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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, September 27, 1923, Image 5

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m^$mmikii^»i : ij^i<C:».'^iis^^Mai&ahbM^m^ X:\\Zu: %lii)sx.MiiMM^ tvnjpf*ywjlKlfiit!s&'^B!l^v^ffi -_Fm£lf>JJBi.ie,JiROCKPOIIT, N..Y* THURSPAY, SEPTEMfifEH S7,-TOKt fc. i'fiSSSgM M i l^&SW^aa^s m^ms-.'.4 lonn Bauch & Sons LMLIN BROCKPORT «8>-' «& !gftc--l >r ^* ^ m [Chicken Dinners That Hit The Spot it a very reasonable price A variety of Meats, Etc. on other days call. lu will enjoy paying u» a GEO. PERRY :^SS^BH! \^ 8.1 *^6ai m #~: BftOCKPGRT REPUBLIC -^^SSSk^iMm^rfV^t-T. -^^^^mw^m^^ut^^^sk '\••Si WK«»t*i»>mH«'MiV'»**g*******y*»4* ThuMday Afternoon, Sept. 27, '23 ^V******************.**.****.**. BREVITIES COMING OR GOING Who driuaeith fast ' Angela will hear: Who drdvetlh slow • 'Gette'th hit from *hie reaav- •Ex, Personal Mention About Everybody And For Everybody Mrs. Fr-aaeefr 'F^isimoas is the guest of friends in J&uffisilo thiiis lyeek. ' _\ -^=r«r'lqJ.liua»Iae«it©i!-ia«iPonidliii5 a few days in Boiffalo visiting frLeflds. Mrs. W. N. WinBllow la enteittainin^ her another, iMrs. Oonde,»of Troy. _*J__*N>_____^_^^ ard®, Tuesday, a dalgMer. MT&JA, M. \White has broken ground for herjiew home on South Main street. The beet method of keeping hooitoh orotforpoTitlcs - is to\keep\ ft out of politician®. •> -° —\3Sew—-¥>©Fk—-appears—ito; ^ave-8_niade- more real progress in forestry in 1923 than in amy previous year. - Something-mjusit--be w-TOng--some-- where, there were only Severn requests for •free- advertising in. our anail Mon- day morning. When times are hard, wis* farmers take- up~:the filaek-by—«ta4ying—4hieir buiaiheSiS ami finding itihe moxst-efficiieint ways to carry-on thiedr tosfaness. - There w41l ibe- eaMbttaat'tfii^ashioii Show from' the 'Shop which Oswald Dailey ls~\ openSng\ oh EaM Avenue, Rochester, tlhe week of October ist. The. Amoma . Ctes of .JIie.'___s_ptisit : Church -wtill hold a class party in honor of (the .Normal, girl® a-i the home of Mrs.- <Jarnham on Allen street this evening. ; . Mr. and Mrs. tiarry Ellen-der of Hol- ley street celebrated 'their 55th wed- dinig anniversary yesterday, Septemiher 2&th. Mr. EHender was \81 year® old oh the Hrh of ©epieaqher. p^h^RFsalsasbate-^^airatei^^Lfeftaii-^eiie-,] the past week-are the following: Gus- ale Harris to Fred Sandow, property in Brockport'; Irene iLougbawroulgih ito FraaJc i PaddoeT& property—InmamUn. On Tuesday eventag, October tod, there will be a meeting of Gore Bn- tlon of officers. Eefrestaaente will toe fifiraretL Every (member te«tged\toat-fed two tend. - Tie Western New-York Qo-opefative Packing Association has completed the construction of iito new packing house OR High, *t*eW\«iarwa! week, . The regular meetta gof tihe Harsch- Criap-Seanian Auxiliary =wHl be held Moniday evening, Octoiber fat, at eight o'clook a± their rooms, Important buev. ness h to. come :before tads sfaseetlng. A report of the delegates ix tne state ooammtion wili ne given. -Who-WJanls^to^buy'^c^pEtettog^^ttt^ Masr^te»aHMaudo-EHls» We known pf one with all new ma- terial run only'-lonr montlia. Welti well, welL Jrfuat be l&ere Is not the -moTtay in fli»Pi printtn^ husiness- lots Of Genuine thought for appear ^-in her-choice of jewel?. Beads_a. ^5 are always correct. For street 5 ^of dtress they are recagiiized a tfftgsttWoTd By'srnatft\ ^-WQmen everywhere.