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^ ii^^v^^^^i^i^^^^^y ^C?3?T8fiI ?™ f^T5?™^*|p^*'v^^i^fT^7^™^^F F^f'^fi?^^' • ^ T^r^-'^W^'^T*' •^W5^jr^^fi^7^J(Et^w^ ^5^-^W^j ••^PK^SSW \*— ;; \4 «&, ,*\. d4k/4h4fc'4h4fc' JiTI *M • • • ••! I £\ ^r '^ fr» r fr..........J •#..,.• .y,;. k^„ - - «ar /^r ^^ '^r /^r BROCKPORT, NEW' YORK, TflURSDAY, OCTOBER 11 i 1923 NO. 2 Striffl) x\ Jiiter; Treasurer, 2nd Class Stout TFI.FPHONFRATF** Mterritt Cleveland; Scribe, First Clash f **>*>*•* *iy*^K fta ^* 1 ' 'C&^^COT^ Bcmglias- Webster. • The evening p- - __- was devoted to games. Y\ • With ftbe approval of the Norma! i , - NEIGHBORING TOWNS AM& VILLAGES— - |ltems of General Interest Gather- ' Wifrom Our Newsy Exchanges REDUCED School authorities, the hoys are to, VILLAGE ATTORNEY MAKES have a shooting gallery at the Normal J \&hooir^uMer^tihe~\iiuBiiS<!:es •of ttoe\ Winchester Junior Rifle Corps, whose EFFORT TO SECURE A FURTHER REDUCTION local director -will be Dwdgtot Oook. There.will ibe a meeting of the Court of Honor Friday, October 26th at; Dundee -Balr, the last In this .whiefc \time- Liayd ButteyfietdvWilJ he J of- tbes tate, opened yesterday ast^ up itor examination for Eagle Sco,pt; honors. Following the Court of Hnnor, Consider Charge to Be Fire Calk Outside S.SQ; ojrdtoary |4 J 5fti5 s ML.!Kto£ $4.00- 5..<O0; Start? ^0»-3.80y ^StfiMT 3eauty $3.00-4.00; Fall Pippto ' *B.o6-6.00 ; few C&ncy-ffr2S-6vS0; P«yaukee -$$00-3.50; Hubbardston $3.00-3.60; (Northwestern Greenings $4.50-6.50; fwenity Ounce $S.#5L®0; fewiiS^^tfO^lairdea Bfash $3.O0-3.SO; Snow Sweet $3.00-4*00; RECEPTION TO he breaks, he makes a, lot of foo.1 mis- Stakes. I ougMto know if T had -sensei that glass ware has. the precedenceCj But being with, a .bonehead cursed, 1 do the greasy jdishes first. Within' the MOT0HCYCLE ANB^ BUICK COLLIDE CHILDREN'S BOOK WEEK TO, P® 11 a wMle l 9losai them ' th&a Ukely MAN DRIVING MOTORCYCLE with the #iiyc cloth ;w<atsjh- them,- -Yea— BE OBSERVED AT NORMAL WEEK OF NOVEMBER 11 He Village a regular meeting of the Board reefc, -fr?iagara-eotto*feyt -wi*4s&m-elame-^ea^^n~JSe5Eemiber; plan^o£Tra^*ees^eId-Me3id«yreve^ingr-©et- will be made tor the annual banquet HISTORY 8th, 1-923, .the following fnemibers were -$3.«0-4.Sa; ... Eound _______ -Baldwin 33.O0-4.00; Miscellaneoti-g $3.00-4JBO; Unclassified j ^ ' 2% inch various -varfeties \from $2.oo-! School Closed Tomorrow Colum- 3.^0; per bushel basket, all State sec \ bu$ D \SmUin' Through\ -tions, various red and green varieties, . ^ T «--»• T> • t » at Normal HaH Tonight —^*Sm-HmHPhroush7 a -tte-fiTat nmnbesr- of the winter Lyceum course will be presented in Normal Hall, Thursday evening, October 11. This is the play which Jane Cowl made su-oh a great Items of Interest Mentioned in The Republic Fifty Years Ago To-day Died in Sweden, tMrs. Anna Sheldon, aiged> 90 years. Maaried to \Rochester CM. Stokes of Auhuroi \and Mrs. Jo$ie M. Henry of Brockport; in ,'Brockport, Edward—€. Brockport. • MJJS. Stoat Sadler sells her house' Harley-<I>avidsoii t)o \. and lot on tb-« corner of TJtica andJ Br <>ckipoit Gas L.igBt Co best $1.25-1.60; few fancy large $1.75; .ardteaT^ffc^tfOr-IDOOiH^Oer— Feara: iSUBPliea frotni Western N. Y. SLDA th.e Hudsom -River y<a|Jr?y \w«re ^presettt: W. B.Cook, President; T ru S -; mod f ra,te; bulk °* ^e^Cetts-were tees Bmwn, Wood, Thomp-son, Sh******** ^ STO f 11 f ^ ^em^id moder- and Rowe, and H. E. MocArthw, Vfl-i** 6 ^ ^ tlTO *° r fancy ' m * Seckel ' S I SUCC6 F- T ^ P la ^ has ^ S ivea ta lage Attorney ' !^ ut raltaier ^to 11 '*^ ioT mo f t other var-| practically all the large cities of tihe ,,. ^ •;\./ , ^ ^.. ^ - „;i©tfes: inarket Eeneraily*^diiill but prices « Minutes of the last meeting wepel\ 7 \™' *\. .