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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, May 08, 1924, Image 2

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:•& '--•^r^^fF ert^~*=5^. •. {^jW» ^1-T* TT 4 ^'-s 1 •X^SF 1WO THI RalPUM.IC BHQ9KPOIIT, M. V. THURSDAY, MAY 8, 1924 • i, t Jt .,-„-- — Tltla —«t«tIMTmoniwhehl-ereited 1ft Jlift-memory «f Washington M. Ryder, Mountain Grove Cemetery, Oakland, California* la a moat striking example of modern art. Upon one aide of the pedestal, wlcfi ii constructed of granite, la a bronze partraJt In relief of the l»te~Mr. Ryder. It la aurmounted by a statue typifying Honor. ^~, We would be pleased taf^how GCIask*/igt<wii!.ja/ttfr you at no expense to yourself several designs worked out by our artists. The .experience of others 7tfouBfainGrw/? Wtaffind the community should prove to you that if you place your order in our hands we will faithfirlly per- detair oT our com- W10RKNEWS IffliPHnl Paragraphs of Interest to. Bead- ers of Empire State Interestirng News of All a Kinds Gath- ered F~rom Various Points In. the -i-frtate-aamd-So—Reduced-to^ixetjn^| Ifc WIH Appeal t© AU Classes, of Readers. State Elks -will convene in Buffalo on June :i to &. a barber Geneva, has a barber shop exclu- sively foS \women- and children.\ ~ ~\. M\ine dogs have been poisoned in Corning lately, according to police reports. - C-ountea-felt $10 bills have appear- THfee~aiWliilo^fn to ed at GEeneva. have been wssed. 'Records show that in Rochester one -ta-e*er-y—fi-ve—automobiles-la use do danaage each year, Hornell. wlthr^a population of 15.00O, consumed 100,000 hot cross buns In the Easter season The council of the Castile Are de- partment has contracted for the pur- chase of a lioge truck. IClanahsen, without masks, \South Afabdina church\ arid present- ed the pa_stor with purse of §35. T noma's llunohan. secretary of the State I'lr-eniPti's association, is dead at Krank*or' at the age of 77.years. Roehtster Is one of the 24 large eliies' W~ fhi> fnited—Snms—whtctr Comlfig'j Automobile cltib takes iar lafl irflhi |ae-Rochester-oggaiiisjB.tton% tlaW;tlia,t it was the oiiglnsttor o* TrdwjTlaTw, by the governor's signa TuSeryTfir five prJucipsr-Roiirtr of, tlwHayr-were advocated-flrBt by the Corning eluh, it claims. ..___ -A ffirtey of some of the larger orch .ajedfl-throaigJiout tne-geetion-eg MOBT roe county, near <Jhili and the- opea- lng of numerous varieties of fruit buds from different localities; gives promise of L, good fruit crop 'thi3 year. This is nofbhly true of apples. but the fruit crops in general. ' Btety.nve Intimate^ f rienda of^tjpe Steuben County society gave a testf SonM oiittTerta PatrickE. Crowley7 in New York city, in recognition of hi* .election to the presidency of the New York Central lines. Mr. Crow- ley wairarrerincr president of the \so> nrrtear s,h«- : ws-a-3u-|wr cent-JjicceaaB of. ren,ts this year _ Buffalo- ami the Tonawandas are among t*e 36 cities of -New York stattj whaeh are under daylight sav- ing time this year. \(5-iffonI Woo-ster or_ CuyJeWITIe 1ra one- of lit s It'giS amputated at\ a HocrF- est«r hospital. Infection' came from an ingiowini; toe nail. Of the 2(i registered memtJeT's.of Coming's, post w(- Uie G. A. R., only six am able to attend the meeting.* andt take part LB the wor v of.theor- dnr. \ \ • .V ralnfcow trout with an estimated ,iKe ofitt- years, weighing 334 pounds. was iaug?ht in Sen-nia lake by two students attending Hobart college at Coraeva. Shnrifr Hudson of Livlngs'ttm coun ty iiaap'Suti'd a ban on..