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**?• v*'* .^^„^ T - = TMt REPUBLIC, BROCKPORT, N.Y. THURSDAY. APRIL 3. J924 -*r,, VICINITY HAPPENINGS ; Prom Our Regular Correspondent* ADAMS BASIN REDMAN ROAD Miss Mildred Cutton of Bractfport was a week end guest of Miss Doris iRayburn.. Mr. and Mrs. William Baldwin of banquet Saturday. evening at the A1M(m were QVe r l9unduy ^^ ^ church parlors. The boy members of Mr .. an , d Mrg < Fred Defendorf. Charles Zimmerman is representing , the LO S hijos claWs, their former class ms Jameg Reyn61ds re turned home Aimicoa Bras, at Portsmouth, Ohio. | president and Rev. B. J. Fults were Tuesdsr _ affcer a ten dayg vlait ^^ Mr, and Mrs. HaxoM Barnum spent eue9 bs of the occasion: An interesting ^ daughter9) the -Misses Margaret _ the week end with Mrc^Barnura's peo-. program of toasts, responses and songs ^ <Mwy ReylH)ldg of Rochost er. |=gje at Knowlesvillei • -' jwak carried out in.a moat enjoyable ' M r ;~and Mrsf Prank Travers are lUva. 'Catherine .Everetts \has moved manner- Yale Turner was toastmaster, I 1 - to the^lorrher Sheehan -farm—on the- anrd-proved himself auite-emaLia Canal road' which has been occupied occasion, and- the toasts given by the by the Joseph Klee family. jnapipb. Klee has moved \ • Stephen Osborne farm on the Hicks to the Road which he will manage during the coming year. Mrs. Barnum of Albion is visiting at Jtihe home of her son Harold.» re. <Jh»rles Gallup was the \guest her daughter, Mrs. E\ Naff Stroup, of Newark, a few days during the past week. ' —u. John ©hatter who has toeen wintering -In, .Sarasota, Ela^ia expected home ajbouit the 7th of this month. (Earl \Hawkins and Landis True are •engaged, in handling the citrus fruit tonsinesa at Franklinville and \Wayland this week. Edward Heise and his son, Arthur {have been confined to the house with grip during the past week. ^^=tMrra^dH!^!fo^c*B^ 8 <»^ 1 ^ >t • Ro ® Jl: ^ s,te! • •were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Flynn. Charles Maurer was called to <Mld- l^-^l^pert-^ond^Mto-attendUhe-funieraL moving to Rochester this week.' [1ss~Mae—Diiffy^-s: her aunt. Miss Atfna Duffy of the different members of the class were a Drake road relation to \The Dads\ who- wer^e Mr3 Fred DefeIldo V f entertained, gurprisgd at the excellence of the J2i 4we , w . fel0O1 ^, b j 0B _ at a .dinner-Sunday. tertainment. Miss Dorothy Blackford presided at the piano, and Earl Haw- lMr s. David Grabb spent Sunday with kins and Guy Stone, two of \The Dads\ Mrs Charles Pease, acted as song leaders. A delicious -j^ and Mrs William Cotter enter- Tciricken dinner with-all the trimmings tamed a compahy\oFfriends last Fri- was served by the boys' mothers. The y^j eves-tag. Dancing was enjoyed arrangements were worked out by the until the small hours. of hie brother-in-law, 'Mr* Scarborough. -Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Weirich. and son, Jitn were guests of relatives in Buf- falo several days last week. |_ MM. Dorothy MoCa.be and, son, —Ralph of Rochester^ were Sunday visit- MWet' tihe homeof Mr. and-Mrs. Edw, MjoOabe. iMr. an^Mss^^aud^ Davis and fam- ily have moved into the J. D. Nelson ge on L#ell fitreat. \Work on the removal of the bridge I—=toffl-'befcween. the trolley tracks and th* -NoTrTork eentrai—has- commencedV steam shovel is on the way here from Pennsylvania and in the mean- time th« concrete abutments are to be torn down. 8 -o£jthe-Oood—Cheer Sunday- Good Cheer boys, under the supervision of their teacher, Mrs, F. C. Blackford, ADAMS BASIN PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION FORMED I Mr. Cunningham of Rochester wis a .guest at the Walker home last Sun- day. Arthur Nosbitt and family entertain- ed their cousin, Mrs. Goodwin, last Going Out Like a Lamb On Friday afternoon of last week weelc - about twenty-five Mothers met at the Nearl y a11 °* the farmer3 baTO a school house with Mrs. Mets, junior wc>od P ile - Giffora <!