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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, March 13, 1924, Image 4

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FOUR THE REPUBLIC, BROCKPORT.N. Y> TW4jM^¥^ABCk 13, i»34- 2E l ,K«&JtfilLJ t «» t »«Ji£X*l^ Established in 1856 . Entered at'toe Postofflce atrBtocfcport, • N. Y., as second-class matter Subscription Pr4ce $2.00 A Year L^Sgg^EtE&TERTAlN, P. A. BtOSSOMrEditor E. M. BLOSSOM, ADV. MGR. w Thursday Afternoon, Mar. 13 r '24 EDITORIALS Y/ebater&ays \e-bselete\ means gone into disuse, negle-cted. And from all reports, raacJhmg JAS the past few daya^ •we are led to believe that the use of the rod has become obsolete, at least gone into disuse among-practically all \classes of parents. If we were the father in a. certain case which, hag come to our notice a rawhide would get violent usage for a few minutes. The disres-pect shown many, parents, the intliffere-nce to study, to* thrift and to moral conduct, is 'becoming alarm- ing, and the sooner parents restore the rod to its old-time nook in the corner and practice with it on their offspring the sooner the young Idea will abaaadon lip stick, highty-tlghty manners and realize that youth has something more to think almirtoafi one round of pleas- tire. Why Spare t^he rod- and Tipoft-the Saturday at 1 o'clock the Girl Scotxta gave a banquet at \the Hotel Brockport in honor of 'Mrs. Bobert Bourne w-ho has been their leader for the past few months and who left Sunday for New York City. • The Councilors w-ere also the' guests of the Scouts on this oc- casion^.- ~ 1 A very interesting talk was given by Mrs. George Doane on Mrs. Harris, captain of the Girl Scouts of Rochester. FOE deliver. SALE—Dry elalb wood. . \Will Plume 836-F-3 2:7-'24 FOR SALE-^Goose eggs, 25c each. Inquire W. A. Doty.'Clarkson, N. Y.. FOR _SALEqd£lY@_ room house with garage. Inquire N-2 this office. 12:6tf \ FOR SALE—Wood, beach or maple, any quantity* Telephone 60-F^2. G^ H. Mm - ^iTO^-^to-^^p«y?tdAw»«sed^t3lfel— ^-^ i -- — : —^_^_ girls and introduced second Class j FOR SALE—My model 90 Overland, Btarel ne>w tap. andliattery ; good motor. Rev. F\ Dam rosea. Scol5T~KQ«alTe Haraoi Johnston, who later-Rave a very fine exhibition of signaling. Two new ten- dfirfoots were likewise recced into ^^r^weenj^andnine hundred .uciii^k2 a — , • ' l A.Tt:lnir~-SoutisooTn4»e;r01arkj3orh the Scout organization in the persona FOR SALE—8 two-year old steers, l*B»l••••••••••••••••••• Spring Styles in Millinery £ A Moit Delightful Showing of Distinguished and _ Individual Modes in Hats will be on exhibition on B FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, M^ARCH 14 apd 15 • _' We have the exclusive sale of j| - IflJU of Doris Hulbert and Tbelma. TJtzman.l FOR. SALE—Dark, blue baby's stTOl- A* a token of appreciation of W^practically new. Inquire DD-1 this services the Scouts • presented Mrs. 1 office, Bourne with a. silver salt and pepper j FOR SALE—Breakfast set and'two set, the presentation\ apeec-lr bedms^ given by Scout Margaret Harmon. Following, the banquet the girls re- 1 paired to the Normal gymnasium where ?J^,£! a basketball .game beftween the Spen KJBHI {s6fljra.~63fflenent cohditidn.