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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, September 27, 1923, Image 4

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mAmmmaW^£& fm% 3^&3!&]!r'#<Zi^ r^ifi^ujlt-r BROCKPORT REPUBLIC _i__i__ l __^ s(ljl1shed _ 1 . n 1856 , \J&Wea attHS-Postoifice at Broekport, N. Y., as second-class matter Subscription Price $2.00/ a Year NORMItt imMS— P. A. BLOSSOM, jEMor ,JM Thursday Afternoon, Sj'ept. 27, '23 EDITORIALS The people who drijve- automobiles wit^Tone hand, may have to hobble on me toot foT some time 'thereafter. The Repute cfllh/e agrees with the Ku&da News when At says, \anent the ' «ml\\sTfike settlement that the Pena- \\\i^iaSaarGSWnTOfiTnsdEna poor sebtter- jhent for the people but a good one for 13ie miners. We are not,, however, tak- ing .the side of the operators against 1 \jtat' of the miners. Both of them are profiteers as com-pared with the Am?r ioan farmer\ on wfionTouT pommer' stability depends and ttjio can ill af- ford to \pay the prices wrmrg from him in this piratical fashion. Residents'of New York. Pity have l>een experiencing a novel sensation One past week, in the lack of their Tnnrrrmjr itn^ -evening papers, which nave been tied up pending the out* come of the pressmen's strike. An astonishing feature of the state -of -affairs, is that New Yorkers hare dis- covered that advertising is \news.\ —^cfHahiniat.ion paper has been printed »y the different paper concerns, wmen lad been unabh? to include advertising, and: as a result shopping -has decreased -- each day,-until the .de,j«irJmer^9tores appear almost deserted, in comparison witih their usual rusiL at this time of —ffw ihPiqviffHt shopping season SCHOOL. TTBeES- THE REPU BUG, BROCKPORT, N, Notice is hereby «lveni ifcat *h« *a»s for .school district. No. 9, town®, of a^la^teaTtfii\S52te laSTofTCmu jquira-of-^Wtof -TOstoott, Walker. for thirty .days> at one per cent; there- after at 5% at imy hoiuse, 174 Utlea St. Ohas. Tiighe, Collector-.. -^ _- 9:27 3E=*Estra fine Improved Oa Priday,'September 14, all *he. activities, of the. school were i n full operation with a large registration of sdU'dieatfl. In the' training school de- partment 'the- registration, to date i s 304, in the high school 251. and in the normal department 113; making the first w«ekTregl5frS'Kn--t±i2i3Xge§He-i t several years. i bast Thursday the school was closed in the—afternoon and a picnic was given'to the normal department by the faculty to give the new students an-op-] FOR SALEl^Two 20-gallon 'crocks, portaatty to gei .mcquaMed, Mr. { $4euoh. ft. L. Staples. TooppT who feft -\last Monday -^for-.—p»QR- SA;LE^-Blue - -gra^esr—6att Teachers College, Columbia. I'niver- phone 145-J, South Ave.- . shy, for a yeay*of graduate.stud,v, was, — p^gjy^E^My^ane-hulldlng prop- the guest. A-.it rained the picnic was jer'ty'. Apply Fred R . Hixson, dark- hAlfl -tt>' the bujldimg and the refresh- L son, N. Y. , KoTir&eaa miasm. Tnrttes^ernBayjr 7 SEMM^T^ffilji^lWITHTCtEfm it is the-beat waeat lie has threshed; „„...