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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, January 13, 1870, Image 1

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BMIPOEt IX, jLfflnm. jatsro,. ®t)t jLJrotkpott &ejmblit, INDEPENDENT'REPUBLICAN AND NEWS JOURNAL, ii rrauuixn Every Thursday, at Broclcport, N. T. HORATIO N. BEACH, KDITOH AN13 FROPRIKTOH. OFFICE^Opposite KUlag* Hall. T HIS TOWN oontaliifl'a.populotlon offourtliouennd nud.ono'lmudrod^aiid ig tlio builneqi centre of. a Sopulatloii' of twenty thouBaod; among whom tno EPUhLiobuH H lHrgooirom«tlon—makintj It» iupetloi* dvortialug medium. TE»MS OF, fAP £R, Office and Mail aiibeorlbora, in advance, $1.60 To Village subaorlbflrijbs; oftnUr,....,.,...,,... 2.00i ^Olulifl often ormoroiubBcrlljori^ftih in advnhce, at 0110 time,—mailed- t o Qua or more offl&M, . , ni(doBlr*3 ( —oaoli, , ,i..\.... ....... 1.28 NOTIOK.-TTTIIO nqmlwr printed with the name of tho 8ubBorlt)Qr,det\6tfHth^n^jmb^rotU^-j^porto which, tho lab'sdribor haa paid; ThAdlfmetioebatweea the. unmber with the nftmo of aabMribw-; and the nuuabor oa the~upppr.righthand confer of. thin para fihowft, the uumiiur of wooka ^e •iflSeMtar' '!»•• paTd In «4- Vfinoo.'or ralri advance at any'uiue. Poreotm doalrlng to reuolvo tho paper Without omfsBloua,: should re. now u»hoi?t tlino beforotbeli'Bal'Horlpttous expire. Q3»* Tho poBtago otvtUts pnpor.la/jpnoniUvingliV thta Oouuty, la nothing Jfo pauoni nont 'out of the* County, not paid fur In qdvanfle, 1 ' • I ' '•*»*< ApVERT IIIHCI • PROtlSJOPANi^SAIiQQMS., s: • K-OF BRANDS F L#IJ R 4 e 5sy^?S GO TO .EAST'S r*i 1100ERY. No.»M»ln Spoilt, fortho, teat Oyelore \JT in market. 'Hoiellithem at wholeiale.and»e- The Milisci'ibtTs hnjo or sale ft .quantity of-, mire cider to'be bad:it all times,»t their mill. rnClni-Vumn CHARY & .HOCICWEIJ'.. Clarkspri, Mardiaii 1869. I iV 1 inch ainoli :i Inoli X col. 1 ool. «ioo »«». 2C0 COO, S(K> 1200. ! 'Sw\' ,160 300' .400 • 700 1200, 1500 . 4w | 2m | Sm | 6m | 1 yr |2«l 1 »400|»O0O 1 MOO 1 ,12 00 500 1 600 800 WOO 1800 GOO l 8001 laoo i isod | asoo !ioo I lioolI5001aowl aooo 150O 1 2000 35 00 IK001 CO.00 MOO j 3500 35 00 |0000| 1OOO0 MajTiaco aniipunooniontB, 50 conji. Announcomonts'bf ahaihmi froo.. Obituary notices, accompanying announcement* of dontliB, ten cohta per line. Charitable notice*, five conta per lino. PoUtloal, military, and other ilmilar notlcof, (100 por luoh.flrat luaertion,and fifty cent* for eaob ad.i dttioonl in sort Ion, ; Spoolal l)4«lnosfl Hfltipf«, leado^i pe r lino, J5 cents first Insertion,and 10 cents porllij'o oaiib. adjjitjppal In. aortlon. NobualuewmotlcabytlielineleMthanilOO, Special notice»,abbyo juarriagoa and; denthi:p6rinah, ono and one-Half-regular advertising rate*. Annualadvertieera a'rereatrlotod to tfiolrindivldnai; bUHlnGM, . LegarndvortlaeifiontBattharatepreBorlhed bylanrV EuHinoea carda of noforor four line*, flye dpllara. ,, Advbttloomont* unaccompanied by inatruetlone will be Douitnuod imtil fortlifc H.pd aljariedaeoordibgly- No attention will bo paid to anbnjrn?DHa^qnimunl. ouilona. The namo* ofiho wriWra muat accompany thoartiqlCB.not for pnbHomti'on^utMaigtwA'ntpo'of orlglnaUty and good faith. •' ftoms of local nowe thankfully recelyed. PliOUB STORE ! My opporlnnltl.u •» « «r»in denlwiforithe Mlecllon of clioice inidpin o f \wheat ami .tho engagement of * FN Class Miller! Of thirty yairtroxperlenQO, onable me to ofl'er ' to the oltiwoi of Brookport, the' FINEST GE^LDES, OPTAMILy ANC llnthU market. A» Ettentlve Atsortincut Pf FEED aid GBAIN ,Conatantly on hand at low r»tea. Q7* All purehaaai promptly dellverad at the real* denoea of our patroni. 4. BvU^yfllOMD. LIFE AND 1 FIRE INSURANCE. E. N.IIILL'S INSUB0CE \(;E\('V. Cleveland Insurance Co., Ouio. OltAUTEBBn A. D . 1830. Th o lurgeBt Cinh Cbrnpnny in'the'Slntc Glens Falls Insurance Co., OLESS FALLS, N. Y. Tlii«Com[inny liable fo r lo«< of 1 ive Hock (at largo on owner's farm), funm bully. ingaun3'.«iUige dwolllngB, and'outbuilding darangod, ;by llglitQlng.J Phoenix Insurance Go., lUnxroru), Cons. Gbarter Oak Life Insuranoe Co., HAHTFOEB , COXU. Continental Life Insuranoe Co NEW YORK. AIBO a t HOLLEY AGHENCY, In addition to tho abov e JEltna Insurance Co., HAWtwav-Vi CONN. Aggrogato amount.of capital! ropreaoated nearly IE*\ $15,000^000! \With tbo above first-class companies -and. seventeen years espertence la Fire Insurance, thao patroniz- ing this Agehcy-mayiio oonfidont of fair dealing- aud; MSGJlLLA_Kf. M'ai»tc<-A Wife. A STORY OF CHRISTWI AS'fESXI.VEJ, STEAM 8o«if |n4 fffft FriiJlBf. Wlf ERJCE3—TERMS CASH. ThofaoUlttonof thleOnlcs foroxeontlng every kind 0/ Job Printing, such ae BOOKS, ' ! ; CrROULARS, PAMPHLETS, CARDS, CHECKS, BILL-HEADS, NOTES, HAND BILLS. RECEIPTS, LABELS, STORE BILLS, SHOW BILLS, ''BLANKS OF \J4; KINDS, fcc, to., ke , Aro not flarnnMod by any village Mtftblliilmfcit in WflHtorn Now York. %mmm Curiis. MANUFACTURERS and dealcm, wholewile and re - tall. In Whlpa, Gloven, and Mlttena. Alao doaleri In Hal«, Cam, Fori, Trunks, Traveling Btgl, and (Sent s Furnlahlng Booda^ 15 Haingt- Brpoltport. TPZ|EK Sc IfAlCJffT, So . 41 *»AI» »TB««T. BnOMKUvr, SJ. Y., DEALERS In Drogi, McdloLnea, Booki, SUtlonory and ^PrmoripUoM fllled at alllioora of tie day and night. • ««_ J. WIstCIiAW. DEALER In Orooerlei and'PrOTlalont, Willow, WoodJ on, Stone, Olaaa and Plat^Warei Craikoryipoclr.. arid Table Outlorys Lamrja and Keroacno Hood. ' ForoienandDo'ihostliiFrn.rtB,aon;eottonaryiYanlcM Notions, *o. Alio Salt, Meal', Whe*t and Buck. \vbsat Flour. No.70Ma.ln»ti;oe,t. ISO DANIEL HOLMES, ATTORNEY and Conniellor atLaw.CommlMlonerof DrodBi fir Michigan and Wlaoonaln, Penatoand In . 