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WYOMING COUNTY HERALD SPEND YOUR MONEY IN THE TOWN WHERE YOU MAKE IT, AND HELP INCREASE THE PR OSPERITY OF YOUR HOME TOWN-. •• x .. . y> , _—— — — « : • XXXVI GlMjSI PUNISHED EACH FRIDAY AT ARCADE, N. Y FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 1927 NUMBER 24 [CRYSTAL LAKE FISHING RIGHTS jM. W. BRACKETT AND ' F. O. PARKER INVESTIGATING SIT­ UATION AT CRYSTAL LAKE. 1' or several years there has seemed to 'M an inclination oxi the part ot tliuoi: in charge ot uie coy &cout v.aini' at crystal Lake to Keep the peui 'iu occupying cottages'there, and 'LLT !, Horn hsning ana boating pn i Lake A visit to Sco.ut head­ quarters in Buifalo has heretofore bCL-n sufficient ,to stop the discord, and peace and harmony has reigned. However, recently one of the own­ ers oi a cottage tnere was ordered oil the iako by one of the officers'in charge, and the matter has been taken up with the State\ Conserva­ tion Commission. Mr. M. \V. Bracketl, pf Buffalo, inspector of division No. 11, of the Conservation department, together with Mr. F. O. Parker, Wyoming County Game Warden, were at the litke Wednesday investigating the situation. It is pointed out that the lake has been stocked with state fish a num­ ber of \times and that fisherman have always enjoyed the privilege of \wetting a line\ in trying to entice an unwary bass to strike. Also that all the cottagers deeds carry their property a considerable distance out into the lake, and that there is a considerable portion of» the lake, or the land beneath it, not covered by any deeds. 1 t However, the cottage owners only wish to live in harmony, and have the kindliest feelings towards the Scouts and wish to do all they can to pro­ mote the g6od of this great move­ ment, so it is hoped the matter will be amicably adjusted. - DELE VAN MAN KILLED IN WEST WAYNE QUACKENBUSH'STRUCKJ 7 ON HEAD BY COMPANION AND DIED LATER IN HOSPITAL. BODY SENT TO DELEYAN FOR INTERMENT. Members;,of Arcade's New Business Firm The body of Wayne Quackenbush, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil ^Quacken­ bush of .-Delevan, arrived here to-day and was buried from the family home Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Wass offi­ ciating. | 'A letter accompanying the body | from New Rockford, North Dakota,! where he met his death, explained what took place. It seems he had i fallen in with a man about Jus own ' age, arojund 25 years or more, and they were bunking together. This pal hit him over the head with some- ; thing and young Quackenbush gave 1 chase, but he eluded him and got away. Quackenbush then went into a depot at New Rockf ord, s washed up, told the police,-and by that time he nad .become unconscious. Doctfirs and an ambulance were called and he was rushed to a hospital where every­ thing was done for hinvbut he only lived about forty-eight hours, never havirjg regained consciousness. The only clue they had of who he was or where he was from was his fathers name on an undergarment. ' He had ninety dollars sewed up in tne .seam of a shirt, but the assailant did not get it. . It was a shock to his family and friends, and why this fine , youth I should meet such an untimely death ] is a question, but his love for 1 adven- ture arid conquest must be the rea son. SCHOOL BONDS AT BIG PREMIUM GEORGE REYNOLDS CRAIG C. McKERROW FREEMANHOWLETT- Members of the new firm of Arcade merchants, successors to G. C. McKerrow. The new firm has made great improvements in their store.-' They have all been in business in Arcade for many years. OLD HORSE THIEVES SOCIETY OF CHAFEE WILL DISBAND THREE GREAT BALL GAMES PREMIUM WILL ENABLE SCHOOL TO BUY • NEW EQIUPMENT NEEDED, WITHOUT EXTRA FUNDS AND ALSO DOMESTIC SCIENCE \COURSE. = The bonds to be issued for the~hew school building have been sold. Bids were opened at Knight & Bentley's i Oflkc by the School Bdard nt ten a. ni., Tuesday. The following bids tteiv received: lieu. B. Gibbons & Co.