^ JEWELED COMBS wilt-be wB'rn-Jthis _ i alL -We people suppose. We know ofamother to Troy run fifty years the owners of 'WohlEui on ican : e1fiirngiffl5|TSif \they are nrft making any mon-ey and are selling out. Come now, who wants them? Tihe A&P and 'the Foster plants are Tioasr receiving cider apples and are pnying 25 cents a hfund*e>d. Reports for the past season, indicate that il hoal^prerapt-a-w^mari- -5- TTa^very-un^roptable-ifor- these mann- ^aoturinig-'Vinegarr and that-there,Js a large suipply of last year*3 crus^i atill oh hand, recent sales being-T&ife*& have theni in many beautiful lesigns-and-Qplof^ h .Some vinegar nien seem to think that 25 cento wSi be lEeTtop price for cider ^J.H. apples 'this year. tjOST-~» J Peinaie ispayed-Beagle hound, ana-wsra to name of Buefcer.„ JS.eiar<f fan (retjurn.' Gordon Gartae^r. IJOM*—On State or JSaM Streets, <a. bine silk limibrella havring carved wooden handle wjiEh ffll^3ff J. B; 4te- ^wascdT ^Betuatt -to Jo»ep4iitte BrodJe, Brockpoxt.- Mr.~«nd\ 'MTS. MiSSxBmr7 of \iNOtr Morris werie guests Wedriesdiay of Mrs. Dean, of iapMh Ave. _ Dr. iBurfcon- Conrad -of-Kaiiisaa jGity, Missouri, has iheen vfeifciing Ms cousin, Mrs. 'Eobert 'Muriree, Mtes Leas iBaileai of -Noith Tona- Wanda has been 'spendtinig-several xbays — Free Wethodltt Ch\«h- Rey, jQliasles\MkeTT^stor \ T MoTnin« service at lflTtSO; Sunday School 12 MT TT#hTns service 7:*5T Prayer-ttfeetinis Wednesday evening, at Mrs. H. G. .Salisliurg is entertaining ^ triends in town. Mrs. kellie 'Chancers of Rooheater 1 ™ T &> «* OuyilervUle are spending the was thfl guest Thuroday of Mrs, Wan. N eek •WWI-MJM. lBeuerms. Bort. Mr. and\ Mr>s/Gr\V. Southard of Mrs. J-ohn Fisher 1 .spent Sunday in \ Soofcester were'-gne^bs Tueriay^f Mr. firightoit, the guest of her cousin,.Mra. i«nd-«hB. Gordoa Pluittsteel.,- _ Cropsey. ...— ., Mrs. W. H. Corbin °and daugihters, -^sr-A^r-Tuiley attended «he *^-jMa«t|e an4. Lete, mm Sunday 'guests eral of Mrs. John Baker in Mt. Morris'! of Mr .and Mrs. -TOflBBBfanoSBell. laist week;. Mrs. &. -A. Bates-H&fJRo^Bester-^was the guest Thursday and Friday of Mrs. Floyd \King. - Miss Kathleen. 'Lynch who has heen in (New \York for some time has \re- turned home. Mrs. Fanni^ Drury oj Batavia- is spending 'two wveeta w\ 5 * her^cons-in, Mrs. A'U'relia Heddon of Park Ave. ftOfoert BJuUree-lef* \the ftrst of the week ok a three weeks business trip throaigh-'N'ew -Jersey and* Delaware. 'L. Mitchell and' IMKS. Mary Read, of IMiss.Dodge of Rochester is a guest Savannah, were Sunday callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Mitchell. | George Way ofjftarnlin and Mr. and i Mrs. 'Charles Way and family spent Fhe guest Tues.day oFher^mothef, Mra'rT*™\ 111 Prida«H«^«iadw la •Satarta.-v- • Mrs. Fred Go-rdon.