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n i| \*. i ty^r -\; 6 -^ «?§ SB m km '-V.J m -. \*'] \1 «rf*S; B!'™T!«r,Tf 1 .„ fOL.LXVIII BROC ikPORT, NEW YORK, THURSDAY, JANUARY 3, 1924 NO. 14 g&W YOl^AY #AND SELLER OF BOOZE JUCNOCK OUT IST-OF OFFICERS TO WHOM |^K>U MAY GIVE EVIDENCE OR MAKE COMPLAINT lowers of Local Officials Killed by (epeal of Mullan-Gage .Law. IStiU Possible to \Clean House\ I As many local peop^Bifound recently, inch tp^ffiiir\ surprise, local' officials shd in the same relation to the en SttetoeniLjQlJMJSMBifiadLaci aa. any. ther individual. For this disagreeable 6. Prohibitive Tax. Any person who illegally • manu- factures or sells intoxicating liquoi 1 shall have assessed against, and col- lected from 'him, taxes in double the amount hereto-fore provided by the law j\ plus $500* on retailers and $1,000 on manufacturers. Any-i>eFsenr whe-has- information regarding such illegal manufacture or sale may make an af- fidavit setting forth the fact eoniatitut- ing the violation and forward the af- fidavit to the Federal Prohibition Di- rector, Washington, D. C. (See Na : PROPOSEtL BILL Aft\ACK6i) PATRONS BELIEVE CONTROL OF SCHOOLS WILL BE * TAKEW FROM THEM MATRIMONIAL SPE6IAI SERVICES WELLMTEfMTJr BROCKP0RT CRArG-&ORTELtf 7 The marr'iag&-o£- Miss Louratta 3A. Uortelli, of Albion, and Chester R. Craig, of Breekpert, toe* place on LARGE CHORUS CHOIR DI- Monday of Last week in Albion. The „«>««,„. o V V A r>RI IRRd ceremony was .performed by Rev. God- KLCltU B « V ' A « ^KUoBb • f rey Ohobot, of the ^fesbyeerlan drarrh IS -A FEATURE at his home. They were attended by . ORGANIZATIONS tional Prohibition Act, Title- II, Sec- Ituation we have to thahiTone or two won 3&.) lisguidad republican * assemblymen: 7 - Civil Rights. Ihor fell into the hands af_the demo- Aside from the right of a citizen to beta at Albany last winter and voted, institute criminal proceedings as out. fith that notoriously wet organization' lined under 1 and 2 above, any person ^pufl the teeth 61\ the MuiTlainGagej^ho is injured- in iperson, property, f means of support, or otherwise by any iThere is a remedy, however, al- .intoxicated person, or as -the result of tough it means uncalled fdf trouble. [ethoda-oLcombatting the outlaws are Iron 'below. J luminal—RnoaecutiatLw the Intoxication of any person, has a right to brings action for damages against any person who by gelling or assisting in procuring the liquor may 'Amy person may present to a United ihave caused or contributed to the fiv\ ate-^GonMnlssiiGner information which JtoxicatlQiL. Such an action may be lows a violation of the National Pro-, brought in any court of competent jur- Jtton Act. The\Commissioner may. iad iction. The right of action for en 'Issue a warrant which will b«. [ means of support would give the right trod by a federal officer and prosecu=' t o 80 impoverished family to sue one >n_ will be commenced in the fed- who sold liquor to the husband' and _ courts. Such facts may be given thus made it impossible for the head \~& tTnited\ States district attorney G T a family to properly provide for his j> has the power to institute proceed- \w 1 ' 19 and children. The right of action ]£« directly by filing an information for an injury to the person gives the [fth the count. This obviates the