\. I- - , *_. . read and approved: - - f« JoaSmA tor^ta^dest. o^ The foUowing bills were audited aW^ in ^J* r 4 2^Jf < £l S\L o *n ordered paid: E. Harrison Coirupany. Willfam C. (Miller Raymond Clark. ....$ 2,25 I few fancy large $9.50-W.OO; ordinary Packard- ; -.. -S<fcOfl B. McFajland 18.00 3.2<)i small 5.5O-6.O0; Duchess Kleffer, T>©St '$4.00-4.50; ISncy large ^5$0T\oTiMiwry ^S.OO=S.50. ;; aoilS ^7.00-«.O0; 10.001 $4.00-5.00; Enter this village ita flittt snow, ol the season Ijiriday aflernoon in -the form of -a smow il which lasted (for half an. hour. .sfJI^e^cornefstorie for 'Ebe i ne^w two IsiB^y (parochial school and comanundty (llidlng in Lockporit was laid Sunday, fenbutldlnig is to h e comstraceed of h§<L^(brick and tile and will cost $30,000. 4^:The-colo-storage corporation, whidn. |7hse recotttly been formed in Elba has I jtirchased 7% acrel of land near the jJWart-ShoJa station a-t Mba where_a. cold »tora«e plant coating $60^00 wdll ra on the Yates County home, ait Esperanipa, will be «om- teO\by \\Novam'ber 1st. \It'wUV be l-ew o| <the finest in the state and will -meg: ffifc women. Jacob JormajL, a well known jun<k d|BaJei jof.AMai- had .Ma $2,800 aelajf J^^leii in Buffalo. Monday. However, &<Wa& fortunate in recovering it about ^rhour later when he saw the Ihief iriring it 'near -the -monuiment hi Ni- \street T. Oartanan, 80 years old, lies Lift;-a paralyzed condition in4he Myer pEo^tal In Sodns as a, result of Ming j- er ^ ^e cao i' r an ^' organSst or tie ; Irorn. a ladder while picking apsples on pjrst Baptist Church, -itte J« C. DeNeef farm south of- Sodus.| .. \~>m, •Cartman dropped a distance ol. Fifteen Years Ago ktwenty feet breaking Als neck. , ^ ftrst through . trip between Rock- «r. Brow moved ** from j*i , TOm J^Pire, which was discovered by a estei . and Buffalo hv the B. L. & \R. is a*ter August 26th, 1923, the date when, ? / * .... €a)bl>age: iReceipts w«re moderatt, j'g^ J iaeinmmai-^mtrferate-^maiBk»t--«teady for -th^CathorhrSocietvofi^ v '^ tww»>-^i- ••-•-<-• ^jgancy %nlk and sacked jitoek, Per&m, -tft^Catiiolrc society of ^^ T jQnfia 70.<8ljfemk, ^ state sectionsTwSfe domeatic. J. W. ElMot-t 3 5 - <W ;*'»K/W* 9jflftA- S...M. -Gouid,: ^ol* 25 -™; 2 ®:™* ^PawwtyFiv* Ys ,Manried in Brockport, Harvey Tanner and Miss Elsie Heinrich-*. DandsQi .$90.00-32.00; .Red Xk'BBnxtotte\:^^^ a «\F^M.to^ make ar- ^ pvfp J[ ^ nmp Trflt>ttpn ^ Brockport, Harry L. Bennett of this j-Gha-rtes- Marks-.~ place and Miss Mildred Felts, of Haan lin. -D*ed in Brockport, EJdward Cum mings, aged 32 year-si Mrs. -Frances { Rowell, aged 55 years; in Batavia, Al {red Warren, formerly of this village Miss Jessie \White is appointed lead Capen Hose Co f 150.001 -white domeatic %i.SS^£M; Danish $1.50- WilliamJ. Glynn-..' S5.00| 1-6 o ; Red Danish $2.75-3.00. Jflto LorbaclL,... 47.26! ' ^Z -. .•-.. -54.00 Albert Bureh ,...,,...., S6.O0 E. Furgeson... :• €0.00 J. Stewart ^ 8,-50 \BROCKPORT WATCHMAN\ Total . J81&.78; On motion of Mr. Wood, the-Presi- Interesting Relic Brought to Light. tBoard and Room in 1846, $1.25 a Week at Cottegtate- Institute An old Brockpoxt relic found its way country and -has-always drawn run houses, Charles Fleming, director, ap- peared in Brockport last winter in \Friendly Enemies\ and a past sum- mer he played dn. \The Meanest Man in the World.\ Jean Brae who is another one of the players was in \It Pays to Advertise\ in 101S.