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: : 'i^Ml4,&^MM ?^!i?^7S?!!?*^ THE_REPU»l.lC,»ROCKPORT.N.Y._ THURSDAY, SHOPPiNGT By MRS. HARLAND H. ALLEN •Hnu m lit «§>, 1922, Harland H. Allen.) TO TELL WHETHER A COLOR IS JFAST p^ - \Qh look, my heauti?uL_blause is ^JlJL ruined J\ . Have you not often said \thaf ^when you- removed your coat or - »uit and found that the color of the 14 ll 114- liningitad- come oil' o n your waist? -1 If yoii Jhad remembered when buy-_ Ing-the—^lPeSar to taRF along a clean, white cotton handkerchief and —rub—tt~briskly -aver- the itarng you ~m§r wer- TngBt~Bave sa ved™yourseTF~TIuir appointments If any of -the color comes tiff on tire Irandkerciiief, • the .Jiafefelsaca^ajsjr-tr friction. — I — XTo you Know\ Bow. L ncle. SanT some- tirnes tells how \a pigce\ of • military' cloth Is fast to perspiration'or not? By,placing small samples in the shoes ~0f. marching soIdier«, or under the saddles of those on horseback. A few days' test. in this way will prove be- yond a doubt the \degree of fastness. So'if you are buying material for lining, underwear, or a dress or blouse, the best way to test it Is by wearing a. sample next to the skin for a few days. , Another test you can easily make for fastness to perspiration is to steep ft sample in acetic acid for a few min- utes. If the color does not fade'them, -will tie silfe - in\ \making the pur- chase. If you want to tell whether any goods ar e proof against \spotting sprinkle a sample with water, and luster, do' not buy it for a \Suit 0T dress, as it will never be practical for street wear or general outdoor use. ~ -The only way to ten whether goods are fast to washing- is t o actually wash a sample In hot soap suds, and terial. Sometimes in buying a col- nShric ta raaluT -up- in—eouTblnaV tion with a white plwe of goods, you ,want to know if tin* \colored material will \bleed.\ Braid a strip of the white with a strip of the dyed, and wash together. If the colors are not absolutely fast, thoy- will \run^ into -the white,—^ •— — I?- In order to tell how fast a material «ay-' he to light antf air, expose=Tr {ample in a sunny window for sev- eral days. This, takes time, but you. may save yourself many a dlsnppolnf- Ing-purehase in this way. jHENixineedof jfPrinting see what we can - do before you from Our Hegular Correspondents ADAMS BASIN John. Sfoaffier-and-D. T. Leonard mo- tored' to Lycoming last^week to attend the annual Methodist Proteston* eon. ferenee. . - r — --- - ; \ 'QharlesJMaurer, daiighlejrJMenJWL sister, <Mra. Jennie Norton, have re- turned- from 'the-ir -motor trip to PtRaver Falls and other north country points, wire™ iUeyhaive been ^Isiftinlpfriend-s- and relatives. -Mr, -anadrMTs. •Marold-'-BaTinaHrand- an3 Mr. an>dT-T5lrs. TKchard Elms were awarded am unusual, number of first --^Phe^e--wUMHB«-8Rgyl«ftf»-4fe _flrsts_pn. JKHne made brown bread ja^pje-s^garr— <— - iJLittle Mary Gallagher celebrated her efebth—tyjklrday ifaturday xith a de- lightful 'party .for' her • playmates, wfhare an. elaiwraite supper was served. Tables were arranged on the lawn 'Mrs. 