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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, February 28, 1924, Image 4

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THER1PU1I.W, CKPORT REPUBLIC ***N=^ - Established i n 18B6 itered at tB© Poetofflce at Brocfcport, If, Y„ as seoomd-olass matter .SubecrJption Price $2.00 A Year P. A, BLOSSOM, Editor E. M. BLOSSOM, ADV. MGR. BROCKPORT BUSINESS BOOMING New Rertaurantt ancf OTHeFCISinflei sasfia Wanted, The Liberty Restaur^ ojjg^,^ loois Wlie iUbHc S>af^W, in a in Brdokjport* family of \four—wr brtgtot, attractive, newly equipped dto- small children. Inquire BB-2 this of- 4ng Wm da tfce4KHterd block ao-Mate , ^ street, where Thayer Brothers former- \ WANTED—To buy odl ktada of ly dM business. The interior of the cMokens. - :ro&-9AU^Houaahold; ^good's and one FdMsstfanTTiifluMTtt^ 2-28tf Kell y' *0 South Are. recorded to Lockport anfl-tw© deat&B from that disease serajreported on the WST^M deaths weTfrot-«aa*r«tt\8 ajHULj^ars <*Lgf*. la Bergen. / _ „.„ w , _ F° a SALE—iBroekport and vicinity, Market\ «riceS.\ Witt call »\»»» <* f,* 00 \*? •\&£!!?* ^\\^iwo* eone , ,. „ ,^ , ^ ^ „ fortmem. Phone 472^R Wm . Murpfcy, f^> ^ }<H*«^ H^ pTaee-fcas-beea^ompletely-^Eansd^^ -_ . _ ; g.^g 7 rooms, all JmproTement« > double gag- -a®d-4he-*«*i*e and brown decorations —U '—. ja®e, 13^500, Tery central.~Boua« df\7 and maroon fixtures-, emphasize the ' WANTED-Lady to cook and girl to! rooms, very eentaal. *160O. Jtouse otf Twenty-elx casea of ecarlet fever are J. Spencer Wilcox, aged 82 years* died anddenlySunday night at his home maroon Afternoon, Feb. 2$ ^J^tWiessof -every-feature.thatcan ^ vight . ^^eg, be associated with cleanliness. Messrs. ^g. office. J TWinampaBTifi; T^Mia^tKenprioprletorB, EDITORIALS OUB GIFT P^fe mamy, many times we wish. ^'^h^naDiyYHmany-^in^s-ftf---' - -Hffcen, k -we'd only stop and thtoikr- * We*re~Tfaber far than king©. ^JUBtoueh we nave no golden crowns Toyial TTteanondB \bTight OUT Kf t, \'flllll we have the gift that's known \We toare 'the right to thfek ^ (Baoughts **\ Ite laugh and play our fill; - Bering and dance,and learn and lo\ve— •happy if we will. \Ctoont mot the sorrows you. must bear— ^ Utor MB is but a toy; eak it 1 _ae we please^— Uike a wilful boy. Mary F. Paddock 18 years old THE GREATEST JOKE YET \\^Tte \greale'st Joke oFthe year was ^JOoYaroor Smith's .prohibition enforce- say® the wait on table. Steady employment for Phone-or— tequire- ^, ^ a ^., ^. ^ „ WA>fTBa>—Quiet, \convfortable room have neglected nothing that can, add in 5^^^ where ^ ere are no children, to the comfort or satisfaction of their patrons, and It fa their purpose to s«up- •Pr&ferabty near the Normal. Enquire -B&T-thte office 7 rooms, good lot, very central; $2500. Two apectate-for quick: aale»-a-ta- and 8 room house, garages, all improve- ments, $4500. * , Also «ann». Pred Davis, 85 Sprln« St.. Brockport Deceased is eurriTed by two daugfitere -alid HfiJio grandchildren. Funeral services were hehT yesterday afternoon With tBier- ment in Mount Rest cemetery. -&—- _• POR-3SAILB—117 aere Caanm, 30-acree- fc . ...