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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, January 17, 1924, Image 1

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^£j££^fi>. BHWB.*V- • - e 4._.-~ 10\ SljMps*\ - * •* - * -Fi.i..i—. *(-, - • L_ti»_-. 1 ___ ^i^wy^.v-?. •6 . «z >^%w?W% \W^\?\^ gpa^ynPyfW^w^ g ^??y'/ 1 ; ^T;- *'?' , •rly^ffflffi-P?^ ^^K^j^^?^?^'^^ VOL LXVIII BROCKPORT, NEW YORK, THURSDAY, JANUARY 17, 1924 NOyl* IN ELECTED FAIR SECRETARY HISTORY I BROCKPORT Items ot-tnterest Mentioned-in Tjhej Republic Fifty Years- Ago To-day _____ i ,.- * . r fiiHd-frr^iaTfcson,-WaTren-eotn-muns-, JJOURNED ANNUAL MEET- ^^ 8fl y . e ars; in Brockport, Dudley \fNG COMPLETES ROSTER—t Root ' a S° d 85 years; John McCarthy, |a\ged 54 years; Mrs. AT Fosterr aged oTT THE BOY SCOUT MEN WHOMYOU OtGSNirAtiONSf -PROBLEMS OUGHT TO KNOW OBITUARY CHALMERS—-— EASTERN STAR AND CADY SCOUTMASTER OTTE STATES HAROLD G. DO^SON, NEW ^F OFFICERS— 1 yeaFsT FlorettCtTMillard, aged 5 yeara POST AUXILIARY INSTALL NEW OFFICERS THE REAL SITUATION IN BROCKPORT Friends in'this village Of Mrs.''Anna Chalmers of I-CH Angeles, • Calif, re- r-rivcl word hat wof\k of he r death . which -occurred at the La Vina H&spitaX SECRETARY OF MONROE CO- ; n that citv on December 28 th. Mrs. AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY Chalmers will be remembered by many here as Miss Anna Root, a native^of HONOR Mil IN HIGS SCITOGSNNGlfflCHJ AGONIANS GIVE A SUPPER-TO THEIR SENIORS THIS AFTERNOON _ Sphi of Fin™c»I Lo^e, U* J3?££^rZ^HZ^ P<**» *-<\* Our PI.«l_ J 'p,__h ____dO_ B ___ t ^^^^t^^^^^'^ZV. \.S-lft \\^ •?*•..-» \°» Bei^ Year, Officials Have Cheerful View of Future E. Harrison. Fraternal and Social Organizations Are Stringent. Suggests Super | Married in Hamlin, George E. Town-* | o . O. F. ! vision by-Anjerican Legion « „,«.«• send and Miss Emeline Turgon, both' wtlato de ^ ree ^11 be conferred Editor _, tto Brockport RepubKc- - An mourned meeting of the Monroe of Hawlin . ta Kendall, E. J . Clark of hf , Monroe Lodig6 , t odd Fellows -^ • ™ ^J* NewTork < ~ IjOomity Agricultural Society held last Hamlin ._-_ mss M ary A- Chase of fe Frlday> J&± mh - * • r «adinK your edi Particularly applicable in this case, at /The death of Floyd Simmon*, aged Thursday afternoon, completed the Kendall;'at North Bergen, Aaaw-\^ degfee 9taff _ a3 acoepted an ' torial of ^ im __/ er t he cap- *™ rate - to »»• <> f the \ me « whom\33 years, occurred Friday odneBB of the annual meeting, by Sanderson and Miss Addle Wilder. : Jnyltat!on t0 vislt pa,-^ Lodge, *«,..___ .^ould Wake TTo,\ 1 feel that *» \\M* 4 to know \ Harold G - ^^ **** \ ll,neRS of seVOTaI w « eks <*and 49 hve x>erte*t~M~teW™™tnli^Z electing the following officers for the Nelgon Smlt0 bu „ ds a new home Mft and ^ onducfc a das9 of candldatea J£_ ^11^*^^^ «m ta the son of Mr. an* Mrs. T. H. heart dfsease. if r. Simmons is survived £_ VZ£$&3?^Z?& sonic Affairs^Hid Energetic in . , . . . . . ( e l survived by her husband j Business Circles j relatives in this 'vicinity. I V'Like father, like sou,\ is an* ola' |saw which, while not always true, in / SUMMONS and other Served. AH the Work Done by Students in D. S. Course Monthly report cards were given to* members of the high school depart- ment last Friday; 113 had perfect at- • -see^-Set- the month of December ensuing year: President, Frank Butch- j^ g^uth of the village WT,\ Hilton: vfce-preaident, L. W. BBgnB, of \SpencerpoW an« \Br Harry; 08, G-reene, of