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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, August 16, 1923, Image 4

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?^->'-V ^^^^^«r mua THE REPUBLIC,fROeKPORT, N. Y. THtmSO/tYrAtiOU«1*-t«r192» JSS. ^DOIPORT REPOBttt 'FOUR WEEte5~IN THErMOUN«-B^-at- Co* -as 4ihek-jBlitaE6M3i-eQ^j!!fe tMca street inouproveiment $3000.00; Es?aBTisRerTn\T85r- ~ Altered at the Posteffiee at Broekport, N. Y., a s second-class matter Subscription Price $2.00 a Year P. A. BLOSSOM, Editor Thursday Afternoon, Aug. 16, '23 EDITORIALS Most people know more' than it-is aalfe for them to tell. -BSs^etteiS3ofcto^aiedmn3E=atalLiaian. %ol>e \known oily as a kicker. : The -world owes yon only that which 1»n are able-honestly to collect. ' it \may 'be, true that love' Is bHiiu', Sot jealousy can -see a lot of things ~ISit do-not -exist. m *To our taind-a\ •&ueoes*-ful conibina- ffion is a husband who nja,kes the 1 naonoy and a wife who doesn't blow it j TAINS from the Treasurer of IMonroe County, as the vtillage share of iSt'ate Manu- facturers tax $409.93; from B. Frank Cooley, snow and ice remoyal $26.60; -f^om-thfr-Jloelie^er-rliOGkipartand-lBuf- falo R. R. €o. for 'tat and use of roller •$12; for six tax searches $3; for tolt B^Mikiport, for cash'oj on shares 110f D • M A__, I UL^U.!.^ r~ ! * ^^^ara-tengrgrp.urpose,-daiTy aard fruit j-KOCnCStCT Uf>nOlStering--bar \\farWTTilSeTBuIiaTn^^^ ~ * Oon/ttoued from page one and at its highest point would take the fnrrp of dynamite t.Q dislodge. 'Another remarkable display of intel- ligence is a canal about one.hundred feet-long. amd.. J aJKUlL„twjL_.fjeei_jtesp_. which they have built in order to run their logs out into' the lake. The bearer not only uses limbs and -logs for his dam, bat-.cuts and runs into j the water lapge piece- of timber ..which J tbe ^pp^- &{' meeting -village ex?, he sinks in order to \have his winter J penseg since Lagt December, supply of' fresh bark for food. The -slides .by which .they- run these log3t same ?200 40 Also that's ewer TSMHS into the water are sometime, three • amountmg t0 $ 3 ' 0 00.OO and the semi- Hfle-eaMs-on-viHage-phoae-70o;-and.tor^ interest $1.76. Total $49,793.65. The Clerk reported having (paid all outstanding demand notes at the First National Bank, given by the Board to*- FiOR TREBNT—Two very rooms, opposite Normal* eamipus. quire 131 Utica .St. 5P'dfR ttENT—Three miles south, oft - JT» After July 30, niy barber atoo«p will desirable* ibe open from 7 <b&~ 9 daily <*sce(pt In-1 Thursdays) first class work at reason- [ alble prices. Wilbur Barbara, 21 Mar- f ket-St~ - 8516 alble . Address XX-f this office Si^f WINDOW AWNINGS! Why not put one -on that window here the hot sunshine enters. You same wiu ^8 surprised at the difference it | ^ eec j . . „,n«™ •«.••* * makes. Three sizes at Cook & King's f prpf i (amounting to $19,200, with interest ou ^fcBcja^-J&UO and $2.50 ^ompletfii I erea ; •30| hundred feet ion* and often rise A-fty I annual interest charge on sewer bonds -foot high^ than the-arnter. The home! of the beaver is as remarkable as hrs- 1 - amounling to $492.7S-due August 1st, [] the budget had been paid, and that dam^nd ImMa^JoiJhey construct ] Mlqy , m ^ ior the year. $18,000, had ' the water-with an upstairs or-^^ deposited to tho credit of the Water Commission. •-• - • it in 4itutm±iar where they can go for rest wlinre it li dry \TTurlTy^Tiybne within ; Pemissioh was granted ~Wifllam~R. e^ti-cces^ to a beaver pond-or - tek»: mi&y ^ ^^ j^erty street and also to Brennan & Adams to open Monroe Avenue f-er the purose of connecting up with tile water and sewer.systems. 