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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, April 17, 1924, Image 10

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• - - 4 r<-->- - - • ^•u. •stu \*\•\ \ rietf , I8IS 8sU - .. ^Kl THE REPU1CIC BROCKPORT, M, V. THURSDAY, APRIL 17ft —TEjU- VICINITY HAPPENINGS Prom Our Regular Correspondent* WEST SWEDEN CLARKSQN Mrs. Bessie McCall is seriously ill.^ Mrs. John Steele spent Tuesday in Mr. and 'Mrs. Charles Archer spent Rochester. William Gallup lias returned from Florida where he had sivnt the winter. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lowry motored to EhM nioomfield, Sunday. Mls» Jtossie Donnelly has returned from RochestPr'whore HIIP sprat everal Pridiay in Bataria. \ Mjr .and Mrs. H. C. Warneof Holley, -eatt^d-on-.f-rieiids in. town Wednesday. Mr .and Mrs. Homer Lewis of Me- dina\-were guests Sunday of Mr.-and Mrs. James Bovanizer. HAMLIN Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jacofoe, -ar-sonT-^nda^^prilJiith^ GARLAND Balby Glean, little three year old son of Arthur Knah, hadthemilgfoftttne to -Mr-.- and Sirs, Shauncey^ Chapman, fall, and -fracture liis eollar-hoaer one and son Horace of Rochester were day last •weejr. ' 7 \ Sunday guests of their parents, Mr.< Mrs. Wm. Dieffenbach, Fred Kuan and-Mrs. Garrison. .\°* Sweden; Mr. and Mrs. EHmer Kiiab Mrs. H. E. Redman spout Sunday of €ulver Road and Mr. and Mrs. in Henrietta with her father, Oliver Wesley Doty of Brockport were Sun- Benedict. (li, y guests df Mr .and Mrs.\ A. E. Mrs. Alta Allen Hamil of Kent was KnaD - _ in town for the week end. -- '>'\ There'ielll he a special Easier aet The Vandf^nburg family. b.ave rapveu vice at the church*Sunday evening at into the Wilbur Cater house for the 7:30. A program consisting of recita- —-M-Th-and- M*«—Joseph.^iatteaf-aBSBi weeks 3fisiting. . —...... Sunday calling on friends in town. Miss .Mabel Corhin of Vtica is visii Mrs. rafzabtith Johnson is spending inelfer\sister; !ftf<>: Atl^ri l^wis a feTV weeks with her daughter, Mrs. It. J. Beadle. Mrs. S.~\B. Ljouth. who has been a recent guest o-f her sister, Mrs. A. B. Pulis has returned to Rochester. Miss Beulah Stickney of North Chili Mr. and Mrs. NVwton Beadle and son, Robert, of Jamestown are spend- in? tho Easter vacation at the home of their parents, Mr .and Mrs, Wm. Beadle. William Wilkinson has purchased , ions,~ex©jGise jags will be pr_ei year. 'Mrs. rh'i^.-ITphWf^TBtnfnetrToTlflch- seSlecPby^ the-children of the Sunday •e^ter Tiinsto-y.- -ftwing to illness «ae..fl<'hool. , .Also- opportunity ' will Tie spent a short time recently -with her the property of ^Joseph Weiss on the parents, M-'r, and Mrs. C J. Stickney. North road. Wo are looking for a Mrs. Anna Palmer who has b-een general improvement of the place •visiting her'mother,' Mrs. T)an Barnes ha^yetirrnefl to 1tachester.~ ~^7~ . Miss Maude McOouoch who is at- tending school at Brockport spent the w^elc end with her'parents, Mr. and a fpw days looking after, her property Mrs. E. D. Burpee is spending the I'-week -with heir -dangrntef, Mrs. w. A» I/>wry. -- Mrs. Minnie 1). Hark is staying here ha^ spent two weeks with her parents, sn'ven for baptism and uniting with the Mr. and Mrs. Ne'sbitt. . church. . Miss l,oona Alger is spending the The Ladies Aid Society will meet week with her grandparents, Mr. and next Thursday afternoon, April 24th. Mrs. Myron Allen. r -~ \Tn*© pl^Jfc^or 'the meeting will be an- The pageant, ..