Brockport; secretary, H . your kindly-escpre&aion towards me per- Into the.mysteries of the degree, of 8tmaHy ^ a th & B^ gco^t Work In D _ obs&n and was born in Brockport in by his wife. Mr*. Eva _McDonald Sim- honor rol , of %cnolarril , p for 33^^. —Twentyvpive Years-Ago Fred Lesso falls and breaks both Dobson; treasurer, F. Br-Hichards. leers while trying to catch some doves ors,. Frank_G&eene, JEL E_J&ac= in a.harn. rlson, B. J. Mersnoa, John White, Burt Married at Kendall, Amhrose Clark PROTECTIVES-HAVE RADIO SET INSTALLED generAtd __ ._ t lS8« about ten years afterjlgjathei mons^three children. Virginia, Donald ^ y ,, h fltBndlng , a^ndlcated^-O^ came to Brockport and estahlished and Harry: his father and m-other, Mr. I hdJd no-card for success .with the ^'^ lu «'»^^i~\- «\« D0 .<x UliauD u inmnnu-, u .» 1-,...«. o.m u«j.iu«r, «•-. son Beiin i a i li 93; Margaret Harmon 1ocaJ iroop although I have tried to him ' sel ? ln the drug and bQok buslnesa and Mrs. Burton Simmons-; two broth- &276; Com Was j ll>ur j li 92L33; B&TBic6 glv^ as nmcli time and Energy to th^J^^MifiL_Dobson has always been ers, Lester and Arthur and-one sister, Rheetz 92U . M . arffaret Declcer> 92 .2; Almeda Redman, 92.2; • Doris Carney, List •week Wednesday evening at a hQ j e &g j tfould gp^ T Q fj^n my ot ii er particularly active in all things mak- Nettie. Simmons —-. — uioeting of the Protectives the mem- ,,.^1-- ... _. . _ . .. 1 _ wte. Prank Newman, A.JV. Fowler, of Morton and Miss Lillian Barber of bers of ffie ^^^^ elected tne fo j. «JJJJJ Middleport, syld^hreleton, Hosw^ell-Steele, €ie&. -Kendall. |=BeadIe, Charles Kenyon, Gifford Mor- Died in ~^m and B. W. Brlgham. meetin g of the Protectives th e mem- ^^ And thro ^ h all this I have for ih * beneflt of Brockport and thet Funeral services were held Monday „. Mndred Hllli 91 . ^.^j Johnwn ftttenfelt that there has been derived 8 V? >3 * ct * t^^sketch is following_nt the home of hi 9 father, Rev. Mr. 91; <ieorm , M gm , th) 90g; ^^ JB, K- Hller, Emery cteaQ _ mimtfHe88 __ a . Bd _jw^-Beme-otr Cook, Charles Kenyon and A. V. Gould, welf jcnown In this village, aged nvraeMullen. Fowler; General superintendent, MOT- 28 years; in .Hamlin, Mrs. Wmiam ¥E'I Read. ' ^Nfchols. An interesting discussion of the ait- fairs of the soeiety was had. An op- timistic view of the future was taken, '*\ cu ,u \<\i->i\-s i...v-«., ™.» ™nm week This is a three tube \*\\\\\ *\ *°**»\\«\\t' *» •—— ™ ^», ~~!-spiteof the fact that the Society is Barlow, for many years a resident of H.™ .? Y?! _.____.*-_-T™._ unnrogressive; the leader or the Or- < 'them >who have prraduated to bigger. Following the business session the ^^ fa ^^ sp j end ia „ college re-^~ remainder of the meeting was spent to^ . , I Fifteen Year, Ago (\listenine: in\ on the new radio sm, Rut flny Oreall1zat!on wltnollt a f Died in Lansing, Mich., Mr*. Edwin ^'^ the Oompanv had installed the cfranre fa Ieaderallip ^ Mlind t o ^1 body was Interred In the Oartanaceme- R<wel , ( 89 7B; Ruth Gl6i 4 au ^ 89 . 4 . Mrs W D . t l'»'l» | f\'\TM«' *» * he \\^ ^ : ^r\iaa\Wto«.mnd l ,ttiiatBiorfchii. ! i » TOn81 ' m WB footBte I>s in tnat Archibald of Hamlin officiating The stu , u ^ 6 : B 0 roth7mite\ Moore, formerly of Brockport; aged 66 ^^ Z7Z^ ZZt ^^^ *»* ^ cMm \ m *' U ™ '^^ ^~ \\\ '\\\'^ \* \\*'\\ \\' Executive Committee, Frank Butch-years; in this village. Mrs. R Whitney J^S <2S Sfuni S- ^^^fSr^r^SS^; Harold G. Dobson. F. B. Richards, e«ed 65 years; Mrs. Emily -Gook,.:ased ciareff&e BovgrTrusteeg Irving- ^ ^ *e?l K *ytA uf_ them,; O. Read. Frank Hebbard. Wm. 65 years: in Rochester 'Mrs. Francis p,,^^ . Tl „,„ OT1 - - '»_-_ the,r ©atternesa, their devotion, their 9Q.5; tery 83 years; in Sweden, Br,a «* wh,cfe wa9 P™*«** ^ eanIzatIon Ig ^npi-j^ m ^ stale.. temporarily short of funds. A meeting Sweden, aged ..,, v ._.