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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, June 12, 1924, Image 10

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wBRRBHlill&lliflllw -^v^nx^ne^v^-•• — • ^^^^£i_ii ^-rfSatoa THE REPUBLIC, BROCKPORT> M. Y. THURSDAY, JUNE 12, 1924 WEST SWEDEN —--'Tlie'TrtTfrfii^^^ L -AJFEHg Tfatarch.T^ryfe^^jgsfr^S'Uttiiay'- at district—No. -7—school-on ;-3Fridayr -mornin:g-&e3rrSybjra-n<it Sjpojte-tfl-Mte- C1ARKSON GAJUAND- Jrme-lStih, • • , - Walter Kelly and Miss PhyUis Kelly e-f-Sepgea—were—Sunday^iMW*—oLj-ga \suweams\ JMrs. Agnes Williams. \ Mr. and Mrs. James' Bovaalzer and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eller of Brock- I Miss Margaret Fletcher has returned'~ -There will be no evening service at from schoolM Battle Creek, Mich.\ \ the Garland- church next Sunday, June Mr JM -lira .John Stecher'and Hax-, 15. This will give those who so de- ^ ^ 9 Sujjday ^ ^ ^^ • ris spent Sim-day at the home of their | s,ir¥~tne privilege Of- attending t^*^,, home in Hamlin ' • ' \^JghFeTrSTsrFrWTJraUief.^riac-h-\ ChlHrrBirt- Day exerctewr-te be held at ~ M _ ^ ^ D -^ ^-0^- bTMrd . ester/ . iOtto at this time. y Ohio> were g uests last week of TBT-JBU1-3CCL Lew McCagg. -M-ra -Mr. and -Mw r -.Bart• J^ter-baugh and ^ ^^ MTsfl Carrie Dettman and their brother, Fred and Charles. Dett- Louise Nell is and MLS ZoraTuIv were family returned \from Florida last W«MF Sunday visitors at the Ebme 01 relat- jie-sihfy: — — • •. ~== ivea in Varys-harp. , Jay Crary went to visit his daught- Mrs. D. Hiler of Walker'and Mrs. er, Bessie, in Warsaw last Sunday, R. Knowlton of Charlotte spent partllVtr. and Mrs. Lewis Mc-Ogg of Clark- of last week at the home of 'Mrs. Levi son went'with him. Thompson. _ * Mrs. Scott N'ielson and son. of Geneva -were ow Sunday guests of her father. Prank Durkee. A number o-f n-eighbors- spent Friday OTIS The 51. K. Sunday school will pre sent .-'The .Matfc Ring\ Sunday even ~ '_•\'\\-';'''\ '!>—\• •'•\- '\''\\ ing, June 15. a(, S o'clock. All are in afternoon -with John Stecher who has <\ * . . , vited to attend, been confined to the house for some Xht~gue^ts brougfiTtneirluFch\ time. -with them and made the afternoon pleasant to all concerned. KelatTves and friend*; of Helen Traw- ler motored to Stella Niagara to attend her graduation exercises. June 5th. Mrs. E. R. trawler Of Have, Mont., is visiting her b-rother, I> W. O'Brien. The Ladies Guild which was to have met this wee It Friday has been poevt- ~poned. uniTf Sa^tunlayl~Juner7rsT, \due To\ the death of €>ne of itf» members, Mrs. Edwin ttasscll.. .This meeting will- be held #t the-Ti oine of Mrs-.f Louise Ford- fcam. Kzr- HAMLIN FISHBAUGH dea-th of Miss lone Fishbaugh occurred iMonday morning at her home in Hamlin, aged 31 years, following a lingering illness. ' She is survived by her mother, 'Mrs. Ida Fishbaugh;- one sister! Iremp Pishbaugh, and several •uncles and aunt?. - The funeral \services were lipid Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clurli •from her late home, with Interment at 'Lake- View—cemetery. 