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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, August 30, 1923, Image 2

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^g^y5f^^ g y^° h ° ± ' Sipgip \^3S.. L -:-'J9iltA- =Jr= P- \ TH&Rlpy^LIC« 1ROCKPORT, N,V, THURSDAY, AUGUST-30, Early Strugqteg |en«flclai, i i»o«*f alwrove frail wti»f*S™tfS ¥on can't always telfwhatTttrirl**- knowing his stall Many aLjjoqe ffirargrtrty It that oiflyHMa*-!— problems can develop. When tWTfioS —liBWS : -«ocb-^^dre : n-of- *ortnae -VOL •rise and earn what fate has been re- \^jBrtant to bestow. . And often strafc- circumstances In early life brine toM-fitaess later-.- The straggle t* K seed develops habit that remain* amlc through life.—Grit. One .Good' Thing /nil Tiiiikit-\-- si>-^ pit-Mires IK'C.JUI^H li A;^-.I Movtss. hi' li'-i's ni(iiit>_' i ,v girl's ran' \tiil>- or \Oniwiiia.\ JMJMEF Paragraphs of Interest to Read- ers of. Empire State More thaa7Jl,GM,0® Ma mm talc- en from a gullible public oX. Buffalo and vicinity by the fraudulent sale 'of stock by 15 \companies according to. \OTaTemenTtQadj by Assistant \If; ~S7 Attorney Qanson Depew. over '\\ \.'•\'\..'••\•\\.\_\\.\\. Irish Republican Offered tq QulF fighting. It Is'Asse'rted That Eamon De Valera' a/ foRhighl\ \ before his arrest made a secret peace e^nt~tlcte-s-fDr--trre-WBstern offer to the Irish Free State govern- Jifew York-diBti'lflt for the flscal-yJBag|_ I ^ 6B ^4 8ri . aS6 , &I »t e< i-«by the DuMn eor- ending*June 3$ amounted to 139,102,- J respondent of the London. Daily Ex« 00O, according to a statement issued | press, who attributes the information by-John Alan- Hamilton,, deputy SJ^-I-to-a-^nemb^r— o£-the-Ecae-Btate gov- WHERE TO SHOP IN ROCHESTER Bargains in clothing shoes, rulbbex*. \* ' '.' ' Mercliante Bfege Co., State St, \^aaw^ji^gif Tgflnra Barn's 58 Clinton Ave. North, furniture, Rugs Linoleums, Floor and \^nOM Laaiips, <2edar Cheats, etc Honre-nft-Bogers Company, W&TXHBSXm Avenue Bouth. Igirelry, Silverware, Diamond* H J. Sctoer. 259 Main St, Bast Mmic and Musical Instruments, •» Mfenos, Players-Pianos and Rolte, Talking 'Machines and Records. L.eTis MusicBtore, 39 South Ave. ttmnjks, Leather Goods, Bags, **nkly*s \ 271 Main Street Bast r^//w/w/m/WM/w//MM/////wm///M/7ZZr^ : rainin^for-Business Those who desire a thor- ough, practical and modern business train- ing should register with -the Rochester Business •Institute. Fall term opens Sept. 4th, You can register later, however, if you are un- able to start with the Sept. 4th class. Registra- tion davs are every first ..arid third Mondays.of\ each month throughout 'the year. Write for free ^'catalog to the ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE &SL. - ROCHESTER..N.Y. 172 Clinton Avenu* South Sf >b«i Miin 388V Training for Business VM//MVS//MfSSSAmff/f/SS//W/S4m//f/S//XM/fMli FOR SALE UNCLAIMED STORAGE \ FUUNHURE \ American walnut dining • Tocrnr suite, 6t)-in. btrffct, «blon;r extension tribli\ chi- na cabinet,. 5 sidr r-hrrrs - and IVarmTtLJiN\ Cr-'mhit? blue leather soa'.s$l'„.\>.' t , w »; former p r i c e § J !.\*.:\>. —-fumed • oak dining room suite, 54-in. .liiuTUjL} 13 i.i. pedeMal base extension ta- ble, china cabinet, 6 gciu- ine brown leather s--;;t. ~\ «h airs\.\ 1>o*5:fttV -fcrrmw— -prrce-$HHj.