„,.„ -•----' „_ r t lT ™^« 1 ^„ hir - < n wrr ™^ Hll ^^ -^ ---r—-^^ ^ &i - .^.>c t ^rXexecutive *oard* wUMsM4. Gaorge Hanneman. aged U y^rs. ^ d ^^inGTwS TSSnavS Tr °° P 2 n6 ^ S \ 6W h,00d ' \^ ln8n ' ra -. D. A. Adims purchases the south ™ 9 set « equippea witn a Magna vox t(on And yet entirely a^ide from thi fll ' loud sneaker attachment andj»is locat- (he near;,future, at whidh t time the \fattlre policies will be shaped. NROCKPORT FA^R —SBeREfAR^S^YS half of the Peck Block. Married In Brockport. Albert Wal- dock and Mlas Ada L. Piatt: in Ham- lin. Frank Lotzow and Miss Tnez Krtss. . . „ after three vers of uninterrupted sor- ed in the truck room of the Protectives „< T ,„„, f ^„ „ anit „, „«„,•„„ : _ vice. I refit the pepd of erivinc m>, attention to other matters which, pre«i>. ine me for some t'me. have not had Irma Johnson, 88.8; Edith Nye, 88.4; j Marie Greene, 88; Sibyl Cleveland^ ,. . T „ „ s78 : Onnoiep Hamll. 87.5;'Chaa Hill. osepih, A l.npe, agpd 7JLyears, Trass- 87^r-Ennria'!vritcllgrr: LAPE awav MOH4»V morninc; at the home 87.4; josepmne- «_»^, * ^. -,r „. T ^ „ Schildt, 87,4; Margaret Seaman, 8ZA;- %fhis dauehfer. Mrs. Charles Donnelly „^, v«m„ OT. m.'j J ,» r, ,T ;.. .. . _ . . . _ ... \^d Nmlis, 87; Mildred McCormick. CADY W. lot on Favette street t o Ida J. Rayburn. t Havinl been elected Socretnry of the roe County Agricultural Society r I feel that a word is due the people ot |3[e Vicinity in regard to the Brock- -port Fair —— R. C. INSTALL NEV$ OFFICERS - '-—- .^ ^ ~- ,n — = -\~ T —-rtln?-fulfiHniei>t'0f , , L \thfilr\iiunpQS^r-— i l • Cadv W. R. T held their installation' . ,, . . _ „„„ „. . x , .• I hardly, dare to offer any criticism of officers Tuesdav evening in their , , , . , . . .... for so.murh hni been done for mn and rooms. Mrs. Lettie Smith was install- ., . ; „ ... . „ _. „ „. . , . ,, the bovs bv the clfizenrv of UrocTc- .«^«^«„ . r* ^ Bft „„ £*-?^ I 5thher A f° n *\* ur '• Mm 'Tr^-- T m-irnnW^PIre--wT!n;orae: ADDRESS A. E. F. F0Y5 f ^ * **«*„ A f m T 3 °?» £ f tmnr cn^rttvP T wmrld sav rhh: Rochester: President. Mrs. Sara E. _,, .... . , ,*. A . , , ,, . , ,> The chlf>f troub'e with thp Scout _ Thiver; senior vice-president, Anna M LeaTon Post to TJTsTrlbute Bonus. Barr- r _The Fair will—be-a—sii Iniegt'ee that the\pwipl-p nf the county Th\ HTrschr'isrt-Pionmari Post start- tnsurer, Etta .and. the towns wlTl bark if. That- ptf f no nPW yenr with their resrular Eva Took': conductor] Luc in da Cornea , , , ,, x „ . A^or4« in B\opUiw>rt Is 4he fsn»< th%t—- {of Monroe Ave.. He htd been tn fa1I- incr health 1\or sovfrnl vp.ar«. He wa>s» born at Blacli Rock. Buffalo, and had spent mnnv voars of his life at Shorts- vi'lo and.'Batavia. He is survivnd bv his wrf**. and onf* dau\htp' - . Mrs. DonneUy, and four era.nrlohiM'-pn FunPTil servicps wore hold f hls moiin-sr nt m-30 oVlork. RPV. H. W. Rtevpns nfficlatine: The- ra= mains WP'O taifn ta Shortsville. whnrp |ini^rm<»nt wn mnd^ In Brookslde- if^Pm'ptrry. 86 75; Geor-EP Harmon, 86.6; Gertrude Files. 86.2: Mars:3rp.tta Stiles, 86; Mar- iorte Todd. 86: T.ila Brooks. 8B.76; Zel-' la Brooics. 