8-wfde-tr. Funeral services for Ruby L.. the infant daughter of MT. and Mrs. Henry Carpenter of Hamlin occurred on Tue* dtrjr^f-rasfc-w^ttk\. - \ ~ The 31 day Advance Man of Redpafh man. —— : —. , Mr. and -Mrs. JPred Bird and son, Edward, arid daughter,, Mrs : Ellen p-arse-h, all o-f Byron, and Mrs. Thomas •Morrow of Elba were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Morrow. The residents of\,-ttfis- place were thrilled by a most unusual sight Tues- day of last week when the immense hydroplane \Aquae\ flew over the town which was immediately followed _fey the hydroplane \tlrban The Thursday afternoon, June l&th, at th* plants were flying- m low that the -The—Uid-ie-s-Aod _SocleLy_jsLili _nifieL. home, of Mrs. B. S. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Befij. ttochford and names on each were plainly seen by •those watching whose attention had daughters. Klwmor and Pauline, also [ been attr. cted by the almost deafen- ing roar of the 'planes.' motors. It was first believed-tnat the \Aquae\ was in trouble and would be forced to land in a \nearby field but after numer- ous plunges and dives in a circular fashion it again astcended. The driver Dennison Gunner spent the week end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Flemming, Jr. District school No. 7. finishees its term Friday. They will hold their pirniW a| .thoCwhrane ..cpeek SalUXi day afternoon. WALKER -Rochester. --= Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sigler and fam- ily spent Sunday In Rochester with relatives The North Star school has been closed on account of scarlet fever. Mrs. Harry Hamll * and. grandson spent a few days In Rochester.-last •week. - — Schools will soon beolosed for summer vacation. Mrs. S. L. Frtsbee spe'nt Thursday in Hilton with her mother. Mrs. Har- ..r.Htliit $».,., , , of. this plane exchanged signals sev cra.1 tinies.with those onnhe earth and at^one rime apeared to greatly amuse himself trying to get up a fliration a JjjdtlLalhezy. of yiiungja,d4£a..w;hj2 M&tg* w*teh-iiig-nim,—The \Aquae\ strongly. Chautauqua will be in Brockport ti. night Thursday, junt- 12th and will meet the. guarantors at Community rpnTer'aT j—p-tir.' sr thr s time the -tickets wil be given out ft will assist -and- -- GATES The death of William Gates, a life- \long resident of Walker, occurred* T^uesdftv -nvornlfte- at -h+s- -home-4n that plarp Mr riat*'^, who was 74 years or (lge. ha>* been In ill health for the past two years. Tie is survived by his wife, and two half the Secretary, greatly, in.the -distribu- lion <> Ith^'IIV-H will mak«> an effort to attend, \hU meeting. resembled a \huge silver fish, both in size and shape, the large silky fins appearing almost transparent, es- pecially was this true of th6 caudal jfjn.. The body of the -plane apparently of steel construction was a solid mass of what appeared to be'large fish — scaies of a silver hue. wkh glossyfinish, on which was painted tire mrme of the plane in either dark bhie or black let- tering. The -'Urban\ v/as Identically the same size and shape as the Aqua*/.\ Thf fifi\y L tliffrrrJicg. hftlng that where the latt(?r had silver scales and silver fins, the former had bright gold colored scales for the back ground -of- dtrrk lerterto-g- ttRA- tins of -goldoiv Jiue- Tf i«» not known why-the planes\ per« formed such sfrtints without landing when their movements indicated plain- that it was the intention of the brother-*, Joseph ( r«t*'» of Parma flyers to do •?