°\\\n *» •»! teacher, and Mr. Hochbrueckner, sen- * e *»*tom sawing he can attend to, ior teacher, and under the ^supervision\ If >' ou want a «ood job call G-if. of Mm Winnifred HoimohreyraMonroe * Las t Sunday night it looked like Theatre, Rochester, recently, by play ^SyrapresentatTvZ^ Adaina Basin Parent-Teachers Assocta- three sure ^S™ of spring: Wild orchestra. She met with an enthus- tdon Mrs Humphrey who has been gee9e> robiaS and ragpeddlers. |iastic reception hardly ever equalled connected wdth thi9_ work for some Mildred Brant spent the week end by Heifetz, or Etaan fe- Join the Auto Club NOW And s^v^money on your car Ask Us for Full Details Springs for All Cars Brockport Service Garage i-A HUDSON-ESSEX SERVICE '235-^ __ ^_ PRED:WEE6^ Thi»-«tatufr tnoniHn*nt erectedr.^tor the^metwofy \6T\~Waslilfti9ton—Mr- Ryder, Mountain Grove'Cemetery, Oakldnd, California, Is a most striking example oT modern art. Upon one side of the pedestal, which Is constructed of granite, is a bronze partrait in relief of the late Mr. Ryder. It Is surmounted by a statue typifying Honor. Young Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J, Musicus Shows Fine Talent Miss Evelyn B, Musicus celebrated her ninth birthday in, the Corinthian their raost School class held a Fathers and Sons Something Muchfteeded In the Village has heen time and islhoroughty conversant with wttnleFparents, Mr. and Mrs. Llnd. fttaol>jectC gave .theuareffiean-drteaoh-—***• RaMall^en-yon waKxjcupy the ers assembled some very interesting E - J - Tirmnerman house. Mr. Kenyon's points concerning the benefit to toe nealtn lB a°mewhat improved. derived from this organization, and r*OAiri? DO Art s.ug;ge»sted the advisability of afBJMna J . UKAKtKUAU yM_.the state anal'nfponal bodies. Miss Bertha Seaman has been apend- iMeetfngs are to be held monthly at the j^g a f ew d ay§ at home school house, the next one being ar- -Walter Weston had the? .misfortune ranged for Friday, April 11th. In the tQ fful f rom * a n apple tree, while' work- meantime the nnenuhers have been 4ng tor Wl n Hallock and break hia arm urged to put forth an earnest effort to ^^ bruise himself up considerably. At interest others in the community, who last reports he was doing nicely. ±avft the welfare o-f- .the^pupilfl a.nii Rtry-^fJtrlMa-to-naove-from-the Henry^ school at heart, to join the Association, C j arlc ja^ t0 the r^wns farm on the makfag it a live issue in community RW ge Road. We understand Mr. Park- \ • affairs. The following officers were er i9 t0 occupy tne nouae vacated by elected to superintend the affairs of ijj r . Hull. the association^, during the. ensuing MBfh^t Stamp is earns to wortferr year: President, Mrs. M. W. Turner; R^ HUU ^ sprlnjg vice-president, Mrs. Earl Hawkins; « secretary^ Mrs. B. J. Fults; treasurer, THE AGRICULTURAL SCHOOL Mrs. Adolph -Hainan. Mrs-. Ludlow^ , «.,„..,.,_ , L • . _. _ Mrs. F. 'C. Blackford and Mrs. George The bill introduced in the Assembly JSiner were elected to..act as ah\ ese- test week by Assemblyman Auatm of ¥ifivf> committee \with \the officers of\ this district to estaiblisn an Alrtcult- SOMETIWES FOLKS \TrWViK A °.EPOR.TEPv \S AJWPUL MOS^V BECUX UE ASVCS SO KAAWV QUESTlOiS, 8UT HE RUDS HE HPSTA KX5 \X ff HE VJftMTa , TTO* AW'GiT Vt CORRE«2T: €omjrIete^ Machine Shop There is now such a §hop, il-irrthe-Wg- - Son Building, fully equipped Ao. do an Jdnds 9fLJiea5y or .light repair work; also etec- trit welding-arid: expert black- smithing. -THE MATTHEW TRACTOR CO. Makers of b-The Wheat Tractor A* Powerful Tfaclor^ At An Attractive Price the Association. ural School in Brockport Is as follows: — •— , Sec. 1047. State school of ag ri- HEALTH AND CLEAN CLOTHES culture at