de- rfent to sue the one who furnished the position to \the bill as it now stands. The original Intent of the bill, which was frame* by the •Committee of Twenty-one, is for the improvement of the rural schools. The bill would re- district the state, provide in a measure for an equalization o f rural sch taxes! and eventually re-suit In the con- New Measure to Be Drawn Up to Mr and Mrs 'Christopher Schneken- Sacred Concert on Saturday Even More Nearly 1Weet Wishes of I h& J T ' ° A thl * P ' aC6; ! -- *ng. -Mrs. Stratheam to Avoid second helpings^ Never .eat between meals. TTlfniiHa-te'* carcty,\ desserts, and swepts of all kinds. I'M meat but o-nce a day. -- •Cnew your food fSffin-omghly; you will GRAND HIGH PRIEST TO VISIT ba.saU.flod with lW if you chew it HOum CHA p T HR J AN ; 10 . well. As far as exercise is concerned, • s» « walking is one of the most desirable i ODD FELLOWS INSTALL forms, and is within the reach - of everyone. If you own a machine, pass Doings Among Our Flourishing Country People BAXTER—BLATTNER Sing Again fhe ©owningRural schoolhUl which i™T&\** \^ S£T' ^I it up ior^hnu distances, and use your Fraternal md SocM Organizations legs. Exercise, to be of any benefit, must be done persistently, the same! CADY POST AND AUXILIARY B - . T .i The Union Meetings under the*iead- amount each day. Once or twice a t ^ ast Friday : eveteg sbout thirty passed the Senate at the last session P 1 \' aD< * ^' ^^*le??? iQT 'A* \^! ersni P of K^- Harold S-trathearn be- wed k will not suffice. And as a final j members of Cady Past and Auxiliary of the LestelatUTe, was under firerl ton ' and • B .^1 5^ U,*j ; gan Sunday evening in the Methodist admonition he says, \Stand erect, with ] gathered at their rooms and enjoyed Thursday at a meeting held in Roches-1 !* T ?!j^L '_ .^L3Z^OTS*I.^ Church - A UT ^ e crowd' greeted the heid and chest high, and last but nobj an old fashioned Christmas party. Ow- _ „_ _« ™,_ - ^ ^ ^^ inclemency of the weather, several, were Unable to attend, A bautifuL tree laden • with gifts for ail, was one of the features of the evening, together with ins-trumgntaj pieces and songs, by several of the ladies, A\ sumptuous oyster supper-was served, followed by tripping the Virginia Reel and other old fashioned steps by the As the wee small ter -af Edgerton Park. The meeting I Ha ? lllin ' was «*enuiteea^Wednesday, Evangellst upon nis first appearance in least, hold your abdomen flat morning <by Father M. -f. Krelg at the Brocfcport . T^ attendance this week • Church of the Nativity, with a nuptial, has . heail mucil lang;er ^^ ^ nticipafceQ> • HISTORY mass at 8:30 o?\olock. T&ey were at- in faot> h&s been sp iendid in spite of tended by WHrtafln' and \vloletta Kram- er, of \Rochester. was attended by farmers from -the -var-foii'S—to^wfns-—throughout—^Monroe County vihot strongly voiced their ops- solldation off many district sohools not now .property sujpported. Many rural residents, however, are not in symi and consoli<3atI6n features of the bill some stnxsmy weather. MERCER—HIQG8 he marriage of Miss Mildred Higgs aughter of Mr. and Mrs. JgV I. Higga 'of this place,, and George 'Mercer _son, of Mr. and Mrs. George Mercer, of Hamlin, took place Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the parsonage of the ffliiirchi^ ReyTTng.' 