\T^he Risen Christ\ nounced from.the pulpit Sunday. will be /riven in the M. E. Church Sunday evening, Easter Sunday. • • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clark of Kent COSTLY P|QTURE SETS Abound in Pola Negri's Ptoture have moved into AfOAB-t-house, William pollard's \The Spanish Dancer\ •Mrs. J. F. McCollpch. Miss Mary Markbani of Brockport spent the week end with her father, and making improvements. Miss Ethel Henjing of Ontario, who i-s attending Brockport Normal School, danehig was enjoyed. OTIS Easter -will be observe^ at the Otis M. E. Church in atory and song. £t is expected that, a nuaaher of our yonng, people will J>e taken into the church .on iull-membership at this, timet The Ladies Aid society wall meet out. -Claytori Zorn has a new gasoline pump of much greater capacity than tho old one. An accident occurred at the corners on-Suntday-vphon a Ford-oar- which -wa* towing- an - Overland came to a Mra Franlt Jviewanan wa,g operated on at a Rochester Hospital, Monday. Mr. and Mfrs-. Alfred Doud of Roch- ester were guests Thursday of their sister. Mrs. B. J. Feltat i . j DENTAL CLINIC ; There will be a dental clinic held at' the Hamlin Town Hall. Tuesday, Wed- lavish Paramomiit ptetn i re,-4»-tSie i -aittr It cosLaa much to build theTnterior sets for to&iprodUctionr-ol-^oia^^grPsj--. new atar vehicle, \ The Spanish Dan- cer,\ which comes to the Strand next Tuesday amd Wednesday, as itdid~Tto furnish the\ original castlea in Spain from which these sets were modeled, Herbert Brenon, producer of this R. S. Markham. Mrs. E3nona Smead . spent Sunday wi'h her auntr, Mrs. -ofHolieT, waffjateo - awe>ek end jroest—Minerea- ReyrrOld«t- --a^ri— : Mrs—^©hirTiewtaT^ttd-^hursdft-yT-A^iMSn'dr^^^ —He~has\es~liiB' at the Markhaan home. | Steele-. ty^was; g4-Yen M-r. -ia-nd-4- Mte» Ireae -Bowe-r, -who- sufferud-a Mrs. Roland \E. Farnsworth Fn'day ' broken leg when* struck by an auto- evonteg fey ^heir many frienda and xttohdle- a few weeks Ago, is. steadily neighbors. S^peju_n»aS^ n s6r^ed^^Bd~»te^pi!o^ft(^^«d^ and 24th. from 9:30 a. m until 4 p^ m. . cateulatkms upon the cheapness of for the purpose of cleaning- the child- ,.._,*. ^ renV Teeth, .it is hoped that an the labor during the sixteenth century as avail 'compared with labor costs of today. The gorgeoueness of the interior children Ifa the vftcinitvt Will th^-mselvea of thl»-oppo-rtuiyty. sudden stop and the Overlaaad craahed iWoMf. sma^nTB^ - 6'n\e~re^.r wheel of _ , . .^ ^ , the Ford and badly damaging the ThuradftE- afternoon at* -the- horoe^crfU, .._ . .._. 1 _ ___,.__ _ fc _ _„ __ , *..II _T^ rorA sear-of the Overland. The cafa were on their way to Rochester. Palm Sunday was appropriately oh- tjerwd in the Clarkson Church. Ex- Mre. Wesley • Thompson tendance is desired. A full at- La ke^View Terrace Haviruj_opened x tip my Sand .and Gravel Pit can furnish the best of mat-erhtl for all Idruls of concrete w0Tk. \ X H. RUDMAN gorgeoueness \MOTHER WINE\ jsee'BBfoY^'ffiMr pnotopiay \is 'said\to iwillbepreseotedby the Sunday ^ hQe ^ W^ any picture ever made. Heavy classes of the Hamlin. M. E. Church sUke ? ^ries, cloth of gold amd Thursday and Friday eveaings. april ra ^ lc <* ™* design faah^ned after 24 and 25 at S o'clock. T^ 1 deooratiOTe ln <> ld Spanish _ , , _. . ipalaces wore used. Antonio Moreno Cast of Character* f, . . . , ,, , \ \\' Cynthia Whltcomh. the deacon's ,9 *®a*»red ae leading „man in this -wife .'.Mrs. Arthur Gascoign 'splendid picture production. M S d Dauchf 3y * MoUier MLlM - • - Mr& ' j MErilT HISH\dRADE 8HOE8\ Martha Tisdale, a neighbor. .Mrs. Mar- \ Th ^,^, aona , ^^ Co-Brockton, Mass, vin Leiter jspeciallrtog In men's high grade shoes Lottie Holco'xnb. with a nose for news : ? omrance *?•''' ** 16 °* t^ 0 ** «fi^ct Mrs. Alfred Wrteht! { ™ m manufacturer to wearer, Sam' Lillian Whltcomb, the deaco-n's dau?ht- P'^V^v ^f\ 1 i0 ^.^^J^* 1 \ er Miss Arlona Elliott j tw J- Alb ,«*> «rM«8man. Main St^ratfk- Phont- 827-F-2 •c^lWr^TnTfSic-^wW^fOT'lTt^sd (bf^tJi©- choir. 1C. T.»- Rowell rendered a pleas- ing solo and Mr, Miller preached an excellent sermon. Next Sunday there will b-e special Easter music at both services. In the morning Mj\ Miller will preach on \The Escatology of the Up'surrec'fion ; \ in the evening' there will 'be a fine, program given by the children and the choir with a short talk by the pastor. At the morning service there •will be the baptism of , children and a goodly number have asked to ha-ve their children bapttfced. Anniversary Day Special Ball-boaring roller skates $1 89 per Knlttitvg'machina —5 pair. Cook &- King -Co. 4:34 Winchester. Mary Tisdale, Martha's dattghter .