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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, April 10, 1924, Image 8

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•.\^\v,7« ,-i ; -n--^-',X ••'•'•i '^-^v^.' *4i&ste*?fiai?B rrl c ' 1 '!?§! =WT ^TKE-REPtreCtC, BROCKPORT, N. VrTHUTTSr^AVTAimiL^, 1924 ff AW, WHAT'S THE USE By .... Van Zelm © W«dern New«p*p« Dale* Felix Hates Himself jj -fRlEND WIFE IS WATCHING HIM DARN -TfcAT TLV / VAN ZetH- GEORGE B. HARMON General Insurance 26 Market Street Brockport, N. Y. RADIO RAJLF— By JACK WILSON Copyright 1911 by iht McQute Nnnpapcr Syndit»t« Steam Lamp Chimneys. Lamp rhininevsi can In* quickly .J)y_liuldlmi tie l»uul over one • $ end and putting tin* other end over the •pout of a simmering kettle. Hub at Once with tissue paper. _ Excellent Advice. The\ best advice handed oat In a long time .la, **So live that yen woja't ask to have It kept out of the paper*.\ —Bridgeport Peat •araataus-Barraaude. - The peat barracuda. Wftfth la ' ftontf off both coasts of north Amer- ' lea, Is as sarage as the shark. .It some- - times attaint) a length of eight feet.' ! No Plant Universal. No plant, ut»t even-the-uettle, grows Ui ml parts of the world. Only 18 -»l>eit.-- are known, which show them- selves ut the same time over half the mini xiirniee B ETTER NEW YORK FARMS and HOMES Prepared tor tl New York State Collate of Agri- culture at Carnall Uniyentty •etf- k r»«r«v*v The little crossroads sch-oolhorrse .hettt only a score ^^)f -pupils* Ineasooi-tiFOr^stt was-easy f«ra4h * =- - Today our schools literally turn away pupils,.often working many clasi.es in morninjj and afternoon shifts. Despite constant fire drills wc frequently have appalling disasters from such crowded build- ings. Suppose one of the vi^tlaasjvas your child. .... _ A school building of concrete being fireproof is not only safe for children, but also safe for the taxpayer's rtrorrcy—for tr Is permanent. And in first cost it is but - 6% more thnn one o f impermanent materials. Ask your btrHdtng material dealer to demonstrate to you what is true building economy. He knows. Start The serds fur to:nato \ 1 tKs Tomato may be sown in the h us Plants- e.iriy in AprH In trier that the plants maj be sut out the i.ist ~WT*eT TS\May7\ \ParesdrWfnlDTg.TTow ever, vary greatly c.vtr the st te To mato varlrtlos recommended by the- state college are Bonny' Best iinl t'lark's Jewel. Earlmna is eirlier than e4tber-of tirest?. bn$-ts otherwlwe le&s desirable Seeds ar\ planted about <*fr,ht or ten to an inch in row.? two Inches apart and covered with a quarter of an inch o' soil. Soil nee<l not br r-f-jipraiij fprtile but. about! hf» llrht :inrl lnogp <\iiy good-.-soil--is- •iatNl-ict-in ; sifted coal ashes wilf halu l-i l.ghien. it If it- -ja- t . sticky. Plants grow bert. in a wooden box with holf- in the bottom tnr drain •'^'V..' 1 '' 100 '! ,' n a sunny window In -gw)fl~4rvtnir\ mrniT\tfjiffperafure?—\Th***\ ^t>H is kept - moist buit not muddy •Sinan—the ;tir 1 Spread Many thousands.-of ton* W Manure manure have accumulated Eatiy.— ia ike: barnyards again tali year. It is unfortunate that it could not have been stored under cover or -h*u4ed—d+r-eeWy—to- -Hre- field- and— spread. Even worst* than letting it . accumulate- in-ao—ex fwspd—pile-dur-in-i the winter months, however, is to ne- glect it in the spring and permit it to bo leached by succes.