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VOL.LXVIII BROCKPORT, NEW YORIfi-THURSBAY, OCTOBER 18,1923 NOV3 JCHOURSHtt^ Y SENIOR CLASS AT NORMAL -JEXECTS OFFICERS. J5EVEN- t^TWO IN THU CLASS BaiketbaU Candidate* Called Out Monday. Four Cheer Leaders JGhpjfeaaiby Las* Thursday report cards were is *ued to meanfoers of the hagh schooLj ^epajritment- •'Pew the month, ot Sep- tember 170 had .perfect attendance, ^Ittie followiimg twenty-five were on the ~ honor roll of scholarship tai the high \Mr. Webber is a veteran of the [Qlyil W and a memiber of the local jost of rlfce Grand Army of the Re- public. He seSTretl as'commander of the organizatiotnn in M09. ' \He is sstill bale and hearty despite tftaEemr toT^'Se^tiemiSerrl* 1 ®-- 3 ^---^ 1 ^ -daAvesJhlSMJWil! car„and •Cora \Wadhitoum -90.66; Ethel Johnston, \~~~ =90 4; Orawfc Beasmam, 90.25; Margaret Warmon, 8S.25; Mildred HOI, 89.25; ^_ Jtema. Johosjton, 88.6; Winifred. Lee, 5x;j88.6; Alinenia Bfiedman, 88; Margaret •;£.' Decker, 87.4; (Ruth Oleichauf, 87.4 ; I ^_8ilb^HGlfl?eMiand; 87,25i\3ennice.Sheeta; ^ *7; Marie Gtreeme, .86.8; Dorothy White, \86.75; TJor-ia Carney, 86.25; Sanaii -ItoweirrK.afi; Eugene StuH, 86; Edith |sriNy«, S6.4; ^pou^as. Weibater, 85.4; Ora \ - littitee Cooler, 85.25; Wilbur HMeT, 85; Charles HdLHl, 8f>; Helen Rudman, 85; =4faggareUfi»«iim'a,n-85; t Marjorln T6dd t | 85. To gaiai a (place on the honor roll ': Stoaffitag o* 859S or toebter. 177 had J ~^p*ery ^ubltect \aibove €6% 72 had one ~ \WMoct foe*ow €5%, 24 had two sub- jects \belowand - two had three subjects ^fe«ta«r.-65%^, ' ,:._ kaafr Wednesday afternoon the senior '\. olftftB -was eirprjiizeo: to tile tafferotectioai of a three-year course therewili be no graduates from ttiia course ttfttii June 1925. Oh this - account th-e 1934 class will consist of 1^-1'lfiiffSP ijfhe* *f* finish-tag the .old two- T-^eair-oooraer those graduating dCmm. the „JMgh school deg>artment and the <mS- ' year (rural school course. At present Athene* are 1& It* .the senior class. 0^ U^ Jf e^t«atoB^jffa»--6ff6ct^dr toy the ejection} .Married, la Chicago, ISiiamaA^^Bit-- Jf. ; #lTft,,lftPtotog,...offlc^rs; , Leslie J. were-unhitched for feeding.\ 'Mr. W-ehber spent tbreB~yeaTS' j r frrf BouMer as a carpenter and 'then vent to-dSeTj^Eienfi^-aecttoii. where he set- tled on a «arm just south, of that town ou t&e (St- Vrain river. \While there Mr. \Wobiber acted aa deputy assessor under two assessors and to l'8i99 he was elected to the office. He moved to .Boulder Jan. 1, 1900, and: ' served efficiently for five yeans as assessor. He then engaged in, the real estate (business here, re- tiring ^onlmthrogjears_ago a ___ .__._ .;._ at* nds to his business matters with (he dtepaitch of a man 44) years his junior.\ Mr. Webber is a brother of Rev. L. B. Webber, a former pastor of the Presbyterian cburch at Sweden Center. HISTORY Items of Intepett- Mentioned In The Republic Fifty Yean Ago To-dpy John L.. CJa-rk .build» a dwelling [house on Perry street. . -uiui-» txa-^- 1 ^; 1 m^iLUjLj JJPIUJ' u HMU»jv yj y Maxon street t» Johm. Hlibert. lept-aBWfe-matotata. an avftrage^ Hied toi AlT>3on, -Wlllfam Gesy, for- merly of~lKJttBfi,1tged~17 years. T^wenty-Flve Y««r» AQO Charles Hilb-ert of Lyman street tikis village is drowned in the canal ait Rooheatea\. TSHTTrear^ewtag^iBrTffier 'lfl(r~E {^nfarence^helo^fn\- Rochestecr Rev-. J, E. Wlftianus la ap- .GREEN BADLY INJURED HEADON COLLISION OF AU- TOMOBILES NEAR ELM GROVE Taken to General Hospital. Frac- tured Knee Cap Placed in Cast. Mr. Greenoughv and Children .Resl&nation of J, Latta