1 WTlTef perfrmed the ceremony in the presence if-tbe-attendanfcsr er of the bride and Miss Florence ly incident to the issuance of a •war- i 15 q uor to a n automobile driver for hav- fetjanjLto amdiurxiir^eMlags J __.„j. i .?^ ca used Jiis intoxication and any I |-Search and Seizure. | accident which directly resulted, there-'^ ^ £ • person may.go before a judge of from. fSee National Protrtblthra Act 1-tjEnited States-district-court or a TWe IT, Section 20.) , ^e of a state court of record of a\\*• Right-of-Property Owners; Ittlted States ..commissioner for the ' Tf a person has reason to believe that; T •as they now stand. 8. L. Anderson c-f J Brownell Wayne €ounty, in his remarks at the j Fo]1 owing the ceremony a wedding meeting, said \Tixe Heads of the D&-j supper wa B served at the-home of the\ partmeutof -Education at Albany don't fbride . a parents, on King street, where want to educate our .boys and girls fgr, thejr wfH malrQ fehelr home> the countiy-* they w-ant-to educate-j-- i them away ITrom the country,\ and his. / HANCHETT—rffe88 comment apparently met with the ap-1 /Announcements have been received proval of many of those In attendance. J4n town of the marriage of. Mi&s Fran- The Dovraiing hDI passed by the oes Laura Hess and Mr. WlHis Howard -Senate on the suppcrsition that the-Hanchett at Punxsutawney, Pa on J rural distrti-cts were in favor of it. but, Friday, December 28th, • i srong ^e«ppos*tion «ub8e«juently-develop-|- —The marriage was solemnteed-in->tfK*4- Mr. Stratheam .Items of Interest Mentioned In The Republic Fifty Year* Ago To-day \ Married in Ctafkson, : Charles Rug- gles of Clarkson and Miss Emma Clark of Murray: in Sweden, F. H. Callow and Misff l9. E. ,Hendrtck tooth of Iadles and \sen* 3 - Sweden. Dtmmick Batesof Hamlin sells J00 acres of land on the Drake road to Arnold EHietrtr Twentv-Flve Y«an Ago Died in Broctaport. Mrs. Alletta Grif- frn, -meft 54 years; 'Mtss Etva Jennings, \\•ed 14 veari: in Sweden, Mrs. Betsey Ghadsey Oooley, aged 69 years. John McGewor enlarges and proves his home on Brie street. im- Ita ostensible purpose, is M Jtapjprove i n the morning. Mr. Virgil A. Grubbs -MuslBat-OiFector spd Snlnist _ •- ways held up in the Assembly. T English Lutheran church at 3 o'clock, is a strong practical preacher. He idoas. not deal Willi the controversial educatiOTi la rural sehools-and equalize; The bride wa^glvfin In marring.' bv' questions of the da^ but holds to the taxation, an<3 Its adoption would result her father, Mr. Elmer H. Hess andurent essential truths of Christianity. Fifteen Years Ago Maprted—In -Broekport, Oeorge Ben- son. Jr. and iMNs May Sheppard; Treat Hovftv and Mi.<i»X»lla Wiltaie; Will tarn M Fordbim and Miss Alvena W. Fplto: nt Some-rset. Roy Or«ndorff of «h f s n'are and miss Grace Vlclcers or STmerspt. , _ -•« r>r. Chapman purchases tno Wilcox pHrp on Main str^Bt. • E-uSvtrd -Ghryes- of Medina -is am- n^.»n.tpd tifkpt a'srent at the New York I ,. . . . .. . ... h ,, rm _ hnnao >, lltM ,- n „ ,Hoot rohw. l in a srrr \>y of the state, fonning new was attended hy Miss--Marion H«»ick Although not sensation i'. yet he know. n ' f „» «•„»„„ y,^ a l^rict wherein toe property sought 1 8 h^o^^ r~*l »,t,nn here. p ted and show probable cause, sun- structure.or place is occupied or used. ^ ^ gma] , er diBtfIcte toeing was best man jbft*r»ffldaYttr*hat l^uor or prop, for tte illega manufacture or s«ie of, ^^^ m , dIstrIct s. The 7v deqimed for its manufacture is TTirnnlr and allows such ill&gUl acts to ,_ , . . ••*./«. , _n_i \ \\ i JV cesignea tor ira m ? BUiacwi . re . s __„„„„ . %u „ ^„ (1JJ .._ : i ._„ ,., • feature agat^tst which rural opposition bride's home, tbe bride ami groom left j the music Is\ ThaF which oh the\ noon train for Rech«'itVr N. \Vrthe dT r ectton of Mr jr-posaessed—ia—viotettefl—el thp, hnllrttng. fttf., nh«TI hft* thoir rapt attention. One of the at- After a wedding brenTrfa^t af the'tnettvo fentnrcs nf the meetings is A-*m chorus chw m^er H[)€sEcMTE Mrs Anna Carpener qt Hamlin sells her farm to Bur-ton Simmohs. .proYiDlesthjat these consolidated dls- They'i ia-ve, vtelled; at the eroonx's j has *e*>n or«anlzed. Vi-?il A oner may then issue a warrant for Pay fines and costs. — ' ; Tm^T\'7\ \TT\ \*\-\—\\ ~\\ iUCJ f »J«»»»- ***»**>• ™ \>« «««»-*;naa aePn oiwiusea. The tarere cliolf, oner may-tnea issue a warrant ror, ^ vlo , Htfon of ^ e Natfonal Pr0 .| tri<,t9 ^ adEnlnlstered nnder a revised- home in Brockrport arm hav^ Hit forUr*i»n. piano and ^Wlrio bells make ... ... . .,,._.,„„ hihiHoT, Ant IIT>OTI iPnqpd-TvrflTnf.w^ hv' syste9a o( superintendents, trustees Hinton, West Virelnia. wh^rp theia str-ns cnmblmtinn. On Saturday manSc^e TS^a^^^^ P& ^ T?«- **™ ^^™^ ^ «*- ^ *' 'n.e.V|^„f„-. tWo Vm be a .cre.I concert, itr!? . 7, nMJ,, TT % . )n?*r -Ta the ontlon of the IMW work a for • fartners se « the danger of losing their peake and .Ohio Railway and where ! Tho p-.i-r-m I. hoin- '• :i't <in rmsflv ^^° ^'^^TT^^T^tZ of\the ease ***-*-»*•.district Bch* 0 ls. .the conthH' of the they will- -mate tee* -fufOfA i,« Wte •3* XI of tlt# Fortieth Statutes at ^ture of the lease. r^uWtkm o^ their children and the- —= -^— »«*> L H T ,^ VT ? e T ° Wner ' °! a J\ at \. local school problems, and inasmuch ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED LComplaint Against Permittee. -ter of self-protection may evict fran ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ & f Th<? mmvmmt of . M ,« jM iThe law allows certain traductions h« premises v.olators of the proh M- • commuility tllimgts in man ^ ^rgrafi. daughter toxleating liquors for non-beverage g?^-„ < S *» j^°\*l^\^Jg-^fato^-thl^^rold be^. k^^rfW^^^-Saleia^JWF, J»^£*i-- An ? onfi P™^. 0 \ ^«se«^TTOe TT. Secflons W*n&to.\ .^beSntfSorably entertained by the wa s announced by Dr-. and Mr. LockfiUa,^, „^r lansaotd:ons must have a federal Der^'^ctf° n TTirough State Officers. I , ,.,*..,. „ „* -M -«• ^ t,BW9 ** H *^ r jansaoniaiis must nave a i^aerai pur ? a i rural p 0pu i a . t j ()n ^ ^ s state generally, at a New Years Eve. lit, e. g., druggists, physicians, manu-' Anv judge of the state having the with \TOPIT howprpr. will \In? on SitnhHv pveti- ina: She posvqops a boautiful lyric Meml>ers uf Nativity Church are con- slflnrnblv inrenofd over the dopredia- 0.1^^1!^ .'I\ 1 \\ ^mmlttnd at Mount Olivet rem-e- *avv /1III*ITI rr^ f ho hnlmor tlAnann m^ATi er r. dur'nirthe hoH4ay season, when a number of pine tr^es and seedlings wf>~c> rut down, and numerous others hours approached, good nights.passed and aJl w&nded their .ways on ta~- ^Honre-sweet'Honre?'