\\ This play isr -ex- pected to he one of the best ever put on in Brockpotit. At the monthly faculty meeting which was held last Monday, the fol- lowing members of the faculty were if ..I'm. running true io type, L-use the dust doth when I wipe. And, such is now my reputatioTnafr this dish-sHng- ing occupation, my wife prefers that f should -stack\ the dishes--up till she gels. hack. TMs may aot -seem the ibhing to~do—-but~itrsiiits T her and isuTs me too. She'd rattier nnd <tihem whole and dirty, than in dean_ fragments ten to thirty.' O if I swing, day in day out, as Hannah does, that old. dish clout, 1 should demand this new machine which washes dishes slick and clean. They'd. buy me one to still my holiere, e'en- though it costs a hundred dollars, -—©ob Adams RUSHEETTCTA HOSPITAL BADLY INJURED Truck Knocks Down Pole Which Strikes and Badly Injures Mrs. PhiBp^'Re was rangements for the observation of Children's .Book Week, November 11 VI, 1023r Miss- Edward®,-•MissrChatfcer-t-^i 'ton. Miss Simmonds, Miss Ingalls a Miss Yale. The slogan for ChHdreo Book Week is \More Books in *he Home.\ The object of Book Week is to encourage boys and girls to read good books and to help secure good MATRIMONIAL KOLB—CRANE 'he marriage of Mrs. Frances A. e of Erie street to Edward A. Kolb of Lockport_took place .Saturday morn- ing at 12 o'clock at the Presbyterian Mwnse in Holley, Rev. Dr, Palmetof- ficiaiting. After November 1st Mr. and Mrs. Kel'h will be at home at 82 WOKASIEN—KINGSLEY fie of October's prettiest weddings 'occurred- Saturday nigfht at- the homjs of Mr. anil Mrs. Fred Wokasden on iihe Lake Roail in Sweden, about two miles, south pf Urockport. The bridal pair were-Mis.- Wlnnifred Kingsley. daught- dent and Cork were «•*£££; to to -Hepuhlic omce this week. caUed ^^^^r^™^* r « « r '*« \\ 0MK ^''\ draw an order In favor of the „,-,. ~~ -.—. ... \-'it-Vm \-RiwkT>ort Wflitrfamai]!.\ a villaee i \ \\ ' \ - l Buffalo, and Knnneth Kldon Wokasien, SavJnls Bank for' $179*.60. tbelngj J___^Z^Iu^Z^^tt ^„„ f!! I lEey *° CBlture - H is-hoped that Book Week may help to stimulate ah inter- . , , .,,, , , , ..-c^riv iu<*j uc v ouuuu ^ *\ 'at whose li line the wedding took place. $1200.00 for a sewer bond due 0<*ohe.'i ^^1 e f ^ ™** l \ ^ 7?™**° 1st, 1923, and $594.60 for interest on I «* ^^ \^^^ ,, , -, •-day, Ntovember 12,1&46. L. unpaid sewer bonds. ' -, . -..-,. Its pages are yellowed, and the folds (the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wokasien ester and Buffalo by the B. L. & It. is rby, destroyed part of the Mount 'made. ' \ orrieGaraga at Mount Morris, Friday, ^i^ i >n ciarkson, (Mrs. Jane A. Sher- „„.., T „. - mm „, rf.v^ *„««.» t'bere is tx> question of the character Wtlliam J. -Glynn aasuimed Jthedaities, - -- - -2 ,_____-- -.-.. ^ j.1. « n . J~. ^_«_4.™J * ~* M,J s-nd fearlessness of th» editor, who l-Mtemoop-. Aiboul fifty cars and a' WOOflf Q^^ ^4 years; in iBrockporV atock of tires and accessories, Henry (Marah, aged 91 years; in S-wed- i_of his salary as. superintendent o* tare f-twnoved feom the~bundin«. TEe nprombly_i»a(^JtiAftOih_ ^'Tbe Internatiional \'Molders' en, of the office* of Superintendent of tiho water worka system, that otte=hnlf (H) The ceremony was performed at six .o'clock, l>v Rev. H. \V. {Stevens, the Arothusa and Alpha Delta gave a (brjdp ^ groom ^^ before a reception to the new normal «udeate| beatttIfnnv am<I1Ked baJlk of au>tlimn 4n .the -main .