„_, ,„„ this-^e«^fi^.4>er-^^ seS«t^^ Uenf FOR RENT—Two tfurnislhed rooms. --^jilaaMes-egEfe _M. College-iSt,- - —*- - FOR SALE—Hoflses at The Uplands 'E, L, Matthews. - J9i2Gt£_ F©R-^UN'5 l \^'Large pleasant room, electric lights, heat and hajBi, with, privileges^ suitable for man and wife Inquire &1-Jthis MBICSL '.. ^7\ *\T NOTICE^Or FItlWG COMPLETE AS- Notice is lis >bv-given itihalt. *he m- htaie-BOWQr^a-^aitKSOlH Willie *Gottttty of Monroe/iee #ie year. underBg^edlalsseasorfi and wa^fllesd'lin* ttao office ofjtsbieatowB. derk ait Jhia gdL- lage of Clarkson, where aaaae •wild re- m<ain open to public inarieoticm) for 15 Dated tibia 22md diay of September ji»3fe — _ M \I/.^Kenyfgii — ^JMjmQSB__AJl!g5!L Carl Nellis _\ Assessors of the town oT jdarEsoo; Oountty of Monroe. .1^. ments were served in the-\little gym. r -1 pQ^ SACE^-RegTsTer^a -BeTlcsaiires- Pred W. Hill, district superintendent^^ ageSi either sex. Staples Home- of schools,; gave a quantity of fine stead Farm peaches lor the occasion. Oliss Elizabeth FOR SALE—'Have quantity of woodL _ nvnxan of Lowmain, f or gaie, will deliver. 'Phone 83tj-J)'*3. ^4^\* w -i'Qrk-M-4 Mi?s_R?»f ani1 ?. Gilmore' V. B. Clkrk. ^ 10-:1.S. of Coluratous. Ohio, both graduates of. FOR SALE—Sand and gravel. Will 10:11 Sw&ct Rrisr College who'were in col- make delivery. with Miss Wallace an d Mrs. phone 14-F-14 Inquire H. visited the lege Winne of the faculty srhfu'vl last Friday, Herbert A. Hallett, of New York City, Charles C. Randolph of Xew Orleans and -Frank P. Johnson of Rochester ,,were guests of Hon v Henry Harrison last Monday and. with Mr. •Harrison visited the school. All of these gentlemen were formerly stud- ents in this school.. Walter J. Herrington, head of the traiaiihg srtt5oT~depttrtnrentrand-H«! H. Cooley, 3:22tf FOR SALE—Red Cross heater, also : chunk stove. Prices reasonable. Call IT Fraser St., Mrs. Jas. Thomas. 9:27 FOR SALE—New paraflned oak cider barrels. Apply Brockport Cider and Vinegar Works, South Ave., Brock- ' port. ' - 10:-H FOR SALE—First-class new milcla 'cow, calf by side. Chas. M. Jones, I Brockport, K. Y. Hamlin phone-54-R- 123. \ \9:20tt THOMAS-€^ Vtiffify M&rj 12 Main St. BROCKPOR$: BROCKPORT SPECIALS Oneco iToiJet Paper, 3 rolls for Matches, 6 boxes for - Seeded^oir Seedless Raisms^24>ox§s C k) Grkde Butter per lb lLifttfourier Cheese per lb - Full Cream Cheese per lb Old-Sharp Cheese per lb - •\ 20(T| 31c 25c 55c 35c 33c 39c See Us Before You Buy. $0.5(1 * WSTTmxrEMER'A-tD-t&bE TJiree dtstinguisaied visitors to the Belfast City, Hall, today, where they were received by the Eight Hon, the Lord MayorlAlderm&n''W. G. Turner, 1- Prr-ratft-tfre Ohatmwn of 3foe Im.- r \*|rovemeht Committee of the Corpora^ - -'-tkm (Councillor Thomas Erskfne Atex- mder), were Senator Irving Lttlom- •wdieu, of Medina, Hon. Justice E. R. OTifalley, Buffalo, an d George iL. Owens, of Medina.' They were paying * Hying visit to -the blister capital- -on the homeward Journey; after a n en Joyable European tour—Belfast Tele- * graph of Thursday. Sept. &Ch. .-The JFQR SAllE—Dressed poultry 5g?cents' , , ,u v. A „c n,^ ™.t^ ma t!n= pdund, speciaT \sale this weelc. 