~-$b«'0'iii>panied by her jnotlher, .Mrs. Rownson^of Roehes- at tlhe home of Mrs. Sara Steele of Spring staeet. Mrs. Flora Wellman ©if Buffalo was Wr-&\Manly. Miss Dorris-Er Miller leaves -Friday j tor Brooklyn to resume her studies at ter.is^eodtogjhe •yeekin Nfew York Pratt \tositiltute. Mrs. H. E. Hiler who is atthe home of her mother, Mrs. E^a^ WUlkms is gaining rapidly, Mr. and Mrs. Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Blos- som of Brockport. CMr. and Mns. John McJJonald'of Ken- oests-of Mr, *nd J Mrs. Perry Smith, Erwin Lenz ig driving a new Over- land tovcriiig car. \ ' . The new organ which has been in* stalled at the Strand .Theatre 3S prov- cam^Be^'tor^h'e'TlohTt^^ elecHlng a'veay enqo^ble-imiproyen» •ClevelaM & Song have been, awjird- road construction contracts near Ithaca, one north and the other south or that place. ,,' Fred Flagler is- doing consideraDTe Improving on his- home- on Frasier for the season's intake Of froSt Uhlis o^&coT^te^^le^Tlctty-l'snbeinginistalledr Div-an4—Mra^JR.. J5L aheacrMa. Mi and a dauiole garage* has 'beon orected tn the pqar. The -wll of James Milton Ellis, irtioae death oscuraed August 7th, WQB jdopaittea;_ to prohatie by Surrogate Brown Tuesday, Showing an. estate of ^ia.,800 and f 600 in personalty, all of waric\h wag bequeathed to' his widow. Mr.nnd 'Mrs. *Thos. Ward of Brooklyn and Mr. and Mrs. Chris. Eberts of Rochester were Sunday quests of Mr. \Hon. Garry A. \Wdllard e>ditor of the W. Defendorf spent Boonville Herald^aod Mrs. Willard visited Mr. and Mr^. P. A^. B)o.ssom, Sunday. \\ . . . Mr. and Mrs. Richard Talley and rd Andross of -TSochester were Sunday guests of Mr. and -Mrs. George Robertson. -^ •—— : Mrs. 'Rodney Brown and daughter, Helen, of Waterport were week end gueMS'of theif coustna, Mr. and Mrs. Clairfk Miles. the engagement of her daughter, Marion Barlow, to WMlkm J. Richter, ^f Koohestef. ~ ~ and Mrs. George Williamson. M^rMSffgargt^Welcarof Jamestown spent the—week end-'^with her mother, e-Hhou«e^te^b^ng—newty^ca—WiOJSfflJSE'elfib iH. E. Eawley of IBrockway Place suf- fered v a fractiuTe of the right leg oh Monday afternoon, when he was en- orking on hte house on .ha^e son, Kelth.-ot- Brooklyn were guests from Wednesday until Saturday of Mr. and \Mrs. JDeant iCrtppeh. Mrs. M. R. Waternaan and daughter, Dorothy ^re spending a short time at Westffleld on accoumt of the iRhess of Mrs. Waterman's father. •Mr. amd Mrs. M. Shea and daughter, . Edna, and Mr. and \Mrs. A. E. Tulley spent Sunday in (Buffalo, gnosts of Mr. Bind Mrs. Thomsra Pierce. * Mrs. Banks and daughter. Betty, who heen spend5rg^t&e -sumnTeT few Un-ionstreet, which he Is rehuadinsi^o»tla_a>«)^„il®^P.? 1 ^?.?. Dr.: Mann was called and took him to days with. Mrs. Mdio\'ffleveiand. his 1 ' home, where \'he reduced ~t>he ! Mr. and Mrs. Fred \Slzer and faffiaiy fracture. As a result of the accident, Mr. Ha-wley will be confined to the house for some time. Chris. Fay's gas station at the inter- and Mr .and \Mrs. Walter Sizer and family, of Rochester, were guests Sun- day .of Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Sizer. Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Meritfegw of New Conn., Ira Merithew, Mrs. 'section oTlhe MTOon^BoEar highway, London and the Lake road was broken into: Gardner and Mrs. lUanft. -of Bernian, last Thursday nigM, and a quantity of '.were guests a few days the first of.the ^igarsTcand4e%-sa*is«ge,-paek^eh^ . ~ goods aaid -pop. aggregating aibout $35 j Mr .and Mrs. • Melville KIlss, Mrs. to value, stolen. The thieves made -Norman Groot. Was Helen Ttupert of .their ^en-try %y prylttg the door open, Roc3ieater and Mr .and Mrs.^»Ward wholesale as low as 7^ CSEt&a igalloirr TjJEe\ pSprJetoU'ig of thC\op3Mon aatrMo<^of-Cani!indaigstt J !res«' uhe robfliery was not the work of Sunday of Miss Friederika Ahrens protesstbaals. \^ •~ \\* ~~ n - \James Look-^rs^aL-Leudurg- the ai A pretty good brand of .patftoHaffi, iSteniben - «oun*yrfla-i-r-at -Batihr -lodayt was displayed -by one of ( Brockporfs.and._wUL spend the remainder of the tMi'teen^year-old lads last week, who wardfsSUSStog\ the Oemlp^ey«5Tpb i fight. \I don't lSe Bei-apsey very well.\ ne said, '^but I wanted an Amer- ican to win, £he champIonshlpI—Erow I hope am ex-service man will come Hlr* 1 if- m-/ 1, s?J c [. are strong ior the ffflae proggram. TheiBaa-wfib tfaougbttessly 17 ^\ De^Dt^-liK feurs aiiti moaey To having a \good time,\ Sooner or later finds Hirnself shipwrecked on the Rocks of want and poverty, Minus both friends and money Where will you be Twenty years rrom To-day ? Start a Bank Account Now. THE SIHTE BflNHF COfll WE BROCKPORT, N. Y. : wTffifi&e~-Eaat- : irilOT—some tinre^has-TeeeBitly-lbeen ^^pefeSed-faieufttgF L ~j$#]t6a!ttor£ fflaUaia- and.ad^erlisan!g_ais Si iPlahfl A-o ooaduot an id^Hft^fig *-®Bk« paign, .both for circulation and adver- week visiting hla broQier. Witliam DoSk, aa€ otherTela*rros is ^rajttsiburg H«lea -M, HteglBS. ° f Brockport, Catherine Fowler and Lois'M. Tlm- Tfrgrmnm,, nf • liamlinXr are jamong—the wdanea freshinea who have enrolled in _____ _ __ 4^ng^^nd--4ak*3t-^^^^ram^:^^Lya© class. OL1S27 gjbg.gjriyergity ^|^J[IWJ|QM^^^~^ Here-too^-Sonny.—Afeu-iput—It-a- 4e*lReehes*er; ^^ BTHthan mest^o* lis woul^'but we \T^he memhers or the Junior Birthday Clnib &nd their husbands' were enter •Lloya R. Coleman, - fbrinerly- ^tained a-t dttnipr fnes^'mM^j^ Brockport, who connected 35\ Mrs. Homer iBeiiedlct, Mrs. s_s\inW!Mis J TOttege at .tna Jialce^ j_Le wtM' i afa»rt^dtict-a- <tass~tH-Jour- itMmg iendis of. the weekly, during the coming: term. In connection with ithe night school courses offered by East •Htgih, Mr. Coleman conducts.a class .elude magazine as well aa mewspaiper advertising. Peach shipments for the season are reaching their peak capacity tlhla wfip.k, Ford Covett e-Beriediet- tWE aREVWEH TWO eOMPAKY -in ^ie M. S^-'Chuida' jenlgthf._ Sepj^hege _. W&, -8 -o^ciock, -ander aospfoes of-Qaeeh E^ler-—Standard Beafers. Adulte S5c, AMONG OUR CHURCHES Methodist Episcopal-Church iR.ev, I. IB. MMer. Pastor 10:00 a. m„ •Class meeting. 1Q;30 al m^jMopulaiig Worjajhiip^ 11:45 a. m, ^Sunday 'Sdhool * 6:45 p. m,| Epworth~Leafue. 1 •: 3^) p. m.j Evening sepvioe. 