-ne rains. On.; good April rain mav rpniove more nitrogen and postash from the pilo ..of nr.r,ijnnlatedL mummy t~an iS;-pu-r- chased in several tuns o: the ordin ary complete commercial fertilizer. Manure is too valuable to waste. A four-ton application -of manure fur nlshefM much \\!iitrLS\Jl , and uotasl as a ton of the ordinary mixed ferti- lizer that is s,uppos> illy • for grain crops. Even a light applic-i- 1 tfon, when reinforced or supplement- p-d with acid phos.ictn. is> far iup >r- —ior-tmrftnv huTrdn'it porrmrs nt n mir ^ed Fertilizer. Ri r.-ati the . uini<ire thin so as tu 1 l:m.n-tte the in-'d o: mixed fertll'z f.~ Pierre AcirBig^\\ Help toFarmer Surplus War Explosive Used •ReTHorrStumps—Soda- tol Now Available. IMOOORS AND OUrDQORt py- •4^4aft- (Prepared by the United States Departmeat of Acrlcuiture. > Some 45,000 farmers in 28 states, nave used, picric acid, a surplus war explosive, says the bureau of public roads, United States Department of Agriculture, which has had charge of the distribution. These fanners have nspd 7,00(J,oqo pounds of Hie explosive to clear-?fiO:O0O actes oT land ana to compounde'. r |- emove stumps from about 8(1,000 acres • in culti\'ution. It is qstlniuted that the actual saying to the farmers over Jtheeost of <M»mreer«'iat **xpliisives~ha» «nxninre4 TO $7.\\>fT,00O, bui\tlie actuaf benefits have been more-fur reaching, aa thousunds of small farms Imve had the acreage nf cultivntahle hind In- creased. ' The government has also delivered [ P -f-iwroe-4,0OQ,odo poHHdx v of pierie • acid for road construction by xtaje and fed- eral agencies, ' ~ • :! HOW; •i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ii-i-ia-i-i-i-i-i-i-r I; SILK WOBMS FED ON OAK •• TRKKS I'KODUCE PONGEE.— • • \What makes pongee, pongee?\ '.'. A rhlille that probably not one T out of a score of the wearers of the cool summer silk can an- + swer is tied up in a way with % Wel-hal-wei, one of the half- dozen or so patches -of~Ghtoa— 4 that have heea imrier fOYetgh \ control, says a bulletin of the • • National (Jeographie society. \ The region's two bids to fame • • economically are ground nuts— ; |~<»£«wMch eonslderable ([ugiiTttres~ -are produPefl iri the valleys— and pongee sUk. + To most persons, no doubt, .. silk means a fiber spun by do- ^.n*estieated silkworms fed on .. mulberry leaves. But the silk \ ] ; industry -is different in the Wei- ' • • hai-wei neighborhood. The pon- i ''. gee—t»y which name their silk is | •• known—unbleached and In. Its • I) naturaJ cplor, is the product not \ \ of domestic but of \wlld'^sllk- i ', worms. And they do not eat * ^-Trmiberry leaves, but browse, so '.',. to Tipeak, on tlie leaves of the \^^cnitr oaR trees of the hills. .. Their cocoons are gathered In \\ large quantities and so the oth- • • erwlse waste hill lands are made J to yield a relatively rich harvest. Wel-hal-wei is near the tip of I Simnttrng's principal peninsula, - • • which, with what may be called '.'. for American ears the \Port \ Arthur peninsula\ to the north, '.'. alnjost closes_th.e entrance to the •; Gulf of Chihll from the Yellow 4, sen. With Port Atrthur, thus r.ritish territory dominates the •j- wiiter roml to Peking nhd Tien- '.'. t s lP' q ' pons. Jr•lL^^.^,^±•b^•^^^;^j^^I;:l-!•^^•l^^^^^^•^•^^;l^•Hj GOLD STORAGE ,For Begs, Butter, tJheese. Poultry,' I Meats, Apples, .Pearg^JEUimev PeachesJ , Evaporated Apples, Berries .and ftults I of all kinds, and ojker products. , The Upton Cold Storage 10. jnc BERBERf B. (CASHL. Qm,Mxu . ... - , (38 ttlFF ST. ROCHESTER, N. Y. \ Storage t>j>ea -atf^raar\ Koanrf WHERE TO SHOP\ IN ROCHE8TER Baixaine.la clothins shoes, rubber*. Merchanta Bkge Co., State St Cleansers, Dyers, Tailora Rapp'B 68 Clinton Ave \North. I^u^tai^^Hg^TimT*le^ma7FIoor an* Table Lamps, Cedar Cheats, etc Howe St Rogers Company 89-91 Clinton Avenue South. Jewelry, SilYerware, Diamonds. B. J. Scheer. 