\petting par tins\ by -automobile driv£ra. -He-^aa, had maa y complaints iu the vlcinlt/' oT si en os *o !' T*w i\ Eu'ig\ \addittonB nave been sCTti'j at the; plant of the Simonds- Saw andk StQeL^.cornpany_ of Loqkpprt niitl'wlipai rnm[»li'le.d in about \60 day3 'luili ptiradl-.AVfii:k, for fiMsJjSfiffibjrj?. elety--afl^-b;HBOw^-frne-ofr Us—gover- nors. >-•\_- Childhood aweethearts of the early _ _sJxtiesJiecanie man and wife when Lather Wells of • Dufhamville and Mrs. AbbieJRuberts of Union Corners were wed. Both were over 70 years old, Bota Mr. and Wells' and his bride jrere born n Durhamville. Onei- aa c6ufity,,an(l were. playmateB ty gether. The yield of \maple sugar in North- ern Chautamiua this season is the largest it haa been in several years An average of se-'en carloads a week have been ship' ed from the different | towns in the county, the syrup being visited ] 0a ded ta JO-gallpn tanks.. The ..most of the shipmc ts so far have\ been to cities in Tenuont. A delegation of close to 200 mem. bers of the Salamanca lodge of Elks is to represent the city at the New York state convention to. be held at Sffiar- | no^v lii'lpi TTIP rt^ lea* force at the Nr-w York - tfrrrtwl-effW at Corning has qfnrtftd on — \ilio\\ 'auimftw setfWu-Te- whentSe cm i»ln>(>=—» begin the day's \v«Jrk 3u n,isi\il«8 earPer fn(\ lintah eailier in Buffalo ox JiTni- l to I The\ . m«.T»>.n. rpjr^<'' tiratlves ar^ tt) distrlb-_ ute souveiir tomahawks, .along the line of march, advertising Salamanca as the gatew.iv to ' Allegany 'State park. Harold Wlvtford and Ephrlam \Pilch of Hornoll. engaged in a coffee drinking marathon contest In an ef> fort to le>rx wh -ther that beverage is intoxicating Fitth quit after quaf- fing 24 eight-ounce cups, but Whlt- ford.fflaasgeLto drtrr*—36 in three hou^,_Whitford had to be earrlea. home by Sis friends? ITe was notui- toxicarea:— — - Olean -is struggling along on two times now. Most of the city is stick- ing to Eastern standard. \But tnere * number of offices in Olean that have switched to the daylight saving- Of- fices of oil purchasing agencies and pipe-Une—companies are..on the suna- _mex time,, as are brokers' offices and. other dotng business on wires from New-Yorfc-— r— The chrurcli pdiflce of the St3. Pant Luthern aocinty at Ttipnock, near Co- hocton, la h'Lng razed, ajid will b& ta?cen' td-^8p1Tisfe'«^ier i wtiere it will be _used -jn—the ^cnnRtntctlon of a grange halL* This church \was \hu!lt~ 60 years ;»gp. In 1869 part of the con grepation left the church and built hjMStrifer^ r^WPHeWtthl|f^h«r^ port Folks -Have Done Dotft-let weak <kianoy» r wear you out, Dise iDoan'a Pills before It is too late! Too jmaoy people stufer lame, ach- ing 'backs, distressing kidney disorderB la^rTreumfitKractoBSB' and- paiffisr^Ofteir thls-iaJduejtcvfaultseLjcldney-actionMand amde. Here is one of many ease» i n tnig^tocaiity. _JUrs, ..PredL PhiUipg, 19 Oaroline St., Albion, N. Y„ aayg: '.'I'Was in bald or^i^^anle^Dt^aiaTd»Be4-ja^erteB^ - F ^^- _....- 3 . .—.— tomay,-««wri or Drig3»fa ^iseaae. f ?