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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, July 03, 1924, Image 10

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hriMH***** mSmPA \ SBBH«JwW |H»|1HHI»|OT •ptV\ TJ -rrr -\STF \feS-ra! yAj, e* ^Xf sf^jf »- T-T-tW- ^ ~ 1 r$\l V, THE RcFnTEClCrB-RcreKPSR^NwYrTHURSDAY, JULY 3^_i924 CtARKSCW -poiiili; a new Chester Round* i* •Ford touring car. Alphonso Cotter of Dftro.it public school?, i* at home for hi< summer •vacation. f - —ifl^^^—fc,^^*—]^m,vi^—Is vi-i.lins—a. Th, chun Adu't t'l.is!» <>f the w ill hold a strawberry , r , -,,11 - ifi.ii in the. Baptist S-ininhtv >-\ei-iiiiK, July *>th. Tli,' \ \1-it-es Kiln ami KannU' .,!•• • ninviiii; a new piano. - «i !•• i >•» v i it-Pt-«w4v«-H; ja. Ml- Dr, and Mr*. Hermawe were nT~ Saratov \1-aU't week ..atti'iiilini: the Tnpe-t+n-s- of--Oui Ilt-alin Officer* A*- filiation. Mi«s Rt^^ie DonnelU-*N ^i>»-nilintr a tew days with her si-t< r. Mr-. H. <5 L'tiVll in Rochester.- Miss Kvolyn Palmate.-]- of BrocV port, was a Sunday visitor at rhe )wis*» of Mr<. I.ewi^ MeCaep. Mis* Mahel Corhin. te.ieh*-r in the T'tica -chooK. L at 1v»-r MM.-rs Mr« Allen -Lewis, for_thc ^iinnier' I Henrv Keen'' and faniilv of tlreece Tt-n-fl—R-n-b^m—^4)'rV •\\* family of lioeh- ester were Sunday vNitoriat the hornP of G. H. Totter. Mr. and Mrs William Hamil and ** daughter ^^tru'o!<\~~^rp ~wpek enfl\ visitors of their father. Frank Durfcee. William Thomp-on and wife and Doris and I.ouise Hamil of \Rochester ——-were—we«l«—-f»n<I~^.i!4f-4M^s-.at. xhc. homi \ of Fred R. Hixson. i -irpi'titel J*-ssie Ossjood Deit/. nl itrrr-T 4'- •R^T-r~^-^v4v-U4ai!^_r-tlaLixea. in_.Luwjl.__ Me and Mrs. William Murray of Lr'ii-Kp.irt and Mr. and Mrs. Jam»*» X'i'-iiiilt nf Ilanilin will tnotnr to Rny t't'v. Mich, sitariinir an ihHr trip next M.unlay, July Mh. Mr-. Rich u at hep horn*' Mariuri \ (huyLh'''r of William Ryan.' u \t-rv Ul with blood poisoning. Mis- Knie-»tiiie Luth of Lo*Ant!eU»s, C'alif. k visiting-relat-ives-in town. Mrs b O TiMld. Misi Edyth Todd an ( i Marjorii' Todd are spending simie time at Atlantic Citv and -New Jersey. Mr- (ti'oreo Klliott ts visiting rela- tives in Michigan. «EillIL«IO Ga tmn©ticeduntil they have tkeir hair bobbed or treated Facials also make a wonderful difference !Vla^l~hetrxyaipssdrlT -~tr: M% ^hfcgteifafcell, Fariat, Shampoo or Manicure .Charged With Reckless Driving William Clark of Clarlrson is being held in $f>00 bail, in Justice Court, be- fdre'Judtj-e Frank H. Pisber, of Greece, o-harjred-with having driven awa-y_fro_ul MK-* Uenevii-vp WilsonJU-ho-rrie-ffroTn'th-e scene of an accident after having Lima fur the summer. .crashed intoa-machine on the Manitou This coram u Sunday evening a com- road a \week-ago. W. H. York of 401 GARLAND. ADDITIONAL BREVITIES . Those who harve be-en wafting, all winter for sumnner should get busy right now and not let the grass grow