7:45 Wednesday evening, Mid-week service. St. Luke's Church Rev, Prank 3_Mnrosch, Jr., Rector \\ Sattui'diay, P-east of SL Miehael and all Ajjgels, Holy Eucharist 9 a. m. Sunday services at 8, 9T16 and 10:30.' Attention is called to the fact that the late service .i»_ put- back to its original time'of half _past ten, and is not at quarter of eleven. The rector, through the parish Bul- letin, .toa<s ma«de an appeal to all the toeffihers of th_a parish to h£gresent at 10:30 on .Suiidtay ais he ha§ soakethimig very important to coipmu]ncaEelo~fh¥ parishjat_that_iimfi.._-_i~ g „ •• Baptlit Church Rev. Henr^'W. 'Steryens. Pastor . Morning Worship 10:30; Church School y;:45;Ohristian Endeavor 6:30; Evening service 7:30; Mid-week ser- vices of Prayer Wednesday evening 8:0 °v, -- _________ _^ __ Rally Day next Suuday. A unique and interesting program at 10:30 a\ m. followed hy registration in the Church School at ll:t5 a, i». Everyone con- nected with the cburch or school should planto be present. --------- In the evening at 7:3(t-an Illustrated lecture on \ihe American Boy.\ The Ladies Aid of the Baptist Church wiU meet at the home of Mrs. Colby, te Adams street,\ Friday afternoon—at-j&O 1 o'clock. The ladies are asked to* .re- member and bring something for' the basket. — *—~ ••• \— ••' - -Pretfcyterlan Church •Revr-B.-B*. Wesbster, 'Minister \ Services om Sunday; Worning Wor- BiTiip «t 10?8fri Sunday fiWmoi M Mid-weedc Meeting Wednesday\ 8 p. in Rally 'Day -will he observed In 'tee \\SeptrSO; -The' .program to the Sunday Sdhodi .wilt include a «peolker from Rochesti«r. - The suBJeofc of Mr. FletClter'a talk to the Men's Class Sunday will be '\The Great American Piaeaj___iiMeHHtJ5s£. The annual election of officer* of suae Wadhato« Class will. he held in ithe church parlors, Monday evening, Oct. 1st. Sa_s_)or -will be served at te3fr fel4 lowed by a'business meeting, and the niemhers, whs during tlie summer have earned. hbeir_ doJlar to contribute J_Q class fiends, svlll gfve their ftx-pBrienee jn doing sOi - •fhe Presbyterian Guild Bazaar will he neld-^ursaay ^\erttotm artaTiveSp ing of November 8tK. Remember this date and watch for further announce- ment. r , wg ^ n ^ •J 'J • 'I*' X& ^feeks^ive yotJtai, clear -recor^^f^ljirteiievs^Mtict^btitT either ica: hilsiness or for personal heeds. It is for this reason thajt every business maftT<^»s«P ers the opening of a Checking Account one of the firsT; sl:eps in establishing any enterprise. Our service along commercial lines is guided by the experience of years. Drop-irtjand talk it over. I -BRoaeoRk a v. While It La&s •**^| Soaps at Bargain Prices Large excellent quality - Palme-live Soap in the follbwing assortment Transparent Rose Glycerine Soap Lemon Soap r~—-— — Hard-Water Soap per E. W. SIMMQMS ,„,.,.,„!. .; ._ — m -• ^ .^^£ z i '•.' mm 1^1 • '-\^'-'-'---3*1 •sz^ BHL^^^ S Hir,'-< ~*iM ft* ,: ia »'':-•'• 'M ~v-wr Before riding in the wind, prepare your skin with tfcfe SPENCER GORSETIERRE - 400^(0! »,EYSf. -i 8:3«f --- Ps__fe^___________^-Stg_i____- \~ Ctass\ PhoTopTays\^ Matinee Every \Saiurday TO-DAr and TO-MORROW RICHARD DIX m \3ne Wocnan With Four Face*\ JU»undJiK____f_^^niJlte^ am I W Jonteel Cold Cream Po^eri On yew; n g -iir^^rir,^^ _____._. The. creiynft and pewdterLnaDre- il ^c-^enls, tl _\ \wii seff forH r f£wlfiy» at^rte^ombERatlfiftpri#^^ ***?