-DD-3 thtis office. FOR-jjSALE—Two sows with 8 pigs ' fliiire K. A. Northrup, phone •GAGE - -HATS McDonald Sisters i CAN .YOU? Wo do not know how others may view trft» lit nation but it scomi to us that it wmld bi' folly not to veto the $jjQ.QQQ apltcri, for extending t_hc intake at the pumpinc station ami to make other necosF-ary improvements. Some may arinio th'it we have cotton aloni-' eo far all rlsht and then:'?,nothing to worry abnut. Wt-ll, 10 did the -rider who 'sudden lv lo^f hi 5 ; horse for thi- SALE—Bills show rooms and street. Enquire of eorport Girl -Scouts and the Brockport' KOR Scouts wa, played, which resulted in a f, ar f ^^Jf defeat for the local Scouts the score '':.\ !—• , being lfi to 8 in favor of Spencerport. J^M SALE -Cook property on Hol- , - ley street. Bnquire of H. K. 'Mac With last week's i^ue of hi., pa-por ^rthur^Brockport. Pay C.~-Parsons. concluded his 3Stb FOR SALE--Eggs fresh from the wor-as odltor of. the Curt.1 and Demo-, 0«'•*'• :i0<> <lt>a«vn_a.t_ Rayburn's Barber S-riop. Lil Market St. ~. ^J4^y{,_ M;;; ^)tj^-i^-it--B*!-wapa4i6r«..naan. f.roi the ground up and we offer congratukv tions. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE REPUBLIC FoJ-Rent TO RKXT -Furnished ply 17 Clinton St Mrs. mann. rooms Ap- M A Pech- l:17tf FOR IIKNT TwopUa-jwl furnished .^antof a nail in a ehoe at -the proper' Z\<™* <<* >^\t h«>H*fc.H.pm^_ «»U»»'w, , . , . , „ .•(! Park Ave . opposite Shoo F*a<rfoi'V time. We are Just as anxloufl to keep _ down taxost as the smallest or the' FOR RKNTrrmT^TirWrvfnrrniKrnvi-^f Two law rooms fur largest taxpayer in\town'. \hTir when It ' \ Wl 1 V l, l _ tnT , ... ;. for light h< becomes so> Important a matter as FOR S.U,K—Kourlittle Airedale pup- p-If-s tni|iiir-e W'm. II. Stephenson, 1 mile south of Krookport. 3:20 Foil SA1-K -A Wheelock Upright I'i.iim verv reasonably. Apply at 30 fhttpiile SI. Mrs. J. H. Spicer. 3:13 l 'Oil - SAl-iX-^yxtaattty - nice • oats .60 i-.-nis a biKhel; also clover hay. In- u uire of Win. Westcott, Walker, 2:28tf -f-'Olt S\I,H itevl Cross Rarjge uaed. live ic.iri Stove in exrellent condi- tion.''f»rif(' ^JiOitt*. Address f>I>-2 this oilier FOIt pHlllol-; rw 3 trj-Oitun. W msekeeplne ins Holley St Li \ m *' S\I>K Fifty Wli.it e I^eghorn at $ 1 eiwh, if yon want real ilhur Ray-burn. 336 T t Concordia Lutheran Church Lenten Seryices Wednesdays at 7 :30 P. M. 2 Sundays at 10:30 A. M. The Suffered For You! IN GETHSErVIANB Watch For the Opening OF THE American Dining Room SPECIALS Friday and Saturday pure drinking water, cost is not to be FOR RENT-Furntshod rpnnre, kit- considered If an epidemic of typhoid ! ••l.^nette light houwkeepin*. eloctri. F 1 citv, hoat, use of bath, litundrv, sleep. were to hr«=ak out, can you compare |nK rooms InqulrP rCM this offlce the small cost to you of the improvo- FOFt SAUB—Two houses on Park Ave, iust north of Capon Hos« house. owned by Geo. Elwell. Inquire Homer F$. ncaedlct. 8:23tf Ife-l ment with the expense of doeto^. 1 TO LET -Farm on shares ; PjILow ..'.-, . , , T - T ,-r, „ farm three miles from ScottsvUle, two ..... nursed and perhaps tm<tertahers nlTis? ( bundr0(l ft r t y acrtvs valued at over $100 ;,'.„„...± Tew taxpayers can afford to run the an acre Six horses and all modern ' tnnK furnished See Mr Lull. Security Trust Companv. 103 Main St. E., Roclt .