'Cecil Barney is 'Spending a' couple cufj weeks with her parents at Syracuse. Mr. anil Mrs. Guy Stone, (Mr. and Mrs. Lerwis Arnold, Lawrence Arnold and 'Miss Dorinda Johnston are spend-J Mr - and M 1 \ 8 - Wm .- Cotter and family ing the week at PlattsBurg where Law- s P en,t . Sunaay at the home of Mr. and rence's brother- IFTn training artre'j Mrs - -GeongeHo-lltoto of-Haaialin. • ^HHtery-'-'canrp. --- - -- —• •jjffrs. PeSer Christenfehen and two fe «)ns fM ISsat ev^r. Mr. and Mrs. OliTOr Benediei of Norwich, N. Y., and Mrs. Win. Guilder- ?il§SS and son., Bolb of Syracuse aire visataBg their -.parea-ta,-'Mr. and Mrs. Jiarvis iB'efieaS&CT\\ -^BeiMrt&har#^*I)e*roit,'Miieh., viaiiesa hig sister, \Mrs. Winters, the paM week. jFhe fMisses Albofti, ^Jliss M. Brandt and tMi-ss iMgcooibet visited feeir. auut ana cousans the pasit -weeTE'. • Miss Winifred Hazen who hais-*een visiting her graindmother, Mrs._ Bowen. for the past week returned home Suh T day. premiuttts^on- flowers' p_d fruits, at the.. Howard Leaty of KoohesteF spent\ Oaledonia fair, Mrs, Elms alaa .fiookL iguraday with; hi* pafreiits itere. Ohurch next Smndajf, August 26th. iRememiber •€&$ •Itiadies' Aid meets with 'Mrs. Meadie, August (29*th. The next meeting of the \Conum-uniity Gluh will toe herld'thie. 28th. Important busdnes/s will' -fl&e presented at this meeting. It is desired that all the members be'presenit. REDMAN ROAD iMtss Irenen Bloom of Rochester was j ;)t Rochester have 'been spending the the week end guest of Miss Dorothy. wee,k with Mrs - Edward Rayburn. Blackford. 1 J 301163 Reynolds .sspent Saturday at (Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hawkins andj fh,e Albion fair. ihen dry before teushteg «ff. It ttrere +aaraghter 1 .fMiss Dorrts, of Philadelphia, lMr - an ^ rMps - Smf<tl 1 d f Panoher and (s any change in either the color or were Tbamy gu eats ^ Mr , ^ MrsJ Mr - and -»»• ^ im He ^b. of Hamlin, Earl Hawkins. were firsts Sunday at the' home of The Traveling Laibrary- is meettng^r-.-aiid ^1^.-6eorgB--BajihTmr: with decided approval around the Bas- In and •vicinity. (Many of the latest books are now being enjoyed by home then compare it with the original'mia/ folks,.who have been able'to take ad- vantage- oL JJbe ^umusuai -epiportuniry Offered' \by EhT|*m\hovatT6n' aloiig the^ a - rr \ line of progress. Mrs, \3. R. Nelson entertained at tea Friday afternoon in honor of'Mrs. Mate Misa,JWar.y—Reynolds of Rochester was a week end guest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. James. Reynolds. -iM- -3TDfl~X fendorf and sdn^iChaFles, spent SaJterday vet A-Ibitnr ^ewirH)y—Jagttee-BtHa-Jir^Heley; iMr and •Mrs. George Rayiburn and famQy attended AMon fair Saturday. iMisg Winifred Perry and flrafib.er of Quaokenlbush, who has been the guest j Broctoport, vistt-ed PHday and Saturday QlJ^toej^w^EarlJBtoHtoiiainid-iam-:^: 111 lMrs - GeraJd ^oIMyre. .. . ™ -~. — --*—nn nn AiiffiAA '*-pi-*r.. — ...T e-_T ily, dnrrng tTi<? past-weak. sMiH-aad-Mrs. E. K. -GhHds- of- daotdf • -esteTr^Pcctmiip^Tiied-iby^Mrs: XJTilW's brother and nephew* were Saturday supper guests of D. T. Leonard an<l Mr, and Mrsi. Harold Barnum. After sup- per Mr. Child® and Mr. Leonard de- monstrated their afeiiity in horse shoe pitching by playing three of the closest \Miss M&e tTuffv and friend apent Miss 'M=arioti fRayburn i s on- tbe •sick- list Mr. and Mrs. Charles Groves and iMr. and iMrs. John Groves from Rochester visited at theh- ome of 'Mr. and Mrs. Ehner-EHisi-SarBdar.