85.66: Rp-s-alio Harsch, 85.6; TyOufseTinrnmehani; S5.5; 'M\arion End- man. 85 5 : Ruth Davis, 85.4; Hazel' Owi»n. 85 83. For fhp month of De- cember 176 members of the hieh school flonajrimerit-hid overy subioct above, fit*?., sevnntv had one subject below Missing, ninelppn had two subjects he- -tewr-amd -e4^ii--ha4--^iTee-aH^e^^b& ? = low. 9t-a j ryr- I M4nnle-- Br -eouTdr MacMullen: chapliin, BUPPOUGHS f«-V- T'ti' , i , 'ii|jrrit dTpd at h\r hnniii on Fa\li Avo Sunrtav mornlntr, f^i'liwin\ nn ntfnr- 1 ' of hpart fTllu r P. jr 0 WP5i h'-m ih B-ockport July_JSl a*-''! nVq 'rn.\\'\ n!« h°mp in this '!<>n hick of it. Tn th<- final annlv^is \l'''\'H at the Rrx-Vport State v'lla-p 'h« tn-natpj part or his tb*B is » Rr-oclroovt Troop and mieh-t Normal School Harold Dobson loft j, t ,-M-<|EjVi'-n-i~r<i w-- r-nnf>rtnri with tb means that. Inasmuch as it is your ja nH<tPV m-pptin? Monday night ot tho guard. Marv E. AllrTjrr^ngsigtDn-t con j Fair, you should speak good of it, PnWic Building in ereat form. Three ductor. OH M. Perrvr assistant, eimrd.t l^thiirk «ood of it».-at,l plan gopd things mp^ wpllnp-in Legion affairs audtess- Jano EffoAt patristic irrstnrctnr.-Mary for iL The officers elected will heartl- e4 the Poat. Jjveobson, pa^t «om- A. -Hftrtes-* press- correffporrdent. Mary -ly weleome suggestions from anyone m ander of. Sim-e^ Post, RoehosoBr, in- H. Alien: musician. Oarrte W. Davis v lor betterments. stilled th* Qfacnrs for the. ensuing 1st color bearer. Louise E. Conklhrg Just at present, there are a numbei ve%r. Havemvre and Keliey. \both\ of 2nd color bearer, Marian ChurchiT!;' of bills unpaid, for -which there is Rochester, spoke on various subjects, 3rd color bearer, Dellla Paterson; 4th' temporarily no-money available, these touching the bqnus and complimented color bearer, Mina Wheeler. 1 ~Jo\\\s are good? and will be paid as the local bovs on the way they handled After the services a tempting lunch- i \soon as flnanciaJ matters can\ \be ar- thp manv affiirs which \came before eon was served and a glftof remem-' |; xan^ed. _ , ' '. the^Boat, both social andtotherwlser branoe from the corps was presented' The new or?arr?z6'tion then urees the The bonus which was awarded by t o the retiring president, Mrs. Mary A. hearty cooperation of .everyone for the the state in the last election will be trirnpg . _the Brockport Fair, _ •* • distributed bv the American Legiou. __^=3===s——— — niiltp WP'1 he-utWIoT' the -sttf>Pr*i«ion'-of ,v ie Amerlpan Leorion. One cin ron- A-hnv's club w'thfHit T^rTi»Tm««»\n*' , dlrertinn of rorrrm1ttp* , v 8 °nd snr>pnn<=ion b\t n°t «o with Rov fl'eMit—Work. -The demands of the V= ; P \•5*7 wt^h • h 4e » fath\ , »-. the ( ,,l l|PP!'H National Oreanizatton ire too j 9trtn«r- i...;rT inr .ipor^tpd !n 1!)on and'l<nown ent. For after nil fhp Rov Sroui •>.- Hv* Tb >•\ • « TI TinWiri fommnv Movement i<? unit^ri in Us efforts.bv '-Vi- t*vr>-v^irc \f r Pniwn wa<? honor- fHp rtT-rprffOTI flTfrT \fTT't+nn nf ftur P\ \v'\h •'<\ r-n^<ip\\\ rvf dm \liimnl United States CoTPirpea • Wo nepd a ^*»i-t!nn «f »Hf, ^„f«^» 0 fi n t V4vr q( t v M«nihprs.o f the senior normal clase v .1 who finish, in January held a patty hi tho evmnaslum bst Thursday after- nnrvn from four to six The school orrhfxjtra firnishptl the music. ^g^^syjasarflfasdaasasysujip n->r»v in th*> trirls' society hall Thurs- llfe. ^ nv n f( n - nnnil t ] ip -jyf], f n 1,0-nor 0 f '»ifij P fnpn^i^,.,.^,},^ ft n f[, r -fhplr courses tti TTniiSrv-. •' '• -o-i *-v t ~i,T. nr-thr' T-tmV rrf TrhTnrntrv- XVw y ? rlt fjsnJr-tl Riilrwwl lor 'n\\-h7~H.