\ 1 ^ \ ODD FELLOWS INSTALL Monroe Lodge, T. 0, O. F. will install the new officers for the coming year at their meeting Friday evening, fhe Deputy Grand Master and his suite from Rochester will conduct the cere- monial. The following officers will be installed: . Noble Grand, LQO Hecox; Vice-Grand, Wallace -Maw; Recording Socretary, Ray Hasbr&uck; Financial Secretary, Thomas J I^aw; Treasurer, Henry \Ronnie. The-.appoint).vo officers to be- install- ed are. R. S. N. G., W. Bronson; V S. N. G., N. Wessels: Chaplain. L Johnston; Warden; D. PaTmaTe^rrpbn^__ ductoi-, G. Shumway. R, S. S^-L-Fick-— iFstrtrer I. G.. G. Rrrxtld. A number of guests are expected to\ ' Bttend-tht> mreettrrg-, at the conclusion of 'Whioh refr^Bhments-will be served^ MASONIC NOTES A special meeting of Daniel Holmes Chapter R. A. M. will be held at T for the purpose of recoiving the Graird - OL^VE CEMETERYt^^^-^^^.^^^y 01 Arcn Ma s°as of M.he'litate, George E. Brtggs, of Peek3- Idll, N. Y. He will be accompanied by members of his staff, and members of Rochester Chapters. It Is hoped that nremhers-oF-taretacal ehapterwill turn r mn in fittl force. Other meetings scheduled for the Chapter are as fol\- ««»»»HI»BI «r ..vi « jR-^n, laoYirann vn , rf , nnr ) bR _ Rin ^ s .... , r , r , -I J--1 - - r Owsr- Rehearaal -ef officers—Jan -7th- of Mr and Mrs ) <! Wheeler 1 . ^ » . m-ntPa'prl and glrdred about, destroy- ^F \ t \\\^r?- Jsli - « u ».- or Mr. ana Mrs, j ^ wneeier <j,, v r ^„ s ^j m ^,^ f<, v -or,*v mmm«it. . ,.-. _^ ,_ . L * ' n, m - Mark Master Deerae. Jan In lerv proportv is a matter not lightly ford^ned. The matter has been iinuehi to the attention of the village fruthorijtes. and thp offenders are Hke- Sn r>'clock dinnor party at. A „„»»},«»•«, --n-l d-u-tito-s- nroetrng . , . . . - The bill wnl again be Introduced ait their home on iMonroe Ave. Miss' W iH i™. hp'H ^imrin-r nf-V-nonn nt »-<?n »W fl C J »««t JM dj 1 d^^ a Mn^^SLJ^l^jlT^ ,,„,„, r^t Z -H ,T 1-WM AT 2™ adnrioistratl-on measure, wia tte back- Barten course at Montclair. N. - -A Woman'- r-rt\ l ^ GW - M h- lo find tnemmMvP* in-serToTIs-aTP .It^compla&Wuide^^oath^s.filed OTJW. jj^anal Jco^ga^AcL W-. . &r rmwrm 0eDartTE5M#r ^ nR ^^ ^^^^.^^.^ vmn^^^L.^H^au.u. ^mu^jg— ^!fij£ r ^gS!g »«-'\£ acts pj^yan- snue* setting,for,%,facts showingJg« : 1014.) _ \. m&aiim ^ and ft , .^^ teken Brockport and~SaTem. ~ ~ 'J^F^j o{ ^.;^^^^ «-.-\ ^ ^ <-he penalty-of the law person who-4ras-a-permtt is J ... _L___1_ .. _j JtmJ i^_ a «, • ~ \\ \'\\ ^1Z^___-^^:, \^i~ H^ iLfe.to good ,faith o fl ^rniij^i^th.e:^_ 0ff,cers ib Whom Ctmsm -Can ' Be Made -by-.t-he—Graft^eBr A eommStte^ was appointed at' — visjons of the NationlT Prohibition, a ^ JoMl \ I ™\i awin n ^^ • Thursday's mMing to draft a sub- 1 Residents 7TSe commissioner musftomedTate-- g^^'^°»e^ *\ a ^^ } * tu te bill, f ncorporattag the favorabie «»!«# of Summons the permTBEeeToa mjarintei* 4 '**' 18 * 1 ^\:\\ ~~ \ t, „:»„__„,-A„-^^\_.-_„ iT,-. ,_ r „_ • feredfhenT VAi-UE WlNTER-«POflT& lumlmon s th e permTBEeetoa hearihgi R ^ estej: ' ^i^es a caUon^f^i 6 -..permit^gee^£^- S - rastriot Court judge^Joh^R. tonal: PKunhition Act. Title II. See-, Haze1 ' m ^eral Bldg.. Buffalo Residents of Fairport are t »king ad- the natural firiitties of- ..jirs-h^-p*^\*r7' rr \\P^ , tit-^-»-v- cvenins: — • *— •- I\ Both Evangelist ami Sinarerhave be-.HOSN-ER PACKS' UP THREE xMMne.