-' - Misis Lucy Mowei-s returned Satur- gaanes ese would want to see, Bootes j ^ ^^ ^ T : wfi Bk \«- risMwith rela^ - followed each other in amazing fashion \ tives ** 'M« d taa, and the crowd that' beeped \ thef ^r.-^sd-Mrar-lrving-Nlohols and \bleachers were enthusiastic in theirJflaugnter, Marlon, spent Sunday with QOjoymeJlL flZLr. Chndscame off victor, Mr - and OTp& V. Eller. 'MaMon staying in two games of the three, but his : fo T a week ^h- nsr grandparen>ts. 1 -- __* 3 .^^ • • , * r %, ' • • » ~* -=. s = -^^^^^r^^^^f^^^^^ru^^^^^^^i are hooked to pitch in the exhibition games to he played at the County Farmers.* Picnic to be held next Tues- soon be toald! my hair is coming out.\ E. W. Simmons.: \Why worry? Use tParisian Sage and 111 guarantee It will stop falling hair or return your money\ > Throw away your crutches, use Sterna- -aia^wSk-«*thottfr—rheumatic UA OJniT-or destSUCtion. ' heM Sa turda^ at Point Breeze was a P \ lM aM StUEaeSS ' ^ K W \ S,m ' An unlicensed dog may be seized, , „„„ . . • mons, local agent for this great rheu- anakined^ndaefactthatadogls*^ 3 in ^ eP ^^^ ^, ^^^rm^HsnTremely* ~ \ ~Wit3M)Ut « 4ag-i» $re«imptiTe erleoce,aasier \^as served a« welt as sapper.- ' tnajt the dof iHTinlicenaed. DOGS ^L l ^oH 0 , 8 \\* 5* 1 ? ?? Ju . n f 3 ? 1 A*? « Genesee Valley Parle. The 1923 License Fee Is Due July 1; Every dog mustrwear a tag nf tie •current dog license year. A dog with-. KENDALL MILLS •out such tag to not protected by law, *• » -*••-• •*—— and no action can be mafiatalBed foTr •the t•ommufiTty picnic wlnicD. was I held Saturda y at Point Breeze was a _ . j'Boat rides On the launch\ aeross were»r^m % TOrrniTlr nl? 'tnii? Q'TA'T'I? nin -^log Is harbored or kerpt Lieenae F«e» ar* •»» Followsr- ^..Mala. J>ogw.«»^» *^.»u^^^^^.u.. L$2.2t» Female Dog .*.-. 5.25 -Spayed Female Dog. -.../ 2.25 These \~ .--.-*- t.No license can be- issued for lese than the full license fee. ._ \ The olftter of a dog -wiio iafla or re- usee-to obtain a license for the dog aB •waulred ;by laiw inetrra a penalty of =#KHH)=amj^Btirr jrr- •?' ~::\_TTI! - -Tie a««e9flors_ of towns and {he <M**im-SSSnZw* and eleven j 0 ^ a 7f o ; •C^aVfda^Houlden.'PrSaS months. Mrs. Mary Bailey as the ford, Ontario, Canada; Ethel Young\ to^\ I oldest woman, aged 84 years and ten t ^ ran Mord, Ontario, . Canada; Esther J ^'lmonths. ;.Tne-prize in each case-was .alWajiace^ Wtodsor,. Ontario, CSanadoj .SrdtopSje toJ^ne^eachyear -fa\ and a«5y BHBBr »aa\ aTit oTloJowtteMlV Tie omlBlloncTP 0 * 31 \^ 1 ^ 31 ^^ .MeaoeU^lLgLI&aSirrolSSS^ractice Act 'ta it^-^rill^iotexcns&th& owner from oh- 'taining a lftfense. _• -•(^^^l>e^to6Q-by-&r«.