned . French dressing and set away to' ( marinate for two hours. Then add equal parti of chopiiedceleo'arid fine- ly-diced apple and serve with a mayon- i naise dressing. „ • —Whey—Jelly.—-V '*e—on&l—pint of ^ atralned whev: add one-half cupfal of j Artistic R^ed, Fifcre and Willow Furniture Chair o« Bookor illnatrated, in T«p«itrVt $15.75 W^ORTrlg.rt I QJJ-^jg 5T ftfe AT . ROCHESTER.N.Y, ^—w-K»^»i=f ^IlltUt t i-i-Ltlll' ' • |...I.. ..! .1I41\ • Hi ' » J \ ^ ' L - j ,,n.| I.U :•••! \U- J\\ • 1 \; EDWARD W. 8IMIMONJB tril»utl»K device, and tliu floor grade s-hi'-iiTil t> siii-Ti ... to 1 ermit the -road ta he easilji-._iJlU-y.jaiT . _ About Thi' Unrightful gardener Vegotabla wilt bt-—brtrtetrted ui the Families bom.teal, relationship of hi-, v.'geia'. U\~ To the- cruciferous ?rtT-nr>-%**!<•+.« Uu_r-iaiib-ur!i.ai'rd s .its_}'ar. '.i-'t l'.ii-ni.s i-.i!iiii!t.w,i-r, btrisseta :.|irnut.s, ki>hl Miii and Kale, alsoTJtr- TiT^.'rtrfttSri^- 5 '. tt-mttrmtttsh. -unl-musK. : aril. .'1 In- 1 n.. M.i. •••u.-> group coin* i r.s.'s tin- .ir..t.i. [•_, uato. pepper and fi.;,.l;.iii. I't-to _ ml beaut, 'of all sugar, -one- and o«*4.alf Uhlespooniuis i of gelatin, soft-ened in cold water to 1 cover. Add the juice and grated rind • of a leinyn and orange. Heat the sugar . and the whey, add the sonc-sietl Rrtatln ; and stir until tliswdved, th«en add .the fni't Juices and pour intn ft »i-4<K |__ Ragdut of Veal With Onions.'—AWh a cleaver or pestle flatten a veiil steak _ to abdut one-qmiiter of an l_ur_a la r ^nTlmt'Ssr'^VlTir 11 •.iaa44t»»touiu-=--mttai- = I cut it into rounds. Cook these rounds • in hot pork fat (s-rfU unti4 the juice i shows on the upiier surface, then, turn and cook \on the other side; «dd a little broth and let simmer until the meat is very__tendeic—about forty-_tlv___inlnyt_esj_l_ Stir two\ tahlespnnnfuls of flour with. . tomato'Juice, suit ami pepper lo taste, J. IntQ-Jiils (lish j_add^ acupfnl of toiiutto pulj> cut into piece-, ami cook tea ffltrr=— utes hmtrer. Ha\e ready siiiull onions. ctpoked t^trdei* trf-fiftitlB« \v.t!er,-dr_aln£-l-- , and browned In butter. Serve the* veal i and sauce in the renter of the platter, with tln\.oaiQns Urmind In a circle, \ \ Sprft^at^^ In Niagara Falls I I- -fcon£^crtrire4iK-tafts^^ fruits, and sometimes even human lives, to the Great Spirit that lived in the thundering waters _ \\-_.\'_ _.. -. . - e T.T-' •• TrT.rr-^-.n •••-.-T>— .1 I' •*n3wr\ •WOSI7* f 00 vou«* •Y MA-II. 177- In- -biM-d >•\• \ '' '\ linnl-hlp- \I' V.di-. ' '•- ^ I rct-ttrnetl .v*-4\*-+»•'- ••'•> '••' -ctriTrfd-t4»H' : t^-'t»-li •_'••>'•. ^ -.rrrr^Trn-H-tf\*-^^ }} l ' tl *- i;a ' 1 ' 1110 u tit.c -vhit r \--tnnra-nist*s—t ..I-.' i'i i.