-.. 7.f TluffVo\. fM-hpfw ln\>-' T \ T \f-'wp«tv.r«-hl v P a r =. * M|s , Edwarda of (hp fac „, ty .^ 10 A(i. Af .„ r ?T X jnn^hi Fxprnenrp m : ,,J1 4 ' w^*w-4-b* rrH-w+fr>-^f-mrL —.T^._-,'I.- .„.„;_:. ;^.._ .._ ,_^ ir^~ P' , f r M0.dru.^ stores Hr. rtnbson amu. •n p.--p^n-.r\ a n'l tuv 'nm n^oi-ialort In J'.-rT-nnrbq \f lh ; ; VI'ITH. nnd onp ROn_, W Rav P'|r--n'i\>' = . nf RirhfotPr Prlvafi? JumiTrJ sc-i'lcna --grp-o held nt h's lafp rp='d\nfp TH-nfld'aVaffprnnnn* 11 ? »iVVw.v. !!\'• T^ro n qinp, of Hol- '»••• o*T*r-!-ij|nf r Th-p bp^r^r\! wp-rp Ray Tinv'o. fjpor^p TTa'Tnan. jame* Rrprinan \nil npir\P poiidipt. Interment at /HardH G. Dobson»^l£Sl_ ;each\ Post taking cara ot the men fn HARDtNG MEMORIAL FUNtF^- anef ^ mm m clarkS011i H amlin and dav n i<rM at resular meeting of OTafy rpuBIIZalla^jauas report Sweaei. local committee whichjeill t'laclioaat.. Outs'do af htK bushing into>'««t<»-Mrrt- fn '\ h \ ,r \ 90 ' ( ' f,In \ i \ rY - lf«»st once evprv month Without that r»«*i<tf»n f= Tfpi.>wn t->p=t 'n fvafornal nf^' : * the local •movement can never he,, a f-i'r-, ,- n w ]i<'-h hp ha« hp-n verv artlvp BASKETPA.I I, TEAM.. success; '~ .: ' ^i^a^s^- Jte ^r^M^grfy r ^f-%TTTtfor Tn closinsr I -cannot refrain from re - Vo 1\*? v ft-A M , flu4 i« at prpsent \lvt>n (ho librarv a finp ten inch g1ob& -««-fHr-e—vfrlttnip of GotiVy's f-iadv^s Book Mr TJ59'.' pVrifrr fhe past vreeli; ffie'art room and thn doniPstin wience dining-room have boon Krichtnnod up with paint and thp swimming pool has, received a cmt of wbifp enamel. ; N'-irmdnv lnnrheons were served last M-nu-dnv and.wnTconti'nue\ to \be served tint IT HIP Sprfn? vacation, under the j direction nf the IIOTTIPBH^ aMo-nm A^ EASTERN STAR INSTALLATION T ^ u„*i„„ „T,O^T=« m ^« -hoM M-A-n memberimt -good friends I've Mr. {Hf*~l?«gh Prfwt of mnir^rmiiHes ChasiBRt JnsAaaaUon-eSerci5es,wejEe i heIo Moo- a-ssawss^r-^-ss w«*~^---«—^—,&i«^s\iis—:-r T •>:_.•> g-~.—^—^—;—:; zr~'i~- ^^ j___lJaJra: MoT8;irtt Mr. E. D. WfrnsPgrr. Mr. l^o 7T}f R A.M. HB Is aU n j mnmBot No IM T T D Tfll» l?ADWl'\ , \' ll \ t '\ 1 ' All tliB, wurk—f^oTOr-br'-'- m I r lUr rWM t fli* stalienla lindftr ffie dTrpctlnn\ rrf ~-I?r*?r^.:' '.* ::::::/~7r%ggL r I4g^fc.af : Ufe-domeMI&^-Ieaea-,, NoemaTs Pull Siirrirtse by -Beating denartntent, The boys serve antd coV r_of contributions to tbe Harding Me- The dance held bv the Post Christ- sonic Temple, with a large number of morial Fund to Decenrber 17 was pub- mas week netted about $150.00. i ^^Emm^mvmWmr^Anmi'^^ 1 ^ .^H*™*-,\*-**** S****. nr ,\ f M-n-n c^r^n^ **h ^^:- West Hfarh. East Hiah Here 25th. ]^l «w BMaay'aa* the girloira^-and __ ,_ \ '_„. \_\ , \ 'v-_* -.'- T - k\. flaiif—t;-r>r: -A.--e-. T^romnson,--ffrrrtjTP--rfr-Rrrr1iP'iipr,-Trrrn-Trr-'Strtrmr 1 — •----—• •- r ^^-^ msnso- -— • - Mr. Fred faswelt. Mr H W. Branh HIWP Cnm^anv oPwhi>h hp 1s tTPtrFTJrer 1 ; — Coach Snlistorv'^oiiifit toft the WflTt JTgW r ;ntrs 6f tBe glSnei.\ , - _ - — - - ••-•'••'i»T>i7Wwp— *t ' \ •• ' members and guests in attendance.',\ . \ \\ •\ , \ \\\ •••••••\••• « \ ..»• m nv-apmci pf ? n gcnool caurt with thp Orant'e and ,mre-ufliiaxnas been contributed r>eflTrite nhni# bnve not yet been The exercises weTe Ttf cUBWBTvr George •*? • aaC - Ittany ^t , ' 3 v *> ™ __ ^ the G^ntt SioniLirtlBriiltv_ The wmi ^-TP,,,^,,,, ^ ami^Vte^rests-o- fShe-sehoo^ -The- -«Bfe fttaa-fly ewft rt tta toltowte^ iH4ae-^ - -- - . ...,^ w , .^- a .,.. .