-ter. N V 3:13 FOIt S\UK Three brood sows due TO farrnw march 20; also 2f3 tons of hiij'. Inquire R. .F^-MiVF-k-hamT I4crce'n. N V. risk. Can YOU? FAIR OFFICIALS AT WORK ; At a meeting of the Brockport Fair\ •^offlclalB hnt€i Morwiay evening fre« at-i tractions f»s- the F.ilr. to bo held Sept. 1 Iftth to 13tfa. wt-j-e engaiged. It is be- lieved to be> one of the beat programs ever offerer! the patrons of the ,ga.ir. -incliulfng\ Wanted. sensnllopnl WANTKI) W.t-lilni' inquire 24 Spring St. local —-' - - 1'nit S\1*K Hatching eggsi from a •*f'.\eiiMl peri of SOD White Iyeghorn Mt-ii- $i;ni) per hundred F llazen & Aon. \lorlura . N'. Y. 4:3 I-'Ort SALf? -t>rning roorri iret tipfore ll»i lir-.f ef A|iril. luck of room reason for ---11 iio: Iii<i'iire» Mn Wm A t-i diis-ni lusmn MoMv 1' I'nlun S't niU.SM, v. linn an itntfnai act thlit _ . . : \well nit ennied will be ef Fxirllenlur ]«>v to the child- ren. The riniier of arr.inginc for a nl JTjL F ' a !L • n ' nt J5i' Tftft wTTfi\ Tffn exe \ outlv© commfttne. — --A-rF&ivgtMtt-wU—gwro-^madj^ .fur a-ies. vision ef tsie premium If 1 *!, -an-4 the WANTKP T<> IHII C'MMI 11 Ph'-m- M.iin'ln L\_' If-' AVAN'THU MUi lof ~s7rnr~aii\> •Rowr. R -n N V TT«iliins/in doiililo houao Hv«- f-ttrinrrc-»pcter* \u hur «••«•» wilh IS Iambs >f th^m wilh lamb; '. -TTrnrlcrftrrt.\ 3:13 i\ti Whii. liiiiuirt- Harry Asli- firm. \VANTI4H--Tr»ir i t,iii« ••(' ,tnv kind. Trni\ tinn-r itiiy-wbeT\ Wm H Wats. phunoDRFlT , ^.20 Secretafylilv's' _ receIveu r_ froni The atate\ ^olle^e at •Cornell, many suggestions and improvements, mnnv of -which - \V\NTKl ) Will do irmkinc and have alreid v been adopted by the live.- h * ,llMn K l , r l11 , kin , ,ls '\'l'\^' ^''^ar-l --..--^ - ^r^,- • - - , iiuvxu:r, 1Z UxfarASt. . ,. _3:2fl FaW 0TTI1P3 KfStH. - { -'.-._.-_... '. _ .— - Seventi rlnrairesHvfflr- be made fn {lie • WA-XTKIX An. oxpfrkucprl Klrl for list or Supprintendenls of Departments, c-n.T.il hmis... work In.julio Mra . , . ,' : , ,,, Henrv W Moore, folleire St Phone which will Ho announeed won. and will .,» ( . ^. ^^ \inimae rtexi weiT fitted, in tJoir. pnr-]\'\' ticular line: and Who -will be on hand ' - - Wft-rHt-rH—•! 'T nv-nTrH~rmryr'r'CTPanr' *»-pe »i\i ' .»nd (••niih. Inquire Fred r'sitld-n. enncr I.tke Road and Million I >olliir IliLhway. phoni' 12S-F-11. 3:2ft F0I4 SAI^K VIy \joverr room house. Hits ens?, tath. olectrinty and furnace. A\*^ I ant i»aviirir Brook port ~wffl gtir/rt-\ acofoa- easti. 123 Krle St. 3;13- Have Yon Se*n Those New Englisri Swagger Suits ? TTave yours made to measure and insure yourself the satis- faction of fit and fabric that vou like at a price that will Granulated Sugar 10 lbs for94c Hershey'*-GoGoa 2 hoxes for 25c Prunes 2 lbs for 25c Silver Nut Oleomargarine at 24c per lb Pastry Flour at 85c per sack Sunny Monday • oap _—_iO-ca-kes-f or 45e P&GSoap^ 10 cakes for 52c Bacon (Chunk) at 38c per lb Fresh Eggs at 27c perdoz. White Foam Bread Flour per sack, 90c Jell-0 at 9c per pkge 4 1 Jam 1 Regular 35c jar for 21c 1 Corn J Canned Corn 2 cans for 25c 1 Chocolate Drops ^j at 25c per lb Mixed Nuts. - - at 12c per lb 1 Cocoa • 3 lbs for 25c 1 Keen Cleanser 4 cans for 25c J Toilet Paper -= 7 rolls for 25c _ | Mince Meat — per pkg 10c • j Clothes Pins 7~dbz. For 2&c S. Macaroni 3 lbs for 25c ; Cala Hams at 12c per lb ~ lit,your pocicerbp&k. §28.$0 and up i.tmmM LESTERS ~zr~.