-*•• 'PBOS, H. ©OfiS©] -r?!r? I! !! § I ! I ! I I i ! • ! E cMldren, 20c. ••*$ CARD OF THANKS We wdsh to express our .sincere thanks to the friends and neighbors for floral offerrtogs and for the'use of automobiles in our bereavement, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Gretton Mrs. Robert Rainer THEY'RE the wa.rm days rushing *he later var- ieties to the harvestinig stage. Or- chardts'ts have kept their teams and trucks going from early morning to late eVenihg, in an effort to get the fruit into the iced \refrigerators on track, and on its way to market. The uush has been 'So heavy, that a good many (peachy men. did not know Sun- day wias on, the calendar this past week, -and felt compelled to keep their ;plckens busy. Growers have been re- ceiving from $1:25 to $1.00 per bushel for the ifruit this year< which is aibout double the price paid last year. ' THE FAlSHlON SHOVy AB ittae manikto loosens her -wrappy coat vi some wandsEful fabric, one foe- holds {Stunning afternoon gowns which are hieavlly 'beaded, fur .trimmed or beautifully drapped. .See \those at the Parish. House. . '. „ USING A UUMBER LOT OF With unprecedented building In op- eration now the need for lumber naturally is greater than ever.- See L. Gordon & Son before buying. 2:22tf -—-— -• AMERICAN QUEEN CORRECT C0R8ET The up-to-dae woman wants the cor- set she wears to 'be correct in every particular. Have you ever looked into the merits of the American Queen Cor- rect Corset *witfr its perdBectloa front piece perforated 'back section and beautifully tailored Lip? We Invite ladles -who want tihe most value In health, style and comfort to make ap- pointment /with our dernQnetratoTj whose jname is given below and she will demonstrate to you the superior merits of the American Queen Correct Corset, custom, made to your _ own measure and your owh selection of 'beautiful and durable material. Mrs. G. J. LeEafron, Demoh'StralJOr, 85 North Main 'St. Call phone &63-W .for ap- pointment. SHIRLEY MASON m ^tov^B©yNB:» and CHARLES MURREY m ,4 THE SOCIAL ERROR\ Added attra»otlon for Qaturday Matinee ancl Monday Evening LEO MALONEY in \100 PER CENT NERVE\ TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY Oct 2 and 3 THEODORE ROBERTS and Big Cut in the'Big Paramount Special \GJtUMPY\ and v \ LARRY SEMON m \THffi; GOWN SHOP\ MS*;- •: \-*' COMING 80ON 'MARV OF THE M0VlE8»' Wilhr Forty Fanuous Sfcara ^&- ~T EVERY PANTRY HEEDS KEPMNISHI? STOCK UP YOURS AT ^ % >^ Quality Grocer*—In your neighborhood •' -••'ifj-VAj -v. .--SSIt Kf --^|_____ %^m ?w&. • p \ #-, FRANK McCAGG, Mftr. ^BROCKPORTt l^SP FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SUGGESTIONS Serr-us Mincemeat 12c a pkg. • * Serv-us Baking Powder 8 oz. 14c . Serv-us Spices -its •:^^Mwm '•^.\tiMfel x:m «.4fc : |||te||^||iy^jl ? A^

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