33 South Water St. Re-upholstering,Repairingami Re-; finishing. Davenports and Chairs Me. to £Me£- -Alt^oilc _guarajk Work called far and Delfv- Drop us a card. THANK: YOU N1GHZ TRUCKING, HAULING, LQNG-MSTANCE. - - r - MOVING . •-\ r4 Phone 283 [apiaaarrucking Go^ ~~ BROCKPORT - J - •••••.;w \ -&». miss tlit> opportunity of > should not \isiting it. Other point* .<f in'frest about 13th 'i.rikc Lodge are Hour Pond, because '* is said to bean iiour from anywhere. Cure Mountain rru! several garnet ( lii'iii'S. .The garni'* fiken from these 1 ii'iiip-s jtj used almost entirely for mak-, ifwf- swiiwipaper., a product very nroeh • JSims^a —y^*JUS-^lelin^...X0J.iris 0lfij..'muur than the nrdlnnry white sa.ii'1-! him to; paper Some time ago in Brockporti Rfganllf-- of* the-baseball fans.-and, the radio fans, and the golf fnns, andi all of the other fans, th'o palm leaf fani is in as s;reat demand as ever. : 1'pon motion adjourned. B. H. Avery, Clerk Wanted. /SJU^^M i k OUELL'S AVarit-Thatl All LEE'S GROCERY Sole Agents in Broekport for Brighton Blend Coffee Vvlien thoy 1 wo purch:i , ?ed- sandpaper of the garnnt \VANTBn-+-Oirl for general house- work and to assist with children. Ap- SEodtTn eirl she entourage* spernl all of his money lOBarry <shp kicks because he hasn't any. • hu\'an(l wondered wlxy in the world ! -pi y 139 Main St. Phone 357; 8:ltfi • : *~: 1 thev i-olnred it, but now we know that 1 H • ! \round UT ' WANTED—Antiques, old 'fashioned,! ' j Desk, Rocker, Stand, Mirror, Chest,' j Chairs, Pictures/ Andirons. M. S. GQQd- fHlrinir in this region is not overling, Broekport, N, Y. 6:7tf C I ~WANTED^-To rent six room house .«AS-LX EVER OCCURRED T.O YOU?. Has it .ever 'occurred tg you to won-! der what kind of a paper you would! receive each week if everyone refusod to..give, specific information, when ask- ed for it concerning incidents-that oc-' enr around town? And did it'ever oc- cmr to you how willingly you would .roast that paper wncn you paid your good*money for if, and didn't get your\ money's wo-rth? The --buslnes^-of a small town paper is finding out what fcappens in the town and reporting it «a accurately as possible. As a usual! Oiiilg there i3 plenty of gnneral infor- mation that sifts into a newspaper of-' See; sometlmefi R doaon diff«r«iif 3onr<Tes will pass gjpng the samp 1t?TO,' aach one telling it as they heard it.' »nd all different. Has it ever occurred' 4*r yon that you would be doing som<^ OTP more of a real favor by giving an accurate version, when it happens that' t wtrs the natural Ramiet .nil made into sandpaper. ^ 'flic ulthouuh one party came t iv with about 100 brook trout • or apartman t furnished or unfurnished. ( •me and we ourselves took several bass ', Address WW-1 this office 1 1 from the rushing watPFS of the Hudson rivi'r. alone which, we had driven for 8:2tf mill's in r.-.H'hing the lodge A favorite WANTESD—Reliable woman for reg- ular place; cleaning one day a week. Phone 17*T ^ 7TI2H\ pasnme nmnne the lnd«W ft to takP WANraD -Opportunity for you^ ?rt»fo trtps to such -polrrte m I.ong -Lake, If , ay t0 leara relegraplry. ^Salary white Indian I^ake, Lake Gnr>rge, I^oon Lake, I practicing. Apply Western _Unlon Schroon Cake and others, taking their, Telegraph Co, Rrockport, N. Y. lunches with the^m, Imildlng charcoal j fire and enjoying HIP delights of a| • hii'k \steak or fricaspe chicken put up' Ivy iW-c-Tief. \-\\.'