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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, December 13, 1923, Image 12

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-.-•^^-•.. v*r £*4«&.S££E4£££tM&3 gr^pi^i MW !««\\«NC^^^N^^N^\\\>^w^\v>^^^\^\^^ ^ We Wish You All A Merry Christmas \ *• GIFT GIVING lightens the heart and brings happiness to one and all. Christmas comes but once a year. Make it a joyous, happy time emphasized by a loving gift to all the dear ones and friends. BE SURE those less fortunate than you are also on your gift lis! * Our Store Presents a Splendid Array of Beautiful and Useful Articles Selected with Great Care that Trice and Quality may adda New42harm-to-Holiday Shopping—ArB Extra Gift^i^^w^flaay^thus-be-added from Price Saving when Purchases are Made Here. • _. ^ ^—., _,,__...... •HHS HANDKERCHIEFS AT OUR GIFT BOOTH For ;tH tire family, plain or colored, t-ttiev emhfc ride red nf with initials Pretty Ones for Little Folks in boxes'or sirufh ;ii prices From 5c to 25c. LADIES AND MISSES PURE LINENS In boxes and In the each at 50c to $2.0,0 a box We excel in quality at 10, 15, 25,35 and 50c for Taney Embroidered Handkerchiefs Let Ui prove it to v mi - HANDKERCHIEFS FOR BOYS Handkerchiefs for Hn\s, Fanc\- Borders. 15, 25c' Make Your Boys' and Girls' Dreams Come True •4&--4M ERECTORS SO, 65c_to $3.00 set DON'T FORGET THAT DOLL FOR THE GIRL We have them that Crv, Smile, Walk and Talk l MAMA DOLLS—good size u ^ $1.25, .$1.50_t.i_$4.98 a» v Remember when you were young and the wish in your heart, whether realized ornotf LetTos-help-yotrtcrnrake tt-a reality to- -your youngsters this year. LADIES SILK HOSE BISQUE DOLLS 79c, $1.0p, $1.50, $1.75 tn $2.98 KTCT^ODY UOLLS In newest shades and Pest makes «. ith real hair at $i-.so tosajs SILK AND WOOL HOSE in plain or combinations weave-* to match- :tnv_ dress or shoe at $1,19, $1.25, $1,75 to $2,50 CLOTH BODY DOLLS .. 15c. to $US .~ WOOL HOSE -Black iaiL.liJcu»ii.al. 50e, $1.00, $1.25 MEN'S SOX plain ur fancv Mlk> A\id auol mixtures at rDDLT - w'rth ne\r style hats at -40c^--$L0a-Uu_$2JS_ TOYS, BOOKS, GAMES, CARTS, DISHES, ETC. A big array of Gifts for Boys and Girls on the second floor Drums, Fifes, Guns, Banks, Telephones, Trains, Cars, Automobiles, -•Mechanical -Toys, Games, Targets, Doll Dishes, BallsrMusical T-oys, Sand Toys, Black Boards, etc^ Price* lOy 15^25,5Qe-U-p4o $1,25 BOOKS for \oiiin : or old at 5, 10, 15, 25, 50c to 72c each. Com- •prisinsf- tJny_.Scnut .tiookv Girl Scout Books,. Copyrigtit Books, Cltild: . u-H-^-ktHtftt Bttrrky AitituaKSooles;Ptltrv Tales/etc. - BRUSHED V NECK SWEATERS uf heaj/y quality yarn $4.98 to $5.49 HEAVY ROLL COLLAR ; - - SWEATERS V neck Slip-Ons, all wool $8.50 MITTENS ' ot Best Yam,. aH colors, all sizes gauntlet or short styles at . 25, 36, 50, 75 to $1.25 CHILDREN'S LEATHER MITTENS and GLOVES $i.00~ and $1.25 CHILDREN'S JERSEY FUR . TRIMMED MITTENS 59c \ FANCY TURKISH TOWELS Sets of Towels and Wa-sh Cloth or by the each Sets at 65c, 98c, $125 to 2.50 TiiweJs. at 35,5Q, 59, 65 and 75c Wash Cloths to match at 12 tol5c WAIST and DRESS GOODS Crepe de Chine all Colors' at •$1:98 and $2.25 . • a • ' CANTONXREPES All the new shades at $2.35, 2A9 ±Q 3^5 yd. CHILDREN'S COAT SWEATERS Navv, Brown and Copenhagen $1.00 to $2.25 ^^rFA-N-TS 4 --JAeKETi5 . am} BOOTIES - Icon's #ori?et-th& Little Tots * PRETTY KNIT COATS .--•-— '\BAGS-AND-PURSES . _ ~~— -\--A^-^IetKM- ?4^Hv«vti-++t-feH;h-fn *W H^^s4H^es-ri-Ht1^e*4<>r-s-a-H5yr^S( ^.UO0 r -$L25 T 44J»0-Hf-k+-$4*S8 : —— r^- — -Ix-e.tl'c- rrcwHrrK anjirBeaded styles t^r children ~at 25>c and 50c . . Men'- .otd •ll'>\^' Purees and Pocket' B-mks at lOc up. to 1 $1.25 BLANKETS FOR GIFTS Special Sale Prices Prevail all through the Holidays • BEAUTIFUL PLATD BLANKETS r \^RfSmstzr \~. —. $2.79 ~ -—^6x80 stee—.