« >'d to ihe lilies. 11; iiiiKI.i -.. squaKtrps, and .;•!• 1 ui urb.i.u-eous plants. 'I'h'' p;ir«rtt'. ire»i.,t, .uul pursie,., as • 11 aa Ui.; uad >..\fial oih-i: pot bwl>s, hcviuij, itV l_h(_. urn belljjerae. . , 1;, .. ; .mil - :• .uli are cheno- I mis Lndivu, letiu.e, and salsify i.ll COMll'-'-lli'' jL_J_ ,].- rCi.an Milk i|--s 1 :illli > I 1... Ib'.'t . .1,. ItO- Hire 70a tried Ranking your moaey by mail^ B*» simplt, aavea time- brings the bank to your door. Our . depositors |_u_d % *att afid -satisfiai- Sensrl for bo*oklel \A Moneymsaitt\ We cordially ,L-nv1to all our Tneni-t-r \vwrrern \hr- Rochestor to «isit cur new banklBg ro«©ffif tir tte- Union Trasl Blinding, 19 laain a. W«5St. - ill.\--< :.n-l :i IJ'\' 1 \ r -''\ to. tin- nbl \f ili\ ' •'• •Witt ; t -ii»_iii'.iii>-b- d b\ __• <(*• i-hinnbr.iu. ,.. ._. , , fndnr tin- f--M•-»••}• -'» v,.i._:in^ton. L.-ifaw'tt.' iri'l It\.'—. T .-HI (...ir-'hitr-rt .,irln...p- !• V- ' '••» \ »•'•\• 't^ -.,.«... .nliiiiii.-t.'it 1.11 n t-*\T !'•». I\*-!. ; n il.c Mini-iMl.-r .-I' -*-.i-»iw-.Hi-•' vv'th -.nrvi nun. \>•** --W—- -\II ui.-i and 24 J1..-S. Tliu- lb- -•' \\ « '\ u \\ \ little!.* r.i'. 1 :.•• wt' • --.•fir-'-'ii'* :t.li.m.-p .,„,, ,. ril 4, i-..fin'..,n:- -.T-.tn Vii+Hw HAIL COLUMBIA! I'lri'i .ie .11 prune quality -^.ifi U: made ontv from i.iii, 1. 11- clean, flav- >c,t. v.h. h mentis that Pi' kepi clean and cool \SftTi • 4*<-s_] -4_kM_«_aiSi^ \¥en 'tjLKT frfi. AT -VUW ^T . 4424 LAKE, AVE. . Capital oa£_j«'t- u $2,tW, t •' - hi \ 'For Ghe-.se • ir-'il atul s it'., t-.ui-i r tnitTt \\it T5 \trijttviTTcrt- -at— rtvtr t^eeser ti-tiTTv ^usf?^_tiiH3-i> tor liandhng mil'iv nuliidf. UrMof .-.11. r.t-atness and . 1.,«:.l.in'-s n[ jlie ii irvnian and his lie 11 fau« ,ire nor an likely .to be i-\ . . M . .'..»>,\ is rt<turn- eil tn tut ;n . em; t.. .ii<;,. washing aha -•.tttiia sii«,M ,s> : . uu as ihey come buck w««u tHi-uvji Uio e-virA Tims- 1* •^•J-t^^—i~tw--ni. <*>! : ^L--leaI£j_ttatisBr \ ^•^Trtllrir'v • if^'*-twtte^ite4M-{te»-.liS^ bi.-ti tt.i-htil iu;<i If the milk 18 leiib'il innrte'ttau'ly tn suth._a way •tixt- tt *-ttt ,•.-• ,iiu-iirh odors .or. he- rn.*. ,,.!,u*. 11!.;..ed .\ith dirt, germa 4-ull iLtli_l_Li M^ U.--cuTl'- te llttlq tTQUbla with ttit! IIM-« laotur... ^ •¥ * Plant-Food \\ h'-n crops are cultt- and ''ST-ed to « dt»]it-h bf-fonr S04I-\MutcJo. u Ji.e. uiLhes or more, \irii>~iu'.t ^rriwi veinute jnto- ttiis -are LidJU -l-i;rrifgr-*i—»H—l*ttl--d«_____-luc.h_.ol Ham piei-Take tive Ittrgnwtartoesr-*- , sliced, une \puunil of liuni, uncooked, j two mviliutn-slZKil cajTots-. l'lace a j layer of potatoes, sH«-vn. Iff-the hvottom of the pan; urate i>ne carrot over the potatoes: cover uitli uite-Jmlf of