Tkefesar-Uarie Va&ity Shop Ptt0f*£-r04- l^DMAN ROAD Misa Margaret Nesbitt has recov- ered fron*~ 4he\~lnlSr^- ATM^ -ferplrpri •while operating a power washer \~~Mra. \MarsMT ^EkTaHng TB eflitprtatn- ing her hrother from Florida. A. D. Walker is visiting his sisters. Wendall {Jalwell of Texas lf» speiid- inff a few days at Henry CatPrs Mrs. L. J._ Pea«e is spending, the aummerwith her daughtpr. Mrs. David Grabb. •The Jyadiea Aid of Morton met at ••the home of Mrs. Fmii Kefendorf, ^Thursday ~—E3?mir-^atts^-irtntta!r^rD3ir-i J tri+f«^nl» Is spending some time at his home . : M* r -a4«L-31rs_ fieorgp <'olhiiin ami family pntertained rompnnv from Buf- falo. Tupsdav of last week. \Wilbur 4'ater has. a new hired'man. -IUM.1 Iniin_Ii ttnder their feeV -^ M th£y--dfiiit \will !be winter again before they kno-w it. ' immediately-aftST-The Fourth we all _ commence to spe-ak of -what's going to , . \'^l^'^^--^--.haia in .xhc:J»3.rsdte At- , ^SS?nl.«*..^.-^^fcapift^ ta. #*9.t*Zl . _ \. Yh ' 'was seriously Injured, and Clark JB I BM . aU 8e of the-j prlns froartg and the IZ^~ -aid ^^-^^U^-^'^^^^^^d^.^ haw. escaped with one tire ^^ ^qn.tinuoa-r. ralM of >Iay which w -ere Sundav OToit- of Mr «w M^ ' P««' '*«» h^w-and-anollieuumsUir: .^^5^ t-ho-blos^m seaaanv eight or - v \ P m- *r ' '' ™* His car was lraced and De P u 'y 1 ten daya and the cold weather during M?r IL Z Wilson entertained over i Sheriffs Foamir* and Schey arrested blossom Ume {rcE it growers of Monroe • Sund^v her mother? \.wo^WfiW TairtTWin. - ^ -; rarid- otfter corsittes <tta» th© ^^^ 1 John Palla-ce appeared for Clark at prodict that tB erre will be only half . the trial Monday and requested an ^ ag ^ ar g e a crop 0 f f ru it thiis year aa adjoummenT^rfwF^eltST^h^fr-^ — ~~ ~-f\ Strand BIdg. State St. Entrance !>•> n «^ —j t,t>I»Jkw'{SJ^g\Ay her brother. Af This i9-lhe.flrst.time the heen togettri'JiJn niany Fresh Ham 22c lb. granted. DOG LICENSES years AV, A. Smith and family are. occupy- intr their cottage at Avalon beach. La<*jc Thursday afternoon the te-am driven oy S. R; IltttPTbttttgh pan away. On the wnson with Mr. Ruterba-ugn was Oavld Mattison. Fortunately neither WHS seriously Injured. \t the nfflrial hoard meet ing Mon- ^al3X_^vrniTi[r_ n _w»< dwided to iiavo.,„„ _. ._ . fth-f* annual—Siir»da\v—scllDirjl ptrmr nexltfbrce4 -tTifi- -y-«nr njan. irintrt J)<*en-tM >l week H S Steele. Harry Niehols j t«> fort- The dog laws have changed td-offeiises- no^w—indjuiLe, depretlation.s. day, July first. The inspector of the State Dppartmerrr wlto- visited, town rterk Fred B. Richards recently, em- phasized the fsu-t that tne'doK license la.w would he .mom stringently' .en- As the result of a premature ex- plosion of dynamite whlc-M he was uslnK on his fa^rni near S-pencerport, UUU LIUI.\\\ USUIB OH 1119 ia-in i i.^-«' — i •• - TTj^-TTWTry»rfnr-«a^twe- tee Taos* -BuglT-ElltSHl. «EK*.««>?