__.,. — ' ' their time and interest ,„ B „T,™. n „ m , oro ., i' , T ., . „,. _. , ,hp flrst timptbat that trick has been TnuTo7 mrt ^lool\ boys wo^ftom ,Frank M. Greene. James\ Mann, Wm. will be held within -a month at the firaps Lecturer otthe Distriet-of-Mon-.f - e ana mte \ 9L •^^ n Tod->e w»t organized by 3iim and • 1bfl - -^ ro NnrmttH _ , T ,^4h^ ::gEtt£aBgBia:5£ ^ i:! ^^ SS---,„S-tiU^. ^A'p^.^,^.. . -- . \-. - .. . .... _ „ 4: If m-v-der^rture from thP workig a be T, „f nrP.ent dirpctnr. , ch^mnionjhip o-f Western and Central * M * ™_ frOTn «\**\« fak Satairday L^EejEster, Fred B.\ Eicbards, Frank Rose- Public-building. '. „«, w ho acjtea_8_installtas officer. He: .\ \\\'\ -brottgh, Ada Jo&n Sgffih f Mrs. Frank-, A de^gate' of the Post was ffivlfea to'-^j,-assteteq- try <Mrs. Frarroeg K. gSi^j^i 6 \^ 6 to HnTv-ta-ana-TeT?j7OTIey^^ be/ ggr QraKI Cha^Jlain, Mrs. Helen- Webby,r^ i^•-. ™.:„;r^^_. nT ^^, oHrt „rJ:--^^™- I v-^^-----™^ -ProviouSTF repoTteoTnu' TttMfcte* held soon.' ' ' \ ' rei » TnMr ^tron; as Grand Marshal and T^Z^^^JJ^l^l '^^ °] ^ M ° nW r ° ul,, . y M \ the firtfJhififijBjfinJaajialaxh^ our townspeople .I^ajat^^ggjjqtjon hqgjypn ^rjfe jor .some >-fX - -Tegrremf—a-rol—fegetherr'-wmiitjj. ac <M \who^-wt>t^d°^Tg-H%e-\itew- Nt*w Yorkr ' jeve1i*n?r:0*trr\ The-t^ormar ReserlieS\ 137. .Total contributed to January IB.. A large number sUned-np for ffie.k7<^h^\a« aastet^^ tm \U*e. 'Brock- ******* \ The Normals won 12-9 anS ^Tgr\^^-£' l, g , ^* , 7iT , Tff^^ abetter Brockport. '\-- «- *- '^- •>--> •- le\f^rtEe~flnaT TSpoft ^TEaufl-lf *r-cffarge\ lensuing 'year affl a's'\tW'.\'Sre Tn gliai iCT^ToTtowJrig. olflcers were_ in- IHHUber stall-eoT:\ VVorthy Matrori. Mrs. BlaTffiehg hoped that»the numberTjf^ontribulOTS- pfbhablv will join by the nexfrmeeting. Gartshore; Patron, LT'B: Shayf As- Jg^.bej|reatly increased so t'bat Brock- The_ Post voted^ to holdi ^inf^rnT^l^g^^^jte^jj/rntrnn, Mrs. Zpra Very trutv.yoursT F. R. Otte, Scrratmaster. \ItS lthe H*inor go t o tbe junior member oi he-ftrgb-of—T- H^JSabson Co. ~rr~ T^ the Reservps won 17-15. Tn« Nonnate Mr. Do-b<»nn*s associations and well :j_>rt followpd with one fropa the field ™ B .. K ^37 PB .T 1 ^, V\i. s *an¥\Trom\ ihertlm- ¥p\ri> not'beaded - -wnTptiylaSatera tMg Thft first qanrtpr end^d with the score PaTTOvra. Narff week Frtdy the -ZBffi Known executive abilltv give promise ^ &im A tQ ^ tbe , . h ^ ended wl£fa the Norml s will,play E 3 stEU £ h School, JTfTG tEAVFS-tOCMTTrTinrTne 1 \WffaTrs\ 'WffiH ' AgfTcultural * _or>'may make a favorable;showing d^ew once^every month at.tte.PuMic TreasuTer, ^Mrsi^ary Loctei .gecre-j ^^_a^^I^m*r^\^ tette- .*mnt.*Br!*-J*»-^^^JO!mMim f ^lM&a&^ s compared with other communities. Building Commander Rayburn ap- tarv. Mrs. Olive Steele; Conductress, J^T ,* 'VT,. T?* ahlvTfnRflfThv him.. d be the hfegest game of the 'aiaioE pmUUttoiU of one dollar will *, ^^ Wr . otte, Mr, Harringtoh .^hu M TjHcy Wa n 9 ce; Assb-cTaTe-Wn-1 J^tl^^L^^AS \* ^^* T T *7''L^'T ^ -coring, Lcprned. fn^red Brock I • • , ^.__ — . . offiee 4?oree -and fowme* of the- AfeP^amp porrPH.pondent- -fof the R-ophes-ter ^ ,~= -._... K . - 1 The Sa*v&HoB-AHf=my ^fationea-StafF- Products Corporation held a banquet Pn d Buffalo papers and has continued P \f b J a l--» srore neuner team being mnd - and mu ch<>njg NflW at the Powers Hotel. Rochester, in tnP work m ore or 1es> actively up to, aWr . t0 ]or ^ lIlM^ 1°.^.^ Citv will visit honor of Robert E. Gduiding, office tbo prpsent time. • .quarter. Taost welcome,^but any.