the ham. cut Into sorvine-sized nieces: | Tjltrce-imotl^r- +ay^ #t~ p-otatne^ and. .. grated carrot and cover with ham. Pour , bqillns water h< TTnlf-llU the (Usii. eover-and hake until the jiolatoes are . . s(rft _^he-l«8e-ftfii!e»»--niliiJ-ite8 uncover and add more water, if u'e*aei). The Niagara Falls \Power tompar\jseMr electricity at the low- -&t-cTrmgr yrice TT=- ceived by any gener-— ating system on the North American Continent. j\tJu^T/yw ancTTfidescerit mists of Niagarli^tlSr^B, doing they tfatxnight tQ pbtainjbetter crops |rorn their fields and to prosper all the affairs of the tribe. Likej-nany-ancientxtvy ths, the Indian legends embodied a grain of truth, A spirit of power and service does indeed abide in NiagaraFalJs, and today its beneficient influence radiates out hundreds of rmleTlo^igi^efl. dark places and to lighten the labor of all. Large fortunes* itrafTy^careerrs and evensturte lives have-feeen sa€ri£G€sd-ia attarning the present ^preat&ess of Niagara power service. —Thus_the_ IndiajiJejg^nds_of long ago vre^ but poetic symbols of great acHievements / £nat are the sob-er truth of today. THE NIAGARA FALLS POWER COMPANY, Producers NIAGARA, tOCKPORT .& ^OWEAWO. POWER CO., Tmnsmit&ws i a 1 •1- i- E E 1 THINGS UNUSUAL By T. T. lVTAXEY *' &**\ .The Saint _\Iatx'8_ river- connects Lake Supeiinv\ with \Lake\ \fltiro-B. Nature studded this river with rock -j imd- posspusitl—H-wtth i-i-ftpldi_wJvMc_eu-. falls twenty feet in three-quarters c-f a m!Ie. r This made the movei«ent of Bse-fiOFB-ms-wf-fuEa aad. tavtcJwujdfse, which came down through th<_» lakes frr-the-early doy*r- well nigh linpos- l-alh]e.——,—:—•. . ••... - ' ... . . ~ Accordingly, in 1S53, the work of UTILITY HQW~€r&il -&ol7g> buibllns tliat which-is said t«i h-ive =e tht» pliuM-tiii.d tin- iin cron. further, is i.r*-i,u.d :.• ibis upper layer of soil- , „ „ I .ui inn in\-' -.'ii-nn.- a soil mulch Is [been tT«> nr^t ship ennsl wltniii the \Tii.rTiiTti. id..'.T>\\U'n; oflant \IS a hu- bt»rders of Hiese United States was 1>«- i.t V::TTfT- v--f *bnt <»t X«w irork ^ gun. This, canal se.as_5.-6T4 feet l**ng , tntt . \ - ifs ,, -H.i«» e «Uree .inches of | anddt-s Iwki* permitted Uie passuge of \ U i_j»( • »'<'' r -' ni'-e't\ the crop | vesseH ,dru« i'ng twelve feel of- \vat.»r. \ •+\.\\.\i\r.\-kX toud.li_-\^L.Iiu-uIalLJ]aBiLLa3_Jtefc_iiin±m_2^^^ \I- ;-••\ ',''• •,'''•-,-T \rr-r-.-rr-i 'iiliP'Tt ShiH- 4-gr*'ii-N«-p---w- > n-tfwpB—ftllsultiid. _a\Ilil the I Il'Olll lltf .-.I.ilitl,'i.ii.l 'I >' -\ l \ \•\,*• !• \ ' ((tr , , ,, m,, mim' t-lirah two j can id n»l Imks had to fte.ealiJigett: 1 h fr-S_t^- i\ r _u v l, I.