-corridor- -last, Tuesday \ foVS&t ^' in .4 «5fl potted plants. They water Ivofke system\*asa Mrs-, liucinda Burpee, aged 84 teeaxsi te-°^aw-Jiaagi ,MWh-, M>». Jtoefe f tend6nit_Qlgtr^aL he^gali 'by ihe Vil; Union cooley, formerly of Sweden, aged 60 • *aga and theo -ther onehal V&) by the Ere elected Thomas J. Mooney of^San .years. * j Water Commission, t®»ncdsco, now serving a life sentence Married at Adams Basin, Fred Van ; On motion of Mr. Shea the President l&QaiL fjueatui prison for naurd«r, as a Nest g^ jaiss Julia E. Mctoityre. legate to the American Federation^ At the aniiuAlmeetingpliheJMffinroe [ot'Labor convention at Portland, Ore. Baptist Association held in Rochester and Clerk were authorized to ,drasw an •voices his opinion in no unmLtakable inanner. It contains taeeleoyon re^ and Aibolitioniet parties, itt which Hon ISMae B, Hoimes of Broclcport, was a candidate for Congressma'n from this j district! The total vote in Monroe I'Oounity was 11,576. It refers\ t» an editorial on the License Law, which field. Roller Company Union must have a high opinion |j|is. Henry & Bughnell is elected jfnli sertitlement-of ih- j chairman of the board of directors for cently purchased. order-to favor of the -Buffalo-Spring-, — - • for S3956O0 in 1 ai PP a:reintl y 'was- -a--«ource of trovible •road roller re- Lofitaelf. \The death of He^Fry Ctay^Brownroc'|{; ar ee' years. -TtaHsday-moxninig- at his home •• hi ffie Paxtaa^Greece road three miles f^BTlBieB; Tffr. Brown, who- was-78 The Village Attorney- reported- thatj Jhe haaJeceived from, the Public Ser- vice Commission, certified copy of the ] then. In referring -to the election in Massa'dhusetts, it says, '*Mossachusetts fs gieHang - ilo \be aa~poor a place for e9t in reading and bring fiood books iflito the\horaeT evening. The program was as follows: 4Hs8- Nellie Geranataet piano- selec- tions; Miss Rose •Martin of the facutty, a reading; MJas Zeila Uovert, a aoio dance. After this program. Ham- Conjsiderable exeltemeni\ was oc- casioned. iSunday afiternoon on- Mate street, when a motorcycle equipped with a side oar, traveling isiouth crasb- ed into a Buick toua-tng car gotog noEth. The accident h&ppeined albauifc 1- o'clock, near College street. ^ 1 The Buick is reported <x> have heesr jQocupigfl by pesj^ents of LeRoy 4 ami was well over on its own -side of the road. The oar was damaged conisidep- ably, ibut aside from a shaking up, the occupants escaped uninjured. The\ woman who occupied the side car. of^helnotorcycle was reported ua.- . injured, but the driver of the madhtoe had Tiis leg fractured in two places ahiihe. 5Hjg. badly cut agid bxuiafidL JteL Hazen, near whose home tab.e accidea* happened, -gave immediate aibtentlOB; and fehe •mag w^ taken to Rocheater in an ambulan-ce which had bee* oalled. The motorcycle was badly wrecked' m the encoumtjer: A '^subsiderary\ acctdejit^as;. it werec resulted froin the first smash. Tb» driv&r of another car in looking bade to see what happened ran Into Dr. Davis as h6 was driving toward ihonie.\ The Doctor was so shaken up that he sought medical attendance. Mrs. Philip.OTRelUey of Union street was tifie'victim of an unusual accident Monday afternoon, causing painful and possibly serious Injuries. \As she was, nearing Main street 011 Union-, one ot the very heavy trucks that have bean\ hauTifiif stone \\^EhrouKh\ The\ vtTTagaw tried to turn from Main onto TJnlott., •stf mond's orchestpa played for dancing and light refreshments-were, served: Alpha Delta held a candy sale in the corridor last Monday. were attended by Miss Alice Trolley, of Medlna,\and Waller Lage/oTBrKSlpf'Fhfr torJi^a-^n-aTTOW-or^rand-theHMt--- port. Lohengrin's, wedding march was . MRS. L. B. SHAY ELECTED Wo^d~~WBs\\\racerveo> ~y^sferday_ \by yearaof age, had spent blssBtire H*e!frieiids here ithat \Mrs. L. B. Shay had a that vicinity. Deceased is sairvived ( been elected Grand Conductress at the ihy.ihia wtfe, five daughters?, three soES,(jrand Chapter meeting of the-O. B. S. ^\ oiie Isrother and one sister-, which Is being\ herorat the WaWorf iS'mcnr repjesenHhg\ «he ^Vlllag*|Astoria\iHs*aek7~\Thlsrw^ *d; the Board of Education amd tihe | ediy mean that within a year or two American Legion have been selected f Mrs. &hay will be advanced to the *Drshape the policies for -file imanag^jlttgae^ronlc^^n-ffl^xnigaTd^tion. -ffient of &B mew conmiiuaity buildisg., —-= • ; — .TBJblley. An Effort is being made *o : DR. MARION CRAIS POTTER WILL ore forty members to pledge $&5j ^ ADDR£SS MOTHERS' CLUB -feiT^ate^^teafe^lgfeionn -ot -fwo »-^he Movers'\ ,Qub of She Bapiaafc Hh^wKng-a21eysin. the new building.