- . M . ^uu*. ™J*IV .*K„ t^t «m ' —— —— , ,.- . , lailaSHK 2& araeacloTfir, cuit from 9Q to ply the local public with, the tort oh- } ^ANTBD-To trade A^house^nd^joO-toins^^^acresr .haidwood- ^teaber tainalp\i5T5e^way7of food and aervice. double lot for ssn&M stee-mediam p'rioe; w*iBh 26-acre«rpasltuiPe Jodnfa^gwood lot. Spover AMcCrath are making plans farm. Address Cha®. Payne, 21 M^ tetonce «ood tittabl© laad. New wind- to open anaMTHon to their resfauraiff -lar*-St.,- Brockport,-N-.-Y. next week, in the nature, of a dfolng nadU amd lamge-waterinig trough. Bufld= -^-^^ ^ . - WANTED-^To rent hottBe with threg *% t^^%^^^L Sg roon^^hlch-^^be Touted TO-^^'Bi^SejwWg^^ \\\ ^KJd^wU'S^ -A^-W aore^rm, 7 acres .near 1 menta. floor above the present lunch room. W. F. Wilson has purchased, the Shoe Repair business whieb>Jiai» been CalL phone 117-M. condueted-by Ixxrtn T. Hinton on Main ] street, awd is makinig preparatdonis to • take the IJM Pjoseible care of patrons in h4» line 'of business. I J. O'Bri-en has opened a tailor and -Fepatr- «hop- ai 17 tMa.-tn afreet, where he is equipped to give the public of ground. Beat of ireferenoe given good apple orchard, 20 acres muck, 40 For Sale. FOR SALE—Dry «Wb dell-ver, Phone 836-F-S wood. lent service. excel-, WANTED— '• ffarna work. ASSESSORS ATTEND STATE TAX CONEERENCE-AiEAl-BAriY. - Tn«rass*9S0\f§ orthe State were catt- ed to Albany last week to attend the tnx conference which is. held a^d -•tent conference.J' rightly -lEtoc&e«t«iMHmes- : Union. . - -- :• •'Having signed a repeal of the Mul- p»T5ua-Gage enfofcenient bill the Gpvernoi m:. -mow tries to call to account all the jurobordinate officers of the state and !w \«he national enforcement officers for [for the benefit and\ instruction 6T a»- »_rjj|cflty in enforcing the law. He pBo»...sQsjsors fb-nrunhout the State. Confer- '\'t^rifciims loudly his respect for the Con-' oneo sessions wpfa -held Wednesday •-titutiou atid his desire to enforce the ' nnd Thursday. Assessors were given \Jtew» y©t be himself siffn'ed the repeal infarmatkHi aad instruction^mgardJiig.. '-^ot the state iiw which'made enforce- \' property vflh1cs7.and~taxia.H0n problem© . gr'Wient more difficult and less likely. [were gone over from every angle. A !!AaL_a-mgull.jaf the repeal of tht j jioint strcsaed • of particular interest to^ l-24tf acres sood work land, balance .good x,am pasture laad w*fc plenty of water and some timber, pas two fate- houses and two small barns. Located % mile froni Olarendion village and a mile from two cajnatagHJaetorlea.- Property must-be eold t o settle estate. Terms, one^half Will easfli, balance on easy terms, temnone fr7-'24 & Nooai'. HoUey, N. Y. Pbones 123-W amd-l3*ltt: 3'g TO JIE5NT—FurniaTied rooms. A#> pTyTT ClffiJonHBt Mrs. WT-ATPecS- FOR RE5NT—Dead^itorage for three cars and convenient room for one COB* WanUjr inrssK Iquire JrB. Beadle. 7T AdaniASt, phone 362-R. l:31tf f==g-1>edtwo-ni8r-*irotohed- complete with electricity, desks, etc; wanntto guaranteed, $5 per week. In- quire Ql College St. Mrs. Philip Ham- mer. _ - . 