269Jfsin St, East Music and Musical Instruments, Pianos, Players-Pianos and Rolls, Talking Machines and Records Lerla Muaic Store, 89 South 'Ave Tranks, Leather Goods, Bags, \UiVi\ 271 Main Street Bast < GENERAL INSURANCE AGY. •\ Brockport, N. Y. OFFICERS DEAN G. CRIPPEN -r—S— President PRANK B. HEBBARD Vice President , JAMES E. CONLEY 8ecy and Treat. DIRECTORS I Dean G. Crlppen Prank D. Hebbartf* James E. Conley _ Perry C 8hafer Ephralm C. Crlppen Morton Mlnot •_ij?l!§rl*a ML-MeCilllla Lou la B^Shay George E. Locke Donald A. Dal ley Wilson M. Sharer\ I; ^/mmf/mW/W»IW»MWMMM/SJJ7JB7K THIN, PALE WOMEN ,0 enjoy your work and have T your share oi the pleasures of life get rid of that run down feeling and'enrich your thin bloed* Begin-right now t o taJcc Glide's T J epfo-\Mangan. *~K will help\ you wonderfully. At your drug- gist's, in both liquid and tablets. Free Trial Tablets SffiS vnltn> of Gude'g Pepto-Mangaji, write today for generous Trial Package o f Tablets. Send no money — just name an d address to M, 3. Breitenjjach Co., 63 W«a»en St., H. Y. -CoTreerCate s asea— t The wearer of gla«ees. must not don the sprinp; costume without having glasses which are correct in style or the good appearance desired is marred. Fitness, •trrrfnlrress aTidTXytr characterize— BAUSCH GLASSES E. E. BAUSCH j&JQUSSK OPTOMETRISTS 6 Main Street East 105 £*at Ave. — \I h e ba^amorc Rochester, N. Y. Hour* for Ere Emmtnationi - 0 A- M. ta & P, M- v ..*. W/y/^Af//////yy//////////y^/////y///////w//////yy/////. I S / Y NOTICE TO CREDITOR8 Pursuant to an order of Hon. SeJdea S. Brown, Surrogate of the County of Monroe, noWe Ts'Tiereoy given, accord- ing to law to all persona having claim* or demands against Celia A. Steele, rooms, the box Is frequently covereu with paper to. prevent evaporation, but the paper must be removed ^promptly- -whtMi-^tae—first ft&eSrtnf* br«ik through. * ' # .# - Th-e To make the carrick bend Carrick form a bight in the end of Bend one of the ropes, placing the (short end (A; oft-ek of the stand- ing aaxt of rope I a*'shown\ In ' the first picture. 1'lnc baelc-ef-tli** MftW .Msf'TstTileTF Iff Wf^ 1 Curry end R <<f ropft 2 o'ver the <fariding\ part of 1 ope \T* above the bitjhl, and under pnri A. as shown in th«-second .picture Now carry en<« B over the bight in rope I, and in so <lt*tng wss it nndt-r the st^ndin^jyart ,-4-t fop-t » f as ixuL&tited.k,v-_ik±i arrow It saves the hcu?p>keeper tinip tu have a sot of duiab e. carefully chos- en tools for i-U-iiii'iig the flaw* and .-floor Gov^ringsr, ,v -' - - * Bill the garag. man says that the wives of sonic .iittornobile owner>\ ought to .start a»tinns against the machine.-- for alienation of; affections -._ I)i<i xmt avex-n-ant t.n g o out ..to—X Sodatol Now Obtainable. The last' of the picric acid was dis- posed of a short time ago, but farmers may obtain, ^odatolu an' 'explosive which has recently .become available and which many farmers say is even better for stumping than picric .acid. The only charge to be made is for cartrldging, and preparing for shipment and transportation cost •which tn gen- ernl amonnts-taabout^ane-tbiro-the-cost- nreetfng but conrriTrt' because you haa st-^n^bheiOsgnL-SvTii i'i sponsibility nn fio P -¥*opeji__ ta _ M ^j iC j fcg y ia;-Hi ^^ not wish the flreless cooker 1 The wile''v ho Uk.