—=—^39— Gloves as, Gifts HEAVY WOOL 'FSNESH - PLAID BLANKETS XHUuDJiEN^HQSE <S6x-Ko Nashua make $4.20> ! .73Jt&a-^=-.^^.--j:—- ra 4,9s _PielLv. Lulaiii^ St'l->: Ciu^_ O-ul .rmT^ITtTcrK\ 111 > il ileT>7\nl\i 11 tie s. ~t4f»wfc^«7t--H-H1-4l -Jv-t •. r - t '-n4-}4 ; bi 11,1 ft*»l l~<-rPefolW '$&%-fk?tviic&¥& r ~ 3tlk fibbed, tine lfcle.>f n<>\ e . b *«H4S at R;itt h:\ Mxttmuy-fcfa- -St't>, \ anit\ Bn\ sqs, .MiifoLy fJoiiil'S. TjetST.'Cushions, eh*\fnuir2Br In 4.98. W-i C<*1 D»C1 YA DBCfcVI: lift* U WXl IX CHILDREN^ SWEATERS—~- \TOd-MiTTENS ~ Always -A winner. Wi. 1 amshaw -\ f)4x76 Grey and Tan $249 m$ a splendid line of Skating *j. on ./-.< WRITING PAPER IN BOXES INFANTS CASHMERE and SIlK-^^^^i^dcitbfc-CifU ihat and WOOL HOSE please 50 to 75c pr. \\\ -T.™ r^w. or,^ SWEATERS TOY DISH SETS . .. ... _ , . . . I\' the \iiuni ; V\is^ Plates, Pitchers, Uips'and Saucer \ t ., PU I1-..\CM\ middy Sweaters 25-, 50, 60c to $1.75 set ambinnti-m c<ilnr;*at $3.50\ .-b tmutl tht> ^kn-e-ett.'eils j , iti-H'*--^iTTn-rmr--of-Writing Materiars. ~flm paper from 15c to $1.00 in neatly finftlfed X-frTaXR'oxes. Ladies and Children's Si/es. Pencil Boxe>. Paint Boxes, Paint Books, etc. PERFUMERY In X-ina^ Boxes tm .i^itts at 15, 25 and 50c. Extracts that are jruar- MiteedTit excellent oualit\. - ?-2x»<»- \ \•.'•.•'; ^fiaTFerHfarllcefeV9 TV. .'.\.. T.Bg Crib \Blankets. .75c, $1.00, $1.25 Ail colors and plain $1.98 BED SPREADS 1 if pure white satin finish.pr in stripes and plain colors $1.50, 1.65, 2.25, 2.50 to 4.98 LifficL Misses' at -^lT257-frSerfr9S~trr2?t9 pr. SUEDE JERSEY GLOVES with strap wrist IV\ode, Brown, Gray; Beaver at 98c and $1.25 SWARTZ • & BROOKS Leading Merchants l B« BROCKPORT, N. Y. IJfre Commur I ;<selel>ratlon will [Jenfcer aa usual Years, the date Meeting of th€ flibernoon at Oc reify inidtvid item 'bmins con |-^0hriatmag hajiq <jnea, Is request Teachea thfi Jiai mnrity Ntrrse, - committee, as ;3ttroBe s ~(i»\aaa t» «h» si MJae S^en'a C ffrarTttfner's ( JeEtTffrtlie dea- of Mra. Grove _>hon. and MreL 1 Cbanmlttee iacl -risoH,Sr,j MR Shater, \Mrs. L •well. Mrs. Cle- -don,-Mps. Ida l-Smlth. Theji |: foaelseisroE too.c \fiLmillea where .predated. i ~~*~ A number c \.Santa Claus i ..\©omniuiility Oe |--™jiv&l,. and any* l^^elujj^touoh -w have tae pleas S5re- safely ^ del fcdMrs. Jonoa^Goc te&ramnM I—and—stogfaig ol l>e \held at the t-o'dockr'at tog program -stadSHts .- . Grade Songs—Cnristi Piano Duet—C dock, Rnth I ^biigff^^anfa - ' : Town, tuite •Reading-^Ctpar Mrs. BiTdsal \ -— Town of Bet ' IPiand Solo—Si — jGartet- • - iSon^s— A. iChri Good King, ^ m- ' p-i wk . •KJJ \ • 'SsM/?' i if': \ • ,\Vfi'/ yymmxif* *r-' WlGFTBr WEST!'RN\NEWSPA K R UNION I - I ^^^^^H |^^^ I 1 • ^ 1 ^^HPv ^H ^^B '.X,-- '^B ^ra^Kfli T^g^8Kyjm WH&-. ^~*&Mt£ter£tiiv r ^.*%* ^^M / t ^a^W*'^'^- - ™ '^' t f^^X^'^'^^/y-S^^i'' :> 4S^!s^'f 2 , -,_. )tf ^ iS&fiiiiii^ ||l Songs—Hark 1 !• Reading.. „!• _._. „ _ , Qtsffi 9 SOBS»—cr ^t< H m- TteeeTKings J All Ye Fait: 1 ° 1 iMra. Marion 1 Goffe, entere I „ afternoon folk 1 1 Vreete. a, Mrs. {Joffe - I] daughter of M j , .well kno-wn m came to Brocl , teg her home j ! ' |P. Frost. She f to lOharl-ets P. 1 I A few years j ' Goffe -who su ! years she has || »f*the Daptisl || C. T. U. II besides her i, 'eon, Charles I - G. Allen Gc !, r Stfevens condu which were h 1 Sunday aftefr. 1 [ body* was int« j' | tory.' I ' II W 1; H„r Dining Roon j. ;BL *« dosed\ all tfl\ '' lamto^ 1 IH '•^•r •m^mvpsj* rl ......,... v .... 1';

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