Snider.; Im- pravftroents QLBlK^ltwnp'ated .._ J_._Latt& Snyder ^Who has been s>uip- erintendent of'theOEfeco^port .GasXigM |no.Tti|pftny JCmr the T>^8t >tihree yearajiaa resigned his management of the com- pany's affair®, anU^ltr^seTeT hJs> con^j •nection with the company NovenVber first. The n&w euperintendent is P. K. j Elected Grand Conductress of the fiampton, of ^Waih^gfonrTJ: ^v-vstof-^- ftn ^rchap.ter of the State of brings to *he firm a record of ex-' and their car was away overon'iSe wrong side of the road,. off the con- poinited pastor- of ifihe CShurch toere. Died \a. BrooTijHJrt, l^ranlr BordweSl, aged' 48 yeans. - -'Gabbage aeSa-for $$J5ft iper ton. Fifteen Yean Ago Died fen Broctoport, MTS. Marietta Webster Boyd, aged 6 J yeara don of BtrocbDort and Mtea Ruth Perry of Ohleago; in. Broek5»nt r F. A. Buxton amd Mias ifor-ence ISL Weheter. I ^^SWtCterpr'Bsldesnit, Oharehvttle, normal ^T^dtepaatmeTBt; iMfldred B. Hip, vice- ^pnealdent, Adaans Basin. Mgh scjhool Ir^aepfttftaienat; Edward J. Oorbett, aeere-jat -the N\«w York Oenitral'freiglht,house I ^lary, Brocrkport, normal department; in this village. Edgar H. Benedict, treasurer, high Will Matteson of •Caledonia accepts l£- •school de^artoient; Eloiae B. \Wad- a posditio-n here in *he hardware atoore - hams, mexiilbor of the execuHfve coin- ( of Tl. V^ Sreenougli —-inlt.t»B,hi^flcamold!epai*m!erjit, These ofltoere tr=aneaot all tihe {business tori POETIC LICENSE |i^: * the\ «Ia» aald anaKe r*comnnfendation^-^heTe--llve*-one---*hne a poet-euss and when It appeared that the Ffcrd oc- cujamts vrere jaytog no ^attention jto their liorn and heading «tralgat for them, she steered her car over to the loft 4»-avoid--the Ford. About the aame-anatant^ithe 4TAver-jot-th.e-J]oga. realized the situation and pulled over, and the cars atrucfe head>on. -The aerylce board of *ie naachine was d-rlven d_eeply toto Mrs. Green- |ough.!a left taiee, jresultin^ in a com- pound fracture of the kmee capi and she was severely cut about Mae nose and mouth, in additioa to sustaining frightful bruises. \Mr. 6r«enough was badly cut about the leg* and face. Aside from shock the tw© ehiHren- fen tihe taaok- Seat -•«Hiapwl=-^m*njureoVL ^j Deputy Sheriffs Gbraon aadd WEelehafi Cady POStlNff, 236;TGtrA-. JtTwilX hoUd „-^ -\-*.- • ——• tX^ i^4arrived <H3r-ae~8c©nes-4>n«nptl5r . ACterJA.aoc.lai and supper TuAs^-eieiing, Henry Hurl-ey heoomes chief el«* j^* 1 *-™^^^ _^_ M A -^ n , n ^A ^^^' rv,^t,„, s*-^ -* TL-^*>~ -•* •• ••• ..CgariUdartW-.'fjgrJbasiketibaE were call- ed out tosEt Moaid&y; about thirty boys jyhoee-low«bpew-wjish cornea • down^to ns, th^:' woaKii ihad one common mouth wrhich lie might klsB-from nor^h responde*-^, l&ere is every indication J to south, Admiring all female creation \ atiheces irtlLibe a atrong team. Last: I gtill wx>uld -use. disKsrlininationj You TTOuETSday the school elected the fol-}know 96metfemes these poet fellows Gooley, Willtaan B. Miann? Wdl'ford- E., 3fe*Miis aid Towneead' M'.~YSnB%^ pe Jo^-swtH lead.jthe cheerliig.an.d, slogtog at. the fames and other scThool TjBfcfcvMeiw \ \ i tow tot3n>f*teJtralr from their •bellowm,) 1 and in the eomga tih&l bards have gang Lloyd IS. (baemian, B. N. S., 1914, of the fiooheater 33ast High School faculty toss -hewr—mafce tacttlty-atlivi«0T^ e< -^he^ _ Is=i^j(la8l4Gfl,. ^l^^naigofcjlTOMication al[.ta»e..feariatat\ and ^totae. ihe WMBBT. ve'see ^that maa^ USe - Wem\ young. They have a. taste for squabs and cliicka ancT ^all ffietf UStre J^psper trickB. Nor» is youth alC for I opine j most (bards would draw the color line. And as *or