** ^ * mm * «\4 W «* r **m --— -. - • rim aJeep a* night. There wafS a COtt«taO(tgsii hearhigdown pain through my beclt^ -Jteeqnlti tily'~ ftnirwyed-V- -^B**^ -tawttole en^^y dfiaopeared,\ ~ /•OVmTEN TEABiS LATPBH, W»?r Pltillipe said: \Doan's ^ttrod ion o<^- kddriey_Poanplain)t.'' \ : Ck>., Mfro., iBuffalo, N t Y, ©rtowi ? # - i^M * The 'Niagara Falls- Power Company sells electricity at. the low- est tyemge price re- ceived by any gener- ating system on tlx North American Continent. A-great poet once suggested^ that ffie^wprToT might end tonight. It might But the proba- bilities are that it won't and that thesun will' ri§e tomorrow. And until the sun stops lift- ing moisture from the sea and the winds no longer blow clouds oyef the Great JLaikes r Niagara power will be ceaselessly available fijEd-Bfiaiw-*-' '• \•>> •- —--» .. • • 1 . • % • There is something vastly impressive about a service so relentlessly dependable. The stars in their courses and the elenoental forces of nature work for you in Niagara power. The coal fields will be exhausted some day and all the oil wells will dry up. But when that day comes water will still be roaring-endlessly.aver-theLFalls and-Niagara- in r power wiH be_ the same dependable, untiring servant of mankind that it is today. THE NIACARA FALLS POWER COMPANY, Producers Kl^AJRA, LOeKPGRT ^;OKTARie-P^VvTat€dr, Trwitmitter* -_ - - .. * — _ _ 0 1 i- gui=^i^^r=^r=^jg=^j==ir=^^a^^ Q Q B Q I: 0 Q Q 0 Q Q B R SK J - V9 RK.JHJ ESURK -JBSS JB9T- tiu- afier-nooii. vare spca-etnry-to Ge-:rge vvashi gton the KvangSttja^Lu^hern Zlun chureT two miles away. Eohert Jloaea. of New York has. - been sleeted -chairman an4 #bert .T- Fancher of Salamanca. • vtce-chair- THgffi>T'ttie- stafe-T^tr^wrffclt^ wfflczfi In The school grounds on' Seneca • jagigiatur-e. The council consists of str«ect, 1«J Dundee\ u«ar Seneca lake. Widow Jones Brand Suits withTwFTairTof Knickers $MJM r $12.00, $15.00, $18.00 Spleudiu Valuewl j 12.00 Kay nee Shirts of will be Th'arked by the Daughters or ihe- Ame-rlcan Revolution of Geneva. F'enn \Tan taxpayers in an election In whlchfe .1.275 votes were Cast defeat- nl a pr-opgsitipn to build a junior fglriicfciDxil—ana—purchase -a-plaT?- gfoH^cT #or\f2lg(j0^ but carried tnrea j proposltaons to repair certain schools. According \to a report to the Erie |_coiimy. _Bupexsisoxa hy_ Qeorga C, I Dtehl-cettBty^—^igJneer-Altera-JKB 6S4 i bridges -3n the bounty that are unjafe. l-MEV-DieiriHf(!€ently-^n8de==a=saF¥ey=efc titgnwaya tn tae imbe | cosnlyT \The Oriflges on Genuine Pistinction Kaynee Shirts art not aB They have real Slyle-—the cut, the (it, the tailoring are the equal of that found in the finest types of men's shirts. . • \ r and and gravel p1t~Tm the Nerteterrain- tbie^Bortheaat part «f the tovr* of Caledonia, until-recently owned lay tbe Continental ProducHs (,'orpofa, lloii, has been sold Conaoll<3ated Materials Charles ~E. -Blood, 88 y*»arg old, or tt^er of ChKS^uqaa county for*'43 -tS —t*w Corporation, 1 Prices $1.00-$3.00 ynee Wash logs« ynee Blouses - Kaynee Undertogs- - $2.00 to $4.00 1.00 to 1.50 . .85 l.sa was created by a recent act of the the conservation commissioner ofth« state, the heads _ of .the several Par\k commissions of th© state and other state bodies haying to do wl servation. The Chautauqua board of ; stt2ejyigK ors voted a bond issue of {2.000,000 for flnandag a highway topro^eeraent. JPffiKfaffl covering a period ccf flye ears, the bonds to be Issued as the work progresses. Is \addition i30oj-- 080-was appropriated for\ the pay- ment of high-pay ^work. already in ^nBQgre,sa- or- murder—Icontiact. There watrnot i~aissenting-vot6 on ttes- boprd TJit ^ttlwr prop-sRlonr\; \ .„T'_ Compensation for five days at ffie Jraia or :fiir F week has beeflsorant&a hy..a,NBw .York_state compensation commlai|oa_tQ_,a workman wlio re-. -C»*Titly ya-ag atftrnlr m thfl fiy«> hy a wrVj Ke^^^^^i^a^bes^Qg^iLeJKiddies at Low Cost Kaynee Pajamettes \Tfie\rSklcs^irsed'ifa' Kaynee Shirts,'^odses arid'Wasfe / Togs are guaranteed Fast Colors E.HARRISON &.