—10G.1274' for each $100 of bonds. Citizens Bank of Arcade—106.119 foi/iach $100 of bonus. •Lehman Bros—105.853 for each S1UU of bond. l'ulleyn & Co.—105.72 for each .SI00 of bond. It. V. DeVoe & Go.—105.56' for cuh $100 of bond. 1'iinservis & Co.—103.285 for each Si ill) of bond. I Kingston Co. Trust Co.'—103.051 !••> c.uh $100 of bond. 1 irst National Bank of Arcade— loji.U for each $100 of bond. i-.u-on, Son & Co.—100.646 for 1 he bonds were awarded io the likhi-i bidder, Geo. B. Gibbons & (.umpany of New York City. The puiiiium which the-Board will re- u;v ( . is $10,7'97.57. This will un­ doubtedly provide amolo^funds to purttuse all of the hew equipment wliuhjiiay be necessary for the new building as originally planned and m addition to that will* enable the Hoard to equip one room with the ni-L-essary fixtures to add a domestic Mience department. \ The bonds will draw interest at the per cent as votethby the-District but the amount received from'them is that the district actually borrow­ ing the money at a small fraction le^s than 4.4 per. cent. The Board are to be congratulated upon selecting 1 \a yery good time in offering .these bonds for sale, the bond market being very active at this time. The next lowest, bidder was the Citizens Bank of Arcade, their-being a difference of less than $14.00 in —the-two highest bids. --It is very un­ usual that two bids should be so close on a bond issue of this size. DEAN HYLAND HAD ARM BROKEN, SATURDAY Dean Hyland,' of Bliss, sustained a broken arm last Saturday, while un­ loading hay. He was on a>.stack when the hay fork turned^ the oppo­ site direction and 'struck him, knock­ ing him to ithe 1 ground. The bone of his left arm y/as broken-just above the wrist. He was also bruised and badly shaken up. '\' )' WARD ARTHURS BOUGHT SOUTH BEND'BUSINESS j ~~ Ward a. Arthurs TTias^pfirchased the plant and good-will of the South Bend (Ind.). Typesetting Company, where he has - been employed for several years. The.Company does a luTge business in linotype-composi tion. 1 - ' .- ' Mrs. Ward Arthurs /remains' in the Jiealthwin hospital. She is^recover- mtr splendidly, looks fine and feels ood, in fact so much' so. that she remarked to the Editor when he was visiting her^'Yes. Dad, I^fcol so good that T <im really nshnmed to stav here\ However, it Is thought i t will necessary \for her^toTttemain in the hospital for another year. ORGANIZED IN 1904 TO FIGHT A alleged leader of the gang was arrest- \GANG WHICH WAS STEALING ed, convicted and sentenced to prison THF RP«5T HrtRSFS IN THE I Th f ls broke U P the eang and horse THE BEST HORSEa IN iHb th i ev ing became unpopular and ceas- COMMUNITY. LEADER WAS edi At the time of the organization CAUGHT AND PUT IN JAIL. ther\e~were few telephones outside of J business places and automobiles were ARCADE DEFEATED CATTARAU­ GUS, PLAYED ELLICOTTV1LLE TO A 13-/NNiNG 6 TO 5 SCORE. . LOOK OUT'NOW. The Arcade ball team defeated Cattaraugus, Saturday by a score of 10 to 5, with Murphy in the box and Joslyn receiving. Sunday they plaved the leaders of the Tri-County League Ellicottville, a thirteen<inning game t6 a 6-5, score with XrcadeVon the losing end. Gerald Sheehe pitched the entire game, and had a. cracked rib at that, with Hopper on the receiving end. Sheehe had eleven strike-outs. It was a great game, in fact both games were thrillers. The line-up for Arcade was, Sheehe, p., Hopper c, Haggerty 1st, Sawyer 2nd, Rjnella 3rd, Drennan ss., Kn'ght Ifi, Owens cf., iColliard rf. Sheehe gave a great exhibition of pitching in the tenth inning when,if Sifter three players h'ad crossed the Djtte, he struck out the next three batters. - Thus you see the Arcade ball team is finding itself. The good, hard work of Louis Miller, is