Me I IfEe some hTates; I iBtA Blggi Sdhool. *Ph© flrwlt nisimiber of the Lyceum J^tJlfeLTllTough\ gave gen- . e'ral Batlaaactfs3p-to ; a crowdied haB lagt TlSBtradagr night. A lamge nmm'ber of and tho chronic martyr. Deliver ine from home j>eace wreckers, from ter- maganhs anet..flll_ hen-peckers. This j-lnadife—no. t^ygamiaifct-few txe ^e moutihs he «ver kissed. In all the mS If ~mob \^eemsr certain that oona .e-J«F^l-n*ore than payJOT.lteeifc|i»pftoootb^,k&eisiide8. .JExom. San nmtr nueaher te the .Huasiain' C!a-j Francisco to Sa-vawiah there is no Ji»rfeeI\\oT* IWea^i'esda.y TYFt©N i death of Harbtde A. iPyron, aged years, a former resident of •Olark- ooetarred iMonday morning at the home oC iec sister, Mr®. Brxuma IR, J?Mtei •of S©eneerport. jMr«. TyronJ^jjjj^ was hprja in Clarksoaa, where she lived j the grea.4er >iyart of her life. About '< ftfteeen ^ear® ago she jnoYed to Spen- j eeriport ^whene she hias> since made her: .home wfctb her sister. tickets .hwas-beea-jsold! ior_the oQU3ae^3iaomBLj!!biitAejBOiildx^ wECe JttSt meete hl» views? he'd facts were* otherwise I .would IB/vent some p4ou9 lies; for m 'that gentle fady Mt ime ho stock size crown would ever fltniej yea, when I reached ttehearenrh Jy • 'border they'd inuike a diadem to order, -all lull of curves and ©rootes and jhumips with nice soft padding for my Bob-Adam's the crasste, and when it developed there was no ambulance avuilaMe In which»| to take the injured to Rochester, they fitted -<tb.elr car up with znottrjase, pil- low -and hlankets xmjrhleh.thfiyjcould. caixy Mrs. Greenough aaid conveyed them 'Both to the General hospifeaL ; -5tTsw GreendughJa leg.j^as. J pmt in a oast, and she Is stBt ait tlte hoapttak, in GAS CO.'S NEW MANAGER MRS. L.^. SHAY ^ fflGHLY HONORED IN LINE FORfBKlHEST QEFICE -IN^GIFT -Q¥- THE EASIER!* STAR ORDER i used many signs to save time, -when M I first began operations. Flgure-s were ! expressed quickly, and indicaited mamy phrase®. iPor instance, the figure \1\ l-Dnidtcated- \wait a mmwfe'^T c '7' ? ^ T do^ know\:. _\8s:^_\Afl»w*r paid for\; am^JFQRTY CASES HOOTCH BAG. PALtACE CATTORES B0OTLE6CER1 \30\, for. ''End of <#he rsporC, or the em. Years^ ago, wh^ti _ajgM editors; took their own reports from the ojp- eratorsr^(^'\\waalaTwelcc^mi miunibeT, COLTPALLACE T BY Escape Serious Injury The driver of a Pord touring car and hte companion both leaning out and looking backward, as they neared a curve in the wad, Is .said to have been the c&itse of a aierlous accident on tihe Millioiv Dollar highway Saturday .after^ noon, in which Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greenough of Adams streeit, were had- ly injured. The collision occurred in, front .t*t Judge MdDowell'o house, near tihe Elm Grove road; some dietar^ce ejift\*! SpenceTport. -Mr .aaid Mrs. Greenc-ugh and their two children were going Into\ the city, and asjthey oamfe around Che curve they dtecoveredconQing toward them art a pretty good *citp> a Pord/ina- chine. The^arlver~a^~hls~compajnioirl leaning oht of the car, lookfegnhack^^ ^ g- %umsfc ^Sjff the company's pattjrons ip Brockport the same satlsfaotory service they have received from, his^predecedsory Mrs. Hampfam^who^accc^ipanaed-hOT husband here froim Washington, will assume the duties of cashier JMr. Hampton exjieots to give the plant -a--igenerai-Gwrh»uling, and. thefSj installing of an additional coal gas bench Is included 5 , among the improve* menta to be made. \ v -M-r-. SnydeT'e^futur* plansuhave-notj —J yet been definitely .decided. HOPE REBEKAH LODGE INSTALLS OFFICERS \At the meeting-;JQL Hone..Rebekah Lodige on Thura^r eveining, October iJJJbh, _tha foflitowiMr'offlcflfg were in- especlaiay when there _ were other Flat Tire Undoing of Two Men thing® to do, SMJSJO the term has come ^ -^ni—rrj, • gs^. t -««'rf»— down mrough'the years -to-W meaai-1 ~ saA lll ? ,r ^* lf .? 