\aHoTintmay be- 3Yr. UostlganTor the commitfee. These ductress, Mrs. Susie Knapp; 'Chaplain, Jflven, > men acted immediately and *jet the Mr g. j^n-nie StFele; Marshal, Miss Contributions will be received by Com- a^te for the fir-st dance for Friday, Maude Thompson: Color Bearer, Miss munity Center, Brockport, until Feb- Februarv 1st. The best music obtain- Tda Adams: Historian, Mrs. Mabel ruary 1, when the final report will be able will be engaged. George Perry ot jtforthrup: Warder, Mrs. Phyllis Rem- -made to headquarters. Contributors the Perry restaurant wtH have cbarge tu^o^; Sentinel. Fred Shafer; Piatiist, are requested to leave their names and 0 f tne refreshments. The public is Mrs. Mildred Neth; Adah, Mrs. Adeline addresses with their contributions so pofaially invited to attena these Siat thev may receive certificates of dances membership in the Harding Memorial AM per couple . T be committee re- M^LaurrGoVerEl^taTMrs.Tiilia^ f*™/?^?^!?.\ ^^'-'^\SM Association. quests the readers of the Republic to \~ —•—; pass the word along. FOR SALE-Twc^ Honses on Park , _ Marjorie NelUs, Flavia Ave., just north of Capen Hose house, _._. ernllT e \„, ^ ',„ „ .. „ », . rilRI srnMTR Hind^ and Miss s Dorothy Butler and manaeer. who left \last evening for tbe 0 vp\<;.\Mr. Dobson has his hobby, as corapanv's plant in Brooklyn. CoverSaJI mpn_plo=piv tied up In .business were laid for flftv. iaffa'rs, should havp. His is music of Oue'ph; Ruth Mrs. Norma Lawton ; ^S^? W + addi f™ a f^ ta n tn « whioh he I, verv fond nnd bis intPre^. The admission willonly be Fathfir . ,_£_. Mabel Redman; Martha, C *» n £ f toas t tmqstpr ™{ Mr ' Ba » ran.a from instrumental to srand op- Mrs. Laura Goffe; Electa, Mrs. Lillian T^J JlT 2 *T A ^\Jy^ Piqn ° and >h \ rCh « rk * n '°° k Meinhardt: trusee for three years, Mrs. « \L ^^ * f^T!,T *\** * ^ '** ^ ^ \^ ^ • Helene Webb: floral staff. Mrs. Mar- tmn f '^f ad \_f s a t0 , k f <* re \ ™ »\ not -, r p that the radio is not Brockport Saturday,. January 19th, 1924. A great concert will be given in the PTesbytertanr Church from 10 to 11 a, nu Thia Band? owned bv Geo. Elwell. B. Benedict. Inquire Homer 8:23tt AT YOUR SERVICE Licensed Auctioneer. Live stock, Farm Sales or Household Goods. Charges reasonable. Freu Davis. 35 Spring St., Brockport. Phone 154-M -.NEW BLANKETS/ We haffka wonderful line of large ilssed All '^pl^and Cotton Blankets to pep you wlisrj these crisp fall nierhfs. Wees range#om $2.98 to $9.9& a pair. GIRL SCOUTS Tbe Girl Scouts will meet Saturday Etne j Hiler. Mrs. Morton G. Read.was morning at 10 o'clock at the Normal appointed chairman of the entertain- igvm. at which place, until further m ^ nt committee for the year, notice, meetina-s will be held the first During the exercises a piano duet and third Saturday mornings of each wa3 tffiven by Mrs. Mildred Neth an d | n)onth ' , Miss Ethel Gartshore.. I Miss Tavlor of tne Normal faculty Announcement was made that a ! ha<» kindlv consented to organize a tureen supper would precede the next basketball team for the Troop, and the meeting on January memhrance from his as=»oclates. Dur- bpf-ominff his rpal hobbv. In 1909, Mr. ing the banquet the entire •eoTnoany rio-hson married Miv* Hplpn Wads- sang popular sones led by Frank Hoi- WO r'h. dauirhtpr of Mrs. John Wads- land. Several solos were sung by Roy worth and thev have two children, ^ Traverse and Mr. Lens, the latter ac-' Harold W. and Helen Barbara eompanving himself on the banjo, m