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rOUK WYOMING COUNTY HERALD W. F. Arthurs, Publisher Arcade, N Y A Republican Newspaper (Published Each Friday at , Arcade, N. Y. Entered as Second Class Matter at Arcade, N. Y. Terms of Subscription: One year, strictly in advance $1.60 Six months, strictly in advance, .85 Three months, strictdy in advance 50 GEORGE HOWATT~ WAS INJURED BY AUTO ARCADE M. E, CHURCH DELEVAN NEWS Mr and Mrs. George Howatt were drivin^-to Delevan Tuesday morning with a horse and wagon. In attempt, irig to pass them an auto struck their wagon, throwing Mrs. Howatt ^to ,the, pavonient and Mr, Howatt* into the back of the wagon. They were immediately taken to Dr. Fisher's of­ fice, who found that Mr. Howatt's shoulder had been dislocated, and Mrs. Howatt was badly bruised about the chest arid had a cut on her head. The driver of the auto was taken before Judge-Fitzmourice by State Trooper Garron and fined-$10 for reckless driving. Kev Walter W. Dailey, Pastor. Friday 1 , 7:45 p. m.—Meeting of the Official Board. , , Sunday, 10:30 a, m.—Morning jlr. and Mrs. Frank Hinkson and worship. Annual Membership Roll son) Clifton, of Protection were call- Call and. celebration of the Lord's ers a t the Wm. Harrison home, Supp6r: \\* Thursday. .11:45 a. m.—Sunday School, C. jn r , an d Mrs, Frank Olthbf spent T-.-Edwnrds, Supt. the week-end with relatives in Bliss. ~ 7.00 p, m.—Epworth League. j\ir. an( i JI ^S. D. C. White and Mr. 8:00 p. m.—Union service, Ser- and JI,. S- c. H. Lowe attended a mon topic, \Driving or \On Life's Dairymen's League meeting in Sala- Highway.\ - . Imanca, on Tuesday. s Wednesday, 3:45, Junior League. M r. and Mrs. Howard King of Wednesday, 7:45 p. m.—\Mid-week I jCennrofe and Dr. and Mrs. Bert Fish- Prayer Service for alK •« er of Bergen were Sunday guests at 1 the Dr. Fisher home. , • Jay WKitcomb' and children pfl Buffalo spent_a few days the past Rev. Walter W. Dailey, Pastor. s week with Mrs. Whitcomb's parents, _ Sunday, 1:30 p. m.—Sunday school Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Kilburn. * * T.or all : x M. A. Wells, the new manager^f • 2:30 p.' m.—Annual Membership, t hc Market Basket, has moved his Roll Call, and Celebration of the! family here from Fillmore and will SANDUSKY M. E. CHURCH BIRTHS .1 A BEAUTIFUL HARNESS NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the •tores of Delevan will close every Wednesday afternoon during July and August. 10tl7V Delevan Business Men Holy Communio,n. Thursday, 7:45 # \p. m.- Prayer'Service. ^ ARCADE BAPTIST CHURCH DELEVAN ALUMNI'S ANNUAL BANQUET The Delevan Training Class Alumni will hold it's third annua! banquet in the High School Auditor­ ium, Friday evening, June 17, 1927. Members of all classes are invited. Please send your dinner reservations ($1.00) at an early-date t to. Mrs, Hazel Locke, Pranklinville, N. Y. DELEVAN HOME BUREAU ELECTED OFFICERS The last lesson on Nutrition was given by Miss_Wehrner_at_the_home of Mrs. George FisE—• The following officers were re­ elected: Chairman—Mrs. Ransom. Vkte-Chairman—Mrs. Runyan. , Sec'y and Treas. Mrs. K. Pingrey. The Home Bureau will discontinue meetings during June, July and Au­ gust. DeLAY FLINT'S EYE REMOVED\ AT WARSAW DeLay Flint of Pike had one of his eyes removed in the Warsaw hospi- tay. He was chopping wood, when a splinter flew up, striking his eye. They do the business—Want Ads. Uncle Ab says vociferousness is -no | argument. < , occupy the Charles Brown h6use on -Mid-week Mill St. Mrs. Jackson left \on Tuesday for her home at Elmira after spending some time at the Cecil Quackenbush home \Worship and special service for Dawson Peckham and family spent reception of new members at 10:30 Memorial day with relatives in Short' a. m. Be present,to welcome these sville, N. Y.\ additions to our church. The ordi- Mr. and .Mrs. John Breimiller of nance of the Lord's Supper will be Buffalo and'Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brei- administered. , . miller and children of the Block were Church school at 11:45 a. m. callers at the Willie Harrison home, Union evening service i n the M. E. Saturday evening. church at 8 p. m. Prayer service\-Wednesday at 8 p. m. 'R. 