41 Main St., orw gpa»ldln«'« Store. tV° - f!. II.'OBJBE?T t A. *• M- »• H0HO3OPATHIST. Offloo over First Hatlonal Bsnk, Brookport,N.Y. .Offl«oHonrB8tp104.M.,Itp 2 and B to 8 P* If. «'T ' J. B. BAICDOLPM. DEALER In choice rainlly aroeerl»f,ftodoe«,ProTl». lons,Flonr,Salt;, Wood, Willow and itonj.Wa«, Notions and Oen.ra Variety. Woat aldeof Mann •traet,nearly opposite W.I..Klng'e,Broclrport. ~~ 11. H. HATCH. DEALER In Boots, Shoes, leather and Findings, 47 Malnatroot,Brockport,,N.Y. {&• Cash paid (or Hydoa. ''\ Long Iiooked For t COME AT LAST, THAT NEW SALOON OF «ETTY'S ! So long talked is at last open for business, where the 'rjUblie-wtUfinda FIRST CLASS RESTAUttAJJT Fitted ,up In • style uuiurpataed In Western New YdrtiOf,:|ti|l|a, wftere will h«wn»t«ntly kept on band »nd for .tjahc everything uanally kpptfn Milrat olaaa RasUnraat. Attached to the Saloon'la a C0HFECTIOHAEY DEVABTMEHT. where may ho found at all times freah oandleaof all kluda; andfoielgn mnd domtatiofrnlta in their aenaon.. We also have the srble ageoey in thfa place for L. C. Spencer Jc'Co.'a colebrated Count aud X!eg OYSTERS. We havo al«Q a FIRST C£JSS BOARDING HOVSE t _itt«nhoil to tlia Restaurant, wlmre may ba inmni» table furnlahea wTtn me neinnn iimrKet anorus.. Peraona front abroad will find till a a desirable place to get a good meal. A limited number of persona wfahlngtabloboard can be accommodated fly applying at once. Irfdiea Dining Rooms on tbo second floor.entrance tlrat dppr qn Uarket street. Main entrance to Restau- rant on Main atroet, corner i>f Main and Market In Harriaop'a new block. J . A. GETTY. Brookport.Doe. 12,16«7. [5833 IB T HE subscriber naa optnad in the old Post-Office buUding. Broclcport. a fi.rst*class Sftloon,in Which willbekapt OYSTERS at WIIOIMSIO and retail iby the keg, can or in Bball.atBocheitarprlcefl. CLAMS at ten Bhilllnga per hundred. Keg0ystcraat|2pargal- lon Alio a Bar attached, it which ia kept tha choiceat kind of ales and liquors. Oysteraand clams lerrad up inaiwtyita. Meals at all hours- _ keptforaalt. F. W. PECK,Afant. Brockport NOT.1. 1666. J f A, i-ATTA» MANUPACreORBR and Dealer lit BPPi«» «}?« «J Leather, atthoolditatid corner of Main and w*Ur, Btrcets, Wckpbrt, » . Y, M. B^-Caah paid for Hydee, Calf and Sheep Skins. • 37> : SURGEON DENTIST. E. G.a (svcoksaoR «o x.. n. WALT«».) Respectlully announoM that he has l pemunuitlylooaud in Brockport, end Khopes, by strlot attention to btuuneaa, 7to merit a snare of pubMo patronat*. AMi WBWULTlOJtSVrJLUmA'tPf « Tooth enrooted without pals, by ni e of Nitrons Oildacias. No daDgtr from inballlng the |«s. Tooth Powder ofsnperior qialltjf,jvr»paredby talni- aelf.-constantlyonliandi * .. omceoYerFlrstMationalllaeit.alatii-strKt. BT* L. Gordon TEAM SAWING AND PIANINO. Also on hand a large stock of 8' Which. ioT)B(n--oW»t very low piloel. Those who are n want of Lumber jirlll nsa it to their interest to gireme a call. ,.,..', L..appoN Brookport. Jnn e 4.1864 . ,, , ST^ PRANG'S AMEaicAH-GBHOMOS. Are fat HMUi reproduolions.of eiamallii nl ^aiat. ings, so ad'rnirably oioented aa to rondor It ImpoMible for any ono but experts t o detect tho dlffoiohoe bo- twoontbom. Ask forthom At the Art Storte. Prang'i\0«fotno\ Joitrnal,!', iomrtalns a tomplete descriptive cataloajne of our :0hronloei, wllh epMlal Information ahont the art. Ipcolmato copies of the Jonrnal sent to auy addrees oii receipt efstattp. . 853mU t,. paANOarCO.iBMton NEW STORE ! NEW GOODS MEW PRICES JOHIV OWENS AT HIS NEW STORE, No. 1, Main Street, Brockport, {But *««.) Offers hla Froih and Choice Itook of Q-EOOEEIE8! atoicMdlngly LOW 3PBICSES, He laboundnot tobsnnderaolrl;andiasati!HedwUh a small adranoe on flratooat. Oorapare the io»owi»* price Hat with the prices ion have been in the habit of paying for the same articles, TEAS. Young Hrson S081.S5 I Qnn Powder, Best do 1.5Oal.701 Oolong, Japan. • 1.001 l,50al?E 1.2C®160 •estlapan, 1.S0 STTQARS. White Coffee, ' Mc'l Havana; Yellow do 16c. I Good Brown, Old government Java,10o IRIo, Maracalbo, 3So|Bo«t, Graswnd Coffee s In all varletle 25 cents per.ponnd. 13c 121(1 25c i from U!i to promptnoes in payment of los.oi. D^\ Office at tho «toro of GEO . II. &\*JO Main 8t., Brockport. CONNECTICUT fiBAVrS 683 1 coMPAirsr, EEW HAVEH, CONN CHAI}TJ?R PERPETUAL, 'QB.ISC T. Ita special aim is to furnish all the security, proteo. Hon and relief wnloli men seek In Life Iqaarance Com. < panleH, sliutlna lcMexpenaivo nnd rnoro convenient manner. At th,Q oxplration of CO dnya from tho time duo no. tlce and proof of the death, of any membtrisxocelv- eed. at their office, the company will' pay to tlio family or iieira of tho deceaaed as many dollars ostlieze aro membon In tho division to •whluh ho or eho belonged. % The divlalons are limited, some to 2,500, others to 5.0CO mombon. TERMS OF MEMBERSHIP. Any person fifteen and not over f Lxtv years of age— of scyund hotly and mind—may becomo a moin'ber ef this company. Poraona bocomlog membersfiro placed tn DWiiion* n-hicb are detormlncd PY,-theitttcc- the ed. TheBingloDlvislonin conslit of peraoniwiio join the company tlngbj. Th e Jolut Division consiats of .married mon and their wives who become raembers jointly. The coat of membership InnSlnglo Dlvlfllon ia an \AdmlHlon Fee?* or $3.00, an \Annual Duo\ o f $2.00 commencing with'the second year, and tlio payment of $1.10 foroach death of a member of tlie Baino Dl. virion. Thecoitof memborahip inn Joint DIVIKIUEI la an \Admission Fee\ of $15.00, im \Annual Dee \ of |30O commencing with the second year, and th\e pay. ment of $1.10.for each death of a member of th e samo division. IX^\ Kor further particulars eiiqulre of Agent at Broclcport. Brookport, Aug. 17, 1869. 6; 1 Xlic Insurance, not Uic Leg. SceiWj a Newatl ttreet c«r. Time, a morn - ing in the middle of Jaly. Tw o mirket wo- men , loquitur :— \They hni atriMoidentdowntotheraflroaai yesterday.\ \Bi d they? What was it? \ \Mr. Johnson, that lives np our street, got his leg smashed bstween tho oars. \ \Dear dear ! yon don' t say s o 1\ \Yes. He' d went and got bi s life insured for $5,000 in an incident insurance company ; and , dontt yo u tblhk, hislnsnrancoran cut ft. 12 o'clock that dtjr, aud lie got his leg smash- ed atl o'olock.\ \That was too bad 1\ \ Yes. They took him up to the doctor's to have his le g fixed, in tlie-satoo ear I was in lis took on'dreaafnll^, al l the tiajr up. \ \ About hU legij a'jrpse. Must have snf. fared awfally. j ' ' t \G e didn'tisf o-vrpri about his legl — Ml hiHakiti^miiatbrcaMt he'd lit ifit in- turancc run out .'