*_ St - »?2'* u _.. T„!.. K t Ttm insmector of the Tl ^ w „i ;_ „ .- or v cc»riou» condition. , •lIlT (TtM)l-ge MeTaCK'^WeTr' ceniniitti'P to spt the exact dale to seli-rt Iht 1 place Mrs. John SWIt*s fnlPrfaiiifvl itxtprn \»uT^t+ fronTTTullaio RVsT TsTrrrchtr made in connection wlt^h poultry, rab- bits in confinement, gouts and other animals, Ut' addition to sheep. Hospital in a very serious* condition. Mr. Ellis-on sufJTered compound -fract- • ures o'f both loges, losa of one eye and large holes in various parts of bt» body ] I made by flying siones I ed corn and ot her spring crops they ' -thereby do -not foxfeit.- tlust protection , of the state Karane laws as many fann- ers \ havp hereto suppose-d, this an- Pork Loins \ \TfelrTTaftyrstW 22c lb. The Great Food Center ExtraordinaQLValues jor high grad^ Western Steer Beef Boneless Rolled, Prime {gjiiality- \ Roasts 25G11>- CHoice of any cut Shoulder, Arm : JH..Qfauck„ : , .,. Porg Sboulders Lean Pig, Fresh Cut 12^clb. Y,Q\jr choice/, Sirintfi- or Round Ste^k 3ftc ib. FTesh Ground THEVRE USING A LOT OF LUMBER With unprecedented building in OJKI tiratio 11—now—the—need— -for—htmbe-'-' naturally is greater than e-ver. See I -Gordon £-...Son before buying^_i;IM CLUTE David (Tun^^^lTc^r Trrr-sdnv mnr-ninc) .},„«„._ 4^. 4*u uia-ughter. M rs» Mault H«' ••» -nrvived liv nine H«+t4e <-4^elu- J.iki- <'lule. Mr< Kdith \rt:im-. Mi\ j.-nnl» Hawk<. nil of l^ekpnrf. Mn H« s a Devil with wliauiall weniLmlllo^T-ufu^ orraF^n^pa^rr^hrr^a^ We've a new Devil in our tmvii He's a. Devil of great renown Henrv i-hildn-n. nouneement besns mede hty Inspector 1 •Ph^ -|W« CWrk la comoi-lled to turn • v w Ilamillon _ l a ^n^f th « gam^ ' .,v.-r the names of all delinquents to , , ec ., nrs of t h „ roUsCrvat( o n \ ~ _ the Ju-tic of .»<• Peace by Anfrust 10.! m „ s , on _ Thp ^ 1 ,„ > samp who will Ts^ie mm»» tm- them.,^ f0 ^ tont , or rVf ^ l t(> 1 Viators, will be cumpelled to pay tbe , dur|[) Com- \ law forbids\! -shoot at, -a r a the closed season and 1 Large^lunnul Hams 20c lb & — iPot — *u* *!%>-•(• ; Roasts 16c lb. . .- - Thi^ Meaty .\.'. Plate Beef or Short Ribs Tender, Jtflcy, Half or Whole mt^ <it the t flue of &KK - a<-tion in addition to a n^rpfnr,., farrnpr. who are troubled i Mr-». Anna Hnmm of \?irt«il-e>port. ._ tha Fuller of Oakflidd and Henry Mault of Parma. ttrR. Mrs. •Avith pli^i-^ants- M:-II»S tlicir craps will' , —:— have to find «-am- other r-qmedy tha* mrn.-r -tone o£ the new\ Ma- the -botgun' • | M ,ntP -Temple aV-Lyndonville was lata; \*-\ r ; Th« ! yp'st'erdav by Right WOrshipfnl <3eorgej- .S**' A >;^weU «f Medina. -Le-tew ad ore •— pagt^fhree POETS : Fir»t ,th\«' p<»\« talk of Spring. • When all the jssorld _ is sprouting.' | And women -tiart to\ thlnfi of hats, And me#' of. irolf and outings But tVten H!«II^ fomes Su-mniertimo, .And- tli 1 ' firi-at otitdo=orfi tioth call; ttlhen we «!