0 _™„^ , l^ J» ing specifically, the end, and as ap- flBieia-^TthTerwOTldTof^swspi^e^aoms^ the death of a newspaper worKer. Gofacia Keenej Tfcec, Sec'y., CSharlotte especially honored ait the annual con- |jaention-o£-Jhe^rdgr..of-the-,Ra«tf,ftrn, — ~- »_ *. ^u __„„ jfl ^^„„ISan'ford; IFIIL SecY-i Etta Ma/jMullen; or«Tel TMWr-GweaMngh-Tras-daastogaL^--- -« : jqg'T\ ••^Tii* A ^ urew, ™«,r-« «««««- ^Treas., MairgaretTTMaloney; warden, Louise Kuehelj<>Jndhotor,Aany Smith; |-Ohaplainv Lilliain-BebttU-Rv S. N.\ G., Pamnie Steele; L. S. N. G.. Augusta Johnston; R. S, V. G., Anna Coates; L. S. V. G., G^elH^BuirerT. G., Olara^ fWs&vrrb- &-, WalifcBr-BrohOTTOT - ^^^! cian, Ethelyn Doaaoe; P. N. G., Mary Raleigh. - — -The retiring Nr~Gr-wasr presented with \a P. N. G,'a_ Jewel and- also a gift from her onTc«f«. v *The 13,'D. F . suite were also presented with gifts. FoUowing- the meeting refreshments were served, after whtehi dancteg was enjoyed by all. G. A. R. GET-.TOGETHER October 23rd, ait their- 'rooms' ln> the iMrs. Jlrancei HBcncook ghay w§» Star which was held in New York City Last week, when she was elected to the Grand Chapter of the State of New \ York, it has aU#ay* been-customary heretofore that candidates for office first be eleoted to the chair of AsBist- ant Grand <^n^tt6treag,; hut 3VTT». TSlmy waf given tne nonor c^rpa^SEg^over' this office to thait of Grand Conductress. [She was elected unanimously, an oc currence which has happened but once before in the history of the Order, covering a stretch of fifty-four years? If the regular order of advancement continues!, Mrs. Shay will be the logical candidate in 1925 for the office of Grand Matron, the head of the Order In the Stale of New York; which hal a membership t at tihe present time In the MATRIMONIAL y BLOSSOM—8HERET f The mairiage' of MIES' Elsie *»ay. iSheret, daughter of Mr. amd Mrs. John G. Sheret and Evarts Miller Blossom, Hren of -Edd'tor and- Mrs, P-. A. Blossoan, was solemnized Friday evening at six o'clock at the home of the tekle's paj- ents on West Park street, Albion. The fcride was given in marriage by her father, and the ceremony - was \perform- ed by Rev. Godfrey Chotoot, piaster of- the First Presibyteriaa Church, in the presence of about s^venty-flve guests. •Staniey Woods, violinist, and Bert <5rlswoM, pterfst;^pIayed i -aiendelfio5Mi ! 8 wedding marchi and accoanpantied soft- ^T^h1ouglT!neTSIBmT!Jrryi : ;——— The bride wore a handsome white officroT -Gflnrd -CffliaiEfrBw\ \of-ie^^-^^ with J^ afldj^rJed | shower bouquet of brdd\ers roses omia lilies-of-the-vaHey, She wae «fctettded by her sister. Miss Marfan Sheret, who was gowned In blue and carried pink poses, flilhent ,B, Lockse of this village pi»nr\ty>wf ffl«,Ti~ ; ~_..~~^; L.~ Four girls friends of the bride held ribbons of white, focmlng an adsle from the stairway to the hay window where •the ceremony was penformeo, and lit- tle-Jack—and- Betty —Bmdon carried,| .flowers, The house was beautifully•fihat decorated with aurtumn foliage ama flowers, the October note beiri^ emipha- • sized by clusters of brilliant bitter- sweet .arjangM Jiere\ and there among the profusion of autumn; colorings* A •buffet supper it i-f Monday Night neighborhood of one-hundred and, flfty •mm <JlfttsHo*h*Konly \evem hte-otpb. care ot uoctor itaieni ot- <cfiiff~^Sllage7 and Doctor Wooden J of Rochester. MJr. Greenough was aWe-to Teturnv to his home Saturday isight' The children -w-eFeJ>roi the aocident by a passing motorist who was^adHo-ofter ^\wi«fa\«*—------- The Ford was- -driven by Joseph |^5alblato, of Hottey, ana he_ and hfe , The iprenuptial events ioscluded a m?