1 wiH' J. Lathrop. head of the mathemaucs «S e „ ve ; w Murphy , clarkson. Phone dopartment. will attend a teachers con-' ^2-R . ference of Ontario County at Geneva,' , —— nevt Fridv. as instructors. Br. TTfomiFp^pft--^i ( &- Bteeli -^ e ^ i 1 ^^^ next iim.v.u |with large ,^.(.0055 co n ari i n splendid eon, the Principal, will help as an in-. con^j^, Slze . 38 , -inquire E-3- this stractor a;t a teachers .conference of omce - Onondagrcounty next FrTaay. ax ay™,: ^ g^jjj^^ ^ dmns room r cuse. • ] table. Just tie thing for a cottage; also | Arrongementsh ave been roade for a | eoueb. Inquire Mrs, °A, S. El-well, 6 Winter Lyceum C<mrse_to be held in t Park Ave. I Normal Hall thia winter. Allowing is t po«'SMJB^-GOTFS, new milker^ a list of the entertainments with the 'jjearby springers; also pigs. M.' G. ' ^<hfeeflfa^^^ilm4JIhni.llJ]3iarsday.J^-^^ M7 Main St.,_Rroekport. N. y.' \roberTl;'\RU^Sla*\Oa'6nedral Quartet;J^bon^StX:. _', ^r, .!•_ . T ~~ Qgg^ nz^rln.agda.v. November 21: Jess Pugh, FQR_SAiLB—Two thoaaea on Par* t Th-ureday, December 6; Dr. Bradley, Ave., just north of Capen Hoae Jious«, * Th'ursday, January 10; Zedeler Quintet, Wednesday, February 20. Th e Ly- ceum Course last year was very sue- owned by Geo. Elwell. B. Benedict. Inquire. Homer i 8:23*f FOR SALE—A 1920 Ford Sedan, ! ressful th. spason .n^in, .ith* de- ^^^- ?^»%$Sg»g£l flcit of only six dollars. This years -p^ at 2 4 jj a i Q g t course costs more than last year's but' It is believed that there is enough In-' FOR SAIJE—Yes, we have grape-a, ^ra*el6r-e -expect tn sail, fox name onjtepp.st. fe tt both 4n th** -school-aad-in-- gatuf^^-, ~ ptea.se .\ tHT - C. Fletchfer, : flie 19Eh from Southampton on the ( Brockport to pay for this course. I^Rtdge Road, Clarkson. Olympic, '\ * - ia proposed to organize six teams in FUN AT CORN ROV\ST I. 0. 0. V. corn roaot held Saturday, The Humboldt Monument in Humboldt Park, Chicago, shows a wond- • erful achievement in the blending of sculptural composition with the \1irrMipm«nref^b6\^re^ this memorial appeal strongly to lovers of beautiful monument work. ~jFfil?fffr&'l[ifl£ bet-Tis-^ttOAsr-yot^-at-no-e^peBse— momiment .,..,, , . FOR-SAbB—Almost -new 4eitehen- - the school which will make a house to ranKe _ enamel finish, water front, cool house canvass for the sale of tickets or wood. Also 2-burner gas plate and JTbe winning team, the one that sells gas heater. Phone 365-M. 9:lStt JbelBUi. wasasucce^Jn^Plteortj^^ ^ ^^ ^be given .a^luii,. WA NTBD-Two experienced apple' feet mat wronil ware kept away by| offBOT1 m ^^^.^ an arterneon's pit^r*. Five minutes wntfc from the cold wave About forty were pr -s-• PBtertnJnmni , t ttt the Rastman County Line trolley station. Brockport cnt and all had a lively time. The, j , - phone Xo. 82-F-12. M. W. Wiljard. to yourself, the wonderful strides that' have been made in cemetery work of every description,' We —4iave-k-ept—up-with—the-march»of~ progress in memorials and are pre- pared to serve the public in a praiseworthy manner. Designs and. prices furnished you upon re- quest. . * • •• Harmon Monumental Works ^Jtber~Siz»r-Accord While They Last Big Heavy Tul 30x3 1-2 |^1.50 31x4 Sl.75 32x47 mm E. A. COAPMAN Phone 235-W North Mail St , * - \ijii ';'VfI .