&0. Fftftch w-n-1- - nut bedr-uufn. suite, iarnje— \\ \dresser cMfforebe, oow- end bed. Vanity dressing fehje ancTbench, $110,007 \rrneT\ pf TFe $225.fiOV ;eautift^y~-fta&egbird's^ li*-terestng News of- All Kinds Gath- ered From Various Points tn ths -_Statfr..and-^Sa jedIK£CUJI_SJZC Thit_ .-it WTTT _ RppeaT tf Alt e lasses ol Readers. . . L Olean's Curb market was 'sold out 'liturday in t.vp hours. The Buffalo Athietic cfub will be «t*enetf-to f&eiFrbeFS os-06t--llk Monrnp county Democrats expect uov-.Siuith will pai^them a visit this fa.ll . Rochester Klk.s will start building a $350,000 addition to their tt-niple' 'hsis week. Indications roint ^p a bumper crop iif tomatoi-s for f hi- Ciinn^riis in Or- '&sms C3unty. Steubrn county w 11 sell 200 piece-i C real estate at Bath on Oct. 4 tor • upaid taxes. Voters of Groveland have authori- zed the erection of a ?50,00O high -ehool building. lector of internal revenue. Squirrels this year have adde s d to the annual handicap of the apple crop near Mt. Morris. They\are splitting the green apples and removing the seeds. Farmers said this was due to h ernment. The suibs.tance of the offer, the cor- respondent says, was that If the gov- ernment % would put in De Valera's possession all the Irish funds in America, amounting ta£500,QOO, he would - un^irtak^W^uiiiri&em soTeTy\ terms'with De Valera wnjitsoeVBTr a shortage of nuts last year. Policyholders of the Lancaster Mu*—_for constitutional agitaticn in, Irelond tual Pire In&uranee company of D>e- and terminate' imtaediately militarjr pew, which has just been liquidated, activij*es throughout the country. will receive : dividend of 349 per According to the coresprondent, cent.lt was annotrcced -hy -ttie staie-- -ther ^av'er-Bflaeftt turned- dow-a the of- — mipeTrrttendent of ^asftrance.. fer t declaring they would makena Bath has a new industry, the Bath Knitting mills, in the'Gould & .Now- len building. It is operated by H. A. and Frederick, /nnke, who have mills at White Mills and Hawiey, Pal The concern will manufacture underwear. Bishop William Burt, head of tb.3 Methodist area of Buffalo, will retire from active service next May* Bishop tBurt ts 73 years olo. Although he re- 'i-mains in the church he will no Ion Actor's Wife Ja+ted for Biting Mrs. Dorothy Foyer, wife of Eddie FoyerT vauilevilh* action, was-gtveo-30- days in the workhouse in New York for biting and kicking a woman de- tective who arrested her for- shoplift- ing on June D, The assault occurred on top of a Fifth, avenue bus, which. Mrs. Foyer had climbed\ in her flight. ger be f compelled to hold^ conferences Probation officers reported, Mrs- Foy» Gas has bwn struck at the Knap- l>«nberg farm at Dansville, at a ilepth of 1,400 fe.-t. • - The annual Perryaburg town picnic was held In Central Park, town of L»er,ry.sJaurg.. At ?.. 