'C. Pingrey has a new Hup- mobile. Kenneth Howe was home from his In the every member canvass last work at Frewsburg over the week- year's amount will be exceeded by a end. considerable amount. If you have x Before building get my delivered not participated do so soon. v i price on Lumber—Shingles—Brick— The annual Children's Day exer- ' Tile—and- Cement. D. F. Tanner, cises will be celebrated with a pag- Holland, N. Y. lltl4 J eant Sunday, June 12. This will b£ «jnvirs. Mary Cradler is spending the '. _I • iT I i.J ii*. well worth seeing. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH 10:30,-—rDivine, Service. 10:30'—Junior \Church. 11:45—Church school. 8.00—Union service in the Metho­ dist church. HOTEL DELEVAN. w,eek with her grand-daughter, Miss -Lois Evans. Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Hardy\ in com­ pany with Mr. and Mrs, Bert Hardy of Olean motored to Pittsburg, Pa., '•and spent-Sunday and Honday-with ' Alfred Hardy and family. Mr. -and Mrs. Lyle Bull of Little ! Valley spent- Sunday and Monday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. -f -E.-Bull AN INVITING PLACE ' Mrs. Wormington and children of pBuflfalo have recently been the .guests A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur ' The Mcrrell-Soule Company re- McGuire, Java Center, May 31. ceived a beautifully ornamented set Twin- sons to Mr. and Mrs. Paul of single harness-yesterday \through Draves, Springville, May 16—Doug- George Barnes.- The harness is to be las John and Donald Herman. used at Waterford, and has the name Son t o Mr. and Mrs\. Lawrence For-] Waterford on the harness in brass ward, Perry, May 24. letters. A son t o Mr. and Mrs. Lee Snyder, of Springville, May 17. Twins to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith, AUCTION ' Sprincrville, May 19—William How- - ard and Willa Marguerite. I '-, , ' A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. How- We will sell at Public Auctio'n at ard Preston, Perry, May 2. jthe Farm known as the O. F. Royce A .son to\* Mr. and Mrs. _;.EloydLFarm, one mile south of North Java Holmes of Java Village, May 31. H on State Road, Tuesday, June 7, 1927 - (beginning at one o'clock sharp, rain v, . , ENGAGjilWENTS ' ;° r shi \ e - 40 Guernsey cows, 1 regis-\ •-. ; - v-* 1 - ' >tered Guernsey Bull, twenty of which Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Hum- j\ 1 . 0 £ phrey, Warsaw, have, issued ^r ^Mh^^^^^^^^^^ tions to the marriage of their daugh- »£s w nearby springers, one regis­ ter, Elizabeth G. to Mr. Clinton P. i w ^ISj.i I n George. The wedding will take place I , W | ^l 6 \'\ 8 *\ ot ™? Guernsey June 10 I\ - cattle, which -are an exceptionally fine - - | lot, solely for the reason that we are ate G. • minis. . AUCTION To settle the estate of th A. Barnes, the undersigned tratix, will sell at public awi, on » t the house, corner Main and !•• 'j »pect streets, Arcade at, 12 o'clock .„hai-n on- Saturday, June 11, the f.,i1., W j n g property} cherry dining-room table 8 dining-room* chairs, mahopuiv p ar ' lor suite, brass Led, 9x12 P.rnsseV rug, hall rug, roll top-_desk, hbrary taMe, sectional book cases, WthSr couch, pictures, dishes, •cdroom suites, and other articles. % Mrs. M. A. Slocum, Adminisuatix. W H. Jones, Auctioneer. W. S\. Davis, glerk. AUCTION Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Fox of Dar- ien Center announce the engage­ ment of their daughter, Irene Eliza­ beth, to Laverne Chase Schiller of Attica, the wedding to take place in June. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gabel of North Java announce the engagement of their daughter, Estella Mary' to George Otto Daniels, son of Mr. and Mrs. Constantine J. Daniels of Shel­ don. The wedding -will take place! soon. MARRIED overstocked. They are all in \fine condition and the right type; the most critical buyer will find cows to his liking. All will be sold td the highest bidder without reserve. In­ dividual health charts will accompany each animal. Terms: 4 to 6 months time will be given on approved interest bearing notes, payable at any bank to suit purchaser. MURPHY BROS. C. O. Gallett, Auctioneer. W. M. Humphrey, Clerk. The undersigned will seH ai PuBli e Auction -at Earl-'C. Barber s,, j ava Village; N. Y..