-^^otter;TowIr u ^^^^^ OT \'ClerlL ___ _„ _ -j_ —-— IT If - la I: you have anything about the House you want to sell, such is a > Stand Table Chair . \\ : ,.«^ Bedstead Stove Lavmmower Rags, Carpet Bedding Kitchen Ware, Etc. a mention in THE REPUBLIC CLASSIFIED ; COLUMNS will do the business. (James were\ m^au igeo: tn TegaraT~5Y of- age., •Lyonan Baiiejr mm. tet-pjrize as thej ree~ana indgpeiid T© Emma HuSMe, Caiiudirr Anna yvngbtmyte, Peterboro., flnerfinditt-g glass.—BUon Loraine Con- iorne ElMs, WttdsoT, Ontario, Can- ada; ^fl^nfe ffiiiais, Wooter, Ontario; ley won a prize as the youngest, aged Bruce EJUsi Wooler, Ontario; Walter five months. The fishing contest—{pifs, Wooler, Ontario; and Charles JJENY BERGDOU. ATTACK Qriffis and Neilsen Disclaim Knowledge of Kidnapi».g- A Hooven Griffis and Victor Nieisen, at^their preliminaryr hearing in Mos bach, Germany, uTTconnecTioii \with the recent attempt t o kidnap Grover Cleveland Bergflop, the AmerToan draft evader, denied , any Knowledge of such an attenjpt -\©ne point-broaght^Ottt - by Griffls- was that at the thue of his arrest the gasoline tank of his automobile was nearly empty, and this statement was verified by the police who confiscated the \ear—_ The authorities contend the plan was to carry off Bergdoll^to Paris. but Griffis. maintained there wag^ scarcely enough gasoline in the tank to carry him to Heidelberg, where he intended Mx. spend the n.gln. .That Prince Gagarin, who was ar- rested with Griffis anu v cis.ii, was In (ftie autornobirerat•thrtTrnSTfas ftp\ plained as. merely a , CM uckience. GrifRs denied knowlu ge pithor of Carl Schmidt, who was killed- in the! alleged attempt *to kidnap Rurgdoll, or Roger Sperter, an American resi- dent of Paris, who. wa^ wiunded. The authorities have not yet con- fronted Griffis, Neilsvn not i'rince G-agaiin with the statement of Soer- ber, in which the woi:ndeii man ac- cuses Griffis of having mgintvied the alleged plot. Ford Plans for Advertising The Ford Motor.company of De- troit has decided to .spend $7,000,000 In advertising in various newspapers and magazines throughout tho coun- try during the' next year, Norton T. Brottoerson, advertising -manager for the company announces. Injunction Against Kian , 'Injifnctiott' orders restraining the Kii *Klux 'Kian • and 'KanreTTa; atsrer order from acting under their cer- - tinea tea of Incorporations • in New. York state, were signed at Kllzabeth- forwarded to th e attorney general 1 ! office by mail, it was learned. MARKET REPORT New York Provision Market \ BIJ TTKH^preamery, higher phtu extra, 15^\4IT%c. — Fresh \firsts 30® 34c. GHEEhE—State whole milk fresh fancy. 25&26c, CORN—No. 2 yellow, 11.05%; No. 2 white, $1.05%.