. \ : - : I\ Oli a fi-ee across l^th lake we dis- mvi'red the name \D. Bodell\ wliich prove-, to be that nf our own Davo who says he anil some other college boys were at the Lodge in 1913 Our HVuninss wen- sepent with cards, For Sale, FOR SALE—Several good used au- tomobiles at interesting prices. F. C. King. • £ FOR SAJLE—My stone building prop- erty . Apply Fred R. Hixson, Clark- son. N. Y. 3:8tf Creameries Co. THOMAS O'BRiEN, Jfgr^ 12 Main St. BROCKPORT Why Not Try Our Teas and Coffees COFFEE Oneco Brand - •> - » Golden Blend - Silver Blend - . TEA ^Gteen Japan ^Ar) Grade - * <}reen Japan (B) Grade - Green Japan (C) Grade We pay 30c in trade for eftgs ZTclb 33c lb 29c lb 75c to 55c lb 45c lb you were there, than you would bv declining to say anything about it? Al least the public would then know tbe truth, and not think something •was ten times worse than it really WPS. dsiiiciiHr. reading, sineing and one ma=- poR SALE-^Sand and gravel. \Will : ninrndp Among the cuests were make delivery. Inquire H. H. Cooley,' niitny ornwFKjiil talent tn the miL?tcal T P hoB6 14 ~ F ' U . 3:82tf i Hnc both vocal ttntl in*»trument.aj..and; their kindnesi in appenrlng them are much;' Last Friday rnanrirrjr we pulled our \\FOR SALE-'-Dodge\ touring car in - for ('ooperstown. cutting our vacation A-l condition, 191-8 model. For par- FOR SAi J l , >--iJaby*s carriage in good added -condition, also erib. la^uire Mrs. There are a number of ways of being' n*iii-h to^the pleasuro of the evenings. Henry Blackman, 292 Holley St. fcii, and some of 'iroader than others, • - • A LITTLE HORSE SENSE Why is i t the average young man of twpnty has'an intense longing for life in the big cities? Why is it that millions of men of s-hnrl two days In order to affend a press meeting of the Ausquehanna Val- ley Publishers thorf* on Saturd.iv Saiunlav ulshi Mrs FHns^om and rny- »*>lf had the pie-i-suro of being enter- I .lined at the home or Mrs. Gfare maturity' in thee itles have an equally i.,.nnon Crofiint who has a responsible lotease longing for. tfte, peace and -j«mitU+n with i»»e -of t-ht' largest- pub- Tjtrferurte of the rural dfstrlcts they left : Iisliing concerns in the state We left fa their younger days? Cooperstown Sund.iy morning and - The country town does not blaze _ afii-r rallfng upon frleads at \Waterlco with the bright lights-of. life as do the-'and F-»liT»avt arrived home the same great cities It is small, but_it Is'evening brown as a berry and re- solld. \and Substantial.' and\ TnrciTnueT \to ticulars Influtre Beiahelm (rarage 8:f>tf FOR SALK -White enameled baby's carriage, reversiible top,°in good condi- tion, very reasonable. 145 Monro* Ave FOR SALE—Reo truck, all new tires. $100; Dodge touring. ISIS model $200. Broekport Garage, 30 Clinton St, ; FOR SALE—Seyeti room . modern house, in excellent condition, large lot. This is a rare bargain by owner. In- trtrtre 123-Brie St. • 8rMf- FOR SALE—A good house in good -location-;—with—all -modern improve- ments, centrally located. Inquire E. 13 Days Left of the AUGUST SALE Reports from headquarters slate that it is the biggest merchandising event it the his- . tpry_pfjthe United Drug Co. We are glad to be able. tQLpffer. ,ypy the s,ame rapney saving bairgaias as the other Rex- all itores, and many raave already taken ad- vantage of the ltSW'priees. ^ IS REFLECTED fk THE <L Dainty, tasteful, pleasing jewelry appointments almost in- -variably accompany.