8:6 TO LET—Farm on share*. Fellowe farm three miles from Scoittsville^ two hundred fifty-seres vilued at over $100 an acre. S3x feorses and 'all modern tools furMshed. See Mr. Lull, Security Trust Company, 103 Main St- E., Roch- ester, JN. Y- - 3:13 XI. S, Royals Horseshoes Special Discount on Chains, Heatexs, Hood Corers N. Mtln St. E. A. COA.PMAN 235-W Below Canal Brid* -1 FOR SALE—Five room house with garage. Inquire N-2 this office. FOR HALE—\Wood beacfi or maple, any quantity. Telephone 60-F-2, G, H, Comstock. l:3tfj M FOR SALE—-New jnilch cows, In- quire John' Foye, Monroe Co, Canning Co., Clinton St., groekport. 2:28 FOR SALK—Dressed, chickens 35c II). Gft vour order in early. Phone 47J-U. W'm. Murphy, Clarkson. 2:2S I-H3R SALE—Quantity nice oats 50 rents a bushel; al<*o clover hay. to\ quire of Wm. Westcott, VVatker, 2:28tf fe'\' |ullan-Gage have law violations In this increased Tmany Limes. IBreryone knows that . Governor Smith TUiows It. The state courts are now Josedto cases of violations of the law. prf; \Governor Smith can't passthe buck **\ -va the prohibition question.. Having, JWgj BSgning the AJullan-Gage law re- Tpeal, \smashed the machinery in thrfc «tate for enforcing the law he now •*ries to put the blame on the county «nd city authorities and the federal [^officers. \\Governor Smith has discovered that atimeniUls-swirifing nvprwhelmlTigly rural sections, was that concerning the , P^OR SALE—Two nouseB on i*ark -^cation of farm-la^; R^resenta,^^ lives were urged to weigh carefully n, Benedict. 8:23tf present conditions, basing their valua- tions upon -eohaervit-ive estimates, rather than iipon the inflated and un- reliable f011 mkations- which frequently pass muster for actual conditions. 1 • FOR SALE- grape vines, 0nn and- two-year-old riagafa aM Concord. nbrnlnlck Toaanone.' Holley, N. Y. Phone 123-W. FOR SALB—House on Clinton St. All improveme-nts, extra large lot, gar- ai-e. Quick sale. Inquire Iannone & Noon, Holley. N. Y. 3:6 v The Town of Sweden was represent- ' f>d by Pred Clark, Fred Shafer and E- , T Mershon; Carl Nellis and Bert Smith t represented PlarlrsonC and Milo J. pr>ri SALE—Fhiit farm, WeTT TOcUted [Adams and John \STm^an represpnted' .uirt several small ones? from 5 to 30 Osrrfpn ~ acrnsT~Iaiittone & Noon. Holley. N. Y. Pli^iiias_iaa4V-.^nd-iai-54 i ._ - «3ift [GES on Men's Tailored tm Measure Suits --wrthr^ir^tra^atxof-^rottsers----- $25.00, 27.50, 30.00, 35.00 and up J. H. GOFFE & SON 101 Main St,, fcockpoF* •r -EILLSBURY J'iOUR^ 24| lbs. 97c PURE LARD 13ic per lb. Oneida County Creameries Co. ^_BKQf!KFje>RT, N. y. ^\^IBWaTdS-lre&pect for the law and he |ow—%-tFytnp to get on the -band gom. But It i s too lateT l?ew Yurk state arc not going to ' BOY SCOUTS-STOP frtM'fAWAY . Qn Monday two of the local Boy The peoplp. Smuts' proved worthy ot tne orgive iilm for the great harm ho did in'eWttcT-' (Ion they had received and showed that jhuy could meet an emerKency. These FOR £»A-L15—My -seven room house. Has gas, bath, electricity and furnace. Aa'.T nifi. leaving Brockport, wnTsacfl- ilrp for cash 123 Erie St. 3:13 ,;C : \4feserters from the 'Wiade H ea«v fnr i.