— '. V-..v.f-..--vg| l \7V^; ^.oun(TStea£^ COOPER & SONS C0= Main Street . - ' * BROCKPORT 28T Tender Loin Steak 32 Pot Roast Beef 18-22 Plate Beef 10 Gala-Hants 12 1-2 Potatoes 49c Pk. Hosier special ball game was very jjxeiting, and several arguments arose but were settled by the umpire wh was u p to CONDIT : T,PW1R J. rondit. -19 years Old. died 'on Saturday 9:27tf K FOR SALE—A good house in good in Graiwick \FTospital at location, with\all \modem--fia&rWe- tbo -minat^tn baseball, \ BuflWo . He'.had-been in failing health m ^4,^fiL^^™i!F^wJ - Some boys from Rochester were,pros- tor sevt>rn , mon , ths , Mr . condit was J'J^Y,' tf™c;Kway rtace, ^roeK-• ent_ahd\ffiey carried away mrpTrzS in.btfrnTj, PTielps, r)cToT>er ZZ, TS73f alirr —^-V-^ ^~^-~~^^ — the l6fse\~s5oe-'ThrowIIIK uouitwit-.-Wga-llTPfl-thPre wsrt*P5rrrr-aH Msl« , ^Pf _f^ LE_ 7^ • Ch » ic ii 8rl SI« € ^* C S!' t „ ^.^ . . M ^_ •»„ ...i„^„„, ... Grand piano. One of the host Of tne- Prizeswere donatefl by Cne fOilowing, TOtU , two J^J, im> V vhan he beca-me a <chlcker \ illg p}anos will be sold chaap Shnmons Drag Co.. H. S. Goffe & Son, r o.Q)dent_nf Brockport s ' as the owner has no use for it. Inquire A. V. Fowler, Brennan & Adams, A j >i r . coi.dit is survived by his wlte.\B-l this blnce: T. L, Ashworth, Nichols & Smith, Cattdy^ts mother, of Phelps; five brothers, FQR SALE.—Quarter sawed D>ak _Ktt«h«n, The affair was-, very mnch wjtikemj jrf RQehesaer; Shades,- of-Dining Room **>* fywHaH^ nf <rfv *-h* HA,m wi™ ™-*HM. 'TtfatmVi Percy, of Phelps; Arthur, of chaji's ' .-sppreclated by the bays who partici- pated. > QUARTERLY BANK REPOftT . REPORT OF THE CONDITION ©f The Stato Bank of Commerce of Brockport New York, at the 'close of business on the 10th iBS-of Sept.1923 - _.--.. ——<=——^—^ aEsouacEs «25S_«L, Other currency authorized by the Laws . otthe United States., 21000 00 ta«gh items. vjj.-r™r—-— —— zx;~•TZT fixcU&iiges arid clieckn TOT nyx' ^ . day's cJgtrinKs^ $2195 56 h WIS SI -^OtfaercjPiTi items. **.aSS0O5r Pae fjom a^provai regef ve .depositar' imlessawounfof ottaefe 1TSN3 OS SwrffoW^tKefTasi^ja^sreBaspiBiiejf -Tnsdbjroicers-^\' ' Stock «nd bond investments, viz •Public-securities S 12392 5fl I 9i .t^ & _ Privatens «wuriUe»~~.>^^40U5Mia>t i^^gj^ Eo«n3 and discounts secured By bond and nortgagei deed or other real estate _ buffet,\ Ta-BTeY' chtrm'\ csblrostr Ne^lrk^M* Oari,\ Elmik, and\four ^11 alter Wtore^faMfirf abater- „ , , „ • .. p m George Crocker. No. 2BeacnSt. -ststers.- -M psr—^febBt- -43oorni>er-«—=3rlTiS^ — - , . Lillian -Leader andr MfS. Grace Yoe- mang, of Phelps, and Mrs. Eva Smith. FOR S-ALE—(Leaving town, so will sfeS hssseheld Enra4tsre includiTig . . , , , , Wheelock Upright piano, dining room o.f Stanley. The body was taken to suStf > bedroom suites, chairs and small Phelps for burlai, ,. x _ articles. 292.Souf-h Main St., opposite — -. — • Capen Hose House. , 9:20tf _ . L . _,..._ ^ m ^ A ^ —, . : ^. J .,;, :—^. Owing to limited quarters was forced YES, W^5v^\^ffi~TKm^<>iHEted*^t2ie^ra-^^ 3&-TeaLJB&:iLsGiB— _. Tjecker plant on' Clinton St, for \foe wai rt to buy a rea*-heine4s-tbis\ieau— eoMlkiiiance of oveiih»Tflbg and repaig- tif^l village, or a profitable farm <ltf ing J5W6T spTayera und' gasorrxre~en=—WeltefB—3faHH!08r-4t-^^M&83t4Mtt.lln\- ^nes. PlioTia 168-01. J. H. Bulmore. consult me. S.