—. je^japoalory -brjckj^uilding inLaSe Fstreet, Bergen, owned fry Carl C. Adie Church, will hold its first meeting of the year~on\ Tuesday; ^\October Iftthr TSeT meeting win \be ^., ^..^^ ., — - held at -the r vwas damaged by.fire Sst-^hareh, and wfib^he^^cajtedr-ter-oisder ^-The are commA4itee, <M uioUou uf Pi evening^-to i£he extent of nearly jjuoto « ajakery to itaie bufldEttg ami r^een Mr-atag for some time when 15hie fire-stairted ia-theilviaffig of ^^rWlEf-'Ef^^wWcia^ oceafliionr Mff ffie¥ suibject \wOTE -\Se] ''Adolescence ami Chfldhood\.\ iea. The cause of the Are is- unlcnbwn. The Mo^ergL-Club wishes to extend }a cordial tevBfaQoa to all those 4 * women &&& \CommBslb'neFor'HealBhj^ho-are—interested -jn^he—welfare- of rejqpopamenfledT a coanplete- sewjetr- j chR^ren^to-afttend-fes meetings^— age system for the TPilla©e of Speneer-I _ •^rt'to eliminate the objectionable F,NAL SCORES i m_ TENNIS TOUR- coaidiitionis now existing, and suggests \Liocofocos to live as Swedem'^ t E Confahis a column of TO! news. played by Miss Ethel Cartshore, and Mrs. James Bailev of Holley, sang \O Love Me Truly,\ before the ceremony. • The bride's costume was of white canton and silver lace, and she wore a wreath of orange blossoms in her* School will be closed on Columbusj^ Her ^^^ wa&atvMiQ Fiw , Day ' Octoher 12. J kar , j^ ^ for g Ct . mMlote . The 1 bridesmaid was gowned in orchid j -fcrepe and she carried pink roses and I forget-me-nots. A reception followed the ceremonyr £a which it stlates tlrat Great Britain and the continent are threatened with order made-by-tfte'-eoTOfflisiorrto -«to recerot telephone rate ease hi wfeicn the Commission has crflored that a reduction of twenty-five ($.25) a monffi. «»„•«, on all. residence \phones in *he Village) ^f^ r ' ^-X*™™** ^^ ****<>*< «* a -great scarcity of food. Tfiere is a ^repor*—of -e?-9peeeh—mado by Daniel- e. wThte meeting The Brcckpoft Collegiate Ihstatute, ^______ ^_ ^openeo Its season tihe ftttit of No^em- \^^ ?<**r& Pres-byterian VWrcnaM ***>* o^,^ ^ti niuu i IR^I, S » mJ 7^„t, the Brick Church. The Central Pres- side the ViHage-. - Mr. \MacArthur reported ithat the Vil , , , lags -of jSraAp^/mft-fiiro -tmtili *\-\?»* <^^^- -!B,TO»toj4md Jacob lage Attorney was attthorlEed to file a TeouesTTfor a furrher redUStioB in the telephone rates. «nTOjH« Tn^xm^T.rarpM are comna.-stee, v* mouoa <* tui, . Meg**** fi^, Ass^iato*, composed of pubW ^id, promptly «fr 3r30:pv in. Dr; -Maa^nrT^leTODSonT^WUg^ngtTOc^ -^Q-in7yestfrp Eg - a ^ Q>at -^ l3 ^ a: ^^ fflfr -eeHarius, - ar4W ^ 1 - < ^,^ r ^ r - - - K Z ^L^ i^t. o^». ^r-t>-^.T, A ^^ ^ aj . W^-Lirr!r J r---^-^--^;\':^ T ^^ ts ,^ a „wialta-aaa •MaaH-lca-guatllr^ . ;- \ \ \ Sfi 6 ^ Cf^gT'oBerZSOEgjh^SEI^blil^SLgq.f^ajn<1-.rftpoif ncpe ^^a rnejiffing, in^ wattz ^ J 7-fior he by 4h«r\'l^li^e^or^h^usef \of -*ra6ur^-aBd~-Moreaai* oTothlng^T. T^fye, the fire apparatus' in answering caHs for assistance made \by non-residents of ifhe Vfflte^e. '\_ Dr. Thompson moved that ithe Vil- 4age of -Brsekpoj* oTfsewJF^^ATmerlcan BdueatieB Week\ from Sunday, Nov, 18th, 1923, to and Including Saturday, Nov. 24th, 1923, in accordance with NAMENT |,that the cost of same \be paid far by] -*'•\» S 31 ^ ta $& laaies double* efjthe proclamation issued by President .