*2^3^^aet4 veJ3t *1 M1|>v * ai& ' n \° { -«Mfcbt6»T miipTT\7HTTrrroii pertaining to eacb department. \Mr. MisOnirterj-oTd 1 in experience, but young tn his determination to gain more. WANTW) April 1st or sooner house in Brockport Family of four —no TnTjuTfe TTBT^ \uus\\oF flee. 2:2Stf FOR S.AI-E or TO LE5T—On shares, 60 acr-e farm 2 miles west of Brock- ^rtjjn..Reflman, Rood. WnuMcBaln. SOo. 8 XTitca. St., Brackport, I2T:6tf \ \ ' ~ \ > — ii i- i '— - \ ,r \\— : ' '• — 'f, FDB^-SAI.tFf^-rcither-my. Essex -sedan, «r Essex rorwlster. Both with A«l tires semi In: tiJFgTnilIng,conaitionrRoadEfter WAoW'HI)-H^pe^eaeii^5aror^b7 Jg ^ I^Kte^SarflffiCev . K h .M, y T r ^ S ( ^ nanl ,' D In 3 nl Sf ^ Z' I,,0K «A*-«-My home in CUiPtawn. Willard, West-Canal Road, Brockport, ^ abarfaill . ^.^ R Hixson; phone phone 82-F 12, 3: lo FcrSalei; 4S8-R of address Mrs, W. G. Thompson. SO Wellington Ave., Rocbesiter, N. Y. 12:13HT FOR RENT—Oara-ge, FOR SALdil-I-Vesh eggs. I... II. Mas sey. SI Maxon St root, phoh^ 3SGJ FOR SALrE—52 acre farm. 3--.acre» , «rf Jrv*I'ti.^ew)d..b'uMlngs~ Wt-«nid -raz^ ohanKe for village property. Inquire ff> Hollo? 8t.'* =f . i'l. -Grdv<es, East fjake Road-, Wal-\ ^—4ief T ^>J»—Yr—- -- —--' •' - - --3-riS— FOR SA-t >B or RENT—Hon<^e, bam witli.2% a^res, 20 apple trees, other fruit. -Tlhreo miles north- of Garlani HHI'K. BjAJjTiH-Neariy new work bar _ „__„,„„ ^„. ^ noss, iwralreE, J, &ershon, I»! ro ' I ©<'f- i anT'i ^nlsslaQ^hvni-'Waiter, .Jgians \•\* ^-1 TTanilin 16-Jfraf V.TS ^a4ir J OR ^VLE-r?ltchen ranse. with. po£l SAJUB-JL25 ess.. Cvp'ress in- -hoi-^atpr^ront-r^n^eod^on#ition ; —In- <?BtafcBr,TB3jDltaB [wiwur -waylfmyflp- quire J40 Monroe Ave, «hU-*«*t»**w->t©a-Ma,yteg; also gaso- FOR SAT/E— Brown willow baby car- Flnge in good condition. Inquire Frank Congdon. 1211 Baa.t Ave, phone MS-'M. **ni>flatirert, new. Sweden Tenter. Mrs. C. Winchester^ 2:28tf OR. SAI^p:—Baby Chicks. Reds and FOR SALE -Bay mare, 4 years, old, White Leghorns. Pure bred stock. weight 13O0; also' new milch Jersey Any quantity. A hatch of Reds ready cnw. 6 years old. Hamlin phone 125-R. Mar. 20. Starting feeds,brooder stoves ,Li2, -Ghasv Simmons, ^Walker. and cAKrtomK-hatfefelng^ ^Cbas. J^ Collerv Urnrkport phone 55-F-6. ^V Tbe Horae of Glean^Hlgfi-GIass Pltota^ays TO-D-AY—ONE-DAY ONL\Y FBm Classics' Special ~^ , BEFXJRETfffi^WffiTETIfSirCSME , ^~ New Coats jOpenlng Display of New Coats for Spring will be held Friday and Saturday:—eoatsrtrir\ women TOTT*| pjdcM $9£S m335JQ0 with jpu> aal varues aTfM:7F and f 18.T5\ \Ve will be pleased to show you* \•\f^atinee afTTUO \cTcloclc ~ \\•\\ JK^MOBRQW^jQ^K DAY ONLY ..^ — - \TrlETTSIR CHEXT* -r£gatrr]atr^Do*Qlhjr--MacfeuB^teii^^Bi'ees^r^firt'^flJ&S^ prjRBTEiST ASPIRIN TABLETS are made from true Aspirin and are manufactured under the highest atand- •rte of quality. They disintegrate rapidly aa«i act pronvptly. We recommend PTTRBTEST AS- PIR1N T/VBLETS for the relief of pain, headeches, colds, neuralgia palms, •tc. We suaraxutee them to give sat- isfaction, % Handy metal boxes for the pocket and <bl« economical bottles of 100 tab- lets for th.