\ M.STEDMAN, Agent BROCK POUT, N. Y., Itolasses & Syrups. talr. Good, Bost,- 65|OooJ3jrup, 76 Beat, SS t Drip, 1.00 1.26 i:so His Drioos for SPICES, WOODENWARE.PISH, and tafadtrorillartlcVesVeptln' a family gjoeory areat least 10 por cent, lower than at any other.eatablish-j 'ment, and will DefyComtUition. \Hlastock of LIQUORS aro thebest andoheapeet In the markets/\\..**'/**- I V Li^, . , ! .- # •Holiaathe large.'»H3 most comploto aetnrlmentof CKOCKEBV evtt offered In this vicinity, pur. chased direct from the Importors which ho will sell at least ISperoeht. *eI6yRo6holterprIoe«i. Krery\vari iloty of ftuit]sr.e.t maMfacturers prloos., Call and examine, arid yott will be satliHed thft -there Is really a Cheap Grocery SlorejnBrocaport. «lg; BROCKPORT BAPEI fi undoralgucd. Kaa o h hand and la constant); *ippfi undoralgucd X manufnotuvlng C • } A. Little Cflkpcr Than any other place In.thls village. ;No.verj> OF Ml KllfDS, AND] CJ'AiltE'S . nrovery dtscflptlon, Including woddiilg and brns- montal.Ao., fcc, which liooflora for sale VT WHOLESALE and RETAIL. jn,great variety at wholesale an d rolall. lee Cream! Supplied to partlea at abort notice, and CONSTANTLY OH HAND AT RET All. Brotkpofi'JnlJ ,15691 A|3MJTHJ , r,,^^ nmt^\t W6», Hold On n isiliiiii Before going any farther juat step into John Ran. itdlnh'e, Ho. 18 Main atreot, Brockport, and soe J If ho is hoVsollingall'MndB of tST OFJicBiiAf J. ! WKelan's store. J£X\ \FOR SAXE! FOUNDRY «• MJiMWS.mOP, . IMPART, ; •. !'V . THE nndorfllgned, wiBlilngto chnugo lilsbm. inces, offers for Bale nia interest (throp-Mghthi) InthoBrookport Agrioelmrnl Worliiof White- [rde, Bnrnott k. Co., The bulldlnrannd tnjolilooryare In good mirklue ofdor. Tnla aflorde a fnro opporlti inlty to BPpuro a~bUBlness, •wolloatnMished and line. •rally pUronizofl. f • ' ' , Alsohis • •_ • - ' House and Lot, On Market Street. Brookport la a healthy, arrowing TlllaKO^lcnsantly.altnntedon.llioErlo cnnhl and Nl Y. O. It. R,.; welhtopplled with good schools,, churohcii to., mikln'rlt'n very desirable plaoo to live. 'For farther partlctilniB Inqnlro of the uubac'rlber. GE0HGK B. 'WHITESIDE. Brookport, Dec. 9,1868. 635 Agqnial host -was Mr. Charles But- ler,, who, thougli foi'lbn^ jearisi awid- o-wor, Ioved'.good : (ollbwshiiiiaiid good cheer, aiid sought ftlw-jiys to> collect .aroiinil liifa.a meny eiiq[iio ,at Christ- inas., Being, descended from a good old EitgUsli'stoei,.liGlov-ed:toiriaihtiiin tho'cnstoras;tanght to limlB yoiith' , of colebrating OBr&yiQ'i'iiinativity, Very fair to, lpotupon, vyas Amy Bulii'r, Lusonly <Juu^hte>jr i; aiid mistress of liis fiiicmahsioniiienir- Bjverside oii. tlio HtidsoDi Porsorialdescxiptions ato ; lirespmt\; especially of men | and -wo shall only; say of Henry Colburrte, <the l»«ppy inorfaiwliohad siicceed«din gaining A«y Butler's hear!, witla asprpmise M : her hand, that hiewan a. very fail speei* imenof thai tjenwtomo .^'and thougfr not dostiucd' to shine in Congr.es ?,, :he„ ivas a tolerable brilliant f ell,bw,respec^r ed by his cofflpaiiibns—T^hieii is a con- sideration—and libdbjr the ladies, a\ fai-.more valuable -one. X Among the.manygiies.isthat formed the Christmas party asseanbled at Mi. Bxitler'a rnansion, were xijenof money and men of mari,.i)oiitieiauS<and pedV ;ants,,philosophersiaiid foolsjfair ladies frowsy ladies, matrons aiadimaids. All had come -withitha intention of spending- amerryiChrisfcaoias-time, and. their host had determined that they should notilie disappointed! It was athoroTzghlyorfchodoK Christ- inas; the snow lajia foot deep upott the frozen grovmd,iand its crisp surface scintillated in the white rays o f the morning sun whoso'beamLS were ppwqr- les*g fo melt it. It was a dayUiatettg- gested skating and Bleighdnjj: Bright and cheerful wero the faces th at surrounded Mr, Butler's breakfast table,.and merry mingle<3. tho voices of the friendly cotea.-io, It was customary in Mi', Butler's household for atxj letter that came by the morning post to be placed upon the d'oyley of thas guests towhom. th»y were addressed. Colburaao, upon tak- ing his seat, had found no leas than five upon his ; and, with a cmsory glance at their directions, was afcoutto tbxati; them into his pocket, whesnihis Jinmi whosat by his aide, interrxipled the act. •Isuspeot treaeliery, BUT,' she -wbis- peredj smiling archly. 'You have there a billet, tie supea'soription of which is in a lad j's han.'dwi'iting. I insist upon knowing who isyonr cor- respondent.' Harry laughed ; and -thinking the letter in qxiestiori. wasfroin his sister, the caligraphy being utnSlar to hers, tossed it into 1 Amj'i lap. 'Peruse it, if yon wish, fair queon, and believe horeaf tor in your slave's fidelity. It is from my sxator Carrie'; and perhaps yoxi may like to i»g note, looked mare eparefnlly at the address andaa^ersorijption:— . 'Henry, Oolbiirne; I»q., care of Chas. Butler, Esq, RiverdalW \fhepre could be no rnistake, except ihtt'of hertover haviag given her a letter he supposed to be from his sis- ter, Flinging the hated epistle into the drawer of her dressing: table, she threvr her cloak around her iatnd stepped sad- ly put of the room. Fevy among the brilliant throng as- sembled that night in Sir. Butlerfs ! iningion had perspicuity sufficient to divine thaUll vas not coltur de rose with its yonng mistfe.es . She was not a practical dissemble*', but gn that xjecasion sheappeared even:moreviva- cious and spiVifee&than was her wont, and oven those •welivei'sed in woman's WMS.failed to detect th.e semblance of a shadow oa her brow. jn the ball-room, amid a galaxy of beauty, sheshonesupreme j and while tha_corradiation of the jewels in the cojjpures of her sister laminaries flash- -ediand scintillated like star-dust, or ehippjngs from the great belt of Orion, she,.m thespje splendox of .her natural charms, outsparkiedttiem all. Many vte$o the encomiums, aalioited as she -whirled airily past uvtbe giddy dance* and more than one of tfaeyoung bloods -whpbeheldher deemed Harry Golburne, the most fortunate of men. 