-verir. ponulir in the short .time features of the Downing bill in con- rsred ' l nem neetloH wiffe the-'taJcalloa j&roblenis, ^P®** 5 ^ ^-j.^^ ABANDONED^ lor a splendid outdoor. a , , „ „ ., . TT ,. - .• ^ ... . , Snniiav m-irn^nT Evttgellst Harold . ^ -_- , , -„- = - - - - r \ttrp wiiitjer ^.~.. \... ,. , .. „. Tnrep Ford aqtomobiles, igsit, stray- luncfiSnT ^e^WA^Af^^^faalA^^^^^^^^ solution of the ™^ ™^22^^ I .^I3jm£gaa,^42a. Federal BIflg.^.BgffiLm- ' : «eBsol*d«tlt>B Idea* E,-W. B?4gham of ^-huve a, Tmrrriclpyr] slrtTtTrg rtnk se t i«he~e.uMnJn^Mi—Gxuhbs,^ •tha. J iiii ProMbitida- \1Mfe^roir^lvTfehaSff* , *f trnvn dTirtnir bnlid^v wenk and nrdnrpd frell form by members of Hamilton Chapter of Rochester, followed by a social hour and refreshments. TJaL^Ea^OJLlcjajvXb_oIJBo^ elefa. ed the following ofTwerg at their an- 4iTO»I^n;«^n?^^a\t4J¥dfty^^v«iiSnlr- :; D*-— cenrber 29th-. for the ensuing year: -«res«SgiS, 5Wpy-S8«tae%» dfr-eelert-, njerry WHeyy-Edw=a-rd—Merthru.p-r-sec-- retary. Dorf ^Sfidman. . - • -©BPCUARY i ttf\*?. GD^iAN -j^iester-jGoi^n-, ^feged 5? yearsr died Sunday mornins in a Rochester hos- will h^ve a .large Union chorus \' ™''^\''\~~^™^Z^\\?iT\y**~Tiffi5^ to assisf-him in The music; ^^^^.f: foumt ^| |pn w -^ ^ ^yfo^W Weeds--\ the Canal road Just inside the.fillage rport 0neMa ^ BB4 y r eemtes to Brock- , • « a ilurawil „ u „„-„.,„,. ,„„.„,«., „- - g<«iiea^wlS^p^5^hted„-one~l?f M tl^\MXT^^^^ ia9 ^ ar ^ am T^^ |The Attorney General of the TMted ^^\^en^m^haVge lo^^^ ^f 1171 ®™^^?^^ -^^^new bill ' nieht s and a smooth skating surface subdivision hereof or the^om-J5 ffeT !!J? W ?'5H ttato - nw &,«. . . _ , . Ili^ongr g-i&^rnaT^evefitie Of ttft ; \Shmranra &mLJBl^S.-3m B, M.j VltJAI^RrvAPrA fetes or as^&tants^W ^^^^^^m^4m&^^Smm&^mi-^ Vlfca^A^^ BOSRg— &.AOTSS, taftSH&jBRU. vehicle, n ™^ e /^ ^^ K -^^^rjstgss jetdja jh^.i^^gjrtg^jn^teartaa supped Skiing, snowshoeing. ^^n^f ^ mnM ^at.^-Biireau traa^bom. it had been stolen^oW-^^^^Ld tructure, or place where Jntttpeata^ _^-^^ u Presently President. ^TE. CooTcT^and coastlnTarTalso-TncTOTT'Tl-in-^^ nraSBSpnoa wmrMwa.\ «* ** nwc-hin^s w» found in-front ot^.-^^L TRaFI5 ^ ^ -rj^ \>\' aff *Klt_ia-JMnntt^UM^_flcifl. given ^T?^*^ 0 ™^' wilhaxi, f\ ^^ailsmJipJM^ley and_,wiuter„^ports _Brog.ra.rn , ©«^- _ , „ fnTotHorn. T-&afles- of -Rochester, atttr- - by his—wife- t«0r- ray, kept, or bartered, for beverage (trposes^ or against anyone who keen? carries intoxicating liquor on • his ^rson or -in any conveyance whatever ith, intent to effect its sale or against ae-who solicits orders for sale, ship- lent or delivery of liquor. Roche'ster. Surrogate. Selden S. Brown, ester. Roch- Village Attorney H. E. MacArthur „ , _ u — , . --iteft-weefc. and the. list is ai)e^thatJ^J^'i^Bun t djnj,q,n Market.^eet.^^ ^^^g^^^-^-^^^g^jg^ Brockport has thes ame natural facii m ^ nt WP .u v,^ included In plans for aml a third-was found parked on Lib j .The Clerk: reported the follow'ng re- Hies that Fairport has. It undoubtedly win , ter rMdllw / Thp fr,n 0 wln« ten erty. street, ceipts, sln-ee last ineeting: Taxes, has the ' same proportion nf young m -nr ' I Alice Murphy, of New York and Mrs. WATER COMMISSION Regular meeting of the Board of «»«<H^e«4 M=- .