-W. Wadhams, 3& _$&\*: «..p!!!!rSL33S9JB:j&v^rbaAilmg-aad-fepaaring. ,. 9:27 ry Ave, Biwfcport *9:13tf I . FOR SALE—-SoBie .ofL^ose Jjleas!ant_ -home*' -rn^^mefeport-'ape being baog&t Witk nnprecedented building ja o> at very relbQEabielprices^. H you -de- THEVRE USING A LOT 04? \OJWffETr Shifts You Will Enjoy :Feeo;ualife€84nM©ae*- Fine, bug '- wearing Bibncs; catefaflailbrT ing, smart.designir It takes-all^hree to produce that immaculate neat- our-shfiFtSi— =—^— -—„-,» $1.25 and up ?:. ..... £ J«^H* Veal (Jhops 25 18 ^iist^Tuljr^irrwi Lirer, 2 lbs for Milk Fed Roast Veal 28 -^ Roll Roast Beef - £ij- Veal Steak ^2_ Lean Pork Roast Spring Leg of Lamb \•-\ : 35' ' Sugar Cured Bacon IK: Fish Ousters r^^^gj*!*^^ l?tiriiite£ ba and discoun securt„ „ , «.,.^. , ^. _ . - , .. -<oiirter»i .rm, U699276liiatutauy Is greater than eve: CBMs, discounts ami oms purcnased not \• [<JOrd6n ft Son before buying. r.TST2292431-H / .. 615 «9 , ..163258 25 I $ 20519 65 Mcured BrcollsterS)- ©verdrafts .Bondsjindjiortgages owned Seal Estate, viz: Bank buildings J 7S-10 00 I Other real estate 12r,79 65 i ©ther assets, viz.: Furniture and fixtures .^.. .^$4245 45 Accrue3 Interest not entered on books «% close «f business on above Sate ft -A ..' S 1800O 00. Total LIABILITIES Capital stock $ 50000 00 —Snrptes- g£e x;, \Beaate- 7$ Adams St: 5te Ms the Sale' 3 : 22tf oT soifi!; which may please ymr mrnelr -..•*• ...:.„.:.: :-\5*2!iK- '^l^wia ^pwnaj, 7_a^»^ . : —^;-«fi.* Koaso«o»<>HO! S»Q#S#$«^iCH^aK«g»ii<>3BOii Wanteds 4 ^OR-SALE-^Aoetylene Ugtotingpliant Including all house fixtures for eight vr.v.™™-. ^,j „ T , ^.., , room house; also a plant used for W ANTED—Old y, Jcox-Gibbs sewing U g hti ng our warehouse and office. The 22*« jr ^^ me K running order. Phone hous€ .^ lant w<m]( j be ldeal toT home or * \i^_ \ - - isummer_Qottage ^rhere electric lights __ \ WANTED-At once\; a plumber. f re ^ ot obtainable. Will make^ at- Steady work, rioward & Wright, AJ- '^ive p r ce oniboth planto K P. $1576931 41 bion. N.>Y. WANTESO—Reliable woman for reg w Ife: Surplus fund $10000 001 7na7 , „ JOadivided profRs 60H75 331 ' UB ' S ,M Deposits * Preferred as fOIIOWB : Deposits by the State of NeVr York 25000 08 Other deposits secured by a • pledge of assets 255R? 39 WA preferred, as follows: sits subject to check. ..276559 22 12S00\Z 0< deposits, certificates and other deposits, the pay- ment of which cannot legal- ly be required within thirty dh#n 944054 15 l «5ertiffied checks •, 4563 81 Due trust companies, banks and bankers 4296 El Extend total deposits. Bills payable: Secured by obligations of the United States including cer- - tifirate of indebtedness sold with agreement to repur- chase , — *. Other\ bHbrpsyable represent- - ed by notes, certificate of de. posit or otherwise Outer Habilities, viz.: Jhrntme for taxes, expenses. . etc I1O00OO Accrued jhterest not entered') co-books at close of business [ o« above date 12000 00 > latimattd unearned discounts I ,„.