\ il iKJt IlllJll' liro» v,.w j _«..... „ _\„~ -•»v'-\-'V' ,^'ny- \Y%?n UHXtntly- \|«-H—*-™^fT~*^«*n<*wi6i=^^ fca4fe-W : - \ ..T^-; t ™ ._. *J 1 ... MM.*.., W-r- ' Inrt-X-IO OTll l ,1), njuLinuyij^fe_serlou_. with rtint development. .lUKUID-fMNT« -i-. Ml . ciuitimieil tn gr«»w by' leaps and } ..••umK The present series of citnals (--and liu-ks, completed in 1&2-I. cost IjM-vproi 111.UI10BS of dollars; Xon-vtes- -I'SPIS t.rn«-Tng. surae 24 feet of.water can In- 11ecnmmu.Ia.ed . The lnrp.«<t luck i-i l.:i.\iii feet long. Five 'ships <-an -H-rtw-i»-w=-iSdiuaiisayaJif:3ou havq . !\• .Jwindled at one locking t.VCOOTs ANi> OUTDOORS A< m«ny \•t^.1 Tin ii'ith, ili) it in a-sfflit-B, * — lunger tliej grow the more there'll be and harder to kill Ife PAINT For Beauty and Protection Don't let bac3* woather attack your home. Paint now-paint pro- tection will cost much lessthanwepaLrs. And i| T ' you use, Lowe Brothers t High StandaTfi Liquid' Paint you will be assured of r^al beauty and econ- omy > as wellas protection. s\5* HIGHSDWDMJ UQOID PAINT We believe that our long ex- perience - and ca-ur stock of Lowe Brothers ^products con- stitute the kind of .painting help you need. Comfe in and talk it over'wtln us. COOK and KING ' Brockport, N. lolomg Htijii th. Toicli of Liberty nnd Frcedcni for All the World. ~:-4— -:-~^^^s&4L$^^X^^&PuicZ!5-; — A tin 1,1 ,.t i Millie ,,) 1 ltid nf \'.'.- OIK* -ji'f-nt n-i-Td yet r'-niiiin t •• ' ' >• > ;. r ri'«t AiiM-rn :I'I | '; •,',, •Ti». littb Ii-.- '.!• -, MTviel'^ n 1, llTe,! i,\ I Ameriiviri ll'-n .\ -.i lut cr -lux . u l.i -t, I'M 1 : Pidiiiirt w 111 »•'••.... • rej_nti'i] tn null ni 1 ,. r .it-iiii' 'i*~ .the ... - v, 1 \;. ,.- fin- the u. - 11' - bit ' \\ as *;tehii'V 1 -l'li'lll - which e i;','..|i!ei | 'i l the I I vent b) the field of- the sluggard I. ivi In it was gi own .-'all over with hi.,-,1., ^ n Khali po\^iij come as. a ji.» cif arii'l' waul a.- an armed man.- - I lTic 2 4 2D. -- - * - I 1 liiiiinii v. ho collect and sell old ''a.!-!'-. un;« and ililibpr. not onl\ tarn sunn' pocket nioiiev but keei 1 - nink Irotu inUocting around , the Ami-i- mid y aril.. • •# One tiuii.sevsiue sajs'a small mag B-1 1- Mu- handiest thing around the kiichun,..iih u_.ua ea iyj) 4i.ck.1u ) spill- \I d iii<'Ks,\ l \vi'th a piece 61 \HTfmX mi ii she ri'i-iV.iM's many a small U^i.d 1 art of -to-c or sink that Voidd likewise be- le^t. -A- upzke will M-;id mit m tbiJ i-utiiitry np 'one of the grtiit A,ineric;in national I heroes. •^i^i'.a .