„_..,„ r „ , proportion nf young Wr M^p m raW- 1TI h fvj (wttrmrfon '. : \ • ~ \*i , n , ^ - iPe0Pl6 - aM th6y ^^ ^ Mme ^mpo^ a well rounded groundwork: NORMALS WIN 4TH STRAIGHT , The follows -hills were presenteo amount of energy that must be given Wvatlhnp .. S(r WnUer Sf , otf The Normal team defeated th e Miller officiating la, Aird i s thtre frnvbhfng \f , m M-pratr^s\ Victor Hugo \***» «««*. flw *« th « « x *«B't »< « & - , -. t, _^ xll(er omciaung. m- Kate Nooks, of Rochester. The funeral was held Tuesday Hfter- noon from bis late home on High w Water Commissioners was held in Saturday evening in the An individual can furnish the At- their rooms at 3:30 p. m. [irney. General of the United States or . PlW e nt : Chairman. Thos. C. Gor- ay .United States \attorney of any pro- fl on; Commissioners, Dr. J. L. Ha?en Albert_ Burcli 420O bcutihg afetorney Of any state or any an fl ^ p Miller ib-division thereof o r the Oommis- ^ T he clo-k reported the following re loner of Internal Revenue or his de ceints: Water rentals. $239.49; Pen lifctes or assistants with the informs- alr1eSi $s 04 . MetCT sa]eS| ?J2 .75:' Note Ipn upon which to base a petition ask- $500.0.0. Total, $755.28. Roth iPims seemed to have an off •expression. W. J. Glynn $ 70.00 cleaner,. healthier or more onjoyable S-eWtod Fs^iv? of Maciu'ey * to 11 scor ri,.ri^ ,e v; ^; '• '\ w ?2 fO T the winter raonrtns ^ 1lali an outdoor InT Vln ^\\\\\wealth\ Brvce ^^nasium Charles Ma.TKS 33.75 Robips-on Pni^op TVfoe A. Pratt , 34.f>0 Program oWhis character? \Pil-rim's Pro Kr pss\ Runvon • \Tom S*wvfM-\ Mnrk Twain ^'^b't- The local lads buckled down Seth Goold 42BO. ' \0O11\ \r*ivid rn-rvnprfipld\ :. ' Dickens the final quarter whiott put theja^on James Elliott 35.00 Multiply this number by your pre- Fss-nvq bv Fmnrson George Hosner -. 48.02 sent life insurance. Tho rp«ult will \Scarlet Iyetter Hawthorne Giles TToyt 47 50 be the a.pproxlrnate amount of money . • terment at Lake View. Matle T. Jozies 70.00 your fimilv will receive p^r wf>ek if J. E. Brown bridere 40 00 the principal is invested at six per for such an iniuncHon fSpe Na- TI,„ »„n . T.'.„ Jlt J J r - E - Honerhtalin-g 6.Q0 cent. Is it fair to them? Yale Forbes, r.or sucn an injunction, (bee Na Thp follf>win bllls were audited and ^^ & rr1 - ppen „ R0 Broc kport. New York. Ipnal Prohibition Act, Title II, } Sec- ordered paid: Ions 21, 22 and 23.) W. J. G'vnn, pay roll.... I? Punishment for Contempt of Court. Champs Garrison, pay roll |.%here a person„has been enioined A - Seam-in. pav roll Fbm violating the \National Prohibition ^„?J anMn,lp 1 n - pay rol1 ••,,•; ;, ,, , . \• V nlf. nav roll ot> vproceedinigs for puniahmont for \ Metier, pav roll |ntempt may be commencpd bv filine J. V. Bcn-wnridge V .$70.00 . 70.00 . eo.no 60 00 . fiOOO . 30 00 . 40 00 information under oath with the Hewitt\ Rubber Co 6.15 fe* of the court from which the in- ™ ^gjj• •;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; [g Jnetion issued, setting out the allesred Wanacp fe Tiernan. Tnc fi Kfi iStS constituting tbe violation, whpre- Binrlair Refining Co. ... .• 63.68 %U a warrant for arrest will isi-ue F - w - Newman 7.56 JCthe person enjoined will be tried ^orthington Pump.Co 1.13 %$Qntempt of court. (See National iMbition Act, Title II, Section 24.)' vm'--- • ,J. Wiley., , 130.32 Rochester V el. Corp 4.25 Oh as. rterke r Co 9.24 R.Green.. _. 