^J' r « w «^^ I ,Jdinner%yMr.andd««.lUcl>aandp«>um The Mary Jane Holmes- Chapter will i^ g^^. a ^^ hf m/aM lM iB.] fttM1 i W i w \Praak a man wh«m he FahIichtuldfeg T towhdc^enmehiher9;<> fflctell y recognize the honor accorded Barf LJ|nj3cott ^ grock^n; a Blion of the Women* iRelief Corps and Sons 1 °™ of *te members by means of a re-' shower ftt the ^^ star toa , Ky MIU. oi. VeteiianB are especially invited. The, ception, plans for which are under way. j • - •x met at the Copper Cent saloon taf Buf- falo. \Fraok\.ln*Toduc©dBiM'to\F*atsV Croniin in Niagara Falls, who had the stuff -stored in his honso and garage. The cargo is claimed to hibe valued' at H27.&0. Prohibition officers from Bufr f-alo raidoi -Crooin'e -place Tuoaday soil TOT-^MP 3 '. iri\?^'CI^\\~i Broetet>( ^ a d;tim<>r - b g lMtss L&uwtttseized. *e ci)n*enfe-^coTd'h^Hbo-ft»r- iAmoe Beedon, of Albion;.a. kitchen supper is In Ohpurge of a Qommi^teslMr»-_?^i; wa9 tastrumental In *he^ owen by , MlBB ^^^ We jj 8 ot M . composed o* Comrades W. L. ConkltagP°™ a, « Jon 0 ^ the Mary Jan,e Holmes biom^a card* party by.MIsees Mildred and James P. Cornea, - j Chapter, of whieh she was first ^Matron . ^ j HieJen j^^^ ol juaslon; a dinner One of the special objects of a»1s; tor two years - She 3ra & subsequently ' ;b y Mr ^ iMrs j>o Vere ohrlswell-, of get-together -wffli be a discussion of (appointed Deputy Grand Matron ™: Bami j mMrf . a A«««» I^TT .WI=«. tx^-ncM a serious condition. She ds under the plans for a xeorganteatdoh of the Sons j ^ rS: & \^ ™>^f, ^^ i««»u— j^™— ^^^^g^ggj^f-j^jj^ Of rVeteransra matter theokt Vets- are) itwv^ .as Gramd-Fraternar^rrespond-^ • M{s l M<tfj0f j^Brodlo,\ and a. stagiieton. chief prohibition offlcerTm But particularly anodous to bring about -j ent «ady PostdsBow^ahVits-regnlarl DuringJhe conveatlon weehvin. New YOrk, the newly elected Grand Con- dnrtr4>^ •\\« pmit^rtaitn«d fit a buffet -Sa*uiday 1 -afbernioon' meetings iat 2:30 ley-aiFe-held'-at-aas-hour for the cotfvenience of the' Vets who j supper given by the Matrons' Associa MeU©i!SS£&i5o^^ Waidorf As,}. • - ' - \ toria rshe^was also a glest «t a dinner prefer meeting in the daytime instead of a%r dark. There ate hut eighteeu \&r™ tohonor of Omnd MafcronMildred ,Droth«r. who accompafflt-ed hian< were . members ioy\ left in .the Post, «n*jD. Everson at whicii.#mttgix J™\ badly braised and out by flying giaae.jthey \are scattered \oW a radius if {ware present, given at the Waldorf dinner by Gidbert Locke. I falo. After an--automohile trip to eaateml points, Mr. and Mrs. Blossom will be and their machine wrecked. *,*<* car* ** ^ -^-r^^ttt--- *>-«ff«»JN?* •be^^^ in^feglad^^c^e^^cm^^ yejj^J^gtlo^of ^ofllcers,^ which a3fafli% aKihirjugh ^wth deputleg-gBEteo^ that a coniplete~tD.vestIgaJtlon wonKTBe \ made- as soon a* ^Mr, and-JtiSa Gmesii. about ten milee. The Veterans wouJd ough are in condition to discuss the ABTS^eOWNT^OVER^fflrW Astoria. And on Thursday night after % quiet wedding took place a*, tihe- y of the Church erf the'Naitlvfty Tuesday .morning .at 10 o'clock when Bootl egging through Brockport gttt a jolt (Monday night between twelie aawi one o'clock, when a big Peerheas aedlan, the •driver amd his.conipaniion^ and forty eases of bootleg stuff ae- cidently