-e medicine cabinet 72to ^t&XaJUL Sfore TH0S.H. D0BS0N CO. RBOCU»ORT, N. Y. . FOR SALE—AH kinds of Green Veg- etables and dros-sed poultry. Will de- liver. Get your order In early as pos- sible. Phone 472-R. W. Murphy, Clarksom. • 320 FOR SALE—A .arge number of splendid homes, well located, prices from $1200 to $10,000, It is a good time to make a selection. Let me help yeu to find the one you desire. Inquire of J. B. Beadle, 79 Adams St., Brock- port, N. Y. l:24tf YE8, I.have no houses to rent ibnt If you want to buy a real Some in this TSeau- tiful village, or a profitable farm In Western Monroe, It will pay you to FOR- SALE—Desirable farm of 176 acrps. Stf acres apple orchard, 20 o<f peaches, 6 heavy woods, 30 slashing-, 113 plowed land. Price right if sold be- fore April 1st. Inquire W-4 this offlce. l:24tt * FOR SAIvE—-Six room house on Ly- man street, with about an acre of land, well frultex!, large aspargus tied, also** 1000 \berry bushes. \'Inquire Henry C Piatt, 79 Manhattan St^ Rochester, N\ Y. F»hone Stone 5655-J. - 3:13 FaR SAL.E—My Garage Business wlti lease at 30 Cllniton St. No otoc'k _ or tools, included. This Is a fine op- consult me7s!\w.%aalaiM afP<>rta ' nlty *? r 8< F Q ' e gw>d mech «pl c ltb9 roe Av6., BWctepoft. ' 9:18tf l haVle a SWcTbuslness. For\ fortheT , particulars, call Brockport Oarage. FOR SALE—Houses, all locations. Fred Belslneim, Prop. 8:13 Among them a € room house, eleotri- citv, furnace and water, $2600. Complete little house, 6 rooms, all Improvements, % 2400. 8 room house, very central, $2400. Four houses of 7 rooms, all Improve- ments and best locations, $4000. Many others ipriced from $1400 to 12000. Also farms. Fred Davis, 35 Spring Street, Brockport. I FOR SALE—Baby Ohicks, S. G White Leghorns, R. I> Reds, Barred Rockss, An-conians and Black Monorl- oaa. Ookmy Brooders, Incubator capa- city 62,000 eggs in lots of 140 the da.y - before setting. Now i» the time to set ithe eggs while they are the cheap- est, Fran* F. Hall, Le Roy. PhoU'e » 280-F*-ll, * ' l-yiell^ A'cofneay drama that will make the bluest, happy, the dullest gayj the ftmst inc3ift£rent interested, the blase excited L ft^ Hg' PTrteTteTTrrrreTtt for the youn-£r,\fhe grdwrt u-\ps tHelgel Edna Murphy in the last of the series \Her Dangerous Path\ SATURDAY and MONDAY RICHARD TAtMADGE in \LEFS GO\ From one daring stunt to another—this thrilling picture 'weaves its^yay-thretrgir-a: thread of 4e4i^htH±{—romance, with a laugh for every title! Tliemanwho does not know fear sup- ported by an exceptional cast of artists including: Eileen Percy, Tully Marshall and George Nichols. CHARLES MURRAY in \FEARLESS FLANNIGAN\ TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY Paramount Special Feature' \HIS CHILDREN'S CHILDREN\ with Bene Daniels, Dorothy MackaQ, James Rennie, Geo. Faw- .cett, Hale Hamilton, Maury Eaton, Warner Oland, Mahlon Ham- ilton, Sally Crute, Roger Lytton, and others. \Our greatest treasurers, are the country's future dtuens,\ Thepj dore Roosevelt. — — •^r^-^;, Here is a story of real life, of children of a family, like many others, with too much money and no ideals, in an age when -three or four grim horsemen are galloping over the world —\just silly kids trying to have a good time—stumbling childr ren fn heed of guidance.*' AL. ST. JOHN in \SLOW AND SURE\ Coming—\LAWFUL LARCENY\ \THE ELEVENTH HOUR*' \THE CALL OF THE CAN¥ON»* Weare showing^therliew Wocrf ChecKs and Flannels that are sa popular no w. Uoihe in and see Aesev —_ New Dresses, Skirts, Sweaters and Blouses are Here Spring Curtainings We have a complete line. Priced 12c to 59c yd. Wash Goods New Voiles, Tissues, Crepes* Ginghams in the latest weaves at reasonable prices. Let us show you v : .— , —% ' BROCKPORT LESTERS BROCKPORT \..:.± \^Z~f~: j' \l£2j(^ •£?£ «,ZjMiM

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