-»w FOR SALE or TO LET—On shares, ... , . , „ „ . 10 acre farm 2 milej -west of Brock- iil_h.v_.-i_rjv'mL-L-vcx-hi.v_-Ki.Lt:iJL- t 1 .T.riv_Jm!:uAJiiTurrav ana t Qn ft t _j iii-nii ft , Rnpublican\ pafiyT^PraTi'kllrr'TlordwelT \wFo \wTTE TiefoTc >fo. 8 UticT'stT, Brjckport. \ 12: tcceed- -the stale - vtolalOr? hV fft: . tew.\ ,'UHIiiy run) uulrk , • i i i „ I«KI wiiT,^ uatvn F\ 011 SALE—Eithrr my Essex sedan c± m_atffl»P«»S arte* mlgW Have bees <)p Kf ^ x roai9X „ w R(> th with A^l tirea a serioitB ninrt^fray anrl in line running condition. Roadster The M'-rrhant<» delivery pl^iirh was newlj pilnt«d. Inquire at this office. HNTEREST IN ESSAY CONTEST tpei—f^ontest^ f^twdWR -on- Ma*kc4*^si&ijeL-whan Che Tnter E7^|K\be'comIhg keener amnng fhosr* eliKi- kle to compete, and there t<t eonsid-er- ble* atrife manifest.In (he ^tnvf happened\ fo <y*m«*\ JfRSHfifT FOR SA-brr newspapers 5«f the various towns in Wes-torn New T\ork as to which toWn shTll carry off T^§6ie final honora The subject of the^ f«0ill1)egt appeals to the school students,, \^ecauie it is one with which they aix scramble on board with Franklin right j£&fiP familiar, and upon which the ma-' behind him. They were considerably horsp was suddenly to run clown Alnrkrt street. • Reverai ulder men stood by without doiUg any- ihinn, but not HO with the boys. They linth made a dash for the sleigh, and Angus Murray wa« the first one to _ My-hmnF 1n •Clirrkgrrn,' TSaT'iiTli lmr«Hln7\\ Fred R7\Hix«.'on' phone ' »t«rted i\ni\ bugan ISS-lt ur addresw Mrs, W. (i. Thompson, WeUlnstou Ave . Rochester. N. Y. 12:13tf in FOR SALE—125 ecs. Typress in- fiitwtor, gasoline power washing ma- chine, similar to Mnytstg; also, gaso- line flatiron. new. Mrs. C. Winchester, Sweden Centftr. 2:28tf ,ty of them have formed most posi-j shaken 'up but as \soon\ a s they got FOR SALE—:Three horses and two rows. Pair bays 6 and 15 weight 2800; SB JJWtaiQiV3\, It presents a broad, their bearing Angus jumped to the sorrel Geldins_wjdght 1600; 2 new of-^posifbiWres,^ iijfd -the\geheTaT J£ 3WVer«\S«fit ^Rr.greebbsd-thB-retns, Zx mifrih fi-imrsp-y and Ayrshire. JB*. J- ibUeis4>QUHd feo-reeelveagood many was pretty heavy drlvins for the^wo.^ a _ m ?°'_E honje 27 ; R - 14 - Hamlil1 ^ 3:6 •T^en-^aaJ-seleaMen^ape^sttb-- -s»»rW)9ys^bBt-tlla \s&ir psQR SALE—75 acre farnr, *ease-W In _ controlling the toree after he ha^ first class coirdltton, barn mQ \g \SuXTO* been turned In4o TJean T3ulIer T s coal -horsw/banb^ land-all MHable. Ifted. \The scope of the Country Weekly ts jSrtder and deeper than the majority of rUeople realize. That Is becauss It ithut interest them. •Consejqttent- lt becomes an influence in its A real , ,. . .... „„„*T„ bargain. Must be sold by April 1st. yard and they brought him up gently , airm>ne & N(xxn > HoIlBV< -^^3 123. against a. big snow drift. iw and 134-M 34ft- St. Monachan's Memorial is a Christian piijar stonb of the fifth cen tury erected near Dingle. Ireland. Tftis diminutive monttnttSrtt, ir* i«ejuter ^rv-shaper wjarked-by a plain-cross inci*ed-«por» Urn- upper half, has furnished the precedent for several slmpl* stones to be found In the cemeteries