'fromise me the nest valte, Amy, darling,' he vyhispered t o her on tho first opportunity he bad of speaking to his betrothed, aftei- entering the ball-room. Amy shot a glanceiupon him so full of .scorn, that.hadhon.pt felt himself guiltless of any wrong it would havo \withered him. 'My card-is full, sir,' she said cold- ly; 'I a m engaged for e-very dance.' Cblburne, mute with surprise, stood lite one dazed. 'Amy, toy love, what ' She swept pasrt him on the proffered arm of a new cavalier—a gentleman -well known as one of her most ardent admirers—and left her Iovor to his dis- may ere the appeal was half utterod. Colburne retired to a corner of the room and reflected, He sought to ex- plain her conduct, by tliinkjng of what -he might have dono to offend her.— It was all jn vain. Beat up his mem- ory as he might, he could discover no chw.to this contretemps -with his affian- ced. It was a dull night of dancing, it had been dull all day fo r Harry Col- burne ; and he was gUcl when it was all over and he could retire to his own Toom, where he had determined to un- bosom himself to his Fides Achates, Edward Leonard, also a. guest at tho Butler mansion for the Christmas fes- tivities. Through the smoke of their cigars -was tho confidence impacted; but even Ueonard, far better acquainted with women and her wiles, could give neith- er a solution of tho conduct of his solaco . . . learn what opinion s\xe had formed o f her ,i^ mi!ti ^fflancea, nov could ho flitui o siatev-in-la-w.. IsenUier VQlirl T^»t»;~~a - pliotograpTi fast^veek, Ira added, gaiiy.) , Deuced st r o( bw ,. Amy secreted the letter m some mysterious fold of her morning wrap- per, the spirit of curiosrfcy inherent in womankind inducing her- to take ad- vantage of her lover's more seriously than I, could have an- ticipated, and I am very sorry for doino- BO;' _ Colburno remained silent, puffing thessraolto from his cigar, whose oloud scarcely concealed that upon his taw. 'Henry,'<said his friend,ln a tone of passionate appeal,. 1 know I haye committed a fault—a crime if youwill —and I can only rest my craifii for yotirpai-dottron the brotherly familiar- ity of our friendship, that misled; mo. Askof me^any atonement, Iamiwdy to make it' Colb-urne-relented; for Leonard-had everbeeh his bosom friendv-triedand tnie. _ A smile of Batisfaction began to mautje overhis face, seenthrough-tlie cloud of oigar smoke. It came from the.consciousness, just dawning upon him; that this dilemma might not'beso bad^as he-had deemed it. 'Ansveerthis,* he said, handing Amy's curt letter to his long-esteemed friend, 'Jcannot. Give her the explanation, andsee what will come of it.' Of coursoithe explanation was given at a very early hour—the earliest pos- sible--on tho nest morning; and be- fore the day had ended Henry Col- burne was standing by tho side of Ills affianced, whispering lovospeeehesin- to her ear, softer than he had spoken before, while Bhe was listening' to them to all appearance, more eamostly thanever. Aud before another Christmas came round she had changed her name, and Mr, Charles Butler had to advertise for a housekeeper ( [!Iayno Reidte Onward. DOUBXE 'WAisrTS.^-'We have double wants, \Wants of the body and. wants of the mind. Between them there is thomost porfeet harmony when work- ed together, \Whon developed one- sidedly, ono is strengthened at the ex- pense of the oth.er,,nud both must soon suffer, Let then the mind and the body each receive their duo attention and care. Let the oircumstances whioh surround us, that seem untoward, bo controUed in a great measure by us, so that they snail become the very means of lifting us up and making us strong in the full use of the faculties of the wholo man. [Young Men's Monthly, Board of Supervisors. TUIRTY-FIR8T DAY. AFTERNOON 8B5SI0N TUESDAY , Deo. 14, 1$69 , [ Continued from last wek. \ Mr, H. S. Brown presented a petition from Valentine Flneger and wlfo in regard to erro- neous assessment on dogs, and,moved ita ref- erehoo t o the.eomniittee on erroneous assess- ment. Carried b y the following vote : Ayes—Messrs. Baker, II. S. Brown, V . P. Brom, Churohill, Cole, DeWitt, Ellis, Field, Harris, Holden, Jeffords,, Kane, Lee, Lewie, Xuokey, llnione, Montgomery, Sooly, Stowart,. Taylor, Van Vborhis and Warren—22. Nays-^-MeBsrs. Davie, Cllerm, Hillman, Ktoh, Sprague anrl Todd—0. By Mr. Lm—Rciohtd, Tha t tlio treasurer charge t o the town of Hamliu,, to be assessed on Hint town noxt year, tlie sou of §583.80, the fimotint df reasaegsed taxes deducted from the taxes ordered to be assossed this year. Adopted. Mr. Churohill moved to take from th e tahle tho two reports o n penitentiary. Carried. Mr. Churohill moved to \refer the reports back to theoommitteo oh.peniteutiary for tho ptirpoao of amondmeut ill regard to loss by fire; Lost. Sir. Montgomery moved that both reports be adopted. Mr. Charohill moved as.An amoudment that tho consideration of both reportsbo made the special order for. to-morrow morning at 10 o'olook. Carried. Mr. Baker movod that the report of tho oommlttee on bridge aorosa ttie Geaesea river between -Vmcont place and Lowell street bo tukon from the table. Carried. Bj Mr. Qnggenheim— Resolved,. That there be raised and appropriated by a general tax upon'tha taxable property of th.< county, for and toward the ereoting and GoaHtruoting of a new'bridge over the Genesee river between Vincent place an d Lowell atreot In Rochester, inftooordaneswith the final ordinnnoe passed by the,common couuoil of Itochoator, thosum of twenty-lire thousand dollars. Laid on table by the-following.volo: Ayes—Messrs. V . P . Brown, Cole, Curtioo,. Divls, DeWitt, Field, I'lyiro, Oloiin, Harris, Hillman, Hoiden, Jeffords, Lt*e, Lewis, Malone, Rich, Seely, Todd, Volte and Warrun— 20. Kaja—Messrs. Baker, H..S- Brown, Chutoh. ill, Ellis, Guggenheim, Kane, Luolcuy, Mont- gomery, Spraguo, Stewart, Taylor an d Vau Voorhis— 1% Mr. Cartioa moved that the bigniug of tho rolhrbe made the special order of business for to-morrow at 11 o'clock. Carried. On motion of Mr. Kane the board adjonrn- ed until 10 o'olock to-morrow. W>t. OttVHR, Cleric. THIRTY-SECOND DAY. MORSIXG SESSION. strange of Ixer 1' was all ho could say, which told nothing t o lior lover, who had all the day long been making the same reflection. Thoy had got about half way thro' Five minutes afterwards, however, she bad forgotten its existence, and did not remember anything connected with it until she wasattiring herself to attend service in tliechuarch. permission, j their cigars, when a gentle tap came to the door, and upon being summoned, a servant entered the apartment, bear- ing upon a silver tray vrhat appeared to be a letter. ,, L ,. , , , , _, , , , , It was one addressed to Harry Col- atanding bofor-e her toalot-glasa how I nnn m jrigq J n „Hf„l «=!,» ia«M Well might a He took the letter, th.e servant, as he \\ Qf course, iVT THE BIGGEST W TOWN I I ' for:tu;of that., JOHN R. RANDOLPH. Carpets!