22* _ . . _ _ The Ontral Bank of North Tona- w^anda has been incorporated with a capital \slock f $52,2037 . _t . • Gov. Smith ha informed Lewis eounty fair officers 'hat it will not be possible to attend the fair. Adolph- ^luestone, for 17 ' years •troatntaater—t>f~Ga*mstfn and travel. i - Geoxje Paul of B'uffalo, following •an automobile accident in which h^e }damaged Hambftrg.. property, gave the village a new electric, pole costing ?105.10 and paid a ftne of ?10. When Paul collided with the pole it rang the fire alarm. Old-fashioned \peg legs\ contain- er had declared she was with another wojnan who stole a bathing suit from a department store \to get a thrill\ and who passed her the suit—Mrs. : Foyer received a' swpendeer-s^rieTticB after pleading guilty to petty larceny. ' lA^Ui ,AkMMM*K \' \\\\\wl? r«appo+nted-'for- another terra, Albion's motor club gave an outing to 250 children living in the tour cen- tral towns of Orleans county . Miss Irene Knight will represent Buffalo at the national beauty tourna Hide Hooch In Loberster Pots Lobster pots are being used for lag—seeFet-eompart-Bwnts- Grammed-Ljiq U0P _ eaeH ^ s -along tfee-Gonneeticut- with \dope\ ts the latest mtrfhod em- L Bnore . ©t Long Island soundV-fisaet ployed by the street \agents\ of the ' men c i a im. A seizure of $4,000 worth Baftaio: narcQifTc ;dTUg- ring-to- sHmgsleJ- 0 f- -aleehoi-on. a Iruck near NewSa- morphine and cocaine under the very noses of police and federal' officials. ven, is said to have been accumulate- ed fronj, lobster npte. . Purchase of the Fred J. Smith res .dehce on East avenue, Lockport, by lue Lodgt^-of : TifaflQ** - 4s- -an« nouneed. The property haa been un- der option for several weeks. The i mm ^^ w[th %he allleg Qf ^^ consideration, although not made total of 235 voteg east> 2 i5 ^ere m ^ public, is said to be approximately Qie afflnn^ve $35,000. Turkey Ratifies Lausanne Treaty. TfieTSrklsil grandTriaTronaras3enr-=\ bly at Angora has ratified the Laui> fnent_no be haid~rrt-ftttaTiti<r©tty -onJ^ S5e\pt. 4\ to 7. Livingston county historical s05Ie>- tj' - has begun a movement to mark tie grave of the kader of Shay's re- brallion at Sparta. - The IroQUOis. hniel property in Buf talo has been sold fur ?2,0O0,OO0. The building will be remodled ,nto a store ^ndvoJIlee building. \Crops in the vic.nity_ of Fredonia Trre stifferlug from tlve long eentimted •irouUi Grape vines, wh:ch seldom* suffer, are turning brown. Hornell's l.ig-h school building, v^hich has been under construction Tor two years, will be ready for us.e -jrlien school op'ena Sept. 4, Estimates on the pmbnMr* nxrerrt »r the 1^23 fruit crop in\ Niagara - iunty place the conipar.itivi* jize of t his year's crop us about 6i> per cent. It is estimate*! that X.t)()(» people ,.-vere ip attenuiinc- at tin- filth annual t\armer9\ fi• III day picnic, wliich wa. laold at Lt.ng Point \on. Tonesai lake. The''Tffleahan\ AgTifHItUfaT society c-arrJed rarht fn^uTtmcr- ft>r tire three •cjftyfl—of the Albior fnir, but not a Mrs. Dorothy L.aGranga Kellogg of Syracuse has started an action-to annul her marfiagt, to staErtey-^Van- Arsdale Kellogg, former Syracuse university student and • son of a wealthy Castile banker,\'on ground that she/was under age at the time of the marriage,' The Monroe County Dairy Improve- ment a'ssbciation was reorganized for the coming year at the association's annual meeting. J. L. Beedle of Brockport, Richard Bauch of Hilton and Jame^ St.-wart of Pittsford were elected president, viae president and . HPbYBtary : treii8urvr. - -•- - j The New York State Hallways, op- > erating trolley cars Tn Syracuse, Rochester und L'tica, cbatenlplatei telimlnailun ol track systems and the.. j substrtutlon, of 'raekle^s trolleys, ac | cording \to admissions of Willis A. i Matron, representative of the com : ! i»any in II c'.ieiter ' Castifc' village trustees lusve bought 1\air Ttfpctritr -strcrr-frro-ararm. Ii—has 41^ MARKET REPORT hlew York. Provistoa Market-— BUTTER—Creamery, higher than extra, *5\@45%c-. JUlGiL— liuah. gatherei. extragi .'