stuxnibled into the aransi of tihe law, in the person of 'Collector of Oua- toinis, Hon. John Pallace. Mr. \-Fateee -wa-s- dr-Lvimg^down-MaiBL_. street on his way home,, accompanied by MT. Michaels, when he noticed' the big Peerless closed machine pulled up niear the curb, The\occuipants were emgaged ill burrledily repairing a pumct- ure. Soifflething in their •• actions, coupled with the collector'® keen to- buitloni, and the fact that they had stopped -just north of the Bi«e3q?drt Service Qaanage and were doing 'their otwn-Jepaii«, flrfflisea^MspiciaagJBLjaiZ mind of MT. Pallace, who questioaieft gate the cocnitentis'oT the ffiadrine. ^Hl«— suspicions -were quickly verified when be T5arae-trpon' the cargo *&ey^weraV tnansportinig. which proved to be forty <aBses of hoastcb- \. • They were on their way from \Bufe fialo to Rochester. They were promipt- ly taken tefco\ castodyi nM/^esxuiy, - m -'•;..i*J morninig~tfi© owner of\Ehe load*of booie\ accomipanleid Collector Pallace to \BuT- fialo whero he was to sJhow Mm where t-Ti^ staff .wias. ohtained'- _ Mihe liearlng Tuesday; it developed the owner of the sedan was Thoa. H^Huia; 46 -years old, of 42 Pearl street, Rochester. He was released on bail of $500 tor ftfoeadrug before United'©fcatea CommtSsloJaer Bdwin C Smitih, wblca wdjl he hold October S0 4 oil the clmrga Itegally-itPaawiporrfng 1rn»tinVtfrftit1iWC... liquors-.. ' I. O. O. F. --iMororoe Lodge I,\ Ow 0. F, thir gree staff -will go to Baitavia on Thura- PRA^gP=BUJ?FY: - r^^r-iday^^to^be|--^5.thj Z fe^^ eonfeTrTng the third degjgg~lir-faflh form on \a. <jiaiB5 of candidates, the ^« vlliaitiian.'tfeiiig extended -by' iBiaiJeajtle-- efaa^Hvimg te this victetfcy to .their jfesJn? was-prig. flfg-g-wasr-^^pow^ii^ T^.^Ser-Kreig-perfoamiBaj-^ to-aCTaiigaBrjo^I^ajB^rO^ — meetings, amtf extend a cordial invtts- gRen al one r CBTrty 1A. \5T7. ft^e RoseI ft ^^--' T ^y_~^^ t ^^^ toy j^^ '. :;Zj£a±_ ^__ -- - - tfen^te-fliem 4^a*temd-tih*»BQfiial and- Boom of the^ l^Jdorf-^Astoria^at which ^^j^ T>irf y , sfeLex of the. hTitfs,. supper next Tuesdfly evening. aJl the mmhers of the'Monroe District jweja^esent^fheoe^ty^ Matron, Grand Patron, Grand S&ore- ji fttal| cojojea jpoiret twlli- euit wKh^lSo^qwii^offlce^aJ-^^^ tftfy.'aad the aewly eleoted trustees,-* Mfes Anna Duffy, daughter ol Mr, and • Lodge. AM meml ers outside ol .tha - staff who wfah to go will please he at lodge Friday night of 'tibia week *o •Mrs. Terraince^ Duffy becaime the bride of Edgar Keath Prajtit of Middleport, INSTALLATION - '. and -Floyd Markham. \ * | S\- -B- ®' ^ C A. Jirowm and-StaJE: The hride 'wajs^cooMnglFlatttaed m.|from W.\ Bo^ ffl^^m^^na^l# Ar'N-.-^aa3caje«nrt)^Adeams street m«t ^^£^fS^2^i^^255f , Si_™*I5.«. Slwith^i^ S ^i 1 -iYof1tfev1Wr*JTeteneWebh L.B Shftyl rov4o8her^g&T:me-B0aaiiah.-.And if *»U„ ^^^y^a^^asas^i^^^i^h^^ dayjrnorning wliem\driviijig along at)Su*r three miles west-of 'Fameher, which <re- Their (Ford 'touring car skidded, IhTOke \mxm& inanmshk«the-feonteodof hteWaxleaai^one^ =** re^wjeejawp, Ford-#edoiu. He was' struck by a I smashed. They were members of the Cleveland 90 whoserdrfverwasi speed)- {.Roe&esteT Airtoniob11e-Cluhr-wSo-a*i-f Capen Fair November 14«h, 16th, 10th and 17ta» 10:lltf ytmerai services were held Wednes- i • Apple Storage Apple storage to leU—Inquire Ike fa? attomoooi at 2:45 o'clock, with jlManroh.eiiher, Fair St. burial a* Fairfield cemetery, Spencer- j port. ' i SAW BOULDER FIRST JUST 50 YEARS AGO \John A, Webber, venerable' 77-year- old Bouader citizen, drove a teaim -of 'oxen in*o* Boulder just &0 year® ago last Spetember.