\ HAY—No.' 1, $ 2a.OO@30.000 ; No. II, m.GOOfr 28.000; No. 3, $23.O0@2*-00; shipping, $ 17.0O@19.O0O . . gathered WESTERN RODEO GRAND CIRCUIT RACES 10O MILE MOTOR CAR RffiCE TOR $IO,S2«r [0TORCYUE RACES HORSE: SHOW- MAMY OTHER FEATUME«L ALL AGRICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL FEATURES GREATER THAN EVER -IQislS-SSlMErAW \gu Buffalo Provlalon Market <X>RM— No. 2 yetiow, fl.tro; No. I, do, Siic .... | OATS—No. \ white, 46^cT No. 3, I do, 44c. —BArRfcEW— Maltrng,- J ?S<g>8'ecr~*«^d ing, 70@73c.on track through billed. RYE—No. 2 white, 71c on track, through billed. , . f BUTVEll—C*-eamBry, extra, printi, ' 47® 48c; creamery, firsts, 40® 42c; Crock butter, fair to gool, 38ft33c; butteT, common, 20(g>'26c _JE^ElSjE^-\.Dai !1 ies,^)ld i ,^M?L do, new, 24@2&e; liats, oid, a84j>30oi do, new, 24<&-25»: fOng hm=B8; 2S® | J&c. . EOGS • -Hennry, •frrsts^tScrhenn- ry, mise3, S6e state, eaiHiied, 32c; . western candled, 29c; western mark, 27®2Sc: fct&ESS-BI) fOULTR-Y^ Po*wl8r - - heavy,\55'S'in'rrrottTs mecTTuni. _2B® 277;\\ fowls, light \ 23@l'4c; chick- ens, roasting, 301J31C; old I7<ft)t^c; diick.s, --: spring^-^ roosters, j dnefcs, 24(&25c; tunkeys, 40tg>42e. MV& POUI^RY — Eewls, per lb„ heavy, 22@24c;' do, medium, 18@ _ 21c; light fowls, 17.@18c; old roost- 4tm^on^honJ^m^%6n^^Knmkl™ s -- -Keene; On^jjg^n^ h^ujml««; t lg#i3c; •.1ucair«lg2*cr gee,>, ' ' 'Tiaw ami next of Wn\\oTJaSe¥^EloST 15W2TJ57\\rarkeys, youngrzi»i?30Sr\\\\\\ . _ ^ , , FOTATGlss — i-fttstera «. Snore, peT ¥e cited pursuant to Section 63, 54 and} bbi.. < 5.5Q@6.QQ ; new, _aouthjein. _nei bhl 7i ».50@5J5; homegrown, oer hu,. J2.#@2T75. f\ ffln_ffliLoiJhait so lost oaU^igh*y«i3^^ erea ^^ a? a-^*u4er^ElHsrTff T .. VV/VM ,„.,„. certain\ instrument inwriting^ hearing \ \date July IstT\ l»H), purporting to be the last Will and Testament-o*^ safit i-tmBEff , ....._^ : ... ^ = „ _ _ =^itto nupreceaenited; building In op^ jTaffles'Staltoti E21is, late o£- jis jrittagej- v*J3?avi t: J^M^lOMi \— -'----w ~- neei 4or I^mier-ofBrOTdcpbTtin^Siaciouh^ e-L ^nd-StBtefoMjgw- ; itoTkrrte^ase^ah. the era.tion i _no ^ BowioirHfi^^r^efow'1 MyBack! The Expression of Many a Kidney Sufferer A stutaborn 'backache is cause to gug.. pect kidney trouble. When the» kid- neys are Inflamed and swollen, stoop- ing brings.a^snarjr twinge tn the small\ of the 'back that almost takes 'the ibreath #way.. Doan's Kidney Pills re- vive eluigglsh kidneys—relieve aching ibaoks. Here's convincing proof of \merit Elmer E. Laning, 9 ta. fireman, 12 Mt Pleasant, PL, Bochester, N. Y. says: \Mby kidneys got out of whack and I suffered from nbackache. I could (hard- ly get out of bed mornings and I had to .place my arans! on ^he, «halr tQ get ftp. after sitting. 'AiwM pains took me in the small of my !baok. CMy kidneys acted tOQ (frequently and the secretions (burned In passage. I often ibecanre so dizzy Is had to- lie down. I used Doan's Kidney Pills- and they cured me of the attack.\ . ..Piice jSfic, at -alL dealers. Don't eim ply ask •'(for a kidney remedy—«et Doan's Kidney Pills—the same that air. Laning had; FosterMiliburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. ^elafing-to 'hotn-rlat and personal property, has lately anade ap^lfegion -to feeSarrogat^S;'Cd«ittof fiieoxmfy \ of Monroe, to have said instrument proved and recorded as $ \Will of per- sonal and real estate^..yen, and each of you tare cited to show cause .bafore the Surrogate of the County of Monroe, at his office in the XJity of iRochesfcer, in said County of 'Monroe, New York, on the 24th day of September, 1923, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of. that day, then and there tojtt'endthejprohateoi \said\ last \Will and Testament. 