. flrtts, 80#34c. CHEESE—^tate whole milk flats, fresh fancy, 26<&27c. . . CORN—No. 2 yellow, $1.08%; No. 2 white t $1-08^. • OATS—^To. 2 white, 52%c, HAY-^Fo. 1. $5&,OO#3CM)O0i Nov * r •2 r <. 0O@88.O00 ; No. 3, $ 24.O0@25.0O ; ahlPPing. yi7.O0#lS.0&. GRAND CIRCUIT RACES 100 MILE MOTOR CAR MOtORCVClE RACES MANY OTHER FEATURES W0VlRMIlK««/»- THURS SKEi^&I^H ALL A13R^CUt.TURrAI7AHIir ' INDUSTRIAL FEATURES GREATER THAN £VER SPmALJ>AlLRpAD-RMES^ADhdiSS10»L5aC^ ^15-lSESK^a '' ' I L»l • 11. Buffalo. Provision Market CORN-=No. 2 yellow, $1.02; No 1, do. 5-101. OATS—NoT^ white, 48c; No. 3, do, 44fec. BAUJLEY—Malting, 70(&72c; feed- ing, 'i4@67c on track through billed. I RYE—No. 2 white, 78c; on ..track, , through, billed. \ v. .... •!.„ ^„„ f „f 11,=. >»* BUTTER—Creamery, extra prints. I been installed on the roof of the of- >,,. 49c . CY ,.. merv «„.- «v@42c- I flee of the miperintendent of water • ff8 fl'i\TS t S iLf.iZ' I and lights. The village trustees plan ° j t o turn in-an alarm every day at noon aye TmapTe Beur66rn\MiiTe7~ -+ c - ou v SO^jn dreyser; \crrifTorobe -; -^a-nfty—^ressei^—how-end^— Jed, bench, chair and: rocker, . ^165.00, former Tjrrce—fS-BOTO^T-\--- T4&felsh_ J. -overstaffed two-tone Bea- ™---J£eiL^XeMu.r_Ji.mg, ((iSIEU. anite, 7 ft. 6 davenport, arm chair arid___focker. -\ Loose reversible spring -*Bshisi% -scr^il arms -snd- \ plTIow haclc, $150.OfT, for- Jhuildingwit Littl° Valley/ * MoWday. Sept. 3, will be firemen's <3ay\Tn Gowanda. Firemen from TfO cities and villages In the Southwest ern New York ^M -t.en's association ^8JjCacJieigecLJnyItftrionK _\_i'~ TJre annual convention of-the Wew \York State.\ Volunteer Firenienj as made, Baker's Imperial ^tut ^veteur. living jroearL. auite, 7 fft. ~6\29 aveny>6ff, SresFde wfhg cTiair- and butler, common, 20(g) 25c. ne /IIUIUI mn- vui um a . ,, , . , , . - . CIIEESK — Daisies, old, 29@31o; ue rtiuiui .tin, uui uui a thirty days as a Uial before vot- I Art __.„ Q -,„.««_. „...' ,i ojiS-mn! reTr-untiT \after iwr farr fead i„„ m 4 i „„„ on j Qr w,^ - - 7 do r ne\v, 3^ji26©jr-^a,t|-aid, «8^«0o, mg on its acceptance. < do < nflW) 2 4@25c; 'lorig horns, ZB©' 1 Relfnauiahing hia duties as man 26c. .aging editor of the Daily Messenger ( EQQS . Hennry, firsts, 44c; henn. atTOnaaftEigUffTyn-Sept^r-H--Rv-Bas-; ^ -mixed, 4t)o'' state, cBtdled, 38oj Ion will leave\ with 'his Wife \for tlieii l \ t, ^'rern''\ 1 c':rridled'\ \— Sfbp - closed Relics Trom The\ War or tne RBtsel aon up until tb^-World war ha^re •feeen—presented—to *thti—< : %w«Kiugas» HistorreaV sociation will be held in Fredoula, in -August, 1524. \The state convention Tvas held at Hudson this year. .: :Jaittle Vaiiey* ami .thjeKSUreoundsfeog \\•> oiitttry side Is stirred over; thp dis- iarD^arangg~gr~H7'If:~SlTirh'T^;-TmlF- ^tsher or TUB £ntle~ Vailey 'liuKr— A vide sear'eh 's heina conducted. - BiSekberJIeS are'fl'Owitii is^.hv ^ance in-the -vicinity of Olean, but no* in .as large r quantities., as past Igars._ It™\ 1 ' reversible spring cusTTrons, •\ frtslue \ backs sewed on,- %l 95.00, former pri ce , 1350.00; $60.00 solid rna- iogany library table, ?S5-.00; $35.00 Frent'ri* bronze table lamp, $12.50 ; 48-in! flanked top, golden •oak buffet, $25.00; Colo- nial china cabinet, square end, $25.00; oval end, I2O.0O; 6 cane seat dining chairs, $18.