- \In company with a feltaw resident Of Humfboldit, in., he made the perll- otos Journey across the pl'alns, driving, decide which type of policy 'is best -4l>-head. .of milch eo\v.s the entire dis-1 adaiDt ®* *» yo»r n.eeds. Yale Forbes. - - •- jBroclqport, New York. * Li J Bought Your X-Mas Presents Yet? The last word in Aprons' and unusual gifts a,t the Preshyiterian Bazaar, Nov. 8th. ' 11:8 i • a' Did You Say Rugs? Well! we>_have them in a> great variety of T>a!erBs and prices. Many new lots just received. A. V. Fowler, Your Selection TheTe are many kinds of life in-1 suranoe contracts. Let nie help you to • itK!m ing along on the wrong side of the road. The Ohio car skidded', crashing into MacLeaWs machine. 'Mr. Mae=| Lean ifortufflateTy escaped wiAhout 1n- i jury, and his car was- towed to the Brockport Service garatge for repairsr A S'tudebaker sport model dTlven by H. S. Waldon, of Elmira, jumped into the^ditchr-Taind turned turtle Sunday morning aibout 10 o'clock oil the Mil- lion Dollar highway about a mile west of Holley when the driver lost control of the machine. He was accompanied by three ladies, one a Mrs. Flynn, of Syracuse, and the others residents oi Elniir-a. Aside-from a severe shaking up, the party escaped Injury. They were brought to the Hotel Brockport in the Brockport Service Garage oar, and Doctor .Hazeai was •called to attend 1 tajnea... ''Boufeder looked a little different **hTat dairy,,' remarked Mr. Webber to- day. \\\Whetre the court house now stands, -ithere was nothing but an open fpx corrstil, tt was ithere that the teams 6 , MEW BLANKETS We have a wonderful line of large sized All Wool and Cotiton Blankets to keep you warm these crisp fall nights. Priceis_raoge from' $2.98^0 $9.95 a pair. Later they were driven to Roch- ester, to catch a train 4Cor their homes. • • TJhe machine was put. completely out of commission; top diemolished and reives in^Be1ffit»BPbT thf ibadeide Sat? among which was Mls^SopEIe Bxkshester. cer^rton rected that-thielr machine be sent to the Brockport Service Garage, local and tMrs. Blanche <3artsihore, matron, patron, and associate rhatrots ot the a^carriedair| arm ibouquet of chrysaaAhernunfs, The 4hrldesmald. wore a^sMt^t^m^^l^ 5 ^ 'PStoa^Jr -^rE^^M&^ MTBT ^my was-aecomvp^ttiee^^B|Mew^ iffiXU doroddn port. , , Following the ceremony a\WediBihg Mary Jane Holmes Chapter of- •ft«*^aaaaat was: «efved «t ttee home of the bride to *he imniediajto^ relatives and friends, covers \being laiff for twelve at the bride's table. - The home and- -<^rfed--~yeIk»aL^ry^^ TjeafeaH-eBry Rennief-J^B^ mums. - «- |Bdwsrd Oetter; tHniae, «ay Ha«*baoolE*= •id -W., Monte Wesaejs.! 2nd' W^^JSrsja BIG FIRE IN HILTON The village of Hilton was threatened represemtatives of the ^Rochester ^-{Tnea^\^«ei»«w\wW a*am a^^ tomohile Ofoiby *er repaijsv T^e oc= cupants of the car escaped unhurt. r? jhearjt of_the village belonging to Myron Roberts was consumed by fire. The^ yeJlow and -white chr^saaffi&emuaiB. After a'tri© to Niagara Fan® and Canada Mr. and- OMrs. Pratt will make their honie In Mlddleport. 7 DAVIS—AL BORN .11 A Buffalo resident escaped unhurt ! flre y^ discovered about 5 o'clock from a tight place Sunday morning • breaking through the roof of the barn when his Buick touring oar. skidded, on aiu j f or a 1^^ ^ was thought it would bhe wet pavement about a mile west ^^p through the entire Roberts' es-, „ , of Brockport. He applied his- brakes^ cOT^teftn^ of a button, factory,! /*** »!