•• »«>t sta v in t« rpad, /' Home Rendered Lard 13c lb. Golden Smoked lie lb. Lean, Streaked\ Side Pork 20K; lb. ~ Easter BrarTd Bacon 22c lb. Half or Whole Strip Chtttce-Crearrrersp - Butter 43c lb. Clioice CutsHome Veal Roasts 18c lb. 2 lbs Fresh Liver 15c lb. COOPER & SON CCXrhrcr THE MARKET SAJNITARY 12 Main St. BROCKPORT, N. Y, the p-yTT v^-atF -or\ le'lV .So brown ..le; t'Ulllt'^sl.\ llveV w°y>»e° i4a»»;y T .at, nd? CnfF- 1 futil we kn»w the poem; - T)\y lftMirl. =-=\TT£i \^ar rh-\-|i'» <;t is ±'-u&~ —•— TTiit ITit-n\Tl!. poet'* lutve a rhance To\ pot.- of \V'inter-c3renr. Hxe..st!nimer^vvitlrh«=>r parents, Mr: and \Ir^ ('. J. SlU-knoy . Mr an,l Mrs. Jofen AlleU,\ \br. Mrs: ^^w,,^ -Altoa T -\aH ~g\HOllT. -t'hsrtps .. Mnhel |Th<trpp <vf ilarru r\criter; Mr ,flood and family of Clark < H>n were you can have And when ih.v have*' it- s—afe a^epp They •prTf oi j*re-war beer . !'\ ry Paddock, tlordon St.! «« ,,RlR last w \ ote of Mrs \ ARn * s Uis-i Mi : S.U' I-e ad on pai?* 3 throe the kind of Vacation youlte Wanted AS your Ia§t. vacationMKelcOT you -reatty- waRted ^o^-iaeiely tae^ ^.yoii. could afiord? Nmft time you can afford the kind you've wanted. Our Ten Per-Ceiit Oufe\\wlfr\ provide tlie money for a realty enjoyabte\ vacation \that : . will bring you back to work mentally and physically fit, alert to your opportimities-and with money left in the bank to help you take advantage of it. Let the Ten Per-Cent CJ,ub. build you up physically and financially. Join Now. m The SMI Of BROCKPORT, N. Y. if the &en Ter-Cent Club 11 .WEST SVfEOEN \ Mr .ie,j Mr- Leo Marrow and fam- I ily motored t.> Medina Sunday .•i—\Mr antJ Mr?. R...t^5U!*-l^ »W M tiie 'k-eTtd—vK-M-toK .re.latl vp,« Jkt_iiilton. 'William*. \ Mri. Uueh . Butcher. Mi lliuck. MP_<5««* TC!V ^' >loIntyr\p \WaTte. nd Miss amOrtfTThr^^ Mrs Karl i .ewellyn of Uersen w^a9i ftfjpp n Bertha 'McTntyrp\ -wen j w Ho-ea*'e sh^wors \last. weeK.la.fennor I of Mi»s Pearl IW.rMter whoso etis:as<- I mem.to Harry WilTlanrs of Byron fans t u&eil anntmffgod. . . . . . i. —^H^-ilari. Ma-rMiain entertained a Jam.e ^r\ Ilo.vani zerc y/itin^ laii-ie<t ai a woeT eTVtl 11v*^nest~Tre^ty~TTf\ht > T- sist^r.-M^ay^ggJ^^^^^^ s1tr »^ ast »^ s ^^k^-3yle-p|- -- -- * party was (•'happronen - hy \Mrs. Thas.'t \t;prrte—were- KUr-^ts- Kridav- of Mr. and Mrs. Peter M-c.I\artlani1TJ?^alrTeTrrmmkT»=-*~- Mr and MTR, Roscbe Lewla of Ba- ^oUsIr. Welch. Mr. and Mrs. James -Bentinger and taYia-haviHy^ei -hrmHMrsr -Geo-^ge Torpy. rMfs. Anna. PaliErer who has been }_-vi^jrrg--trerr»}othe* i Jirsw DBXL BaEELea, j. returned to Rochester, \Monday Miss. iMiri Straiten, and. Miag. A^ letta Tesvtnuw both of Akron have b<>en re?eitt'- suest s of -the • former's-jaHn^i Mrs. Cha.rlP'— WeLch. , Rev'. \V. (I . Warhoys of North Chili and Rev. Cliarles and Mrs. Pike of Brorkport were Saturday visitors of Mr. an,i Mrs . A. B. Pulis. 