__ j of long ibonda. ^he focdrj- tnfi \ Tennis-^ooraimaont-wort? playea-^^n^ge ^^ dat e oJ Jjeptemiber 267 Lbaard ciJheflltlh has been urged to take; hv ft _ Mla ®* Mary Ball, and Mr*. Meade ; 1923i Carried. . <2. looker, A. M., was princTpai. The collegiate- notes sjfcate Oiat 5frs. Sates will remain in the building and con- Oc&sber 17>fii, 19M r in wMe^ *o file a request for a modification of the rates, giving reasons therefor. , . , . On^wttaiFof Hr. TfeHii»on-4he W^&e^^c^dt^teaehersanda M&*£ =©d aisnber of students at the charge ^tffrT~agi uer-TWEBlc Hi& ad\e Inctode^cne tsSxaLJH^jCL- Oavisi. abuot freah grocerleg: a dame -d-EuggSat;- -T, -X2fft^it - tsoilc^n«^r*eWitt _ port will be represented by Mtes^HeJen <3*eenJeaf, iew^y^md w^oSesrmit-{^^^^ l ^^^^^J^ a '7^^ ney & Co.,drygood8- The Temperance, AnwrAcan -Hotel, was ^operated by S, Mrs. \WHliam Winegar4 Mrs. Lillian B. Gurnett, Mrs. E. J. Thomas* George A^f^ny,-aind-bo3»fced-a ttfmmJriXzg?* ^^ 1{m ' H ' W > st *^^- ^ re \ On motion adjourned. J. E. Brownforidge, Clerk. FARMERS' MARKET REPORT room ior.3»Jicj&rj^^nd_sfi(^ai.sja&ttgs. ^kx>ld, ©aisco & -Co., aidviertised 50,000 lbs. of wool wanted,.to be paid for by nnoney, goods, notes and accounts. Oeonge Herps, the barber, believed in adTfejJiidaE^an4 t _a^BrocfcpoiL^ F^irniace was among the attractione of STATE SUNDAY SCHOOL ASS'N. CONVENES +N ROCHESTER The sixty-eighth annual conventoin| of the State Sunday School Association • after which dinner was announced at is being held In Rochester Wednesday, j*seven o'clock, covers being laid for Thursday- and- ; Friday—ef^ -this^—weekrfeishTyT More than \three thouaand delegates} The deconations throughout the house .were arranged by Clark French, who worked out an artistic setting to are expected to attend the sessions, which will be held at the First ..Baptist T3Hn*gfir=ttte—First -MeflloTPsT-^ttuTefcT •byterlTrrnChirrch will be headquarters for the' convestios. Among the prominent speakers will he__Rev._JHugh S. Magill, of Chicago, generar%ecreifery : of €he~InteTnatS»nat yelldw dahlfesj zeniias. coreopsis, mari- golds and other yellow .Moc-ms ..pre- dominated. • —— The groom's gift to the bride was a wrist watch of\ white gold, and ihe bride's gift to the groom, was a ring \WE& ah affleBhyst seWmg. The brides^ Education. Mr. Magill was ^ foTHJeT president of the National Education The Baptist -Sunday-school of Brock- autuMd !r6Tiag\6~\aM~col6ry^ *he^macWnie--was^3HS>kien^-«i' Sunday^ehool..jQgnnciL of—Religious- iaaid was presented wSffi a silver -ibar gave his attendant curt 1 in Jos or wutte ^lJ^h-thetr>-re*ufB; ^om-a-weddiag- ^©r£g^ held trip AJ eastern points, they will be at home in Rochester, stored attendants W. E. Cook and j ' ITTErBrSMI of *ffie MetSffiffinSHBEr will attend some of the sesstons, re^t Preuupliat events included a dinner party given By Mrs. Saur&j&f t&r, and- a variety showerr-glTpen by Mtsa Gertrude Herrod, of Rochester. . -tftw trti<k did not make it. Instead Jumped the c'arb. stmok 9 teiejj/hoiar pole which jbroke, and the pole Ui Mrs. O'RedUey. She sustained coB- tusdon-s of the head, n<eck -end shoul*- ens and. Limbs, and It is possible may have- been internally Injured. Dr. Mann was called to tafee caie of ^her. . The weight and contact of the track broke ten flag stones as well as ihe. euro... ft Is\ reported., that the drrrar of the truck was forced *© turni the mrner__bj^oflmrim^ front of him. . Irving Bailey got imto trouible} wSk - hJs^n2acUno^unday4t£-<&fr^oot-of^ae^ Mil jtist so-nth of the Tillage\.-In gteap- ing o.veF-to-4i.void-a_i>ig hole, bis csx •wenwt into the .ditch. The radiaiDr ol Bailey sustained spmer cuita. *- RJJV, G. 7 '•'• /^Re-v: n. MUHLHAUSER RESIGNS LOfiS PAST©R«TI Rev.