Brockport. ' There is hereby • The Mellon Inatitute of Industrial estabMshed-a school of agricullture to; Ttlonum&it- 77loiwfdinCjrtKM> Cemetery \QdAhnct <2/ We would be pleased to show you at no expense to yourself several designs worked out by our artists. The experience of others in the community should prove to yj>u tflatif-.yQu plage your Qider_ in our hands we will faithfully per form eaeh detail of our com mission. T HARMON'S MONUMENTAL WORKS 13 MARKET 8T., BROCKPORT, N. Y. -•'•si Everything for the HORSE Largest tratmesi and supply house in ftochester- Researeh o^f Pittaburg investigating the he tocated*-at Brockport, Monroe- •bactericidal- action of\ dry cleaning, hab county, to he known as €Be New\ YorR\ 1 •brought out by actual tests that 99 per state school of agriculture at Brock- cmr of aTT^seafe-^er^rirlcTualhg \f^'^^-^W-^e^-bOma—ot -„- r-r^ —^ 7t.il . • - ••• —,... .-j Urjisteea_of such, school consiatlneL of 4 those wnTe¥arTect tlie eyes afe^killed tae commissioner of -eaucaUon, the during the regular-process of ©leaning commissioner of agricultury and the witlroTrr^h^-^^hte^tr-1h^iry\^to~-thT~« teaTr \ of \' b he New-¥oTk^stat&college of - — _'\'! fabric agriculture, who shall be ex officio palmy days. Miss Musicus played an Ado'lSfohal-Te^lnvony to the^great = £ to%o$£& bv^heTo^ 0^« a I ^ D ^sy which waB«nnposed value of the work done by the dry SS^T?e ^rffitTtoJl\i5olK! b f ?**£\ *\? ^^ ? ^ .ClsaiUngJnjdnfltrxis^uniishedJjy-the^hall^ n,nth . Wr Swy.__At__tlie conclusion^ New-¥ork-Stete-^oaro>Bf-Heaia^hich th<5 term of one trustee will expire her solo Miss Musicus was present^, declares that the disease germs of in- SfbSrf TSSSU tteSS'a? \* & M ™ *™ T* 2 tne tK,ara OI lrU8tee s inereaiter ap- TOanager of tne theatre, Harry Simon. Harness and Collars repaired TTmT given to responsIfiTe Partte* JOHN A. WEIDER 24 Spring St., Rochester, N. Y. ~m ^eiyoxte-teHtt^ htirfy. fittenza, scarlet fever, colds, bronchitis, pointed shall be. appointed for a full pneumonia-, tuberculosis, diphtheria, term of seven years. Ar vacancy in the Sne als0 received a profusion of measles and typhus fever are all kiled hy proper dry ciqaninig methods. Inspection Invited office of a member of the board of flowers. trustees, stelj be filled for the'period ,Mtes Musicus is the only daughter . •. - i^^SfS&^of-JS 1 !^*^^ \W3iat beautiful hair that \Miss Tay- may be removed by the governor on an,d teacher of Rochester, who con- lor Hast And -so Thick an(T lustrous ^he recommendatlon^-o-f {So ^aFg-oT- duets a class of violin pupils'in BrocE-' now. She-sayg it's-all-du« to Parisian *««ettt? °? } he s u ^ersity. The com- BOr t ggd is well knowjojierei. ^_,.^ n .1 •,, , i 1 . « =^i >., missloner of education, acting in. con- Sage, the *air -invigorator B: W Sfin- JuSctiQn ^ ti the locaI boa rd,of man- jnosf sells on guarantee^ .., -. &sejg of the states nornml-and training ——'. • _•\_:.. school at Brockport, shall assign to such COOK & KING €07- ANNIVERSARY DAY FRIDAY APRH^2B-AND SATURDAY APRIL 26 Mr. Fruit Grower: Now is the'time to have your spray- ers and engines put in shape for spring. Dtm'l- ygait until the rush wBen _ ev-~ 1 1 1 1 1 T 1 I 1 We have good mechanics and plenty of time new. Our complete line of new sprayers is now on our show floor. Call and see them. 1 1 S Hum wn invtt ROT J. F£TTER r Manager 1 m > 1 -X5^ AI3VERTISE IN THE REPUBLIC l*\ THEYmE USING A LOT OF TE.UMBER \ . \ ' ,,..,, , . . Wiai unprecedented brdldhiR 1n op- school of agriculture adequate quarters erStio* ^*. the\ need -for luhTber ^ihd^r^lm?^l^^^irc1r^hoc^r-^|^^ aiETiculture. and the board of trustees •_ _ Lj | —— .i¥l£l^^L^a^eJpowera^^d MANY WOM EN USE _ •^e flii'blecFto ^rT^Be^promaiQJiaj)iJuiiTft — Not only with Dinners and Lunches, but we want you to try^ our Soda^, Sundaes and Milk Shakes. We thoroughly believe we serve the besl: Ice Cream and Syrups obtainable. Send the kiddies. of.