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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, December 13, 1923, Image 11

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^»SJSf? •sr-ysjr- mmmsmmm^pirM-oei&mWj- . : ^Wr^ : - • Tiujr-»*~'.n>.i -'iniMtr<ar>il^iiiiifrVitorn : iWnffflflrM j^ijiilttfu^ • • • ••••••lIllHlWllillHillllllllllllllll -W- -Report-:©( * Medical Committee Inveiti- gnting Electronic Reaction! of Abrnmi Foil Find of Useful Gifts LEG US SUGGEST For the Household A Set of Dlshes--a fine Floor or Table Lamp \ Wilton or Axminster Rug A Nice Piece of Furniture * ~'- '--Some-Newtaee-Gurtains* Ete.yEtej For Mother, Sister or \ Her \ A Genuine Red Cedar Chest A Sewing Cabinet or Spinet Desk A Mcker Fernery or Candlesticks A Fine Windsor Chair or Rocker - For Father, Brother or \ Hhrr^ A Smoking Stand or Foot Rest Ug-Ea^-Cimir-or-Rocker—__ A nice warm Pair of Blankets Every* For everyone . ATNew Model Victor Vietrola and Records We have them in stock $0C AA f A 4?9Cfl ft ft Better ones ranging in price from «]>£«>. UU 10 <p£jU.UU if you^want A. V. FOWLER j^ 97 MamHS^- _ BBOCKPORT, N. Y. ^ ij& 4< AMMMW •••••••••••I Continued from page 2 judgment on these method^ of diag- noses, but we do say that at times.the findings are startlingly correct.\y\' '\ Com m ait trig 7 on-^ifferenT7estrfts~f6und in examination of the same'blood speci- men\ the report says \the present neces sity for the use of a subject as a de -t-'&etor—• Gf-t-h-e^e-ner-gres in the- -Mood 1 makes an absolute sfandardization im- possible.\ In other words, any exam- TnaTion or \Ql^gTTdTt^lTlust'TT'Rotul Is\ the- person making it. The method may be correct but the technique faulty. Tilts is emph»si?ed by the t ports <>f different great hospitals where postmortems show other methods were wrong in front A •$*% to as high as 62% showing that no method is infallable al- though enemies of ERA demand ieo%- -correct from it. The'repnrt then takes up- the oscilloclast as tullows: \The amazing claims made for this apparatus have led us-ito try it out. The Ameri- can MedicarAssociation Journal and the Dearborn Independent claim that it is impossible for any sort of energy to be •gehgrated - bv this\ mecTiainsnT TTiiw- the patients under treatment are\ bene- fited in a way difficult to explain from any other standpoint but that thev do receive sunie specific energy.\\' That the patient gets well h\ using the. uSjdJJo.ciasJL&hi,)uld_iiietu J Mimi tiling but scientists demand facts so their technical experts \vere instructed to FeslThe machine which thev did and reported \the principle involved is ap- p^jmUy-thai-of- a magnetic stress that is ^rythmatically- interrupted and^ that produces specific physiological reaction wrthtrtrrr sensation to the patient.*' To do this special instruments--,had to be devised te—meet a—sw-prtitetpte-te physics. Under \Results of the Treat- ment\ the jenort continues: \We have observed apparent curative effects Tii some of the 'most .difficult types of cases. We will not burden this report with statistics although we could give a series of a few hundred cases extending\ back over a considerate\ pefTocT of time.\. . Summary. \We have* demonstrated that reaction of a delicate character can be induced by means of the blood of an individual that is. brought into relation with another person provided certain errrdttterts are estaWKhed. fjorn thf we deduce thaTsbme sort of energy is given off from-that blood. .. -—We believe that this energy reprev- ents both pathological and physiological processes in the.injividujl from whom the blood was taken We believe that more or less accurate deductions^ can bt made as to the diagnosis of the condi-» tion, from which the donor of the blood suffers and that the conditions can be accurately. fomed. We have demon- strated that these reaction can be utlli. ed-in selecting curative measures,\ .\it* conclusion, vmir committee feel's justi- Jig&itt_=£eniindmg you that, in plyysicial science, what yesterday seemed impos- sible te fodav cormrronpiace. The |Lpheno_m*fta <>f these reactions con- stitute a new Held of medical research.- =v ^espetfTuily Submitted: 'Eugene\'Un- derbill-, M, D., Philadelphia! Henry Beck- efiJVt. P.. Tor-HYto; H. B, Baker, M. P., Richmond: B. C_;^9AP.^iyiJjl:i fo\-.P.-4. Boston; rtarvey Farnngton, M. f>., Chi- JSdaiii&fc- BRQGKPORT^^-Y. -Fho«e-IG6- 3>fie f/larkel tSamfafy ~MgaTUW BT STeTOsrJvT T3»; \New\ Tori\ \\ Sucn a report by sucli men must car ry conviction that a new and wonderful it-4l-i5Sji<^s-a-na-4fe-atiiiejit- is at hand which will do away with the ad- ro+fEedTy t>UB?1)4ig atn4 unreliable pro- cedure of the present as s&asm by sta- tistics quoted in this article. But the most—impres*H»e -pa^t—i-s that €ertaii» 4' deadly «mdi4U»»*. may be diagnosed at gjffigfc.'EgE.y. n^dmrtftgs.iHrdItirtfed tififoEe-j .ff.. tbey- ttenrap to the - da1tpWuT~sTawrB~\ \l^re^erfrTfftwm^itnfSTet^ until in inaov conditions the patieni is. HJ_past hope for^ recovery. What this will mean to the rising generation passes ijHlKiaaJJiin Jul itJi-PQSsibJe. to.s±e.rili5;e.. their blood so.fn prevent fufure disease Christmas and Happy JVeb) Tear jlfotl jvdLLlljacijojir fowls for your Xmas Dinner will be the freshest and Home Dressed Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, Roast- ing Chickens and Yoang Fowl at the lowest price possible. 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I • • PS STORE depending on certain basic condition>. * •ine-wiTf-l-a^e care-of flie Fame -of Wf. Abrams as ha* been doiie already from his otheT investigations for he h'as an in- ternational reputation in science and holds degrees from some uf the fore- most institutions of the world. 1 • • •_ 1\ • • Santa ClausVHeadqiiarters aw^ar We afe^nowmg a\xn3mpiete HnErnt^-^lsj.fbr-eTervprtg.-^ UNCLE HANK For the Younger Ones Mama Dolls 50c and up, Kid Body Dolls, Toy Dishes, Tables, Dishes, Chairs, Sleds, Blackboards, Mechanical „.„_ Trains, Friction Toys, Box Handkerchiefs For the Older Ones Towels, Dresser Scarfs, Stationery, Hosiery, Sweet Grass Baskets, Beaven's Perfumes, Etc. Also a Full Line of China which You Cannot Afford to Overlook Get Our Prices on Xmas Candy A young fully - . <'oi)tPiii])lntiir matri- mony, should ri'inr-iybev Hint H young gal's nifty lifildn' ft>ot have nothin to do with • th\ 'lr.njkmg of digestible pie-crust. HARLEM LAMPEN & CO. m* 4 i * i,>dm°

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