Robert Bourne also dellErhtRd his-au- dience wi.th a sailor solo. Several pro- fessional entertainers were also on the evening's program. > 63 y& * H - who rt{o(1 at MURPHY Thp game waq hard-fouebt, fast and rou\h and furnished the fifty followers from BrncVport much more than Ibpv had anticipated. •- Root nnd Corbett drPW rPcognitlon hl ' 9 an international reputation, it has from thp S.port wrltprs of the Roch- P'^ 6 * MoTe the ^r^7 <* Europe e.tcr d-iM-es as bPing thn fastest pair qnd Pre * idpnts o f * n « United States of forwards thit havP plaved In,Roch- have Pnjoyed !t8 Tflr »»ag Music. ester this season. Engel and .Udell T}<m ' t . fal1 {o K<j and eajoy one of ** held thai reputation over Western and Wnest Musical ' Treats that feas swr Central New York during the season hp&n P r ^ en te d in this town. The con- of 1916-17. Corbett and Root tnav have rprt P ro ^ ams *™ o* a rare excellency a good chance of coming through with a * d _™ rtt ^d_ include a-large variety the same. Tighe pl.aved an exceptionally fast game at tlip pivot, position and SprOng and Kineaid each accounted for some of Classical Music, both vocal and in- strumental. Lesters January Clearance Sato now on. Great values in Coafca SWrfcr.. JWler. 97 Main St- ing games with other Girl Scout teams present- 10:4tf.from adjaeant towns. Gifts were presented to Mrs. Webb, Mr, Harrv Cleveland of the Brooklyn ' hoase-coad, ant Is taking M the factory here Th*» funeral of Richard Murphy, aged nifty defense work as well as scoring Dresses, Sweaters, etc. the rooming from the field. I 90^ ot whiM. \ , \ —\••* J \ ' . x- .• , _ . • vvell! w e have tnem in a - gmal- qpo„ t o o-_ in.Mw mrmoTA to .mm- . x. \ 7 _ P Iant ! » takin ^ Mr. Goulding's place at clinton street.-was held Tuesday morn- in a knot tomorrow evening In their variety of patterns and prices. Mattr ... scouts a,re looking forward to arrang- time all mem her9 were urged to be iU „ ,„^„__ v „„ ing at 9 o'clock at Dunn's undertaking gvmnasium and. are working hard to new lots just received. A. V. IVmle#, While Thev Last THEY'RE USING A LOT OF LUMBER The captain l a anxious to have as Mrs . Gartshore. Mrs. Smith, Mr. Shay, 10 dozen full size nillow cases for 25 ficiating parlors and later from the Church of be in the best of condition for East the Nativity Rev. Father Krleg of- TTi.b the-following^Friday. _E«t Highj T^S^^^^^f^ With unprecedented building In op- • \orning-a meeting. I many patrols as possible at Saturday _ nd Mr _ Estes. After the meeting,' re- oration tow tbe n-^-ed for laturally Is greater than ever, ; Oordoa ft Son before buying. lumber I Men's $1.25 Outing Flanne)/ See L. (Night Shirts and flannel Work Shirts S:22tf ^r 95 cents at Lesters while they last. freshmenbs wer-e servd by a committee whose chairman wag Mrs Edith Lewis. 8UBSCRIBE FOR THE REPUBLIC cents each at Lesters. Bovs' 59c Blouses One lot of Boys' 59c Blouses to close at 39c at Lesters. ; has one of the best teams In this sec- specializing in men's high grade shoes Deceased is survived by two sisters, 'Hon and if the Normals score a win announce their sale of shoes dllwt Mrs. Peter Fagan of Batavia and Miss over them have 1 a chance for the cham- from manufacturer to wearer __fl_* > - -• —'=—\- *-»™*-^» 1 _Vlffi_S_j^_S_S-_'. Muro-hy of Buffalo, and one brother .plonshlp. Thomas Murphy of Chicago. [Brockport. Ik *.*>.. ijjil^^ •;, ^miMS£^sm^§m^ • *Y | port, N. Y. : •iMMmiBmM2& •• \J»

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