\.. Miss Edna Oascoign John wniitcotnb, the deacon V. L.. . Tlrnergon, Jack Payson.- the merchant's son , Paul O'Brien • | Joseph Pays«m, the merchoait,. ;.Fred-= Anderson. _ I' Terry MftoConTieTf.The n6w -cflinef\ ' tl ..,.: Kenneth Elliott: Officer Lewis, from Boston. ...Nornraj Leiter. SamB'unt. the constable... s ..JKdward \U'miama. Orchestra Music. X3ffl£Sion 35 and 20C, _S '- I Kwimn^ Machine Call -at 6^/perry'Agent, St. and see the demonstration of the Home 6 Profit4:17 port, N. WALKER Mrs, Lepha Hincher of .Hilton la visAting^rda^i^BJ^jM_rj^.Jw i _ATcher - IMias -Alice Coleman- is-^-eonflned 4o the bed with intestinal grip. •Miss Clara Sfeler spent Sunday 4n Hilton with her aunt, Mars. Genevieve Verney. . 9 Mrs. Thomas Harradine„ pf •Hilton is spending some time with her daughter, Mrs. S, L. Frlsfoee. Roy Hiler lost a vahfbale cow one\ day last week. x ' Mr. and Mrs. Floyd VarfDorn-'of BAKERY Baked Goods of Quality Have you tried our Salt Rising Iii^dt-jiiade-ffesb—T4A©sdays-an4 Thursdays. Better leave your or- der Wednesdays. \We will make' Gluten Bread on order. y The only place irj/fown where you can^get delipitms French :Pas^ try. Cream^Fuffs, Ki*»e*, Mac- cwroont. and get fiocbetter Ice <eam m Briek, Bulk, or dish. Eskimo Pies and Dainties on hand HEfton spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and MTH. Wm. Piton. 'Mr.' and Mes. Ed. Hiler spent Sun- 4a-y^^tb^Roy4^er-and-lamily. . — • Ed: Hendre»hott \who has been suf- fering with iblo-od poisoning is some better. * • . ^ Dressmaking _ FashJojaaMe -dressmaking at- mj home 1% miles, east of Brockport on Million Dollar htghvray,,. Miss Eliza- beth- Lage,- J phoae-423-5'3-—— fc-417- ANWUAL_8eHaoiJMEETIK0 Jfetice-ls hereby given that •Itia 'Mfk°- nual School Meeting of such, inhabit- ants of. School Dfatrlot No. 9. Towo»r T»f ^^etlennraan31aTfo3on, as j»e nWgr fled voters, will he held IJL the Qmor mar School \BuMlng on the cornar at Utica and Holley streets, Broc^poit N. Y., on Tuesday evening, May (L 1924, at 7:30 o'clock. *' By order of the Board of Trustees. William E. Cook, Helen \Webb CSharlotte E. Pecljihara:^ —f»uis-B7TShayrC!efK, $t? • • BR0CKP0RTERS1 fNVQtVED 5 ^HVtaybe~Tfs^ ^You Z American Legion's 3-in-l Show STRAND THEATER •\ Wednesday, April 30, Thursday May 1st 5 Act 1—Moek Trial Act 2-The Shooting of Dan McGrew Act 3—Specialty by 40 over 8 of Rochester -_••— When you see it -youHJ-say- ''Ain'tthe show-frrand \ Special Music hj Michaels' Am. Legion Orchestra Admission 56c Get Reserved Seats Mrs. Nellie w- Doift your pay envelope ± ^^wrtttfxm-it-^he promise which may be the moSt im- portant single a<ft-of-youdr-Jife; —— -*-- — The Home of the Ten Ver-Cent Club \ \Ten percent of my pay chec%, is . . . . Hereafter, eVery pay day, I Mill set that much aside in a Ten Ter=Cent Club Account.\ Then take that written promise , to ypur wife; tell her tbat hereafter your pay check is going to mean more than a mere living—it is going to mean a ^bet- ter home and a greater\ future. Hi STATE mi t mini / BROCKPORT, N. Y. $1 Easter is Flower Time In all the world nothing tells the ftory of EASTER like FLOWERS. Here you will find an a^ it s^liii^t^iCsti^H^^aHd Potted RMtrfe(mr^rdrich^oTrinay--choose what you want fW your home or m to send as an Easier remembrance to a friend. Violets tomge_of 50 •\ - $2^00^ $2r50andup Roset-an(LPea< $3,00 and up =*c Xul blowers Totted ^lantsT Calendulas Roses Easter Lilies Carnations Daffodils Sweet Peas Hyacinths Daffodils Easter Lilies Easter Greens Tulips Spirea HOMER E. ROGERS FloWers for EVery Occasion West. Ave. BROCKPORT Phone 305 '! • 'J.;'

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