^ Ot^rptg! iBROWN * WILLIAMS, Second , llilrd and fourll a Floors, W E l(0on tho largoat and most vni led nesorlmoat ofCorpotaandiOarpetnoom Goods In Rochsstor or in tlio State, and ahalt offoMhom in-<)naUtar< Stylo «nd-prtce, such ai Hono can Conipcto -with. whlnh-fnottho public will oounnvinoed or by oxam|. naitiionofonrStoeMow.op'en'fo* in'spoellon an d sale. , Wilton audTapeetry'Brne\(l«. • Brottils aiiaTluoo-Ply Caraotlnit.. SuporBno and Extra 1 Inb CnrpotinB. Danask, Royal.Twlllod, aiidiplniu Vonollaue. , Druggets ii*, 0-4; IM ar.*W.;l'Wlde.; > > ... i. ' Mnttlnga, colorcd'and plain, 4 I. 5.4 nnd:C.'l. Ainilnlstor and'Woraled-Tllftcd-KuijS, Mala of alt'ltindli. Also., ,.' SHEET OIX CLOTHS, ! orBUptrlor(inn'.llynnill.le.g«tit'dcBlgnH,il«jottio\- wltli ovorythlngdosirabloIn tho.trido. All'ofwhiah will ; bo ofl'oredon 8noli.termsraB'aroraroly'md,wlTli. BROWN * WIUWMS, 0\ ' ' delate'SfreotittoeliOBtor. ^l.iboiewlsblrigto'pnrch-HHO'Roelj'eeterllrao can do (6 J. of B. Goffat Hla .rasldonre, Vorrherly tlio union Ho.tsl|Bf<i*pert>KiY.. • ,. ' i beautiful she looted! _ little dimple of satisfaction indent her her rose-tinted cheek, aa sho saw her charms faithfully portray«din the mir- ror before her. He would be pleased to see her look- ing well, sho thonght. *3)ear girl, it washer desno to givo pleasure to him that she lovod so well, andnot vanity that caused her to contemplate her re- flected image with so meuch content- ment. \Was it Kismlrt that -ordained her eyes should jiist then ligjht upon the letter her lover h.ad entrmstod to her? How well ho loves mo to trust me so, was another thought she had; as she quietly surveyed tliesuperscription. Carefully she broke the seal and laid open the fragrant package. Ah I why isnot Fatima'ssadfa^emore deep- ly impressed upon the mtinclsof Hvo's fair daughters ? Curiosity is a vice which often entails its own punish- ment, and it was so in thve esse of Amy Butler. As she drew tbe'letter from its 'en- velope her eyes fell on aiphotograph portrait of a girl, seemingly o f her ownnge_, and equalling if not surpass- ing her in loveUnessi Fior some mo- mentsshe stoodintently gazing on tlio carii— gazing as if she wasiseeking to read in those lineamefits the sun had so well traced, the character of the original. 'lhemore she peered into the radient face, tho more intently h.«r;eyes seem- ed rivited upon it;, but as recollection came upon her a clonid'began to shadow heroourttenance, and at length^ an exclamation escaped her lips ;be- tokehing bitter pain,- 'Itoannot'be bis sistei:!' she ninr- rn-uicd' to herself, 'lie Ixas frequently thatishe was quite plain--looking. The girl is—-' 'Without eudin;[ ithe sentence ishe opened andjertiscdithe letter:— \UEAII SIBI-Ise.nd;y,on my.title de mile as nquested. Iu answpr to your invitation, will uitet Totiat.th« pines anytime.appointed — Gratnercy Park, S F. II, VAXUU.. \IlBNllV Coi.ni'ilNE 3CSq.\ A'bl'ave ; girr\vas Amy Butler, one not accustomed t o lethea'-'foelirigs-gain mastery over her commrnon sense ; so she did not swoon, or ev^en indulge in the effeminate luxury^ of lysterics; :but her heart beat -wiltlly,,, ev-erylirob quiv- ered with -strong restrained emotion, a-nd;great pearly tar-dtrops'glittercd- awhile on tlio sweeping fringes' of\>hor dew-dimmedoyea.aud fell .upon the robe that covered her hapitviiig breast. •False! Harry false ? 31an, then,cnn never be true!' From tho very dopths ot tier pure. womanly soul came-tho so. words, not untsharp accents Of desjaaiiybut rather 6f- sorrow aud, reproach-. Like a-child b-tiilding a house.of-cai-dSj'in the ,per- fect.fail h :o'f rearihgit'bigher and high- er, gioryingih thonew jaoliievementiOf its design,:so had; she roared tip air castles of fiiturefolicifey.i.considering butUtile tho instability of the founda- tion upon whicb she haid built tlitrn. Asawindipuff scatters the toy -caids to the grounds so hnd tliis' ill- s.tawed epistle:flung to. tho'bre&zo.hor heart's cherished aspirations. • ,She, took, up the nor'trait, aglin g}»,Med atiij re-read.tkap v irccompiby* did so, retiring somewhat hastily, as if instructed not to wait for an answer. Oolburne's heart leaped up to his throat as he looked at the superscrip- tion. It was. in the handwriting of Amy—his Amy. Nodonbt it would ox. plain all. She had been under some misapprehension. She had discovered her mis tale, and could not go to sleep withoutapologizing for her cruel treat- ment, and the injustice she had done him, He burst open the envelope. There was a freshly folded sheet of paper in- side, along with a letter-. This he rec- ognized as his sister's; which at the breakfast table he had surrendered to the keeping of his betrothed. The otnor was-Amy's and he read it first. It ran thus:— \MB COLBOBSE:—I horow-ith return the loi- ter yon we.reao good as to gi-ve me, and along Tvithit the love you laid joo . gave, Yoahty.e crnellr deceived me, sir; and the best atone- ment you can make for yoa r perfidious con- dnotis; that from ini9 time and forever you keep jrour**lf out of my tlglit. i. . n.\ 'Great God! -what does that mean ?' exclaimed Colburne, as he clutched at tho second opistle and tore it open for explanation, And the samo exclama- tion and question escaped hi s lips, -when his eyes fell upon the carte de •visile of Vanilla, and he had read the note that accompanied it. 