-a fiffeen minutes from her worTTTn'rest Before\her bus band enrnns h\n^\ may find he's 1 tot-more-i* leffs^}- -Hta:n'\he' •* wetrid—trgve\ -fferrr nvitfi--aar^hf6prate*Tl ! of nn equivalent amount of dynamite. : J^mpst, ^ate^^ftEMji^eiuents : have. Been made with some agency, usually the s_tate iigriwiUuei»l- coUo«ey tributang sodatol. Information as to what agency is handling the distribu- tion in any state can be obtained from county agricultural agents or from 44aai^a: Tonic and Blood Enricher Mte of the Town of Olarkson, County of Monroe, State of New York, .de- ceased, to present the same with the : JJEOucitera ihereio^touS&e^-andeMignett at their place for the transaction of 'business as such Administrators at the- law office of Morgan & Pallace, Brock- port, New York, on or 'before the list day of August 1924. Dated February 11,- 1924. Ohauncey H. Vickem, Terry W. Vtes> erg, AdmlnigtoatoTa, • „•„_ . _ Morgan & Pallace, Attoraeysfor Ad- ministrators; Brockporrt, New York. M filku ti 'rotecft4feiiF ftee Spray Chart Telk When to Spray and Whatto Us_e_ Dow Spray Materials tor orchard, L'arJcMi and farm are sold and wrdely used in your community for >untrnl of -on-hard and ynrden pests and fungus diseases, Many an orchard has been prattu nlly run without profit because the profits went into the scrap heap or the cider barrel. The money comes fmmX-an, top-notch, first jjrade fruit which cannot be grown these day*; without effective spraying. The most effective spray materials known carry tile trade mark DOW. Look for it when you buv insecticides. Widely sord and used in your community. Manufactured by The Dow Chemical Company MIDLAND, MICHIGAN TRADE ,_, Xhe-Gupe, — Caller—Some uieks ago you gave -ptesw^tg-FTrrrme me-to set rid of runirmgo;- te agrit'uliiiral college. Pfc»ic Aeld^SJPp^ear - ^ The total amount of picric ILTWi^T add _ stripTK r a--rn'-Trre~ various 1 snrces is as follows: Medicine will do what we claim .for, k — rid your svstem of Catarrh or Deafness NOTICE TO CRESlTORS Euisuant to a n order of Hon. Seises S. Brown, Surrogate of the County of Monroe, notice is hereby given, accord- ing to law to aH perses* having claims or demands against Charles Peaee, late Hhe=Tx>wn'Of-Hanilirtr©ounty-of-Mfl ^oeT-jState-of-^ew-Y^s^rrdeceaaedV-to-— presentr-the- Bam&--wjtb^fce~^ouchers - , tiereloT, to the \• undersigned, Anna -JEea«e-and>JI«Jay Pease at their place \druggist—Well did i t work? - GalleV—Y-es. K+HTTOW I want you to give me MMut-Mmi^ to get.rid Jii -the plaster. ' Quick Change Needed. Bobby—{^stuV I—c+nmge my name to- day, ma? Mother—What in the world do yon want to change your name for? Bobby—Viiii'Se p:t said he will whip me when he get* hoine, as sure as my name's Robert. Alabama -A4asteft--r -Arizona.-,,. .,»,»,.,....... California . Connp'-ti' ut tTeiTrgTa \\. 7 r.'TT\. T TTTV ~,~? Idaho •> 13T..100 lbs. .....tOO.lfeB,. fj jot), re*. .. l.lOtKltoSr 90,400 lba. 37,400 lb8. TT.sturrfjs.- for the trajfrsactioii Qfbn8lBeB8 ae such; 33iDKSH®B>ra at J*rocKpdrf7~Nr~Y:: --_-.. Seht-bj-dmigUufar mtr i0~ytan „ . F. j: CHENEY &CO., Toledo, Oinn UNCLE HANK and as shown in the third. picture. Pull thp knot up tightly, as shown in the fourth jpJctjtMte. This is done by drawing on the end-s A and B. If the knot is pulled up by drawing on The standing part of ropes 1 and 2, it will form as shown in the fifth and last picture. So formed, it is sometimei- called a double bowline, the reason for which is evident after examining the arrangement of the ropes in the last picture. The carrick bend aa probably the best knot for joining two heavy or stiff ropes, because the. toopr fn ~ends A'amMB are interw\dv : ' en in such a manner that neither can close so tightly as to cause, at the end of the loop, an extremely sharp bend which might rupture the outer fibers of a large rope. Whenever some fellers try to speak with their better selves, it just seems like Central gives 'em th' wrong num- ber. rrurrarm .. Iowa Kansas KenUlck\ Louisiana Maryland Mil hisan M.000 Tbs. . Ui4 t 4tte lb& 1G.100 lbs. .