just bearing results, and with the guidance of Tnhn Rilev, the addition of Sawyer, Rinelln nnd others we are going to make these other teams step some We feel real enthusiastic- over the work of 'he boys, who Mtnrted out nw, and the persistent, hard work of Miller has kent them coing. They have improved wonderfully and can now give the best of them a real ball game. Thev need more support—get be­ hind them, attend the games and show the boys you appreciate the hard work they are doing. And, by the way. you will be more than re- rmH by secinc: a real ball game. This week~the-Areade-boys^r»lay in East Aurora, Saturday and at Spring- ville, Sunday. Next week Saturday you Can show your aporoyal of the f eam and see a good ball game, when East Aurora- comes to. Arcade. TRI-COUNTY BASEBALL LEAGUE The Chafee Vigilance Society, or­ ganized i n »1904, with Edgar Blood (.deceased) as president;-A-_,L_0'I)ell, secretary and James Whgelock, treas­ urer, is to be disbanded at a meeting to be held -Saturday, August 20, at' 8 p. m., in the office of O'Dell & Eddy Company, Chafee. At the time of the organization there were seventy-five members, and twenty young men were selected as horse back riders in case of emer­ gency. Many horses were being stolen at •that time.' The thieves selected the best horses, and many times a. man would.go to bed with a team worth perhaps $400 in his barn, and when he awoke in the morning his team was. gone. : That the society did good work was evidenced by the, fact that the unknown. Eighteen of the original members are now dead. Mr. James Wheelock has been treasurer of the Society eyer since its organization. \ Each member con­ tributed $1.00. This money was de posited with the Citizens Batik of Arcade at 3 per cent. That money accumulates surprisingly at com­ pound interest, is shown from \hc fact that this $1 hps now grown, so that each member or his (family will receive $2.^2 when, the funds are distributed. 1 Probably most of the members have forgotten all about the matter years ago Mr. Seymour O'Dell has been sec­ retary of the Society for the past fifteen years, and with Mr. Wheelock has taken excellent care of the So ciety's Business. SARDINIA FAIR GREAT SUCCESS ^ ; SPLENDID EXHIBITS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT..LARGE CROWD GREATLY PLEASED WITH EN- • TERTA1NMENT. La«t Week'* Game* Wednesday, Ellicottville- 5 at Ar­ cade 1 (11 innings). Saturday, Cattaraugus 5 at Arcade 10. . h~— s Staurday, East Aurora 8 at Spring- ville 1. Sunday, Arcade 5 at Ellicottville 6 (13 innings). ° League Standing W L2 Ellicottville 9 East Aurora 8 Delevan' ...' 10- Springvillo 4, Cattaraugus ....... 2 Arcade 1 ' ' ' Coming Game* Saturday, August 13— Cattaraugus at Delevan, Whiting umpire. • Arcade at East Aurora, Facklan umpire. -Sonday^Augu8t_14. Arcade at Spring- 3 4' 8 •6 11' PC .818 .727 .718 .333 .250 .083 ville, Whiting umpire. . Wednesday, August 17,-. East Au­ rora .at Ellicottville,, Pearson umpire, DOG BROUGHT PURSE WITH *50 • G W Ransom of Delevan h** « rtoit—some dog Wednosday fr-end doe brought home a purse^conttunine SfiO in money and nn 1 onorot\xs. license. The nurse belonged to Mr \RoTird Csirivin 'who of foursq was .much nlensed. and ordered a T-bone steak for the dog. The people of Sardinia have reason to be proud of their efforts to hold a two-day fair. -They have more than fulfilled''\all promises, and the fair was even bettor than the most san­ guine expectations'. This can all Be credited to the excellent management real hard work,.. splendid ability -to pick just the right person to have charge of each department, and the real earnest cooperation of the entire community. The interior of the Community Hall-presented, a beautiful appear-, ance with its elaborate decTSrations and splendid array of exhibits. The conservation exhibit was something that the very best fair in'the country might well be proud of. Mr. E. T. Miller had this in charge. The an­ tique exhibit. brought forth some most -interesting articles. Among 1 these\ was an\ ; instrumjsnt for pulling I teeth which certainly, i s a revelation i to modern, dentists.., *It i s the prop­ erty of Bert Dawley. The floral exhibit presented a beau­ tiful sight,- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ru- beck and Mrsy- L.