1.18 for the towT] flf SwP(1 p ri county of of Honlth Monroe, have rpceived tax-i'ill and wnrrant for the collection nf t ixes for - NOTICE BY COLLECTOR Notice is he-rebv giypp th'it I, the undiT-s-irned. collector of tn>-r-- in and HENDERSON The death of Miss Emma Henderson, a graduate of the Brockport Normal,' class of '77. occurred at the home of her aunt in LeRoy on Christmas Day, and funeral services were beld-Friday afternoon, with interment at LeRoy. Have You Tried ' Mis=? Henderson was the daughter of Yri'e Forbes multiplication scale. For .Ben^min Franklin and Laura Wilder particulars see his ad in this issue. ; Henderson, and was born .at West Sweden in the home now owned by Mrs. Asnos Williams. Her childhood days top whf>n the last whistlp blew.' The Normals will not play at home until the latter part of the month. Total ) $fiS144 Village A ttorney, H. E. MacArthur. (he m VMr ^ tw T wjl , aN reported thFit the six offenders of the tend at The State Rink of Commerce law appeared before Justice Benedict, in sajd town each hn=inc=i d\ 11 ' exnppt- Saturday, Oec. 15th, of that number Total $486.59 J. B. Brownbridge, Clerk.. five gave bonds for one year, the sixth, elected to close up. On motion adjourned. J. E. Brownbridge, Clerk. Subscribe for the Republic now and ! receive two free movie matinee tiftkets.. in* Saturday In eioh wef*. M'thirty Hic , rulps for tho , n wl:0 ]at t Trp d-ivs from tho date hn'-pnf. from 9 o'clock in the forenoon nn'i' I o'clock ,rr ' THE PPOPER DIET Fat ppnpl\ Irvine to trot thin, nnfl thin p\ip'p t'-yinir to ?et fit. compose the two cb==M into wh'oh the human racn jq dividM, jiccorrting to Dr. Mat- fhiT« Nin\ll. Jr., State Commissioner Tip further states, that if vou a.r'> over thi\tv and are develop- ing a d,onh'p chiru T^nd too grPnt a ?irth. yon nro ovm-.tinz or setting irisiifflr-'ont nxercise. ««-combining both T'i.'-'hbors for the many act's of kind- ae*? shown us during recent illness. L* Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lofthouse.'and later preceptress. at the L§Ray/~ Union Free School. 'Lester's January ; riPTrnnce Sale starts Friday morning.' Bo on hand early for the best bargains, wore-passed at North Bergen, and she ! received her education in the B|rock- ' . CARD OF THANK'S AVo wish to .thank our friends and tt port schools. She attained unusual prominence in educational 'work, and for a number of year? was principal, * -1 Kat 1 slice of bread where you have in the afternoon, for tbe pn-jnse of receiving the taxes assessed noon such be n n entine 2 roll. Dated this third dav of Janmrv 1924. . MnrvHart Allen. Collector, b^n.eating a whole one NEW BLANKETS We have a wonderful line of large Rat one-half potato where you have 8,zp<] A1 1 w ° o1 an(1 Cotton Blankets to keep you warm f bese crisp fall nights. Prices,range from $2.98. to $9.9o b pair. \ Reduced Prices\ Town of Sweden, County of Monroe. | Take small helpings of. everything. { p 0 wler, 97 Main on percales, ginshams,, madras Clotaa, romper cloth, towelings, table linens, men's furnishings, corsets, etc at 'X/m- > 10:4tf 'ter's January sale. ••'A 4 -' -fit\ J .,K. ^mmmmii '*&* .mm

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