^. 80000 00/ q. 9 7 Corbett, Hamlin-Walker Produce Co., ' 3 ' Walker, N. Y. S:27 ( I ular place; cleaning one aay a week.'—FOR SALE—Tracks at the foikrwiirg Phone ,175-J. 7 WANTED—Help, male and :12tf ca -sh payments, balance in monuthly j notes:\ 3%-4 tonn slightlyy used <Re^ j 3%-4 to slightl female, public $1000.00, %ton Republic $1<W),00, Wall Paper packing apples and general warehouse Reo Delivery $75'00, slightly used Re- [ work. Apply Ike Mannheimer, Fair St. public Speed Track $375.00, 1 ton- (Re „ T . 1VTnTC , T , ^, r : : 7 public $2J00.00, Studebaker Delivery 1 \\ ANTBD-Women for paring and $13im w ton Republic $300.00, 2 .ton - tnrnjrung. Apply Taytor Bros. Adams @, er vlce $565.00, Mack Platform $2O2.U0, Basin. V \i. foianer -KJumetch-Kramer 1V 2 ton late model slightly used (Re- Co. 10:4 public $600.00, and others\ DoiigMy WANTED—Competent girl for gen- Motor Sales,- 204 Court St,' Rochester, eral work. Must be good cook. Gooa N - ' • v.£(~* wages for riglht party. Phone .231-R./, Mrs. G. .Reynolds. : FOR SALE—Three good homes in '- ^olley, cheap for quick sale. *^ **\ -We need an Industrious, Six room house in Brockport, Total / WANTED—we need an industrious, Six room house in Brockport, gas, reputable lady or gentleman to repres-'furnace and bath, toe fruiL ?3WM; S ent the genuine J. R. Watkins Pro- room house, gas, hath and .furnace, ducts in Brockport. A few good^ter- good location, $3600; 10 room house, iKftfwinno K«i«nnn ritoirie 8 ^ ^^ In otlier neofBy $2000; 11 room boTrse, $2250. - --- lBoooo w X5WW0 oo c]ii&!i ^ ^^^g^y advertised Wat- Three fine homes, rangln-g 'in Tprlce kins Products' have been known and from -$52O0 to $7000. used since 1868, Don't accept any Dairy and General farm of '86 acres, other offer until you get our proposi- best of building®, 8 acres of trait, 4 26000 oo tk>n—it's different. Full particulare 'horses, 7 cows, bens, ducks and seeee. | and samples are free, write today. J.' All crops and tools, 3 miles from. R. Watkins Co., Dept., .92, New York, Brockport, $10,500. Many others. Fred H57693141 N. Y. 9:27 Davis, 35 Spring St., Brockport. - LATEST DESIGNS in Wall Paper at a 20% Reduction Sale Starts to-day and ends Saturday evening, Oct. 6th. Come early in or- ~ der to secure a better selection. . <• * \ , y m A. L. ASH WORTH it(O»0KOaOS0K01OS0«6lOWK>S<>K<>flK>S0K^^ We haye just received several new Bedroom Suites in the popular designs and finishes and cor- ditHy invite your inspection of them..' They are -in the plain _and two tone Walnuts,. Alco Birdseye Maple. The prices_are very reason- able for the quality of the goods. \•— ' We are also-getttfif4ti-rtew shipments of up- holstered Suites, Wicker- Chairs, Library Tables ,and- other Living Room Furniture/ \ Hoover\ Electric Cleaners \ Hoosier\ Kitchen Cabinets 4 ; GEORGE DUNN FURNITURE and UNDERTAKING BROCKPORT, N. Y. East Side Main St, ~ -NrearBrMjeif • \si- ^m \ m m •5*i- >,.\ %i§~''°*%&& i : kfc$Jt • •' S*tf •%\'' J*>i^^*-^ I * ! ?^5* i *'^f §&J^i^>'\*Ma|Si:<'S! , :^'- i*^*- dS^-«sta£%, ««*^fe^ &, ••• ^W^^^m^^^^^^^mSSS

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