'Fred C. \tarkham who spent a few days last we=-ek with his father, R. B. iMarkHam aradf anally laas returned io <5^raldift« I^ocknerr, Joseph F, LaTure. August- - ^ue=swis- atad -4ajiffht£i_Enrisaj. all o£ Roch-ester, and Mr. and Mrl Arthur Oakley =of Broekport were - isn33t5.iast •'week-ef 5-tr, and Mrs. De^ his Gleasqh. \Hon. Berijarnia - L. Fairehlld of New York City, accora-panied by Mrs. F'alr- -<>hil(i s*pent Satimrday in town. 'Mr. Falrchil<f vvas feorn here sixty-one years ago in the old\parsonage which „4-iis now. owned by A. B. Pulis. He -was much*^interested in his old \birthplace •which'- at tie time of his \birth \waa occupied by his uncle. Rev. Ephraim Herric\k wlio wa s the .first pastor of the local P. M. Church. Pennsylvania. * Mr. and MT rs». George TVelch nad- fam- ily of Pete-rboro, Canada, with Mrs. Delahye Welch ot Pontapool. Canada, are quests this w«ek of Mr. and Mrs. Charles. Welch. Miss rlorence GHeaso*}! who has been \vTsTtinK Ter — aiintT MTSgrfath^rine- lAy- den erf' Roebt ester \has ^4turne-d home., \Master rtobert -and Ffcuby I^ewts* who spent last week -with their aunt, \Mrs. George Torpy,'have returned to their home in Balavia. » Mr. and Mrs. Alben Gillman an^_ daug-hter, jVlcone Linden, all of Roch- ester spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. aiwl Mr-s. -David Gillman. Mis. s Beu lah B. Sticltney ^vho &Tadu-- a/ted from tie A. TME. Cliesebr>ougb. Sem- f Lake View Terrace ____ Farm Having opened up my Sand and Gra-vel f*it can furnish the best of material for all 'kinds of concrete worfce. G. H. RUDMAN Pho^ie 28-F-27- Are sure hard oh jour wife when in addi- tion to the-marty honsehold : -d«Ues-she has & -to^pxepare a hot npeal. It is fisp^iaUy hard if you are going out of town for the afternoon or evening, so why not make-rt easy as possible for her by dining at The American Dining Room Sodas • Rochester Ice Cream Sundaes - SNOVErt & McGRATH, Props. Do you too-w how to care for the asparsuguaj \bed after the season is over? Bulletin Tl SI from the state The 391st, Infantry officers of the organized Reserves -will leave July 5th for the toiir of duty at Camp Wada- worth, Conesus Lake, for a fifteen day period of training. Several Reserve officers from Broekport have signified their intentions of attending camp. Among them are 1st Lieut, Prank R. Otte ; 1st Lieut., Jos. E. Hyan; Lieut., \Walter J. Herrington. We give a igreat maniy things to o»r hogs that are better than wlurt \We give to our families. In other worde, jye. pften_put in ttie garbage- the (beet part of our vegetables. Don't cook them in a large amount of -water and then throw it away. • . DAIRYMEN'S ATTENTION! On town line between Sweden and Ogd-en, from 70 to 90 acres giUm, all' C1OV«T; ©lover and timothy mixed, and all •timothy; \will be sold reasonalble. Inquire Mrs. Agnes Goodridge, Ohuirclh and Aintfty streets, Siponcerport, N. Y, 3liB8CR!BE FOR IHE REPUBLIC V •^1 *fe ••%• hMsm^MM:

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