^ Oarlsen deserve much -credit for this^display. As a matter of fact every depart­ ment of-^the fair was. , splendidly handled,'and good exhibits were the order. For instance there were 'fifty head of live stock. More vegetables than usually at, other fairs. . . •'The program' as -announced was carried out i n all its details, k On Tuesday the married men' de­ feated the single-men by.-a score of 6 to 0.. ~\ > The old time fiddlers contest was a real- contest and was gTeatly enjoye'd by. a large \crowd. The Arcade Boys Band's music was greatly enjoyed and enthusiastic commendation was heard on all sides'. Oh~\WedneBday-the—balLgame re­ sulted in a victory.for Emery.RirEl 6ver Al.den by a score of 5 to JL-!— The' 'Sprinjrville. \bland furnished 0*<>. r\.usi> on Wednesday.^,\ ^ ' The fair concluded with a,grand dance on \Wednesday evening, and thn 1 hall ,was not large enough to ToommodAte the bit» crwod. MALICIOUS, ALSO FALSE The Editor has been on a visit at his son's, in South Bend, Ind. During his absence, we are informed that interested parties have been circulate ing the report that the Herald- Office was offered for sale. The lie is malicious and undoubted ly intended to injure our business. The Herald Office is NOT for sale, nor has there been any thought of selling it. We like Arcade. We like the people. We like to d\ business with them. We like—to boost the town a\nd its industries. This has ever been a pleasure to do. We know there are no better people on earth square shooters, from beginning to end. More, we believe they like us—a few exceptions, perhaps, only prove the rule. The office has been favored by more job printing, more adver­ tising, and an increased number of subscribers the past year, so we feel -that our earnest efforts to give the LhfiSt_we.. have, is appreciated. Yes, folks, we are with- you and want- to do all we can to boost. MRS. WM. REYNOLDS BADLY INJURED FOOD SALE 5ATURDAY, AUG. 13 ~* The Ladies of SS. Petej4nnd Paul's rh'irch' will hold n b^ked^tood 1 sale. Soturday, August 13, at \VBrS.'Davis' office.. / .24 Mrs. Wm_ Reynolds of Eagle was badly injured in an autb accident which happened on the road from Bliss to Smith's Corners, Monday. The driver of another car run off the pavement and in getting back on, struck the car, of Mr. Gibbon of West Valley, a brother^of Mrs. Reynolds, in whose car she was riding. , The .Gibbon car w,as turned over. SARDINIA SCHOOL'' , —, , GIRLS REUNION', BAKEMAN HOUSE DAMAGED .. Fire damaged A, L. Bakeman's house on the County 'Line Road, Wednesday about 8 p. m. % It is thought the ni;e started from a- lamp or oil stove explosion. Neigh­ bors and the firemen from Arcade succeeded in confining the blaze to, the kitchen. Mr. Alton Bakeman was badly burned. Senator ,John Knight did fine work at the fire—just like old times when John was a momber of the Hook and Ladder Company. POULTRY TOUR AND MEETINGS ACflON POSTPONED ON REFRIGERATOR PROJECT At a meeting held Tuesday it was decided to postpone definite action for a week or so on the proposition. In the meantime a machine' is to be set up and demonstrations given. A*' new building will ~be required to ac­ commodate the needs of the company W. A. YATE'S POULTRY \ AWARDED FOUR PRIZES W. A. Yates, who owns a capon pou2try farm at Sandusky, N. Y., won 4 ribbons with his poultry, at Sardinia Community Fair, as follows: 1 White Leghorn pullet, \1st pre­ mium; 1 White Rock