of this country. There It much dignity to be found in a simple stone well designed and properly erected. Our experience will be of great help to yon if you call upon us, and you will fincT Harmon Monumental Works - - . - _. J .. „ ,,- .... , . _, ,_-,*«„*; » ^^% *^^ w„^BMjE^-f)esTrabTe farm\! i» Intimate oonnection. with, .the [ they drove back up Market street atta acres. Six acres apple orchard, 2o~ot\ — returned~~tbe aletgbT^loThe driver\ 15^\\peaches, 6 heavy wooHiT'Ktf' slashing,]^ neither boy seemed to feel that he had 113 plowed 1 laad. Price nghrif sold be^\~ Everything in the \BETTER FOOD LINE\ Served from 6:00 A. M. to UOJ A. M. SANITARY • ••* *ffc*r* Upio-Daie Equipmenl Vie are located in the buildlogforffleriybccopledr by Thayer Bros., Maim St. Williamson & Tliomas -dzeJELezs tssSjsrtlsJtssz « ; ilJhe-iSTportance- of which it-fe-tone anythhig gpectally nrerrtoTious., fu ^ fore ^^ ^ L ' l*mire ^4 this 0^=^ fact the only thing-that-bothered them Sctilt t o estimate. Iroc^Brt being gigpo-js very Tniic^aTIy^3^ ' as. or possibly a better opportunity. taSteUtJOiany; of the towns, in Western rYork Lo carry off the Ucimjrt: --^0-R-^A^j&—^'y=-=-€kH=age- - rwWHease ait-3u <GHnton 9t. -Business ag- ^Hwell «w the grand prl2e. fhenT^teEd-lprt aMeintlieagT B ntuVe, . ' liSf^lf^^ ^H^^m. - - S SeC ° e P teod ^ °* th f portunity for some good mechanic jut Z- the »cout career of Bordwett, i have a good busdne*a. For further - \™\ can firaefcport Ckirage. • lrind in whc^a-sflflrMlme-aso-saved-eneof hie parliculiaiia companions from drowning In l^e7 I ' VglL - BBl5helm ^^ >ro I'- canal. 3rlfr THE USES OF AFFLICTION I know a wilding apple tree which OT drops its fruits until the winds autumn days are blowing throusch loots. Its- pomes are spall and -jSiour and mean; fhey\have no earthly m FOR SALE—A »arge numhef Of • —•— splendid homes, well located, prices VICINITY NOTES jfrom $1200 to $10,000. It is a good Past commnnd^r-in-chief of the time , t0 R m ^« a selection. Let me hels ..,'„.,,-, ' , »ou to find the one you desire. Inquire Grand Army of the Republic, General of j B Besu j le) 79 Adams Bt, Brock- c E. Adams, dropped dead at his home port, N. Y. * l:24tf in Lns Angeles, California, Saturday. ! ' YES, &pmjH until a ^fiiireetened dozen frosty nlsrhts have, Hn ^ nr 'l M. White of Parma passed j ^^ B0 noH8e8 t o rent but If you up their juice But after awav suddenly last Monday nicht fol- want to buy a real home In this beas- I love their taste, and as I go and e I pause beneath the apple tree feed them to my turn. The par- te my garden plot, they have no Inwine; an illness of only a few days. Deceased is survived by his wife, one daughter, also his mother and a sistei. • The remains were taken to Springfield, Mass. for burial. tiful village, or a profitable farm in Western Monroe, fy will pay you to consult me. S. W. Wadhams, 32 Mon- roe Ave., Brockport. »:lStf ADVERTISE IN THE REPUBLIC ,,.... ,. „ _„„ „„ . , ! FOR SALE—75,000 pure bred baby WUara. at all, if Hannah cleans and Mas ' 5 - r<)r DUTliU - lonlcks from heavy laying stock. White llfcrapeB the same and serves them In At a TOe« t5 ^K of Monroe county res.