\ rj. Muhlhauaer of Hamlin, wbe^ has been pastor of thp Lutheme Church Tc^itne^past~TMliF\ye«tSv 'hiar recei'Ted sm ihoaorahie TeTeRiseifroitti>je pin set with ameffiyais, and the groom duties, on- account of Ifcis aftvancedasat- —- and Rev. Paul Succop was installed i Ch-e^new ®stot -at a gfcecfal 3 e'el^e—._ installatiion services vy-ere read\ by Ufi6~ Roy. G. Mighlhanserf The new incianfc bent ccraiewim Hamtiii~fTwni'Yot\k LEGION CLAM BAKE The\ regular rfeetmg of th e Harsch-' ®^ •M S^diay^ £B»WH^idtt*servieeij nrons were preached to Ea«lish by tie Rev. H. B. Hemmeter, and to Geranae .by.iEneiievVw. ^Saac^of^MBoor ^stared delegates not having been j . Cldsp . S e am an Post, American Legion named on account of annual confer- • fteM at their rooms ln tbe p,,^ e^beinghettatBu^toatJristtme.l BMliU]iS , Mondav eVimiflg ; 0otober & ^ W^rbus olhersTntirested in Sunday f Very favoraW€ rep0Pts were ^^^ .Mmfediate steps to carrf out the r ec-! R °Scrs. opposing Mrs. Herbert Lane •ommjenidatiion® of Director C. A. Holm- and Mrs - • Fra ? lk DaUey, in which Mrs. of the -Division of Sanitation, Lane and Mrs - Dailey Worn with the iJwho made the investigation. following scores': 12-10, 2-6, 6-2. •Rev- Joseph Morrow of Bath, a for-' The interest displayed in the tourna- I'flier'pastor of the MethddM church at m cn-t this year was most-gratifying to I Markets gives the following ouotaiMoiiB JiiHiiton, died at the Bath Hospital, last a ' n concerned, and the racquet experts .tor New York sftate produce obtained |^lir.sday as a resuJit of injuries re-' are looking forward with niuch en- j on the New York City wholesale mair- Ifceif 6d when- he was struck by the' thusiasm to future activities. j kets lip to noon,, Tuesiday, l^sVehoiundD. L. &W. .passenger train.' ,. ™—• ' -i^. Apples: Receipts of barreled and rM*:ijfe>rrow with his wife had gone! SWEDEN GROUP, HOME BUREAU | bas ket apples were again liberal from tip the station to take the train for , Tiie flrst ^^^S of the Fall season New York and other states-; demand f -Backusr.FItch & Co.; W. Day® aaver-| Sc!ho<jl work in ,the vUlaKe have si ® nl \!from the Vaudeville and Movie levs= w, OldaeS; ofIHilton. Mfe - ^haa moTed to Brockpoft\ com- and is residing on Sparing street. RURAL CARRIERS* APPOTfTf — —- MENTS : •-..,... . j. * „. --- - — ----- Civil Service app-ointmenrts ha^?B tised shoes. .Saddler & Wright men:'j fled their ^t^™ of attending the^ mjWpe ' j been made among the can'didateiHfea*- tioned among tbelir \family groceries.\ 1 ^T^j™? 1 ' T . ^ I ri w^ 8 voted to hold the Legion an-ling the examinationn for Rural Car- single and double refined sugar, soap j ,_r^rT~ 1B _ J aTin o un _' ced tha Mrs -. nual dance the Friday before Christ-! riers from the Brocfcport Bostofflce. mas as in the pasit. and -the men appointed will start thefr A clam hake will be held for the 1 now duties 'Monday, Oatober 22nd. veterans and nearby Legion Posts at: Morris Du-shan has been appointed reg* .1 Buffalo to attend the Genesee Conf or- ePCO. When the train was a rod and t athatt distant from him he dropped his uhibrella rnd on stoopinig to pick It tip of the Sweden Group will be held next week Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs-. Wokasein on the Lake-large Ro-ad. This will be a business meeting he brought himself in direct line with! 3 * whtolx lim fi ™*°** will be receded the coming train, the cylinder box of lof ****** occuring during the sW- I /whidh struck -him crushing his head. • .BOY SCOUTS ELECT OFFICERS The- Boy Scouts held their election at Friday night's meeting held at tflfcie Normal when the following officers Vetfe elected