^- personality :o£-tfaat descnptiori^. — The^clqthes you wear, the things you do, are no more in- dicative ofTyour character than your jewelry selection. Tbat is why we ask you carefully. Xo make your seleciionlheje,- where we offer you exclusiveness and individuality of design. DIAMONDS &• JEW£LRY- OF OUAUTY OH0NO6QAPHS AND /eiCOTOS -\«7 £XP/Xr H.MC M \L-fi^ nMtffiTiB.-gcOJWXPIJtW- : i BRnCKPQKT. NY. HDLLET. MY m* r-r — 1 .A, *r*i- J~ SPECIALS For Friday and Saturday rzsk }uvenated by the fr«->sh air exercise, - -Wstrbdired. .Its-•crtrzeflcs' wxrrds.areas e,irly Itarars^irotirtnK-CO do and mi time rj, Hawleyj M Brockway Plffcj, Bro€k- —-aood-af-ttoetr- bondSra«4 -their repwtf*- to do it in. ...... - pnrt N V '__ 'ip.-utf — tiona stand high in the sight of their : So those weekly letters we had _-__jBltaw men, <tot the variety and excite- planned to send back we found no in- If you did not gel: a Faelory to You Sale _=gJE£ulajr ask, for one, at the itorc- Roses, Perennials, Vises-,- -Hedges and • JH jnent that appeals to y^uJth-is too -often- ellnatten -4o—write -o=*_tlme_. to-serUa,. Qcaamental.Shrubs and Fruit Trees of ; • missing. Hence youth becomes fret- them. Environment liad triumphed ; all kinds. This is the best time to*get* jg jW, and trnpattent of restraint, aadj . --^-^ »——^— .....- _;iir»»y. stock. C. Boyst, 33 Erie-S| \I . olio ^ tsaTly .bxgaks,. the. JrAQml™tles and_ r nishesi into the maetetrom of metro' 'pnritan '1 VILLAGE BOARD .—. .- -- ^^^^ „„..„.„...,», j JI-'OR SALE—Cider inilL house, barn, the regular megfeg oflhe Board of ^^^^^S^i \ Gfia£f fL^l hfl1 ^ sa - ^ on Erie St, m Brocteport-with ali-mod- IfHOS. H. ftDBSOM CO. Broekport, N* Y. Once4n *e^ great city, possibly one' Trustees of the Village of.^ocksort^^^ In ten sroeceed, and a few forge grad- ^ W,IA held at their roo-ms at the Public house* r.aogia-g 4a priee-lr-om $3O0ft u^- wlly^-to-th* front. In time these few' Building at 8 o'clock' Monday evening, Toannone & Noon, Holley, N. V. Phone are* known to the -werM-ay-^f-^n^e-^A^ ^ ._; • j 34 ' M ; • j •,....-..../ mea: • • •- I^Meetiag-t^alred to- order 1 wlthr Prest-; FOR 'SALt 1 —^ye.th,. .Thoanis' bfaM The other nine are not so fortnnate. dent W. EL Cook in diair, - clock in good condition and^keeps first ^-^--IhrhiyrSiH -Opportunities- -aref-Ttumerous, it is Srlr - ; rcFMrlr srere pres- -class time;—oxer—one—hundred—jaea-rs- Tyler at the 23 mj*?inm. mre f S oneTwP^;.nt with\tha e^ni^ of -3F. S^^.^t^S^Si^^^tSSs^ Minutes of last meeting read and repair shop or Fred W. approved. • : Smoke Shoppe. ^ The following bffis having b'e\eh \awl-'\ r,^.«o. T „ ,, . .. T • ....,._,, _ *. , FOR SALE—Some of those pleasant • jMJa*L4MJL^a c£ -rCo^^^^ are-being- bougM\| -Blion-mot-ion- of -Mr. -Thompson, allow—at-^very reasonable prices. If youoe- 1 p* and ordered paid. .Pay troll for s're one9 you should inquire of j. B. hndty there are many.^young men of t tiffed exiperlehce waiting to grasp it. - v- TIrasthe great majorityof young men . _—ftop. 'ft'Lpogptry -who inyade the cities '_ expecting to aet the woria r ^fu^na'i , Oat about the best thre'y can do is :o lorn the candle at both ends TdO proud to go back to the home ecteiEtee^it three weeks, amounting to $979.90, to __---, - AY. J. Glynn ,^£150.00., town and confess failure v they just Charles Marks 78.50 • plug aloBg and do the best they can, John Lorback 69.76 j ifismusioned and wiser, but not hettfr >-i, ' k Mondagna \. 54.00 AW Burch 116.00 Beadle, 7 Adams St. He has the sale of some which may please you much 7:26tf off. ^ t „„ ^ John Stuart 110.20 Tney are the millions who. later la YA. Furgescrn *. 