14 \ p fe§*ii And If any of the aforesaid .persons are under the age of twenty-one years, or insane or otherwise Incompent, they will please take notice that they are re- quired to appear .by their general guar- dian, if they have one, and if they have none, that they appear and apply tor appointment of a special guardian, or in the event of .their neglect or fail- ure to do so, a special guardian will be appointed toy the Surrogate to repres- ent and act for them In the proceed- ings for bhe probate of said Will. l IN. TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we have* caused the seal of the Surrogate's Court of the County of Monroe *fci> be hereto affixed.' WITNESS', OHon. Selden S. Brown, Surrogate of said County, at the City of Rochester, this 15th day of August, in the year of our Lord, one thouA- ~and' \Bine hundred and twenty-three, MARIETTA E. AiLLJSN, Deputy Clerk Surrogate s Court iHBNIRY E. iMacAlVriHlJIR.A'ttprney tor Petitioner, Brockport; N. Y. _ • . .^SSi^^y^sg-. V ST. yellow, per crate, J2.O0y2.2B ; Efyptfcn,\ per \sack Ji:V5@ 4V75.\ BEANS - Pea, dry,. \?S:O0fB3«; red v^lklH-ey, F4°J®M£; .. J r ^ it A_4®r- J i.e.-<)p@i G.K -; \par-owt ^•••-- •JU—.'—H i^--. BEETS—Per doz. bunches, 25@30o. «ABBA€#~Per crate, $fc?5^.7S. CATJL\iF£owkH — ip§F box,\ Wi'M f 2.43V. LETTUCE—Per box, homegrowa„ 40 @ 75c ' •; LETTUCE - - Iceberg, per crate, U-60@2.5G . - CELER.Y—Dwarf, doz„ ?1.00® 1.75; do, home grown, 50@80c: _ PEAS-^Per bag, home grown, $2J0 §3.00. TURNIPS—New, white, per bu„ U-25@1.50,- SPINACH—Bu., 65c@?1.00. TOMATOES—Home grown, 201b basket, 60@70c; do quart, basket, 15 (§>25c. East Buffalo Livestock Market CATTLE—Shipping steers. J1O.00 10.50; butcher steers, $8.O0@9-26; heifers, 16.50(g) 8.50; choice veals, $ 14.00@14.50 ; fair to good, ?12.00@ 1S.60; Ught veals, UO.O0@11.75 . SHEEP & LAM 'IS—Choice spring lambs, $ 14.00@14.50 ; culls to fair, $8.0O-@13.50; mixed sheep, J6.OO0 7.00.' HOGS — Light Yorkers, $9,000 9.35; pigs, $9.00<gi9.25; mixed gra<d«i, $9.15g)9.25; heavies, JR&M.Q.M . _... . Buffalo Hay Market HAY — Timothy, No 1 on track. $ 17.O0@18.00 ; do,- No. 2. J15.00« iB 00; straw, be ton. $10.50©l-1.5O f A cut in prices rcmgnig to 15% and A FREE TUBE with eveiy Vacuum dip Tire pufcliasedL Effective today and continuing for a very limited time 6nly,\ we will give, absolutely free, with each regular Vacuum Gup Tire purchased, ONE TON TESTED TUBE of corresponding size Combined price reduction and Free Tube Offer affords an approximate SAVING'OF 30% You never have had an opportunity to huy these famous tires so ad* vantagequsly. Better anticipate your requirenieiits NOW! lit? : 9m x*OMfN BAUCtf & SON __ HAMLIN BROCKPORT •*4 ^8 •'•^•y \\- s mmn ^saiiilliiik.ii'\\I-.i.'rk,..^«vi '..'. &M^^^:S^^MM^M^U'iMshkSM!Mi \m&mimssmmmm^'

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