for the emsuimg year: . President, EMrstClaas .Scout, Donal* mer months. Plams will also be . de- veloped for the Group's various activ- ities during the coming year, s and group leaders will be appointed. A fuH attendance is expected. LATER—It is announced tha Mrs. The State Department of Farm* andi and candles, powder shot and lead 'John Rudman will attend repreSeatiacj Hope and bed cords and pork by the the P^^yterian Church and Charles. •baj.pg-I 1 Bryant, the Baptist ChUTch. Taking it all in all, Brockport was | appairently a live town to live in, and ] as fair back as seventy-seven year® ago,. \ „_,.,..„ „ At .±\£S^: the merchants realized that It paid to advertise. The paper is the property of Morris ELLER The death of Peter y Eller occurred \I Friday afternoon at the home of his ' 1 nephew, Arthur Eller, in the town of Ciarkson. Deceased who was 62 years was fairly active for fancy, well color-j ™e paper * -me property ol Morris;^ ^ h ^ 9pent ^ greator part o f ed Mcintosh,. Wealthy as well as for j Rapalee of State street, and we extend . Mg lJfe ^ thjg vlclnity sized Greentogsi and Twenty-1 °w appreciation of the enjoyment its the Brockport Yatcli Club, iSunnyside | ular carrier on Rouibe 1, ahd Foster Beach. Sunday, October 21st. Tickets i Udell, on Route 3. are $2!00. • These routes have been -anippHei- 0 ^ —' =—* -temporarily by W. J. Browni, who has PHEASANT SEASON 0PE\NS 18TH had charge of Route 1, and •SarinQuack- •*SU Ounce, most other varieties received ; Perusal offered, little/ attention unless strictly^ Sportsmen are getbing their fowling pieces primed and ready for the open- Funeral services were held from the, in ®, of the pheasant season which enbuish who has been taking care of Route 3. very e A fancy; market and prices showed »j ^ ^j^^^ofdan^etery Frf- home of his nephew Sunday afternoon j starts next week Thursday. The hunt-, at 2 o'clock, interment' at Parma in S fla >' s are the last two Thursdays in You Bring the X-Mas List \We'll -furnish the gifta-at the Pres- byterian Gilijd Bazaar, Nov. 8. 11:8 important changes, for double head-. day .evening beginning Oct. 12th at ed barrel \A\ grade 2% Inch all -State j Grange Hall, Brockport. Music by sections. Alexander $4.00-5.00; Wolf River $4.00-5.00; Wagner $3.00-3.50 None Such $3.50-4,00; Wealthy $5.00- 5.50; fancy $6.00-6.25; Mcintosh $7.00- 7.50;- fancy $7.7B^8.0u; few $8.25-8,50;, Greenings. $5.50-6.00; few fancy $€.2B- j Center. i October,, and the first two Saturdays I — • •• in November. Game is quite plentiful, [ . WASHING DISHES .and the gay plumiaged'birds are fre- Harmcny^S^x orchestra. Come and j« This bard is much inclined to shirk. quently seen straying around ttie fields y ^ \ I and sidestep certain jobs of work, and near the roadsides. The usual Dogs and Cats :Among the few ( that meet his wishes, 'restriction of three birds to each humt- tToated'and boarded 'in a sanitary (is not included washing dishes. It is.er applies this year, the same aa here- -amall animal . hospital. • Dr. Harry too oarefu i ^o^ anQ fuagy %&$ most tofore. Will\ someone.please bring us Greene, Veterinarian, 18 Monroe Ave. I . __. «.,_..,.- , A 10:11! albominahly mussy. A lot of crockery ,our three. Capen Fair ' November 14tih, 15t)h, 16th and 174* 10?1MC , . . ;t . Bought Your X-Mas Presents \Yetf The last word in Aprons* and aaausirtl gifts at the Preshybertam! Bazaar, NiwT 8th. lil»| t W *M % 4 >i <J V »*-* Did You Say Rugs? vt ^ . Well! we h-ave t&em to a grel* variety of patterns aaid prices. • ^iiilt^J. new lots just received. A. V. iB^w®r,*'••\\ , 97 Main St. . .%'.r - • . . * ,, ,gv ,.# l<S»i -* J*> >*V H ^,*r

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