132.00 nv Bfe, long for the peace and quietude at the home towns they left in their yonmger days. The remedy is simple. Pull the home town out of the rut md the boys won't want to rush out if the town. Loosen up on the purse strings and iifctrodiulce some sipice and variety into oar eommiunity life. Mk*e the country town and the farm »- attractive to our young people the dty will no longer apipeal to them. Bont expect our boys and girls with wd Iblood in their veins to be content Brockport^Gas-Co. for tar, etc ..... .. ,. . ,. . Postage, express, etc iron spending their lives in a ceme- j wiley, labor 473 30 tery. VanStone Co., mdse. 15.39 Begin to live youraellf; and you wont John-Cr-Moirrer;- Sfy -Gen. Crush-- 1» ^osed^to anting the rising gen- ^T^nT*: i!!!!!!. Ulll -JSSESaLseL^fL.? 19 .!?^ 1 .?... . ^_i...„... .C..Scftne;okel Sons, repairs to liSfe* fit fall of changes, and there is wagons 16.60 •rty one end (Cor the person who Is not Total allowed this meeting—$2652.10 Albert Miller 94.20 ' Ttobprt Berry 6OJJ0 E. Tibhs 18T00 1 John Foye. Truck......,..:... 54.00' Jim Fronda 27.00 Albert Clark 16.25 Cllie? R. Hoyt...\ 47.501 (IPIT-UC Hosner v 45.00 Kl I a H Wilcox 20.00 Charles Way '...'... 44.00 ' Henry Michaels 24.00 ; Seth H. Goold.- 42.50 j James Elliott -.'• 35.00 •Matie T. Jones 36.00 I B. H. Avery 60.00 ! N. Y. C. R. R„ freight 288.54 ' 51.4-5 I 5.31 «flIfngltio change with the times, ©alt this a sermon, If you like. •sir ft horse sense;\ We The Clerk reported the receipt of Jhe following amounts since the last FOR SALE!—Since people cannot *| rent houses they are making contracts • with TTncle' Sam\ to purchase ideal. z homes at satisfactory prices and. on • convenient termsf TJeffieF drop in and | look over my amended list before you - lose some of the good bargains If you * want a paying, flrst-class farm you I ought to know that t have it. S. W. • Wadhams, 32 Monroe Ave., Broekport, ' N. Y. f 8:2(fcf I FOR SALE— Hous#- of 5 rooms, $1500. I House of 6 rooms, gas, water, fur- | nace and garage, &20O0. *• Ideal rooming house of 10 rooms, all ' imiprovements and barn, $4800. | Five good homes\on Monroe Ave.. • close to Normal Sdhool. Good deals for quick sale. - ' | Good home in Holley, 12 rooms, all • toprovements, make a good double, < Cheap. I 17-acre farm, good buildings, 25o' | barrels apples on trees, team, harness, • _ cow, wagon, plow drag, cultivator. t \ Possession at oncej$3500. Many others | Fred Davis, 35 Sipring St^ -Broekport. L- will soon be passed requiring you to have your brakes inspected regularly. Now is the time to have them inspect- ed and new linings put on. If new lining is needed or any adjust- ment made, yow will find my charges reasonable. Have you changed the oil in that new car after 500 mites run ? If not you had better do so at once. None better than Havoline Oil. I have the proper grade for any car, si trial will convince you. , tt«*tl\g: Taxes $46,299.76; N. Y. C.; hei , Tom p< Koslowaki . NOTICE • My wife, Rose ftoslowski, having left my bed uo.d board. I will not be responsible for debts contracted by LeRcoziMiUer KING STREET GARAGE ***• PURE CANE SUGARS^ Perl*. .-.--_- $8.75 pep Hundred 4bs^ \~\ 241-2 lb. Sack ^ .. . .. Best Flour od the Market BEST-PUR& IAR& ^t P^S'LUffSr^QrAP 10 cakesfor SUN MAID RAISINS Seedless, 15 oz. pk&. 10c TOMATO SDUP 4 cans for GOLD DUST Large Package 24c N. B, C. SUGAR WAFERS „ Per Package 3 Pkgs. for 25c 9c Millitnan's Grocery STATE STREET jtefe;^ ^•'^H^ttt^'^M^i M4 '^l^lMiiie&^feJ^^ ^

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