-00, were $5.00 each; 9xl2 body brussels rag, $20.00; 9x12 wilton nig, fringed, $35.00; 12x12 frjnged seamless wilton, $45.00; 9x12 Sax- ony, $85.00; ^x9 porch rug, $3.50; 6x9 body brus- sels, $12.00; 8.3x10.6 body brussels, $18.00; $22.0f) walnut steel fiefl, $12.00, rio-sag springs, $18.00, ; qecw fejt mattress, com-. ' plMe, $25.00. Joseph A. Scjrantz Storage Wares- hotsses, 235-253 St. Paul ^t^'eor. Central Avenue, Rochester, New York. IHE BIG STORE WITH THE LITTLE PRICES . The long, hot dry spells^ with_rains faJ rSpaRt ha-ve- cnt down^the- -yi«t3» — State Engineer IriL Due has made an officii:! tour of inspection of the. barge canal md has recommended changes at Oneida lake tff eliminate the hazards of that part of the route. Taxpayers of .'anisteo voted $50,- -QQCLtor loud abatement purposes. As. a result, the village will get $50,000 from the state, making a total of $100,000 that will be spent on the •vork.. - Slump in bus'ness has been respon <ible for the layoff of 100 employes if the refinery of the Vacuum Oil onsTftiny in Olean. The men were iid off from all departments of the lant. Prospects for fruit in Orleans uunty are much smaller than were ntioipated earlier in the season. 'he early, predictions of a fair crop ' Baldwins have been modified con- iderably. It is probahie that the grave in \tndee of Isaac Andrews, the private ecretary of Qeorge Washington will '. marked as one of the histroic laces of the country. At a recent «!«-ting of the Penn Yan branch of e Daughters )f 'he Revolution It as decided to include his grave as lie of the famous ones in Yates ..ounty to be provided with a suitable monument. 3ic; western mark, home 1n NUTS', Cat J. A. Easton, 4 27*!gr29c. ' —- brother ot-the editor, who purchased j DRESSED POtJL.TR* ,*= Fowls, the newspaper in January, 1922, as : } heavy, 30(U32CL fowls, medium. 28®_ sumes direct management. 129oj folws, light, 24#26c; -chick- fh^ site of Red\ Jacket's birth near ' ens, roasting, 30@33c; old roosters, Canoga, will be made' into a state j 17@19c; ducks, spring, 29@30o-; park if th^ efftsrxs-fll .triB;_JenecH-[-tiucks-, 24t&'25c; turkeys,-40tg!42c. Falls Rotary flubTtini other- Seneca | .LTVE FOtTLTRY ^r Fowlsr-per ibq--- .county or^anteatlona avaii. Efforts }Jiea¥y, 2&S21C* ^oo, inedlum, - 23W nrcr hrfnc^^ Trmdn-fy : fir : i^T'r TTOKrft-^-p 5 \^;' \ff^ f<nrt-~ >9^6(tf»; old^ roost» the $95,000 appropriated by the last ers, 12® 13c; ducks, 23@24c; geeia, legislatui'e for paffe purposes for the work.--— - - - '* .^—~~ ------ - ~—- According to a statement rnadeby JS. \WrBMM&W'Vt the GprUoTi-irags- 15@20c; turkeys, young, 25Q)30^. POTATOES — Baster-i Shore, per hhl, f5Jfi#8 r (Jf>rZnBw,. southern, per -bhl.. $5.00^J04-Jiomegrojgn M .per hu, t aoTff\~e^riJ©TatiOT\\ nr ^taneSye - Falls' the comgan.y_ wllLnot rehufld its fur- ian^wiach^lfa^riigMniyE fire-on July 26, but has decided to accept an ofler made them to locate \afllC Morris', whe^enffilre\\is\a butfd- ^iggjrnaaig^: -.-... _. - : ___ ... *!