'Who the devil is Vandlla?' he added, bis pale face, and with a blank, puzzled expression. 'Eh, eh 1 Vanilla?' asked Leonard) upon whoso ear the name seemed to fall with a familiar sound. 'Let me see that letter and portrait, Harry.' Colburne made no objection ; and the next moment his friend was engag- ed in a hurried contemplation of'the carle de visile, and perusal of the lacon- ic epistle that related to it. 'Oolbnrne;' he said, after getting thrpugbj 'Lowe youarr apology, that you may not be satistfied with ; but whether or no f , I owe it, and shall niake it. I now see the scrape I have got you irito-r-f or it is I who have done it. The whole story is this:—'Tothor day, while seated in my office, tired of studying Kent, and by way of killing time, I amused myself .Toy sending tin advertisement to the Iterald, with tlio intimation that a certain well-to-do gentleman, a, lawyer; and good-looking, desired to make the acquaintance of a lady who would bo willing t o share with him the responsibilities cf keep- ing an estaqfishmont-t- in short, wanted a w\fe.' ' It was iuserfced^ampng the \personialS andbrottghfirie at least six sc6re replies. They were alt tender, and mole or least endearing ; but among them was one of especial, char- acter and caligraphy,.signed \Vanilla and giving me an address to reply to it, I did so, requeBtin| a carte_.de virile-, and niakang an appilit- meiit to meet her, Iho letter and c«i:lc I hold in my hand are the re^ ply intended for me, Bow they, came to bo addressed to f jou is-tbis:-—Know- ing that IaS yourself -wus'tobe a guest forsoipte days, and not wishing my fair correspondent to get hold, of my name, I gavo her yotrrs—thinking a s it ivas not your affair, it would in no way compromiso.yon......Ithtddone so —The latest quotations in tho mat- rimonial market:—MarriageB scarce and depressed ; engagements dull, and but few coming forward; courtships longand lingering; mercantile business dull; scandal market overstocked; beaux, supplies light, stock inferior and in good demand; discarded lovers plenty, and stock accumulating ; tat- tling, a good assortment. AQoAJKHt'sLETTEii.—\3?i'iend John— I desire thoo to be so kind as to go to one of those sinful men inflesh, called attorneys, and let him. tako out an in- stalment with a soul therounto, by moans whereof wo mny seize the out- wardto.\bei:naclfe oLCll-tn.x;l(j9 ftv«e.Tj. and bring him before Friend Barnard, the ' judge, and teach him to do in future as he would bodone by. Thy friend.\ —A shrewd farmer in the 'V'ermont Legislatui'e declined answering tho speech of a member who was remakable for'nothing but frothy and pugnacious impudence and self conceit, thus :— \Mr Speaker I can't reply to that are speech for it always wrenches me terri- bly to kick at nothing.\ —Not bad for a little girl of ten, whose knowledge of geography is somowhat imperfect:—On hearing her father speaking of going to the polta vote; she innocently inquired if tho peoplo of the South voted at the equa- tor. —\Who's that gentleman, my little man!\ wasaskaadof an urchin. \That ono with the spEketailed coat?\ \Yes waslhe response. \Why a brevot uncle of mine.\ \flow is that ?\ was asked, \ 'Cause he's engaged to my aunt Mary.\ —A Massachusetts paper says:— \Thegoodold style of things is coming round again hi Berkshier. A farmer takes.a load of -wood to market, and it pays for a barrel of flour—which has not been the case beforo in nearly ten years.\ Never did an Irishman utter a bettor bull than honest John, who being ask- ed by av f ritadi ' Has your sister got a son or a daughter ?\ replied, Upon my soul 1 don't know whether I am an unole or an aunt.\ —A credulous man said to a wag who had a wooden leg, \How came you.to bavo.a wooden leg?\ \\Why,,\ answered the wa •, \my father had ono, and so had my grandfather. It rims in the blood.\ —\How old aro you ?\ asked a rail- road; conductor of a little :gurl whom her mother was trying to pass on a half ticket, \I am nine at homei hut in the cars I an. only six aud a half.\ —Coleridge, thepoet andphilosoper, arriving at aninn, called out:—\'Wait- er, tlb you dine how collectively or in- dividually ?\ \Sii replied the knight of tho napkin, \wodinesat6.\ —'I despise mankind,\ said an ar- rogant millionaire to n noted clergy- man \I see x hat you have studied your own nature deeply;\ was tho quick r ejijy, • —i'Dbri't trouble yoursolf'to strotch your mouth any wider,\ said a. dentist. to hisipatient, \I intend to,stand out- sido to draw' yoTU' tooth.\ —\What is pride, my dear?\— \AViilking with a cane when you ain't lami'i'' flaid the little foiu - -yeai'-old briskly- —Cr-adles, in the.Bowery, New 1'ork, aro ticketed as \matrimonial frxiiUias- kets\ nndsold at a dollar each. -By him who ;cnu look with stead- fast iirxaiiess on {lirHctuties, the con- quest is already half achieved. —\\WelVwife,.yptf can't, aay lever contracted'had habits.\ \No sir; you generally expand them.\ WEDNESDAY, Dec. 1G, 13C9. Board met, pursuant to adjournment. Mr. Jeffords m th e chair. Members all present. Minutes road an d approved. Mr. Ellis, from tho select oomtuittee ap- pointed to examine and aeo that tho taxes or- dered levied nnd assessed were properly ex- tended on the rolls, offered a verbal report to the ofluct that the committee nad carefully ox- amined the rolls an d found the same oorract. By Mr. Davis— Resolved, That a oommtttea con&istiug of James n . Warreu aud James Harris be assoointed with the chairman of this board in thu matter of Burkigh ts. th o Su- pervisors of Monroe county, and they oro. hereby directed t o employ William I', t'og'i- well, lisq., U attend to tho samo. Adopted. Tho special order of business appointed for . tliia'bour, vu., tlio conaidera,tion of tho p»mi- board, and , on motion of iir. Inker, w: * r-- ferrodbackto the oommittea for revision. Tin* mt-mbfra th«u signed thu •v.aessm.