\li.OOO lbs. ::7.:soo lbs. r.oo lbs. 1.108.000 lbs. Minnesota 1.M0.400 lbs. Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska New York . ' .. North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma South Carolitfh Tennessee Vermont ...... Washington Wisconsin 4 1 000 lbs. 90.100 lbs. :r..:!00 lbs. fi-7,000 lbs. 1O0 lbs. :i'.'i.6r,o lbs. il^.OOO lbs. 40Q lbs. H3.S00 ibs. si,100 lbs. 3.200 lbs. 7J.600 lba. 412,300 lba. Total 7.679,550Jbs. iB. P. D. on or before. taeJNth djjLflk.,., I August 1924. Da'ted •Febraary 1, 13247——- ~ Anaa Peage, H. Jay Pease, Admin- : istrators. Louis- B. Shay, Attorney for Admin- istrmore; Brockport, Iv. 1. • How to Candy Lemon Peel Scrub lemons, cut into quarters, re- move and cut peel into\ one-eighth-inch strips; and place in saucepan.» For each* pound of peel add three pints of cold water, boil ten minutes. Pour water off and repeat five times, ' Or until all the bitter flavor has been re- moved from the peel. Dissolve one- half pound of sugar in two ounces of water, and cook to a thick sirup. Dry jreet hi the folds of a towel, ptaxe tn sirup and cook until sirup Is all ab- sorbed by the peel. While hot roll In dry sugar. Orange peel may be prepared In the same fashion,' except the water need be changed only twice. EDWARD W. 8IMMON8 _ NOTICE T° CREDITORS Pursuant to an order of Hon. SeTdent S. Brown, Surrogate of the County of Monroe, notice is hereby given, accbrd- img to law to all persons hav ag claims 0- demands against' Peter Eller late of the Town of Ckirkson, County of Mon- roe, State of New York, deceased, to present the sams with the vouchers therefor, to the undersigned Admin- istrator at his place for the transaction of business as such Administrator at the law office of Na. 0. Lester, in Brockport, N. Y., on or before the 27th day of May 192*. Dated November 16th 1923. Conrad Eller, Administrator Nat 0. Lester, Attcrnoy «or Admin- istrator, Brockport, N. Y. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to an ordeT of Hon. Selden S. Brown, Surrogate of the County of Monroe, notice is hereby given, accord- ing to law to all persons having claims or demands against Hattie I. Amldon late of the Village of Brockport, County-of Monroe, State of New York, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers therefor, to the undersigned Executor at his place for the transac- tion of business as such Executor at- the Law office of Nat D. Lester, Brock- I NOTICE TO CREDITOR8 Pu'reuaat to an order of Hon. SeJden S. Brown, Surrogate of the County of Monroe, notice is hereby given, accord- ing to law to all peneonB having claims or demands against John, W. Bur- roughs late of the Village \of Brock- port, County of Monroe,. State of New York, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers therefor, to the _ undetfsdgnedjBxeeuitoTr at Ms. place for J^ort r ^'. y. on x*r ^eforotb^bth Ixjr the transaction ,of business. as such Executor at 493 (Melville Street, Roch- ester, N. Y.,.on or before the 20tli day of September, 1924. Dated March 14, 1924. W, Ray Burroughs, Executor. Louis B. Shay, Attorney lor Ex- ecabor, Brocapert, N. T. of May 1924. Dated November 9th 192S. Clyde W. Amldon, Executor. Nat O. Lester, Attorney for Executor, Brockport, N. Y. ADVERTI8E IN THE REPUBLIC

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