-.GO. 89 Main Strtet 3B-R €hKS*^uona 41 +k * I kn P k^f. a •\yeaagTii.' aend at the time of his retire- \ati - tnC—gSQll POyS—Shirts^—^ l^f^t^raaro-yeaErs-ag^, the' iiidest coro- \itate died in Brooks Memorial hos- pital In Dunkirk. He had been 111 10 da.ys\ Prosp»ectn are bright for a good frait cr-op In Onqndaga county this year, <ac2Cording to Don D. Ward, farm btareau manager, who recently com pleted an inspection tour Buds w«re aE-ppeariBK slowly, lessening any chances • of ..amape by frost, Mr WTard s^aid. Neijayk onion growers, who have been holding their crops for the pur- pose off disposing at top figure, are busy g«ttlng rid of them and thotis. azids osT busbeh that have started to sprout hare been dumped along the ra.llroat3i on the the pa»t few \Teeks. Tests of tuberculosis in cattle on tfae Salamanca and Leon* stock farms vt ex-S«nato>r A. T. Fancher of 8ala naanca. shows that his heraa. are \en titely aree'\rrwm' tubarculosls*If lias bxen announced by veterinarians' There are about 180 head of cattle In the two nerds and they were test e>d by state and federal vetertnaries who were surprised at the outcome The \ete:lnar!ans have been -mikirg extensive tests in Cattarauajug coun ty. DsaiKymen In that, section EO that ta^y know of no other herd which hpe come through the test with s»c\h a recordL aparrow. The workman was •ordered to turn off the steam on a boU.er.used, Fff outdoor- construcTfoxr wirfc Ai^e approach oii_ the ^boiler a passing au- tomobile frightened a nock Of Josy-- M P# if PI mm m m mm mmm m m «• Smart Apparel ,-_-JEef-the m 10 Days Deyoted Especially to the Children V, May 8th folhe 17th ^ ^^jj^^gi^ i ... L J- eed? ¥TPiTri^ffiiS15^BSMSiV Wear We Ha^c IT it t mi Undergarments Infants' Coals jpws-tm^jonfi^of-^ffiemr fie w -straig^rt into his eye, forcing him to lay off work for firve days. ' A scnooT\for clerks in the state bo- nus commission who will handle the detail in paying the state bonus to veterans o>f the World \war is now under way at the •veterans'- bureau at Albany. Every clerk will be thor- oughly instructed In his or her duty so that when-the actual work is un- der way delay 'will be reduced to a minimum. Compilation of the ca|-d index of veterans has been virtually completed and it is expected that the first payment will be made about July 1.\ The Erie, and Niagara Agricultural societies will receive from tne stats $4,000 ,e»aoh as their share of J391 muck lands duringfgao.Ti t<5 be paid out by the state to reimburse them for premiums paid at their fairs tor poultry and the do- mestic arts. These two societies re- ceived the maximum anioun,t Which the state'' can disburse. Other agri- cultural ^aocieWes in WSSSS^m' will rscelye the amounts: Allegany County Africultural society, S2,- 142.54; Cuba Fair and Racing; associa- tion, $8,639.16; Cattaraugus County Agricultural society, $3,448.88; Chau tauqua • County Agricultural -society, $3,620.41; (MaaMfl County Agricultu- ral society, J4,OQ0j Uyingiton C»ua-_ ty Pair. 12,631; Ontario County Agri- cultural society $4,000; v Orleans County Agricultural' society, fl.260. t c c c t c m t S^vlatefs Qre^pers Rompers Dresses BIoorrrer-Dresscs aJ ar ^ A ^^^^^ ^ a^a^ .__ DffMHTiers Jteys^W^b Suits Bt3^f=Slcwase$— W -W: Boy»£L Play Suits Boys' Trousers c c m l m See Our Window Display Let Us Show You the Best At the Lowest Prices in Town Special Attention Given to .. _ InfatitsV Boysa , Girl^^paei Fo^These 10 Days Beginning Today A. L. ASHWORTH Opp. PostofiBce Main St. -i 1 i i mm £>M pift-ptr*\ - -'.'-**^

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