-ht rolls of th e different towns. By Mr . Montgomery— Resolved, That tho tax rolls, with tvarronts annexed it th a col- lectors o f the several towns, nowhere Mgur<i, bo delivered to th e collectors l y the super- visors of tbo towns respectively, upon th* ex- ecution an d approval <if th e proper b..u h , and the cleric transniit to the county trea.-urer on account of stit-h assessments rolls with tl.o warrants amioxod, staling lu such account th..' nau.es o f the several collectors, tho amount of money they nr^ respectively to culluct, tho purposes for which the same aro to bo collect- ed and the pcisuns by whom, and th e timo when, the samo ar e t o be paid, as rupiired by law. Adopted. On.motion of Mr. Curtioo, Mr . W. G-. Ash- by, a member of th e select committee appoint- ed by a former bi»ard to seltU* tho matter of difference between Lewis Seiyo, Into county treasurer, and th a couuty, wa s hoard o n the subject. Mr. Curtice moved that the chairman be added to tho oommitt*.,.. Carried. (Mr. Warren iu tho chair.) Mr. Stewart moved that Mr. Charles F. Wil- liams be aelealed referee in the matter i n the place of Mr. Bronson, who is unable to serve. Mr. Lrzckoy-moved as an amendment that that tho appointment of referee be left to tho committee. Carried by tho following vote : Ayes—Messrs. Baker, II. S. Brown, V . P. Brown, Chnrohitl, Curtioo, DeWitt, Ellis, Field, Flyuu, tllenn, Harris, Ilolden, Kano, Jeffords, Lee, Lewis, Maloue, Montgomery, Seoly, Sprogue, Taylor, Todd aud Warren— '14. Nays—Messrs. Cole, Hillman aud Stowart, 3. Original motion ns amended carried. By Mr. Lewis— Resolved, Tha t tho assessors of the several towns of this county b e and they aro hereby allowed ten per e»nt. on all mom-ys levied an d collected as a tax o n dogs in tl.eir-respflctive towns for th o year I860, ns comnensation for making such assessment as Iho forty feet, the lower or basement to he used fo awash and bat h room, nnd th e upper halls o r dormitories. Thia 'would fjive S tienis. The estimated.coat ofisuoh improve^ men s from tho-hestrinfmraatiou we can obtain, would' be from,$2,OOO.to $2,500. I n view of abovo,faots,,and,also that our insane asylum nmstneoesaarilybe sustained by about tho same number of officers and employees, he urtereats of tbe,oounty wouid be-promoted by makiug th e neooessary outlay anoV supporting our insaneat-onr oonnly^jlum. An d would ofler the following resolution : Resolved, That the warden andlrustees of the Mquroa oountyiusane asylum, be, an d are hereby authorized .reconstruct m addition to tho tnsaue aayltlp buildings, aa :speoifled in the above report, at a cost not to exceed 82,. 600, payable upon th o usual order of th e war- den upon the treasurer, from the. insane asy- lum fund. ' ' All of. whioh is respeotfullv.sabmittea. T. H. HotDEti, -aVW, TA-TIOR,, J. L. LuoKEy, WJJ. GnooEsriEiii, Adopted. Committee. Mr Curtice moved that the resolution an- nexed to the.roporf be adopted. Mr. Lewis moved, that the report be laid on theitable. Carried. • Mr. GhurohtU inoved'to tak e from th 9 table the report of tho select oomruitteo on th e ohil- dren in, care of the county. Lost. Mr. Davis prea.uted thoooutraotmade with Cur .as, JVIoreyA Co. , for publishing th e pro- .caedmgsof the'board iupamphletform, whioh waaapproved. ' Mr. Warren moved that the report of the oommitteo on surrogate's oha-k byinken from the table. Carried. Mr. Warren moved tho adoption of th e re- port. Mr. Taylor moved that the report be laidou the table until pnbUahedi Carried. On motion, .tlio resolution offered a t the morning sessiou.by Mr. Lewis, in reference to allowing te n por cent, to the assessors in tho dilToreut towns on all moneys levied an d as- sesaolou d.igs, was called up. Mr. Ellis moved to rucuhsidev tho vote lust tanen. Carri-d. The resolution was , on motion, laid o n the table. « By Mr. Spragne— Resolved, That In closing this annual acasion th o board would bear tes- timony t o tho uniform promptness, ability impartiality and courtesy wiih whioh the cbnltmau has discharged the duties of hi s po- sitii.u, Adopted By Mr. Colo-Ucso/eni, Tha t the thanks of this board be, and thoy are hereby tendered to William Oliver, our clerk, for tho able and efficient manner In. which ha has performed tho duties of his offioe, and for his gentle- manly an d courteous deportment to each and every member during tho-aession of tho board. Adopted. Mr. Davis moved that a vot e of thanks bo tendered t o IS. A'. Spaulding, our messenger, for iho effioient mannor inwhich ho ha s dis- charged hi s duties. Cwrled. Tha miuutea of this day' s proceedings wore then read by tho olork and approved. On motion of Mr. Churchill tho board ad- journed sine die. Wu. Otivrni, Clerk. Special Session. I'IRST DAY. M0RNTSO SESSION, Tnt'iisnAY, Deo. lti, 1869. A Bpccial session of thj hoard of Supervis- or-i - f Monrje tl ;inly wnaka'.d at the auper- OH' rn-iro, in th.' city of Rochester, on Thurs- day, December 16th, 1S6!), in pursuance of a call issued by tho olerk, lu obedience to tho following rttvueat: T.. it-.//;...,,n/,„,., /7...,.„, j-„, u . ard v „ }<ritsors of Monroe Cmnty .. - S'a —You aro hereby renuealei to call a sp-nal i.-'-ion o! said lioard to lo held ou thn li,iu ,\ a y g f li„ c omh,,r lustant, at 10 o'clock n. ID , 'U the supervisors' row in, at the city of R.,J.iiii-r, for tlw purjniso of taking such no- ti <ii DA ui ,y be i^cfc-aaary er preper, m regard toi.itai u uiatL-ta ii..w .peLUin^ m th e su- pr-in., r.tnrt, hi which sail board aro interost- *,•!, and t o trausnet such ether business as may come b'jfor.