&. f «& kt tooMo-vedt-'how- Allon Gates* of Chfcago. The fun- ever, that they thought--the hamlet eral services will be Prnftlo ofR.Matlng er cemetery. SWEDEN CENTER -©hJ14pen,:—his—subject - Jifiing; \OQn- gcience.\ The following children 1 also iJome JsliouMlmfssl M^ No one will want to miss seeing -pageant-entitled -^iSia41es_aad-| \Scapaaiouche\., whieh—conies—to—the-|an^^a.ppl*s~$4-.-to^^-flerT-4)aFelv----Bliu-- CaTOtiHe\ by CarotiHe Pre«fflan=r Heralds, Sara Rennie an-d Kutb Davis; S.pirtts of Summer, Dorothy White, Dorothy Clark and Iva Doty; Daisies, Johanna DeVries. Mabel \Merrill and Anna Ro&endale; ^overir'Marjorie Derhart, Marion Rosendale, Elizabeth igaabeaihs. I»uise Rosenda^g \^TlTe .atory Is 1ahr-lB\tlie' time of~aie Iflsther Stroll, Janice WTiipple and Gerald ;Blrd, Gene- HiJL Wlllard Bird Yieve ReminglQit; Goodrtdge. The committee jn charge of the pageant consisted of Mis9 Hel«n E. Norten, Mrs. Blanche Fordham and Mrs. Ferna Chapman, and the follow- ing were on the decorating co-mmittee, Mrs. Charles Decker, Mrs. Harris Holmes audi Mr. and Mrs, Johii WJiite. The sum of $25 wag received at the special collection for Sah»hathi School Missions taken Sunday. 4 ' The Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary Societies will meet this week jgridayaftenrogn at ilB&claBeki^at -the—home—«f—the—Myiases—(JFe»ne—oo- Holley street, Brockport. The next regular meeting of th.e Sweden- Center Home Bureau Group wllLi>e-held-^it4hje Miae. of Jlrs. Geo. Beadle Wednesday afternoon, June 18, at 2:30 o'clock. Mrs. Sheppard of Brockp>ort |s spend- ing a few days with her niece, Mrs. George BeadTer SAiATl NI*S\SCARCKM0UCH E»^C0M- ING TO STRAND^ —^Next-^j^sdar^n^d-W-ednesdiaiy=tB*oek-- The New Yo-rk market -wag firm lor -fab&y^d^rop-3>otateea:afldKai>ptesrd^ port-can-rsee--this-^rea'tes^of-pietttres.^^J-ing^^e-p-esl-W^eli^^^te^^ipriee^iatei-- SrraTrd\TiexrT^e^ay~aTid^vVednesday7 Jun* 17-18. rt Is the latest Rex In- graham prouefcion for Metro. The cast is headed by Alice Terry, Lewis Stone and Ramon Novarro. \Scarani[OucK^^'6ire\dTntBe~greait- est pictures in screen history. French Revolution\ and^deals'wilhrihe\ OlAra-LiOuivt^-Ne-^san^-JVIr^BQhl^^ noble who takes Wood,; Mother Bluejay, EJditli Faley; Mr. Boblink, Elisha De'Vrles; Mra Meadow Lark, Ix>retta •L*ack; Jack- in-the-pulpit, Burton Davis; Wife of Jack-in4he-pulpit\ Eloise Wliite; 'Mr. Butterfly, Harold Randall, Mis-s \Violet Dorothy Rennie; Captain, ^llen Davis; Leader, Dorris WTiipple; Chorus, Elea- nor Nelson, August Derhart, Raymond Hill, William Hill. Allen-mil, Marian. the side of the people. The production has received some of the most convincing press notices of the country. New Tork Times: \Scaramouche\ i$ an engrossing and charming film— far and away.^the, Tiest production of its kind that has been made.\ Evening World: The best in any season. It stands out in a dozen ways. A wonderfully gripping, thrilling and Oriranist, Caroline beautiful ''Scaramouche.\ THEY'RE USING A LUMBER LOT OF \With unprecedented building in op- eratioa now the need \foT^lumber naturally is greater than ever. See JL. Gordon? & Son before buying. 