pullet, ist pre­ mium and\ grand champion of show; 1 pen of Barred Rocks\ 4 pullets and a cockrel, 1st premium; 1 pair Grey Emden Geese,* 1st premium. ' Professor R. C. Ogle of the Poultry Department, College of Agriculture, Ithaca, N. Y., will be in'Erie county for a series of meetings, August lb\ to 18 inclusive. All the meetings are scheduled on standard time and the detailed schedule is as follows: Monday, August 15—9:30 a. m. at the farm of H, B. Arnim, West Falls; 11a. m., at the farm of Dr. Warren Dell of-Colden; 12:30 p. m., at the- form, of- F. C. Plinston, Springville; The balance of the afternoon will be spent on the discussion of egg grading, summer management ot poultry, etc., by Prof. Ogle together with any other questions which any- .one might bring up. • \ Tuesday, August 16—9:30 a. m. at the farm of H. I. Burnham, North Collins;''11:00-a. m., at the farm of Herbert S. Sisson, Collins; 12.30 p. _. at the farm of J..P. Girst on the State Hospital road just north of the Gowanda Village. Wednesday, August 17—1:30 p. m., Meeting at the farm of George Martin on Olean street, near Blake- ley's Corners, south of East Aurora; 2;30 p. m., at the farm of Ray Mc- Grady on the Blakeley road just west of Olean street. .Thursday, August 18—9:30 a. m., at the'farm of Forsythe Brothers, Grand Island; 2:00-p. m., at the farm of George Gemin, Clarence, N, Y. MORE TROUT PLANTED Forty cans of brown trout were planted in the streams about Bliss and this section, Monday and Tues­ day, by members of the Arcade Rod and Gun Club, under the flirection-of Howard B. Bennion^pr'esident of the Club. KENT REUNION A YOUNG OLD MAN A few of us were talking about young old men while standing on 'the street the other day. While we stood there along came Merritt M. Eddy, who is 82- past. He was carrying a hoe and had been working all day i and looked as young and fresh as a much 'younger man. .In fact he is about jthe youngest looking man of his age that we know. ' — ARCADE SWEET SHOPPE J • INSTALLED NEW FOUNTAIN ' The Kent reunion was held Sunday August 7, at Emery Park. Between 55 and 60 were present, there being descendants from the late Hiram and Albert Kent, also the\ late Albridge Kent. The day was ideal for the gathering. The officers elected for the coming year are as follows: Presi­ dent, O. V. Kent, Holland; vice-presi­ dent, Joe Kent, East Aurora; secre­ tary, MeiBa\ Kent, Buffalo; treasurer, Mrs. Harry Fleishman, East Aurora. Committees were also- appointed. The meeting for next year is to be the first Sunday in August at the same place. ARCADE NEWS Mr, and Mrs. Wilson Erich Winterhaven, Fla., are visiting of at other the T. J. Pugh home and irienas in Areuae tins week. Mr. and M rs - K - H. beebe were guests of Mr. and Mrs. DonaJU Beeoe ' m uuua.o, sucsduy. Mr Harold Morgan, proprietor of Mrs. Sam Johnston of Buffalo the Arcade Sweet Shoppe, has in- spent^ the week-end with Mrs. C. A. stalled a new marble soda fountain ; lawyer and family. Miss Bernice of the very latest type. It is a thing Johnston who has been spending sev- of beauty and convenience, having, erafaays with*Airs, isawyer returned pmong other things, an automatic to nor nome in jSuifalo,-ihursday. glass and bottle washer, hot and cold water at each end, room for four cans of ice cream, spacious 'apart­ ment for milk and' pop, which, to­ gether with all fountain syrups are kept ice cold. This is in line with Mr. Morgan's idea of giving the very best service. MASONIC PICNIC AUGUST 31 The annual Masonic picnic ofThe Genesee-Wyoming district is expect­ ed'to be held at Letchworth Park, August 31. A meeting at Warsaw tonight will decide—definitely, .but this is the tentative date announced. TAUTMAN-MATUSIK Mr. Tnutmcn and Miss Kasmier Matus : k were united in marriage on Saturday, August 6 at SS. Peter and Paul's rectorV,.Arcade, N. Y. by Rev. Father