-at 1 p. m. sharp, on -Saturday, June 5, the following prop, erty: Black Walnut bed, mattress and springs, large .brass kettle, C-griddle steel Range;' davenport, (Herseys fall leaf (table, day bed, bed, spring! and mattress, iron bed, brass trimin. ed, with springs and mattress, Tm. proved Domestic sewing machine, washing machine and wringer, wash tub, Round Oak-heater, Aladd.n lamp other lamps, crocks, rocking chain, good ro-ad wagon, pole and thills, light single driving harness, some bedding, and other articles.' Mrs. F; S-. Cooper, Earl C. Barber R. .E. BurnV-Auctioneer. John F. Cooper and Mrs. Eva M. Thome of Perry, May 21. Charles S. Burse of Rochester and Hazel E. Wilson of Gainesville,' May 18. DEATHS Frank McMillan, Warsaw, May 30, aged 80. John A. Montgomery, \Warsaw May~22. James W. Fox of Ormal. William Edward Connolly, two- month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Connolly: Warsaw, May. 24. Mts.--Henry^e^ng 1 _Hinsdale.; \ Madeline M. Conley, Buffalo, aged 19, Mav 23. Killed in auto accident. Mr C. GrandalL has' about com- at the Lillian Montgomery home. | Formerly lived in Springville. pleted the alterations in the hotel! Delevan played ball at Ellicottville : Isaac Allman, Sardinia, aged 56, at Delevan and has renamed it Hotel. Memorial Day. Delevan. He proposes to run it as : of Delevan. it should be run, serving good meals, well cooked. Everything i s neat and | GATHERING IN HONOR OF Score 7-3 in favor , May 23 clean and certainly presents an in­ viting appearance. An ice cream-parlor is run in con­ nection with the hotel. < MR. AND MRS. FAY SPROUL AND MRS. J. B. SPROUL Edith D. May 21. Sumner, Bast Concord, MEMORIAL EXERCISES FARMERSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Exercises commemorative of Mem- Los Angeles, Calif., May 23, 1927 On Sunday, May 15, a party of or ; a i\ Dav 'weVe-\ \held'in the Farmers- , friends and neighbors gathered i n the v jn e High school on Friday after- i »ttaSs ^^i5?2£^?lA£ ss& *«* re\ SMALL ARCADE FIRE school and ANTON HEDIN'S Jewelry Store First Class Repaiv Work •Delevan, N. Y. Arcade Fire Department to the A, Moulton house on North street Satur­ day about noon. The fire was extinguished t by the juse of the chemical engine. • The house is occupied by George ( E Burns and family and Martin P'otts and family. | Clair H<u-tm.\.n»\Wns : nstantly killed ' on a railroad crossing near Elma .Station last week, when the truck he *•\<; d'-ivin\ was hit by an eastbound fast freight train. All Wool Blankets EVERY HOUSEWIFE WANTS, AT LEAST, ONE PAIR OF GOOD WOOL BLANKETS Our,, convenient payment plan affords ybu an op­ portunity to select a \pair of these handsome blank­ ets now and by paying a small amountTJach week, have them all paid for and ready to use when you need them this fall. In addition to the convenient payment.plan you will enjoy a saving of several\ dollars on each pair by making your selection now. THE PLAN Come to our store; make your selection, arrange to pay a small amount each week and when your final payment is made, you will receive a pair of fine Opportunity All Wool Blankets. HIGH QUALITY Opportunity All Wool Blankets are made from clean, pure virgin \wool in'one of the most modern blanket \factories in the country, .carefully woven, pre-shrunk and thoroughly scoured in pure, soft water and the best of. soap. These double blankets are soft and fleecy, gener­ ously-large, 70x80 inches. AtStual weight 4% lbs. This design is a five-inch plaid in nine attractive colors^—Kose, Gold,- Blue,- TanA/Grey, Lavender, Pink, Black and White, Red\ahdjBlack. ; Handsomely bound with three-inch satine ribbon. A good value' at $12.50~ ADVANCE SALEPRICE $9,50 SALE STARTS SATURDAY, JUNE 4 A GOOD CORSET FOR 50c 20 corsets from styles which we have stopp­ ed buying. Values up to $2. Not all sizes, but if we have yours, you can buy itior-50c^ R. G Pingrey & Co., Delevan, N.-Y. - - - — - « . , ,-1 I V I HXi • «nu -into , o, x- • • ^ u w r t which the roof caught fire, called thei and motherj Mrs . j_ JJ . Sproul.\ We the gues t for -the occasion was Wil- A—J ~ p.™ TW ^™^ tt,» a 1 certainly had a good time renewing ]j am Fox,_sole surviving Farmersville old friendships, talking of old times veteran of the Civil War, who was when the majority of us were young, given a splendid ovation, but the most important event of the The opening number was a stand- day was the dinner the ladies spread j ns silent tribute of one minute in on the long table. Then when'Fay honor of our hero dead, included thought we were 'all good natured he among whom were Oscar DeWitt took our picture. This is hoping we an( i James Williams, two Civil War can all meet again, as it is a pleasure veterans of Farmersville, who died to be able to gather-like this. Mrs, recently. The entire student body J. F-. Sproul's birthday was celebrated then gave the Pledge to the Ameri- also this