- L^shorns and Reds. Leghorn cock- llSa. jjij But when the^bitter winter d^s a ^ Convention Hall, Rochester, erels, brooder stoves, starting feeds, n%-««.«rfin throueh the core and Saturday the Monroe branch of the ***** T ? u E pl ,? B and custom hatchini, fflleas crept in tnrougn xne core ana „„„^^ 4 «<^„w„ ™-„« CThna. F. OoUer, Rdge Road. Phone ft cooka them in the spring, I s * a, « Rural Improvement Society was 55 _ F . 5 • B 3:6 organized, and the following officers were elected: President, E. W. Brig-j ham; vice-presidents, G. L. Quick and R. King Brown; secretary, T. R. Mar- tin ; treasurer, Fred L. Hussey of Iron- dequoit. A huge elm tree standing on the farm of Georee Knapp, near ParseTTa •Corners in 'Chautauqua county Is said by the state eollege of forestry to be the la-rgest tree in New York state. I Thirty inches from the ground the tree I measures 34 feet, 7 inches around and it is estimated that it is at least 100 feet in height. It has no branches (for ancii \Just t o save It\ ' \*ty feet fre>m the ground. M* • « mm*** Ctree times for more.^ The sons of Mpfni Thro .roots and fruits, prefer the Rpannuet's favor, and yet they need; a ,J ~*4rf*»r touch to bring them to their \**' \•p.-twr. Fate is not, blind, she knows ?,'<<«fe need of sorrows piercing through ^•••Ifr-fhe more \ we kIck a S alm8lt t,,ie i >ai ' 11 ' !$-*» more she soaks it to us>. Lord, ^'H|@fepiirwlM to see the power that lies l^aWmTction to sweeten up our point It^^rW. our actions and our diction.— cjL'^jv' • s liberal ipervlng at table may lead evils—waste of food amd eating The Lamb of God Which Taketh Away the Sin of the World The Home of Clean, Bi&h Class Photoplays Mmineeeverp Satiif-dap John 1,29 Have you tried a Meal, Lunch, or attended a Banquet at a*- ParrB's fiesiauianl. Mid-week Lenten Services Wednesdays at 7:30P.M. Sunday Services at 10:30 A. M. Concordia Lutheran Church TO-BAY and fJSDAY A ThrMng r Slory\:—=L=--^—- •—••-aert Harte's-classic of the roaring lays of--49—Actually. filmed In its origlaal setting, among th# |f&at redwoods of Cali- fornia. A Brilliant Cast Jacqueline Logan, George Fawcett, Maurice Flynn, Charley Ogle and Raymond Nye. EDNA MURPHY in \Her Dangerous Path\ SATURDAY and MONDAvY \WILLIAM RUSSELL in \Alhs The Night Wind\ The story of how an honest man feels like a crook in one place -where honesty is not the best policy. CHARLES MURRAY H \PATS PATENTS\ Fourth episode of \RUTH OF JTHE RANGE\ TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY Paramount buper Special Rex Beach's latest story with TOM MOORE, RAYMOND HAT- TEN and EDITH ROBERTS \BIG BROTHER\ \Promise me'you'll bring, him up decent\ were the dying gangster's last words, and Jimmy Donovan, boss of New^ York's underworld, fought his greatest fight, to be a real \Big Brother\ to a homeless kid. See this film arid know how good a picture really can be Larry Semon in '«UGJffNlNC^,QVE» Comin* Soon-Tom Mix in \NORTH OF HUDSON BAY\ •THE TEMPLE OF VENUS\ and \HIS CHILDREN'S CHILD- REN! r£ t ^'Ha r* m 4 l 1

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