Callahan. \•• MRS. H. B. HENDERSON , 1 DIED\-IN SAN DEIGO, CAL. The. Sardinia school girls.reunion J M SJ e 5vJK *cL ^*£dS herKome in'San Deigo, Calif., Sun­ day, August 7, aged 62 years. The remains will be\ brought to Wellsville, Tuesday, August 16, \for burial. Ser­ vices will.be held in the home of.her sister. Mrs. H. L. McCarn at 3 p. m. Nellie, Wagoner\ was born in Ar­ cade. 52 years ago, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Wagoner and made her home here until her marr­ iage t o Mr. Gillette- She was active all 1 social events and her sweet was held »at' the .Community Hall, Saturday,-July .30. Those who -at­ tended •• from- out-of-townv were \Ar­ thur Nichols and family - and Mrs. Addie Nichols of Ellicottville, Mrs. Alice King; Mr.-and.Mrs. Ira Proctor of Buffalo, Mrs.-.Margaret Templeton of Alden,-Mrs. Walter Sears and Miss Sadie Sears of Buffalo, Fred;Rogers, and wife i of .Java. The historian, Mrs. Addie Nichols, gave .r^minesceslof' former days and | spoke~of-rthe-TcdcceaBed—members: rmietters .'were', read, from Mr., Fred d I Martin of Minneapolis,- Minn , Mrs. Levi Long of \Uion. N.- Y., B. Cutting and wife of Erie, Pa'., and Mr and Mrs. Robert Andrews of Olean, N..Y, Mrs. Ray Hubbard, Mr. and Mrs. C. White, motored to Rushford, Cuba .bake and uiean on Weunesday. iUr. and Mrs. C. G. Clarke and family spent Sunday in Little Valley. Messrs Fratik Sullivan and Orrin iscnurr of Buffalo visited Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pongo, Sunday. They also called on Irving Schurr and xaimly at Chatee. Mr. Ernest Schutt of Kenmore is Vis.i'ing Mr.—and—Mrs. -James-Emery, th.s week.. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Leonard of North Java were, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Leonard, Thursday and v v aay of last week. Dr. and. Mrs. W.~ E. McDuffle and family of Olean called on Mr. and Mrs. C. J. White, Sunday. Miss r'reda Laird has. accepted a- position to teach in Westwood, N. J., the coming-year. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clark of Little Valley are spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Clark. Mr. and Mrs. James Emery attend- edlhe Sardinia Fair on Wednesday. ' Mr. and Mrs: Frank Schwartz.. Mrs. Mary Castle, • Mrs.- Geo. Reed and Mrs. Will Bley'of Eden were guests of Mr. and Mrs.. Jacob Leonard, Wed­ nesday. . . 1 Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Cottrell of Otto were calling on Mr. and Mrs. C. J. White, Sunday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pinney ->and Postmaster and Mrs. W. \M. Pinney and son Harland, left Wednesday for an auto trip to Utica and' other points of interest. ' Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Eckl of Buf­ falo were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pongo. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hubbard, of Buf- member^j-voice'laddedlmnch, t o Jhe singing in the Baptist-church7^b^iaT-5veTrts-attd-^ : entertainments for many years. .T^««^e^r c ^%end_^B£sis_jo^^ , Some years after the death of Mr. Gillette- she wns-hinited in- marriage A fine dln.er was served B ' Henderson °* San Deigo, treasurer, Mrs. H».ttte Pitcher. Want Ads. fill, your wants I cadeT~and L. L. Wagoner of San i Deigo, Calif., together with other. |-relatives and friends.* 1 ' parents, Mr-: and' Mrs. C. J. White. Mrs. Hubbard remained for the week. ' Mr. and Mrs. 'Lv'D. Spring and family and Mrs. Ella Spring returned Wednesday from a two week's visit with relativos 'tit Portland. Mich. Miss Reva Schultz of Portland, Mich, return ad home with them for a vWt. Misses Gertrude and Eleanor Schnitzler, Alice Hyland, Nellie nnd Kathryn MeCraley spent a few days this 'week with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Norton at Crystal Lake. arlcs 'I - *—.. , \

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