2: 22tf 4ake-View-TerFage Farm . -Having opened- up my Sand; and Gravel PircaTr furnrstrtfrF best of material for all \kinds of concrete work. G. H. RUDMAN Phone 28-F-27 POTATOES^ND ^APPfcES-j-ftGiHER [barb^lo»e^at't^wo>!to three caoteTW^ bunch,\\carrots'|7 io%&b per \bartet •\\ gWnd wfeltes TSTo, I $3.p W $$.75 r get 150-pound sack; Baldwins,.A grade 2% -the—week—caused—hay—prtfcw~'tBf _ Sffr - 1 132 j»er ton for temge bales, No, 2 •to-34 y - wers far the Wedding \Oii^ohth^te things to consider when planning either a home or church wedding 4s throwers. The easy way to handle this important work is to turn it over, to us inslrucftions as to the kind of Flowers you wish and the date of the wedding. We will do the reft.- ~ HOMER E. ROGERS Flarisi . Phone 305 Weat Ave. IIIIIIII1IIIIIII1IIIIIIIII • •• Big Bahg^ Cannons -for w»l*wa4 CU)ak. <k King CM, and sane noise maker for thf Irrrcoiimi uiiily^s-rnode-irp-oF many? typ^s of peopleir- engaged in diverse occupationsi' rrdNltV in their -basiness-aftd—personal-- .affairs, they need a bank. They need the bank, as you need the bank, not only to protect gains already made, but to have-the help of an experienced ally in planning further advance. In what way can we serve you ? i •/ BROCfCPORT, N. Y. r She Home of the Gen Ver*Cent Club TJ^TZT^EL Jg J !f J . aSL 1 mi »*i +Wm mi \* *' \MP *+ *± g V -*M -> Kaynee Waists....... \ Sport Waists • *» Boys' Shirts. r98(Tto $27Meach . 98c to 1.50 each $1.50 to 2 00 each in a variety of colors $2.00 to $4.00 each BIG VALUES IN MEN'S FURNISHINGS Men's Imported English Golf Hose... .$2 25 pair Men's Golf Garters. 50c pair Men's English Knickers.. ....$6.00 to $9.00 pair Collegiate Slickers — $6.00 each Men's Work Shirts in black and brown 85c each Men's Dress Caps $1.50 to $4.00 each Men's Straw Hats ' 2.00 to 6.00 each Save Money by Buying Your Men's and Boys' Shoes Here Men's Work Shoes $1.98 toT4.50 pair Men's Dress Shoes 3.00 to 7.00 pair Florsheim Shoes and Oxfords •. 10.00 pair Edmonds Shoes and Oxfords .$7.50 pair Boys' Hi Kicks. '. .$1.98 to$2.50 pair \ * i aosed Thursday Afternoons during June, July and August • H • • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••*••••••• T^ 1' L of? • ^ Btp 1- |i«f.l |. . w~ :: If*,. [pf • . . ------- „ «». „ V< ADl I TO It** 1- h w-.,- W ' X f- h f EA - 1* f/ tip 1 ' L» i« ~\ T~~ t- *T i\ 1 ^ 1 * > I\' w t \ F-'-' t?- F~ IWSm 1 Ma« The - -M-Tra —Keo&a- p. m., J Presc Truste* Norton,, Henry ! The -were T Tlomps The 1 . t/he aud otf Mr. 3 Liewls 3 General 'GeneraJ -£;. A3* 6amew< Oook Iri iBrockpc IP. M. C - Ma-tie 1 \ C3&68. D Joihn Ps CSha*. r> Seth Go C R. Si CSeorpe Wan. Rl( Charles Jaaues E B. A. Tl -RiOClHJWJ Br. A. -P •W. B. Cf Goo.C 1 B, A. Tl ' N. r. c* W. J. GO A. Mosi< Chaa M.t John Lc Jolm Ke Jota-Ss N. Cli3.pi Pred BTX Win. W -\ :H^Pea4 -Bdwad ] ,Wm. Mc E—'-- Monroe i cute a d< „of •Oomii ea^riseS - to \be col lln Bi dent and txrfce co» -«*feo*-i allowed jiewer, *r' to lie le-v ~ mi'rn se-w ^i>f the a =PB®eas; petieral TfS7*f?> wf PVrry rJ. Jr-Ba»tla-i ported -+h . iais SR7 J \f^onl ~nis^ of th ^^Prife^ tantT|is-sa -- Arthur W —of- Hiehw: n^aEtoas -ABtd 3.\ Sti _^ ing the a Hi, the Villas 4»th. 199^ Hiigiways $€^2,100.00 *dpr the * Village, < proacheg, by the Vi tb.at pHe 1 an^'depos ler and in 0B -which tton of tl •Bureau o1 „ On mot loiwing re Wherea High-way of an inc< solution p ^-rSHghw Hfi€~WpF< so t»prq-v that or!«t laid i Com Btyle of c ooiraislone^ 'borne by 1 /Whereas -tfhe Villas **• f&xmme. 1> \ -iaM, «krd to tib Oc mi

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