* th. board. Dated, P.O. U, lb(\5. Tii.min-i J. Jeffjris, Thee. C. Montgemery, wintucy Va u Vouihees, Wm. 1!. UeWill, Chas. H. Iiaker, V. 1\. Brcwn, D. C. Ellis, Wm. Voke, RioLiard D. Colo, Mf-Ison hfxvis, Patrick Malone, Ceo. n. Lee, 11. N. Curtice, Henry W. Davis, Henry Churohill, Josinh Rich, J. L . Luokey, Luther Cordon, —Words; like .muskets, rmiBt bo rammed with something solid to be serviceable. —Song for Magistratesr— \bet us speak of ,it man as we'vo fined him;\ provided by ohapter 087, law s of 1S69 samo'to bo paid from the dog fund. Mr. Curtice moved to adjourn until 2 o'clook P.M. Mr* Montgomery moved lo adjourn sine die, Lost by the following vote : Aves—Messrs. Baker, DeWitt,Field, I'lynn, Harris, Hoiden, Kanp, Luck^y, Maloup, Mont- gomery, Seely, Spraguo, Taylor and Voko—14. Hays—Messrs; H . S. Brown, ? . p . Brown, Churchill, Cole, Curtice, Davis, Kills, Glenn, Hillman, Jeffords, Lee, Lewis, Rich, Stewart, Toddiand Warreu—111. Tl.o motion of Mr. Curtice, that tho board adjinrn t o 2 o'clook p. m., was then oarried. AFTEBSOOh' SESSION. The chairman presented thn following com- munication from Judge Fuller, which wns ac- cepted : To tin Honorable the Board of Supervisors of Monroe County : The undersigned respectfully reports : That during th e year 18C0 h o has, b y order, committed tbo following nanaedpersons, being in indigent ciroumstnncesaDd residents of said- county, t o the states-InnsUo asylum a t Utioa, pursuant to statute, vi/.: Georgo \W.-Stauton of Rcohe.sturj May 3 , 1809 Mnlilds Alberts, \ Miy 4 , \ Mary Mahohoy, '\ July 2, \ Margaret Mchoneyj \ Nov. 20, \ JF.BCME FnLLEE , Monroe ooiinty judge. Dated, Bonhoeter, Dec. IGth, 1869. Mr. HoldVu presented the following REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE O N 1X3ANB ASY1.CM! Tolhe Hoard of Supervisors of Monroe Count:/. 0B8TI.F.JIBS : — Ypnr oomisittce on insario aBylum, to whom was referred a report of tho trustees o( that institution, in rotation to tho removal of a portionof onr insanetp the vVll- lnriliasyltim at Ovici, would report that they havo had that matter under consideration, nnd also the propriety of increasing our county asylum bulldihRS forlheir better neoommoda- tion lor tho-prcseht as -well as tho future.— Tho-manngers cf the Willard Asylum-propose to receive fourteen of oil'in»».no at th o prico of 82 per week, exclusive of clothing and other incidentals which would probably in- orease th o espouse to S3 per week. Th e whole oost of thV'r snppori at our county asylum forthe nasi year was $2.03 por week, whioh includes clothing and all other expenses and will not probably bo increased th e present year. Should this board decide to support their insane at ou r own iiistittilloh a n inorease of .accommodations would secrndb h a almost lndispensille, which your committee think might be locomplisliodlnr tlie addition' to tb» east end b'l the. liiaiubuildiiig, of .twenty fo.-t in;depth,:nud aboutfbrly leetl u length, cm- ryihg the wall up nearly to the bight of lb,' main building of three,81oi-u-s,lii.,hight. € Thi< would givo three halls of about twenty by M. J tKeun, Jas. Kane, d'lin Stewart, E. D. Hillman, T. T. Spraguo, J. II. Warren, T. H. Ilolden, G. L. Q. Seely, P. W. Taylor, Thomas M . Flymi, H . P. Brown. The board m-t at 10 o'clock. Mr. Jeffords iu the obalr. Tlie clerk, at the request of tbo chairman, rend the foregoing requeit and the following call: To the Supervisors ofMenroe County : Yon will please tak e notice that upon a written request of a. majority of the board of supervisors of Monroe couuty, a special meet- ing of sail beard i s hereby called, lo b e held at their rooms, in the court-houso iu th e city of Kochetter, on Thursday, December 16th instant at 10 o'clock in the forenoou of that day. Wir. OLIVER, Clerk. All the members were rreseut. Mr. Taylor mcved to lake from the table the repert of th.) committee n n insane asylum, presented December 14th, 1S69. Carried. Mr. Taylor moved the adoption of th e ro- poitand rusolution annexed. Mr. Churchill offered,an amendment that the construction of the improvement contem- plated b e dono under tho supervision of tho stnuillug committee on iusnne asylum. Car- rietl. The report and resolution a s amended, was tbon adopted. {Mr. Voke in th e chair. i Mr. Jeffords, from the eommitteo o n boun- ties, made a verbal report, statiug that several claims for bounties were before tho committee, but by the resolution of ih o board of 1865, the committee had no power to audit any olnlm for bounty not proscuted by the 1st day of February, 16G5, and asked for instructions from the board. lly Mr. Montgomery— Resolved, That tho boatd of hupfcrviaois of ibis county will not pay any alaimi for war bounties that shall not bo established lo the satisfaction of th e board to be legal deuuuds against tho county that can ho inforcod in th e courts. t Adopted—all ayps. By Mr. Guggenheim— RcsohiJ, Tha t there shaft be raised and appropriated by a general tax upon the taxable* property of the oounty for and toward the erecting aud constructing of a new bridge across Hie Genesee river be- tween Vinc.-nt place and Lowell, street in the city of Rochester, i n accordance with the il nal ordinance passed,by the common connoil of the city of ltoehester, the sum of 326,000. Mr. Jeffords moved that the consideration of tho resolution he mad e the .-ipecial order for 3 o'ulook this afternoon. Carried. By Mr. Warreu— Rctolved, That i n view of tho feeble health o f Mr. Davy, district attor- ney, a select oommitteo of threo bo appointed to confer witbhitn iu rofereuco to performing tho duties of his offloo and report this niter- noon. Adopted. The chairman appointed as such oommitteo Mesir'. Warren, Davisand Maloue. Mr. Becker, chairman of tho standing obm- rnittee on pijil'intinry/presenlecl th e follow- ing: To the Board of Supervisors of the County of Monroe: GENT.LETIIEM :—your penitentiary coirimitlee respertfnTlJ- submit ng in -wllhout alteration tbo two reports referred bac k lo them to re- examine tho statement showing the financial results of the operations of the institution for tbo.year. Tho committee havo carefully soru- tinized tho siatoment alluded to, and are sat- isfied tha t It is entirely correct. The balance against the penitentiary for tho year ia shown toh. $12,611.74. . T • ascertain wha t thiahalanoo would have be.' had 'hero he-n no fire, tlio committee »nl litted tonio Dgores.Bhowing that without iho lireet :nss by fire Iho ourreutand ordinary ope ction of the institution rcsnlted in a ,de- flcii f $2,218:27, allowing nothing, for..theJn- cb.r • daumgoby delay, &c,.opnseg.ueht-tjpi»^T the ' e . '\ .\ •1,. i following statement, in. atfjtko Mitt

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