•«*««» otftMrs. Carrie Albornj too quick and the car turned turtle.; Umheri , yard> tmit packing station. \** PM»**e*PMa, formerly of .Fair street He contiHiued on his journey with; c0OpeT ab0Pf plammg i, miU aad storage, tYAs \ vaiase ' *° Davld Davi9 <* m ^ r friends, .and his car which had the top ; p ] an(t with the help of the Greece , d ^ pMia ' took pliac * <m Thursday, Oct. smashed, the radiator, stearing gear,; Flpe '•Departmtnt the Hilton' firemen I llth MT • an,d Mra mYilS wlU make windshield and fenders put out of com-: Wiere successful to confining the fire toi^ 61 ' 1 \ home to PMladslplifa for the mission, was craned here for repairs.| the bam vh1cn ^^ a total tos.s. Thej J> ' pesent __ Mr. and Mrs.. Hibert Caiin- of Holley '^aanaige Is estimated a|t $7,000 which is' * and Mr. and Mrs. James Salisbury ofpa^aHy co T feired by'tosurance. j NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING Jamestown suffered minor injuries om i ^ . • 1 The annual meeting of the stock- holders of the Moore-Shafe-r Shoe Man- inf 1n October of- ^Jore-Bncamipmeofe >^~ ^John WflitltleT~Sr-W^ JBT. J^n8KP:rjEte J CasweU; &sd W., Wte. Mnmbeok;;.4ia|__ W., iMertora Sanford; In 8., B«r*y Joha==^ son: OrS,; WaMoP^ket-^st-Qr-ioJ-'Sr- Jolhin M. Oooley; 2nd Q. ot T., iBarrjr Glblin. 1 2-Day 8ai«t_ Saturday and Monday of 'better Beacom Blankets at Lester*. See asd^ ~ . . —. . m Remember the Chicken Pie Supper at tihe M- B. ! Church 'Thursday eveniag;. October 25th-from 5 until '8 o'clock. • • Dogs and Cat* '- treated and hoarded in a -aanftan- small ajiiimal hospital. Dr. Harry* Greene, Veterinarian, 18 Monroe'Am » „ Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, Brltiga Lamps We cam .supply your wants in Lahipe. It we do not have in atoek jusrt {what you wisfa we will get it for VoTa* A. V. Fowler, 97 Main St ' \ Ithfttt- '*$M m ?*&£ NOTICE OF SALE Notice ia hereby givem thait a ,^O]P|^ : , tearing .car o^nned hy MMtxA.-l^^mkW and held, by us on account iotm/t^0t A. y. Fowler, 97 (Main St. 4:10tf Saturday evening when ,the Willys- THE MYSTIC TERM \30\ i . ^„^„„ «„„„„«„ „», w i,„i^ <,**K~ _, , , t . . ... ^_ „ j. ,, , ,, „ i uifiacturing Company will be held at the Knight sedan in which they were on Considerably curiosity is , usually, 0 ffi C Q 0 f .the Comipaniy, No 6(>5 Park theif way to Rochester smashed into a manifest over the mystic term \30\ | Avenue, Brockport, New York, on the concrete culvert wall on the Fourth which we frequently see used in con' i 8t b da y °* Novemher, 1933, at ten, . . _ >ction roM a short distance east ^ nectfon with\the n^sp^per.fraternity, j^^£rs 6 ^ femdersi, windshiieM, racliailor and stear-. Bennett's Corners, The car was owned ,an)d a very, lucid explanation which re- j Qr , t he transiaction of such, other bust- ing gear ibroken. It waus towed to the and driven by Mr. Cain who received cently appeared in an Old Newspaper,. nesis as may propeily come before tht, Brockport Service Oarage for repairs, (two broken rilbs, the ' stealing wheel! throws much Might on the origin, of | meeting. 4 Florence Sprague of Medina, accom-1 being forced against ih'is body by the . the expres.sion. Tjhe term was first ill:l H. W. Moore, Secretary panied by four others found them-j collision. jconmeoted with the telegraph, which! SUBSCRIBE FOR THE REPUBLIC due notice havjng been given said HJe^ froa, w*ill be sold at puMc \aa-Jer aw- cording- to law, on Thursdayr-NovJsst, 195SS, at 10 o'clock at our garage, Broc*«j port, N\. y. . ' '^ % ODatecfc Brookponl, N Y , 0cJ.\16 ^3tt.\j 10:35 Brockport Servicer Qmfa&M \A - \ ^H -*-r- ! ^^ ^mmf£? w \:>*?# klML: : ^?^; „ •» -^, *

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