-mould be cut early, (me mil ruli* is to cut as-soon as bloom- n of the j ; n g | s ^ ,\i 1,. run. Iletter still Is to '.lasi- ill drii\ c>: lurvesting on th\ devei<),._i::i-nt ni thenmv shoots. Cut- ling sh..ull hitfin \ lion those shoots are f*r uu onfli::li' to one inch long. End. 1 - 'e-w'iinK not iuily«gi\es a better rpiab'v 11 liav, but. in favorable sea- eou ( i may result in an additional'cut- 11-1 ,ii-/,ko in i!n I'i-rli;i]'>J lit a ' it' 'I Sinter and 1,1. . in* mutely I..., Plel-'KO-Ci.. tii'i si h:i -as-ii-i lesMthi have pa.gaed thruiigli Inl n -lhi_le dny. Although the hulk nf the trnfeic muxes through the oumils on the Ainerican side, therr^ is also a lurge i-Hiial on the Canadian side. The season of navigation varies flc^ cordinjt tn the weattier. t Jcnerally spenking, the ennuis open in April nnd eluse In Meceniber, The trtMiiMhlous ' vulunie nf tratlic which passes through In a xingle season is astounding. , The report of the 1'nlted Stuti'S ciinai dllice tit Sault Stc, MiuU* fur lPJ'J -bows that an a vera gee of 00 vessels per day or 17;i!H3 passed through the canals during that period. These vessels carried 57,1)13 pnssen- jrers and f>o\n67,2fi8 tons of freight, the value of which was estimated to be altiioM one billii ;i dollnrs. 1 —f-he—«t*t4wni«4—teaffls-lueUuieii^.l: rotund nuinbers, 210.O00,fK)(> feet of hiniher; 4.(iS'0,0OO barrels, of flour; *_i!;i,(M)0,ni«i bushels Of wheat ; 103.OUI),-- iitii) Im-Oiels of other grafiis; 37,001) tons of copper; 42,000.000 tons of iron ore and '_T>2,l)<K) tons of gerteval nier- cliandlse. The chief items which rftade up the west-bound traffic lnehidexTT;tt,s- ing round numliprs again. 8,700.000 tens of-soft, and fliiS.OOfl tons of hard coiil; '_U,()00 tons of iiianufac-ttired Iron ini*l steel products; 63,000 tons of *nlt'; 1H(3.(K)0 tons of -oil; 620,000 ions 1 i'\--it«int' sand and gravel, and 312,000 .. of general merchandise. v \> 'Bus More Value Wttr> eWN&F) 4aiLnms A ment list «f 1680 psrcWsers of public utility securities showed 79 lifferelt occupations. Hey mcladed olftee-bw, jaltfactumsVlteia^f^ \\\ m^mecfeanies, urdfessiraai men. . , ™ Th^ owners of public «tiiit«s toda_y arOk JOT 1 ^ Ymr neigbbarsand friers are. iMffttt :*tt9&mru*%7. port aid the pnlffif* investnent of it*-«*mp-««t- *»« ««^ rhftdern electric service possible. ^ No small group af capitalists ©wns the, public utility companies of New York State. The billion dollarrspentfor plants and equipment and the hun- dred million dollars a year required to improve and expand the service have come frbmmore than a hundred thousand .inves- tors. ' Thi tmblit utility companies areL responsible to the public for good service at reasonable rates. They are also responsible to * their owners, for the investment these people have made. These are not conflicting duties. *. 3 i WestertljNew York Utilities Co., Inc. 40-42 Ellicott S-treet Batavia, N. Y.

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