day. Am sending you one ca n Flag and recited the American's of the photos. Am sending this so Creed. Songs suggestive of the Civil any of their old neighbors can have War spirif were sung and there were addresses. The following were recitations by George Ogilvie, Ther- present. on Baker, Dorothy Fahy, Lois Steb- Mr. and Mrs. ft F. Sproul, Delevan, bins, Robert Henry, Earl Fahy, Mary N. Y.; Mrs. J. B. Sproul, Delevan, N. Stebbins. Barbara Smith, Marion Y.; Mr. F S. Wormer, Los Angeles, Fahy, and Luella Cummings. Hazel Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Wormer, Alberg of the Freshman class gave 4542 Whittier Blvd., Los Angeles, an inspiring rendition of Lincoln's Calif., 'Mr. Rodell M. Ballard, 1294 Gettysburg address, while Elce Wil- La Pointoresco Drive, Pasadena, Cal.'; der and Lenore Edmunds of the Jun- Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Langmade, 14G ior class contributed \In Flanders North Oak Knoll Ave., Pasadena, Field.^anjl \The Answer^* respect- Calif.; Miss Marjorie Howe, 146 ively in a very touching ffianner. A North Oak Knoll Ave., Pasadena, feature of the exercises was a flag Calif.; Mrs. Ruth M. Howe, 13 N. drill, by Earl Fahy, Pauline Henry, Marengo, Ave., Alhambra, Calif.; George Ogilvie, Preston Ogilvie, Miss Phyllis Howe, 13 N. Marengo Preston DeWitt, Dorothy Fahy and Ave., Alhambra, Calif.; Mr. Hayward Gray Smith. The soloists were Mrs. Evans, 13 N. Marengo Ave., Alham- A. Imogene Ogilvie,\ teacher of the bra, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Wall- grammar department and Frank dorff, 117 N. Primrose Ave., Alham- Oscar Sharp of the Freshman class, bra, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles The exercises closed with the singing Kuhn, 954 Arizona Ave., Los Angeles of the Star Spangled Banner. Calif.; -Mrs. Myrtle Key, 709 Arizona , Addresses were made by Principal Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.; Mrs. Lulu , I ea. P. Noonan and Prof. Royal B. T. Soverign, 1201 West 90th St., Los Wifliams, head of r the science depart- Angeles, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Frankimgnt. Both speakers cited the case Hodge, Montrose,-Calif.; Mr. and of veteran Fox, who enlisted for ser- Mrs. D. W. Nourse, 449 East Seaside, j vice at the age of T5 years, as a Long Beach, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. L. standing example of true patriotism L. Parsons, 565 South Rugby, Hunt- 1 and love of country. ington Park, Calif.; Master Norman I Parsons, 565 South Rugby, Huntitg- | Owing to a cut in the school bud- ton Park, Calif.; Mr. S. A. Parsons, • get the Buffalo city school board dis- 565 South Rugby, Huntington Park, i continued all plans .for a summer Calif.; Mr. and Mrs.- Willis Steele, j school and for domestic science in Hollywood, Calif. . the grade schools. Ideal Restaurant ARCADE; N. Y. U . NOW OPEN We wish-to announce to the public that our restau­ rant is now open, located in the Beebe Block. We will devote every effort to serve the best foods, well . cooked and cleanly, promptly served. v Your pat­ ronage will be appreciated. Special Business Men's~Lunch \Served at noon - • Soup, Meat, Potatoes, Bread and Butter, Tea, feoffee or Milk ... .• 35c Regular. Meals 50c v - Board by the week . .• $.7.00 Day and Night Service Bigelow Brothers John Bigelow • Wesley Bigelow THAT'S MY STYLE! YOU'LL say when you try on one of our \CLUB CLOTHES\ suits—just the style for me, my model, my color, my pattern, my price. Here you_will see the suits designed with the man in mind—suits to fit the figure, to reflect the refinement, to mirror the manner of each type of man—suits that have the style of a distinct personality—your personality—style . that's all your own. \UNIVERSITY STYLES ARE UNIVERSAL • STYLES FOR YOUNG MEN. $22.50 — $25.— $27.50 — $30 — $35 L0CKW00D & SULLIVAN Successors to A. Arcade, L. Smith's Sons' New York Exceptional Osteo-path-ik Shoes $6.00 . Tailored to fit the foot the entire time worn. Will riot lose their shape.' Will not run.over'at the heels and ball. Welted and stitched all .the way round.). Built for the foot of man. Special Sale , Ladies Rayon Silk Underwear All colors in Bloomers, Princess Slips, Step-ins, Gowns, Pajamas, Kimonas. They, make a most acceptable gift for the girl graduate.\ PRICE $1.50 to $5.00/ - Ladies SILK HOSE In all Colors 98c to $2.00 Geo. S. Ransom Delevan, New York i

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