-the state, school of agriculture at ^ ^^^ ' ^^^ria^- buckhorn bark T ~ ^Eflckoart_s3iall. be resoonsible to the - - . -. -•& -.r- - %lt „ nt ^~„A* prrnr+nal rrf the me normal and etc, a s mteed.to Adlerlta.. M»st,medl- tfafnttt? school at BrockpoTt for^he--c4nes;tact^nly-ofr lower-bowel-but A^- generir TnamtenaTice and conduct of igrika acts on BOTH\ upper and lower the stato school of .a,grtoilture -bowel, and removes all gasses and SPO. 2 The sum of fifteen thousand . _ „ . _ .^ 1+ „„ t „ „„^ Yirl;FfWt)T'Trr~go'\fOTr?^^ i aostmate con» - he nt*r*«ss^Tv- sha+l \be fl-ppronr+ated stlpation and to guard against appen-. from tinv mnnev of the stRte treasury dicitis. Helps any case eas pn stom v not othprwise appronrjqtpd for the fol- ach in TEN talllu4e g. rhos. H. Dob- low'ne pnrnnop,s: Sal^irv of director, Chicken Dinner Sunday Served from 12 to 2 -aT4-iele^-iB--ffe4atton to—others-state- srmooTi~6f agriculfuref The\ fflrecEof fiLYAERlNE- MIXTURE Women appreciate The quIcTTSctlSn fmirthou<»ind dollars ($4.000): salaries of two in^rnotors flvp thousand two hundred <1bllTro ($R.2fl0) : trave^ne ex- •npnsps. OTIP thoniindone hundred dol- Iqj-q C$1.100): stPTinie-rsiDhoi', one thous- and two rninrlTPd dollars (Sl^OO): «m.p. •nH'po flvp, bnndred dollars (&5O0); al- tPf'tion ami reTviir of rooms in the sta'tp normal and training, school at •RT-npVnnrt, three thousand\ dollars ($3,0(10). con Co., Druggists. You will be surprised at the remarkably low prices on our dinners and lunches -The American Dining Room SNOVER & McGRATH, Props. fe-- Feet All Used Up ? Lots of Brockport People Do . Does your back ache constantly? Do you have sharp twinges when stooping or lifting? » Feel all used up—as if you could just Rheumatics? Try a two-weeks' g0 no further? treatment of Rheuma and get well. If. ' why not look to your kidneys? it doesn't help. B. W. Simmons will why not use Doan's Pills? return your money. | Read the statement of tjiis nearby *~ r resident: $5 TO $15 PROFIT WFEKLY . Mrs. I W. Eggleston, 76 E. Bank St., , Mechanics, machinists, autoists and Albion, N. Y., says: \The flu left my farmers find Ore-Solvent instantly dis- kidneys in a frightful shape and the solves and removes from the hands all ^y t ^ 68e organs acted caused much machlne-tgrease and grime, paint, prints „^, V< „„„ J> »' „? 'ni.~i, ^^^jt ui™-,> er'stok, etc. Also popular in the.home. am, - oyaoce - M ^ 1>aok ached llke • for cleaning kitchen utensils, bath toothache and when I stooped to pick tubs, painted wood-woVk, marble, etc. up a dust^pan I could hardly raise up I MAKE SPARE TIME MONEY on account of a stitch catching me Agents wanted to sell Ore-Solvent in through my kddneys. Everything seem- Shop and Home, Standard for 20 years. ed in a blur at times: One of the fam- Sells and repeats easily to every man who works with his hand9 and every Hy advised me to try Doan's Pills so I housewife, assuring steady; ipaylng did 3 I soon' felt better and two boxes •business. Shop workers, canvassers, ^ Do-an's, cured me.\ write for^detalla.^^^^ ^ at ^ de *j er8i Foster-MUburn 640 W. 44th 8fc, New York. Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. A SIX-Built by Hudson Note How Experts Praise It ' 'Hudson has produced a super Essex . . . . It looks like the proverbial knockout.' — From Automobile Topisa. «i \The New Essex is a revelation of performance, e<xss of riding and smoothness.\ — From Motor Age. \A wonderful value — a^car of which Hudson engineer* have a right to bm proud** —From Motor Life. m The COACH «^^— §- — %J-~# Touring Modal «8M Ftiigkt a*J Tmx Ejttrm Ask Abort 7 Our Eatjr . -~ Payment\ Plan mm - '-r ;..|V ARTHUR LETTER, .Y. • v ; fV .,'J*£stff-.H 0-. MgM

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