- Charte|,JP^ Straight died at Mt, •Clemens^Mich., at the home of his son, A. \G. StrUl^rrt, aged 6-8 years. He was born iu Cattaraugus in 1865 and when 18 years old began publish- ing the Cattaraugus Times. Two years later he took over the Olean $2.0flBSt2JIL . ____ _ _-_- ONIONS— TefcRS, crate, $1, 50@1.76 ; . JSit_jjeiioj», aer__cj3ie,. .j&agBSJSSj. per sack, |4.25@TS75r\~~ BEANS — Pea, dry, \ vr |5.50@7.()O; trnwrrsWi! 49Jft#16JK>i_redL_iidneyj $?^0@8U>0; white, do,. *10.ftO@10^B . BEETS—Per doz bunches, 25@35c. CABBAGE—Per bu., $1,752.25. GAULIFLOWEB- — Per box, $1.S5 02.00. ' • LETTtfCE-^PBT box, hOnregroTrn, 65@«0. _, CELEfeY—Dwarf, doz., 90c@$i.0O; TJIffieS,\ ffien ^ msrXng-^a^rer;whtcli^ do home grown; \per \doz 60^905. he ran until 1910/ when he retired to a farm near Olean. » Bunco operators reaped a rich har- vest on the midway at the Orleans county fair at Alblcn. More than a score of visitors report having lost sums ranging.from $15 to $100. The operators of the 'hree-card monte and other swindles are said to have been located in several of he stands along the Midway. Officers of the New York state farm bureau federation haVe called a meet- ing of statewide farm organization leaders for Friday, Aug. 31, to con- sider the problem of rural education. A bill carrying recommendation of the committee of 21 which studied rural education facilities for two years was submitted to the state leg- islature last fall, but failed of\ approv- al, It was said, because of divided sentiment among country people The session at Syracuse is for the purpose of going over recommenda- tions and ironing out all possible sources of opposition. -Per bag, home .grown, $2.00 -New, -yhite,' per bu., -PBAS- 03.00. TUHNIPS- $ 1.25@1.50 . SPINACH—Bu., 65c@'|1.00.„ TOMATOES—Home grown, 201b basket, 55® 75c; do 4-quart basket, 20 ic. \ • East Buffalo Livestock Market CATTLE—Shipping steers, $10.00 12.00; butcher steers, $ 8.0O@9.6O ; heifers, $ 4.50@8.50 ; choice veals, $ 13.OO@13.50 ; fair to good, $11.00® 12.50; light veals. $ 8.00@10.50 . SHEEP & LAMBS—Choice lambs, $13.0tf ©14.00; culls , to fair, $7.00® 12.50; mixed sheep, $ 6.O0@7.5O . HOGS,—-Light Zorkers, _»9.75©. 10.00; pigs, $9.75@1000; mixf I grades, $10.00® 10.25; heavies, $9.50 ©»J5.__.„ Buffalo Hay Market HAT — Timothy, No 1 on track. $17.OO<3>18.00; do, No. 2, $15,000 16.00; straw, pe. ton, $10.50© U.50. A cut in prices ranging to 15% ^ cmd AJFREE TUBE \dth every VacuunLCnp_Tirepiirciiiise<L. Effective today and continuing for'a very Jimited time only/ we will give, absolutely free, \with each regular Vacuum Cup Tire purchased, ONE TON TESTED TUBE of corresponding size Combined price reduction and Free Tube Offer affbrda an approximate SAVING OF 30% YOVL never have had,an opportunity to buy these famous tires so ad- vantageously. Better anticipate your recrements NOW V l •Mi iMC 41 m 1 JOHN-^ArUGH-^ SON HAMLIN BROCKPORT -S KB£ HPH •*•\'' -' • m TT E. i iSiB, RSi's FffW K.V.^ 'i-' .A -^-\v %'-»<-•- * H fe^ \ 3 i <' -f^pW-- * Kn ! \ \ ' KM HP I'ft; -' P* 1 wl&*i '. : #r~- jsa B.- . ft ~^~- [SfWtl Lw »f«-l m%- m^ir ^. m. m m •r'-iA ,?-• ,.•», i-M^i.- ^if.jr^,fl;Xr,iKi.tf^yiir^tffriiifcri-tVAfhii l , l rf ,-'• i ,\• lir^iS&iii'SS^^'MjSj^Sii^S&iaJl^^fe 1

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